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Korean indie revolution! Not really but….

I found out about this wonderful YT thing which is monthlymelody월간 윤종신 & 신치림
all i did was look up horan on YT to find it if i didn’t then…
and i only know about horan because she was part of “our night is prettier than my morning“. she’s part of clazziqui but i didn’t know her by name till that song.oh horan’s part of ibadi too.
I think the monthly melody project is interesting because 김그림 who apparently was discovered on the korean takebt show k3 something something. But anyways before I knew that about her I just thought she was just a boring kpop singer who sings ballads or something… her song to me is or to you is so boring. But when I heard her sing the cover song as part of this monthly song project… my impression of her completely changed. her voice was soooooooooooo soft… softer than velvet and god knows what else. I didn’t know she had such a nice voice because she was singing such a shitty shallow kpop ballad song.  It’s so weird what a difference a song makes. Even if the artist doesn’t compose music or writes the lyrics… they still have the ability to understand/digest WONDERFUL works done by the great music makers from the past (and then like perform it and sing it in such an amazing way…. in korean they have the word 편곡 which would mean like conveying/expressing the song but anyways… even if the artist sings shitty kpop songs.. it doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to understand great past works and be able to express that song in their singing.) ie… for like ALI she’s so good at understanding the songs and then perform it.. because obviously if you don’t understand the song you’re singing a cover of then obviously it’s gonna show. So anyways for her.. I found her album disappointing… it was just boring.. the one that got pulled after she had that whole mess with the girl who got raped in the 90s or something. Even though her performances on immortal song are amazing even though she didn’t write those songs or anything her performance is so gooooooood. in part, she’s paying tribute to her musical pioneers but at the same time her performance is just musically amazing.  I don’t know if she wrote the songs on her album but I would assume it’s sorta personal to her and all that since she’s choosing to sing x song and choosing to put it on the album yet… her performances on immortal song is just so much better. I do love her song rice plate? that song is catchy ❤
Another artist is K. will. So I can enjoy his song I NEED YOU or maybe it should be translated to I NEED YA to make it less formal… for what it is. that song reminds me of this arashi song that was used for hana yori dango because they both involve mad numbers. i don’t know why we have to do so much math while singing… that’s why i like the lyrics to pabo’s song koi no hexagon because they talk about math but in an interesting way… they don’t legit say numbres lol.  But anyways the song I need you is nothing special… it’s pretty typical song. He is good at singing as always. But compared to his stuff on immortal song it’s like nothing. I find it so interesting that they can sing these amazing pieces of music from the past whether they re-make it in some ways or whether it’s similar to the original… yet the stuff they actually sing for their careers is sorta lame.  It just lacks depth because it’s a kpop ballad song… what do you expect. I’m trying to picture an immortal song in 20 or 30 years from now… would the covers that are being kpop peple? kindie people? I really don’t know but……. i’m sure/hoping it wouldn’t be typical/boring kpop ballad/song etc.
as far as the monthly songs are concerned.. I REALLY LOVE most of them .I also LOVED ijung’s ting. I love his high notes or whatever those are.. the song is 8 minutes but i loved every minute of it!
and another reason why i wanted to name this post KINIDE revolution was LUCIA was ON IMMOTRALSONg. and she is totally korean indie. I don’t know if there’s been a kindie artist on immortal song 2 thus far.. as far as I know she’s like the first one?  I was so excited that she was on it. she did a good job. she didn’t win but that’s fine. I was happy that ali knew about her but she was saying she loved epitone project. hmm they’re okay to me. I like a couple of their songs but some or MOST of their stuff is just instrumental but it’s not amazing or anything.
Speaking of not writing or composing the music that you perform. Lately from watching immortal song I don’t feel as much detest from that practice… just because what I just mentioned with the kpop songs. vs. them singing a famous awesome old song. Also there’s music composers and music lyricists who aren’t good at singing but are really good at what they do.
It reminded me of this  re: video to  KIDS REACT TO KPOP. some snsd fan.. white guy in a pink shirt was like responding to it. he said oh the kids reacted as anyone would if they found out their favorite artists don’t write or compose of their OWN  music.


btw does hiro speak english or something?????? it’s pretty good because you know japanese people usually sing weird katakana english lol.  The first couple times I herad it… the beginnign sorta sounded southern/wetsern to me lol. by southern/western I mean the american kind. A little hill/billy lol. I don’t feel that anymore but that was my first impression. SPEAKING OF first impression I LOVED NO BRAIN’s RENDITION OF FIRST impression by kim gung-mo. The last time no brain performed on immortal song it was too noisy but this time it was just right..

love the organ in the beginning.
My questions are the following:
why make the girl who’s not fluent in english sing the english lines? And why didn’t the girl fluent in english help the girl who’s not fluent in english sound more … natural? (well maybe she did but… some of the pronunciation is like… if they just nailed it would’ve been amazing but she didn’t so it took away from the song)

why make the girls who don’t speak japanese sing in japanese?>> Not only that the girl who speaks Japanese also speaks some good english right? I was surprised by how good sooyoung’s english was with the pronunciation not saying it’s as good as native or amazing but definitely along the lines of good. Is suuyon’s singing that bad? lol do they do auditions for each song they release or do they just let the lead singers always sing it? I really don’t know how good sooyon is at singing but I really feel like it would’ve been better if they used her just BECAUSE she’s the one with the best japanese pronunciation/intonation. since this song is emotional… that stuff becomes even more important.  like for GEE the lyrics are just weird anyway so it’s hard to understand anyway in some of the parts and to be hoenst their wrong intonation/pronunciation would help them since people would think that’s more cute possibly? Like on ame talk they were talking about how kara was speaking japanese in the beginning of the MV and that it was really cute because they’re speaking with the korean intonation or whatever…. their namari. (THEEIR japanese has been getting better as of late… for example the usual phrases like arigatougozaimasu etc etc sound PERFECT with the intonation…. which obviously happens cause they hear it a lot and they say it alot… so i hope they start noticing intonation more and more… to go on and speak japaense that sounds more pleasant compared to japanese with korean intonation/pronunciation)–

obviously there’s pronunciation or intonation problems as far the JAPANESE is concerned… one that especially stood out was the word “ketsumatsu”. If she nailed it… the emotional effect would’ve tremendous and I would’ve loved it but it was off so it was almost comical just because that’s what japanese sounds like if it’s pronunced wrong…. in certain situations. Rather than comical, I was just disappointed that she pronounced ketsumatsu like any korean person would or maybe her ketsumatsu pronunciation has to do with her english thing since she speaks english? but anyways it was the opposite intonation or whatever so it was lke UGH!

THANK god there was no “zu” or “ze” … that would’ve really killed the emotioanl impact of the song. koreans have trouble pronouncing the z in japanese…. but then again 2 of the lead singers speak english so it wouldn’t matter?? but seriously there was this s.e.s. song that was in japanese and it was all emotional but they got the girl who doesn’t speak japanese to sing AKIRAMEZU and that totally killed the emotional thing. i read one of them actually speaks japanese anyway so why didn’t they let her sing that part since you know the akirameju doesn’t really do much lol except causing laughter.

and I found hiro’s version… Japanese guy and I was like I wonder if they made him sing it FIRST so they can listen to it and try to copy the way he sings. … obviously they can put their own flair on it but they got to sing it with the correct intonation on a fundamental level.

Un|fortunately once I heard that SNSD song a couple times I get immune to their pronunciation problems and I notice it less and get bothered it by less so I can’t point out all the words/lines that was like… “off” because even if listen to it now I’ve become used to it lol. But seriously, the first time I heard it I was like OMG why are they doing a ballad… the problems in pronunciation/intonation become really clear with ballads. it sound sorta sounded iffy the first time around as far as i can remember… (I tihnk I had to look up the lyrics b.c. i couldn’t understand parts or something) I don’t know how a Japanese person would feeeeeel…. maybe since they heard more japanese than i did… no matter how many times they listen to it the problems will be noticeable. then again when i listen to it even now there’s parts i’m like wtf she say and ihave to look up th elyrics… like the part where it’s わがままも今は愛しくて. i hear wagaga mo ima ha itoshite? i’m like wtf is itoshite? WAIT UP hiro says itoshite tooooooooo. i don’t get this lol.

But anyways the Japanese lyrics are pretty good…
I was thinking to singing in Japanese with correct intonation doesn’t even require you to speak Japanese fluently persay…… like I saw some show where they had all these foreigner peope  and they don’t speak ajpanese but when they sang the japanee songs they sounded mad japanese. maybe there were a couple parts where the intonation was alittle iffy for some of those people but for the most part I was like wow they sound like a japanese person lol.  Some show about seeing foreigners sing Japanese songs. These rae just people that really like japnaes music.. .they don’t even live in Japan.  SO WHAT i’m saying is… they should allow the girls to immerse themselves in Japanese … just spend more time with it in general and if it really is like they’re short on time and they just want their japanese singing pronunciation to be better then make them karaoke japanese songs/listen to japanese songs or something. (omg this is so true. I came across a video of some thai or filipino girl covering anime opening songs and her japanese pronunciation is flawles slike i can understand her fine AND AND not only that she sang just like how the seiyuus sing… you know how anime seiyuu people do things with their voice when they sing that conventional singers don’t do… especially nana mizuki) Like seriously, why do THEY chooose a ballad where all the flaws really noticeable and then give sooyoung 0  LINES. If it’s an emotional ballad intonation does come into play. But like I said before I’ve heard that song a bunch of times so I don’t even notice the flaws no more lol. but like i said i won’t feel the full emotional pull till the korean version comes out or the english version comes out (sang by only tiffany and jessica lol). but on a more positive note there are girl groups for kpop who suck horribly at pronunciation and intonation to the point i have toruble understanding them in their singing/tlaking etc or the accent is mad obvious so in that way snsd is better than those groups.

Ummm I hope they release a korean version so I can feel really moved and whatnot since obviously won’t hear weird pronunciation problems. I mean the japanese version is still moving and all that but it would’ve been so much MORE MOVING and whatnot if their intonation was better.

ANOTHER thing that bothered me among other things in that same song is when jessica? said hanshinhangi in the song THE BOYS... which I think they only perofrmed once in Japan… on hey hey hey.  If it was correct intonation then it would’ve awesome but it wasn’t so it killed the effect 😦

iu’s good day japanese song. The lyrics are good. I’m not gonna comment on the part about the korean that is inserted into the song. I like the people that translate te songs to japanes eLOL. they do a good job. They make the lyric very beautiful and JAPANESE. Wow… the first time I watched her MV there’s parts (or more like the whole part minus the korean parts) i can’t understand what she’s singing so I had to look up the lyrics. she has some accent but um.. I feel like compared to kara or snsd she’s going to improve her japanese the fastest I feel like… 1) she’s by herself 2) her personality (she was on some show where she tried to speak in japanese as much as possible and of course she made mistakes but… it’s the fact that doesn’t bother her.. hell she didn’t mind it when some random person in the crowd during her performance called her a pig. — because she was fat at the time. ) … I just think her personality is really geared toward language-learning…. compared to if her personality isn’t what it is. So I don’t think if she’ll become the next big thing in kpop since KARA in Japan or if she’ll just fade out or not. Japanes people really like cute stufffff so who knows.


This reminds me of t-ara. I was thinking like why did they choose these lyrics of all lyrics because it makes their japanese sound horrible. there’s some native ameircan song where they say the words koi koi koi  and . kitekitekite  even sooyon has trouble saying the words shutsuen suru koto ga dekite with the correct intonation (that I noticed) but like other than that her pronunciation is pretty good and definitely a lot easier to understand than the other girls. But anyways the koi koi and especially the kite kite sounds really bad lol.

I found this which I totally agree with:


which means they shouldn’t rush them into debuting in japan……. intonation is sorta importanttttttttt

Ugh Alicia Keys….

ugh  I don’t like her besides a couple of her songs and that song If I ain’t got you is OVERRRATED as ever and no I don’t find the piano part of that song amazing

Anyways she had a single called It doesn’t mean anything which is the same as If I ain’t got you.  I don’t even like if I ain’t got you all that much and I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE THE MUSIC VIDEO. she has a gangster boyfriend and he gets arrested apparently “accidentally’ or maybe he really is a drug dealer or whatever the reason he got arrested. that part just pissed me off.  the part where he was like oh I gotta see my girl or call her or something to the police ESPECIALLY PISSED ME OFF. he’s like scum. I don’t like the fact that she’s going out with scum. I don’t care if he got arrested accidentally or if he really did committ the crime in the MV… that’s the only vibe I get.

here’s a part of the lyrics for if i ain’t got you… wait my mistake it’s” it doesn’t mean anything.”they’re like the same except they’re paraphrased… it’s the same idea.

All at once, I had it all But it doesn’t mean anything now that you’re gone From above, seems I had it all But it doesn’t mean anything since you’re gone  Now I see myself through different eyes, it’s no surprise Being alone would make you realize When it’s over, all in love is fair I should’ve been there, I should been there, I should’ve should’ve  All at once, I had it all But it doesn’t mean anything now that you’re gone From above, seems I had it all But it doesn’t mean anything since you’re gone  I know I push you away What can I do that will save our love? Take these material things They don’t mean nothing It’s you that I want  All at once, I had it all But it doesn’t mean anything now that you’re gone From above, seems I had it all But it doesn’t mean anything since you’re gone (I should’ve been there, I should been there, I should’ve should’ve)  All at once, I had it all But it doesn’t mean anything now that you’re gone From above, seems I had it all But it doesn’t mean anything since you’re gone

I didn’t copypaste it over and over. it’s just that repetitive. OH WAIT UP she has another song that is a single tha thas the SAME DAMN MESSAGE it’s called NO ONE. she’s so boring and dull as it is musically but on top of that …adding insult to injury she releases singles with the same message OVER AND OVER.

I used to think she was talented.. by that I mean 5 years ago lol. Now I don’t think she is or at least not as much as I did before… like her piano is not that good. obviously people will eventually reach that conclusion once they expose themselves to more music… I really hate how the piano thing in if i ain’t got you is like praised and loved by everyone… it’s like… okay so what? level. I just hate that song.. .so damn overrated. I think she just pisses me off because she’s overrated not because she has no talent though i must say if you start comparing her with other people… it’s gonna be alittle rough on her lol.  So her song if i ain’t got you is really overrated and that ALSO includes the piano part of it so that’s why i get irritated by her.

Now if we’re talking about shiina ringo or tokyo jihen song then most likely that piano part will woo me and i will listen to the song a hundred times over just to expereience the piano part. they’re so brilliant. I lvoe the jazzy piano thing… I just love shiina ringo’s music compoisition in general. it’s just brilllllllliant. she’s so young too… writing songs when she’s 15 etc.

Another brilliant pianoplayer is sung hoon from brown eyed soul who performs on immotral song. I think for his first 2 songs or three songs he incorporated the piano but damn that shit was brilliant and this past week when he did the tribute song to kim gun-mo he played the piano with his backturned to it which I KNOW Took mad practic eunless he was just playing simple chords? I don’t know. well he aimed to become a professional pianist at one point so obviously he’s really good. OH AND he jammed it out with th epiano at the end of the performance anyhooo for this week with kim gung-mo so…  MOVING CAPTIVATING is this…

something ifound online!

and why is it that the  people who do covers of her song fallin do better singing with the first note with fallin than her.. even kim nayoon on kpop star was more powerful and reached the note. lol. BUT still I do like that song… alicia’s version. like all the big black people on american idol always make it to hollywood with that song lol and obviously they do a more powerful first note with fallin. Or maybe alicia keys just wants to make her first note in that song more subtle and weak as opposed to big and powerful that cover people do. or her voice is just weak? but then again if you over do-it it’s pretty comical

I thought of awonderful song with a similar messagewhich is one more time one more chance by none other than yamazaki masayosyhi-san. This song is more pathetic and emotional in comparison and the lyrics are much better. Now that I think Abt it there’s prob a lot of songs with this message. It makes me hate her song that much mored

AND NOW there’s an english cover version by BENI! def check that out

Kpop star top 10 && top 9 episodes.

WOW What happened.
So I saw 2 eps of kpop star, Top 10 && top 9. It’s like the first episode of immortal song season 2 vs… the episode with ali .top 10 episode as faras performances go is like 5/10 and like top 9 is like at least 7.5. it’s such a huge difference!!!

So watching the top 10 episode.. I was like wow the level is low. Like low as or lower than american idol especially with that one guy who doesn’t even sing or rap??/ he’s an artist or some shit? As always the judges have brains unlike the judges on american idol. so nonetheless it is enjoyable to watch just because I like listening to their korean lolz..  i skip certain perfromances just bc i don’t see the point of watching it.  BUT BECAUSE it’s live they don’t sub anything but VTR’s so…. it’s a good thing i’ve come and watched all this time with the judges critiques subbed in korean. So like I don’t have training wheels no more 😦 well for the most part I get what they say and hopefully they’ll never air immortal song LIVE lol for this very same reason.

BUt seriously from the top 10 episode to the top 9 episdoe… the “artist guy” who is not good at singing or rapping became amazing lol. like seriously? everyone else stepped their game up like crazy. I loved “inside the rain” by that guy who’s really poor and is serving in… something. as well as a bunch of  other ones in the top 9 eps BUT it does not include michelle or the other girl that sang the whitney girl song, cheerleader girl.

The ones I liked were at 35,52,68,75 minute … so that’s 4 performances. that’s pretty good!! compared to the top 10 episode especially. Now I totally see why it’s so hard to choose… even though someone may hvae a shitty performance, the judges see the potential for growth and if they live up to that potential or go beyond that then… the judges made the right choice but if the person doesn’tr grow or doesn’t grow enough…. then it was a miss. The judges kept saying inthe top 10 oh it’sthe first time, you get nervous then your throat is blocke dup and blahblah but it really was true because the guy who sang “in the rain” or inside rain… however you translate it was COMPLETELY different in the top9. I felt something when I watched him perform compared to top 10 which was boring.

In the top 10 episode, I liked literally liked half a performance or something? It was only one person or two and then the person who got voted off… just shouldnt have. as far as I see it, out of all the girls either michelle or the cheerleader girl is the worst so i don’t mind if they’re off the show. michelle bores me and cheerleader girl has a nice voice sometimes but she doesn’t have emotinal depth and she is so awkward and stiff all the time. i mean if she overcomes it and gets better.. i’m fine with it.

But seriousyl, the lvel was so low in episode 10 and the judges were really nice and actually really liked certain performances though iwas bored by it… I was thinking omg don’t tell me this show is going to become like akb48. akb48 in the sense…. the people are at a really low level and we watch them grow as time passes. but the bad part about akb48 is they don’t really grow much… like they’ll never reach the level of the kpop groups that practice like 24 hours a day lol… I’m not saying that being as good as a kpopstar should be their goal or that it’s a good thing  or a bad thing but i’m pretty sure they’ll never reach it.  I don’t like akb48 for their singing/dancing abilities ( i like them from their shows like bimyo~~ <3). though i must say… from that commercial that minegishi was on, that the dancing for flying get is hard and looks really good if you’re good at dancing like minegishi. the commercial is the one where minegishi’s face is pasted on all the akb members faces in the MV. I feel like watching your idols grow and you support them and cheer them on which helps them grow…. that is a good concept all in all it’s just… akb48 as  far as singing/dancing it’s not as good as other groups and… i just don’t like how in japan mediocrity is tolerated or wanted or alluring…. whatever the word or vibe I’m getting.  I thought mediocricy was a word but apparently it’s not according to firefox spelll checker!

OH AND I love my immortal song as always! do try watching especially if you hate american idol lol…. with their boring, soulless, shallow singing. not to the mention the songs that are overused/sang to death that no one ever wants to hear again.