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sashihara :( akb48 hkt48

EDIT: a fera picture came out. lol what’s the word in english.? that fancy word for giving head …. i only see it in japanese. it’s like feraara or something lol. i’m sure it’s fake. for god’s sake they have av’s with av actresses that look like tarento people.  i’m sure a sashihara-ni prono already came out or it will come out lol. i won’t watch but just sayin.. it’s a common thing apparently.

So yesterday a kiss picture finally came out. I was reading somewhere where somebody asked is what happened true blahblahalah. they’re like oh it probably is. if it was false she would definitely deny it (they’re saying she’s not denying because if she does and then more pictures and textx or whatever comes out.. it’s gonna make her look even worse). since her apology is so vague and just oh some parts are true and some parts are not and i’m sorry my actions lead to this situation where it can lead to misunderstanding…

At first I didn’t really mind that she posssibly daetd a guy and is possibly not a virgin (at one point akimoto-sensei was like oh sashihara and some other girl will definitely see that through and i agreeed with him b.c. it seemed like it. this news is so shocking ) BECAUSE i’m not a guy and it doesn’t really make a difference for me. it is a rule in akbso it looks really bad.. it’s like you’re sacrificing love during your teeengae/20s while you’re in akb48.  i read the artiacle, i read the texts… the texts sound like sashihara and the picturse look real and i’m just like….

what pisses me off is the fact that she’s lying… like I came across this


and in the first video.. if it doesn’t get removed you can so tell she’s lying. her face totally says it. she’s not a good liar. she’s  a hetare character for god’s sakes.

ths second video which i’ve seen before which is removed … she says i cant’ date good -looking people and i’m too negative/self-conscious to go out with someone etc etc.

I became fan of sashihara with her unique personality with akb kyouwakoku with the sashihara pride corner as well as her own show sashihara no kuseni and i was glad she got her debut and the way the song matched her … so the reason i’m a fan of her is because of her hetare character so that doesn’t change so i’m still her fan it’s just not as strongly.. this stuff is disheartening. i’m so sure if they have the election next year she won’t go up unless osmething happens from here to now because at the end of the day you need crazy/rich fans to buy thousands of cds to vote you into the top lol. no for reals. i will never vote for an akb48 eelctrion since i dont’ live there and i dont’ want to spend my money that day and it’s only one vote… hmmm.

A Japanese Artist (MUSIC) that IS DEAD to me. **私の中では死んでる・終わってるアーティスト

Well you know how it is… they jump the shark (like HEROES after s1 or s2). After a certain song or album, you just now at that moment they sold out and that you’re never going to hear that “artist” ever again. I hate people who say oh you’re only saying that because they went major & main-stream or whatever but honestly… I’m just basing it on the sound or the soullessness of it.

I’ll post links to a song in case you never heard their “real” music and only heard their crap music they released after increase in popularity or whatever.  I wish they would go back to where they are or leave whatever they are right now but honestly… I just think they’re dead. The fame & the money just suffocated the music. We get the most boring, crappy lyrics, and gay songs. It’s just gotten to the point that after some relesae that I downloaded that I deleted shortly after I decided to never download this artist again.  Thta’s what DEAD means to me as far as artists go. If someday they release something with a song title that’s decent I may give them a chance but honestly I really don’t see it.


sidetalk: When I first found out about them with the sakura thing with the indie I was pleasantly surprised. Then I try to delve into Japanese Indie which there isn’t much of ?  So on one of their first 2 albums they had amzing songs and maybe 1 dud or 2 (basically indie GOLD). Like,  here’s AMAZINGNESS from the 1st or 2nd album that I think they’ll never return… probably at this rate with these retarded song titles. I think it started with BLUE BIRD.  IF SO, ever since they did that song to NARUTO they’ve been turning to shit. These songs are so boring and soulless compared to their first 2 albums. the sad part is their 3rd album sold more than the 1st 2 albums combined even (or close to it from the wiki). their 3rd album is so BAD. There’s like only 1 good song which isTHIS (kuchizuuke). and I’m annoyed that the top plays on imeem are the shitty anime songs of theirs when their 1st 2 alubms are so AMAZING> SERIOUSLY download/buy ’em. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED>They made me start saying I like J-indie… well that style.

AND I HOPE TO DEAR GOD that school food punishment doesn’t turn to shit too after they did the ending of the song to that SHITTY ANIME (yes IT IS SHITTY. johnns lol wut. & it’s just so boring after the first ep… hell the first ep is pretty boring too & the characters are just flat). The song they did for that anime is good I think but the single that released for that had this other song that I didn’t care for & it also had this annoying remix of a song they did before.

I looked up and found that Ikimono gakari did do songs for other animes. But i think it’s more like they gave a song on their album as opposed to writing it so it’ll be used on the opening. I don’t know.


PLEASE DON’T COMMENT ABOUT SOME JPOP ARTISTS SAYING THEY SHOULD BE INCLUDED because in my opinion they sucked from the start (I don’t like jpop so the chances are HIGH). To die, they have to be alive first.


OMG I listened to the song higaneshi (linked above) by ikimono gakari & I understand the lyrics well/hear it really well. in fact i was puzzled by the lyrics at that time like 大体三日間でひと月の疲れを癒してる… I don’t know, it just looked confusing at the time but now it’s like why was i confused? (actually I decided to add a couple lines of the lyrics to the SRS & trust me I CANNOT do that with their “3rd album songs” those lyrics are just downgrade )  It also seemed to be a lot faster to me then, now it’s like… i wish this song was was faster.  It’s been god knows hwo long since I heard this song … a year or so or maybe less. I love it when I can feel my progress in my japanese studies… AND I never looked up what the band name means and then eventually I connected tabemono and ikimono and ~~gakari/kakarichou etc. hell it’s not really studying anymore… mostly FUN so. AJATT FTW


OH WAIT there’s another one…


Gawd she’s terrible now-a-days. All the singles she’s been releasing has been really terrible. I can just judge from the song title. they’re so boring and cliche and juts ugggggggh. I mean technically she wasn’t “alive” at first since her first album was rather bad. I don’t remember there was one good song on it. but the whole album was just boring with the melody, with the lyrics, and especially the english. the english/engrish wasn’t boring but it was really FORCED. That’s why I especially can tell that her new songs suck even before hearing them with the title which is in english… which don’t even sound that cool. Her second album is better and it’s just with her style of music you have to evolve…. otherwise it gets really BORING and as far as i can tell she is fallllllling to crapp music. it’s always the goddman anime that makes artists turn to crap? lol. well she did some song for bleach and then i think the 2nd time she did it, you knew she was just gone. she’s DEAD>

Endless Eight – Haruhi – Observations (Not MindLESS bitching)

swimming suits ae same as the ones from solitary island syndrone.
前々回は15498回目だから、15498×14÷365 = 594.443836 で 「594年分」で正解。
前回は15499回目だから、15499×14÷365 = 594.482192で 同じく「594年分」。
今回は15513回目。15513×14÷365 = 595.019178
Kyon takes leap years into consideration when he calculates the years…
前々回の15498回目は、15498×14÷365.25 = 594.036961 正解。
前回の15498回目は、15499×14÷365.25 = 594.075291 正解。
そして今回の15513回目は、15513×14÷365.25 = 594.61191
the number of pins nagato knocked down goes  123454321.  she probably did it to not stand out but,  普通ありえねぇぇぇwww
lelouch pose
from 15-> 16 it looped 8 times but the number of times they did the summerjob increased 17 times.
explanation is..
-the staff screwed up  and like no one noticed.
12&16 was written by one person and 13-15 was written by someone else.
– nagato got broken 😦
– from 9031th time (ep15) to 9048th time  (ep16)  they did the summer job more than once for each loop.
They seem to correspond with each other ..
The blogger thinks it might be a stretch or whatever
but he/she thinks mikuru’s 0 goes with episode 13 because episode 13’s 15498 goes with the the number in the novel.
when they leave the cafe the direction the characters go changes depending on which loop.
また今回、長門が天体観測で古泉の「I love you」発言をしっかり立ち聞きしてたように見えましたけど、単なる演出かもしれません。
Nagato heard koizumi say i love you at the star-gaziging crap.
There was a thread on 2 channel put up where people said they would committ suicide if endless doesn’t end.
I’m worried that they’re being too hasty.
*ショウサン・ ATE

I got this info from Japanese blogs and I”ll be linking them throughout.  I don’t know about you but all I see for blog entries regarding Haruhi and Endless Eight are like brainless rants and bitching and it’s not interesting to read. They just lloook really dumb since they don’t know all the info in this post that i took from other blogs…. I obviously find the endless eight episodes boring but reading this stuff gave me new perspective and maybe if I read this stuff before watching the said episodes than it would’ve been more interesting. (I’m personally bad at watching stuff analytically and noticing crap… so like reading this stuff makes me go ooohhh )  but come o n you can’t still mindless bitch if you know this info. I’m not obsessed with this show nor do i want to defend it like crazy… I just think it’s interesting to know this. anyways I can’t find a single english blog or thread post etc that actually says anything interesting about endless eight, well if you found one link it~


Blue text is translation.


Ayano Hirano’s Thoughts on Endless Eight – starts around 4 minutes. She goes onto talk about the last endless eight ep


3 Points of view on Endless Eight

1. Boring (self-explanatory)

2.  Try to enjoy it.


Since they’re repeating it there has to be something in the differences, etc. So you try to analyze it


Since they’re trying to make us actually experience it, there should meaning and references/stuff/etc  in the eps so you can get enjoyment from trying to analyze.

3. It’s still boring even if you find something in the analyzation.


In brief,  for sora wo kakeru shoujo or evangelion, if you just watch it it’s interesting, if you look into stuff/analyze it’s even more interesting. However, for Endless Eight if you don’t look into it, it’s boring.


Theory on how the lyrics of the opening has a message that correlates with endless 8. Surprisingly, the lyrics fit really well (I always skip the opening cause 1 it sounds annoying 2 it looks like eroge opening. For the ending I onlylike Mikuru’s part… Haruhi’s part is annoying. It’s pretty funny to read。

Here’s a little bit of it translated:

DAY BY DAY うんざりだよね~ だから~
というフレーズに対し「こっちがうんざりだよ」とわたしはつぶやいていたのです。その時に、ん? と思いました。

At this line of the song “Day by day it’s boring, isn’t it”I mumbled “I’m the one that’s bored”. Then I thought Could it be that and so I kept on listening.

つきあってられないよ 狭い世界で~
んん? 「狭い世界」というのはまさに今のこの状況じゃないのか? 8/17から8/31の。

Hmm? Isn’t the “This narrow world”  the state we’re in now? From 8-17 to 8-31


Could it be… there’s a mesasge in the lyrics!?


ep 13:




and the most dreadful thing for nagato.

this time around, nagato didn’t read a book even once. while the loop was continuing about 600 years, she’s gone through all the books she could get during this range of time that is in 2 weeks.


another thing is… she’s been waiting for a new publication of books for over 600 years…

nagato keeps buying her mask herself because at one of the loop sequences in the beginning she had kyon buy it for her. there’s a theory that because of the loop,she keeps buying itself to treasure that memory.
there isn’t any evidence to support it but i think that’s possible.
Read somewhere  but I didn’t notice it. What I read was that Mikuru’s shoes were put on opposite




swimming suits are the same as the ones from solitary island syndrone.

Ultrman pose… Specium Beam!




Kyon’s Calculations

前々回は15498回目だから、15498×14÷365 = 594.443836 で 「594年分」で正解。

前回は15499回目だから、15499×14÷365 = 594.482192で 同じく「594年分」。

今回は15513回目。15513×14÷365 = 595.019178



Kyon takes leap years into consideration when he calculates the years…


前々回の15498回目は、15498×14÷365.25 = 594.036961 正解。

前回の15498回目は、15499×14÷365.25 = 594.075291 正解。

そして今回の15513回目は、15513×14÷365.25 = 594.61191



Theory on how Kyon could’ve calculated the years mentally in 10 seconds (I guess it was written before that episode was aired with the cellphone)


Meaning of the Bowling Scores



12話ループに気づかず // Not taking ep 12 into account






1投目→『1』 // The following are the bowling scores for the first round or whatever you call it.

ハルヒ『14』点→『14』 Haruhi

キョン『8』点→『8』 Kyon

ユキ『3』点→『3』 Yuki

コイズミ『7』点→『7』 Koizumi

みくる『0』点→『0』 Mikuru

They seem to correspond with each other .. The blogger thinks it might be a stretch or whatever but he/she thinks mikuru’s 0 goes with episode 13 because episode 13’s 15498 goes with the the number in the novel.


AFter they took off the frog costume, nagato was reading a book.
After595 years of looping, there’s a high possibility that  she’s gone through all the books she coudl get her hands on in that scope of 2 weeks. So I think it’s better to not show her read books during the Endless.


回目 means -th/ バイト= summer job.






from 15-> 16 it looped 8 times but the number of times they did the summer job increased 17 times.

explanation is..

-the staff screwed up  and like no one noticed.

12&16 was written by one person and 13-15 was written by someone else.

– nagato got broken 😦

– from 9031th time (ep15) to 9048th time  (ep16)  they did the summer job more than once for each loop.

For Episode 17 Nagato didn’t say the number of times with the jobs because Kyon cut her off..


Regarding ep 16/ past eps.







when they leave the cafe the direction the characters go changes depending on which loop.

ep16 – same Japanese blog.


There was a thread on 2 channel put up where people said they would committ suicide if endless doesn’t end. I’m worried that they’re being too hasty.


I  don’t whereI got this from, don’t have thelink..


The pictures go  goes 12->16. So episode 12, kyon’s voice actor is in front of haruhi so that ep emphasizes kyon… And Hirano Aya/Haruhi is getting further and further from everyone…



2nd episode: 15498th time

3rd episode: 15499th time

4th episode: 3rd episode + 14 more times

so ep 2 and 3 are connected but ep 4 isn’t.

So the summer is during a period of 2 weeks.

So from 3rd episode to 4th, nagato expereienced 196 days while the viewers “spent 7 days (= week)” waiting for the new ep.

196 days is 28 weeks, nagato expereienced the summer 28 more times than us.

so for the 4th time, if you calculate from solitary island, it’s 8 weeks =( 4 weeks 28 days/  )of endless syndrom.

the 8 weeks is just 4 (th time) x 2 weeks (each loop/summer )

As for 196 days, the 196th day of 2009 is july 15th. the next day is when haruhi aired (17th when strictly speaking since it’s on late at night)

He makes other interesting points and he made other posts about the Loop eps but I’m too lazy to translate but if you can read Japanese maybe you’ll feel better about the Endless Eight after you read it.


About the Number 14 (2 weeks)



Kyon does his monologue at 11:46, 14minutes away from 12. 14 minutes away from resetting.

Times when the deja vu feeling was strong

Times when the deja vu feeling was weak

He says how the “14th” time is the peak with the “serious” feeling during the ep like the 15513th time was when it was +14.

Finally, his post on his thoughts about the End of Endless Eight


Talks about the whole thing about how it’s Kyo Ani is doing it and how people would just stop watching if it wasn’t them or if it wasn’t Haruhi.



Sees SEE8hIID upon typing in the calculator. Hiid means temple in mongolian.

『∞の寺院を見ろ』/ Look at Temple ∞  → 出雲國神仏霊場/ Look at izumonokuni shinbutsu reijou




I don’t know… this blogger is so hard to understand… lol. Like the entry about the bowling scores was all right until he started talking about something else besides the bowling scores. Then I was like what the hell is he talking about/ how did it lead to whatever the hell he is talking about . Ugh…  not fun to read after the bowling score stuff. 挫折決定!


Scripts for the eps – he didn’t do like 1 or 2 of the endless eight eps but I dont’ blame him lol.

This blogowner wrote the dialogue up too..


Pictures of the actual places


The 8th LOOP


When I heard 15532, I thought of rearranging it. So I figured out that 1+5+2 & 5+3 equal 8. So there are two 8’s. 88, and if you topple the first one over it turns into ∞8 which is Endless Eight.






Left column is EIGHT

Right column is ENDLESS





About the ending and just why they got out of the loop.

comment on the entry:

>You could say Kyon spontaneously participated in Haruhi’s plan (the summer activities).
My interpretation is the opposite. “Kyon and the other members did an event that has no relation to Haruhi” and so “That made Haruhi come over”. I think that’s the reason for the escape from the loop.





Endless Eight is like the past events like solitude island syndrome, baseball,etc where they have to keep Haruhi happy/enjoying herself. So to keep her from getting bored they keep up with her whims plus whatever the hell she wants. But sooner or later that turns into her getting bored because everything’s going her way.
That’s why, when they go off to do someting minus Haruhi (a new stimulus), haruhi is allured by that and she makes it so she joins in. So that new experience gets rid of her boredom. To put it in other words a girl who got sick of pushing around the guy she likes, re-affirms her love towrads that guy who the guy suddenly leaves her alone. (it says souchi/leave alone play, as in like foreplay).

If they did it only 3 times they couldn’t have done something like this (8th time). it would be off. Because they did it 8 times, they can do it like this. The fewer times they do it, the lighter it has to be. Yep, it would be off.

but at least, from what we got about haruhi’s thoughts from this ep (8th loop), realization has something to do with the sitatuion of the sos brigade live alive & day of sagitarious



even though she has the power to make what she wishes into reality… she only used her powers to loop the last 2 weeks of summer.
homework study group is out of haruhi’s thoughts so that was a new experience for her and that led to the end of the loop.

I couldn’t quite grasp what wasn’t done that haruhi wanted to do  which led to the continuation of the loop.

I think Haruhi doesn’t really think deeply about the summer experience. but doesn’t that mean it’s that much more fresh.
Haruhi was avoiding _- i n middle school.

Like her introduction and going out with those guys and how she always said i don’t have time to date normal people. That’s what she thought. so she probably didn’t have fun to the full extent. that’s exactly why friends, bon odori, fireworks,etc is actually the first time for her.

Haruhi realized that the world was whatever around elementary school with the baseball thing. from what she said until then she was having with her classmates. so probably after that she came to the realization about the world. so for haruhi from elemen to highschool, she didn’t hang out with friends/have fun.

because of that though the bug catching thing is not really high-school-ish, i can accept it.

So, the last 2 weeks of summer for haruhi is a consecutive new experiences/first times. A summer vacation to spend with firneds who didn’t want before. she should’ve enjoyed it fully. so her wanting more is like ?….

but for some reason she isn’t fulfilled and summer loops. if she wishes for something, she can make it happen. but she’s not wishing for anything. she’s not fulfilled. that’s why it loops

So Koizumi’s explanation is wrong.


Kyon saying what he wanted to do made the loop end.
You could say Kyon spontaneously participated in Haruhi’s plan (the summer activities).

Huh? taking it further, you could say it’s the act of whole sos brigade is trying to finish up a goal. that sort of reaction coming from kyon… planted a seed in haruhi which connects to  the later events like the culture festival with the movie that it’s an act of trying to complete something.


After Kyon said let’s do homework, to me Nagato looked surprised. But that could just be from my feelings  as a viewer. no matter how many times i see it, nagato there looks surprised.

The cafe was fittingly heavy and strong. Because it’s the 8th time, it’s this heavy& strong.
If it finished up fast like the novel, it wouldn’t be right to do it like that.

Personally,  I think the 8th loop was done in a fitting way to end the loop.

私ですか? DVD、当然、買いますけど、何か???
Me? Of course I’m buying the dvd. Got a problem with that?
it was because kyon brought up something he wanted to do insstead of just following what haruhi wants to do.
there wasn’t anything like that besides mikuru’s goldfish save.

what’s impotrant is not the homework issue but that it was kyon that brought it up.

It’s like ordering food. Rather than what you want to eat exactly, it’s I want this/_.
That that sort of expression of intention is important.


That they did it for Nagato- for us to experience it.


ep 19



ep 19: ハルヒ、エンドレスエイトのセミ串刺しシーンはどういう演出意図だったのか
What was the intention behind the scene with the Cicada on a stick.

xxyukithemelancholyofhaw.th.png (150×85)


The length of her legs is strange
I think it’s beyond perspect.



Rather than that, the yukata part caught my eye more.

xxyukithemelancholyofha.th.png (150×85)


she’s a monster. lol

xxyukithemelancholyofha.th.png (150×85)


There’s people who thought the cicada on a stick reminded him of the  [whoever wins gets to be] the leader for a day.





Aren’t they conveying thethe shortness of the life-span of a cicada. For people, 2 weeks is nothing but for cicadas those 2 weeks include reaching adulthood and getting old.  Because of Haruhi they get to repeat their lives over and over.



To end the loop would mean to kill the cicadas
the convo  from ep 12 or 13 , if you want  a takoyaki, you can have one and i wonder if cicadas are edible.

It was so deep that I


I feel like supporting it now.



Life span of a Japanese Ciacada is 7 years (2-4 weeks above gruond)
But this time isn’t it just something that reminds one of summer.


The dvd voulme names with endless eight eps.

涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.142857 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.230769 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.285714 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.428571 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.571428 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.714285 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.999999 ¥4,830







They’re Dial (daiyaru) numbers which is when the number is multipled the order of the numbers are kept intact and cycles.



This blog took a bunch of screencaps for all the loop eps.. The comic at the bottom is expressing the some of the viewers’ feelings. It’s from Slam Dunk. “Endless End isn’t ending. I can’t take it anymore.”

For the one for that goesup to the last loop click here

Honestly some of these blogs say interesting stuff but I don’t have the time to translate it all (some of it is hard like I would have to choose the words carefully otherwise it sounds really… “weak/forced” – hard to explain) so if you can read Japanese or if you’re studying Japanese do check out the blogs if you want more insight on endless eight cause I didn’t put everything in the post.Also some of it I summarized or skipped parts in translation. rikai-chan it out 🙂 one of my goals isn’t to becaome a translator… because it’s a pain in the ass and translating will not help improve my english or my japanese.


ep 19: About the comparison between the loop and the poker



random one: mad scary lol at first.


By all means actually watching the endless eight arc is really boring for obvious reasons and the amount of japanese you can learn from the episodes decrease dramatically or maybe not since there’s plenty of repetition lol. but I find reading the anaalyzation fascinating and I realize that the ppl who made the episodes did lots of thought into it…. but the episodes are still boring. but at the same time I’m irritated at the brainless bitching at this so…

I’m sure there’s more japanese blogs or 2-ch posts about other stuff they noticed and if you know them link them to me! lol. Oh and if you click on the stuff that I linked throughout you can also read the comments people left on this respective entries… some people left comments about their observations with the episode.