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sashihara :( akb48 hkt48

EDIT: a fera picture came out. lol what’s the word in english.? that fancy word for giving head …. i only see it in japanese. it’s like feraara or something lol. i’m sure it’s fake. for god’s sake they have av’s with av actresses that look like tarento people.  i’m sure a sashihara-ni prono already came out or it will come out lol. i won’t watch but just sayin.. it’s a common thing apparently.

So yesterday a kiss picture finally came out. I was reading somewhere where somebody asked is what happened true blahblahalah. they’re like oh it probably is. if it was false she would definitely deny it (they’re saying she’s not denying because if she does and then more pictures and textx or whatever comes out.. it’s gonna make her look even worse). since her apology is so vague and just oh some parts are true and some parts are not and i’m sorry my actions lead to this situation where it can lead to misunderstanding…

At first I didn’t really mind that she posssibly daetd a guy and is possibly not a virgin (at one point akimoto-sensei was like oh sashihara and some other girl will definitely see that through and i agreeed with him b.c. it seemed like it. this news is so shocking ) BECAUSE i’m not a guy and it doesn’t really make a difference for me. it is a rule in akbso it looks really bad.. it’s like you’re sacrificing love during your teeengae/20s while you’re in akb48.  i read the artiacle, i read the texts… the texts sound like sashihara and the picturse look real and i’m just like….

what pisses me off is the fact that she’s lying… like I came across this

and in the first video.. if it doesn’t get removed you can so tell she’s lying. her face totally says it. she’s not a good liar. she’s  a hetare character for god’s sakes.

ths second video which i’ve seen before which is removed … she says i cant’ date good -looking people and i’m too negative/self-conscious to go out with someone etc etc.

I became fan of sashihara with her unique personality with akb kyouwakoku with the sashihara pride corner as well as her own show sashihara no kuseni and i was glad she got her debut and the way the song matched her … so the reason i’m a fan of her is because of her hetare character so that doesn’t change so i’m still her fan it’s just not as strongly.. this stuff is disheartening. i’m so sure if they have the election next year she won’t go up unless osmething happens from here to now because at the end of the day you need crazy/rich fans to buy thousands of cds to vote you into the top lol. no for reals. i will never vote for an akb48 eelctrion since i dont’ live there and i dont’ want to spend my money that day and it’s only one vote… hmmm.

Exceptions in Japanese

anyone could write a never ending entry about that but anyways i just wanted to write about i- adjectives.

キチガイ 気違い


anyways so I was thinking about the word kichigai. i’ve only seen it on 2-ch and i’ve never heard anyone use this word on japanese tv so i think it’s a bad word or maybe it’s okay to use on tv but people just don’t use it.

in 2-ch people jsut use that word to describe people like キチガイだよ. SO i WAS WONDERing if i wanted to say ___hito would it be kichigai na hito or kichigai hito and i came to the conclusion that it is kichigai na hito because from kichigai dayo you know it’s na-adjective. i adjectives go kanshii yo. you  can’t attach da UNLESS you’re using the grammar thing like DA NO .ex  おかしいだのうれしいだの. OR  かなしいだなんて

BTW don’t ever say stuff like it’s NEVER ____ especially if you’re not fluent in that language. it just makes you look like a dumbass. don’t read it like dum-bass. thank you.

ANOTHER  reason is kichigai is a noun so if you want to use it as an adjective you attach na. or maybe these 2 reasons are the same.

saiwai is also a noun or adverb or some shit?. it’s not an adjective so it’s saiwai na koto ni


kirai and kirei are the examples that the teachers probably give when they teach about na verbs vs. i-verbs.

I think kirei na makes complete sense because kirei is written in kanji  ki / rei . i remember some kpop girl on japanese tv.. I think she said kirekattadesu or something like that. i understand they’re busy theycan’t really study or they’re low on sleep or they’re after money whatever whatever but logically it makes sense that it’s kirei na or kirei deshita.

So I think the only real exception is kirai ?? kirai is technically a noun since you can go from kirau to kirai but i’ve never seen anyone use kirai in that fashion. they just use other words like nikushimi or ikitoori or fungai or some other word.

let’s see (嫌い 美しさ 濃厚さ 幸い 綺麗さ )・ が増す

嫌いさ 8000 hits for this

and 300,000 hits for 嫌い so  gieuss it’s kirai ga masu

anyways the thing with this stuff as long as you use what you HEAR used in real life… those “exceptions” aren’t even exceptions because you’re so used to the way they use it. Like for saiwai na koto ni i just kept hearing it or reading it and i didn’t think much of it. i just knew they say saiwai na. I never went omg’s it ends in i and they’re the na-adjctive thing…. just rencetly i went oh yeah now that i think about it.


I googled cm and kikitorenai and came across this japense blog

So in the commerical he put in his entry… he’s like I can’t catch this damn commercial it’s pissing me off etcetc. he’s like it only sounds like. for me japanese is heard to catch in general and commercials are really hard lol… sometimes I can’t catch anything.  I remember this aragaki yui commercial where she dancse and sings and I couldn’t catch this one part… and then i looked it up and it eneded up being…

It’s the sound cm.

scroll for the answer





























granted i’ve never heard of that word ever but once i see the word and see the kanji the word that make it up… I get it but I don’t what it sounded like to me before I looked it up but i probably didn’t hear it as senmu. probably something similar. the only reason I know it is because zakiyama copied it for some reason.


wonder what he’s really saying. So I listened to it too and I was like yep that’s it sounds like which makes no sense. it’s absolutely is not something you want in a commercial.  so  i clicked on the youtube and I read the comments AND omsebody caught what he said.

which is… scroll for the answer.