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Liebster Award Nomination

one thing I did not get is what is the point of the liebster blog waard? what the hell do you get if you win..

so it sounds like I already won it?? or it’s a sham that it doesn’t mean shit! lolz.
I guess it’s just free PR

anyhoo in response to CULTURE QUOTE

Official rules for the Liebster award

1.    List 11 random facts about yourself.
2.    Answer the questions designated by the blogger(s) who nominated you.
3.    Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them via comment/email, etc.
4.    Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.
5.    Display the Liebster award badge on your blog!

11 random facts
1.  i’m one person and i have a list of blog entry topics/ideas floating around but i’ve just not had the time/motivation to get around writing it. so i didn’t run out of ideas, i’m just not writing the entries 😀

2. I’m a full-time something. that’s why i don’t update everyday 🙂

3. I love japanese talk/variety shows. I chase after the interesting, weird, hilarious, etc. I do not watch shit and then complain about it. those people that complain about shit stop watching shit and watch awesomeness.

4. i had a vague VAGUE VAGUE feeling of assurance when i was a kid that i would learn japanese some time in my life… that vague feeling coexisted with my wish to be born japanese/born in japan so i would learn it effortlessly.  in some way, to some extent i  did learn the japanese and it was sorta effortless. it really is not effortless but i just had so much enjoyment when i got to the japanese tv. i don’t mean i had so much fun reading txtbooks or reading some shit aimed towards children (compromising /pretending/LYING i’m enjoying something that i do not. . i mean i really did enjoy reading whatever boks, tv shows, websites, people that i ran into. i ran into shit as well but u know, it happens.

5. I HATE PERFUME X A BILLION. i especially need to bitch about this because it’s summer and i just suffocated for at least 3 hours today because of perfume.  it’s so heavy and strong and arid and i don’t want to how many fuckin spiffs (what is this word that is not spray but sounds like spiff) it took for you to reek from 3 feet away but PLEASE FUCKING STOP. i don’t want to smell anything. i hate perfume,  i hate the brown people with the strong bo + the strong perfume, i like the brown people with the storng bo better than the storng bo + perfume because at least the strong bo is not carcinocgenic like perfume. CARCINOGENIC MEANS CAUSING CANCER. and it’s a fact. bo is pretty nasty tho. i don’t like bo lol i’m just saying if i had to choose.

6.  i hate chain letters. if i get nominated again i probably wont’ response/patricipate lol.

7. smartphones are depresssssing. are we getting dumbed down? i sure as hell am not playing some dumbass game on it. i’d rather read a book

8. My dream is to have a job where I make money in my sleep ie author.

9. i like chelsea lately. she keeps it real 🙂

10. It bothers me how doctors/pharmacists/other healthcare workers eat so unhealthy. i mean it is their prerogative (why the hell is this word not phonetic. F U! I just feel dumb not knowing how to spell it. i did have a feeling it’s spelled opposite of its phonetic spelling but goddamn .its just so annoyin’) but it just makes me go “so you see these really sick people who got to this point because of their diet and you know awful that disease is yet you’re  moving towards it”. at least i would use that knowledge to motivate myself to be healthier to not age at a ridiculous rate

the questions for me:

If there was a singular wish you could have granted (standard rules: no wish for wishes, etc.) what would you wish for and why?

I would wish for the ability to sleep like a normal person or at least the way i used to a couple years ago. i feel exhausted/tired/just not at 100% every day and it sucks ballllllllls. i wanted to aim high for whatever i achieve but now i give up and settle for mediocrity cause i’m damn exhausted. and no i don’t want to take speed lol… i know what those people look like in a few months time and just the all the adverse stuff. i just want to fix the sleep. the CAUSE.  根本!

What is your most cherished memory?

I don’t have one.  What does cherish mean anyway?  I know what cherish means but even if you ask me that i just go キョトン wtf etc etc. i’d actually be surprised at the peple who are able to answer this off the top of their head or palm or whatever. it’s a ridiculous question in my opinion. I don’t want to waste my time going through all my arbitrary memories and try to label one as cherished… not even cherished, just cherished just so i have an answer to this question. so that is why my answer is that.

What is your most common typo?

I have so many typos on my blog. there’s no end if i were to list them lol. they include write/right, it’s/its (I know which is correct and i know the logic/reason behind it but sometimes I get confused because i go apostrophe means POSSESSIVE RIGHTS and it’s not)

If you could spot-on impersonate anyone in the world, who would that be?

Nobody. spot-on  is way too difficult plus that’s not my personality. it’s actually down-right asinine/ridiculous that you’re asking me this.

What is the one song you cannot get out of your head recently?

hmmmm i have random songs play in my head so i’m just gonna choose a song i really adore that i found out about recently

red blues by 椿屋四重奏
it is incidently written and composed by the lead singer who went solo later on.
take a listen here:
the singing, lyrics, the music composition are top-notch!!!

My Questions for Nominees

and put a reason or explanation too if it’s substantial or interesting. Otherwise, don’t bother!

What was the last book you read and was it good?

What is the one song you cannot get out of your head recently?

What do you do after an awful day?

What do you think of this award?

Name a famous person you like and explain why you like that person.

Blogs I nominate

The last 3 are people that blog about Mad Men. I find their insights very interesting!

心をして 心して  心押して japanese phrase!


so I’m not sure how common this japanese phrase is because I learned it recently it seems so simple so i’m like why the hell did i find out about it now? maybe i did hear it before but i just didn’t take note of it/聞き流し。。。? i’m prety active about looking up/pursuing japanese so i don’t think so ???   recently i heard kokoro shite or kokoro wo shite but when i heard it i was picturing 心押して for some reason. I totally inferred the meaning from the situation and just the words making up the phrase and what it sounds like… i just wasn’t sure what the phrase was.. whether it was kokoro shite or kokoro oshite or if i just misheard it…


now that i think about it’s sorta hard to differentiate  心をして 心して  心押して just saying all these out loud myself… because the ro in kokoro and the wo they just blend so… it’s hard to if it’s just a ro that’s a little longer ( but barely noticeable) or ro and then wo or kokoro than o in the oshite. btw there’s no phrase 心押して that was my imagination lol before i looked it up.  thank god for google to clarify this..

initially i looked up kokoro oshite or kokoro wo oshite in google with quotes because that’s what i thought the phrase was but i didn’tg et nothing. i didn’t think to look up kokor oshite or kokoro wo shite because  it just didn’t occur to me because of what i said before how you really can’t differentiate the different combinations because of the ro in kokoro. so i just asked on chiebukuro what are they saying at this minute: second. I just find this phrase to be useful… like why not! and it’s very simple and easy to remember and meaning makes complete sense. it’s just very automatic. it just took me a little longer to find out the actual phrase. a little different from this but one time i heard bakagiri and thought バカ斬り lolz because that was the intonation/cut-off point they used. i wrote about it on lang-8 that it was actually ba/kagiri.

oh and i heard  KOKORO SHITE on kire onna juku.  because the aite gets more and more difficult for the girls

another thing iran across while watching fns 27 hour special – the part with the yurusenai hanahsi. it’s actually pretty interesting. i don’t watch the 24-27 whatever hour special because it’s live so it tends to be draggy/can’t catch what people say/ too much gaya/etc etc… it’ just awkward. but um… this segment was good

anyways watanabe naomi-chan told a funny story and at one point she says


BUT I thought she said そくどに寄せて because she was saying she was in a car (there’s just certain words you associate/expect together). when i hear sokudo i think of 速度.. i was like thinking that makes no sense UNLESS there’s another meaning to yoesete that i don’t know of yet… because that happens since words have MANY MEANINGS. so i look it up and it clearly has no other meanings besides the ones i already know. so it’s not sokudo because it makes no sense. then i typed sokudou and i was like omgs. what i could’ve also done is type in SOKUDO in sanseido and then it’ll show me sokudo and sokudou because i’ll choose the option that says STARTS WITH… i’m sure if i rewound and listened carefully i would’ve heard the elongation of the do … but anyways this is my thinking process. i’m sure i would’ve saved myself some time if i looked into the possibility of dou since that is one of those sounds that tends to be the elongated -u version.  i mean in general i think for the onyomi sounds there tends to be more of the elongated sounds rather than the non-elongated sounds. that’s just from my experience and thoughts but if i’m wrong, feel free to correct me.


so she said 側道に寄せて. I never heard anyone say sokudou (I’ve never seen it written either or at least i don’t  recall that instance. i’ve seen 脇道 わきみち i believe which means something different) or maybe i did somewhere but i didn’t take note. it’s the same thing as i said before i’m usually very cognizant of japanese people saying words i do not know or cannot catch and i try my best to find out if i really care/am invested in the content/media that i’m watching. obvoiusly if you’re watching a shitty j-drama… who cares… learning a few words from it isn’t going to make the drama suck any less. know what i’m sayin”??
p.s. if you say sokudo 10 x really fast you’ll say sokudo in korean! sorta like if you say 요구 really fast 10x in korean you’ll starting saying 욕! yay! lol. maybe it works with yakusoku too. in japanese they pronounce yakusoku like yak-soku rather yaku-soku though they do pronounce it the latter way sometimes like in a song or something .


so this example below is not the first time that this has happened. maybe it also happened a handful of times in the past. i think it’s better than googling in some ways because for googling you’d have to search, add a syllabel , search etc ec. this one is more automatic like that.

So I was watching the show and somebody said something i didn’t understand so i was like just typing what i heard (not thinking about where stuff breaks or if it makes sense or anything) to look it up on firefox or whatever and it just so happens i didn’t mishear anything so it did end up suggesting the phrase that i heard with the kanji and in its entirety (this is how you spell entirety for reals??  entire + ty… hmm makes sense? the pronunciation throws me off . so i was spared the bitch work of googling and typing variations (which happens if you are unsure what you’re hearing with your ears since this shit is not my native language). this phrase itself is sorta hard to catch no? if it was  わざわい から 転じて OR SOMETING it’s easier to catch but since it goes, word, verb,  word it makes it harderto figure out.

So let’s say somebody says some fancy japanese phrase  like this and you have a hard time catching it but for some reason you’re able to catchthe first few syllables or something or you catch the first few syllables and then for the 4th syllable you’re split between 2 different sounds since you’re not sure what you’re hearing. well google ime might solve that mystery for you!  like i said, it’s faster than google but sometimes google works better when google ime doesn’t work.

p.s.  i looked up kantaku the english word and i didn’t know it loll. so itmakes think i shouldn’t learn it? lol or at least learn the enlgish version first or learn both the english/japanese version. which makes me wonder how you say immolation in japnaese 焼身 aw figures. i coulda gussed that lol.  actually no i would’ve gotten to shoushi but not shoushin but it makes that it’s shoushin and not shoushi because it’s not JUST A DEATH BY FIRE it’s SELF-IMMOLATION YO!

anyways so the phrase was from SEKAI NO HAT EMADE ITTE Q from 2007! lol. it was a fun episode and it was educational and becky worked her ass off! I would recommend the ep! I never really like sekai no hate made because i saw this ep about matsuri man with miyagawa daisuke which was boring and not funny. i was just like why is this shit popular? so anyways it makes me want to check out more eps of this show. it was nice seeing osero on the show!

I just had to add this
[ 大辞

1 気だて。気性。かたぎ。「母方から流れる芸術家の―」

2 中国で、万物を構成する物質である気によって形成される物の性質。特に宋(そう)学では、人間がそれぞれ別にもつ身体的、精神的な性質をいう。

3 心理学で、個人の性格の基礎にある、遺伝的、体質的に規定されたものと考えられている感情的傾向。体液の相対的な割合の違いによって多血質・胆汁質・黒胆汁質・粘液質の分類や、回帰性・分裂性・粘着性という気質分類がある。

so I recently added this to my deck. i’ve had some questions and whatnot concerning these 2 words for a whileeeeeeee .  i finally looked it up. it’s been floating in my head but i never went out of my way to look up the difference.

of these words i learned kishitsu FIRST. i believe i didn’t look it up in the dictinoary. i learned the meaning from the way it was used in various contexts as well as the individual kanji that make it up. i knew seishitsu so i could tell kishitsu is similar to that. so i was okay with that word. then one day mayuyu was saying something and she used the word KEISHITSU instead of kishitsu or seishitsu. which made me go ??? what’s the diff.  i was thinking why didn’t you say seishitsu or kishitsu. she was talking about being an otaku or something. that’s her thing. now that i look at the definition i still go what’s the diff lol. it’s really subtle i guess. i don’t really want to think about it. i guess i’ll switch my seishitsu/keishitsu/kishitsu ‘s around for variety. the meanings are sorta similar lol.  unless you really wanna be specific about what you mean or what you’re talking about… i would just switch it up lol.  j/k i really really get seishitsu and kishitsu. keishitsu is still sorta shaky with me. hopefully i’ll hear somebody else use keishitsu to help me further differentiate the other 2 from this…. i don’t waste my time reading example sentences of words i know i’ll never hear… so i let the word do its thing and be heard by me in whatever media i decide to subject myself to. it’s not subject, i really do ENJOY japanese media. by japanes emedia i obviously am talking the 1% or the 10% or whatever that really really has its hold on my ツボ… NOT JUST the pedestrian crap some overly enthusiastic japanese learner or average japnaese person will gobble up. maybe it’s just my personal preferenceeeeeeeeeee.


1 もって生まれた気質。ひととなり。たち。「温厚な―」

2 その事物に本来そなわっている特徴。「燃えやすい―」「すぐに解決がつくという―の問題ではない」

OF THE 3 words i person feel  that seishitsu is the easiest to understand without looking up the definition and just inferring from the kanji. i might’ve looked up this in the dictinoary or maybe i didn’t.

pondering about my japanese pronounciation again.

so i mentioned the prnounciation as in the sounds and the intonation but there’s the tongue-rollin’!

i think i might have mentioned this before … i cannot roll my r’s . the r’s that the spanish-speaking people roll, the japanese people that fight and argue. koreans can’t roll their r’s right? i mean i’m sure there’s some who can but it’s not really necessary in korean… they don’t have that much r sounds compared to japanese. the r sound is so damn ubuiqtious in japanesse lol. not even the r vs l. i’m talking about r-sounds in succession and me tripping and fumbling everytime lol.

I was thinking I have a hard time with rareru every time i read it lol. stuff like saserareru… the passive and the form that makes you do shit… they’re just hard? I think  the reason is because i can’t roll my r’s … or at least those 2 problems simultaneously exist for me . rarete is fine and okay to pronounce but rareru is hard lol. the reru is hard? it’s f’ed up every time. i sorta feel like my mouth is being lazy? or just not trying hard enough? or getting stuck like the car engine not starting and making that annoying song over and over? lol… you know how if you speak japanese and then you speak english you notice that you move your mouth a lot less with japanese so it makes me you irritated to speak english cause it requires more energy because the lazy in me/you is just so lazy. also my tongue is short… so maybe that’s a cause too but i ain’t getting no plastic surgery…

I have a feeling rolling my r’s will help with the reru part of the rareru that always f’s me up. i can say it if i say it slow but i read japanese fast so that’s not gonna work lol…  should i learn spanish while i’m at it? lol. i did learn it in high school of course and i got an A but i can’t speak worth shit and my listening comprehension is abysmal … or maybe just doing a regular ra-gyou pronounciation practice  will be enough. katsuzetsu renshuu or whatever they call it. google is my friend 🙂

Rolling your r’s in jpaanese isn’t necessary depending on who you are. like i was watching kireonna juku (god tongue! awesome kickass show…) the dvd stuff since i found the one that came out this year HILARIOUS… the one where the girl does her kire test by going to her dressing room. hilarious shit.  i was noticing how there’s a lot kora and ora that you stick on at the end or beginning or whereever and of course the girl rolls her tongue.  i notice japanese peope  can roll their r’s very well.  They roll r’s when they’re angry and arguing ro whatever. so if you plan to never get angry in japanese i guess you don’t have to roll your r’s. if you really think you’re going to get your menaceness across without rolling your r’s YOU ARE MISTAKEN. rolling your r’s  are a must and a given when it comes to expressing  your pissiness and hatred/hostility towards the person.

if you know of other instances that you roll your r’s besides expressing your anger/arguing, please let me know… it’ll give me more motivation to fix my japanese … at least the rareru. i know you can roll your r’s for fun too… there’s mad opportunities since japanese is just ladden with r-sounds.,. so besides that.

一辺倒。。。。 lolz. eh i don’t blame him? i ran across this word a couple times and im’ sure if i didn’ tput it into anki i wouldn’t know either. it’s a useful word for criticizing people you know justin bieber… etc etc talentless losers. in case any believers come up in here go watch dada la by ladies code and then tell me he has talent……..