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Recommended SNL skit for laughs!

TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss-F_tsY724

from 3:57

from 31:09  for this one with english subsssss  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rNbZO2q0EE

from 0:00 for this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m10-P0xNx_Y

If all three videos gets removed it’s from the SNL episode with 4 minute aired april 27th on 2013!!!

it’s so funny and it illustrates the difficulty of korean for korean learners. the sounds of the words/syllables and the order of the syllables are so arbitrary lol. I never thought of how big of a difference mixing up syllables could be with korean…cause you know with mandarin the tones are really important and if you screw them up the meaning totally changes.


6/23 update. omg they do this to me!!!! i’ll watch a korean tv show and somebody wil lsay something and i’ll look it up and i won’t find it in the dictinoary or i don’t even bother looking in the dictinoary because i know i won’t find it. (sometimes you can just tell) … and one of the reasons (notice i say one of the reasons, there’s many other reasons) is EVEN they THEMSELVES find the damn syllables damn damn arbitrary… ie here.

i asked on chiebkuro what’d they say b.c. i couldn’t catch it/ what i looked up didn’t hit nothing. I got this reply

워낙에 좀 끄적이는 걸 좋아해요 です。

maybe it’s a dialect thing or they just got sick of using the actual word and decided to change vowels to make it more fun to say. i really don’t know. there’s also 나두 i have no idea when this trend started  but i don’t like it. i’m 100% sure this trend was not in korea in the 90s… let me know if i’m wrong.  it just sounds dumb and uneducated… like a child? maybe it sounds cutesy or something? i just don’t like stuff that sounds uneducated.

another example was somebody just completely changed one of the vowels in the word because they have their korean intution so they can change the sound and still mean the same thing with an additional that’s added by the new overall sound of the word ( gokan/ goro whatevs. i undersatnd that but I DON’T HAVE A KOREAN INTUITION UP TO FLUENT STANDARDS so i’m just f’ed if i try to look it up. so thank ou chiebukuro

완전 섬찍해서 죽는 줄 알았어요


または 완전 섬뜩해서 죽는 줄 알았어요 完全にぞっとして死ぬかと思いました

now i don’t know if sum CCHING has an actual eentry in the dictinoary but it’s not in the entry for lingoes while the other thing is so that’s enough for me to be irriated lol. lingoes k-j dic is just… standard. if it’s not thtere it’s probably new or slang or they’re making up shit or changing vowels on me to f’ me over. lol i know that’s not the reason but it really f’s up people who are not fluent in korena or trying to learn korean . i know the actual reason is not to deter such people but nonetheless that is the result that has resulted.

A  BIG PART OF FLUENCY is developing intution for the language so no matter how many words, phrases, dialect words/phrases,  grammar, etc etc you memorize if you don’t develop your korean intution ie going k-k + korean all the time you’ll never be fluent. you really have to go BALLS TO WALLS for korean if you want t oget korean especially for your korean language intuition development.  like i said before, for myself i don’t have the goal because i know idon’t want it and i know how much of my time and effort etc it’ll take and how i don’t have such time and desire and motivation etc.  korean is f’ed up like with people changing up vowels, changing a sound… if you are fluent in korean changes like this should be no big deal and you should be able to notice it and figure out what’s going on or what was the original and all that word in less than a split second.  and this is why i hate people who are obssessed with textbooks and anki card numbers and memorization… it’s just like you’re never gonna get fluent. even if you have a vocabulary twice the size of an average korean, you’ll still be f’ed… korean grammar and the gokan/goro is a big big deal and if you can’t navigate through that you’re f’ed.  don’t underestimate korean 🙂


I watched it 2 times because it’s so funny! jay park ❤  did a great job acting too 🙂

I was able to infer a lot of it because the words they’re playing are chinese character based and they’re all related to sex so it’s not that hard to infer lol. learned some new words too lol  I already know the words in japanese, i’m just learning the korean readings of the kanji. since i  know the kanji readings in korean and japanese though my familiar with the korean words aren’t as familiar as with japanese words. I love smart skits like this with wordplay and whatnot. i just wish the skit was longer!!!

I asked questions on chiebukuro so imma paste it once i get a response!


6:37 괭장히 ___
굉장히 진취적(進取的)이고 저돌적(猪突的)이네요.

7:13 __한시간
오붓한 시간을 보낼 수 있습니다.

1.{형용사·여 불규칙활용} 無駄がなく必要なものばかり
【예】가족끼리의 오붓한 모임   【訳】家族水入らずの集まり。

33:15 ___가아니죠
아니죠, 삽입식(挿入式) 교육 아니죠. 주입식(注入式) 교육.

33:25 ___친구몇명
불알친구 몇명이서

「불알」は睾丸のことです。韓国では男性の場合、幼馴染みを「 불알친구」と言います。

+ and from the last one i googled for more information/backstory i found


it’s so useful and like FREE! lol. so this’ll be useful for me since i don’t consume much korean media compared to japanese media so besides not coming across these words (which i guess one should know since it is like slang which is very useful and REAL) from lack of exposure, i also will not be able to figure it out or have to goolge with quotes to find out or just have it completely go over my head (I won’t even notice) when i do come across it. so this’ll be awesome. i’m sure there’s a similar one for korean-english for korean-learners who are learning it from english that exists. happy learnin’!  for japanese they probably have the opposite lol but i don’t need that for japanese because i get so much immersion, fun fun immersion so i already know all of it or 95% of it and if it’s really new slang or super slang and i don’t know it, then most likely most japanese people won’t with the exception of the super hip avant garde people in harajuku or whereever people make up new lingo to talk to their friends.  i remember this japanese tv showwas teaching the newsest lingo from somewhere in japan and people were taking stabs at what the phrase meant.  some of the phrasesare just abbreviations of the first letter. tkg -= tamago kake gohan which is just an example of the abbreviation but it’s not any of the lingo mentioned in the show that i saw. Sometimes the lingo isn’t really new necessairly, it’s just used among certain demographics? certain groups of people so unless you’re one of those people yo won’t use it or hear it. but all in all, it’s fun stuff and i love finding out about it. i’m not gonna go out of my way to be as hip as possible every day and trying to incorporate it into my writing or speech (in other words hitorigoto) but yo know if there’s a clip on youtube from a morning show teaching this stuff i will most gladly watch…. it’s interesting!

I love HUMOR! OH AND I if i google stuf with quotes from the chieubkur oquestion then i can find the whole transcription, no? or just do that from the start lol. but then you have to catchall the syllables to find something substantial.

couldn’t find an exact transcription ( I personally don’t really need it, i just needed help at those various points that i asked on chiebkuuro )  whatever but here’s something.

SNL 코리아 26일 방송에서는 걸그룹 포미닛 멤버들이 출연한 가우데 “순결한 재범씨”라는 코너에서 재범과 포미닛 허가윤이 소개팅을 했답니다.

이날 “순결한 재범씨” 코너에서 한국말에 서툰 순진한 재범은 허가윤과 소개팅 중 핸드폰을 떨어뜨리는데 .. 이에 재범은 어떻해 구입한지 한 달 밖에 안됐는데 “정액”이 깨졌다고..

재범의 말에 허가윤은 “액정”이라고 .. 이어 재범은 허가윤에 전공이 뭐냐고 묻자 허가윤은 음악을 좋아해서 음악전공하고 있다고 말했고 이에 재범은 자신도 음악 좋아한다고 ..

어린시절 악기를 배웠다는 재범은 허가윤이 어떤 악기를 배웠냐고 묻자 “섹스폰”을 배웠다고.. 이에 허가윤은 다소 당황하는데 ..

이어 재범은 “어린시절 어머니가 섹스폰을 배우라고 했다 그렇게 싫다고 했는데 계속 섹스폰 하라고 했다. 처음 배울때는 힘들지만 배우고 나면 소리가 참 아름답다”고 말했답니다.

이에 허가윤은 “아 … 색서폰이요? 색서폰”이라고.. 이러한 허가윤에 말에 재범은 “죄송하다”고 말하며 “미국에서는 쎅쓰폰이라고 하는데 그렇게 발음하면 한국친구들이 재수없다”고 한다고 ..

이어 재범은 “우리는 둘다 음악을 좋아하네요. 우리는 성감대가 있는거 같아요”라고 .. 공감대를 ..또한 재범은 자신의 말실수에 “미국에서는 안그랬는데 한국에서는 너무 삽이식 교육이라”라고.. 주입식을 ..

이어 가윤이 “소현이랑 친한가 봐요”라고 묻자 재범은 “소현이랑 부랄친구 몇명이서 강원도 가서 콘돔을 빌렸거든요. 한 10명 들어가는 콤돔을 빌렸다. 콘돔이 넓고 좋았다.”라고 콘도를..

재범의 이러한 말실수에 허가윤은 급히 자리를 뜨고 .. 이에 재범은 “아 .. 콘돔 안가요”라고 .. 허가윤이 자리를 떠나자 재범은 “아 .. 뭐야 ~ 여자랑도 깨지고 정액(액정)도 깨지고 싼지(구입한지) 얼마 안됐는데”라고 마지막까지 열연을 해 큰 웃음을 자아냈답니다.

FROM http://www.coowool.com/bbs/tv-enter/2808011

ANd the tiel of the skit is super cute! 순결 [純潔]한  재범 씨

I also loved Jay Park in any of those SONG skits on the korean SNL. they’re so funy and there’s always korean to learn from that shit lol. how the f am i supposed to already know those words lol when i ‘m exlucsively donig crap in japanese and english. .

most boring episde of kinsuma ever?????????


so i can’t list all the eps of kinsumma i’ve seeeeeen but here’s a couple: tanoshingo’s akb48’s, the ex-av star now actress who was predicted to die 3years later by the fortune teller and died 3 years later, and the gotou maki episdoe.

so out of this i found eitherht e akb48 peiosde or the tanoshingo episode the most interesting., the thing with tanoshingo is he tells the same stories over and over on different shows so i knew a lot of what he said/was reenacted alrealdy 😦 but the part about the bullying i had no idea about so i was surprised bc of his “character” for TV. but for akb48 i heard a lot of stuff i didn’t know about. the kinsuma episode is worth watching for akb fans while that dodcumentrary is really boring so maybe that’s for hard-care fans? i’m curious abtout the new one. the one that includes sashihara’s transfe rto hkt48 as well as that girl who did it with ISSA.  so I recently watched gotou maki’s episode which was one of the most boring kinsuma eps i’ve ever seen out of the ones i recalled up there. kinsuma is good because we get to learn about  person and their hardships in their debut days. it’s sad and moving and interesting and all that stuff. sure gotou maki’s thing is sad with her mother father and brother but i saw no point with the episode. i would get the same thing out from reading wikipedia. the same emotions and whatnot. it was bc gotou maki’s interview or whateve rwas just… nothing. emptiness. all i was thinking as she was talking was wow she looks so pretty after plastic surgery but i personally prefer the natural lloooooook instead of the huge eyes. like in the akb episode, everyone’s comments during the intereviews was interesting and people were sometimes crying while they were talking or whatever but it was bc of what they were saying during the interview that made it interesting. but gotou maki just doesn’t say anything….. deep or inteeresting or anything. she’s like sniffling and crying and being in silence. i understand it’s sad that she went through that and whatever but it was just so boring… when i saw the episode with tanoshingo and akb48, i got something out of it but with her ep i got nothing.  if anyting, it just seems overdramatic since she doesn’t really articulate/speak very well about how she felt and how she is now and whtaever whatever. i’m just not impressed with her/interested in her as a person. I was googlingn her plastic surgery as i watching cause it was  boring and i just felikt like she was being fake.  bc the episode could’ve been interesting if she was being more real……….

yes what happened to her is sad but you know what i was thinking the thing with her mom is so DUMB. it’s like if your mom is on the window with a weird gaze on her face, you dont’ answer your phone, you IGNORE IT, throw it on the floor, turn the ringing off… you don’t PICK UP say hello. i’m busy right now i’ll cal lyou back. hear a thud of a body hitting the ground and go   OMG she committed suiciide/it was an accident. i hated the reenactment a lot bc it just shows how dumb she is (she suspected her mom was going to commit suicide before the phone rang… she said something/acted worried) and then ansers the phone.
that’s one of the reaons i was like I don’t like THIS GIRL this episode sucks etc etc.

I don’t remember what she said in the interiew after that reenanctment ended but it wasn’t anything that she should’ve said like” i’m asuch a dumb bitch, i shouldn’t have don’e that. i regret that “: bc if she did, i wouldn’t be as pissed.

actually, now that i think about it maybe she made up some of the detials or exaggerated her story and that’s why i only got anger and frustration from the episode instead of being moved like from the other eps..
I reocmmend reading the comments by
the other peple are sheeeeeeeps.

even if she asnswerd the phone, why you gotta look away from yo mom who is about to fall out the damn window. whether it was a suicide or an accident, her mom didn’t have to die right then.
– hm yeah people are listing contradictions and whatnot from the episode and reality.

i’ve seen interviews where after watching it change smy mind about that preson like oh there’s more to that perosn or against my predictions they’re acutally __ or they endured hardships in the beginning of their career or with something that i had no idea about etc etc. that’s why i like that kind of stuff, you learn about people… well in this case famous people and how they worked hard etc. so what i’m saying if you’re going to try to watch kinsuma, don’t decide on the show by the gotou maki ep lol.

that’s why i recommend reading the wiki if you care about this girl? it’s  alot faster and same emotional impact. but i personally don’t like/care about haro puro hello pro people? i like akb better… one is that i like akimoto yasushi’s song composition and lyrics better. there’s something special and catchy about the songs he makes ( I don’t like manatsu no summer sounds good WHATSOEVER THOUGH). though i’m not going to say it’s a classic or it’s in my top whatever or anything lol. i just like them.

Got a problem with that? you got a problem with that? come-back type of remark



kuirhara rui being hilarious as always… though unintentionally?  he’s gonna be on merengue no kimochi or that ep already aired. lookin’ forward to it!!! i think he’s gonna get big. he’s interesting to me and i like having negative people on tv representing negative peeps not on tv. also i love how the shows try to make him as happy as possible ie letting him meet perfume (do the introduction with perfume, talk to perfume about his favorite song etc etc) but he doesn’t smile no matter what!!! (an almost smile at most and it’s not even almost!!!) I hope to see his beautiful, pure smile one day. Of course this isn’t the only hilarious remark during his encounter/interaction with perfume.

he also said oh i’m glad i met you this year before next year at which time i’ll be gone (来年消える芸人などなど) but i hope he doesn’t show up on the shinro soudan thing. I don’t think he will but then again i liked joy but then i heard ariyoshi’s evaluation of him ad then i understood why he & the other geinin hate joy so much (I was sorta sad and disappointed in myself that i couldn’t figure this out on my own). But as faras i can tell joy is disappeared ? lol. I don’t think he deserves be on that ep but i could be wrong here.  and if he was it would be hilarious.

im so curious if he speaks english… i’ve wrote my hypothesis before anyways he seems to have goooooood music taste. listening to this 2012/08/14 栗原類 ラジオ【恋する夏曲】 & アプリ告知and recommended ben kweller – walk on me  and it sounds like awesome, chill american indie or is it british? he sounds american?  I reall yhate some of the american indie because i just hate the singer’s voice and it just sonds noisy but like any genre there is shitty and the top 10% of that genre that is pure awesome.

oooh they mentioned in the radio show that he’s doing a chakushin thing!!! i want it but i don’t want to spend money lol. he is so negative and i think the negativeness makes him so realistic and humble or at least he appears/seems that way.  please don’t commit suicide~ lol . wihch reminds me i hope the geinin people stop smoking because I don’t want them to die on me. they’re so interesting . htere’s an ame talk episode about the difficulties of quitting smoking  and i plan to watch it! though i have a billion crap on my que.





はるこ from 派遣の品格:  それが何か

WRote about this drama in my jdrama reviews!

i GOOGLED it and it also says 口癖は「**ですがそれが何か?」 I thought she only said それが何か (saw the drama a few years ago) but it definitely makes sense that she uses in other ways toooooooooo.

So Haruko’s catchphrase from haken no hinkaku really stood out to me because it just shows the awesomeness of japanese with its short ( you dont have to make full-almost full sentences like in english & get the point across), vague nature (love that about it how you don’t have to say anything directly, you can pussy foot around almost anything that’s difficult to say in Japanese)  yet it’s effective (even though she’s technically like asking if there’s an issue you know no one’s gonna say anything back from the way she says it and just this phrase itself in general… it just feels cutthroat in my opinion.).




I suppose you could make it into less formal version with だけどそれが何か BUT something about des is more firm and strong… which reminds me of when joshi kousei (high school girls) say ___desukedo to another to sound more firm and strong in asserting whatever point they have as opposed to sounding polite.

So anyways these two phrases are totally useful and very japanese when you need a come-back to say to someone after they question/doubt you or they’re about to ~~~ you etc etc. and if you say it in the right tone (very strong/firm and your personality/aura is not push-over I’m sure they’ll just be like alrighty i won’t question you or if they reallly do have a problem with something  they’ll tell you). or it might piss them off and make them want to kick your ass lol ( this is more for the second phrase sore ga nanika. i don’t think nanika mondai demo would piss anyone off like the way sore ga nanika would). it’s so funny how funny in japanese you don’t have to say profanity or anything specific to piss someone off, it could be wrong keigo or like here you just say ~~~ nanika.  besides what i mentioned there might be other nuances with it depending on blahblahblah  but as long you get the general idea and then come across it in the wild (fun/native material)  then you should be able to grasp ittttttttttttttttttt

ALSO as far as a comeback to this comeback is concerned, i don’t know of any. I think most people would respond with naides.


here’s kurihara’s 5 song picks!

■Ben Kweller「Walk On Me」
意地っ張り シャイな女の子」という歌詞が大好きです。
■ASH「Walking Barefoot」
■Fountains Of Wayne「It Must Be Summer 」

sbs kpop star…. american idol ranting

Top 6.
ihai = sway ❤ is such a lovely song but I like the PCD version better actually lol. melody in pcd goes crazy at during parts of that song

e. michelle is boring. i feel no emotion…. her hairstyle this time is more flattering though.

the california guy... sang that song i love you baby blahblah lyric song which i only like becasue the original singer has a deeeep voice.  since his voice is not deep… rather it was screechy.. so noo.

bek a-yeun. saving all my love… boring 😦 I’ve heard this song way too many times. damn the oldies station!

OMG there’s a glee version. usually I don’t give a shit about the glee versions of the songs but QUINN  is singing half of it? well i only saw a 3 second clip but I love hearing her voice. i hate rachel’s voice…. it’s just so annoying after a while. glee version over this but of oourse!

blonde guy (no more acne blonde guy  so blonde guy = guy who can’t rap or sing) – yay. guy who can’t rap or sing for the win! very fun performance. you can tell he really practiced and shit… just a lot of performance with lots of people moving around.  just goes to show just because you can “tehcnically sing” doesn’t mean you’ll be half as interesting/entertaining as this kid (I’m obviously pointing at the American idol contestants) at least he understsands the concept of entertainment/performance. american idol contestants think karaoke = performance/moving/entertainment (worst misunderstanding ever). VERY FUN PERFORMANCE 🙂 JYP even gave him a 93 even though he said “the highest i’ll ever give you is 89 since you’re not good at singing/rapping” . Gotta watch his performance AGAIN!

bak jimineh. i found it to be okay. since she did that wizard of oz song last weekkkkkk obviously anything is inferior…. though i didn’t agree with their extreme compliments last weekkk… way too extreme.

my favorite performance this weeeeeeek was the guy who cannot sing or rap lol. it was a really fun/entertaining performance.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH MICHELLE IS STILL ON THE SHOW! 😦 this is so wasteful…… first the acne guy, then kim nayoon (she’s more intersting than michelle obviously just because she’s american lol),…..

they got rid of the american guy from california who speaks koreannnnnnn well (they never used english to communicate with him….). he always bores me with his song choices.

>> Of course they don’t do the American idol bullshit ie do cruel shit to the contestants ie sing for your life on this show and the judges might use the save on you RIGHT AFTER they find out they got eliminated… / wasting an hour or 30 minutes or however long just to tell us the idenity of that ONE PERSON who goes home. that shit takes 5 seconds MAX lol. but for some reason they don’t give the contestants enough time to sing the WHOLE SONG nor the judges enough time to say their FULL COMMENT/CRITICISM (their not using their brains anyway as far as i can tell from the content of their comments for the recap that i caught during the ep but… you know if they did)… but they have to time run MAD videos abt oh this is you’re journe thrououghtou american idol blahblha.they just spend their time horribly. it could be a fun hour but they make it as bland and boring and stretched and nonsensical as possible. not  to mention,  it’s the same shit every year. OH AND The korean HOST does such a better job than ryan seacrest. the korean host just talks endlessly and like feels in the gap so shit doesn’t feel awkward. he does a good job. cheers.


I caught a glimpse / glimpses of an american idol elimination episode. i was watching 3 or 4 things at a time of course so even then i’m sure i didn’t miss much. my comments are the following

who is jim? is twitter that pouplar now a days? what is up with j-lo. she’s 40 right? so why is she in mv’s like that. alot of body make up involved too probably? lighting can only do so much.  it just looks pathetic… like madonna. but anyways shit that pissed me off.

the girl who didn’t get voted off. she just gives off this horrible personality. maybe it was that hair accessory she had on or the fact that she was touching her hair frequently or maybe it was the fact thta i saw the recap of her performance ( horrible song by the way.. i’m not sure if even ali can save that song. I HATE THAT SONG)… but anyways she most definitely will not win.

well jimmy does do a better job than the judges at critiquing and whatnot…. j-lo/rendy/steven tyler.. they do such a horrible job as judges. they don’t give criticism nor anything constructive or descriptive wHICH does not help the contestants grow or stop being stuck up/stupid/brainless (ie that girl with a horrible personality that didn’t get voted off). there’s always room for improvement. american idol is so boring. i dont need to watch people karaoke. being a singer isn’t that easy especially if you want to become one of the good singers. modesty is required. Like I loved the scene in kpop star when somebody got eliminated and he said to the judges “oh i’m really thankful you told me what i needed to hear and not what i wantd to hear”. in the long run… you need to hear what you need to hear if you want to grow.

speak of which, there was this guy who is not very proficient in English even though he only speaks english? (he just seems like he doesn’t give a shit… in other words.. he’ll never succeed) so maybe he’s really dumb…. Ryan said to him oh are you afraid of becoming complacent since the judges always compliment you. he goes no.. i just want to be myself. i’m not gonna go around high-fiving people during my performance. All i’m thinking is… if you don’t know what complacent means you have really big problems.  this is complete bullshit. i had no idea why no one was like you don’t what complacent means?

I  ALSO HATED HOLLY… the girl who was the worst 3 or something. ryan asked her something and she was like throwing her hands up and whatnot and not really hvae much to say or anything interesting to say. I’m like this is tv can you please try a little harder than that half-hearted/half-baked shit.  personality is part of american idol… she doesn’t give a shit either? I just didn’t feel like she was acting in a way where she’s likable to the viewers.

so from the cap it seemed like teh song choices were crappy. also ,the guy who goted voted off probably looks like a past american idol contestant ( since there is only a billion seasons)… isn’t there a couple of them with that hair-type.

the other shit that pissed me off was when ryan sent this girl to the bottom of 3 and then he says right before the break okay guys so we’ll like announce the results after the break… actually he says instead of “after break” he says “after holly goes back the the couches since you’re not in the top bottom 2” or some shit like that. and i’m like FIRST OF ALL why are you wasting our time… don’t bring the bitch to the center of the stage in the first place.

the people they had perform on the show sucked balls. at first i was like oh boy band . one of them is sorta good looking… some of them are like not so i’m wondering why they’re in the bad. horrible performance…. especially when i’m used quality crap like immortal song. NM none of them are good looking compraed to the fictional band in the korean drama shut up flower boy band (don’t worry this english translation doesn’t do any justice… it sounds cool in korean)

the good part is the stage is bigger and fancier. bad part is the stage is not versatile (that’s the impression i’m getting… unless it can be versatile and they’re just not utilizing it)… to have like different sets/moods and whatnot. hell even the stage on immortal song isn’t that big or awesome but like they do shit so everyone’s performance is unique… really set the mood… really take someone to another world for 4 minutes… something that an amreican idol contestant will never do)

I have no idea why the ratings are high (they must be going down though). this shit is boring. americans need to learn a second language (and consume media is L2) already and jump ship off boring shit like this.


OH WAIT I found this.

Back onstage, host Ryan Seacrest asks Phillips if he worries about complacency in his performance.

“No, I’m just being myself, dude,” the finalist responds. “I’m not trying to walk around stage and touch people’s hands and stuff. That’s just not me. I’m just having fun, man. I’m not trying to be somebody else. I’m just trying to play music.”

Ouch — that seemingly dismisses Iovine’s entire critique in a very flippant manner. But the singer would like everyone to know that he didn’t mean for his response to sound that way. Phillips posted a response on his official Facebook page the next morning (April 6), saying that he misunderstood Iovine’s comments and meant no disrespect.

“Thank you to everyone who supports me and voted this week! I appreciate it very much,” he writes. “I heard that some people took my comment the wrong way but i thought jimmy said if i dont move around i would get passed and all i was meaning that im not the artist who runs around stage touching peoples hands and sings to them, thats just not me so im sorry to who ever my have taken it the wrong way bc i wouldnt even be here without you guys voting haha thank you again!”

>> so in other words he is as dumb as i think he is or even more.  he most definitely does not understand what complacent means. actually his actions … i mean his words… just proves how complacent with himself even though he probably bores the crap out of any seasoned viewer (who’ve listened to a lot music/gone to lots of concerts etc). the fact that he even misunderstood jim like that just proves how complacent he is. next time ryan… don’t use big words with this guy. hell complacent isn’t even that difficult.

he most definitely should not win… we can’t have an idiot as our  american idol not that anyone cares. hell.. are the other contestants even decent? it’s more like who’ll put me to sleep faster with their soulless loud singing of songs i never want to hear ever again.

I mean even if for one second I would forgive him for misunderstanding JIMMY’s COMMENT by  LITERALLY moving around…. and pretend he knows what complacent means… so that would mean he thinks that moving around the stage/interacting with fans = becoming not being complacent and moving forward and becoming a better performer etc etc. no… that’s not all it’s limited to…. it also extends to the effort he would have to put in in tweeking the song, understanding the song, making the song his own, etc etc. so whether he was saying that because he understood what complacency meant and drew this asinine elementary decision or because he didn’t know what complacency meant and just said whatever shit that’s probably relevant to the word complacency… he still looks like an idiot.

I could criticize this episode more and more if i had seen more of it. but anyways the most interesting part was jimmy’s insight because unlike the judges he actually has his head screwed in and actually has brain cells and actually uses them since he’s getting paid to say shit. while jennifer lopez and randy and that rocker get paid for saying nothing…… you don’t even have to speak english that well to say what they say… it’s literally limited to 4 phrases.. so PATHETIC. the results show makes you not want to watch the original show in the first place since they show the meat of the performance and the people’s comments and criticism whether it’s read off by ryan seacrest or some other method. this show is so pathetic .

Learn Japanese from CODE GEASS.

ヌヌリー!Here are the links!!


KOREAN SUBS (for like sub2srs /watch with ep since transcripts aresubtitle files.. and/or do google translat eto japaense)

http://kitsunekko.net/subtitles/japanese/ – It has R2 episode 1-3 & episode 1 of Code Geass. So they should have all the lines since it is a script file probably ripped from the dvd files

The LINES/Transcription – stuff I found from searching random lines from an ep etc.  I guess I can’t guarantee every single line from the ep but I’m pretty sure it’s like 95% + at least and maybe somewhere towards 99% or even 100% if you combine/use all the links below.

anime transcripts’s code geass page – they piss me off b.c. they sep in multiple pages and i have to scroll SO MUCH. and the furigana pisses me off a lot. i don’t get the furigana. either it’s all on or none on that site. so annoying. In theory they should have all the lines like the exact subs and I think they do

Blogs written by Japanese people who wrote out lines from the episodes.

starts from 2006

japanese blog

another japanes eblog = episode 5 entry was written on2006年11月06日 .  << << I think this one is the best one, but I linked the other ones cause sometimes lines this person’s transcribe the other people on the other blogs too. This person doesn’t put tags on it and only categorizes by manga/anime so you’re just gonna have to the next page or the previous page to get to the episode. JUST SEARCH the word stage

The eps on crunchyroll – if your computer crashed and lost the files etc.

If you do have the eps and you are really obsessed with this show (and sometimes heraing it makes it easier to learn it or whatever) then you can do the efficient listening.  if you have just the avi then you can probably find subtitles even if they’re in spanish or whtaever.

FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKE OMG I only know hirgana/basic greetings/basic but I loves CG & Lelouch so kawaiis / i want to watch anime without subs ASAP etc. 一言を言うとふざけんな

uh… what do you want me to say/do for you (like I will)… go check out tae kim’s guide to japanese grammar + AJATT maybe? this post is more for like people who are at the capability/level of learning from it if they just had the lines on their hands.  or at least somewhre near so after the frustration/confusion — you figure it out/it hits you in the head/etc.


コードギアスで使われている用語集「あ~な」行 – Words used in Code Geass with like explanations or inferences etc.
This goes from a to na & there’s another link on the page for the rest of the words that are after na.
And the news about the 2PM guy which I found from the site I linked on the side of the blog recently is pretty interesting.  and you know whta I didn’t even grasp the gravity of the situation because they translated what he said to Japanese. I thought it was what he said in Korean so I thought I wasn’t missing much but THEN I find it it’s from English. It’s not 韓国が気にいらない…. it was Korea is gay. AND SO I was shocked. I’m not a fan of him or his group or kpop. In fact I never heard of them  but i’m sure they’re popular and all that in korea… is it were now? I don’t care… all I know is you don’t post shit like that when you’re in korea to korea because koreans are CRAZY about PRIDE and their COUNTRY so… I guess he really doesn’t get korean culture like he said before.
To stray from KOREA (it’s more like a segueway since that 2pm guy is american which is obvious from his lack of understandinf of korean Culture)  I so LOVE CHELSEA LATELY sometimes… like the skit on rachel zoe project was spot-on. That’s what I think the rachel zoe project show is…. every episode

rachel zoe project!!

Chinese indie that reminds me of korean indie! lolz. But honestly I love this band judging from this song. I just can’t seem to download anything of theirs!! Like I found links but they don’t work. MF links on some chinese board. MF links worked!… mf is just glitchy sometimes…. (oh HOLD UP… the quality is like MAD LOW like one of them is 96 kbps!!! but there is this song called your coat that  i RELALY LIKE on that album with the 96 kbps omgs if anyone knows higher quality DL links, tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!) chinese people are awesome with the download links on those boards. It’s not the CHINESE LANGAGE THING but honestly a lot of these chinese artistshave  bad voices or just voices I find irritating but I did find a few I REALLY LIKE like Vitas LU & hers etc. I will continue on my conquest to find some good chinese indie or rock or folk or jazz etc. I am planning to learn mandarin… right now I’m just listening to it as much as possible till I can hear every syllable or something…. no… till I can differentitate cantonese and mandarin. like listen to something and know it is or it is NOT cantonese/mandarin cause I have no IDEA right now. ahhhh… there’s actually a song in Japanese (I think it’s part japanaese/chinese for that song ) on their album and it sounds… good. I wonder why they chose to do that….


mad funnnny.

NOTE: I wrote seg-way at first… WHY