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Learning Japanese from ANIME – SLAYERS :D to lines/transcript/script from episode 1-26! 台本 セリフ 台詞 全台詞 全台詞 スレイヤーズ! 名言 名台詞 名セリフ Slayers japanese subtitles japanese transcript japanese lines on MEDIAFIRE ★ ♥  | ♡ evernote カワ(・∀・)イイ!! | .rar of gif and screenshots | SLAYERS TRY SUBTITLE FILES from korean dvds! I also posted them on kitsunekko

so I did my learn japanese via anime. I don’t believe in “learning japanese watching anime” which most people im’ sure use with the connotation of binge-watching crap with english subs. you gotta do something in between otherwise you’re not gonna pick up anything. So it was as fruitful as iron leaguer and battle athletes victory.  with all the japanese words, grammar, and expressions that I encountered. Because I like the show and I know exactly what the hell is going on and the personalities of the characters, the dialogue is memorable and a great source to learn japanese from.  some of the stuff I’ve encountered before so my encounter with those with this series served as good encounters to really internalize and understand the

meaning and the way you use it. some stuff i ran across it for the first time ever which is really exciting when the words piques my interest.

I must say the GENERIC I want to watch japanese anime without english subtitles is a daunting goal lol and more impotrantly IT PISSES ME OFF…. and it really depends on the anime and your amount of free time lol. I would recommend redefining as understand x % of x anime on FIRST-WATCH without fast-forwarding /re-winding like we watch our shows in english because vague goals doesn’t do anything for anyone except piss people off including the goal-setter. Personally I don’t think i’ll ever reach 100% lol because 100% is wow… you know  know knwo your japanese as in you you spend alot lot lot of time doing stuffin japanese and you can catch it so well.  Like I said, I use the chiebukuro because I cannot catch what was said and that’s because i just can’t or i do not know the words.

I did the shtick here that i did with iron leaguer. And so here’s the link to the lines that I transcribed and/or japanese people transcribed for me from chiebukuro (it was mostly 1 or 2 people… they’re VERY VERY KIND). it’s either transcribed because i want to, i couldn’t catch what they said, or there was a new word or grammar or smething that i wanted to learn or it intrigued me. i think if you have this you should have no problem catching the rest yourself (if that’s still too hard then  i guess yo need to read and listen more). i know that all the hard to catch lines or hard words are transcribed.  i also pasted the definitions and explanations and whatnot . i added some of the lines to my anki deck but definitely not all of them.
My thoughts about the show. I enjoyed it a lot and i know slayers next is even better! i loved the funny filler episodes for slayers.  there were a couple episodes that were just eh. anyways, one of the important parts of this show is the climax aka the big fights between lina and you know who. i thought it was really well done. it was exciting, well-animated, tense, and everything it should be. not to mention they added in comedy in the middle of all that AND made it work. I can say this because I watched it in japanese and found out what i didn’t know that show is WELL-written, and well-thought out. NO BAKEMONOGTARI IS NOT WELL-written… i hate the annoying people who are duped by bakemonogatari thinking that it’s deep and well-written and all this crap just beause they talk a little strange for a little bit too long at a speed that’s a little bit too fast and they don’t understand japanese and  HYPE THE SHIT OUT OF IT. the dialogue is just shit… imo and i refuse to listen to it and if you want to read about that in japanese checkout

I loved the animation with its 90sness like the color scheme. just the feel of it. i have a feeling that half the people who bitch about 90s anime animation watch shit quality fansubs or something…  i really prefer this over any generic anime that came out in 2013 that look like erige and or ln adaptations with the soulless fake fake characters. the bgm is well-fitting. They chose the song of dragon slave this season and kept using it for ever and ever and they chose right. voice acting is also phenomenal… i noticed in one of the eps, this minor voice actor to the minor character was really emotionless in his talking lol… it made me lol because i was re-listening to something in that area for the lines.

i posted some gifs and screenshtso on tumblr

the zip.rar  of the screenshots and gifs are in the folder as well  if you want to make icons or whatever like them people on LJ

I’m looking back at my iron leaguer post and i notice i wrote a ridiculous long love letter to it lol… part of it is because I like it a lot and the show is 52 episodes and another part is that the show’s not that well-known so one of the things i can do as a fan to spread the wonderfulness of this show is to write about it. for slayers , the whole franchise, is pretty popular and i’m sure lots of people wrote wonderful things about the show with their writing skills and passion. i don’t feel the need to go out of my way to write on and on. i think if you want to know about the show just watch it. it’s the most logical action to take.  it’s more accessible compared to iron leaguer and battle athletes victory.

PARADE 2010 – another Japanese Movie. <- funny scene! the movie will definitely be more boring if you watch the trailer before watching the movie.. I saw the trailer a long time ago so I forgot and so I wasn’t extra bored! 🙂 from what I remembered I thought it was gonna be an exciting thriller mystery movie with the setting of roommates who don’t really know each other that well and whodunnit blahblah. That’s sorta part of the movie but its not the main point and its not A triller except for the very end. I still find the message of the movie interesting and I can relate a lot

So last time I recommended CONFESSIONS because it’s a japanese movie that’s actually good. this one I would say is not. I waited mad long to watch this too lol. I was bored by this movie but I was intrigued by it too because there were interesting scenes and intersting informatoin divulged. here were also parts that made go wtf and I got NO EXPLANATION. there’s no way anyone can deduce the explanation from the movie. ithink that’s a huge problem. parts of this mvoie or actually a majority of it is ordinary daily living like “you watch people sitting in the living room chit chat about nothing” ordinary. that was boring and it must be even more boring for japanese people because i’m sure that situation is even more familiar to them. one oft he positive reviews liked the scenes I just described because it was really natural and fun to be watching it… but I don’t feel that way for the most part. I remember reading one of the yahoo movie reviews that said only people in their 20s can relate and get somethin out of it and anyone else will be really bored. I agree with that and that’s another weakpoint of this movie imo. people I ntheir 20s is MAD limiting…. and definitely not a sign of a good movie. somebody also was saying that maybe the source of the lack of quality acting was karina. the reasoning is that the other actors sorta had to level themselves to her level which held them back from giving a really good performance. I wish the acting was better not saying the acting was terrible. I don’t solely blame karina. I felt like none of the characters truly understood and acted the out the characters they were assigned. I got the impression they all did when I watched the trailer or the cast intereviews or the kaiken. that’s why I wanted to watch it and had expectations (this was a while ago though)… I get fooled by the interviews and kishakaikens lol… the MOVIE ALWAYS seems good when I watch those lol.. You can tell from the interviews and making and whatnot that they worked hard making it and seem like they konw what they’re doing but then it’s so disappointing when I see that the movie doesn’t really measure up to what I expect.. and another complaint: for the last scene with fujiwara I thought it was a little melodramatic/overacting. he wasn’t that bad in this movie becuase for the mots part he’s just talking like a normal person and I like deep voice 🙂 he is AWFUL in kaiji. but by all means I think the #1 SOURCE OF THE MOVIE FAILING IS THE SCRIPT. when it comes it down it IT’S THE SCRIPT. some poeple get dissapointed with the movie because they heard it’s scary and then when they watch it they go THAT’S IT? IT’S A LITTLE scary but THAT’S IT? I sorta agree with that. I didn’t hear about that so I didn’t have those expectations but all in all the movie is just ordinary daily things and the ending is scary but don’t expect too much like some super twist or twists. the ending intrigued me alot and the whole message about living in a situation like that. I sorta wanted to read the book but i’m not that interested… maybe if it’s a dollar lol. cinematography is nothign special. it’s not POOR which is often the case with japanese anything lol. camera work that makes me go IT LOOKS CHEAP/fake, ZOOM IN, ZOOM IN lol. I did not apreciate the SEX SCENE. it’s not necessary and it’s awkward…. and I am a fan of that actor but i’m not a hardcore fan or anything. that whole scene leading up to it was unnatural and illogical to me lol. another complaint. because of the questions I had about the movie I googled it and di find something. it HAS SPOILERS obviously. I agree with what this review points out. it has spoilers in it though lol so don’t read if you don’t… want to know spoikers all in all I only recommend this movie to the people who are interested in watching it. if you’re not interested, then don’t watch it.

Also the  part when the thunder struck the ground at the exact point that something said or realized was a little… cheesy? Like I would never expect that from a movie that came out in 2010… the rain was like whatever everybody does it, it fits, whatever, i’ll let it go but the thunder is just…. nooooooo. how do you do fake thunder anyway? lol… do you do the lighting and the sound effect later?

How to read Japanese Books

So i pretty much agree with AJATT  on the skip page(s), skip whatever etc etc. What I personally do… is similar to the way manga is read which is sorta weird cause I hate manga ~  what i mean by that is that I read the dialogue ONLY. it really cuts out the tediousness. and if the DIALOGUE ONLY READING METHOD does not work then the book must be really awful or you have really low compatibility with the author.

I only read the WHOLE PAGE as in all the WORDS if the writing really is that good and evokes me to do that. I have done that before many times and it was absolutely enjoyable and  it made me go i love my hobby of reading.. you know how writers are soo good that they make writing enjoyable, effortless and makes japanese seem like such a wonderful language. Even with english, it can go from beautiful in writing to downright awful incomprehensible mainstream gangsta rap. I sometimes do the dialogue reading even with authors I really like because not ALL their books are amazing and not all parts of the books are equal in quality or at leaset i don’t find all the pages equally interesting. sometimes i’m like oh god we’re going to this scene/place/arc and i have a strong inkling that it’s gonna be boring (and ends up being boring). so i just read only the dialogue  and i don’t read byousha (the crap between the dialogue) unless it evokes me because it’s really good and pulls me in or i don’t know what th hell is going on and care to know and want to find out. reading byousha gets so tiring and annoying sometimes (of course if the writer does a good job and doesn’t do go on and on with it or is just really good at writing i will read in its entirety and whatnot).  When the byousha does no resonate with me it feel so tedious reading. It feelsl like the byousha is just there because the author is REQUIRED to right byousha between dialogue and they have to describe that’s happening (technically that’s true). It must take a  lot of talent and time and effort to make byousha reading enjoyable and fun. Just use the AJATT reasoning for justifying this which increases your enjoyment/fun which is that even if you skip this or this chunk if it’s that important it’ll come up again.  Don’t treat japanese books as special… there’s nothing to prove by reading every frikin’ word on the page it just becomes torture if the writing quality is low enough or incompatible enough… and if you think that’s the case then do the dialogue reading or stop reading and finding another book or another author etc.

I sorta wrote “shit” about one of the books I read but people still niced it  to give an

example of what i talked about above… recently i read a book by higashino kei?go ? and i could not read his byousha because his writing is boring and soulless (i don’t feel anything? lol) . it’snot awful because i know there’s worse writers but it doesn’t do anything for me. so i had to just read dialogue otherwise i couldn’t finish it and i did that and it was SO MUCH better… his characters just feel average,boring,1-dimensional drama characters in a crappy japanese drama lol… by that i just didn’t care about the characters. i thought the ending was sad but the characters just didnt’ do much for me either. i guess this is what i should expect from FAMOUS POPULAR AUTHORS from japan j/k…. what I SHOULD HAVE DONE is like skipped like 350 pages lol…. and I definitely should’ve skipped the first 40 pages… it’s just boring.

And doesn’t is feel good when you realize that you read 50 pages or 100 pages I think you should and could still feel that way even if you read only the dialogue to get to that page lol…  not all books are worth reading at least not in their entirety

And a little segue about japanese subs. So I was googling around and this japanese person wrote on his or her blog he or she tried to slayers try but there were no subs s the person had trouble cathcing everything everything so she was like i didn’t enjoy it as much as i should’ve or whatever. Then they went on to say I found the episodes with japanese subs. They are as far as i know japanese subtitles are only available on the KOREAN dvds. what I am saying it is ONLY on the korean dvds, it’s not on the japanese dvds. I have no idea why they do this. it makes no damn sense.  I googled around and people were bitching that a lot of anime are AIRED with subs yet when they’re relased there’s no subs. they mentioned stuff about the format of subtitle file and maybe that’s why and if that’s the csae then convert it by taking the time or change the format so it’s compatible throughout different platforms (not the correct word right?).   somebody on amazon was like i said my letters to the people who relesae dvds saying i’m deaf i like watching my shit subs and they just send me the default template message… thank you for your input again and again. so sda. notice all the 放送字幕 in the corner if you watch fan-subbed anime that subs from the airings on tv… it means THERE’S SUBS that no one bothered extracting or recording that we don’t have lol….. or maybe somebody did.  so I’m glad there’s others who like subs too and are doing something about it though it doesn’t like anything will be done about it.  The point of this whole mumbo-jumbo is that there’s japanese subs SLAYERS TRY! i saw it and i was so excited and so i assumed slayers next would have japanese subs on the korean dvds too but they don’t… it’s on slayers try. WTF. but whatever i’m grateful for whaever i have. it’ll definitely save me time and make for a very enjoyable viewing. i’ll post my slayers crap LATER.

I learned lots of slayers season 1 japanese-wise… there’s a bunch that made me go wow i haven’t heard of these japanese expressions before. it’s really great to learn from anime because you have this amazing/interesting context with rich japanese expressions. even if the expression is awesome if you don’t have contxt you’re not gonna remember it or it’s going be painful trying to remember it… I think rich expressions are getting more and more scarce in usage with japanse media… I feel this way when i watch some japanese tv program that aired 6 years ago or 10 years ago or even with anime…. i don’t know what it is but i always hear an expressions go oh that’s a good expression i don’t hear it that much on japanese tv nowadays or not as much ro wahtever and they use way too much english in japanese nowadays.. it is negatively impacting the richness of the expression.