Can’t find Japanese Subtitles for studying Japanese… try Korean subs! love Japanese subs, if i have them i can understand 95 to 100% depending on the show obviously. Subs are just really helpful… sometimes I just can’t hear it… BUT SOMETIMES they aren’t available… now a days more and more anime/drama/j-movies have the japanese subs becoming available online which is great but if you stil cannot find the japanese subs try korean subs.Or if you want to use sub2srs but all you found was a transcript online which is not a timed subtitle file (which is oh so convenient). however it’s still mad appreciatdd!!! sometimes I hit the jackpot when i search with “quotes” and the name of the showin google…. i find a blog where the transcribes important lines or almost all the liens etc etc. definitely try googlging with quotes too. don’t ask me oh should i write this word/phrase in hiragana or kanji (since it’s written in both ways blahblahbalh), how the hell shouldi know if a blog exists where the person did that let alone how they wrote it… just try both . yes that sucks…

obviously if you don’t know any japanese at all then i don’t know… how much it’ll help but for me it just helps me figure out what I’m hearing with words and even if the translated korean subs end up giving me a translation with a word that’s similar but not exactly the same word i can usually figure it out. Also usually the gobi ends up diff. The whole point of subs is just to help me figure out what i’m hearing because my hearing is just not that good compared to english since i’ve heard for the past 10 yrs (well minus 2 maybe since i’ve been trying to listen to lots of japanese). It just helps out with the words they’re saying.

I figure
1. Japanese -most ideal
2. Korean subs because korean subs translated to japanese is better than no subs.
So consider… korean subs
if there aren’t Japanese subs available.

get korean subs from clubbox and then google translate them to Japanese. It’s obviously not gonna be 100% same word for word since it’s google translate but it’s helpful since korean/japanese have similar grammar and have lots of kango in common (75% which is more than chinese and japanese… besides if you google translate chinese to japanese it’s a big mess compared to k->j). I find it really helpful… better than no subs or english subs. this you have to use subresync to convert the smi subs to srt format (be sure to convert with correct fps rate… that it matches the video) then open the srt file in notepad… copy and paste it into google translate and then paste the japanes translation to microsoft word.

once it gets google translated the arrow gets messed up in that it should be 01:50:32,646 –> 01:50:35,904. but then arrow turns to – > which makes sub file not work. so you have to do control +h on microsoft word to fix all the arrows back then paste back on notepad, save as “all files”

anyone can get a clubbox account!

UPDATE * so clubbox requires language support crap if the file name is in korean or japanese etc so you need to open clubbox with AppLocale (program, google it) and then you go to the clubbox site to download.

also you can download korean/japanese shows… basically files people upload on that site… there’s awesome stuff but um i think there’s a 50kbs limit so maybe it’ll take a while to get them files….

search engine for clubbox files:

I find it helpful since not all dramas/animes have japanese subs available (on d-addicts/kitsunekko etc… I know they air with japanese subs but not all shows get the subs ripped by someone and shared) but korean subs do exist most likely. I have trouble with kikitori so with japanese subs i pretty much understand everything while without them i’m screwed.

PLUS now I can use sub2srs since I have subtitle file.

So one movie I watched with these ghetto japanese subs, lol was soredemo boku wa yattenai because I CANNOT find Japanese subs and as anyone would think those court room scenes are a hell of a lot easier to follow if there are subs

But to be honest I think I would’ve fared  okay even w.o. it just because I’ve seen watashitachi no kyoukasho, sanpujinka no onnatachi (gyne). so you know I have exposure to that. but anyways I LOVE CAPTIONs… it doesn’t hut to have ’em , SUBTITLES. if only there were subtitles for THE GAME on the internet. yes, the shit that airs on BET as of now..

Here’s one example of a line from the script that I was surprised actually matched up with japanese

one is rikai-chan, the other is rikai-sama (which lets you use sanseido).

On another note, the only viable way to uSe English subs to learn is like this

Which you can do with anything softsubbed and kmplayer or even vlc player etc etc. but if you don’t understand jackshit though I don’t think it’ll help much

SORRY FOR CRAPPY GRAMMAR AND SPELLING OR CAPITALIZATION BUT I DONT HAVE TIME TO FIDDLE WITH THIS ENTRY FOR x number of hours/minutes.. sorries. if you have any questions and can’t figure out something out do ask…… but don’t ask dumb questions. no offense. have a great day!

love love~~ it. ハート ♥

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