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Jessica’s part in the beginning: her voice sounds annoying here…

the kokoro prononciation is just bad. if they let sooyoung sang the kokoro line or the first line that jessica sang, this song would be SO MUCH BETTER..

0:48 lol at first i thought taeyeon said うっとしくて then I realized she was trying to say ふと深呼吸. the way she said ふと was so… i was really thrown off.

also I hated the way she sang 0:46 nagareteku keshiki.

omg like i said make them listen to japanese/karaoke japanese songs instead of assuming that japanese people won’t notice.  It’s the same story as last time everyone’s pronounciation/intonation is offfffffff. (from watching this video I can definitely say that karaoke totally helps since i could actually understand what these korean people were saying. there wer ea couple people that were a little off or just had to commit the usual pronounciation fumbles that korean people do like the tsu sounds but ovreall one guy sounded so japanese lol. I was surprised how japanese thsees korean people sound) Or even if they do that, maybe it’ll take time till some change/improvement occurs and while that process is going on they can use sooyoung. I get that she’s not lead vocal so fine dont’ give her the lead vocals, but give her seomthing to help us out here. i think it’s just rude to the japanese fans because one it’s a ballad… if the pronounciation is off it’s gonna ruin it. secondly,  i’m sure everyone’s sick of jesica and tiffany’s voice and like i said jessica’s voice in the beginning sounded really annoying. maybe the accent problem compounded  to that issue.

1:36 I hear tiffany sing  愛が辛くなって, I wonder what she’s really saying.
I mean からく MIND YOU NOTつらい. maybe she’s saying 軽く

question why the hell do you not let sooyoung sing.… if it’s a matter of popularity/success in JAPAN she’s pretty popular. she sorta has an edge over the members in Japan since her japnaese sounds good (上品 is the word they use to describe her japnaese and let me say that’s such an awesome compliment… because not everyone can sound  上品… that’s a really positive characteristic they use to describe her japanes on top of her ability to speak japanese)

there’s parts where i don’t understand what they sayin…. unless i check the lyrics.

omg it’s a ballad why the f is sooyoung not singing!!! yet again.  it doesn’t matter if she’s singing with the other members in the “sing all together” parts because her perfect japanese/understandable is covered by their accented japnaese so even though one member is pronouncing and intonating and all that correctly if the other 8 aren’t it’s going to sound bad since that one person can’t overpower everyone else lol.

and they let yoona sing… whyz.

from what i can tell from the mv they let seohyun, jessica, tiffany, taeyeon, yuri, sunny,  yoona get separate parts and then the other members can only do the part where they sing together . OMG  7 members got separate parts and then sooyoung and hyoyeon got nothing? are they tone-deaf or something? why are they not allowed to sing on ballads?  I can get hyoyeon if her voice doesn’t match the song or whatever reason they want to give but to not let soo young sing is like???  like i asked last time, is her singing really crappy or something? I never got that impression.

yoona was … mis-saying mirai.  which irritates well i don’t want to pick on her since everyone was just off.

I’m sure certain members are better than others at pronouncign japanese but i don’t have time to analyze everyone, not to metion, not everyone has parts and i do know for certain that sooyoung’s japanese is the best so i do not see the point of looking into some ranking/assessment. her 3 years in japan were not for naught and they’re not going to catch up to her that fast…..

EDIT:  2:00 is sooyoung and hyoyeon either has a small part or has a part she shares with someone or no part… I don’t remember what the lyrics website said exactly.  but the 2:00 sounds like sooyoung + member/s so they are treating her like shit basically. or maybe they have some echo effect so it sounds that way.

I also found out from the site that sooyoung had a part in time machine but like above, it sounds like sooyoung + member/s mixed in so it’s not even anything.


I saw the talking part of MUSIC STATION with shinee and KEY, one of the members is like  I watch lots of jpaanese variety shows like london hearts… which he described as super fun to watch which I agree with!  AND of course his japanese was the best out of everyone!!! The other people’s Japanese… I probably wouldn’t hav e understand them as well if I didn’t have a ear for korean (my years of hearing/listening to korean)… yes they’re speaking in japanese but it’s like their speaking in japanese with their korean voice so some of them sound girly so… i don’t get why they don’t all watch london hearts??/

And looking back he is my favorite shinee member. I decided this when i was watching the shinee music video and  heard his voice. Either it’s him or Onew] but I remembre that it was the memeber with a deep voice and long hair so it must be KEY.

But yeah going on about the talk/variety thing… like I said before my favorite SNSD members sunny, hyoyeon and sooyoung becaues they have the best/most interesting personalities so i don’t think it would be a bad idea for any of these three to venture into japanese variety shows… minus the language barrier (which obviously can be torn down with karaokeing and watching fun japanese media ie talk/variety shows.. which totally worked for key. well apparently snsd is super busy so i don’t know how viable this is but.. ). It’s just really different from korean talk/variety show… it has its good side and bad side.  I think it would be a good experience for them to work the japanese circuit toooooooo…

lol it’s so true… the third guy on the top is key i believe… just going by the pronounciation/intonation


hmm key speaks english so he has an advantage.


TOP 5 && Top 4. KPOP STAR

I know that the show is over and that _ won but still curioussssss to hear the judge’s comments/what went down etc etc.

TOP 5 episode:
omg lol I never thouhgt I would say this but I felt emotion from e. michelle’s singing! …i can’t believe hell froze over. it was something i thought that would never happen.

u just by soulciety seems lik e agood a song from the little clip they showed and e-michelle’s rendition. I ‘ll check out the original…

PARK JIMIN- I dont like this song no more. I’ve heard hyorin sang it on immortal song and that was enough for me to get sick of the song. i think it’s a song that literally takes one listen to get sick of. It’s just that same thing over and over… the sabiiiiiii

park aeyeon – run devil run! saw snsd on the show teaching her the song and some white guy kalle engstorm?. ooooh.
oh he wrote the song. does it matter anyway … i would jjust guess he wrot elyrics to the demo which kesha sang. ke$ha? is that how you write it?

I don’t like it… it’s run devil run light. I thought she was going to totally change up the style of the song but it wasn’t so it becomes run devil run light.  😦

E. SUK HOON . GUY who ca’nt rap or sing. as always his stage is alwasy more intersting than others… since his focus is ENTERTAINMENT… I LOVED the pose he did at the end with the king hatttt. I’m curious as to how much of the stage performance was thought up by him / those professionals etc because that is a big reason why his part is fun to watch. it’s sorta funny to watch him receive criticism with the hat on.

ihai- I LOVE that keyshia cole songggg. the i-i-i–i-i-i-i-i- part was
not as good as keyshia cole’s version (stillenjoyableeee) but then again maybe keyshia cole’s thing in that gets knnowing after a while.

e. michelle finally left .. I’ve been wishing her to leave all these weeks and she finally proved herself and actually made people feel emotion so I was actually was saddened by her departure..  I thought i would cheer when she leaves just because she’s boring me all these weeks.
TOP 4===========
This korean person typed up the judges comments from the ep 🙂

– BORING.  wow the comments were interesitng… something about cancer????? kouganzai … wut? so confused. it’s so interesting that he just mentions it and people don’t really go into it too much.  or did they mention it on the show before, is that why?

more explanation here:

park jimin. – love on top by beyonce .was this song a single? i don’t follow mainstream music so for the most part i have no idea. lol.   I thought beyonce went down the shitstream/jump the shark… so i think this song is a couple years old? but if it was I would know it? is it a cover? she’s so shitty like songs like girls runthe world. not only are the lyrics to that song are terrible, it’s super repetitive. talk about adding insult to injury I like this song so that’s why i’m realllllly surprised it’s by Beyonce…

IHAI/ e. hai (since i call lee michelle e. michelle) – song about time flowing by. rapping was eh to me.

e. suk hun. lee suk hoon. – it’s so different with him because his appeal is not his talent and he always writes a part of his song while this time it was from scratch. but i’m sure jyp helped him lots as far as i can tell from the video bits.

I feel so bad for them, they have to prepare this andddddddddddd do their performance.  they’re putting this in so people can vote ++ they don’t have enough people to fill in the time.

LOVED the performance with ihai and park jimin.

they do the same thing on american idol but instead of the name special stage we call it boring filler soulless singing shit. they get the contestants to sing some bland song that has been overplayed on the radio for like the pas t10 years at least and i’m like please please please stop singing these crappy songssssssss. does it cost that much money to get more song rights? It could actually be fun and entertaining but they don’t give a shit about it being entertaining… just that the song or the arrangement is enough to fill up _ minutes. the contestants just put on a fake smile with probably the thoughts along of the lines of damnnit i hate this song, why do i have to sing it…. and they have no energy nor the ability to hype the audience up.

ANYWAYS the person who went home had to go home. it’s like the episode dayana (so sad that penn and other really talented people went home before she did) on celebrity apprentice went home. IT JUST MAKES SENSE. if they didn’t go home it would be another CHRIS DAUGHTRY MESS. They might as well have eliminated 2 people. j/k.

New Strategy for Korean

Like I said before i’m doing the paper vs. electronic for my SRS tha tI’m setting up the SRS schedule myself… i mean sometimes I hate anki cause it asks me even though I know it so well or like I forgot it because it asked me so late… technically it’s my fault that I pressed 3 instead of 2 or watever but the point is I don’t understand anki or well anki doesn’ tunderstand me or how i feel or anything so maybe this is better lol? well maybe i’ll switch to computer for korena but no.. I don’t want to I don’t want to stare at the computer.

Anyways new strategy is read korean on the internet. I read japanese on the internet for fun a lot.. it’s fun and i’m better at that than reading korean.. .well actually i can read both just i come across words i don’t know more frequently in korean so that’s the killjoy.joykill component of korean for me…

.it sure as hell more productive than tumblr or facebook lol. if only lingo would stop being a bitch. no seriously, i set it up so it tellsme the definition when i press shift and right click or left clik or somethin but it doesn’t work like 70% of the time and it crashes when i try too. pice of shit lol. but anyawys what I’m going about reading is anything that interests. as of now it’s limited to immortal song. cause I now LOVE that show. It’s my saturday/sunday thing.. whenever the hell people upload it on youtube. LUKCILY i found some NIC NICE sites with korean indie so I hope I catch up like for fuck’s sakes i didn’t know about deb’s second album or jaurim’s new album… they might be old by now 😦  I’ve justt been ugggh.

Anyways I was reading this and it was good for the first 2 paragraphs and then I finally came across a word I had to loooook up.


and there’s some new scandal about ali and rape and her father and some shit — -video clip on youtub eand article on that same blog.. I have no idea what the fuck is going on so i have read and figure it out. but it happened december 12th so it’s not too… old lol.

SHOUJO JIDAI the boys japanese version comments. on hey hey hey. SNSD

the lyrics are um.. interesting. they put in a lot of english and anyways it’s like a boa song… she has lots of weird english in her song too right? why can’t the members that speak english say yo these lyrics don’t make no sense in english either or it’s lame … put in more damn japanese damnit  etcetc.And hamada is right… it’s mad hard to understand the rap the part (it’s like impossible to catch without the words underneath with the english) where she says 集結咲き乱れ is like wtf?

but I don’t think they’re pronunciation is that bad… I don’t feel like their pronounciation off in any fundamental way you know how korean people have really thick accents… the intonation thing.


it eneded with laughs as always otousan- owachatta :D.  I literally stopped watching the ep before the finale. the finale is 2 eps though. so 😦 so many months just to finish. but on the other hand as far a s i know akb ariyoshi kyouwakoku is not overrrrrrrrrr so i’m mad behind in eps like months of eps lol. but I skip boring eps but you know that episode with the benri goods and murder mystery was prettyy good and funny etc. so I look forward to it as well.