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How to use dictionary and google for language learning.

First up is google… Like I said before in my if the dictionary doesn’t cut it post. google kicks ass. so recently i used google to find the word that i heard in a show. I was watching a tv show and there an audience and they were cheering and clapping or something so i wasn’t able to catch the whole word BUT i easily found the word after googling with quotes.

so I heard the anouncer say ~~~  na hakushu wo~ so I google searched “な拍手”

i FOUND OUT THAT THE WORD IS 盛大な拍手. from that. if you don’t know quotes means it has to match what i wrote EXACTLY. so it’s very useful.

oF COURSE this isn’t going to work all the time but if it’s some kind of common/set phrase or sentence or something you might hit something. I actually i already know this word and it’s meaning but before I googled this i didn’t even know what the lady said. Technically i could rewind and try to relisten through the noise but i’m glad that google worked so i don’t have to do that 🙂

For using the dictinoary. I just wanted to go over the options that yhaoo.dic and sanseido give to the users in case you are not aware of it.

国語 類語 英和 和英 百科 辞書検索

 in order it goes japanese , thesaurus, english/japanese, japnaes/english, encyclopedia, dictinoary.  i don’t get the difference between the first one and the last one. don’t relaly care either. i don’t even choose the circle i just go with the default because i can’t be bothered to select one every f’in time.  by default it chooses 辞書検索 so it’s all good.
offSANSEIDO it says


  • 前方一致
  • 完全一致
  • 後方一致
  • 部分一致
  • 全文検索df

let’s say you come across a word and they use a really obscure kanji and it’s A PAIN IN THE F’IN ASS or you do know it like the meaning ands just you don’t know the reading OR you try to type it but it’s just damn time-consuming looking through all the other kanji that has the same reading like if you typed in the onyomi reading (p.s. download google ime. if you don’t have this shit installed you are wasting a lot of time for sure).  TIP: if it has the kun-yomi. i suggest typing the kun yomi or a word that contains that kanji for time-saving because you’re gonna have to look through a lot of shit  if you type in on yomi…. other options include physically write it in the computer with the ime or search by strokes or radicals…. which are damn time-consuming.  well if you use one of these options in the dictinoary  you might save yourself that time and pain and whatnot. you know i’ve done that before,  i write out the kanji, computer doesn’t recognize it at all, then i search for it by strokes on jisho and i just stare at it trying to find the damn radical i’m like it has 6 strokes don’t it. wtf is this shit etc etc… so it’s a pain in the ass and it’s not even like once you find that kanji on jisho you’re done. now you gotta look that kanji up with the other kanji that made up the word on yahoo.dic or whataever

so if you come across let’s say a word made up of X and Z with XZ. let’s say X is really obscure and Z is pretty common . so you can look it up by choosing 後方一致 and putting Z in the field on sanseido. then now you just have to look through the list and find the word. it’s just faster!!!! and if you want a more detailed explanation or whatever if sanseido ain’t good enough for you then you can because yo know have the word. you can do the same thing on yahoo.dic ‘cept it says ~~で終わる. so if the opposite occurs with  XZ and this time X is really obscure then you choose  前方一致

if you don’t want to scroll through bullshit you seledct 完全一致 with the word written in hiragana or kanji or whatever. it will only show you AN EXACT MATCH.

部分一致 gives you any word that contains what you put in.

it’s really useful depending on the situations.

even if you’re not used to japanese you can still figure out what  部分一致 or  後方一致 means or does for you by trying to search a certain word with the various options….  in fact that’s what i did lol. i t was a long time ago but nonetheless it’s an effective way to learn!  it’sobviously way more time-efficient versus me looking up the definition for bubun and ichi and kouhou and ichi or the readings for that shit… it’s like why… just do it and see what happens.

DEFINITELY TAKE ADVANTAGE of these options that come on the dictinoary when you are searching for words so you can save time. i’m sure there’s a japaense/english dictionary that does the same thing. i dont’ know of any  but it’ like… comeo on monolingual dictinoaries are nott that hard but nonetheslss if you are not ready for the switch or the jump or the start for monolingual dictinoary  (some people are in limbo and use jj and je… it’s still better than using only j/e) then keep learning words and go for it once you know enough words for your liking.

p.s. some of the answerson this pikaru no teiri geinin quiz thing were so FACEPALM wtf. but nonetheless hilarious and FORREALS. i like that kikaku a lot!! the let’s have everyone BUT AYABE get the question right kikaku! this is why i love japanese tv!  at first i was thinking it was a little ijime but i feel like they’re reasoning is fine with the whole tengu thing.

omg マジで!

Sashihara won the akb election! I was sorta worried she would go down because of the scandal. I wanted her to win but I never thought she would win. I picture mayuyu and ooshima for the crazy fans  (WOTAS ヲタ is it ota? lol ) that buy 1000s of CDs to vote. it comes down it it’s the number of votes!  p.s. there’s lots of 1 yen akb cd already on the amazon used CDs.

I look forward to hearing everyone’s speeches on the youtube (when HD comes up). So far I saw sashi’s and I saw maeda atsuko there a little bit I was thinking if maeda was still there, could sashihara have beat her?  I don’t know about that but I do know sashihara is way more interesting/better than maeda when it comes to talk/variety.  I like a bunch of members from akb48 from their personality and whatnot from their tv shows. I think my favorite  out of all of them is sashihara  since she ha sthe talk/variety thing with the negativity and she had her own show and whatnot. besides my bias towards saashiahra i also wanted her to win so she can actually be in the pv! lol. she always talks about being in the pv for 2 seconds at max even though she ranked high or whatever.  So hopefully since she’s the center, she’ll be in the PV the most for once!  I think sashiahra winning is akb-like. it just feels akb~~ like the doryoku wa kanarazu mukuwareru ( the scandal shit was from 6 years ago? anyways?)  and the akb members are the second cutest girl in the class ( sashihara is deifnitely behind the 2nd prettiest girl though) so they’re more friendly/approachable/, the fans supporting the akb girls to grow/become better singers/dancers/variety talent/etc/etc, and the fact that akb48 has grown so much from the day where the theater in akihabara was empty to this huge election…. all in all she’s a fit winner.  as much as i like mayuyu, something about sashihara is winning is so surprising, so surreal, almost moving,,, just because at one point nobody expected her to win. it was comical for people to be like oh what if sasshi becomes number 1 like a year or two ago.  now it’s for reals!

I think  for the last election that maeda participated in she was like i just do not want to lose to sashihara.. 指原だけには負けたくない

haven’t follow akb48 this whole year. I last saw their show akb kyouwakoku in 2011 in november? I like that show and i want to keep watching it but I didn’t have time and I have other shows to catch up on too. I think geinin > akb48 . but that show is interesting and i recommend it . i like the editing and the kiaku how they put the shit together. it’s just funny and fun and I like ariyoshi! I ‘ll finish watching it some day! promise! I saw an episode of bimyo a week ago, it was fun! I lvoe how they sub it in japanese more than other conto shows like red theater ( they just dont’ sub lol) .  I hvae to finish watching that show. t

Japanese related thing

While I was wathing a talk/variety show nonchan said

覆われてる感じ =のんちゃん

oh this was TAIMOU GA NOBINOBI GEININ? is that what they called it? or was it ke ga nobinobi

There were no japanese subs of any kind. I was thinking like I hear the extra o there really clearly and easily. because it’s oOwarete ru kanji. you just extend the o so it’s 2 o’s. i remember in the beginning i had a lot of trouble with it with both hearing and producing myself. I was wondering how do they talk fast with these long /short vowels.. isn’t it too difficult? doesn’t the long vowel become a short vowel? etc etc. I no longer have those kind of doubts or worries. It’s all very clear.

Then I thought of ご覧のスポンサの提供でお送りします
I always wondered if the okuri in okuri shimasu  was o okuri shimasu. I always hear it but I never see it.  I always assumed it was goran no sponsa no teikyou de okurishimasu instead of o okuri shimasu. I did consider the possibility of them sticking o nthe o on the okuri but I was like eh i can’t tell just from listening lol. But now I know after googling and ‘im gonna listen for extended vowel because they don’t say o-okuri shimasu they oooooooooo kurishimasu lol.  In case anyone else was wondering. I always follow along and say it with the commercial lady lol because they say it everyone f’in time!

i finally remembered ご迷惑をおかけした / ご迷惑をおかけしてしまった

because i’ve heard it so many times now lol.  I know what it means and everything and the nuances but i was always like if i had to produce this i wouldn’t be able to . the go and the o + suru throws me off like is it wrong if i say go meiwaku wo o kaketa and i might forget the o or the go. i also find it strange to say go -meiwaku just because of go is called/described in english. like why the hell would you want to “beautify” that word. but anyways i’ll read about the explanationlater.

Bt minegishi, Komori jun, nakashima kazuko? I like her a lot and im just not sure Abt her first name, and possibly yaguchi in the future. I’ve heard a shit load of go meiwaku wo o kake shite blah blah blah.
also お騒がせ させてしまって threw me off too because it’s o and the sase conjugation twice in a row. i was like wtf so i just aded to my anki deck with the mcd format.




this one i’ve had it down for some time. the thing with these kind of phrases or whatever is that it’s a set phrase so you should remember it syllable per syllable. i don’t really make my self memorize so i just let the instances i come across it to help it solidify it in my head to the point where i know i can produce the phrase perfectly (every single syllable).

ooh i found some interesting sites when i googled 心からお祈り申し上げます with quotes. like there’s a site that has a list of set expressions like thesse. i love these kind of expressions. it just sounds so pleasant compared to tameguchi or just plain teineigo.  gotta check those out to read those out aloud. of course not i’m gonna memorize ’em lol. lol this site is hilarious! and this is why reading japanese is hard lol (doesn’t mean my japanese sucks, i just don’t read/write many japanese letters). i can make guesses and they or may not be right, the onten i guess on might be right or not…. letter japanese is just whole another world of japanese…. lol.

AND OMGS I gotta watch the PV/any live performances/ any new interviews with MISS SHIINA RINGO!. I love her new song. it’s so like her…..

Improving one’s English vocabulary

I was thinking about the standards i hold myself up for with japanese with the goal of understand 95%~ of the text that i’m reading on websites. of course if it’s of no interest to me i’m not going to waste my time googling that to find out what it means or what it is (sometimes it’s just something i just wouldn’t know because i’m not japanese and i haven’t lived in japan or whatever). Then I was thinking hey i haven’t reached this goal with english with the 95%~ comprehension for websites (well you could argue, not knowing or being unsure of the meaning of a couple adjectives/verbs/nouns doesn’t necessarily kill the comprehension… depends how important it is to the whole picture). It really is dependent on what i’m reading in english even if it’s a blog if it’s well-written they’ll be complex grammar where i’ll have to read the sentence again or they’ll be words I don’t know.  Some people are just good writers and they just use words i don’t know. Whether it’s blog entries or news articles, if it’s fairly well-written then i will come across words i do not know.  I’m not gonna start reading the new york times or whatever other boring ass newspaper to improve my vocabulary. that’s torture. I don’t do that for japanese and i’m not gonna do that for english. But I found a good way to learn vocabulary.

BTW you should know that firefox has awesome plug-ins/add-ons for looking up words and for saving text to file while you’re reading the internet. i downloaded and if you double click it tells you the meaning (I like merriam webster better but fast and efficient is KICKASS).  the sucky part is if you click on the audio thing for the audio bit it’ll take a while so i will actually hear the prnounciation faster by going to m-w and looking up the word than waiting for the add-on to fetch the audio.  I think with english especially hearing the word is useful and sometimes it’s spelled really weird or it’s ambiguous with the pronounciation. even if they have that gibberish to tell you how to pronounce it, it’s just a lot more clear with the audio. i’m checking out other add-ons so it’s more easy to collect/mine the stuff like with rikai-sama if you press S it saves the SENTENCE, DEFINITION, into a notepad file!!! like how awesome is that. so i’m seeing if any of the plug-ins are as kickass as that on firefox.

SO ANYWAYS the most important part is the SOURCE of the sentence/sparagraphs that you leran the vocabulary from. it has to be not too difficult/ridiculous/useless/archaic/etc and at the same time it has to hold your interest… otherwise why the hell would the context help you remember if you don’t give a shit about the actual thing you’re reading ie crappy newspapers.  It’s like AJATT  it has to be something you enjoy.

So this is what I found really useful/helpful and i think it could be applicable to other people … well bear with me. i hope somebody gets something out of what i wrote.

I find mad men really useful for learning vocabulary.  i look up words they use in the show and what i always always do starting since some season of mad men is I read  other people’s thoughts and analysis of the episode. ONE is because the show mad men is just very sophisticated like the dialogue is just not straight forward sometimes i miss out or i misinterpret????? TWO it’s just a well-done and there’s a lot of shit going on (If you don’t think so, you need to venture out into the INTERNET.  THREE even if i were to re-watch it, i wouldn’t get as much out of it compared to just reading somebody else’s thoughts about it. other people just better at getting stuff out of that show.  FOUR lots of mad men fans do it. FIVE it makes me want to watch more actively for the next episode like i want to notice stuff as much as the other peeps. SIX mad men fans are smart/educated (some of them are probably old right? like they were actually alive in the 60s lol) . some stuff i’ve seen written by mad men fans are just so well-written with the sentence/paragraph I have to re-read or the big words I don’t know. SEVEN it’s season 6, i forget stuff lol…. like i said this show’s well-done with the continuity and all that. i’ll literally watch an episode there’s some character and i have no idea who it is ( I couldn’t figure it out just from watching the ep because i like said mad men is never relaly that explicit and clear) or i forgot who it was (they showed up in some other season) and then i have to refresh myself lol.  I watch it once a year when it airs so….

Even though they’re using big words I care and I know what they’re talking about (the thing they’re describing) because I watched the episode. It’s sort of a game too like they’ll describe the character as some word I don’t know and I’ve seen the episode so I’ll be like oh   i think that’s a fancy word for __ and then i can see if i’m right. but usually now a days i have no imagination so i don’t even guess lol. The reason it works so well for me is because it’s so well-written and i really care about what the person writes about. it’s just the perfect environment for learning the vocab.

Now I don’t know what to do with the vocabulary. I saved the sentences with the definition on a notepad which i later transfer to EVERNOTE (kickass progrma, highly reocmmended thank you tofugu though their entries of late are complete shit , very lazy for the most part) . I looked at the sentences i collected they really are a pleasure to read lol… like no wonder i looked it up. I’ve always looked up words when i read particularly well-written stimulating blog entries or news articles or whateve rbut i never collected them. but i feel like collecting is helpful because the context is just so compatible with me. like i realy really give a shit!  I don’t know about adding the sentences to anki or anything like that. I do that with japanese and i don’t want to do that with english. english is my native language even if my vocab is low compared to people who read many more books that i have. I do want to improve my vocabulary like anyone else (who has a brain). if you don’t know the awesomeness/benefits of reading and vocabulary on YOUR LIFE, then you need to read up on that. I was literally tortured by people who do not read much/possess much vocabulary which was evident in their vapidly empty annoying blithering conversations. check out my lang-8 for that, you gotta be my friend to read it though!

so I found an awesome source to TAP to get the words that i do not know that i want to know. who wants to learn from a list from sat or act or gre or whatever…. half the crap just seems useless becaues you never heard of it. it relaly is like AJATT you gotta find something that’s enjoyable.  I do have a desire to improve my vocabulary and i’ve found the right medium. I’m not sure if this works with other shows…  mad men is just so SPECIAL AND well-done and there really is a lot to talk about plus some shows why would you care enough to read about other people’s thoguhts lol ie gossip girl/anything on cw for that matter. of course that show would attract fans who are good at writing and intelligent lol.  I’m also reading books too btw it’s just hard because I want to read japanese books too lol.

Basically I encourage looking up words while reading the internet since there are some awesome tools. there’s no reason not to. it’s 2013 bitch!  I checked out chrome, chrome has awesome addons/extensions too… the dictionary for that fetches the audio instantaneously!! so perhaps that’s a perk that can’t go ignored. hearing the word is really helpful to remembering it so that the next time you come across it, they’ll be a higher chance of having some feeling of familiarity.

here’s a copy paste of the stuff just so yo know what i mean… more clearly. if you haven’t seen mad men season 6 up to episode 4 there might be SPOILERS… i hope most people will see what i pasted and go i don’t know those words eitther lol. that’s what i’m thinking but i’ve been neglecting english for the past 4 years? loll with the japanese. I don’t want my english to turn to  crap or stop growing but at the same time iwant to also learn french a lot… not to fluency of course (that’s very very high goal) because first of all i haven’t even discovered what thing about france interests me.. the reason i mention french because it’s romance language and they’re based on latin so french itself would be helpful with expanding my english vocabulary but i’m curious as to how helpful learning french is vs. reading more in english with improving english vocabulary. because for korean if you don’t know hanja you can forget about expanding your vocabulary because it’s mostly (well  ALOT OF) 2 syllable words that all sound the same lol… the difference are so who gives a shit arbitrary unless you know what to look out for with hanja. i’m curious if it’s as helpful as hanja was for korean/japanese. but then again if i think of it as how helpful is korean for advanced japanese vocabulary (advanced? wtf is that lol.  I guess any and all words a fluent japanese speaker would know – that would encompass words that are based on kango, not based on kango) i don’t think it’s really helpful because they’re 2 different languages and they’re both based on kanji/hanja/chinese characters so not really…. not really for korean/japanese. yo know i read somewhere!!! it was on a language forum and they were talking about languages they’d forgotttten. someone said i forgot my damn german because all the common/daily convresation words are really similar to english and all the more advanced/difficult/beyond daily conversation words  are not similar to english THEN for french all the daily/conversation stuff was not similar to english but all the advanced words are similar to english… so they were saying german was more easily forgotten? unless they said it the other way around. so maybe learning french will be helpful  provided it is the way i wrote it.


A self-proclaimed “rooster,” he shows Dick how a cock behaves, taking what he wants from women — both money and pleasure — without compunction.
+   a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed)
After blithely saying that they’re both good company that he enjoys,
+  in a joyous manner

t was evident that Pete’s a whiner not a fighter, using aggrieved complaining to get what he thinks he deserves — and to deflect blame for his bad behavior.
+ aggrieve
1. infringe on the rights of
+++ 2. cause to feel sorrow

patrician  [pə’trɪʃn]
1. a person of refined upbringing and manners
2. a member of the aristocracy

let Ted Chaough know that Heinz ketchup (“the Coca-Cola of condiments”) was pursuing potential suitors, and what was thought of as a clandestine tryst
++ adj.  conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods

it was something of a softball episode for the nascent director to undertake
+ the event of being born

and his sycophantic task of picking Pete up some toilet paper.
attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery
2. attempting

The fight between Peggy’s conscience and ambition wasn’t her only duel this week, there was also a pocket of resistance to quell from her male copywriting staff.
quell  [kwel]
1. suppress or crush completely
2. overcome or allay

One line in particular of Trudy’s was a pithy summation of her lot, and strongly reminiscent of season three Betty,
adj.  concise and full of meaning

), Megan awkwardly tries to simply placate Don, walking on eggshells and cooking him a fancy chicken dinner (which came first, we wonder).
++ cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of

But the real meat of the premiere (for me) is Don and Arnold Rosen. Don’s eagerness for Rosen’s approval has the tenor of a teenage crush.
++ Tenor: atmosphere, appearance, similarity to.

But Don, like Pete, is still stuck in the old model of infidelity, in which deception was de rigueur, even – or especially — when your spouse was knowing and   – or especially — when your spouse was knowing and agreeable (as Trudy was with Pete)
++ : prescribed or required by fashion, etiquette, or custom : proper

(law) a party to a lawsuit; someone involved in litigation

litigation  [‚lɪtɪ’geɪʃn]
n.  a legal proceeding in a court; a judicial contest to determine and enforce legal rights

n.  support paid by one half of an unmarried partnership after the relationship ends

A court-martial (plural courts-martial, as “martial” is postpositive) is a military court. A court-martial is empowered to determine the guilt of members of the armed forces subject to military law, and, if the defendant is found guilty, to decide upon punishment.

paleolithic  [‚peɪlɪəʊ’lɪθɪk /‚pæl-]
n.  second part of the Stone Age beginning about 750,00 to 500,000 years BC and lasting until the end of the last ice age about 8,500 years BC
adj.  of or relating to the second period of the Stone Age (following the eolithic)

assignation  [よs?g’ne??n]
1. a secret rendezvous (especially between lovers)
2. the act of distributing by allotting or apportioning; distribution according to a plan

The season kick off is heavily preoccupied with death. It’s roughly two hours of Don and Roger looking, for different reasons, into the yawning maw of death and wondering what the whole point of their lives is.
maw = mouth
informal terms for the mouth

Here in paradise they look like the future, and this woman with her decrepit hairdo worships

foundling  [‘faʊndlɪŋ]
n.  a child who has been abandoned and whose parents are unknown

What has many times in the past been cited as a program about change came out screaming that it is more likely about similarity, repetition and the ephemeral nature of human life.
ephemeral  [-rəl]
n.  anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form
adj.  lasting a very short time

has ideologues arguing over gay marriage and austerity while people are starving and dying, and a public that has lost all hope for a better future.
_++ n.  the trait of great self-denial (especially refraining from worldly pleasures)

Only when we are back in the bitter cold of New York do we see that despite their beauty, their ruddy success, Don and Megan lack contemporary hair
++ adj.
1. inclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life
2. of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies

She admires Joan as an intrepid groundbreaker who has conquered the big city and a male-dominated profession.
++= adj.  invulnerable to fear or intimidation

In that, they’re contrasted with the passivity and acquiescence of women like Sylvia,
++ v.  to agree or express agreement
acui-es (letter s)

t’s not entirely accurate to say that Joan is the distaff Don Draper—i
++ adj.  characteristic of or peculiar to a woman
++ the sphere of work by women

Mad Men nights of drunken revelry, involving making out with strange young men and visiting hippie haunts—disappearing into other guises in other words, flexing whatever privilege they have, be it glamor, money,

++ bar