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other adjectives besides sugoi with similar meaning! / sugokunai / sugee

first of all I was super confused with the difference between sugoi and sugoku because people would say sugoi kawaii and sugoku kawaii but . so what i thought was omg there’s some super nuance betwen the two …. but luckily i asked online what’s the diff and people are like oh they’re just using sugoi incorrectly. lol.
so usually you say sugokukawaii because you’re using sugoi to describe kawaii… but for some reason it’s colloquial to say sugoi kawaii even though gramatically it should be sugoku. So I’m gonna classify it as gramatically wrong so you shouldn’t say sugoi kawaii… because sugoku kawaii is correct. I hope it doesn’t transcend to the point where it gets adapted…. to “correct”. it happens since it’s like well everyone’s using it like this anyway might as well as say it’s correct… such examples are below:
全 然 this word.. wow when i was a beginner in japanese i used it completely correctly. now a days i use it incorrectly because I’m influenced by all the japanese speakers on the japanese tv that use it for it’s real meaning and it’s opposite meaning which is not it’s meaning…. it’s just so permeated, there’s no fightin it for me. lol. i got infected.. and corrupted. I use it for its real meaning and the opposite of its real meaning
確信犯 ths one… I don’t know which definition was the orgiinal intended defintion. ( don’t care enough to look it up) in fact i ‘m gonna get a headache just trying to think about the 2 different definitions that come with this word that are sorta opposite. I don’t really think about this word’s definition unless it comes up in some tv show or text and i have to comprehend it and usually it’s really obvious which meaning they mean so it’s fine.
another incorrect grammar thing is みたいに ->
み たく. for this one, even i could tell that mitaku is wrong… it’s for maybe teenagers or super slangy but even it’s just like it’s just gramatically wrong.. I understand the convenience of saying mitaku instead of mitaini since it’s shorter but you just sound so stupid saying that… so don’t say it. lol. for the main topic: すごく. actually I take back what I wrote in the title, I mean alternatives/similar to sugoku because like I said before SUGOI KAWAII is wrong. i mean maybe it is said/used a lot in conversation so you will hear it, if you don’t want to be talking incorrectly say sugoku.
I wanted to write this because sugoi is used A LOT and sometimes it’s just like… learn some vocab… you only speak japanese yet you only say sugoi? i mean it is good and bad that there’s this word sugoi and sometimes I feel that way.
here’s some adjectives/verbs i thought of, off the top of my head
for the ones where i can remember the exact sentence/fragment it was used in, i filled it in!
ズバ抜けて   歌がうまい
神がかりに  かわいい (This was said about 佐々木希 of course!)
凄まじく (すさ  )
著しく( いちじる)
尋常じゃないくらい    寒い
BTW I do not get the difference between kurai and gurai (when the change happens and when it doesn’t. sometimes or probably most of the time i get it right. the problem is.. the reason I can’t learn the difference is the difference between hearing people say gurai and kurai is really really miniscule. I’ve seen people use kurai a lot alot alot but I can’t tell if it’s ku or gu (sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t… it’s just close sounds) and honestly that doesn’t affect my understanding so….)… in fact i was reading up the rule about it and then i was like f’ this shit. HOWEVER I will read the rule about NI WA VS DE WA because I f this up over and over and it is one of the reasons why i will never say ‘im fluent in japanese.
for the ones where i don’t remember the exact phrase Imma make up example sentences right now…
well fragments more like but i’m pretty sure these fragments are natural japanese. If I wasn’t sure then I would be googling with quotes but i’m really really sure about it so i won’t.
凄まじく キモい
とんでもなく失礼 their meaning is similar but that doesn’t mean you can interchange any with any just because they have their own nuances and i’m sure you want to impart the nuance that you want to impart than use any another word with the similar meaning. even besides the nuance, also the sound of the word is definitely something to keep in your mind or at least I do that too… it just sounds more___ and that’s why i like it better. For example if you switch思考力が著しく低下している with sugoku, it’s okay but ichijirushiku is so much better and it sounds smarter too. when do you sound smart using the word sugoi or sugoku? lol.
Out of these I really like susamjii and kamigakari ni .  I just wanted to post this for japanese beginners who are like bored with the word sugoi (it’s used a lot and it’s one of the first words you learn  so it seems like 50% of Japanese is saying “sugoi” but don’t worry it’s not and there’s also other awesome words that has a similar meaning with a different nuance )
=== also I Wanted to write about
kireru. more specifically about マジギレ ブチ切れ and then i googled and I found this on the wiki. I love the word kireru because in english you just say _ flipped the lid or is pissed off or is full of rage, pushed him over the edge etc etc ….. and kireru is nice it’s not a “bad” word like pissed off and the meaning comes across really nicely and succinctly (who doesn’t love that?).



  • キレやすい – ささいな事柄でカッとなりやすく、時には暴力の手段に出るなどの不安定な性格を表す。
  • マジギレ – 真剣を表す「マジメ」の省略から「マジ」を重ねて、「本当にキレる」という意味。さらに、「マジでキレる5秒前」のことを「MK5」とも。
  • ブチギレ – 備後地方の方言で、強調を表す「ブチ」を重ねて。あるいは、紐がちぎれる擬音語の「ブチッ」から。「マジギレ」とほぼ同じ意味だが、突然キレ始める、といったニュアンスで使う。「ブチキレ」とする場合もあり、動詞として活用する場合「ブチキレる」が一般的。
  • 逆ギレ – 「逆ギレ」の項を参照。
  • キレキャラ – 逆上することが本人の大きな特徴(キャラクター)といえる人物像をさす。この特徴を生かした芸風やネタをもつとされるタレントお笑い芸人も多い。
  • キレ芸 – 定番のリアクションとして、漫才やトークの最中に逆上することによって、笑いを成立させる芸風。この芸風やネタをもつとされるタレントやお笑い芸人も多い。

and luckily I know all these words~ no surprises here except for MK5 (hilarious stuff here). i was thinking what’s the difference b.t. majigire and buchigire.  I was thinking majigire means like the person snapped, they are pissed off, beyond point of return etc. for buchigire I have an image of  激しい, just this violent violent feeling. Reading what the wiki said, I agree with the  「マジギレ」とほぼ同じ意味だが、突然キレ始める、といったニュアンスで使う。「 becasue I’ve seen japanese tv shows and they would show the situation and narrate it and they do use it like this. One of the usages that really stand out was the dokkiri stuff… they do a lot of senpai pretending to be pissed after the kouhai and yelling at them and all that. It’s sorta uncomfortable to watch, sometimse it’s okay, sometimes they do it because the kouhai deserve it lol.


Jessica’s part in the beginning: her voice sounds annoying here…

the kokoro prononciation is just bad. if they let sooyoung sang the kokoro line or the first line that jessica sang, this song would be SO MUCH BETTER..

0:48 lol at first i thought taeyeon said うっとしくて then I realized she was trying to say ふと深呼吸. the way she said ふと was so… i was really thrown off.

also I hated the way she sang 0:46 nagareteku keshiki.

omg like i said make them listen to japanese/karaoke japanese songs instead of assuming that japanese people won’t notice.  It’s the same story as last time everyone’s pronounciation/intonation is offfffffff. (from watching this video I can definitely say that karaoke totally helps since i could actually understand what these korean people were saying. there wer ea couple people that were a little off or just had to commit the usual pronounciation fumbles that korean people do like the tsu sounds but ovreall one guy sounded so japanese lol. I was surprised how japanese thsees korean people sound) Or even if they do that, maybe it’ll take time till some change/improvement occurs and while that process is going on they can use sooyoung. I get that she’s not lead vocal so fine dont’ give her the lead vocals, but give her seomthing to help us out here. i think it’s just rude to the japanese fans because one it’s a ballad… if the pronounciation is off it’s gonna ruin it. secondly,  i’m sure everyone’s sick of jesica and tiffany’s voice and like i said jessica’s voice in the beginning sounded really annoying. maybe the accent problem compounded  to that issue.

1:36 I hear tiffany sing  愛が辛くなって, I wonder what she’s really saying.
I mean からく MIND YOU NOTつらい. maybe she’s saying 軽く

question why the hell do you not let sooyoung sing.… if it’s a matter of popularity/success in JAPAN she’s pretty popular. she sorta has an edge over the members in Japan since her japnaese sounds good (上品 is the word they use to describe her japnaese and let me say that’s such an awesome compliment… because not everyone can sound  上品… that’s a really positive characteristic they use to describe her japanes on top of her ability to speak japanese)

there’s parts where i don’t understand what they sayin…. unless i check the lyrics.

omg it’s a ballad why the f is sooyoung not singing!!! yet again.  it doesn’t matter if she’s singing with the other members in the “sing all together” parts because her perfect japanese/understandable is covered by their accented japnaese so even though one member is pronouncing and intonating and all that correctly if the other 8 aren’t it’s going to sound bad since that one person can’t overpower everyone else lol.

and they let yoona sing… whyz.

from what i can tell from the mv they let seohyun, jessica, tiffany, taeyeon, yuri, sunny,  yoona get separate parts and then the other members can only do the part where they sing together . OMG  7 members got separate parts and then sooyoung and hyoyeon got nothing? are they tone-deaf or something? why are they not allowed to sing on ballads?  I can get hyoyeon if her voice doesn’t match the song or whatever reason they want to give but to not let soo young sing is like???  like i asked last time, is her singing really crappy or something? I never got that impression.

yoona was … mis-saying mirai.  which irritates well i don’t want to pick on her since everyone was just off.

I’m sure certain members are better than others at pronouncign japanese but i don’t have time to analyze everyone, not to metion, not everyone has parts and i do know for certain that sooyoung’s japanese is the best so i do not see the point of looking into some ranking/assessment. her 3 years in japan were not for naught and they’re not going to catch up to her that fast…..

EDIT:  2:00 is sooyoung and hyoyeon either has a small part or has a part she shares with someone or no part… I don’t remember what the lyrics website said exactly.  but the 2:00 sounds like sooyoung + member/s so they are treating her like shit basically. or maybe they have some echo effect so it sounds that way.

I also found out from the site that sooyoung had a part in time machine but like above, it sounds like sooyoung + member/s mixed in so it’s not even anything.


I saw the talking part of MUSIC STATION with shinee and KEY, one of the members is like  I watch lots of jpaanese variety shows like london hearts… which he described as super fun to watch which I agree with!  AND of course his japanese was the best out of everyone!!! The other people’s Japanese… I probably wouldn’t hav e understand them as well if I didn’t have a ear for korean (my years of hearing/listening to korean)… yes they’re speaking in japanese but it’s like their speaking in japanese with their korean voice so some of them sound girly so… i don’t get why they don’t all watch london hearts??/

And looking back he is my favorite shinee member. I decided this when i was watching the shinee music video and  heard his voice. Either it’s him or Onew] but I remembre that it was the memeber with a deep voice and long hair so it must be KEY.

But yeah going on about the talk/variety thing… like I said before my favorite SNSD members sunny, hyoyeon and sooyoung becaues they have the best/most interesting personalities so i don’t think it would be a bad idea for any of these three to venture into japanese variety shows… minus the language barrier (which obviously can be torn down with karaokeing and watching fun japanese media ie talk/variety shows.. which totally worked for key. well apparently snsd is super busy so i don’t know how viable this is but.. ). It’s just really different from korean talk/variety show… it has its good side and bad side.  I think it would be a good experience for them to work the japanese circuit toooooooo…

lol it’s so true… the third guy on the top is key i believe… just going by the pronounciation/intonation

hmm key speaks english so he has an advantage.


screenshots from  lincoln

リンカーン – 2011.10.25「持病でガッテン 大竹編」

Like I said before I don’t like this show! Or maybe I do. Like I like episodes that is this theme with the educational/health crap and i find the part where they mention how lincoln has made the health condition worse with their physically straining eps HILARIOUS. It was a good combination of information/education + entertainment since they are al lgeinin. ALSO I liked the nuigurumi episode because it was really cute and funny and just the idea of hamada looking cute is just.. .wow. 想像を超越してる Those are episodes I like but i’ve also seen eps that I cannot get into so i stopped.

The reason I ‘m posting this was because I read shana’s post I agree with everyone who commented with their sentiments and whatnot. like for the first question, it would be easy for people in some type of health-related major  since they studied and i could picture people having a hard time explaining  even in english… not to mention she’s nervous…. But I was thinking for me because her korean is my japanese since she’s been studying korean hardcore and i’ve been doing japaense. I’ve been thinking that like for the first question about the organ isn’t that bad… because if you watch honma dekka or eps of other shows that is about health conditions like this lincoln episode or even ザ!世界仰天ニュース then you’ve basically came across all the key words you need to deal with it. I have no problem understanding/following what they say because I know my kanji because I’ve watched many eps of talk/variety shows. What I was thinking though was even if I understand them explaining all this body science stuff, it’s a whole different thing with me outputting that… the whole passive/active thing so I’m not gonna say “oh i would’ve totally owned that test if I was in her position”. when i was watching this lincoln hearts episode, I was being extra attentive because it was after I read her post and the expert/senmonka on the episode also shows up on honma dekka – ホンマデッカ. I like watching honma dekka because I learn about stuff or i learn __ word in japanese but another thing I can take note of is how people explain things. So on japanese tv in general, they explain the crap out of things with the diagrams and pictures and shit… I like it personally because it makes easier to understand but some people may see it as childish like korean people who wrote about japan in this book that was published in korea.  So i’ve heard so much explaining done in japanese but I’m still not good at explaining in japanese… so i think you have to practice outputting or be extra attentive during your input or something? I just input… so unsurprisingly that doesn’t work.

SO what I got out of my extra observation is that even though she’s explaining scientific crap she uses simple/clear grammar/sentences with the necessary scientific terms mixed in so it’s easy to follow. (but for the most part the words don’t even feel scientific or difficult since it’s just made up of kanji and you get used to kanji. and usually it’s logical.. some are not always as clear just from the kanji 海馬… I think is hypothalamus from the way they used this word. nm rickaichan says it’s hippocampus. I don’t know what a hippocampus does? is it memorY? But for hte most part it’s probably easier in japanese since you get to see the kanji vs… in egnlish where you have latin/greek roots but you can’t really telllllll sorta like hanguell) but anyways )now that i think about it that’s the whole point of explaining regardless of language. So the thing is even though I know all the grammar stuff that’ s neeeded to  form the sentences since you don’t even need to use difficult anything I’m just not used to outputting so even though technically i should be able to, I can’t… I get stuck and whatnot as you tell by my lang-8 (or even if you can’t tell, that’s how I feel. I’m doing a lot of compromising lol). all the common/basic grammar is basically enough to explain it to a good amount of depth but for some reason i keep trying to use more difficult grammar or the sentence goes long and then i dont ‘know how to end it or continue etc etc lol on my lang-8.

So I looked through the 4 questions that shana was asked and i’ve heard probably all the necessary vocabulary that is required to explain them (and probably did actually hear an explanation about something that’s very similar to that question on one tv show or news show at one time or another or probably more like multiple times) but like i said i suck at outputting.  I would have no problem understanding…. But at the same time, I want to reserve myself to input because there’s so much i want to read/watch/hear so i don’t really have much of a motivation to improve thissss

Not that I’m going to memorize it but it’s interesting. I’ll read through it later. Maybe certain colors will stick but probably won’t on just one read.  I know memorizing won’t work and that I could put my time to better use than memorizing colors as far as Korean is concerned. Tis all

Acquiring Korean

I came across a new color while listening to our Korean couchsurfer talk to his friend in Korean. I described our building’s color as 녹색 but when he relayed the information to his friend he used the word 연두색. It was obviously some kind of green but it was the first time I’d heard it.

Googling the color came up with our shade of green shown in this picture.


Curious how many other colors in Korean I wasn’t aware of I found this 색 목록 or color catalogue of Korean colors on wikipedia. It doesn’t have all the colors but it does have quite a good collection. I’ll now put the ones I didn’t know or am shaky on into Anki. . . . 

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Acquiring Korean

Although text messages are usually sent without any spaces at all, when writing Korean or for a longer letter, spaces are rather important.

Fortunately, a friend told me abou this new site that seems pretty cool — 자동 뛰어쓰기.

Sometimes where to put spaces between words is difficult to figure out in Korean. However, here if ou can put your Korean text  and it will put in automatically correct any spacing mistakes.

I’m going to try to use it for my lang-8 diary entries before I publish them to double-check to see if my spaces are correct.

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