초롱이 ★  ごきげんよう


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I just wanted to share some incorrect Japanese I came across while watching Japanese stuff. Of course I’ve heard these exact incorrect usages in other tv shows etc a long time ago… these are just the most recent instances I recall.

First one is from The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (it really is not a movie. I mean that in a bad way. super long, boring and the “movie music” was so forced and out of place)

It was said by koizumi who is a high schooler and while I was watching I thought damn do any high schoolers talk like him? but anyways I do like listening to polite japanese and I love anime for the variety of Japanese speaking skills. It’s very fun.

he says
So the first thing I thought was since やる can mean to f*** it probably doesn’t work with keigo ever. I’ve come across a MC on a VERY popular japanese talk show use o yari ni naru. Also it reminded me of the first time BOA went on HEY HEY HEY and matsumoto hitoshi asks her why do you want to be a singer in Japan? and she answers yaritari kara and of course he responds with a I don’t think you should say that on tv. of course boa did not understand why he said that to her or she didn’t understand him because of the kansai-ben.

here’s the japanese explanation for why it’s wrong.

I hear this from various talk variety shows. In short you’re supposed to use や instead…. it reeks of contradiction… desu is for polite situations while toka is for informal talking.

if you come across any suspicious Japanese that you suspect is incorrect I recommend googling with the words 正しい and you’ll probably get an answer.


Learning Japanese from Rose of Versailles

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☃ ✾☆ ☺ link to lines/transcript/script from episode 1-40! ベルサイユのバラ 台本 セリフ 台詞 全台詞 全台詞 名言 名台詞 名セリフ on mediafire  | EVERNOTE  | .rar of gif and screenshotstumblr posts &&

Wow so it has been a long time since I’ve done a i learned lotta japanese from anime post. I’ve done Iron leaguer and slayers and battle athletes victory in the past and I am glad I did THIS PARTICULAR anime after those since this one has its own challenges. I thought this anime was really fitting and at my level. It was great listening comprehension practice and they use a lot of interesting language that I am mostly familiar with (I’ve heard it before etc and it just sounds so pleasant and wonderful) but I could be more familiar with that language of course. Well currently I’m watching an anime with Japanese subs and kickass english subs so it’s been a breeze learning Japanese from it. for rose of versailles I haven’t added all the cards to anki yet but so far I have 105 cards with my MCD format. I’ll probably end up adding a few more. my god I have 616 cards from iron leauger ( 52 ep anime) well that was like 4 years ago! ~ Anyways the reason  i haven’t done this kind of post in a long time is because I didn’t watc h anime! that’s what a shitty job will do to you. it sucks the life out of you at home and at work. i feel alive now. I did watch code geass akito because there’s japanese subs for it and that’s like the only new anime that intrigues me. everything looks like shit. is it just me?

I was able to get the lines I couldn’t catch from Japanese websites (this particular anime is VERY FAMOUS AND VERY POPULAR), Japanese peeps at lang-8 and japanese peeps at chiebukuro, and my ears after a re-listen + english sub help. I talk more about this in my other entries for slayers, iron leaguer and battle athletes victory probably.  I feel so vindicated when even Japanese people go I’m so sure they’re saying this but it sounds like this or that’s really hard to catch etc etc. Of course that doesn’t happen every line I have trouble with but even sometimes I can tell that a particular is just unclear for some reason maybe something with the audio from the 70s. YOU KNOW that is ALSO ONE OF THE reasons i chose this particular anime. even though it’s old, it’s popular so it had a blue ray dvd release in which they probably fixed up the animation and the audio blahblahblah. But even then there are a few lines that are just unclear etc probably because of the voice actor.

lol this is what i Love about cell animation. they always end up screwing up painting in the color for somebody’s hair in a frame or scene usually but this time they messed up the guy’s face! lol. there’s no zombies in this anime !

I have a lot of anime on my que list and I’m only watching one at a time because that’s just what i feel like and i don’t have much time. I definitely wanted to make sure I don’t end up watching shit so I feel more inclined to watch old anime. as much as i love midorikawa’s voice (zelgadis) and sakamoto desu ga seems kinda interesting ( but probably will fail with the execution) there’s like a 99% chance it’s shit because it’s new anime.  just my opinion but um.. somehow  I ended up choosing this anime. I had put it on my list on MAL because I heard good things about it when it got licensed.  I watched this show on a weekly basis though I did not watch every week.  I usually watched 2 eps at a time but if i didn’t feel like it i watched just one.  This isn’t the type of anime to marathon unless you’re at an interesting arc like the eps around episode 20. I watched with no subs and just wrote down the time stamp of the part I couldn’t catch or understand the line because the subs are so distracting whether it’s delayed one second or not. If this anime wasn’t popular and famous it would’ve been really difficult because of the all french names and how unrecognizable they are after they are run through the katakana machine. the english subs for this anime are pretty solid.

1) I love the animation style which is something I cannot say about most new people nowadays – of course it has its shortcomings in that it’s not as fluidly animated or just not as animated as new anime (this is an obvious one). also it’s  awe-inspiring to think that people actually drew all these cells to make it look like it’s moving. I’m so glad it was made then and not in 2016 because if they animated it now it would look like shit just because i hateeeeeee the animation style + COLOR scheme nowadays.

2) love the voice acting and bgm – i mean there’s always going to be trends with certain voices being prevalent and popular but i really just cannot stand some of the voices nowadays and how they all sound the same. i esp cannot stand the typical “cool and indifferent af” guy with the hair and the moe people. BTW I love OSCAR’s voice!!!

3) oscar – omgs i was watching darake episode (show with junior the comedian) about pretty lesbian couples (or was it the one about the onabe poeple which is japanese for ftm transgender! ) and they kept using this the opening song of this anime… so i was expecting some yuri elements etc in this anime and i guess you could say there are some but not really.  There are some pretty funny scenes (to me) /lines that only come up because Oscar is a girl (they were few and not forced!). I loved the lines in those scenes…. one scene involved a horse incident i believe? and the other scene involved rosalie? offering herself up to oscar. and another scene involved a very important ballroom dance party. You know if they made this anime in 2016 they would’ve made it unnecessarily forced or perverted like that bloody comedy anime (IT WAS THE same studio as welcome to the nhk or sayonara zetsubou sense I think so i was shocked at how shitty it was) that i couldn’t watch a couple years ago. what i love about this time period (I mean the 1970s not the 1700s) is that there’s dignity and class which is hard to find in 2016 anime lol at least from what i can judge from the pictures. there’s always ass hanging out, strange poses, etc.  they do so many unnecessary cringe-worthy crap with stuff like this nowadays so i’m so happy it was made when it was made. I think this must be the OLDEST anime I’ve seen in its entirety.  I can totally see why OSCAR is a really popular anime character. On a related note my favorite character from sailor moon is sailor Uranus!








for the people who are interested in this anime or like shoujo anime i say go for it because it is well-done. I certainly wasn’t into this anime after the 1st episode. It took me a couple or maybe a handful of eps to get into it. Also as with most anime there are some amazing eps and then some okay eps etc etc so it’s so hard to gauge how much I liked it/enjoyed it overall. There are eps that are like 9/10 or 8/10 then there’s eps that are from 6-7/10 for me sooooooooo….  There’s this one part where somebody goes crazy and the anime did a wonderful job depicting that with the background music and the animation. Like I said they gotta draw every frame so they sure af will not waste any. there were some amazing episodes and arcs that completely engrossed me ( i love me some court room scenes!). In fact there is this one episode in particular that’s very famous among the fans and made me SOOOOOOOO glad I saw this anime.  I am finally in their “club” lol. It’s one of those scenes that made me want to talk about it someone or at least read someone’s blog entry about it or the backstory or the scene in the manga to see the differences. There’s 2 eps ( there’s obviously more eps with surprises) that stand out to me as far as being shocking since I had never expected to see ithat in this anime.  Old anime can be edgy and shocking y’know.

I can’t recommend this anime to everyone because I don’t think everyone will like it since it’s shoujo and some people aren’t into that.I myself am torn because there’s amazing eps and arcs but some eps are not as interesting. Overall I’m glad I watched it because of the amazing eps or the shocking scenes that I thought I would never see in this anime.

the other day i was watching this super famous budget-heavy movie in theaters and this one was rather cgi-heavy and  I was thinking to myself holy shit  WHAT THE hell am i doing watching  old shit as in “old anime” which is just worlds apart from a Hollywood as far as the technical visual quality. Then I thought TO MYSELF that’s not the deciding factor as to whether or not something is enjoyable for me. When it came down to it this movie with its high budget didn’t engage me or give me as much enjoyment as I derived from this olddddddddd anime. there wasn’t certainly any scene in the movie that engrossed as much as that shocking episode scene but it’s not fair to compare a 2 hours 30 minutes movie to a 40 episode anime. the anime is at an advantage with the 40 x 20 minutes duration.

BTW I hate one-liners in movies for a multitude of reasons. They’re really prevalent and there’s always countless one-liners in super popular movies for obvious reasons. When they do that unless it’s really good as in amazing I do not respond to it. I do not laugh, I do not grin, I do not make a change in my facial expression. I really don’t appreciate laziness that oozes from one-liners and “awkward” scenes that generate laughter from some people from the audience. As a movie watcher I feel generally offended at their laziness. They just assume that everyone is monolingual or don’t read books or don’t watch tv shows and think we’ll be impressed with the lazy crap they spew. I think the scenes where they try to portray awkwardness WITH INTent to translate that into comedy are usually reallllly lazy and repulse me. I am intolerant and immune to that stuff because I’ve watched so much awesome talk/variety shows from Japan.

So I was surprised with the ending song because at the end of the song there is this guy yelling something and I couldn’t catch what he said the first few times so I looked it up and it still didn’t make sense to me completely. I thought to myself damn why is this guy being so over-dramatic? maybe melodramatic is a better-fitting word? Why is saying such cheesy things?  (it’s actually not cheesy lol  once you find out the context).  for the longest time I had no idea who the hell was saying this and to who he was yelling to until episode 20 something?? when that plot finally started. Yes I am not not good at recognizing voice actors. then LATER on I realize yelling part of the song disappears  in the later eps. I’m not sure what ep it was exactly but man that’s unique.  I applaud the writer or director or whoever that came up with this.

This anime does intrigue me to learn more about French history or the peope in it. The hobby or obsession that marie antoinette’s husband has seemed so ridiculous I thought they made it up for the anime but they didn’t. he really obsessed with that which is odd. I do like reading nonfiction provided it’s a subject I’m interested in and the writer does a good job. reading nonfiction is not the same thing as reading a dry textbook. I’m interested in reading the nonfiction just to see what the anime made up or included in it. I’m just curious. I’m not expecting this anime or manga to be super educational or thorough.

This anime was perfect for me for learning Japanese and I have come far from reading over my post  on iron leaguer.  Maybe this anime would have been too hard for me 4 years ago? who knows… This is what i love about having my blog. I write it for myself and I can look back at what I was concerned about or frustrated about and now I am like wtf you talking about.  If you’re at a lower level then you’re probably better off learning more useful common Japanese from anime set in modern times or other medium but it doesn’t hurt to pick up random words/phrases effortlessly from watching anime if that ends up happening. At the end of the day AJATT does work. Enjoyment is a must and sometimes you can remember stuff effortlessly from anime.

su-su- && danshari~

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So instead of writing a longass comprehensible blog entry about sentence-mining, immersion, anki-card format etc I’m gonna write about 2 words I came across recently. I’ve seen those blog posts and they always point out really obvious duh crap (probably to fill out the numbers reminds me of top 5 anime threads which are just full of awful anime lol)… it’s so dumb i’m like if you need that crap pointed out to you, you’re probably too dumb to learn a language (which is sorta not true because you don’t have to be smart to be billingual etc).  those kind of blog entries usually require a lot of skimming to read for me lol. it’s a lot of bs and it’s just boring to read. usually people who write about taht kind of stuff usually suck at the language. lol. why do you want to listen to people like that.

so imma write about スースーする AND 断捨離.

so I believe I first came across this on slayers next in the later episodes (seeing as it is one of the later episodes of course it was from an amazing scene with good writing and good voice-acting and everything). I didn’t look up what it means and I didn’t add it to anki because it seemed pretty clear what it means from the context of the way it was used and the context of the whole situation. there’s still room for misunderstanding i suppose since it’s just one instance i came across it so my understanding of this word is broad at this point. as much as my japanese improves in vocabulary, understanding, intuition there’s still that small  chance i get the meaning wrong.. for the most part i’m right and i know i’m right.

Recently I came across it watching god tongue’s 2nd pasta ingredient draft kaigi (ゴッドタン 20100519 「パスタの具材ドラフト會議」具材ドラフト會議第2彈 バナナマン 上原美優 ). I was half-expecting it to be boring because it sounds boring since it involves food but it was actually really interesting (it was sorta creepy since one of the talent on that episode committed suicide a few years ago? )and i wanted to see the first instance of this kikaku. I’ll explain what the ep is about so you know why it was so interesting. it’s a draft so it involves picking ingredientswith competition. none of the geinin+tv talent/binbou idol were informed about the kikaku they were just asked for 3 foods they like on the survey. when they got to the shooting of the episode they find out that they’re doing the draft kikaku again and the theme this time it’s PASTA. Last time they did it the theme was curry. of course some of the food just does not match lol…. or you’d think they don’t.

so at the tv studio each team or person writes out the food ingredient they want in their pasta to make the most delicious pasta. however if 2 teams write the same ingredient, nobody gets it. there’s strategy of the psychological nature. obviously everyone wants to the ra-yu etc etc.
so gekidan hitori’s team aka god tongue JAPAN went for the seafood and gekidan hitori was like I think the frisks (mints,tic tacs)’s cooling effect will make the dish goes with the seafood theme and really give it that special something lol. I was thinking hmm interesting theory

after they pick out the 3 ingredients to incorporate in the pasta,  a professional chef  made the pasta for each team. the seafood pasta was crabs, takoyaki (squid/ or octopus), and mints. so the chef did his thing with the crabs and takoyaki (he took off the outer layer so it’s more seafoody). for the mints i was thinking what is he gonna do. is there any way to salvage it? he takes out dough for the pasta noodles and he says i’m gonna put the mints in here. so he crushes them and incorporated them into the noodle by folding them into the flat dough and then later on putting it through that rolling machine and cutting it up into noodles.  evreyone’s comments while eating it was su-su- suru and the timing of the cooling effect is sorta delayed and gekidan hitori was saying that delay is about the same as the delay from eating an actual tic-tac mint.  uehara miu says at one point it tastes like a frisk at the end lol… so it sounds like it doesn’t match? gekidan hitori seems to lke the cooling effect so i guess the only way to find out if it’s realy good is to make it myself lol.

so anyways having exposure to this word in these 2 completely different scenarios really boosted my understanding of the word. both situations are very memorable and interesting.

another word that i came across in 2 totally different instances is danshari. i think it’s a really cool word 🙂
it was so strange! at the time, I just learned the word danshari from sakai masato off waratteittomo (he dansaries too much and has no hobbies. i cannot relate whatsoever!! AND his birthday is the same as kanno miho. they’re meant to be!), then i started watching my shabekuri episode from the middle because that’s where i left off with that man-whore comedian muramoto of WOMAN something. aND the tv show that he doesn’t want to go on again ever is called dansharian (a play on words off danshari). I totally recommend that shabkuri episode. it aired 2014 in february probably. it was recent. it was some interesting talk as in creepy lol 引く話で満載. it made me want to check out the m1 GRANPURI for this year. it was some interesting manzai though muramoto is heard to undersatnd/catch but i’m sure somebody transcribed it lol. otherwise, i have to ask somebody to~~

danshari a concept i want to incorporate more into my life for sure. The first time I heard it I was thinking why haven’t I heard of it before it’s sorta useful and then 5 mnutes later i hear it again lol. of course everybody on shabekuri undersatnds what danshari means so it must be a in the daily conversation scope as far as the vocab. usefulness/level is concerned.

something i’ve noticed from watching slayers.  i got used to watching without any crap covering the screen for watching anime lol.. as in i prefer that 🙂
the video is 4 by 3 and i load the korean subs verticaly so it does not cover the screen whatsoever. i write down whatever i don’t understand or i want to re-listen beucase i think i didn’t hear it fully etc etc with the korean subs so i can go back it easily and not have to rewatch the whole episode to deal with the parts i had trouble with.  so it just bothered me a lot when i was watching with the japanese subs since i can’t make them vertical because that sub format sucks lol. for slayers evolution it’s 16:9 so the subs have to cover the screen.  for slayers revolution however there’s japanese subs so what i did was i watchd it raw and wrote down lines i have issues with in japanese while it’s playing and then i had no problem finding the lines i wrote down in the japanese .ass file for the most part.  i didn’t want to watch slayers revolution with subs because they can  be spoilerly (spoilerly as in i know what the person says before they say it which could become a source of boredom) even if i try to not read it or even if i delay it (since the lines are not split enough..though if you delay it enough it obviously won’t be)

but then for hanzawa and legal high i don’t really feel like watching it without japanese subs becaues there’s yougo and normal japanese people have trouble understanding that and some people in dramas just are not good at pronuncing japanese lol.  i’ll off-set the subs so it doesn’t show up before the talking (which leads to the spoiler boring thing)… and try my best to not read it unless i need to. my desire to watchg anime without crap covering the screen hasn’t transcended into my drama watching habits as of yet.

an old entry i didn’t post till now~

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another spotting of incorrect japanese from japanese tv.
ご安心してください . It was in a very emotional letter somebody wrote to someone.

I heard it and I was like hmmm… because it’s usually o/go NOUN THING kudasai.
it’s either YOU FOREGO  the o/go and do te-kudasai or you do the o/go + te-kudasai
(omg somebody on the link put the same equation that i mentioned just now )

and so I was totally right!

Japanes tv is a great source for learning japanes. sometimes there is incorrect japanese like this… just gotta follow your japnaese 勘 KAN and look up what seems suspicious lol. on the other hand, for all you know it might be 100% correct but just feels strange because your japanese isn’t good enough.


As of now I’m watching legal high and hanzawa naoki (with them japanese subs) and i’m having fun watching them. i like legal high more than hanzawa and i could predict that even before watching either shows just because… it’s more of a comedy/fun show than hanzawa. i was reading hamsapsukebe’s thoughts on hanzawa about how he hated the overacting and everything. I personally don’t mind it YET… i agree it’s a little over especially the sexual/power harassment committing onee-guy with the tax department. what i really hate about OVER-ACTING is the crying, yelling, pausing, really “fake” acting i see in j-dramas so i don’t really mind the “overacting” in hanzawa. i think it just adds to fun of watching it lol. though the overacting that stood out to me was ueto aya lol.  it feels like she’s doing an exaggerated impression of japanese housewives or something lol. i’m on episode 3 and i don’t believe that she’s married to hanzawa. i don’t know if it’s her acting, the scenes they’ve had, the lines they wrote but i just don’t “believe” it. it just doesn’t feel like it. I will see if this issue will be resolved by the end of the show~ my own personal dilemma. So I love the main actor for both dramas. I didn’t know they were the same. sakai masato has A REALLY UNIQUE voice (I almost thought onee at first but i’m used to it now and i love listening to it…!! f abe hiroshi lol. i don’t get people why people like him so much. he talks numbly something sometimes and i can’t understand it which pisses me off. i like people who talk more clearly lol)  and when i found out he is with kanno miho i was just happy for them. they seem like such a cute couple. I surprised to see a johnny in the hanzawa drama. i sorta thought from his enunciation of words that realistically that character would’ve never landed the job in the bank. it’s just not very good especially in a work place… in society as a functioning adult. i’m not sure if that’s part of the acting or just the way he talks. i remember seeing him in heiwa shouwa jikuu kuukan batoru in 2008/9… what a long time ago. fun show<3


legal high episode 1 thoughts: very few but nonetheless thoughts

I sorta wish they casted someone besides aragaki yui. she fits the role and everything and there’s obviously worse actresses who cannot act out of a paper bag yet they’re being pushed and pushed by agencies. her acting is lacking and it’s noticeable in certain scenes. if they casted who is amazing at acting the scenes would be so much better. casting is hard since you have to get somebody who fits, who can act, and has chemistry with the other actor.   i distinctly remember one line in the first episode where i thought her delivery was weak. that’s really strange in my opinion considering how many takes dramas and movies do. it was the line she says right before she was leaving komikado’s house when he was threatening her with charging her a large sum of money lol. one problem is it doesn’t come out as smoothly as it should ( sounds like she’s saying a line in a drama… and her tongue is not moving as well as it should) and the other thing is  the emotional aspect. it could sound stronger in her anger or annoyance.
I thought it was so funny when komikado was talking with gaijin ccent/intonation since he’s learning mandarin. there’s a bunch of scenes in this drama where komikado talks mad fast when he insults mayuzumi… it’s so fast i’m better off just listening to him than reading the japanese subs lol.

for slayers. i’m done. i’ll post up my stuff for try, revolution, evolution-r later in the slayers next post (I don’t want to write about try, evo, and revo unless i completely empty out my thoughts which will be long and i don’t want to use my time like that lol… i’ll just paste my partial thoughts on MAL). try and revolution have subs on kitsunekko. some of the stuff i got aren’t in the subs such as scenes where there’s overlapping talking and the subs chose to only cover the louder people or for no apparent reason. if you watch revo, evo with a light mind-set to try to watch it for fun or enjoy it for what it is maybe you can. there’s definitely parts that old fans may find offensive or just irritated… ie ignore character’s character or personality or abilities etc.  i found it interesting to read a japanese person’s blog about their thoughts about each episode for evolution while watching it (sometimes it got spoilerly so i waited till i finished episodes to read when i noticed that)…. they have some really interesting analysis and thoughts connecting evolution to the slayers world or the past seasons and what’s going on slayers evolution and sorta trying to explain some scenes how they seem more “thought-out” than they seem or maybe the person just analyzes and watches critically to the point that despite the fact the show or episode or the scene was carelessly put-together the person can think of reasons or possible excuses as to why it makes sense. i honestly wouldn’t know if the people who made the episodes were thinking deeply about everything or just were careless and us slayers fans just trying to make sense of it till it makes sense lol. most of the english bloggers are pretty useless they don’t seem to understand slayers much lol…. it’s just very shallow with  understanding the events in the episodes. they just take it face-value or even less because they really don’t understand/ see what’s going on especially episode 13. to be honest my thoughts on episode 13 while i was watching it were the same as the english bloggers like yawn, same shit again but now that iread the japanese blogs i have a completely different understanding of that episode. at times like this i’m glad i read japanese~ i’m so surprised nobody bitches about the BGM in slayers revo and evo. at most the english community is just like oh they’re recycling. what i and the japanese bloggers are thinking is the BGM DOES NOT MATCH, THE BGM IS SPECIFIC TO THIS SCENE,E THAT BGM IS frikin’ special/holy and can only be used with this season or that episode tec etc and to use it for this frivolous scene in revo or evo is damn insulting… i wished they made all new bgm or at least do 90/10 of new bgm to old bgm, not the other way around. i really want to read the light novels!!! i read that the novels are split into 2 parts, part 1 and part 2 and the anime only covered part 1 and part 2 is really dark and there’s no zel or amelia. i would love to see more slayers anime~ with story from that. now it’s like 5 years from slayers evo or revo and it’s a miracle that they made revo and evo in the first place. i just want to know what else happens and i know that the anime and the novels are pretty different. revo was so iffy and upon checking original slayers characters of course pokota  and ozel and the jaconda are exclusive to the anime. zuuma is in the original novels but they changed him so he was probably cooler in the novel… in the anime he was just… shallow? i just didn’t get much from him with this character or his motivations, everything pretty much. pokoa is so annoying. he’s the epitome of the anime character i never want to see ever especially in slayers. i do not like annoying kid character in anime that are hard-headed, self-centered, and say the same thing over and over, has only one purpose in life despite whatever happens or whatever is revealed. it’s just too contrived and forced imo. i honestly don’t believe children are like that (as in that stupid and simple-minded) i felt really pissed for zel whenver pokota just keep going on and on and nobody bitch-slapped him . pokota just does not match slayers with the looks and the personality.


Slayers NEXT!

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link to lines/transcript/script from episode 1-26! 台本 セリフ 台詞 全台詞 全台詞 スレイヤーズ! 名言 名台詞 名セリフ Slayers japanese subtitles japanese transcript japanese lines on MEDIAFIRE ★ ♥  | ♡ evernote カワ(・∀・)イイ!! | .rar of gif and screenshots | SLAYERS TRY SUBTITLE FILES from korean dvds! I also posted them on kitsunekko, also revolution on kitsunekko but that season sucks | gif  + screencaps on tumblr  | evernote for slayers try| evernote for slayers revolution evernote for slayers evolution

FIRST THINGS FIRST this is my FAVORITE season of the slayers franchise and i HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. even if you find the first season just okay, check out slayers next because the story is soooooooooooo good and there’s new characters including new villains… I love these 2 bgm songs that are on slayers next sound bible III とめられない想い ❤
闇、無、あるいは混沌. I love the other songs alot too  but these 2 resonate with me and of course i can remember/picture the scenes. that’s what good bgm does.
you can really tell the staff put their all in when the bgm kicks ass! to be honest some of the bgm recycling in slayers try was like eh because it doesn’t match well sometimes… it simply matches slayers next because it was made for that not because it was first heard on slayers next. that’s one of my peeves about slayers revolution is that the bgm does not match the scene and the bgm is usually too GOOD for the scene. you’re only doing yourself a disservice by not watching slayers NEXT… after slayers.

i’ll write stuff i should’ve written about in my previous entry because i feel more compelled after  watching slayers next because it was so much fun watching it.
so i’m not a fan of fantasy. I have no interest in watching game of thrones, lord of the rings (books are unreadable to me lol. I HATE the writing style), twilight. i like haryr potter but the movies are extremely boring especially 3rd movie on. twilight: i read the first book and it was lame, never saw the movies. i hear that the acting is atrocious and the actress has huge eye bags so i wonder what she eats? but i think it might be LESS boring than the hunger games. i cannot comprehend why it’s popular or even liked in the least… it’s a god-awful movie from every aspect. In general with fantasy books I find them really boring and they do not interest me at all. i especially despise anything that involves elves since they’re mad ugly. something about fantsay books seem like such a chore to “learn/memorize” the “fantasy world” to follow what’s going on and whatnot. I remember I was attempting to read some fantasy book with an elf in it and there were different creatures or species so there were different languages and the author actually wrote out the sounds (WTF X 10)… point IS i found it to be excruciatingly stupid not to mention a COMPLETE CHORE to “remember” all the facts about the fantasy world. something about fantasy pisses me off. it’s like self-satisfaction for the author to think up whtaeer SUPER ELABORATE fantasy world with all the little details with languages and culture etc and expecting other people to to care lol. maybe that’s what separates fan-fiction and whatnot from real authors? or the shit fantasy from the good fantasy?
I think it’s interesting that a FANTASY made in japan succeeded since you’d expect  poeple from europe and whatnot “owning” that realm since it  technically originates from there? Slayers is just different. it’s cool and it’s beyond “i care” since it draws me in, and i follow it. I really really hate fantasy but this is one of those exceptions…. it’s like what i wrote before that it doesn’t matter what genre the anime is, if it’s done right it can enjoyed by somebody who hates that genre. I’m interestd in the novels to see how it ends there… apparently it’s the pioneer for light novel anime though nowadays i AVOID ANYTHING based on a light novel. it’s almost as bad as a japanese movie based on a CELLPHONE novel. no those girls that writ ecellphone novels are not smart or good at writing or have literary talent… they’re just idiots and hit it big by some luck because a bunch of idiots liked their easy to read, grammar-butchering keitai novels.

I realized after watching the slayers NEXT, how amazing the opening is. so i recommend watching the creditless opening after watching the show.

the voice-acting was off-the charts. I really loved the voice-acting of the character at the end of the series and i loved some of the line delivery given by xellos’s seiyuu.
I had a chance to listen to the korean dub a little bit because i thought this korean file had japanese subtitles which it i didn’t. so i don’t like the korean voices at all . it’s too cartoony and childish. it’s annoying. yes anime is anime aka cartoons and the characters don’t sound like normal people BUT it’s not THAT cartoony and childish sounding.

I love the animation so much with all the exaggerated animation and the random details etc. IT was expressive and i LOVED THE COLOR SCHEME. the last i think 2 episodes have a lot of movement and i’m so glad there was no CG back in those days….

This time when i googled lines i ACTUALLY Found PEOPLE who transcribed lines so this time around it is more thorough for some of the episodes (maybe even thorough enough to make the japanese .srt .ass subtitle file for some of them lol. if anyone wants to FEEL FREE!!!~) . i didin’t really find the sites that transcribed lines till episode 10- something…. so i did more copy+ pasting from those episodes. one or two of them were strange fan-fiction sites that literally transcribed the lines from the episode but then add in random shit because of some random character in their fan-fiction…. well i don’t mind as long you transcribed everything! 🙂 like always i pasted the definitions, explanations in japanese… some of the lines i couldn’t catch it made sense that i wasn’t able to catch it. it’s an anime so people talk STRANGE lol. that’s a fact!

I definitely like slayers NEXT more than SLAYERS though i definitely enjoyed both seasons. It’s so amazing how much they BUILT on the previous season with the characters, comedy, the story and the fantasy world. it’s a great improvement and build-up since the first season.  Slayers NEXT is so good and you can tell they’re never gonna pass that or maintain that… I’m sure there are fans who like slayers try more than slayers next etc etc but i think the majority consensus is that  slayers next is the best season. For me it’s SLAYERS NEXT > SLAYERS PLAIN > SLAYERS TRY for sure. Revolution was just eh and bleh and the animation was iffy to me in some ways… to give an example that tiger dude was like WTF and pokota is just no… but i hear for evolution they have NAMA so i’m interested for that but i shouldn’t have too much expectations. p.s. out of all the seiyuus  that reprised their roles i would say the ones that sounded the most off after 10 or so years would be zelgadiss ( I loved his voice in the first 3 seasons… but now it’s just… not zelgadiss lol.) then amelia. i read somewhere somebody said lina sounds like obahan which megumi hayashibara probably is by now… but i didn’t get that… lol.



JAPANESE-WISE: I’M SURE lots can be said.

something I noticed was  amelia started talking all princessy and girly and more polite when she got back to seiruun and then after they left she went back to talking normal lol. she was adding on -wa at the end of her talking which felt unnatural since up until that episode she didn’t. I think it’s all good that she talks properly while she’s in seiruun.

so i read this online somewhere when i was was searching about this iffy episode of slayers r ution (most of them are right? the last episode was hot hot mess especially if you analyze it not that you really even need to… realize that)


i also read that xellos refers to himeslf as boku but he refers to himself as watashi  when it comes to WORK ( at least a writer from slayers next had a tendency to do this) . I didn’t notice at lol…. when i was watching slayers next i was focusing on undersatnding and catching whatthey say and my imgae of xellos is that he says boku. it’s not unusual of xellos to say watashi if the occasion calls for it like he if he has to be formal if he’s in front of somebody really powerful or something but he doesn’t have to change to watsahi just becaues of that. that’s one reason for my wanting to wach slayers next again in the future to really notice that as well as anything i shoulda noticed. not sure when i will exactly.  i don’t like re-watching stuff soon after watching because it’s boring and i know what happens. i like to forget as much as possible but it’s so hard to forget things you really liked and enjoyed. yet for crap i force myself to sit through (I don’t do this now-a-days) I can’t remember anything about the show except it sucked balls… i won’t remember any or most of the scene or bgm or names even lol.

and as far as the blog that i read that off of, the preson was disappointed because xellos called himself watashi in that episode even though he’s usally boku. I felt sad with the blogger lol.???? episode 8 ibelieve??

as far as the spells and archaic japanese. I’ve gotten used to it a lot and looking it up/asking on chiebukuro has been good too. even though the language is archaic and i don’t necessarily ever have to talk like that, i do want to understand it and its nuances. understanding anime = fluency right?  If I ever want to write all archaic and fancy-pancy in a poem or something i have something to pull from… plus the stuff sounds really cool lol. from googling i noticed i would find ia variation of the spell i was hearing and that’s because they changed up the incantation in the anime either to shorten it or better the flow etc etc. though somebody in their blog was saying oh i wish they kept it like it is in the novel, i think it flowed better. it’s some part of one of the famous spells that has なる in the spell and it’s な in the light novel (I don’t shudder as i type light novel lol… because it’s slayers not those disgusting, long-ass title ones that come out now-a-days).

apparently lina said the spell wrong in slayers revolution!!  i don’t know if it’s wrong or if it was on purpose.

Learning Japanese from ANIME – SLAYERS :D

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https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.com/a/img833/6530/rmk.giflink to lines/transcript/script from episode 1-26! 台本 セリフ 台詞 全台詞 全台詞 スレイヤーズ! 名言 名台詞 名セリフ Slayers japanese subtitles japanese transcript japanese lines on MEDIAFIRE ★ ♥  | ♡ evernote カワ(・∀・)イイ!! | .rar of gif and screenshots | SLAYERS TRY SUBTITLE FILES from korean dvds! I also posted them on kitsunekko

so I did my learn japanese via anime. I don’t believe in “learning japanese watching anime” which most people im’ sure use with the connotation of binge-watching crap with english subs. you gotta do something in between otherwise you’re not gonna pick up anything. So it was as fruitful as iron leaguer and battle athletes victory.  with all the japanese words, grammar, and expressions that I encountered. Because I like the show and I know exactly what the hell is going on and the personalities of the characters, the dialogue is memorable and a great source to learn japanese from.  some of the stuff I’ve encountered before so my encounter with those with this series served as good encounters to really internalize and understand the


meaning and the way you use it. some stuff i ran across it for the first time ever which is really exciting when the words piques my interest.


I must say the GENERIC I want to watch japanese anime without english subtitles is a daunting goal lol and more impotrantly IT PISSES ME OFF…. and it really depends on the anime and your amount of free time lol. I would recommend redefining as understand x % of x anime on FIRST-WATCH without fast-forwarding /re-winding like we watch our shows in english because vague goals doesn’t do anything for anyone except piss people off including the goal-setter. Personally I don’t think i’ll ever reach 100% lol because 100% is wow… you know  know knwo your japanese as in you you spend alot lot lot of time doing stuffin japanese and you can catch it so well.  Like I said, I use the chiebukuro because I cannot catch what was said and that’s because i just can’t or i do not know the words.

I did the shtick here that i did with iron leaguer. And so here’s the link to the lines that I transcribed and/or japanese people transcribed for me from chiebukuro (it was mostly 1 or 2 people… they’re VERY VERY KIND). it’s either transcribed because i want to, i couldn’t catch what they said, or there was a new word or grammar or smething that i wanted to learn or it intrigued me. i think if you have this you should have no problem catching the rest yourself (if that’s still too hard then  i guess yo need to read and listen more). i know that all the hard to catch lines or hard words are transcribed.  i also pasted the definitions and explanations and whatnot . i added some of the lines to my anki deck but definitely not all of them.

My thoughts about the show. I enjoyed it a lot and i know slayers next is even better! i loved the funny filler episodes for slayers.  there were a couple episodes that were just eh. anyways, one of the important parts of this show is the climax aka the big fights between lina and you know who. i thought it was really well done. it was exciting, well-animated, tense, and everything it should be. not to mention they added in comedy in the middle of all that AND made it work. I can say this because I watched it in japanese and found out what i didn’t know that show is WELL-written, and well-thought out. NO BAKEMONOGTARI IS NOT WELL-written… i hate the annoying people who are duped by bakemonogatari thinking that it’s deep and well-written and all this crap just beause they talk a little strange for a little bit too long at a speed that’s a little bit too fast and they don’t understand japanese and  HYPE THE SHIT OUT OF IT. the dialogue is just shit… imo and i refuse to listen to it and if you want to read about that in japanese checkout accessup.org

I loved the animation with its 90sness like the color scheme. just the feel of it. i have a feeling that half the people who bitch about 90s anime animation watch shit quality fansubs or something…  i really prefer this over any generic anime that came out in 2013 that look like erige and or ln adaptations with the soulless fake fake characters. the bgm is well-fitting. They chose the song of dragon slave this season and kept using it for ever and ever and they chose right. voice acting is also phenomenal… i noticed in one of the eps, this minor voice actor to the minor character was really emotionless in his talking lol… it made me lol because i was re-listening to something in that area for the lines.

i posted some gifs and screenshtso on tumblr

the zip.rar  of the screenshots and gifs are in the folder as well  if you want to make icons or whatever like them people on LJ

I’m looking back at my iron leaguer post and i notice i wrote a ridiculous long love letter to it lol… part of it is because I like it a lot and the show is 52 episodes and another part is that the show’s not that well-known so one of the things i can do as a fan to spread the wonderfulness of this show is to write about it. for slayers , the whole franchise, is pretty popular and i’m sure lots of people wrote wonderful things about the show with their writing skills and passion. i don’t feel the need to go out of my way to write on and on. i think if you want to know about the show just watch it. it’s the most logical action to take.  it’s more accessible compared to iron leaguer and battle athletes victory.

Battle Athletes Victory COMPLETE

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https://i1.wp.com/img542.imageshack.us/img542/2482/dqq7.th.png  https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img24/1980/6bjx.th.png https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img23/1599/i09i.th.jpg

https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img96/2711/8ri5.th.jpg  https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img132/7495/py91.th.png   https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img819/8199/yq74.th.png 

https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img811/3804/oqme.th.png   https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img834/1530/704b.th.png  https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img43/519/k279.th.png

☃UPDATE ☆: link to lines/transcript/script from episode 1-26! 台本 セリフ 台詞 全台詞 全台詞 バトルアスリーテス 大運動会 名言 名台詞 名セリフ on mediafire  | EVERNOTE  | .rar of gif and screenshots tumblr posts && | link to my post about what to do if you ain’t got no j-subs

i like watching longer anime with at least 26 episodes…. since it makes me go “wow i can’t believe that hapepened” or it just feels like so much “time” has passed. There were some surprises in the story development. I wouldn’t want to say twist because i did notice foreshadowing after the FACT. but i must say the last episode was unpredictable. at the same time I can say that the creators went BALLS TO THE WALLS with this show. The last arc is very controversial let’s just say. I undersatnd both sides but i’ll side with 賛 of 賛否両論 more than the 否. I think if it just ended before that arc it would’ve just been whateve ranime but because they went BALLS TO THE WALLS and made something happen… there’s a completeness about it (there’s the foreshadowing again…). I think if I were to re-watch it i would really “understand” some of the lines and why they were said and why to that person lol….  not to mention there were some hilarious moments.  i almost want to say that this show is  very representative of anime. i’m not saying all anime should be ridiculous and bizarre and whatnot but at the same time if any of the media is able to pull that off it would be anime out of dramas and movies and whatnot. that’s what anime excels at. it almost makes no sense to make a slice of life anime ( I really enjoyed ichigo mashimaro and minami-ke so there are exceptions) or nodame cnatabile into an anime (I think i talked about this in my iron leaguer post) or the satoshi kon movies (sorry they are boring and i feel nothing. the animation may be pretty but that’s about it) since it’s boring and there’s no point making it into an anime. anime can be really wacky and bizarre and battle athletes victory is no exception to that. it’s a good example of that. I’m sure this anime won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but i immensely enjoyed it and it’s not very well-known so for that reason i really want to recommend it. I enjoyed some of the themes involving sports (even if you don’t like sports you can still relate it to other things… life is life. everything is relatable ) and the character development/chemistry.

I also appreciated the side-characters. sometimes with anime that are not as well-done the side-characters are very throw-away and unmemorable… just a waste of space. or they try to do something with them but there’s no point or at least it feels that way.

comedy – sometimes it’s subtle  as in subtle but still funny. for some of the comedy i had to rewind because it was  thatso funny. for example that joke with mylandaaaaa and her  strategy for thwarting her opponent was hilarious! it’s subtle but very funny.

https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img203/4353/sopc.th.png  https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img580/1254/88wl.th.png  https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img202/4052/5uas.th.png
For me, this anime is what anime should be or can be. anime can pull-off (my definition of pull-off is that i enjoy watching it. it’s stupid to criticize an anime for being “unrealistic” imo. but at the same time some anime are just so sucky that i actually do criticize for being unrealistic beucase it pissed me off for so many reasons… ie love hina http://myanimelist.net/profile/midori-/reviews) ridiculous things that other media just may not be able to.

https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img855/9297/aq8i.th.png  https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img9/5305/esj2.th.png  https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img196/5694/84x3.th.png

https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img809/1461/yd04.th.png  https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img811/2848/clti.th.png  https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img600/9070/fc3p.th.png

happy holidays! happy Japanese learning!  I had lots of fun  watching/learning from this anime. Like I said before, for the people who say “you can’t learn shit from anime you can suck it!” lol. For example I learned this phrase that I heard for the first time in this show and hopefully not the last. the same thing happened with iron leaguer. even though it’s for “children” there’s still japanese to be learned (and it’s useful and I wonder why I don’t hear it more) from it that for some reason i haven’t from anywhere else or at least I think I didn’t.  one example is 造作も無い It’s not ぞうさくもない you know japanese sucks like this lol..

ONE EXAMPLE from iron leaguer is その行方はようとして、知れなかった

I like learning new phrases and expressions seeing as there is sort of an epidemic jaapn with lack of vocabulary/expression that i feel sometimes lol… it depends on the person and what generation they’re in etc etc… sometimes I’m like you’re japanese speak japanese or why do you suck at expressing yourself in jaapnese when you only know japanese!

P>S> OVA Is boring/sucky 😦


Learning Japanese from anime~ Battle athletes victory edition!

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https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img27/903/l81o.th.png https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img29/5656/pgea.th.png https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img802/3667/9hso.th.png

https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img854/3851/bsk3.th.png https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img845/6823/gv1z.th.png https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img708/2841/30l8.th.png

Since iron leaguer, I finally had time to watch another anime. I have lots more anime on my 무anime too-many-to-watch list including other sports anime. i also have the same thing with j-dramas, american dramas, music. When I Was watching iron leaguer, I was watching love shuffle at the same time. This time I was watching suzuki sensei and battle athletes victory and let me say anime 2, drama 0 by a landslide (p.s. the manga drawing in suzuki sensei is horrendous ! I don’t even read manga but i can tell it’s shit ) . I’ll write more about suzuki-sensei when i finish which may be next year or this year. I’ve gotten to episode 15 of battle athletes victory daiundoukai. That Episode was amazing… it was shocking and there so much emotion, thoughts and events… I was trying to figure out what’s going inside this one character’s head because the situation is complicated with all the information revealed in the episode.  I still am unsure of what thought process the character had and everything. Maybe I’ll find out later in the show or somebody online will have some insight.  of course I had to re-watch the scenes for that episode. There’s this amazing song in the episode (aw man it’s differnt. the song in the episode had no vocals i like that better… i don’t see another version in the ost!!! uggggggggh), there was also another great song (I can’t find it in the ost sob sob 😦 it’s a great song ) in that same episode with a violin which I haven’t found in the ost yet. it was so well-done with the emotions.  for me, especially in the new anime the “emotional” stuff feels very contrived especially with the crappy drawing style where they care more about being moe or cute or pretty than actually drawing characters with depth and personality (I just think it limits the individuality of the characters when they start obessessing making them cute and moe. it reminds me korean plastic surgery, everyone looks the f’in same. i wouldn’t say they’re pretty. some of them look like aliens. others just look the same and i just think they’re complete idiots. INDIVIDUALITY IS GREAT).  i found the scenes in the episode touching…. for fruits basket it always felt like i had to force myself to feel empathetic or get into it and it ‘s always a sob story that seemed to be only made to make people sob? So basically fruits basket suck with the exception a couple episodes. don’t get me started on clannad or kanon which are shit. I really am glad to have seen an anime episode that is so genuine and real. it’s  goosebumps level!!! obviously episode 15 couldn’t have been episode 15 without episodes 1-14. that’s what I call quality!!! kiss my ass 13 episode anime that suck (there are ones that are good but lots of ’em just SUCK)

So first I must comment on the OST and sound effects and voice acting.

The OST is good and I liked it. truth be told it is hard to reel viewers into a sci-fi /future anime without good bgm… It really sets the atmosphere since the anime is set in the future and has its own world going on that’s different from ours. That’s what I love about anime… it’s well-done and fun to watch that I  was absorbed and in that world when I was watching it. I almost feel guilty like I’m a loser for ignoring the real world since i’m watching this anime instead of xyz in the real world lol. but at the same time the people who made it achieved an amazing feat of luring in viewers into the “anime” world they created (not all anime achieve this. when they don’t my reaction this shit is lame or this shit is boring). the only way they’re going to make the viewers “believe” it is to WORK THEIR ASSES off and have passion. I almost feel like it’s a slap in the face to the creators for me to not watch this great piece of work. I really have to see if there’s any interviews or anything like that online. similar to iron leaguer with my piqued interest. Overall, I would say that rather than feeling guilty I feel happy that I had the opportunity to see a GOOD ANIMe and in japanese (I did work hard/spend a lot of enjoyable time in japanese) that is so enjoyable because there’s a lot of shitty anime out there.  Without good OST there’s no way you can take a show seriously. there’s no way you’ll get into it, in other words “believe it” . The songs matched and set the world and made me believe it and become engaged. A couple of the BGM Songs i really liked so when they repeated it I was glad to hear it. I mentioned before with the songs on tepisode 15… those 2 particular songs as far as I remember came up for the first time in episode 15 and i haven’t seen the rest so i don’t know if they’ll be used again but that particular song that i linked is called slum spiritual song which was specifically made for Jessie. It seems like they put in a lot of effort into the OST like not recycling songs like crazy or having only a a very small selection of bgm songs.

I like all the voice actors. akari’s voice is sorta annoying but whatevers. I really like some of the casting like the russian girl and jessie and chris. anna’s voice was eh. there were a bunch of “crying acting” that I thought was AMAZING> usually in dramas and in anime it gets melodramatic or awkward or dragged-out. but here I felt the emotions the characters were going through. I believed it. It was sincere without a doubt….. the reasons behind the crying scenes themselves were “real” and the voice actresses pulled through. Of course i’m not referring to akari here….

https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img513/9201/q47t.th.pnghttps://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img22/3357/00az.th.png https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img6/4151/4zh7.th.png


So the x-factor aka the anime factor is one of the reasons why sports anime are so good. it’ll be set in the future or whatever but for whatever reason they always surprise me. with real-life sports or even sports dramas you prettty much know all the boundaries and possibilities of the plot/game developments (they can stilll have their twists and be shocking by all means) but with anime there is none because it’s the future or it’s robots… you really don’t know x is possible until you see it unfolding on the show.there seems to a bunch of sports anime that aren’t fansubbed or not fansubbed completely or not licensed that look REALLY good… and i have access to it now since the japanese barrier is not there anymore lol plus i got my chiebukuro. anime has an upper-hand or at least more to work with compared to other mediums when it comes to stuff that’s sci-fi, set in the future, involves robots, involves sports etc etc in my opinion. I strongly felt that with this anime and Iron Leaguer.

I also really want to check out the ova because i enjoyed the series so much (what i’ve seen of it thus far). it came out before the series so it’s not like iron leaguer where it came out after the show … so hopefully it won’t be completely disappointing. i know i shouldn’t expect too much from 6 episodes. 26 episodes… wow you can get A LOT accomplished… I must say it’s a goood number. I’m on episode 15 and man a lot of shit happened! i can tell there’s a reason they’ve stuck with this number since a long time ago. I have no idea why they make 13 episode anime now a days. it’s like they’re not even trying or want to screw themselves over. one of the things that compels me to say that is the midou tomoe thing. so the first 10 times they mentioned her i was like i don’t get what’s so special about her with the gasping and the reactions etc. then the 11th time etc i find out more about her amazing accomplishments and other info and I finally realize that wow she IS AMAZINg… people are reacting like THAT for a reason. I didn’t really get it till later on. I don’t know if that was the creators’ intent or if it’s the way I perceived it as a “slow” or “unreceptive” viewer .  At some point maybe episode 10 or 11 it got so interesting i watched 5 eps in one a day. if i had time right now i would go and finish the rest in one day or something! it’s a lot of fun.

OH AND LIKE I SAID with iron leaguer this gets EXCITING AND INTENSE. I hate how some people think sports anime are boring and blahblah just because they saw a couple shitty ones made after 2000 + something. maybe there are good sports anime made after 2000+ I wouldn’t know myself… i just know it’ll be a long time till i watch any of those lol since i have a long ass anime list and i’m watching in the order of what i think will be the most fun, exhilarating, and worth watching. like i said before there’s a lot that aren’t fansubbed or available or whatever and i’m sure there’s gems among there.  it’s one of the huge reasons i hate the OLD ANIME VS NEW ANIME ARGUMENT.

COMEDY – it’s on the money. It’s funny. it’s right up my alley.  they have a great sense of humor and the characters’ awesomeness propel the comedy higher. Unlike iron leaguer comedy is a more major component of this show and so we got to see serious characters react with the goofy anime reaction face at one point or another. that was priceless. similar to iron leaguer, it has yuri which is the yaoi counterpart lol. I would say shoujo-ai more than yuri because the show can be watched by kids…  there’s nothing really inappropriate in this show.



So what I absolutely despise with 1-shtik one night stand episodes with anime and drama is that it feels contrived and boring and fake (they’re usually the filler episodes)…. and I have to force myself to be sympathetic to try to connect. You know those episodes where it focuses around 1 character whether it’s a side-character or some random “guest” character that you’ll probably only see in that episode and there’s a message or moral to the story but it feels shallow and lazy ESPECIALLY when it’s NAMIDA CHOUDAI ie sob story. somebody bawling or they expect the viewer to bawl at this cheap ass set-up. the INTENT IS REALLY OBVIOUS. The set-up is really simple and obvious and I sorta feel offended as a viewer. with this show when they do stuff with characters ie episode 15 or the episode with ayla it’s real. they don’t ignore the characters and then focus on them for 1 whole ep and then expect you to be moved like certain other animes (that’s what I mean the cheapness…. my inability to connect. and by doing that it just shows how lazy they are). they give each one exposure here and there in a bunch of episodes and then give a majority of a later episode to a specific character. it seems well-planned out that they’re not completely ignoring x y characters and then focus almost the whole episode on x character and expect me to care.


I love 90s animation. I love the cell animation. I love seeing all the different things they devised to show intensity, speed, a certain emotion, etc etc. there’s a lot of things that have to be portrayed on the show animation-wise especially since it’s set in the future and they have sports. i think they pulled it off. like I said before I “believed” it. in general I really dislike how the animation nowadays seem “watered-out”/down? sterile? … it’s because it’s not cell. I was reading about it in japanese as to why does it look so cheap, not as detailed, and no effort and all that now all days. some anime remind me of eroge and moe shit lol. by all means I like the suzumiya haruhi animation and other shows that are from the 2000s. there’s lots of things they do really well now-a-days wth the technology but there are things you cannot do without cells (especially the “feel” with the colors and depth? in japanese they called it  薄い I THINK). i’m not saying they should bring it back or anything like that. I juts really like the color scheme/feel that occurs with the cell animation. http://cosmoneapolitan.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-92.html 


(there’s more links but this is all i got now ) that was another reason I really enjoyed watching thsi show. I just love 90s animation.

One thing that bothered me with the animation was there were times it’s not as well animated ie when they showed the girls walking in their uniforms and their legs were like 2 thick blocks and the skirts were mad short and we didn’t see underwear lol (it’s not like i want them to draw underwear… it was just that short… the animation just looked awkward )…  there were scenes that weren’t as well-animated as the other scenes… but you know they gotta do something to save the budget for the more important scenes. the お約束の作画崩壊 is one of those things that we expect from 90s animation lol… it’s interesting imo and sorta don’t mind because it is funny and so real but if it’s too much it’s bad lol… ideally you don’t want any.

I love the character designs too. i love the differnt uniforms, chris’s design especially (the eye color and hair color! ) and i liked her uniform that was a short dress or short skirt) you can’t have good characters without character design period. you can’t have good anime without a good ost. nuh-uh. p.s. chris’s hairstyle is god-awful in the ova lol.

AS FAR AS THE MAIN TOPIC IS CONCERNED ABOUT THE JAPANESE. what i did this time was different from iron leaguer since my korean did improve and my japanese improved since then.

since it’s from the 90s so the resolution is 4 by 3. so i made the kmplayer 16:9 and then loaded the subs vertically on the side so it doesn’t cover up any animation. I left the subs in korean. I didn’t translate it to japanese. when i was watching it most of the time I relied on my ears and listen for the japanese. sometimes i read the korean (quickly) and listened to the japanese. i use the korean to note down lines that i’m unsure or have no idea what my ears heard so i can go back and have an easy time at only looking at the parts where i want to look into. it’s a lot easier then pausing, moving the mouse, writing g down the minute: second.

I wanted to share the lines i got from the for ep 1-15 in case anyone else wants to learn japanese from this anime. I asked on chiebukuro a lot since there were lines i could not catch or i was unsure of and wanted to confirm that i’m right. some lines i just liked so i jotted them down (so it’s not like i wasn’t able to catch allll these lines that are in the .txt but i must say some of them are damn hard to catch or i didn’t know the word so there’s no way i could’ve figured it out – by all means there are times where i figure it out even though i don’t know the word. generally, probability of me figuring out what i’m hearing goes down if i don’t know the word vs. if i know the word) . i added a bunch of those words and lines to my anki.


anime is a great source for learning japanese. like i said with iron leaguer it’s really feasible to remember stuff SYLABBLE PER SYLLABLE (which is reallllllly good and helpful for really remembering/feeling/learning the language) because i’m  invested and engaged with the show and the line might be dramatic or significant in some way.. the seiyuus do a great job. that’s definitely another reason. happy learning! ❤

my only warning is that some episodes have the timing to include the OPENING but most of them are the timing WITHOUT THE OPENING. you gotta do 1:30 + _- dpeneding on your video  file.

– also they come with japanese explanations and definitions. some of the explanations i didn’t ask for but the person included in their chiebukuro answer anyway so i just pasted the whole thing. if you need it read it, if you don’t, don’t.


the .txt file works. the mediafire preview sucks balls! it includes all the lines i couldn’t catch so if there’s lines that are not here that you can’t catch then it’s probably easy to catch lol and you should try listening again or ask on chiebukuro like me and piss off japnaese people lolz.

the episode previews were taken from a blog that somebodoy runs where they only wrote down the lines from the episode previews! thank god somebody did it lol some of it is mad hard to catch.

here’s the gifs and a couple screenshots i took.

p.s. wats up with thse random people liking and following me. those peple that obviously are doing hat in the hopes that i go to their blog and follow the mback.. it sure as hell doesn’t look like they’d be interested in any of my entries and i sure as hell am not interested in their blog…. it’s to get my attention?? so i follow ’em? i don’t get it. no.. get lost.

追追伸 I will update once I finish the show with more lines and thoughts!!

there’s more in the .rar since tumblr sucks lol.

– I don’t really agree necessarily with the listen/watch episode twice for the sake of improving your japanese comprehension. if the show or episode is so good that it’s just as fun it not more fun to watch it again, i don’t mind but if it’s not at that level i’m not doing that!  even so just because you watch it a 100 times doesn’t mean you’ll understand and catch everything that came out of the characters’/people’s mouths (watching it multiple times will improve your comprehension of course but not to 100% depending on the media)…. I know that i will never (not never but a whole lot later) be able to catch what they say with some of the lines no matter how many times i listen to it or think about the context or the characters etc…. hence  i ask on chiebukuro to save myself time from listening to something 15 times and still not being able to catch it. i recognize the fact that my ears aren’t as japanese as a japanese person’s lol… the words and the sounds sorta elude me sometimes. some days i have a bad day. some days i have a good day. sometimes it doesn’t matter what day it is, i just can’t catch it. you’ll notice some of the stuff i have in my .txt isn’t realy difficult or uncommon japanese necessarily but i just couldn’t catch it (of course I also have lines that i wrote down myself just because I liked the line)  a tip to people learning from anime. get the high quality file with the high quality audio. that is a factor to even to natives

便乗 してもらいます

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便乗 ( I still remember first hearing this word on nobuta wo produce! go my memory! :)) びんじょうーfor those who haven’t read/heard it and assumed it’s benjou. it aint no benza 😀


so before I read this post

I was actually trying to write about that in the iron leaguer entry as short or long the post is currently depending on your perspective. just because it’s such a big deal at least to me or the me 3-4 years ago or even 5 years ago. i could’ve never imagined achieving this level in Japanese. I could get a billion people on lang-8 saying oh you’re japanese rocks or whatever but it’s nothing compared to exceptional comprehension of real real japanese (by exceptional i mean with ease and all that. right now i don’t have ease lol butttttttt it’s still comprehension which still says a lot).

the reason I didn’t finish writing that was because i didn’t want to deal with the sound like an ass vs. saying something that’s just plain true and warranted (writing stuff carefully so i  don’t come off like an ass is laborious andannnnnnoying… it just takes mad effort to polish your entry so that your ideas come across the way you want it to be taken). and then her post reminded me of the post i was gonna do.

and truth be told reading japanese novels aren’t that hard as far as reading it to follow what’s going on/comprehend/etc (if you’re talking about being to read all the kanji that’s another story. if you’re talkig about 90% comprehension, that’s another story) i don’t know what % you need to underatnd/enjoy/folow the story but it’s definitely less than 90%.  sure your enjoyment and your comprehension of the story (as far as understanding the characters and the depth or whatever like the nuances) will be greatly incresad with greater % of comprehension. enjoying literary japanese is different than undersatnding enough to get by and follow the story.

i’m not saying that’s what she’s doing because obviously she’s highlighting and looking up stuff.
I just wrote that to encourage the reading of japanese books. it’s really not a big deal.  let’s get over it, k. i don’t get those people that wait  5 years to finally readtheir japanes books after doing those boring ass decks on srs that would make anyone want to committ suicide ?  i just really do not undersatnd those people. i really feel think that once they read the book or many books they’ll realize they wasted all this time on really inorganic flashcard crap or whatever other bullshit. I only waited 2 years (2 years into studying japanes) ONLY ONLY because i didn’t know that there was a japanese bookstore near me.  it’s not even waiting because i didn’t even know about the existance of the accesibility of japanese books. they got books with furigana and no not all of them suck balls. like any media, you gotta find the ones that grab you/appeal to you. no duh. there are jidou books that are well-written/well-crafted enough that even adults can enjoy them and that also means that it’ll probably also be very enjoyable for japanese readers.  i just really hate the stigma of japanese = impossible. kanji = impossible, nobodys got the billion hrs needed to leran howto read/write them.

so on to the gloating and the oh yeas and the go me! lol.

i feel like i’m allowed to say all that because I did put effort into learning japanese. there was a beginning stage where I was like omg how am i gonna hear the difference between long/short vowels/i cannot hear kango words for my life/ everyone talks too fast/ how the hell does anyone understand japanese news etc etc. I did the AJATT (not to the full extreme) so i did have a lot of fun learning too and i was blessed with my circumstances for the amount of time i could use on doing something in japanese.  I remember trying to learn from anime in the beginning in the stages and it was just so hard because i cannot CATCH what they’re syaing so i cannot LOOK UP anything or i look up everything it sounds like which may or may not work which means it’s a waste of time… it’s not even like all the aniem i liked at the time has japanese subs. i didn’t even know about korean subs on clubbox.

https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img341/8656/shabekuri.pnghow do you prefer seeing japanesetv shows/movies… watching it in japanese while you’re fluent in japanese or watching it with english  subs while you’re fluent in english. everyone is gonna say the former.
it’s just not the same. I want to just say again yeah that’s true. i experienced first hand. i just really understood that even more when  iwatched iron leaguer. just recently, i rewatched this snl clip of jae bum park /jay park where he covers that rihanna eminem song and this time around i clicked on the one with the english subs. i was reading the subs because i wanted to see if i really understood the song last time when i read the korean l yrics ( i looked up a few things at that time) and the translation doesn’t do justice

first things right off the bat was 눈빛 was just neglected/ignored in the translation. not sure if there’s away to incorporate that into the translation but like you know it makes me sad cause the person is missing out if they only know english and these are the subs that they have .
i really really really really understood iron leaguer and enjoyed it that much mroe because of my ability to enjoy it in the language it wa smade in (I noticed stuff afterwards that i didn’t understand which was all the katakana lol which somebody was educating me on on tumbrlr – it’s like katakana crap that google translate/yaho dic doesn’t know…) . because I’m not fluent there are times where i can’t catch what they say or i have to rewind to be like hey did i iss anything they said or i wasn’t sure if i catched all the syllables (I’m not used to watching anime.. and japanese is just so syllable heavy) I’m not fluent so  i did put in effort to look up words or expressions they used that i’m not that familiar with or i’ve heard it before but for some reason i’m not sure if i’m getting it so i look it up again to see if there’s another meaning or nuance or refresh myself whatever.  I did hvae to re-listen, or ask japanese people hey what did they say ( and actually some of the times the stuff they say is actually easy/common/basic japanese… I just couldn’t catch what they were saying!!!! that frustrates the crap out of me! lol but it doesn’t change the fact it didn’t sound like to me the 10 times itried to catch it. it’s not like  i have trouble following/undersatnding japanese in general because i kickass with understanding/watching talk/variety. it’s just i guess i’m not used to anime.  ). and then if what htey transcribed doesn’t make sense then i ask wtf does that mean. sometimes the sports lingo is just … wow impossible to catch…. how can you catch words that you don’t know. sometimes you can, sometimes it’s just impossible.  I went through every episode after i watched them because i love the show so much and it’s so enjoyable and it does have re-watch value and i really want to know every single line from the show. i didn’t re-watch the episode or anything. what i do is, i use the korean subs that are translated to japanese (to help with my heraing) and use that  (the video is 4:3 so i can make the subs vertical and have it not cover any part of the video) and as i watched if there’s parts where i want to re-listen/did not understand/etc etc i write down the line so later on i can just go through the lines i wrote down. now, i don’t copy the whole line.. i just copy the bare minimum necessary to find the line in the .srt file later on by writing down unique combination of hiragana/kanji that’s in the line.  i don’t thikn i have to give an example. it’s just logic. you copy the part of the line that is the most unique as in least likely to be in another line. So what I do may or may not work for people who don’t read japanese as fast as i do. this personally works for me because i’ve gotten much faster with reading japanese.

https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img803/8310/takeyama.pnghaving done this i would say i got like 99% of the lines or really near 100% from THE 52 EPISODES because there were a couple lines where even japanese are like this is hard to catch or i think they said this. it is 52 episodes so it’s probably 99%. Honestly undersatnding anime 70% or 80% really is not big a deal imo at least with the curent standdards  i set for myself.

but anyways my goal is fluency as in fluent undrestanding (you know watch a show and follow it and enjoy it, get all the nuances… effortlessly). as in not what i did iron leaguer which was a little bit laborious but it’s so worth it because i love the show. I learned a lot of japanes 🙂 just because it’s kids show doesn’t mean there isn’t any japanese to learn from it. they don’t hold back anything japanese wise just because it’s for children. anime japanese is real japanese. i mean if you’re watching chi cat neighbor anime that everyon ekeeps recommending even though it looks boring as f*** then there literally might be nothing to learn from it.

What I attribute to being able to reach  a leevel where i can figure out what they say if i do re-wind it and relisten to it a couple times or be able to catch what they say and look it up or only catch a part of what they say and still be able to look it up….. is definitely experience. an esential part of improving one’s japanese is the grammar, the vocab, the expressions, the kotowaza, and not really the yojijukugo (why the hell are people doing the yojijukugo deck, it’s not like you’re even gonna recognize ti when somebody says it. that’s what mcds are for but… come on why the f  u learnin that from a deck). to improve all that, you gotta READ A LOT, LOOKing UP STUF- being proactive about it. being passive is just wasting YOUR TIME ( not necessarily looking up anything and everything but you know enough to help you make more connections/notice more stuff, and improving your understanding, getting used to japanese that much more), listen to a lot of japanese ( i mean active as in like a tv show that I enjoy watching). you just need a lot of exposure  and context to learn all the words and the verbs and whatnot. with books you also exposed to more vocab because books are just like that. there’s also the literary japanese component to books which i absolutely enjoy. i love reading well-written stuff.

anyways i’m not sure how much waiting  the 1 or 2 years till i watch iron leaguer helped but i’m sure it helped because i probably did learn a lot of words/grammar. i make it sound like i study or something with the previous sentence which is not true. i just do stuff in japanese that i enjoy doing and look up stuff and addd worthy things anki.

I put the percentage estimate before with the 99% or whatever because i realllllly am paranoid that being passive is just ineffective.

https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img96/2057/yoshiddd.png++ like in my intermediate stage with dramanote and j-dramas. i was at a point where i undersatnd 70% or something and the other 30% is a combination of cannot catch what they (one reason might be because they talk too fast or too much kango)/i do not know the word/ my japanese is not good enough to infer meaning (whether it’s a word i don’t know or a word they make up on the show or wordplay or whatever) or follow it (at that tempo). I just felt like if i just keep watching j-dramas with my 70%~~~ undersatnding without putting in any effort i’m never gonna reach that point where it’s 99% comprehension. i felt like i was gonna be at 70% forever
(at least if i kept watching it raw. if i kept watching with japanese subs then maybe it’s a different story). so i didn’t do that. iput in effort to learn words and look up stuff… and it wasn’t just limited to dramas because i enjoy other mediums from japan.   i think a lot of people misunderstand ajatt that if you just watch a billion hours of jdrama you’ll eventually undersatnd it 100% but that’s not what ajatt is. watching a lot if part of it but you still GOTTA be active about it and look up stuff. I LOVE how people just summarize and explain how i feel so well on forums.

i think it comes down to personal prefernce as well as what you’re watching (how much you like it. the quality etc etc) and what resources you have available to figure out/comprehend/ this puzzle or caccophony of sounds you can’t decipher as well as much how much you want to undersatnd as well as how much of it you want to undersatnd (they could be blogs or the ghetto japanese subs from clubbox, or maybe even japanese subs, english subs are shit  usually lol… well it depends).
i personally have a very strong feeling towards one side. one of the reasons is my fears that if i don’t figure out all of it or almost all of it, i’m not gaining much from ths. i really do’t think you learn much watching let’s 100 eps of a j-drama if you don’t put in any effort going through lines or learning vocab/grammar/kotowaza/whatever that may come out from dialogue and situations that occur. i feel like you’d gain more watching 3 eps , going through every line (well not every line… you should be at a level where you undersatnd 50% of the dialogue or the story or something so you’re not looking up everything) then  watching 100 eps without doing any looking up. that’s my thing ESPECIALLY for myself and from my past experiences with korean i firmly feel that way.

this thought is also permeating into my englihs, i get more worked up over words i don’t know or can’t catch in english or maybe it’s because i’m used to waching things with subs. but nonethelss, maybe i should try to stop caring so i dont’ get worked up lol. but seriously, i dont remember having all these with hearing words i don’t know and whatnot when i only used/knew enlgish but maybe it was because i didn’t relaly think about it . or maybe the level of the stuff was sorta consistant for the most par t enlgish wise on the tv shows (BUT there’s exceptions ie PSYCH. check out my entry on that tell me you knew all the words and references… well just the words). or another thing i wsa thinkingwas as of now in my private time i don’t listen to much english because i watch japanese shows and korean/japanese music, sometimes korean shows, i stil do watch america nstuff like celebrity apprentice is mad fun right now (OMAROSSSSSSA! KUROYANAGI SANNNNNN lol. god tongue referenc here.. daiji or ooji.. what’s his face. maji uta<3).. so my listening ksill might have weakened as far as spontaneous listening without subs lol??? i don’t knows. like when people spurt random crap ,i ‘m not as good on my feet. ex. youtube video of the 911 prediction on rugrats. weird examaple  i know. it’s not that i cna’t catch it .. i just feel more nervous i won’t be able to????? because i’m just all english all the time??/ just that comfort level is just not there or i’m just more conscious of itttttt…….. having soemthing that i nevr really gave thoguht to is now overcoming me lol. another thing is eyk. eat your kimchi. martina keeps using quirky, random words and that throws me off and i sometimes didn’t catch what she said and then rewind. i remember the weird kids in my elementary years that would say weird shit or weird words like martina and i had no problem catching what they’re saying ijust thought stop saying weird shit. not to say i don’t like martina for saying random stuff or anything negative like that… that’s just what i pulled from memory bank….  you know, stuff reminds you of other stuff

so the iron leaguer success just makes me feel like i’m getting closer to fluency. I feel like being able to watch and understand anime effortlessly 99% or whatever the percetange becomes once you take out the lines that even japanese can’t catch (sometimes it happens, but not often) is deifnitely one of the signs of fluency. by anime i don’t mean the shit that’s being madee right now where everything looks loli/eroge/very… soulless. I mean quality, well-written anime with the quality voice-acting and whatnot. i wouldn’t say near-fluent because i know what fluency is so i’m gonna sugar-coat or overexaggerate anything.

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https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img221/2637/shippuironleaguer250147.jpg LINKS

I gotta read up on anything iron leaguer related that comes up on google lol. one of the things on the amazon review that caught my eye was somebody said I HAVE TO show this anime to my child. I totally agree!!  good message and fun to watch.
I feel that fans of this show are crazy fans even if they haven’t seen the show in years. The joy the japanese fans felt when the show finally got released to DVD 10 years after airing.
NO SPOILERS in this post…. 🙂 I want people to enjoy the anime…. so i won’t include the action scene screenshots but even if I put ones of those up you can’t tell what the f is going on probably because you’re supposed to see it animated.
This is definitely a special anime. It’s so goood you can tell in 1993 or 4 or whenever that they’re never going to make something this good again or rather i wish they would! In other words, a true classic! I am calling this a classic because of the QUALITY not because it’s old or the first anime to do x. I wish people would stop calling boring old animes as classic because it’s old. I wish people would stop saying oh it’s the nostalgia or whatever to dismiss 90s/80s anime (it basically depends on the anime). For me i remember I loved watching a bunch of anime as a child and remember they were fun. But then i watched some of those again years later after I forget all the details and then after re-watching i went what ? that’s it? i realized at that point it’s ONLY really fun for children but not for me now.  It’s not a bad thing necessarily. Some pass that test, some don’t. it’s pretty obvious whether it does or not. LET ME TELL you that this anime shines now and then. I would guess that when I was a child I wasn’t drawn to this anime… you know robots + sports screams shounen anime. I probably watched on a whim and then realized the show is actually REALLY good. I feel like there’s no such thing as I hate x genre in anime. I think it means you haven’t a seen a good anime in that genre. That’s another reason why I think it’s special. I hate shonen anime and this one is if you try to categorize it from the nature of the show but it’s so gooooooood. Whenever say ugh this anime went all shonen on me I mean that in the worst way possible lol… ie the end of kurenai. despite that there are “shonen” anime that I do like.
I feel like this anime could only be done via anime and that too adds to the specialness of the anime. If it was 26 eps, it wouldn’t be as good, if it was live action that would be really difficult lol… For nodame cantabile I was thinking how the animation is not that anime and so it’s not as expressive as iron leaguer when it comes to facial expression or any type of expression.. they kept the instrument playing animation to a minimum? for obvious reasons. I was thinking what’s the point of making this into an anime?? I thought the drama was better… I REALLY loved the facial expressions and other stuff they did for expression in iron leaguer so it made me think of this.
https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img689/557/shippuironleaguer27eyel.png EYELASHES!! lol. so cutee.
I love the message of the show. I love how it doesn’t come off forced or cheesy as it has in other anime shows especially the kids shows (wedding peach…) . i love how even though it’s a kids show it can definitely enjoyed by adults. few children’s shows can also be enjoyed by adults and this is one of them. There’s also mystery and surprises. There’s parts that I LOVE… those scenes where x finds about y’s secret or x learns the truth about y. While i was watching i was so curious as to how the character would react and what they would say and now that i’ve seen it, i want to see it again lol.
https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img577/8979/shippuironleaguer300082.jpg lol random thought while I was watching. I was thinking “hey since ryuuken is the karate leaguer he’s like asian so does he have the smallest eyes?” but his eyes looked big in this scene so eh to that silly theory.
I further confirmed the specialness of the anime when I read the interviews by the producers on the official site and how they had all this inspiration from real baseball players and more and were having fun and working hard to make it (like the animators). Also one of them said that this show is for children but they also want people of other ages to watch… he went on to say that overly making it from a child’s pov isn’t a children’s anime. rather, anime that can be enjoyed by adults and old people and children are true children anime. They had no CG back then 😦 but  i wonder if the show would look like shit if they used CG…After i finished watching it i really wanted to read interviews. there’s interviews on the official website but I want more. I was thinking if they had interviews or something in anime magazines in the 90s… like i want to read those tooooo. also I felt like reading other fans thoughts… well the japanese fans.
there’s no romance but there’s bromance. in fact you could watch it from a a dirty yaoi fangirl pov lol. there are scenes or lines that could be interpreted like that. I definitely watched from that point of view from time to time lol. i also watched from a serious pov too. Magnum x windy forever ❤ ! lol. IRON LEAUGER is so much more moe than the anime nowadays that try so hard… AND FAIL. It reminds me of some of the realllly trashy american singers that think they’re “sexy” or they think they have to be trashy or almost naked (naked as possible) to be sexy.. they don’t seem to understand that that’s not necessary. I’ve seen time it and time again on immotral song or even in k-pop that it’s possible to be classy and sexy at the same time. it’s so oversexualized in america.
https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img705/396/shippuironleaguer090317.jpg (I think this footage was only in the episode preview… and not in the ep. weirddd. )
So cute and funny~
there’s comedy too. it’s smidge of comedy but when they put it in here and there with the animation or situation or a line that put a smile on my face or made me chuckle. it’s so well done because of the characters/character designs and the whole set-up. there isn’t a lot of comedy, BUT none of the comedy fails. the point of the show isn’t comedy anyway but the comedy in it is 5/5 lol. The just completes the show~
https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img96/9143/shippuironleaguer180045.jpg OMG BROMANCE!!MOE~~ lol. キャア~~~ぁぁぁ
so in that way there’s cuteness and moe ( I moed out sometimes lol). the animes now a days try way too hard to the point where the show is boring as hell unless you’re a creepy otaku or they have NO class or it’s so obvious they’re trying so hard. I really want those otakus to watch this anime. for this show that kind of stuff is effortless and those little moments of moe and cuteness is to die for. I LOVED it when magnum winked lol. nowadays the moe is getting really creepy or boring or way too maniac or plain tasteless or too… much ie borderline softcore porno/hentai/whatever you call it. i feel like the moe here occurred naturally or it came off naturally as a result of all the hard-work they put into show rather than like using moe to cover their asses which is a noticeable trend in anime right now which i’m saying even though i don’t watch “new” anime because i can tell it’s shit from the pictures (the huge 1400 x 1400 or maybe it’s double that pic people make of anime airing in spring/summer/etc). I like the word bromance more than yaoi and i don’t know what yaoi really means anyways (how far do they go lol). they’re robots anyhooooo. so i feel like the bromance is all innocent and fun and if you want to think all twisted and whatnot draw weird fanart go ahead~
I love the animation. the character designs kick ass. For example, the inning on magnum’s back is so CUTE lol. I gotta pause and stare at everyone’s designs lol. one time they zoomed into their shoes/feet. they were all so unique and cute lolz. no seriously i need to inundate this post with the ADORABLE CHARACTER DEISGNS. some of them are BADASS of course but I can still see the cuteness in the badass designs tooooooooo. that’s another reason why this show is so awesome. It has so much going on for it.
The human character designs are good. i was reading in the interview somebody drew the humans asked the producer or somebody is this alright. whaddya think? so i could tell they were being
particular with it. if you think ruri is ugly or whatever then i guess you can since she’s a normal girl. they show a movie star in one ep and that movie star was really pretty. so i think it’s fine ruri isn’t as pretty as the movi star. i dont’ tihnk ruri ugly though personally.  I think the girl designs that are overly moed up are ugly actually if anything… .not to mention not a smidge of originality. it reminds me of south koreaplastic surgery epidemic. NOSE, EYES, JAW-LINE, FAT-DISTRIBUTION. wtf
The action/animation was intense and exciting and they definitely planned it out well. The beginning of the series was sorta normal but as things progressed the animation got more intense.  I really mean it as intense and exciting. that’s the only way I can describe it. don’t worry it’s not a mediocre sports/shonen (no seriously what is up with the crap people proclaim as epic being the boring shit in the world?) anime. the games are exciting, you’ll be saying they fucked omg they’re fucked! e other episode lol. that’s what makes it interesting. plus the episodes where the game should be most exciting really is exciting… you don’t have to worry about quality when it comes to that. It was awesome. I had a blast watching those episodes because there’s moments where I’m like omg what’s gonna happen/omg i can’t believe this happened/omg how’s it gonna end/omg i can’t believe it’s ending like this/ lol. it’s a lot of omg’s like e couple minutes??? I found it fun and enjoyable to watch… and that’s what makes someone want to recommend a certain anime to another person because you want to pass on your enjoyment and hope or think that they’ll enjoy it as well.
I love the facial expressions they did with the robots. it’s so expressive. When I was reading the interview, they had separate people for separate things like a person was in charge of facial expression, another for posing etc etc. so I totally LOVED that when I watched. It’s so well done and i could tell they put effort into minuscule stuff like that even before i read the interview. there’s stuff I notice or feel or whatever while watch and reading the interview just affirms that or explains what I was feeling and love how it goes both ways like that. i really really feel what the creators put in to this … their sweats, tears, soul, love for sports, etc,etc. going back to what i was saying i loved what they did with their eyes. I thought it was interesting how their mouths are pink inside like humans lol. Not to mention SUPER CUTE!!!  one aspect of the show that seems sorta contradicting is what makes it so good and special and unique. that is how the robots are metal so they shouldn’t be humanly but actually they’re more human than the humans lol.
OH ANd I also
https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img197/290/shippuironleaguer210136.jpg<— this was from one really fun and exciting episode of course!
LOVE THE thick lines in90s 80s etc works well for like… I know they can do that nowadays too but when i picture 2000 + anime i picture thin lines for the most part (which looks cheap and sterile dpeending on blahblahblah)… But I love the thicklines add to the menaceness? /intensity/impact
I loved inconsistencies like this… lol
In fact they mentioned this in the interview on the official website how they had trouble with this lol. I think they were arguing and getting frustrated or something lol. I think it’s cute and it’s anime so it’s all GOOD. it adds to the enjoyment  imo.. spot the quirks!
ALSO I loved learning Japanese from this.  I WILL SHARE MY FINDINGS IN A LINK BELOW. JUST BECAUSE IT’s  a KIDS ANIME doesn’t mean there isn’t japanese to learn from it.  trust me, there’s definitely plenty of words or grammar to learn from this.  Anime is so fun for learning Japanese because they talk weird… “anime-like”. at a point where i can learn a lot from anime b.c. ther’es a 90 something percent chance I know the word/idiom being used or am able to infer or hear the syllables and look it up. the problem is i’m not doing all that by watching it once. there’s so much going on with the visuals (my brain is busy processing this lol) and i guess my familiaritiy with japanese is not strong enough for that. imagine how strong /fast/efficienct my japanese would be with the comprehhesnion and inferring and all that if i only knew japanese and knew no english or korean etc etc. its really true… if you have one knife it’s going to be DAMN sharp. You know how in english you’re watching a show and you watch the stuff moving on the screen and there’s talking and music or whatever entering my ear and the comprehension is automatic and I don’t have to rewind/re-watch ( I just have to pay attention or not even depending on the show). there’s no delay. for this anime i have to listen another or couple times b.c. i can figure it out or i do know it i don’t processthat  fast. of course there’s lines i can’t catch so i asked on chiebukruo wtf they say in teineigo of course. I actually waited a year or two to watch this…. i knew the torrent of the dvd was out but I didn’t want to watch if my japanese abilities aren’t high enough to really fully enjoy it seeing as there aren’t any japanese subtitles. now i don’t know how much of a difference that made but i was using the korean subs -> google translated to japanese to help me watch it and i notice if the korean person doesn’t understand what they said there’s a chance i can’t figure out wtf they said lol. sometimes I can figure it out even though the korean person couldn’t. so that’s why i gotta chiebukuro~ oh the woes of not being fluent/native speaker. MAYBE this is my lack of watching anime. I watched a lot of anime it’s I watched most of that before I started learning japanese lol. But seriously 2006 was so goood with code geass, haruhi, welcome to the nhk, toki wo kakeru shoujo, school rumble 2… you could also throw in death note (boring and bland though) and nana… and people on them forums wonder why people say omg new anime sucks.2006 was definitely special and sayonara zetsubou sensei (damn this is brilliant) is actually 2007….
I don’t feel like the best way to understand anime 100% is to watch anime and learn from anime. i think there’s better native media for learning common/useful japanese + common idioms + intonation etc etc. once you get the foundation down for normal japanese then you can notice the strangeness and funness of anime japanese (anime japanese> textbook japanese. lolz… it’s more REAL, PERIOD) and…. If there’s japanese subs then it’s totally different but… I feel like for ME I would define it as understanding ~ 100% ( + excluding some really hard to catch lines for even native speakers) of anime with ease as fluency. when i was watching this i had to pay extra attention then usual. talk/variety is so easy and effortless to follow.
unless you understand anime 100% I wouldn’t say rude/stuck-up stuff like my japanese is as good as a Japanese kindergartener because they obviously understand the anime way more than you since they only speak japanese and they’ve been exposed to it non-stop for the past however many more years or hours whatever than YOU including anime. I HATE IT when people say this about Korean… it’s like no you can barely understand korean dubbed anime so why the hell you saying this. please compare yourself to a more realistic model. ajatt…
BUT ANYWAYS it was a awesome learning japanese from something I love and IS AT MY LEVEL though there ar esome lines i can’t catch…but that was covered w by random japanese peeeps over@ chiebukuro lol.

I wonder if there’s a main character? Is it Magnum Ace? I mean everything is connected to him. If he’s not, then there’s no main character. Anyways I loved all the characters. They’re ALL likable and have their cute character designs. I loved the way top joy talked with the nes and the intonation. not sure if english speakers can tell that his intonation is a little off because i remember when i was wtaching lovely complex with zero japanese studying i couldn’t really hear a significant difference from the way these characters talked vs characters in any other anime. but if i were to watch it now i would be like oh it’s so kansai-ben lol. I loved the baddies too. they’re so awesome too. Anyways I loved SEAGULL… the voice acting, the way they drew him, the angle, the pose, etc, and his story or whatever scene with him had me glued me to the screen.

PLUS THEY utilized the side characters really well.

I loved all the voice acting. eone fitted the character. MAGNUM’s voice is PERFECTTTTTTTT. I liked all the voice actor’s voices… like i gotta look up what other anime they’re in. I loved the recycling of the Voice actors too lol. like the voice actor of someone on silver castle ends up voicing the baddie’s ___ voice. it’s interesting. actually out of the gold brothers i liked gold mask the best because of his voice… but i like all of ’em so much! sometimes i wanted to know the voice actor of some really minor person in the episode but then when i chcked out the credits they credit main and minor but they don’t include e single character that was in the episode. so i asked on chiebukuro who did mihaeru’s voice because i loved her voice and they were like…well one person replied that it was this voice actor who plays another characteron iron leaguer… so maybe that’s why they don’t credit a character because they recycle the voice actors and we’re supposed to know which one did that minor character (sometimes the va is reall ygood at changing their voices to play different characters so it’s sorta hard. do they still do this practice now a days ? lol.
and of course i LOVEd THE BGM. when i saw them use the bgm in the first ep I was scared they might overuse it but they didn’t overuse it at all imo… and i watched eps in a row etc etc… you know how some tv dramas have something special going on for it especially the bgm like hanazakari no kimtiachi e or JIN or this… you can tell they’re putting their all into it the shows.

So I didn’t watch the previews till after i saw the episode because I want to be as surprised as much as possible. But after certain episodes I was thinking even if i watched the preview i couldn’t have predicted this lol. there’s some good surprises

The opening is awesome. it totally matches the show. It’s definitely good enough to be used throughout the whole run. as you watch the show you realize how amazing the opening song is. I was wondering for the part where they sing IRON LEAGUER with japanese pronounciation of aian riiiiiiiii gaaaaaaaaaa….it sounds like they’re saying eiennnnn leaguer. it doe snot sound like aiannnnnn riiiiiiii gaaaaaaaaaa like it should. in the show they say iron leaguer a lot and they aian riii gaaa. maybe they’re doing that on purpose cause you know eien means forever,eternal. I never reallllllly got why he’s saying it like eiennnnnn riiiiii gaaa.
the ending song is really goood, i love the message. i love hearing the seiyuu’s of characters sing the song. here it is ruri’s seiyuu.
the second ending song is silly lol. the lyrics are simple and fitting. i was gonna watch it once then i realized that they’re changing the lyrics up for the song. it’s so funny hearing magnum ace sing such a silly song.
they changed the animation for the op and let me say that the second opening is rather intense. in fact i couldn’t even tell wtf was going on at some parts because of the credits so i definitely gotta go check out the creditles version. yes they dserve their credit but we can’t see the animator’s work… thank god for creditles opening.
If I HAD to bring up the weakness it would be this certain arc … one reason is because after it was right after a couple REALLY REALLY interesting/INTENSE/EXCITING eps (it literally makes me go omg who knew sports anime could get this good……. ) . the eps were sorta filler-type but then they technically aren’t… and the way that arc ended was kickass AMAZING so that’s why i wrote if i HAD To bring up a ~~ but I still liked that arc as a whole. in this arc there’s eps that are better than others. another thing is towards the end, you’ve seen all the tricks they pull and whatever so it’s not as fresh as in the beginning… but you know the last game was exciting so.. no complaints. I never felt like the games were ever stretched out… perfect ratio of action/dialogue/announcer”s dialogue/talking to self time/robots communicating to each other via telepathy or technology or whatever.. stuff became more big and intense as it went on… i guess that’s the shonen factor but i LOVED IT. like i said before i hate shonen anime b.c. i instinctively hate shonen anime because i ain’t a shonen. but if it’s a really well-done shonen like this I’m all for it, i feel it.
but you know something i wished happened was there was more character development in the last 10-15 episodes as in OTHER characters but then i’m not sure if that would’ve taken away from the character they were developing during those episodes. But you know what i also wish they developed the character they were developing during those eps more like his _____s (I’m not gonna fill that in, those who watched know what comes before the s, hint PLURAL). they gave us something but i wish it was more. that’s selfish request that will never come true lolz.
a fine 52-episode anime that is WELL-DONE.!!! it makes me lament the animes now-a-days that are 13-eps and are suckfest from beginning to end or it could’ve been better if it was longer or try to “move” the audience even though they didn’t develop the characters etc etc. but i loved zetsubou sensei and i think 13 eps was fine for that since the second season was not as interesting and the third season was unwatchable. it all depends on the show and how well done it is etc etc etc.
so it’s completely subbed for chinese and korean (thank god for these lol). it’s done up to ep 7 was of now for english. This anime has HEART… HEART-WARMING. that’s one of the things most people who like 90s and 80s anime complain about new anime… that’s why people say they don’t make anime like they used to before (well it can’t be helped? 😦 ) in japanese people keep saying this anime is ATSUI and nekketsu but translating that sounds weird.. they mean hot and hot-bloood respectively. so i think in english you gotta phrase it as intense/passionate/has heart ?? i don’t know.
SO I added a lot of stuff to my deck from this anime because I really liked the sentence or learned a new word or new grammar etc etc. here’s one grammar thing

十郎太: 切り捨ててくれるわ

I thought okay why is he sayin gkureru. oBVIOUSLY it makes more sense to say MORAU or AGERU but i knew that the anime scripwriter didn’t f’up and there must be some nuance to kureru and there was!

– 自分が相手にものを与える。また、相手に対してある行為をしたり、加えたりする。相手を与え手より低い者として卑しめる気持ちを込めた言い方で


I also remember hearing 切りさばいてくれるわ or was it わい from JIN. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but now i know~ not that i’ll ever use kureru like this lol.

oh and the ova is not good. i don’t know it has holes… i don’t understand the point of it.are ovas that are released after the tv series always bad…??

I was so sad when i finished watching the series. the ending is good and satisfying but i’m sad that’ it’s over. no i donn’t want to it to go on endlessly like naruto. that would make the show turn into 1/10… I sorta confirmed this with the OVA. The only thing positive about the ova I can say is they came up with some interesting robots with the designs (creative stuff… ) and animation of course. I think that’s how one feels after being absorbed and watching something really fun and significant. plus i can’t un-watch this. I gotta wait many years before rewatching lol…. i already know the story and surprises etc but like I said I LOVED some of those scenes. I don’t understand what’s the point of OVAs. i was thinking of the word masturbation with OVAs… because the only people who are going to watch it are FANS not people who you are trying to hoook on the show like with anime tv series. so the people making it know you want to see it or buy it and they know that you loved the series. so they probably can tell what you loved about the series and try to include it in the OVA but it’s not the same thing because that stuff was happening in the series while it was going on (in that atmosphere that was built from past eps and whatnot), while now in the OVA it’s happening after the series “concluded” so… it’s like… novelty effect is worn off and it’s NOT the same thing. as much as i love the characters and the world the anime is set in, I enjoyd it in the ANIME series and i’ll re-live it by re-watching the episodes instead of some weird OVA that’s trying to recreate that??? I want to enjoy the real deal 100% iron leaguer world, not some half-bajed iron leaguer world. but the thing is if the series is really good, usually a good story is told and the ends are tied. so if you gotta something afterwards, you gotta create some friction, and problems or introduce something new etc. otherwise it’s a filler episode of the series ?? so basically the OVA has the potential to destroy what the tv series has done because of what an ova is… something that concluded beautifully gets unconcluded with whatever new thing they come up with. but anyways i loved the series and i dont’ want to talk shit about the iron leaguer ovas. i’m saying, i loved the SERIES but i didn’t like the ovas. I was thinking after i watched the series or the OVAs of stuff I want to know more about with characters and whatnot… so I was thinking maybe the OVA could’ve been better if they told us about the details that fans want to know about the iron leaguers and the story. BUT THEN I READ that there’s some LD (what is that shit?) that was released and how they wrote the robot’s biography or something on it for all 7 main robots. I was like I want to know what they wrote. so i don’t know if i’ll find it after googling. i think it’s rare and you can only get it from yahoo auction IF IT’s even up.


while i was watching the series i was reading a book titled gotai fumanzoku 五体不満足 ( I like his writing style). There was a part in the book where the author was saing he was the manager of the football team and that he did statistics to help the team strategize. he talked about how eone on the football team was focused on football and they actually won the championsihp or whatever. eone worked so hard and they never thought they would win or at least no one really believes till it actually happens. he mentions how it was such a joyful moment when you work really hard towards something and you actually GET IT. he described a memeber on the football team who is stoic and never relaly shows his emotions. he said when they won, of course in the moment eone is in disbelief, that guy broke down crying and got down on knees. I thought it was a beautiful event/moment… I don’t know if i would’ve relaly been able to udersatnd and really feel what the author is trying to convey, at least to THIS EXTENT if i wasn’t watching the series. To be honest I’m apathetic to sports like playing it, watching it, etc… i guess that’s one of the things about anime that i really like. it can take something i don’t give a shit about and then make me gain interest in it, or find value in that subject or make it interesting when i thought that would be impossible.

plus there was furigana for the whole booooook! it’s cuz they want kids to read it for obvious reasons cause them kids are so judgemental and mean lolz. omg why do i do this to myself. this was like my 61st book and my first book with furigana. obviously it makes more sense to read furigana books since kanji readings tend to be erratic when it comes to japanese or it’s not but then yo ucan’t tell if there’s onten or not or there’s mad readings and you know all of them but you don’ know which one it is etc tec.

also found this:





I mined sentences like i said i did because I really liked the sentences or there was something to be learnt from it whether it be grammar or vocabulary. So I noticed my anki deck had over 600 cards off iron leaguer lol ( so yo know an average anime ep usually has anywhere from 300 to 400 maybe even to 500 lines for an episode so i don’t tink that’s bad – as far as the n+1 thing is concerned with iron leaguer and me since the show is 52 eps and that is number of cards i have from 52 eps though truth be told sometimes I forgot to tag it as iron leaguer or i tagged other stuff as iron leaguer but if you list stuff CHRONOLOGICALLY you could get all the iron leaguer lines that i inputted into my my deck. it might be 700 for a ll i know.). it’s a lot. and for lines where icouldn’t catch what they were saying i asked on chiebukuro


I loved getting sentences from the show. the thing with stuff you really like it’s easier to remember stuff word for word (not all the time necessarily but.. something about stuff you like is way more significant and easier to remember, harder to forget obviously) which is REALLY useful for production as well as boosting comprehension. It was a pleasure~ minus the frustrating times when i couldn’t catch what they were saying. i was like come again, again , again, shit out of luck and then asked on chiebukuro

CHIEBKURO STUFF + stuff I transcribed myself IS BELOW

台本 セリフ 台詞 全台詞 全台詞 バトルアスリーテス 大運動会 名言 名台詞 名セリフ   LINES 

Updated it May 2013 for additional lines added to episode 52 i believe.



my anki decks


so anki only lets you either export ething or go by the deck but the way idid it with iron leaguer was i did it with a ironleaguer tag and i put the cards into my different decks bc i have diff types of decks. I will make a post on that in the future, either near or far lol.

but the thing with this format is if you open it it will replace your WHOLE set-up (all your decks) with this. so i think if you want to avoid that you should a) sign out of your profile so there’s no weird internet syncing that will obliterate any chances of you keeping your decks b) maybe put anki on a usb c ) open. but anyways this file has all my cards in my decks including iron leaguer. I don’t see any option to EXPORT a selection of cards or anything so that’s why i’m putting it like this in case anyone wants IT!