news in japanese/mandarin <- has mp3!!!

New York Times Chinese has English version too- side to side. – explanations include words grammar etc

grammar -japanese youtuber recommendation

anki 2.0 plugins list
Wordquery – j/k/e dictionaries! + autohotkey
advanced copy
automatically show answer after x seconds – to get through cards as fast as possible and i’m not even really testing myself so i love this plugin. i set it to 1 second.
increase autosave frequency
morphman – to suspend comprehension cards
search cards based on length – I use to this to segregate cards longer than 10 characters etc. there is no way in hell i’m going to understand a long ass mandarin sentence on subs2srs. as far as i know this or an equivalent of this does not exist for anki 2.1 and trying to edit the code for that in morphman is a pain in the ass and I don’t run morphman often because it takes a while since i have SOOOOOOOOOO many cards ( I don’t even try to attempt that). you have to start small like for tones when i get to it i’ll probably focus on single syllable words then move onto 2 syllable words (those tone pairs and all that) when i get comfortable with the single syllable words etc. no point trying to remember the tones for a 4 character word fr +om the get-go!!! I had to start with getting used to the sounds since they all sound the same… but I heard that the order of importance is tones > consonant > vowels. I still focus on the vowels/consonant first because that’s what I want to do and I don’t plan on outputting anytime soon. I love learning whatever the hell i want the way i want when self-learning a language.

batch editing
multi-column note editor
multiple add and browser windows
open added today from reviewer
word search and wild card field name
tag toggler

anki 2.1 plugins list

chinese companion -frequency sort hsk suspend
chinese prestudy

Pinyin on top of Hanzi – holy crap this one’s amazing. it adds pinyin AND the definitions.

I have made 0 Subs2srs decks for mandarin but I use a lot of subs2srs decks because they’re available and they’re useful as long as I have english translations. Mandarin is a pretty amazing language to learn with anki purely because of anki and its plugins and the decks that are available ( grammar/ hsk/ subs2srs/etc that have audio or example sentences etc). I have to do the reviews in anki 2.0 because of wordquery and the show answer plugin. I run the 2.1 plugins to generate the useful info in the fields. At one point I was searching for a plugin that loops the audio and just came the conclusion I am better off pasting {{Audio}} twenty thirty times since I will probably not listen to it more than that 🙂 Pressing R to repeat the audio is a waste of my time and energy and I don’t need radio silence to read. I can multi-task !

and omgs mandarin is in deepl program!! I wonder if they’ll add korean one day.. they already have japanese and mandarin in it!! korea/korean has been pretty hot lately – 2020-. i swear learning korean in 2011 feels like the stone ages lol because korean stuff is so much more accesible nowadays

my evernote links on korean/japanese grammar

korean shit not worth anking??


kanji composition search tool – alternative to searching by radicals/drawing

drama subs

ちゃんねるレビュー テレビドラマの感想・レビューサイト | anime reviews

Yahoo!映画 – Yahoo! JAPAN |


grade text

rikai-sama – pop-up dictioary – use with pale blue browser and use EPWING For j-j definitions.. youcan get the dictionary files from mattvsjapana’s video about making srs sentence cards


So this site shut down but then I found this blog that does the same thing. the person uploads the tv caption that airs with the tv program. Just click on the magnifying glass to search for your show and see if they carry the transcription to facilitate your learning.

**I use this site for london hearts, ame talk, hanseikai, tetsuko no heya, and much more!**  i FOUND THE site when I searched 大往生で with quotes while watching ame talk: tachi to-ku (one of my favorite themes on ame talk)

for the previous site I would save the transcript as .html since the site would remove the transcripts every week or so but I think this one doesn’t as far as I can tell but I still save THEM just in case!


amazing japanese site that explains korean- konest. rhymes with honest maybe???

youtube channel that uploads short clips of korean news with japanese subtitles



crap you can dump into anki

YT CHannel with hard-coded kroean subs – makes videos about mnet shows like high school rapper smtm??

another yt with korean subs

jessica jung’s yt channel has korean and english subs

흥하    – has korean and japanese subs – i watched his vids on produce x 101, niji project, izone, produce japan 101 season 1

words that share the same root– not hanja… kinda like kun-yomi for japanese ??


words from running man   | oh my korean

k-hiphop translations ie smtm – It’s a lifesaver and I learn so much that I would’ve never figured out by myself or would’ve wasted a lot of time to do so.

japanese site about detailed rules | japanese blog about grammar

+++ korean KEIGO –   |  | GOOGLE 높임말 and watch yt vids

hanja converter

korean pronunciation | pronunciation thing from hangukdrama

blog about korean slang?list of slang 

MOTTO KOREA – Japanese site that explains “new” korean words really thoroughly

MOUSOU – japanese delusion dictionary

v-live = korean vid site with korean subs – new vids of certain shows have korean subs

sino-words from japanese – kanji/hanja

blog BY KOREAN learner

blog called comfort ajala

blog called hangukdrama

lignq-esque site



The Japanese internet is a treasure trove for Korean learners!

translation sites  -This one translates websites and you can select the option for it to show original text AND the translation. Using this in conjunction with hanjaro WILL SAVE a lot of dictionary look-ups for beginner/intermediate people who know japanese WHICH will enable you to read a lot!  however I think papago translate is superior in its translation ability  – this was one of the top korean-> japanese translation SITES according to some japanese blog – this one is amazing of course! It displays detailed definitions on the side for the words. – it’s fantastic for learning spanish because it gives the user the option to display the translation and original text side by side

GOOGLE CHROME ADD-ONS : dictionarist, 1-click translator ETC


sharex – conveniently grab audio, screenshots, regional

audacity / sub2srs for generating audio files.



lingoes off-line dictionary

ditto – clipboard manager. I like using the shortcut for copy-pasting stuff. it saves me a lot of time!!!


copyq – clipboard manager

nimble text / excel / calc – libre stuff

ilter text

use this to combine
add line breaks

removes empty lines

French transcripts