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Oh shiznit! I hit the jackpot?? Korean-Korean dictionary with 900,000+ entries!’ve tried to make an account for this Korean dictionary site many times and it never worked. I can’t even contact the website people to fix their website because their website is broken and they don’t provide an e-mail. However, I realized that I don’t need the site as the name of the website suggests, they’re helpful for learning fundamental Korean so 90% of the time the words I look up are not even in there. I was interested in signing up so I can save words to my NOTEBOOK and see what export options they had. I’ve utilized daum dictionary’s notebook in the past since they allow me export the words I save as .xls with the word, definition. It seems naver dictionary only allows you to print your list of words for k-e and for k-k they don’t give you the option of printing. Either way, you’d have to use some scrapping software/program to somehow extract the information to something usable if you’re thinking of importing stuff into anki or updating your cards in anki. Or manually copy-paste a million times.<– only in Japan. LOL)

ANYWAYS, I came across these other 2 sister dictionary sites that are related to that fundamental korean dictionary site. They work fine and I signed up for an account with no problem. noticed one of them said that they provide the entire dictionary database to download as .zip file. I got it and lo and behold there were 20+ .xls files which adds up to 900,000+ entries of Korean words. As I’ve mentioned in my previous entry, I figured out how to make a stardict dictionary because I love using the Wordquery plugin since it saves me a lot of time and effort. I know from experience that excel is wonky and just doesn’t handle a lot of values well ie 50,000 rows or 900,000 rows. I realized I could still make a stardict dictionary by combining all the .xls files if I use officelibre calc (I can’t afford excel or rather I refuse to spend money on that), anki, anki’s advanced copy plugin, notepad, a bunch of control + H, firefox, and stardict dictionary editor. I updated the link to mediafire in my hanjaro and holy grail anki format post. I made one stardict dic where it only generates the korean definition and another dic with more info like pronunciation, hanja, and other info since I like putting the definition on the front. It has limitations with homonyms since when I made it, I set it up so that if there are multiple entries with the same sound, I just kept one of them since wordquery only inserts one of the entries anyway (and i don’t plan on using this stardict dictionary on stardict, moon reader etc) even if there are multiple that match. I had to use anki to make the stardict dictionary since I can’t manipulate a file that huge on excel. This dictionary file definitely has better coverage than the korean-korean dictinoary (147,000 entries) on the stardict site since it has so many more entries. anyone wants to make a bigger/better dictionary with the files that includes all the homonyms etc, go for it! I’m satisfied with what I made! The links to the files are in the mediafire link.

By the way the multi-column anki plugin is a must if you use the wordquery plugin! I can’t be scrolling all day! For me, I run like 9? 8? dictionaries on wordquery to generate definitions for Korean and sometimes only 1 of the dictionaries has a match and of course there are times where there are zero matches despite the countless dictionaries! It’s a lifesaver! I’ve complained many times on this blog about the Korean dictionaries just plain sucking where I have to resort to googling or ask people on chiebukuro or reddit to find out what a word means (They are words korean people know and use. I’m not looking up useless, obscure words that most korean people don’t even know etc.). Therefore, having a dictionary in my anki wordquery aresenal that contains 900,000+ entries is comforting to say the least!

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OMG my anki dreams have come true!
<- took pics of my cards with pictures since they looked cool to me!


So I found out on this OLD THREAD that ankidroid can be run on android-based ereaders!  This excites me a lot because I’ve always hated how the computer screen makes my eyes tired and irritated. :O Of course you can mitigate this by buying computer screens that are specifically designed to be more comfortable to your eyes like the ASUS or BENQ brand or wearing computer glasses or using f.lux or taking a break every 20 minutes or all of the above. However, for the most part if I’m reading or doing an anki deck I want to use an eink screen because it’s so much comfortable on my eyes. I did my research and the cheapest option is the refurbished nook glowlight plus on ebay for around $50. Only problem is you gotta ROOT IT after you get it. All the other ones are like 100$ or like $200 or even more but you don’t need to root them since you already have access to google play or whatever it is to download android apps! Of course they come with more features like bluetooth or an audiojack. Ankidroid on nookglowlight will enable you to do anki reviews that are solely picture or text. It cannot do sounds since it doesn’t have the capability to play sounds. bought this nook with the sole purpose of using it to do anki reviews. As an ereader I definitely prefer the kindle paperwhite 3 and I will make a post about it in the near future as it is a GREAT resource learning many languages except for Korean because there’s no dictionary for Korean. I’ve always appreciated and loved anki for what it’s enabled me to accomplish in my busy life. I see these language learners or polyglots that have shitty learning methods with the writing and copying crap excessively as in they don’t seem to understand the concept of language learning on a fundamental level (This is why I’m such a big fan of Steve Kaufmann because he really spreads the truth about language learning and dispels the god awful myths on youtube. I absolutely hate the myths that are constantly being perpetuated about language learning and fluency and language learning methods.).  And these people seem very content and complacent and brain-washed and conditioned to believe that the ineffective, time-consuming educational methods they were subjected to during their formative years was actually effective in some way. I was more cynical and depressed than those people during those years and plus I went to an American School & I just knew I was being subjected to bullshit. I shudder when I hear the word “language learning notebook.” Of course not everyone has to use anki but in my personal experience it’s very effective and helpful and you can easily misuse it or torture yourself with it. I recommend using anki when you get intermediate or upper intermediate because I think it’s more efficient to learn all the common words from encountering them many times rather than through anki torture. Also, I have so much experience with anki at this point I know what works for the most part. I get a lot of bang for my buck. I owe a lot to anki because I know for a fact I would’ve NEVER bothered to learn Korean. Psychologically I would totally tell myself wtf is the point with the going backwards aka 1 step forward, 2 steps back bullshit. Because I have anki there’s no f’in possible way to go BACKWARDS in Korean no matter how much I neglect it lol. It’s not just anki. I think it’s because I know my kanji and I use anki. Psychologically I would’ve have never bothered to learn Korean unless I set myself up in such a way that I cannot regress. I do not understand people who set themselves up for failure and experience the 1 step forward, 2 steps back over and over again and continue on with ineffective methods (again  not saying you gotta use anki but it really says something about the ineffectiveness of your methods if you’re going backwards so many times. you really don’t need anki for fluency if you can put in the immersion time *which is a lot * which requires you to do stuff you actually like NOT stuff you think you should be doing or stuff you think you like or stuff you’re trying to make yourself like etc etc.  I see this crap all the time and people are like why is my passion for x language gone? I’m like uh you’re subjecting yourself to torture while lying to yourself about it. THAT’S WHAT’S UP. ).

ANYWAYS out the rooting was kinda time-consuming and annoying but I figured it out with google. My biggest problem was step one which was enabling USB-debugging or something like that which is addressed in the link below.  After that you gotta learn how to install android apps via side loading which means Downloading the Latest ADB and Fastboot SDK Platform-Tools and googling directions  and downloading the “apk” for the app (via google).  For windows after you get the platform tools folder you go in the folder PRESS SHIFT AND RIGHT CLICK on the window (NOT on a file) and click the option for “open powershell window here.” At minimum you need nova launcher and ankidroid installed. I was also interested in NAVER COMICS because the drawing isn’t that good anyway and it’s a great way to learn korean and I refuse to stare at a computer screen for that. But for the nook glowlight plus it’s a NO GO. You can’t scroll (well you can but it looks like crap… just a lot of lag and waiting). you cannot install norefresh or a2 mode. IT’s a horrible experience since you have to scroll since it’s just one long ass picture file. I only use it for ankidroid for that reason.

I will say that the initial DOWNLOAD of my deck took 1 hour because it kept shutting off because it thinks you’re idle and my deck is huge with the pictures and sound files ( I used to make cards with sound). Before downloading your deck onto your nook I suggest going on your DESKTOP ANKI and going to options check database; it might help. afterwards it’s just smooth-sailing since all it needs to do is sync. I think syncing takes a few minutes.

I have no intention of making or editing anki cards on this whatsoever. IT’s not worth the pain. If it really bothers me I’ll write down the card on a paper and then fix it on the computer anki.

Check out the links on this reddit thread and you may have to google a bit more to get the info but just make sure you’re googling for the specific nook that you have. Hint you gotta install nova launcher or some other launcher to actually access the apps you sideload onto your nook.

As an ereader, the nook glowlight plus is really lacking. I haven’t tried downloading an ebook reading app and reading a book on it but I did read a book on the default nook ebook software because I wanted to read an epub book that is not accessible on the kindle paperwhite. First of all the dictionary sucks because it takes you outta the book (time waster) while the kindle pops it open and you close it by tapping the screen. Also the screen response is just faster and better on the kindle and flipping pages is a nightmare on the nook lol. It feels like you gotta click on that exact patch of screen otherwise it takes you to the options or whatever. But for the purpose of DOING ANKI and considering that it cost around $50 it’s totally a great buy in my book.

Ankidroid has gestures which means I do anki reviews much faster!

Here are more pictures! The ghosting doesn’t look as noticeable in person and doesn’t distract me. I don’t notice it and the ereader refreshes periodically as I do the reviews.
and as always I have a lot of ideas for posts but don’t have time or motivation to flesh them out for good reasons.



How to Install ADB on Windows, macOS, and Linux

./adb.exe devices” instead of just “adb devices” powershell kept saying that adb was not a known command or script, etc.

ugh stinky people in public

besides being an introvert this is the other huge reason why i hate going out in public. by stinky people i mean perfume and cologne. by excess i mean i can’t walk behind those people without suffocating. here’s an example: I get out of my car in the parking lot to head inside the cvs and i notice there’s a white girl walking in front of me. i’ve learned past mistakes and now just assume the worst so i hold my breath to prevent the assault to my senses. other times I look at the girl and think maybe she doesn’t douse herself with shit and i don’t bother holding my breath in and i get hit with the shit. It’s not like i’m walking that closely behind and I get hit with it.  because of these awful experiences i employ certain strategies…

assess the person that i will get in relatively close proximity due to me having to walk pass or get near or walk behind. the following makes the likelihood higher like person being a girl, a white girl, a person that cares about their appearance such as putting on makeup or doing some hairstyle or some fashionable duds (or what they think is casual chic that i would never ever wear ie leggings and vicose/polyster/nylon shirts)   or the person doesn’t care that much about their appearance. but anyways of course it’s not just white girls but if it a white girl i just assume the worst.

walk slower to avoid the problem but  still hold my breath just in case some of the smell lingres

hold my breath as soon as I get anywhere near these people. holding my breath isn’t that difficult since it will be only 10-15 seconds. usually this strategy woroks really well because i don’t take a breath until it looksl ike hte coast is clear. but obviously if you don’t start holding your breath early enough because you misunderestimate the person or you let your guard down and assume the person won’t stink like shit based on the lack of indicators.  but seriously if it’s a WHITE PERSON i really need to assume.

i noticed that multiple people wear the same or really similar perfume and i just cannot wrap my head around as to how the smell is pleasant ??? i can understand how someone can like th e smell of something floral or citrus-y (i honestly know perfumes are full of toxic chemicals and i don’t wear them). but some of the scents are just like wtf… i don’t understand what positive words people would use to describe them. they just smell like shit. CHEAP SHIT. STALE SHIT ETC

i don’t go out in public that often but i think this problem has became more prevalent in the past years because i don’t remember being so bothered this in the past… nowadays i’m like deathly afraid of encountering white girls in public.  just in general if i have to pass a female person in public and they seem to have makeup on etc then i hold my breath before i pass them because someetimes the smell is just so strong and pungenet and musky and unpleasant… they just make me want to move to the countryside and get some fresh air.  i’m curious if this problem is worse in other countries.. it’s pretty awful here with cheap perfumes available everywhere not t hat expensive ones are any less offensive.

How much do you understand?

godotngue 10 15sss

hhhhh***super happy to share the images that i’ve taken while watching my innocent japanese tv 😀
I actually have quite a few topics that I want to write on that I have on evernote. some of them i’m warming them up bcause I don’t want to write about something until I really understand the subshowmthemoeny4 ep2ject matter. I like to be thourough in my posts. there’s other stuff that I want to write about but I can tell if’l lbe long-winded and labor-intensive because i’ll want to flesh it out as much apossible and include all the links and book
titles that i’ve come across. BTW I thought the lsat hunger games movie was the least awful out of them all in that stuff actually happened since it is the last movie (in all the other movies literally nothin ghappens yet they act like shit actually happened and they make a big deal about it. my eyes roll behind my head and beyond. I only only only bitch I was dragged to all 4. so please do not bitch at me. likewise everyone has the alieenswrite to hate on taylor swift etc etc because if you work in retail you will hear their damn songs over and over. so yes we have the right to hate on them we are being FORCED to listen to their music. that’s why mainstream artists get hate because people are FORCED to hear their songs for the umpteenth time). however it’s still an awful movie and I was especially irritated at the part where the person who is going to get executed was acting arrogant because i’ve heard so MANY horrifying execution stories from north korea. that scene really irked me.

the plight of heritage language learners
i joined the ranks of heritage language learners about 4 years into my japanese studies. there were feeble, futile attempts in the past using awful methods that I was exposed to during my compulsory education. those attempts were failures so I do not count those.

anyways I wanted to explain my stance on the question “how much do you understand”

i run tinto situations where i’m asked this question like if the tv is in my heritage language and I happen to be there with not much to do except converse or look at MY smart phone, eat, whatever. THE TV has been news, documentary show, talk show, variety show etc etc whatever. and 99% of the time the show does not interest me one bit. I might pay attention to it here and there if something piques my interest but let’s be real that shit in korean not japaense. part of the reason why I think my japanese studies went so well is because they have great television and the entertainment in japanese is limitless. they have so much going for them and theyhave a lot of freedom when it comes to tvcompared ot korea and even to america sometimes (it feels like that). even if I tried to do the same thing that I did with japanese in korean which is not possible because korean doesn’t use hanja (which makes vocabulary learning extremely difficult and almost impossible at least for me),… so even if I did that it wouldn’t have worked because they don’t have geinin. yes korea does have interesting tv and I have to search for it properly or fast-forward the show properly or figure out which episodes of the show will hold my interest based on the guest etc but anyways my love and obsession for japanese tv is uncontainable. if the enteratinment that I get from the “best” japanes tv come across is a 10/10, it would be a 7/10 or something like that for korean tv. that’s how it is to me. of course korean tv offers stuff that japanese tv can’t and I appreciate that (they don’t have jessi and korea sure as hell does not and will never have a matsuko) and love watching it for that reason.

BUT ANYWAY as you can imagine when somebody asks me that question I say ” I don’t know.” I don’t really expand on it beyond that and run around the bushes. if I am prodded enough i’ll say 40 % or whatever depending on how boring the show is to me. of course i’m not saying this to make it sound like as if I do undersatnd 99% but i’m saing 40% becaues it’s boring…. further explanation below.

What I’m truly thinking in my head is I don’t care. I have no interest in understanding this show. that is the biggest factor as to whether or not this questions is answerable. I don’t really care how much I undersatnd the show so one I am not paying attention to it… so part of this question is asking me to pay attention to this show and assess how much I understand. but I have no desire to do that, if I did I might be like okay it’ll be around 40% but it could be half-assed attempt as in I am paying attention but i’m not laser pin-point focused and putting all my energy and concentration towards understanding and catching the words and the sounds and whatnot. maybe the percentage would be slightly higher or even 90% if I were to go balls to walls and use all my energy towards that. but at the sametime comprehension should be effortless… if I have to tax myself to get 90% comprehension that’s not my true comprehension ability. that’s the way I see it. BTW i think RAP is really helpful with comprehension as far as that automatic, effortless comprehension is concerned. i’ve been into rap but unpretty star sure as hell does encourage more attention and interest as well as zico lol. BY THE WAY THE PRIMARY ALBUMS WITH THE RAP/SINGING SONGS ARE AMAZING!!! the albu mthat features jessi, iron, benzino, rap monster. that album is an A+ IN MY BOOK! i listened to it probbably at least a 100 times. i was so obsessed with this album. i remember the first time iheard the song iwth iron and choa i wasn’t drawn in but after a while i was addicted. also also i was obessed with epik high’s 악당 && 비켜  どけ And 悪党 in japanese not in the respective orders. I know with language learning you tend to compare yourself and you might have an urge to brag about whtaever you learned or know in however short span of time. I suppose being asked this question is kind of an opportunity for that but first and foremost I have no desire to undersatnd said show. if sokmebody bragged to me that they read japanese newspapers aloud (keyword here is aloud because they have a lot of readings and sometimes I forget readings or i’m not sure which reading it is or I have no f’in clue which comes up rather frequently due to all the last names and locations in japan) fluently or effortless or whtaever adjective is impressive i’ll be like cool but I wouldn’t get my panties in a bunch and be all jealous or anything like that. the reason is that I have no interest in the news so I can’t comprehend why you’d spend so much time reading newspapers to get to that point ( i also understand that yto’ud only get to that point is if you do it consistently or did it al ot which is only possible if you enjoy it unless you’re a masochist) . if somebody said that about a movie that I only understood 80% of then I would be jealous and feel motivated to up my game and get my listening comprehension and inference on.

the question I s pointless to me. it’s not “do you understand”, it’s “do you find this show interesting or entertaining.” I don’t care how “bad” I look by saying 20% or whatever arbitrary number. I have no desire to undersatnd the show so for me to ansewr the question is …. wah? I don’t gain anything by trying to undrestand or try to figure out how much I understand it. I know the question is innocent and the person doesn’t have any specific intention behind that question but for me it comes with all these connotations so I am bothered. Of course i have no energy to explain this or anything like that. ALSO the heritage language learning forum on that big famous language learning forum is SUPER SUPER INTERESTING and i believe i have quoted many entries from that forum on my tumblr and they were mostly concerning korean but i have tkane stuff from the heritage learner thread as well. but aynways, that’s an interesting thread to check out whether or not you ar ea heritage language learner or you are obligated to be one but you refused to accept it. it was encouraging and there was a lot of interesting discussion and analysis and anecdotes there.

i really should try to find some more 19 금 korean tv shows. witch hunt seemed promising at first but then now i’m like it feels like eveyr episode is the same and hence my motivation to pay attention goes down alot but then some of the guests pique my ineterest so we’lll see. it’s interesting how they talk about sex on this show. i feel like they never say it. it’s round-about or it’s mentioned somewhere nonchalantly in a way that’s unnoticeable by using words that aren’t the actual words. the best way i can describe it is if you don’t pay atention you won’t know what they’re talking about or you won’t realize that they’re tlaking about sex or some other 19+ topic. in fact at one point of the people eon the show ask for clarification that you are asking/talking/insinuating about “that”. they’re very sneaky with those topics. you’d tihnk since it’s 19 금 they’d be more explicit, straight-out, and whatnot. if someone can come up with a better explanation please let me know! sometimes they have ome interesting talk! I thought korean was super against non-martial sex for some reason (i’ve no idea why…probably because they’re tv is so sterile… christinaity isn’t that widespread and i don’t know what buddhism or confuciianms’s view on that is) but from the show i’m not getting that impression


an old entry i didn’t post till now~

another spotting of incorrect japanese from japanese tv.
ご安心してください . It was in a very emotional letter somebody wrote to someone.

I heard it and I was like hmmm… because it’s usually o/go NOUN THING kudasai.
it’s either YOU FOREGO  the o/go and do te-kudasai or you do the o/go + te-kudasai
(omg somebody on the link put the same equation that i mentioned just now )

and so I was totally right!

Japanes tv is a great source for learning japanes. sometimes there is incorrect japanese like this… just gotta follow your japnaese 勘 KAN and look up what seems suspicious lol. on the other hand, for all you know it might be 100% correct but just feels strange because your japanese isn’t good enough.


As of now I’m watching legal high and hanzawa naoki (with them japanese subs) and i’m having fun watching them. i like legal high more than hanzawa and i could predict that even before watching either shows just because… it’s more of a comedy/fun show than hanzawa. i was reading hamsapsukebe’s thoughts on hanzawa about how he hated the overacting and everything. I personally don’t mind it YET… i agree it’s a little over especially the sexual/power harassment committing onee-guy with the tax department. what i really hate about OVER-ACTING is the crying, yelling, pausing, really “fake” acting i see in j-dramas so i don’t really mind the “overacting” in hanzawa. i think it just adds to fun of watching it lol. though the overacting that stood out to me was ueto aya lol.  it feels like she’s doing an exaggerated impression of japanese housewives or something lol. i’m on episode 3 and i don’t believe that she’s married to hanzawa. i don’t know if it’s her acting, the scenes they’ve had, the lines they wrote but i just don’t “believe” it. it just doesn’t feel like it. I will see if this issue will be resolved by the end of the show~ my own personal dilemma. So I love the main actor for both dramas. I didn’t know they were the same. sakai masato has A REALLY UNIQUE voice (I almost thought onee at first but i’m used to it now and i love listening to it…!! f abe hiroshi lol. i don’t get people why people like him so much. he talks numbly something sometimes and i can’t understand it which pisses me off. i like people who talk more clearly lol)  and when i found out he is with kanno miho i was just happy for them. they seem like such a cute couple. I surprised to see a johnny in the hanzawa drama. i sorta thought from his enunciation of words that realistically that character would’ve never landed the job in the bank. it’s just not very good especially in a work place… in society as a functioning adult. i’m not sure if that’s part of the acting or just the way he talks. i remember seeing him in heiwa shouwa jikuu kuukan batoru in 2008/9… what a long time ago. fun show<3

legal high episode 1 thoughts: very few but nonetheless thoughts

I sorta wish they casted someone besides aragaki yui. she fits the role and everything and there’s obviously worse actresses who cannot act out of a paper bag yet they’re being pushed and pushed by agencies. her acting is lacking and it’s noticeable in certain scenes. if they casted who is amazing at acting the scenes would be so much better. casting is hard since you have to get somebody who fits, who can act, and has chemistry with the other actor.   i distinctly remember one line in the first episode where i thought her delivery was weak. that’s really strange in my opinion considering how many takes dramas and movies do. it was the line she says right before she was leaving komikado’s house when he was threatening her with charging her a large sum of money lol. one problem is it doesn’t come out as smoothly as it should ( sounds like she’s saying a line in a drama… and her tongue is not moving as well as it should) and the other thing is  the emotional aspect. it could sound stronger in her anger or annoyance.
I thought it was so funny when komikado was talking with gaijin ccent/intonation since he’s learning mandarin. there’s a bunch of scenes in this drama where komikado talks mad fast when he insults mayuzumi… it’s so fast i’m better off just listening to him than reading the japanese subs lol.

for slayers. i’m done. i’ll post up my stuff for try, revolution, evolution-r later in the slayers next post (I don’t want to write about try, evo, and revo unless i completely empty out my thoughts which will be long and i don’t want to use my time like that lol… i’ll just paste my partial thoughts on MAL). try and revolution have subs on kitsunekko. some of the stuff i got aren’t in the subs such as scenes where there’s overlapping talking and the subs chose to only cover the louder people or for no apparent reason. if you watch revo, evo with a light mind-set to try to watch it for fun or enjoy it for what it is maybe you can. there’s definitely parts that old fans may find offensive or just irritated… ie ignore character’s character or personality or abilities etc.  i found it interesting to read a japanese person’s blog about their thoughts about each episode for evolution while watching it (sometimes it got spoilerly so i waited till i finished episodes to read when i noticed that)…. they have some really interesting analysis and thoughts connecting evolution to the slayers world or the past seasons and what’s going on slayers evolution and sorta trying to explain some scenes how they seem more “thought-out” than they seem or maybe the person just analyzes and watches critically to the point that despite the fact the show or episode or the scene was carelessly put-together the person can think of reasons or possible excuses as to why it makes sense. i honestly wouldn’t know if the people who made the episodes were thinking deeply about everything or just were careless and us slayers fans just trying to make sense of it till it makes sense lol. most of the english bloggers are pretty useless they don’t seem to understand slayers much lol…. it’s just very shallow with  understanding the events in the episodes. they just take it face-value or even less because they really don’t understand/ see what’s going on especially episode 13. to be honest my thoughts on episode 13 while i was watching it were the same as the english bloggers like yawn, same shit again but now that iread the japanese blogs i have a completely different understanding of that episode. at times like this i’m glad i read japanese~ i’m so surprised nobody bitches about the BGM in slayers revo and evo. at most the english community is just like oh they’re recycling. what i and the japanese bloggers are thinking is the BGM DOES NOT MATCH, THE BGM IS SPECIFIC TO THIS SCENE,E THAT BGM IS frikin’ special/holy and can only be used with this season or that episode tec etc and to use it for this frivolous scene in revo or evo is damn insulting… i wished they made all new bgm or at least do 90/10 of new bgm to old bgm, not the other way around. i really want to read the light novels!!! i read that the novels are split into 2 parts, part 1 and part 2 and the anime only covered part 1 and part 2 is really dark and there’s no zel or amelia. i would love to see more slayers anime~ with story from that. now it’s like 5 years from slayers evo or revo and it’s a miracle that they made revo and evo in the first place. i just want to know what else happens and i know that the anime and the novels are pretty different. revo was so iffy and upon checking original slayers characters of course pokota  and ozel and the jaconda are exclusive to the anime. zuuma is in the original novels but they changed him so he was probably cooler in the novel… in the anime he was just… shallow? i just didn’t get much from him with this character or his motivations, everything pretty much. pokoa is so annoying. he’s the epitome of the anime character i never want to see ever especially in slayers. i do not like annoying kid character in anime that are hard-headed, self-centered, and say the same thing over and over, has only one purpose in life despite whatever happens or whatever is revealed. it’s just too contrived and forced imo. i honestly don’t believe children are like that (as in that stupid and simple-minded) i felt really pissed for zel whenver pokota just keep going on and on and nobody bitch-slapped him . pokota just does not match slayers with the looks and the personality.


Looking back on “義務教育” schooling that i had to attend (there’s mad high school dropouts so it’s not gimu kyouiku in america or it’s not enforced?? lol) . i really don’t agree with some of the methods of learning… ie busy work like copying crap or copying crap multiple times or just writing mindless stuff in general. In short I resented it then and I resent it more now because of the success and trials I’ve had with Japanese and even Korean to some extent (I totally consider Korean a behemoth lol. That’s my subjective opinion that I will probably never drop or at least not for a while).  I’ll give examples and I hope that you can’t relate to whta I’ve experienced because it’s so INEFFECTIVE and time-sinking but… there’s probably a high probability you did unless you were home-schooled?

Ex: English Class – only thing i can recall that is germane is vocabulary tests. Everyone has their own methods. I do the remember and forget as fast as possible method lol which requires no writing… which i consider “busy work”. I just use my brain and remember it before the test and forget it afterwards (I alreayd did the initial work of looking up the words and writing down the definitions as part of the previous homework so… ). So the teacher had this policy that if you used flashcards to learn vocabulary and you brought the voabulary cards in you get an extra 5 points or something on your quiz. I was thinking I’d rather not do busy work even if it’s 5 extra points… I’l just get the 97 or 100 or wahtever on the actualquiz and move the hell on. The cost/benefits were just really obvious to me. I tihnk most of my peers including my friends made the flashcards and blahblahblah because i guess they didn’t mind whatever whatever. Something in me was like this shit makes no sense. I understand she’s just trying to encourage people to study and learn snce american kids are so “dumb” and unmotivated and irresponsible and “not scared/intimated” of the teachers lol.   I’m not pissed about the 5 points x number of vocab tests at all… it’s so beneath me with the busy work. I just find it so dumb. Maybe some poeple do find flashcards so helpful but I honestly can’t imagine why it is… I already have a piece of looseleaf paper with the word and definitions…. why copy it again…dude.

Spanish/ French – there was a lot of copy all the dialogue for homework or copy the vocab x number of times.. there was also make flashcards of all these verbs and nouns or wahtever. Obviously that’s really pointlesssssssssss lol. Even now I would never ever ever ever make a “notebok” for japanese or korean  where i copy dialogue or vocab or grammar or anything like that… it’s not gonna help me remember at least not as much as encountering it in different contexts (immersion/comprehensive input/exposure etc etc) with AUDIO (the time/cost/benefit equation just….. is spinning in my head). HELLO A LANGUAGE IS FRIKIN’ ALIVE and spoken by lotsa people around the world. it can only thrive so much on a piece paper especially when i have close 0 hours of listneing hours (im’ referring to spanish/french of course)

I’m glad that I never atetended japnaese class and never had to waste time doing crap like that that obviously is not conducive to learning… at least not nearly as efficient as anything else.  I love having free reign on my japanes studying/well nowadays it really isn’t studying considering what i do and how much i understand etc.  I hope to god nobody was “brainwashed” from school that x is an effective way of learning when it really is not. You should be suspicious and doubt it…  I encourage people to try different study methods whether it’s language or some subject in school etc etc and not just blindly follow/believe whatever they’ve made you do for 12 yers or however many dpeending on how many times you got held back lol… super seniors…. just no.

For my japanese studies, from the beginning I resisted writing stuff down superfluously. I did have a brief period where I did that for kanji a little bit && that was only because I didn’t know about RTK. And even if you write the kanji 2 billion times, you can still not be able to write it the next day lol (I know this from experience and it wasn’t 2 billion times btw lol)…. learning about the radicals or the story as to how the kanji or the radical came about or stroke order or just heisig is so much BETTER than writing/copying shit over and over… i know they do that in korea and it’s so dumb.

I think this is part of that argument about school killing creativity or killing thinking in children . it makes sense. if you write it over and over and can’t remember it  … it’s because you’re not thinking because after th3 rd copy it becomes it mindless. it’s all about strategy… study methods.

for a more specific example… i resisted the mind-numbing write write write for learning hiragana and katakna. I remember looking at it on the computer on tae kim’s guide or something and just trying to memorize it hardcore right then and there. It’s okay if I forget some but my intention to memorize most if not all of those suckers. then I took a board and marker and just tried to remember and write whatever i could after the computer was turned off (or maybe i just truned the screen off, I don’t remember). I remember I noticed most of them except a couple.  I was more focused on the stroke order than being able to “write” it. I knew that even if I was able to write everything without looking at anything  at that moment it wouldn’t continue to the next day or even the next week… that I will most likely forget or BLANK OUT (I’ve only started exposing myself to japanese no duhs). I undersatnd that, I accept that, and I will work with that. Iknew from reading/exposing myself to japanese I would remember how to write it effortlessly and whatnot. What I can’t get from just exposure is stroke order. Like I remember looking at あ and learning the stroke order and go ohhh that makes sense. if you don’t know it’s intidimiating and maybe if I guessed I migght’ve figured it out after a while or whatever but it’s a waste of time to “guess” when it’s available”.  My hypothesis was absolutely right.. I don’t blank out or anything because I read a SHIT LOAD of japanese and  I did not write/copy over and over and over…. I think that time could be put to better use and i really look down on people who do the write itdown over and over especially “alphabet” (yeah hiragnaa/kataknaa is not alaphbet but more like phonetic characters?) because they’re not even words. you’re just writing gibberish… wtf.  Those people piss me off… they remind me of attention whores to some degree. it’s sorta they’re trying to appeal to his/herself or other people ” i’m working so hard towards x look at all the shit i wrote and the time it took for me to write it.” All i’m thinking in my head is you’re a fucking idiot. hence i have strong resentment of the crap I was forced to do in middle/high school /leemntary school. of course there’s no point getting mad at the time or even now because I can’t get my time/effort back but from now on I can choose wahtever study method I want.  It’s good that I learned from the past that those methods don’t work. what pisses me off is it doesn’t take me that many repetitions or experiences to figure out that it’s pointless and useless yet i’m forced to do it because i’m school.  I was a pretty seemingly calm, obedient student so I followed the rules of the assignment as I completed them and whatnot and  didn’t really dissect the pointlessness of what I was doing… but I think the me at that time felt the pointlessness to some extent and I just didn’t bother to really FACE it. Even if I did and blbahblah it  doesn’t change the fact that i have to do this shit

Speaking of “appealing””insinuating” etc etc.  I wanted to write about the role of japanese to my identity. I think some people use that to “feel special” “feel worth” and whatnot but honestly I don’t add it my specialness nor my worth. the bottom line is there are so many people who speak/understand/write better english/japanese than me ie other japanese learners or halves or japanese-americans or translators. Not to mention they probably have other talents and/or succeed at other things and/or have good jobs or make money off of their language abilities etc etc. I learn japanese for myself. I use it for myself. there’s no point feeling special/more worthy over it…. you’ll eventually find out that you’re a loser since you’ve been near-sighted to have the audacity to think that japanse makes you special.  it’s a poor man’s excuse to feel worth/special imo lol.  you know that for some REASON there’s a trend that anime fans are “losers” especially the american ones? it’s sorta like that? Me being proficient in japanese doesn’t change the fact that by society stands I’m failing lol. well I’ll see if I reallly am.

When a dictionary isn’t cutting it…

first off, epiphany of the day!

열심히 this word is as common as the word ganbaru in japannese. I feel like despite the fact that i’m not immersing/drowning myself in korean right now i feel like yershimhi is more popular than him-ne. Anyways my epiphany was this word is made up of kanji! I never thought of it like that… it’s not like I 100%  believed 열심히 isn’t based on kanji, I just never thought about it and upon thinking about it… it totally is. the same also goes for that common korean phrase 감사합니다. (btw it’s not pronounced like hop-nida… it’s pronounced like 함니다 ham if anything. which also reminds me of japanese like with the word 雰囲気 (ふんい‐き)+ 店員(てんいん). They are actually pronounced more like  ふいんき && ていん ていいん respectively. actually I forgot the real okurigana for fun-iki (had to look it up lol).. only fuinki was in my head lol but LUCKILY since i have google ime it still converted 🙂

going back to 열심히 and 감사합니다 the chinese charcters are

熱心히 && 感謝합 니다. although the chinese characters for the word kansha/gamsa are the same in korean and japanese it’s not used the same way because arigatou gozaimasu = kamusahamnida. In japanese 感謝shimasu means I’m grateful so that’s different from Thank you. so you know you shouldn’t direct translate or assume the usage is the same in another language unless you want to embarrass yourself because you’re such  a masochist (pronounced masokist. I constantly forget how to read this word every time i see the spelling so just putting it there for my sanity)

sometimes the dictionary’s definition doesn’t help ie with english i need to consult the urbandictionary lol.

Anyways for Japanese there have been words where I hear/see it and i look it up in the dic and it’s  still not clear (the definition is just scarce and sometimes I just need a definition/explanation that keeps it REAL). so at this point I either give up or look into googling around with word + imi and usually I get to chiebukuro or someone’s blog. And this has been instrumental in my learning because i get to read a japanese person’s explanation of the word from his/her Japanese perspective and they might explain with examples, etc etc, so it’s mad HELPFUL. (If you have yet to experience this YOU NEEED TO GO EXPLORE AND FIND SOME JAPNAESE MEDIA YOU LIKE. like for me, like i said i’m buried with qued up albums, talk variety show eps, japnese dramas i want to watch, japanese websites/articles I want to read, japanese books I want to read…. so you should get out there and explore the native materials and sucked into it instead of memorizing stupid words off a list that you’ll forget anyway since you don’t know do anything in Japanese)

some stuff you cannot get from dictionary include
super slang, kansai-ben, any-ben, certain adjectives, internet language (ie kwsk)

ALSO sometimes google images explains better than words just because a picture is a 1000 WORDS. so examples of this… was 伏し目 上目遣い ETC ETC.. It’s not like I have a problme understanding the description but it just leaves a more of an impression with the actual image than the description and sometimes the description is just not that thorough  but you can just google image it so it’s okay…

recently I finally googled/chiebukurored the word

this word is in my deck 3  times and it still don’t make no sense lol. what had happened was I camea cross this word AGAIN and looked it up in yahoo jp dic AGAIN and it still wans’t ENOUGH and so I finally looked it up on chiebukuro and now I get it. thanks peeps. one of the problems is kesshikaran has like 3 definitions, the definitions are not enough (too scarce), secondly the context wasn’t that clear on the tv show (I knew matsuko deluxe was saying it with a punch like she really enjoyed using this word to describe the situation or person or whatever)

開き直るis something i looked up a long time ago… like i read the english definition, and i read the japanese definition (or maybe at that time I was still just using english dictionaries) and then i was like okay I get it and then I came across the word again and I was like no I don’t think I gots this lol and then I did the goog/echiebukuro thing… and then somebody already had asked this so they answer with examples /in their own words/etc etc.. and  then I got it.

i just thought of 3 words. they’re both from nobuta wo produce they are

要領 キャピキャピ ビシっと

I believe at the time I was using rikai-chan (english translation) to learn anda for youryou i was like i dun get it after i read the defintion. i’ve gottten to undersatnd youryou’s definition by seeing it being used. I don’t know if it’s because rikai-chan showed me thedefinition for youryou only and didn’t show me the definiton for youryou ga ii … buti just remember going i dun get it.

for kyapikyapi and bishitto…. it’s just a lot easier to understand it’s meaning by seeing it being used and/or reading defintion in japanese than english …

ALSO chiebukuro/googling is just plain useful for learning about differences betwen 2 words or 2 concepts or 2 whaever that you don’t get.

STuff I’ve looked up and found were and not limited to
お いて おける – I still don’t get it lol. I get it it’s just i have to memorize that oite is for _ and okeru is for _ but I don’t like memorizing/drilling. so help me here immersion!
起こる 起きる – even japanese don’t really get it .lol. I love some of the theories people came up with.
悲しい 哀しい – I was just nodding to what people said. I totally garee.
予測 VS 予想
so I would search the two words + chigai

It also happened with korean~~

so the japanese definition gives me this which makes me go ? because the word was used to describe some situation in some variety show and i thought the meaning is more awkward” than “quiet”. so i searched around and people described that word as meaning that so  i was right 🙂 like I said sometimes the dictionary rocks and sometimes it sucks

어ː색 [語塞]
[명사·하다형 자동사]言葉がつまること;返答に窮すること。

another thing that’s related to asking people about japanese online or googling around in japanese as opposed to dictionary is stuff written on the internet or something that may not have been proofread for whatever reason. So i’ve asked on chiebukuro in the past like oh is this gramatically correct or is this keigo allright or is this correct japanese etc etc and usually if i ask it there is something wrong with it and then people tell me what’s wrong with it or how to fix it or what’s a more appropriate way to say it etc etc or I might learn something new about a word or a grammar. I ask because I want to add it to my deck for whatver reason but I’m not sure if it’s right. obviously, if you do this in your beginning stage it would be very time-consuming since you can’t tell what’s right plus you can’t use chiebukuro anyway lol. so anyawys i recomend to advanced people if you do care/curious about stuff.
So I noticed this “new” tarento moderu (is he a charisma model? lol like komori jun) they’re trying to promote since he’s “unique” he’s reminiscent of sashihara perhaps? eh, beats me. they’re both negative. it’s sorta unique. negative idol even though idols are suppsoed to be super bubbly,cheery etc. Super hot model who is negative.  I really want to see kurihara and ariyoshi interact though, that’s for sure. i’m sure sashihara + kuihara rui would be interesting too.

he’s funny unintentionally because he’s very negative. he said something about living in new york in the 50 questions so i’m going to assume he speaks english. so i’m going to assume his japanese ain’t that good? i’m not sayin it’s bad but I noticed there’s parts where he mumbles and i’m like wtf i giveup cannot catch what you said + he’s negative so maybe that’s why + he keeps saying 風に (and i’m just like no it JUST IS. it don’t gotta in some way. it just is… let’s stop it please) – maybe he was just nervous or the negativity that he emits is making him nervous

maybe he’ll be the next ro-ra~  speaking of which ro-ra on honma dekka was just…epic? or at least i expected it to be.  she’s so random and her interacting with those senmonka people was like …. TV GOLD

THE REASON I mention him, the reason why he’s relevant to the crap i wrote above is the fact that he said I confessed my love to 4 girls and i got dumped by all of them.
and they asked him were you okay and  after that he says that he says 予測できたんで大丈夫です OR SMomething along those lines and i was like thinking in that moment oh what’s the diff bt yosoku and yosou and does the fact that he used yosoku perpetutate his negativity? and upon my search I would say it does. i think him using yosoku is more negative than yosou. It sorta reminds me of sashihara…. well when she was lying on the show about how she could never go out with a good looking guy  (even though she did … ) because she thought if he confessed his love to her she would think he was being forced by a friend or that it was a prank… like she would think in that calculating way that is very negative.

so the explanation i got was
予測 VS 予想



2012/09/11 栗原類 僕がビデオをレンタルしない理由は?

I recently saw a short segment where he’s like i buy movies, i don’t rent and there’s 2 reasons. one is… because he likes movies.

the second reason is… I’ mscared that the movie i rent will be like the last one and then someone else who wanted to see that movie won’t be able to and they’ll be pissed/sad/disappointed/etc.

also he’s very assertive with his negativeness . if somebody says a compliment to him, even before they finish saying the sentence, he refutes them and says no i’m not ___ or no  i don’t ___ .

so I love how he’s not just negative but like considerate-negative/very aware/ negative in a way that he wants to not cause any trouble to others.

and the rora x kurihara date segment is epic!