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helpful! i love the emotionless characteristic of the narrator’s voice

Korean {as it is}

Here are the first three episodes and transcripts of a very amusing Korean TV show called 남녀탐구생활. The Best translation I could come up with is “an investigation into the lives of men and women” but if anyone can suggest a better one then do let me know it.

Thanks to friends from Lang-8 for writing these for me.

Import them into LingQ and get studying.

Episode 1 – Blind Dating

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女優 男優 俳優

correct me if im wrong but the opposite of 女優 is not 男優. I don’t know why or whatever but from my japanese immersion i’ve come to associate danyuu with a male actor in an AV (a porno). that’s what comes up in my head when i hear the word danyuu. the reason I’m writing about this was because I saw ariyoshi’s show… where people live with people that have opposite views on life for however long it takes for both of them to get over it/resolve their differences/make compromises. ex. anally clean person vs really messy person. one of the pairs was an AV actress and a tokyo university student who was in his 20s and he’s a virigin. Nothing dirty happeend lol. IT was just funny when ariyoshi summarized the episode at the end. he was like oh at first something something and now he’s saying he is willing to star in an AV with the girl.

after living with each other for a day or two or a couple? I don’t remember how long they lived together but the girl said to him oh you should get rid of your virginity asap… etc etc. Then she was like we should star in an AV together. It’ll totally sell since we’re on this show and so people will know about it etc etc lol. the guy says no… then he says i’ll probably say yes after 2 days. I think she said danyuu de dete mitari or something along those lines. AT that moment i was like yeah danyuu is just used to describe the “male actors” in AV.

From what I can tell from my immersion if you want to say male actor it’s 俳優. and on a sorta similar note 愛人 is not fiancee.. it means lover as in mistress
許婚     (いいなずけ ) means fiancee though im’ not sure if you can use this word on males because i’ve only seen it used on females in hanazakari no kimtiachi e . From checking the defiition on yahoo jp dic apparently you can use it on male or female.



YAY TO IMMERSION! if you say danyuu people are probably thinking you’re talking about porn but anyways all you hear is haiyuu (on tv articles etc) anyway so i don’t know why anyone would do that.

I officially hate the song AND I AM TELLING YOU

BEFORE you comment on this entry saying blahblahbalha besure to read the link I linked in this entry FIRST.

It’s just so hard to explain what I want to express but it seems like somebody already has for the most part wrote down what I feel. the entry with the word masturbation ESPECIALLY is good. so do CHECK THOSE OUT before you write comments that make you look like a dumbass.

I was starting to hate it just because people ALWAYS pick this damn song because it’s always a CROWD PLEASER. by crowd i mean brainwashed americans. besides this song sang by  many contestants on american idol, perhaps on kpop star? (they sang this song or that other song the diva singers always frikin sing), glee (ugh merecedes… I mean sometimes I like merecedes when she isn’t oversinging) , and probably lots of other places .

ANYWAYS yesterday i believe, it was sang by jessica sanchez and JENNIFER holliday. I found out because VFTW was like oh they’re going to sing a duet … that shit’s going to be OTT = over the top. AND i could tell that it ‘ll be very shittily over the top and boy was it over the ttop. it felt fake, forced, and scary. it was disugistng. it was like masturbation on tv. NOT LITERALLY but ggawd it was horrible.  and people cheering on masturbation. wtf?

search american idol sanchez holliday on youtube or just google american idol sanchez holliday video… I’m not sure when they’ll remove all the vids.

They are deluded leaving comments like

  • One of the best, if not in fact THE BEST performance I have EVER seen on TV in all my 50 years! What an exciting finale show last night was, and this duet was the pinnacle of the evening!

    ….losmeme 56분 전 10

  • shit like this makes me want to facepalm and i don’t like the word face palm yet i’m using it because this shit is so frikin rampant .i wish they would air immortal song on american tv so people can be like oh i’ve been watching shit on american idol these past few months.  or whatever other show that promotes oversignng = talent = deservces 1 million dollars. lol. sometimes it doesn’t matter how much the person oversings or that they’re singin one of those diva songs.. it’s still boring as f***
  • Amen! They kept pushing each other to higher and higher heights, what an exciting performance to watch. Jennifer took Jessica under her wings and they both flew higher together than either could seperately. They were both magnificent, one of the greatest performances of all time. J Lo WISHES she could sing a song like this!

    losmeme 응답 대상: lesleeames(댓글 표시) 52분 전 8

  • guys please let’s not make fun of ms. holliday’s way of singing it is her style of singing and we must respect it……

    yaya yeah 28분 전 재생목록 Finale – Part 2 – AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11 23

  • Thumbs up if you still watching this again and again and again..

    jasper5367 19분 전 14

  • there’s also comments saying how jessica sanchez will win a grammy.  I am telling you right now (holy shiznets i sorta quoted this song that I hate) she will never win a grammym. she wiill be forgotten quickly. there have been so many girls like her on american idol. charice (she’s prettier than jessica sanchez) can’t make it (her american single that flopped… reason is the song sucks balls.) so why will she. she’s boring then charice and obviously charice sings better than her. she doesn’t have star quality and from her lack of music knowledge/exposure as far as i can judge from her song choices… she didn’t not put enough effort as far getting to know music. she just knows about the usually crap everyone knows about.. all those over-played/over-sang songs.

that perfromance was hilarious to horrific especially on holliday’s end.  I can understand singing with soul/feeling it whatever. but this was just horrific. IT wasn’t singing… it turned into some ghastly oversinging=not singing crap… Growling and yelling … it’s just really unpleasant.  PEople are saying that that’s her signature face when she sings that song but isaw performane frmom 80s or whateve it was… she didn’t look like that. and even if i accept that, it don’t change the fact that the sound coming out from her sounds annoying. it’s a product of what she thinks the audience wants/what the audience wants/ lack of self-control. LESS IS MORE. IT REALLY IS.

people are saying this is the best aemrian idol perofmrance ever and that is not true cause there was kelly clarkson (thoug hthe shit that she releases now a days is really really shitty 😦 ) . just watch Kelly Clarkson – Natural Woman . It’s not as over0singy0/over the top/forced / loud/obnoxiosu/selfish etc etc  which is precisely why it’s so good and so much better

the fact that jennifer lope and everyone else was cheering it on like it’s the most epic shit ever is so insufferable (that glee performance with santana and sebastian? was so  epic … that’s my idea of epic just so u know. that glee ep was pretty goood since i didn’t know that some of those songs were michaeljaackson’s sogs… CELLO = EPIC). the brainwashedness  of the people.

Her song choices… just make it so obvious how limited are musical knowledge/exposure is. the whitney song, this song…. they’re both really famous and well known and i am sick of both and the fact she chooses it just pisses me off. THERE ARE OTHER SONGS THAT ARE GOOD . you don’t have to do THAT PEROFRMANCE STYLE or CLIMAX-REACHING STYLE every frikin time. that’s the most predictable boring way ever.. (they didn’t even bother to rearrange it WHATSOEVER ). IT’S BEEN DONE TO DEATH ALREADY ON EVERY FRIIKIN SHOW ESPECIALLY THIS ONE. or are the songs that the contestants are offered that limited?

but seriously i hope she’s not deluded that singing those songs proves she’s talented. it doesn’t anything. for brainwashed americans i’m sure oversinging= talented. By talent I mean she has the potential to become a singer. in my opinion, to become a singer, you need talent = you can sing + you have something special about yourself. Like I LOVED how the judges on kpopstar rejected a bunch of people that sang well because they straight up told them “it was boring’ ” I didn’t want to listen to it anymore/to the end”… like i’m pretty sure they stopped somebody in the middle. Like one of those contestants was this korean girl who is pretty and friends with yuri from snsd… but she is really boring. her singing. she’s just boring from my impression so even in the other areas like acting or whatever… i don’t think she will succeed.

lets be straight up honest here… liike I said she will be forgotten. she will never win a gramym etc etc . as mumch as the fans act all supportive right now they’re not going to listen to her boring singng when she releases some single with some cliche/boring/preidctalbe lyrics/melody etc etc let alone buy it.

I absolutely loathe the crap that they’re fostering with american idol with the diva shit with those frikin songs where people oversing like crazy and then get praised. by oversing it gets to the point where they’re not even singing anymore… it just suonds so unpleasant. I didn’t listsen or watch but I heard fantasia’s performance on american idol last night was frikin terrible with howling or growling or screeching howeevr we should describe that. NOT that Im’ saying that if you’re oversniging but if you’re oversinging but still techinically singing that it’s okay.

I think it’s possible to get the same respon’se or if not stronger resposne doing a song that isn’t one of those “diva” songs or one of those famous songs…. just fromwatching IMMORTAL SONG. but as this rate with the brainwashing of the audience even if someone were to due a real emotional/soulful but not necessarily power-singingn/oversinging like they do on immortal song and on that same leve like ALI’S performance .. I think the audience would be dulll/desensitized to even fully appreciate what they heard.  it’s a horrible viscious cycle with the audience makig the singer do that and singering doing that which makes the audience do that whcih makes both sides “dull” and insensitive…. really just losing out. Thank god immortal song exists. that show just fosters pure music/soulfullness/appreciation for the past greats etc etc which american idol never does. they just promote oversinging and shoving songs down our throats that we’v eheard a billion times.

I feel like it’s just another one of those desensitizing crap…  like we have the processed food (people dont’ even know what real food tastes like since they’re used to eating msg/articiafial flavor blahblahbalh…. or they think they do but in fact they don’t )… with singing  I feel like they’re just proclaiming that you have to sing like them divas to get a powerful performance.. and it’s affecting the singers and the audience (esp the audience that listens to mainstream/ doesn’t really listen to music) . sometimes subtle stuff can be just as powerful if not amazing.  It’s limiting if you’re stuck in that i have to oversing mentality.

NOT THAT IT MATTERS IF YOU WIN AMERICAN IDOL OR NOT but because of this perofrmance with jennife rholliday and jessica sanchez I WAS GLAD that jessica sanchez didn’t win. this is the opposite opinion compared to the people saying that jessica will win a grammy next year (which will not happen lol). this performance was the epitome of everything i hate about American idol and other shows that promote this crap and just limitng/killing music with the singers and the audience etc etc.


That duet was horrible! There is no wonder why we never hear of Jennifer Holliday again these days, that was ridiculous and laughable. Nobody buys it. Jessica will never do that again in public lol

No, the audience was told to stand up and cheer, they were told to giver Jennifer another ovation, we in the audience were being “produced” as well as the rest of the show. It was actually horrible screaming by Jennifer. Jessica would have done much better on her own, she probably felt like she had to scream at the end to keep up with Jennifer. It really was not a great performance by the two of them. Jennifer was downright scary looking. I was there and I heard ad saw it and I know many others who felt like we were forced to give the big ovation. I wish Jessica would have had Jennifer Hudson to sing with her!!

LAST THING.. I noticed that somebody on idol sang that annoying adele song that i’m going to start hating on at this rate with the rolling in the fire or the deep or whateves. so i saw it since i was curious and man park jimin ‘s version is SO MUCH better and she doesn’t even speak english. talk about epic fail on the american idol girl’s part… she’s probably older than jimin tooo. how come on kpop st ar they can get interesting voices like ihaeri (it’s a singing voice that’s really unexpected from a korean version) yet on american idol no one has a unique voice. it’s like who has the most forgettable voice?

top 3 && top 2 for KPOP STAR!

u-go-girl  – e. hai
i loved how they arranged it! love my jjazz. i’m sure the original is noise-tastic since it IS kpop and it’s ihaeri.

park jimin – you raise me up = yawn. i hate this song. i prefer to get inspired by other songs.  The commenting part with the judges was interesting… if this was american idol it would be frikin boring.

BAEK AEUN. -some big bang song that i do not know. it was okay. . ㅑI’d rather listen to this song then you raise me up though.

out of these i don’t know who i like 2nd. I know i like ihai best but i don’t know who like 2nd just because their song choices have been really lackluster for me as of late.

judges comments typed up here!


pasted here in case the site goes down since it proably will one day

박지민 이하이 백아연(왼쪽부터) <화면캡처=SBS ‘일요일이 좋다-K팝스타’>
박지민과 이하이가 ‘K팝스타’ 최후의 2인이 됐다. 톱3까지 진출했던 백아연은 아쉽게 탈락했다.

22일 오후 인천 송도 컨벤시아에서는 SBS ‘일요일이 좋다-서바이벌 오디션 K팝 스타'(이하 ‘K팝 스타’) 톱3의 톱2 진입 위한 생방송 대결이 펼쳐졌다.

첫 번째로 무대에 오른 이하이는 이효리의 ‘유고걸’를 특유의 소울 감성으로 편곡해 새로운 느낌을 만들어 냈다. 중저음의 매력이 물씬 느껴진 이하이 만의 ‘유고걸’을 선보였다.

[클릭하시면 원본크기 이미지를 보실 수 있습니다.]
<화면캡처=SBS ‘일요일이 좋다-K팝스타’>

이하이의 무대를 지켜 본 양현석은 “놀랐다. 생방송 들어오면서 이하이의 오묘한 눈빛을 보고 싶었던 한 사람으로서 꽉 막혔던 감정을 뚫어 준 무대였다. 자신감이 충만한 무대였다. 개인적으로 무척 기쁘다”라며 99점의 높은 점수를 부여했다.

보아는 “하이양 축하한다. 드디어 돌아왔다. 이렇게 자신 있는 표정, 노래하는 데 막힘이 없었다. 표현하고 싶은 대로 표현하고 무대를 즐겼다. 모든 것을 떨쳐내고 뭔가를 넘어선 느낌이었다. 너무 잘 봤다”라며 99점을 줬다.

마지막으로 박진영은 “저는 감정에 휩쓸려 가는 모습을 중간 중간 보고 싶었다”라고 아쉬운 점을 지적했다. 이어 “이번엔 노래 시작부터 끝까지 안전한 범위 안에 있었다. 너무 계획적으로 한 것이 아닌가. 비록 너무 휩쓸려서 음정이 틀리고 박자가 틀릴지언정 감성에 이끌리는 모습을 보고 싶다”라며 92점을 불렀다.

[클릭하시면 원본크기 이미지를 보실 수 있습니다.]
<화면캡처=SBS ‘일요일이 좋다-K팝스타’>

두 번째로 무대에 오른 박지민은 ‘유 레이즈 미 업’으로 감동 무대를 선사했다. 박지민은 진심을 담은 노래 속에 감정에 쓸려 눈물을 흘리기도 했다. 눈물 때문에 잠시 흔들리기도 했지만 특유의 폭발적인 고음과 성량으로 무대를 압도하며 끝까지 노래를 마쳤다.

보아는 “저는 16살에 일본에 혼자서 가수 활동을 했다. 가장 듣기 싫은 말이 ‘보아니까’였다. 그 말이 힘도 됐지만 부담도 됐다. 지민양도 그랬을 것이고, 지민양 자신이라는 것이 싫어질 때도 있을 것이다. 이 경연의 우승을 떠나 앞으로 나이는 어리지만 더 단단해져야 지민양이라 할 수 있는 것이 있을 것이다. 그런 모습을 더 많이 봤으면 좋겠다. 눈물 때문에 음정이 조금 흔들려서 점수는 조금 짜게 줬다”라며 99점을 부여했다.

박진영은 “시청자들은 더 잘 할 수 있을텐데라고 생각할 수도 있지만, 지민양의 나이를 생각해 보라. 16살 나이에 이렇게까지 부를 수 있는 것은 굉장한 것”이라며 “다만 감정 표현이 잘 안되고 막힌 부분도 있는 것 같다. 너무 어리기 때문인 것 같다”라며 92점을 눌렀다.

양현석은 “훨씬 외모가 못생기고 키가 작아도 사랑할 수 있을 것. 제작자로서 박지민씨의 재능을 사랑한다. 사실 오늘 감정 컨트롤은 잘 안 됐다. 예전에 불러 봤던 노래기에 100점이 나올 것이라고 기대를 했다. 감정만 평소대로 조절했어도 100점이 나왔을 텐데, 너무 잘하려고 하다가. 너무 자신 있는 것이 오히려 해가 될 때가 있다”라며 97을 줬다.

[클릭하시면 원본크기 이미지를 보실 수 있습니다.]
<화면캡처=SBS ‘일요일이 좋다-K팝스타’>

세 번째로 무대에 오른 백아연은 2AM의 ‘잘못 했어’를 선곡 해 안정적인 무대를 펼쳤다. 백아연은 청량한 목소리와 특유의 안정적인 가창력으로 애절한 감성을 살린 노래를 선보였다.

박진영은 “마지막이 다가와서이지 너무 안정적인 선곡과 무대를 펼친 것 같다. 이제는 좀 더 스스로 빠져드는 무대를 보여줬으면 좋겠다”라며 92점을 줬다.

보아 “빅뱅 ‘하루하루’때나 마찬가지로 너무 안정적인 편곡과 노래였다. 항상 새로운 것을 할 필요는 없지만, 뭔가를 꽂아줄 한 방이 없다. 너무 안전했고 그런 점이 아쉬웠다”라며 95점을 부여했다.

양현석은 “오늘 세 분의 무대를 봤을 때 이하이는 8주 동안 갇혀있던 괴물이 튀어나오는 느낌이었다. 박지민은 너무 잘 하려다 감정 컨트롤을 못하긴 했지만 진정성이 느껴졌다. 백아연 같은 경우 작전 실패다. 소녀시대 ‘런 데빌 런’과 김범수의 ‘보고싶다’는 가장 좋았던 무대였다. 하필 톱3에서 ‘잘못했어’는 선곡이 잘못 됐다. 너무 아쉽다. 노래를 잘하고 못하고를 떠나 작전이 3명 중 가장 잘 못된 것 같다”라며 90점을 눌렀다.

결국 파이널 무대를 앞두고 아쉽게 탈락한 백아연은 “발라드만 부를 줄 알았는데 춤추게 해 주신 보아 언니, 저를 프로듀싱 해보고 싶다고 해주신 박진영 심사위원님 감사하다”라고 말했다. 백아연은 이날 결과 발표 뒤 눈물을 글썽이면서도 끝까지 의연한 모습을 잃지 않아 더욱 눈길을 끌었다.

‘K팝스타’ 생방송은 심사위원 점수 60%, 실시간 문자 투표 30%, 온라인 사전 투표 10%로 탈락자를 결정하고 있다.

한편 이날 방송에서는 ‘K팝스타’ 톱3와 톱 가수들의 콜라보레이션 무대도 꾸며졌다. 박지민은 빅뱅의 지드래곤과 탑, 이하이는 미쓰에이, 백아연은 소녀시대의 태연 티파니 태연과 합동 무대를 선보였다.

[나도 부자가 될 수 있을까? 긴급 추천 스마트정보!]
[관련 키워드] 이하이|백아연|K팝스타|박지민

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Got excited at the part of the special stage when ihai was dancing with miss a… like the part they all got on the floooooooooor lol. I liked the song… it’s catchy but i’m pretty sure the original is mad mad noisY? i hate that aspect of kpop. i saw the faces of some of the members up-close and i think they didn’t do plastic surgery lol.

the performance with the snsd performance was snsd FT beak ayeun. i was so surprised that there was some power behind taeyeon’s voice since her voice is soooooo weak. the part where tiffany or jessica or whatever her name is is rapping… is like donbiki with the audience (in other words i don’t feel like the audience connected with her at that part of the performance but it’s korea so what do you expect.)

BIG BANG and PARK JIMIN.. I don’t get what talent big bang has??? (the rappers on the immortal song for the most paart have a voice that is somewhat soothing or powerful or something… that commands attention. the big bang people just sound annoying. It’s like… i know rap always get criticized as people just talking and their “”raping”” was essentially talking so they’re inherently proving that very point…. but like i said there are good rappers like the ones on immortal song and other places. and no lil wayne sucks balls.) even if you rap don’t you have to rap with the right tone otherwise it sounds annoying?  I DO LIKE the green/blue haired guy’s DEEP VOICE it’s just… thta rap was a mess… it was talking? Ive heard him rap on some recorded track so i  know he can sound bettter. oh yeah is only so catchy for so long. OMG PARK JIMIN HAD IT THE EASIEST I JUST REALIZED…. i’m sure this special performance ate into the time for practicing their song for judging. she didn’t have to learn a dance (well as complicated as ihaia’s ), she didn’t have to sing  in english( oh yeah is practically korean… it’s pretty common lol. ) and she just sings oh yeah over and over. BUT WAIT MAYBE bak aeyeon barely did anything either since like it was snsd ft. bak aeyeon… so i guess it wasn’t that bad. so ihai had it the worst as far as learning shit yet her performance that gets judged was also the best.

BAEK AEYEON went home but i guess it’s okay since i don’t blame people for getting bored with her ballads and i guess those people more tolerant of the song you raise me up.. than i ever will be.

TOP 2————-


top 2 . last episode!
i like the song ihai sang but i heard this song a BILLION TIMES ON THE OLDIES STATION.

the group performances were cuuute/intersting to some extent unlike american idol… (they paste on their plastic smiles whilst singing some crappy song that’s been overplayd on radio for a billion years straight) sorta nice to see them back agian. kim nayoon is as awkward as ever. lol.

and who the hell was that verteran singer? is she gonna be featured on immortal song soon or something? is she half black?? (she don’t look that old though)  (her english was good as far as i can tell) I don’t have a gooooood impression of her. all i get is kY = kuuki yomenai. AND OMG e. michelle wowed me again. the judges always said to her oh we know you can sing but we don’t feel emotion. What Igot from e. michelle is I don’t think she sings that well… average at best (it never sounded powerful or genuine or anything) and i don’t feel emotion. but this time I got emotion and singing prowess 🙂

NM i saw the comment
Insooni JR

switcherooo thing was interestin”””’
i’m glad they changed the arrangement and stuff because if it’s the SAME and only the VOICE is different, it is REALLY REALLY BORING. but either way, for both songs i just prefered the original person who sang (not adele… nor duffy.. i mean ihai/jimin)

i hate that adele song for obvious reasons.

JYP is good at performing….. like the legwork. but he always makes those faces but that’s just his thing. it’s fine in korea i guess…

I liked kim nayoon’s voice in that song with the group of people including JYP. I could understand her korean fine 🙂

speaking of which,,,, for “Ra. D – Couple Song (cover) Megan Lee & Eejeong Jang “- which features another american-korean girl… I couldn’t undersatnd her. … at parts. if the guy isn’t singing “with” her… w’re in trouble..i’m like is she singing in english? i can’t catch it. sounds very mumbly…. like she forgot the lyrics or osmething but she didn’t.

FOR THE WINNER . I like ihai better . but anyways I’m not sure how much winning means… cause in american idol it obviousl doesn’t matter if you win or not. right now they’re all amateurs growing and whatnot… like if you watch immortal song it’s like completely different.

TOP 5 && Top 4. KPOP STAR

I know that the show is over and that _ won but still curioussssss to hear the judge’s comments/what went down etc etc.

TOP 5 episode:
omg lol I never thouhgt I would say this but I felt emotion from e. michelle’s singing! …i can’t believe hell froze over. it was something i thought that would never happen.

u just by soulciety seems lik e agood a song from the little clip they showed and e-michelle’s rendition. I ‘ll check out the original…

PARK JIMIN- I dont like this song no more. I’ve heard hyorin sang it on immortal song and that was enough for me to get sick of the song. i think it’s a song that literally takes one listen to get sick of. It’s just that same thing over and over… the sabiiiiiii

park aeyeon – run devil run! saw snsd on the show teaching her the song and some white guy kalle engstorm?. ooooh.
oh he wrote the song. does it matter anyway … i would jjust guess he wrot elyrics to the demo which kesha sang. ke$ha? is that how you write it?

I don’t like it… it’s run devil run light. I thought she was going to totally change up the style of the song but it wasn’t so it becomes run devil run light.  😦

E. SUK HOON . GUY who ca’nt rap or sing. as always his stage is alwasy more intersting than others… since his focus is ENTERTAINMENT… I LOVED the pose he did at the end with the king hatttt. I’m curious as to how much of the stage performance was thought up by him / those professionals etc because that is a big reason why his part is fun to watch. it’s sorta funny to watch him receive criticism with the hat on.

ihai- I LOVE that keyshia cole songggg. the i-i-i–i-i-i-i-i- part was
not as good as keyshia cole’s version (stillenjoyableeee) but then again maybe keyshia cole’s thing in that gets knnowing after a while.

e. michelle finally left .. I’ve been wishing her to leave all these weeks and she finally proved herself and actually made people feel emotion so I was actually was saddened by her departure..  I thought i would cheer when she leaves just because she’s boring me all these weeks.
TOP 4===========
This korean person typed up the judges comments from the ep 🙂

– BORING.  wow the comments were interesitng… something about cancer????? kouganzai … wut? so confused. it’s so interesting that he just mentions it and people don’t really go into it too much.  or did they mention it on the show before, is that why?

more explanation here:

park jimin. – love on top by beyonce .was this song a single? i don’t follow mainstream music so for the most part i have no idea. lol.   I thought beyonce went down the shitstream/jump the shark… so i think this song is a couple years old? but if it was I would know it? is it a cover? she’s so shitty like songs like girls runthe world. not only are the lyrics to that song are terrible, it’s super repetitive. talk about adding insult to injury I like this song so that’s why i’m realllllly surprised it’s by Beyonce…

IHAI/ e. hai (since i call lee michelle e. michelle) – song about time flowing by. rapping was eh to me.

e. suk hun. lee suk hoon. – it’s so different with him because his appeal is not his talent and he always writes a part of his song while this time it was from scratch. but i’m sure jyp helped him lots as far as i can tell from the video bits.

I feel so bad for them, they have to prepare this andddddddddddd do their performance.  they’re putting this in so people can vote ++ they don’t have enough people to fill in the time.

LOVED the performance with ihai and park jimin.

they do the same thing on american idol but instead of the name special stage we call it boring filler soulless singing shit. they get the contestants to sing some bland song that has been overplayed on the radio for like the pas t10 years at least and i’m like please please please stop singing these crappy songssssssss. does it cost that much money to get more song rights? It could actually be fun and entertaining but they don’t give a shit about it being entertaining… just that the song or the arrangement is enough to fill up _ minutes. the contestants just put on a fake smile with probably the thoughts along of the lines of damnnit i hate this song, why do i have to sing it…. and they have no energy nor the ability to hype the audience up.

ANYWAYS the person who went home had to go home. it’s like the episode dayana (so sad that penn and other really talented people went home before she did) on celebrity apprentice went home. IT JUST MAKES SENSE. if they didn’t go home it would be another CHRIS DAUGHTRY MESS. They might as well have eliminated 2 people. j/k.