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Jessica’s part in the beginning: her voice sounds annoying here…

the kokoro prononciation is just bad. if they let sooyoung sang the kokoro line or the first line that jessica sang, this song would be SO MUCH BETTER..

0:48 lol at first i thought taeyeon said うっとしくて then I realized she was trying to say ふと深呼吸. the way she said ふと was so… i was really thrown off.

also I hated the way she sang 0:46 nagareteku keshiki.

omg like i said make them listen to japanese/karaoke japanese songs instead of assuming that japanese people won’t notice.  It’s the same story as last time everyone’s pronounciation/intonation is offfffffff. (from watching this video I can definitely say that karaoke totally helps since i could actually understand what these korean people were saying. there wer ea couple people that were a little off or just had to commit the usual pronounciation fumbles that korean people do like the tsu sounds but ovreall one guy sounded so japanese lol. I was surprised how japanese thsees korean people sound) Or even if they do that, maybe it’ll take time till some change/improvement occurs and while that process is going on they can use sooyoung. I get that she’s not lead vocal so fine dont’ give her the lead vocals, but give her seomthing to help us out here. i think it’s just rude to the japanese fans because one it’s a ballad… if the pronounciation is off it’s gonna ruin it. secondly,  i’m sure everyone’s sick of jesica and tiffany’s voice and like i said jessica’s voice in the beginning sounded really annoying. maybe the accent problem compounded  to that issue.

1:36 I hear tiffany sing  愛が辛くなって, I wonder what she’s really saying.
I mean からく MIND YOU NOTつらい. maybe she’s saying 軽く

question why the hell do you not let sooyoung sing.… if it’s a matter of popularity/success in JAPAN she’s pretty popular. she sorta has an edge over the members in Japan since her japnaese sounds good (上品 is the word they use to describe her japnaese and let me say that’s such an awesome compliment… because not everyone can sound  上品… that’s a really positive characteristic they use to describe her japanes on top of her ability to speak japanese)

there’s parts where i don’t understand what they sayin…. unless i check the lyrics.

omg it’s a ballad why the f is sooyoung not singing!!! yet again.  it doesn’t matter if she’s singing with the other members in the “sing all together” parts because her perfect japanese/understandable is covered by their accented japnaese so even though one member is pronouncing and intonating and all that correctly if the other 8 aren’t it’s going to sound bad since that one person can’t overpower everyone else lol.

and they let yoona sing… whyz.

from what i can tell from the mv they let seohyun, jessica, tiffany, taeyeon, yuri, sunny,  yoona get separate parts and then the other members can only do the part where they sing together . OMG  7 members got separate parts and then sooyoung and hyoyeon got nothing? are they tone-deaf or something? why are they not allowed to sing on ballads?  I can get hyoyeon if her voice doesn’t match the song or whatever reason they want to give but to not let soo young sing is like???  like i asked last time, is her singing really crappy or something? I never got that impression.

yoona was … mis-saying mirai.  which irritates well i don’t want to pick on her since everyone was just off.

I’m sure certain members are better than others at pronouncign japanese but i don’t have time to analyze everyone, not to metion, not everyone has parts and i do know for certain that sooyoung’s japanese is the best so i do not see the point of looking into some ranking/assessment. her 3 years in japan were not for naught and they’re not going to catch up to her that fast…..

EDIT:  2:00 is sooyoung and hyoyeon either has a small part or has a part she shares with someone or no part… I don’t remember what the lyrics website said exactly.  but the 2:00 sounds like sooyoung + member/s so they are treating her like shit basically. or maybe they have some echo effect so it sounds that way.

I also found out from the site that sooyoung had a part in time machine but like above, it sounds like sooyoung + member/s mixed in so it’s not even anything.


I saw the talking part of MUSIC STATION with shinee and KEY, one of the members is like  I watch lots of jpaanese variety shows like london hearts… which he described as super fun to watch which I agree with!  AND of course his japanese was the best out of everyone!!! The other people’s Japanese… I probably wouldn’t hav e understand them as well if I didn’t have a ear for korean (my years of hearing/listening to korean)… yes they’re speaking in japanese but it’s like their speaking in japanese with their korean voice so some of them sound girly so… i don’t get why they don’t all watch london hearts??/

And looking back he is my favorite shinee member. I decided this when i was watching the shinee music video and  heard his voice. Either it’s him or Onew] but I remembre that it was the memeber with a deep voice and long hair so it must be KEY.

But yeah going on about the talk/variety thing… like I said before my favorite SNSD members sunny, hyoyeon and sooyoung becaues they have the best/most interesting personalities so i don’t think it would be a bad idea for any of these three to venture into japanese variety shows… minus the language barrier (which obviously can be torn down with karaokeing and watching fun japanese media ie talk/variety shows.. which totally worked for key. well apparently snsd is super busy so i don’t know how viable this is but.. ). It’s just really different from korean talk/variety show… it has its good side and bad side.  I think it would be a good experience for them to work the japanese circuit toooooooo…

lol it’s so true… the third guy on the top is key i believe… just going by the pronounciation/intonation

hmm key speaks english so he has an advantage.

2NE1 – I love you && you & I JAPANESE

I love the lyrics for iu’s you and i. The lyrics are very japanese so in that sense i like it. I honestly don’t even know what the song is about in korean.. I know what she’s singing (the lyrics) but i never thought of the whole concept/point of the song.  but anyways it’s probably diff for the japanese v.

時間に隠された秘密 胸が軋んだ痛み
この気持ちはなぁに?choa 背中押すのだぁれ?choa 解けない魔法

瞳 閉じたら 迷い込んだ迷路
私はここにいる tick-tack響く運命の音
あなたと私 たとえば すれ違っても 信じよう
もう一度 未来で 巡り逢えると

お願いちょっとだけ待ってて 追いかけて行くから
長い針はあなた choa 短いのはだぁれ choa 重なる瞬間

瞳 閉じたら 迷い込んだ迷路
私はここにいる tick-tack響く運命の音
あなたと私 たとえば すれ違っても 信じよう
もう一度 未来で 巡り逢えると

何もかも 忘れちゃうのかな?
そうじゃないでしょ? 変わらないでしょ?

昨日の夢で また会いましょう

午前零時の 鐘が急かすけど あきらめたりしない
どこまでも 探すから きっと
あなたと私 たとえば すれ違っても 信じよう
もう一度 未来で どちらがはぐれたって
名前 呼び合えば 巡り逢えると

I like the part where they kept the ai part.

kono kimochi ai which was 그래 기묘했던 아이 in the korean version

ai = love

ai = child

I Thought it was okay for them to leave in the joa part though they romajied it to choa which i don’t know why they don’t do that since that’s not what she’s saying.

IT’s so unfortunate that she has to say the word himitsu but she can’t say  tsu in it. the word has to be himitsu….. eh maybe it’s cuter this way lol… it worked for kara.

for 2NE1 . firstly I enjoyed simon and martina’s video on that on KPOP MUSIC MONDAYS. it was funny as always. when i first heard the 2ne1 song I didn’t think much of it that it was no lonely or it hurts BUT upon listening to the song again after watching the kpop music monday video it grew on me. So I do like it.  I AGREE WITH THEM That the mouthes don’t match the song on the video. I’m thinking maybe it’s because they’re also releasing a japanese version so maybe it matches perfectly in the japanese version? i mean we won’t know till that comes but anyhoos. and from what i heard frmo that one minute thing on the news everyone’s pronunciation is iffy as always. I mean if they actually live in japan/spend time there i don’t see why their pronounciationa and intonation won’t improve. especially CL was put in a weird position. she went on shabekuri -007 with the other 2ne1 girls.

and so they know she lived in japan for 7 years or some other number but she’s not that good with speaking since she went to international school so like at this one ppart the shabekuri person said to her 長いこと and that threw her off and then she didn’t understand him. this happened to me before too NOT In real life though. tokui said on a show umai koto iku うまいこといく and I found that sentence/grammar to be intersting becasue I never came across it or heard it previously but I got the meaning. I just thought oh so you can use it like this or you can say this ooh.  but anyways after she was like looking all puzzled the shabekuri sorta acted pissed off at her (maybe for reals or maybe for tv or maybe they’re a little irritated that she didn’t understand since SHE DID live there all those years)  but all in all it’s tv so I think they just reacted like that since it’s tv. and I sorta agree with them.

anyways I like the song. IT has lots of different parts to it and i enjoy all of them except the last part with the rap/noise thing.. no thank you.

THe lyrics seem very japaense so i like it for that… I heard something something sasete which made go ahhh 🙂 in a good way.

UPDATE THE full japanese version is out and as far as i can tell the mouths don’t match here either lol.  in fact it’s the same thing just with japanaese audio?  that’s sad.. it doesn’t match either version.

on the same vein as iu i like that on 2:40 it’s te de and it matches eheh eheheh that follows.

지금 날 잡아줘요
늦기 전에 eh eheheh

捕まえて愛をその手で eh eh eh

concerning their japanese….
it’s so bad. i don’t understand  why it’s so bad. like for tomenaide yo they keep stressing the wrong part.
tomenaiDEyo. did they really rush? i’m sure they have japanese singer/producer somebody there to tell them you should say it like this… on a fundamental level it should be like THIS since that’s how it is in JAPANESE.  Like for that SNSD thing time machine I found that video of hiro who actually had a part in helping the girls record the song( i later found out). so maybe the girls did take cues from his example and that’s what it turned out to be… though there’s still intonation issues it’s better than if they did it WITHOUT him?

But seriously some of the stuff is so fixable yet they didn’t…. it’s very raw as far as the japanese being off.

maybe it’s really noticeable with this song because it doesn’t have “”filter ” on the voice

when CL says shittou it sounds like she’s saying shit in english and adding on to on top of it.  It just sounds off (the intonation is opposite of what it should be) and it just kills the emotional whatever impact of the song. and to be honest I know that in japnaese there’s a lot of “shit” like the verb “shiru” going to te-form to shitte or just kanji compound verbs in general when the first kanji’s reading is “shitsu” but I NEVER Associate it with the english word SHIT. just sayin…. that’s unusual.

and yes there are parts i don’t understand just from listening to it.  i mean that’s to be expected with any kpop star just becaseu sometimes the lyrics are really f****ed with the english injected in ie boa’s songs or they’re not used t o japaense at all.

it sounds like the only time they use japnaese is to sing for the japanese single/album in other words $$$.

I guess the only thing I can wish is that they get better with their japanese. like i said before with time machine if it’s off… it’s off and it kills the emotional thing. at least they started with a korean version. as far as i know time machine is only in japanese.

well I HOPE CREAMVISIONJP or some really good japaense singer covers this song or something so it sounds more discernible.

she did a nice cover of lonely (the japanese versioN) so i can listen to it without cringing at the intonation/

anyways I’mmma listen to the korean version unless cream covers it. speaking of which,  loved the yg on air thing reeased 8-1-2012!

With that performance I finally noticed dara’s voice. she has a really interesting voice too. I never noticed till now. and i love how the guy playing the guitar is that child prodigy or whatever from the youtube. he’s so hot and old now lol.


Okay so I love SISTAR’s new song just because it’s not as noisy/engrish as their previous songs. As much I loved hyorin in immortal song I could not become a fan of sistar because I couldn’t like any of the songs. but now i hvae one!

So I first watched the music video then i watched the live performance and with that i finally found out what hyorin was singing over and over again. she’s saying i’m falling down. but instead of emphasizing the fa part she emphasizes the ll part. I think there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just we usually emphasize the fa part in talking and singing. It’s interesting how she emphasizes the ll part.. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or because she doesn’t speak english but either way i like it. she’s singing so she can emphasize whatever part and all plus I do like how she sings it like that except when i didn’t have the lyrics I could not tell what she was singing.  I couldn’t even tell if it was english or korean though. lol.

HYUNA AND SDN48’s serina! 芹那

hyuna reminds me of serina from sdn48 with her voice/way she talks. maybe it’s not that similar but for some reason it remindss me of serina. maybe it’s because the way hyuna talks reminds me of the way japanese girls talk (not all japanese girls talk like that… but you know what i mean right)

here’s a yt search for serina if you don’t know her.

but obviously the way serina talks is really extreme… it’s like equivalent to a 6 year old even though she’s like 26.  I wish she would talk with her natural voice.

you can hear her natural voice at the beginning of this video

OR MAYBE it’s only because hyuna’s voice is cutesy??

OMG THIS VIDEO TOTALLY PROVES that my intuition is correct. there’s definitely something with hyuna


her voice is the least grating (everyone but hyuna sound so grating since they’re speaking Japanese with their korena voice and although hyuna is talking with her korena voice her.. her voice is different so.. it’s like an exception) out of all the members in Japanese… despite her accent. her cutesy talking matches Japanese? I wonder if that means her actual voice is deeper than the one she actually uses? since that’s what serina is doing.

If anyone else feels the way i do and would like to contribute and provide me some clarity please do.

OH AND I didn’t know what 4 minute is till recently just because i don’t care about kpop. but anyways they were being interviewed on arirang tv so they just interviewed in korean and they subbed it in english. I noticed this one girl’s voice was interesting and i was like oh it reminds me of something.. who is that? and then i realized it was serina. Then i found out that member is hyuna.  I only saw their arirang interview because I saw ailee’s arirang interview which i only saw because she went on immortal song and then i found out she’s fluent in english since she’s from new jersey.

吉高由里子 장재인 another link

THE OTHER inter-country stars between Korean and japan that are reminiscent of each other is yoshitaka yuriko and jang jane. I SWEAR if jane jane spoke japanese she would sound like yy and IF yoshitaka yuriko spoke korean she’d like JJ. woww both of them have such interesting initials.  i wonder what yoshitaka yuriko’s singing voice is like? They look sorta similar toooooooo

ONE LAST THIGN IS this korean reality tv show person who looks like tanaka..the annoying/ugly/creepy one in アンガールズ

btw this korean tv show is boring so i don’t recommend it but anyways this discovery is just wow…

click for my short lang-8 entry in japanese regarding this discovery

copy-psating my tumble entry

탑밴드2] 데이브레이크 범퍼카..120623

omg I’m so impressed with dcaybreak. i swear i never paid attention to them in the past but i’ve really taken note of them… with their most recent album release and performances of the tracks on the 3rd album on youtube…


this is such a great performance… I love the part where it gets all slow  and drawn-out @2:58 like he’s trying to talk slow …. (isn’t it like usually  bands/singers get louder or faster or whatever during the climax or the change in tempo or whatever in the middle of the song yet they did the exact opposite yet it was climatic in every sense of that word ) . and the piano is awesome 🙂

the lead singer looks so adorable with his movements when he’s singing the drawn-out and slow part. this stuff is infectious !

the lead singer reminds me of another singer. im gonna say that is karasu’s lead singer for some reason. this band and karasu’s style is really different. but for some reason reminds me of the lead singer of karasu.. i mean i’ve yet to hear a karasu song a uppity/happy as this daybreak song and so the respective bands have different styles but i still go omg he reminds me of ___.. some of the parts when he changes the way he sings reminds me of the lead singer of karasu ESPECIALLY THE part where they slow down.

here’s a link to a karasu song if you’re curious

just in general i love the lead siger of karasu’s 鴉 voice…. b/c there’s lots of people in japaense music industry who cannot sing or sing off-key on purpose…(for reals) though i try my best to find people worthy of my time/ears and of course karasu is one of those artists. and his voice is very unique and i love it.. it has a nice feel to it like the vulnerable feel when that characteristic is required in the song.  even with the screaming i lvoe it or rather becuase he’s screaming the parts i really feel it.


btw does hiro speak english or something?????? it’s pretty good because you know japanese people usually sing weird katakana english lol.  The first couple times I herad it… the beginnign sorta sounded southern/wetsern to me lol. by southern/western I mean the american kind. A little hill/billy lol. I don’t feel that anymore but that was my first impression. SPEAKING OF first impression I LOVED NO BRAIN’s RENDITION OF FIRST impression by kim gung-mo. The last time no brain performed on immortal song it was too noisy but this time it was just right..

love the organ in the beginning.
My questions are the following:
why make the girl who’s not fluent in english sing the english lines? And why didn’t the girl fluent in english help the girl who’s not fluent in english sound more … natural? (well maybe she did but… some of the pronunciation is like… if they just nailed it would’ve been amazing but she didn’t so it took away from the song)

why make the girls who don’t speak japanese sing in japanese?>> Not only that the girl who speaks Japanese also speaks some good english right? I was surprised by how good sooyoung’s english was with the pronunciation not saying it’s as good as native or amazing but definitely along the lines of good. Is suuyon’s singing that bad? lol do they do auditions for each song they release or do they just let the lead singers always sing it? I really don’t know how good sooyon is at singing but I really feel like it would’ve been better if they used her just BECAUSE she’s the one with the best japanese pronunciation/intonation. since this song is emotional… that stuff becomes even more important.  like for GEE the lyrics are just weird anyway so it’s hard to understand anyway in some of the parts and to be hoenst their wrong intonation/pronunciation would help them since people would think that’s more cute possibly? Like on ame talk they were talking about how kara was speaking japanese in the beginning of the MV and that it was really cute because they’re speaking with the korean intonation or whatever…. their namari. (THEEIR japanese has been getting better as of late… for example the usual phrases like arigatougozaimasu etc etc sound PERFECT with the intonation…. which obviously happens cause they hear it a lot and they say it alot… so i hope they start noticing intonation more and more… to go on and speak japaense that sounds more pleasant compared to japanese with korean intonation/pronunciation)–

obviously there’s pronunciation or intonation problems as far the JAPANESE is concerned… one that especially stood out was the word “ketsumatsu”. If she nailed it… the emotional effect would’ve tremendous and I would’ve loved it but it was off so it was almost comical just because that’s what japanese sounds like if it’s pronunced wrong…. in certain situations. Rather than comical, I was just disappointed that she pronounced ketsumatsu like any korean person would or maybe her ketsumatsu pronunciation has to do with her english thing since she speaks english? but anyways it was the opposite intonation or whatever so it was lke UGH!

THANK god there was no “zu” or “ze” … that would’ve really killed the emotioanl impact of the song. koreans have trouble pronouncing the z in japanese…. but then again 2 of the lead singers speak english so it wouldn’t matter?? but seriously there was this s.e.s. song that was in japanese and it was all emotional but they got the girl who doesn’t speak japanese to sing AKIRAMEZU and that totally killed the emotional thing. i read one of them actually speaks japanese anyway so why didn’t they let her sing that part since you know the akirameju doesn’t really do much lol except causing laughter.

and I found hiro’s version… Japanese guy and I was like I wonder if they made him sing it FIRST so they can listen to it and try to copy the way he sings. … obviously they can put their own flair on it but they got to sing it with the correct intonation on a fundamental level.

Un|fortunately once I heard that SNSD song a couple times I get immune to their pronunciation problems and I notice it less and get bothered it by less so I can’t point out all the words/lines that was like… “off” because even if listen to it now I’ve become used to it lol. But seriously, the first time I heard it I was like OMG why are they doing a ballad… the problems in pronunciation/intonation become really clear with ballads. it sound sorta sounded iffy the first time around as far as i can remember… (I tihnk I had to look up the lyrics b.c. i couldn’t understand parts or something) I don’t know how a Japanese person would feeeeeel…. maybe since they heard more japanese than i did… no matter how many times they listen to it the problems will be noticeable. then again when i listen to it even now there’s parts i’m like wtf she say and ihave to look up th elyrics… like the part where it’s わがままも今は愛しくて. i hear wagaga mo ima ha itoshite? i’m like wtf is itoshite? WAIT UP hiro says itoshite tooooooooo. i don’t get this lol.

But anyways the Japanese lyrics are pretty good…
I was thinking to singing in Japanese with correct intonation doesn’t even require you to speak Japanese fluently persay…… like I saw some show where they had all these foreigner peope  and they don’t speak ajpanese but when they sang the japanee songs they sounded mad japanese. maybe there were a couple parts where the intonation was alittle iffy for some of those people but for the most part I was like wow they sound like a japanese person lol.  Some show about seeing foreigners sing Japanese songs. These rae just people that really like japnaes music.. .they don’t even live in Japan.  SO WHAT i’m saying is… they should allow the girls to immerse themselves in Japanese … just spend more time with it in general and if it really is like they’re short on time and they just want their japanese singing pronunciation to be better then make them karaoke japanese songs/listen to japanese songs or something. (omg this is so true. I came across a video of some thai or filipino girl covering anime opening songs and her japanese pronunciation is flawles slike i can understand her fine AND AND not only that she sang just like how the seiyuus sing… you know how anime seiyuu people do things with their voice when they sing that conventional singers don’t do… especially nana mizuki) Like seriously, why do THEY chooose a ballad where all the flaws really noticeable and then give sooyoung 0  LINES. If it’s an emotional ballad intonation does come into play. But like I said before I’ve heard that song a bunch of times so I don’t even notice the flaws no more lol. but like i said i won’t feel the full emotional pull till the korean version comes out or the english version comes out (sang by only tiffany and jessica lol). but on a more positive note there are girl groups for kpop who suck horribly at pronunciation and intonation to the point i have toruble understanding them in their singing/tlaking etc or the accent is mad obvious so in that way snsd is better than those groups.

Ummm I hope they release a korean version so I can feel really moved and whatnot since obviously won’t hear weird pronunciation problems. I mean the japanese version is still moving and all that but it would’ve been so much MORE MOVING and whatnot if their intonation was better.

ANOTHER thing that bothered me among other things in that same song is when jessica? said hanshinhangi in the song THE BOYS... which I think they only perofrmed once in Japan… on hey hey hey.  If it was correct intonation then it would’ve awesome but it wasn’t so it killed the effect 😦

iu’s good day japanese song. The lyrics are good. I’m not gonna comment on the part about the korean that is inserted into the song. I like the people that translate te songs to japanes eLOL. they do a good job. They make the lyric very beautiful and JAPANESE. Wow… the first time I watched her MV there’s parts (or more like the whole part minus the korean parts) i can’t understand what she’s singing so I had to look up the lyrics. she has some accent but um.. I feel like compared to kara or snsd she’s going to improve her japanese the fastest I feel like… 1) she’s by herself 2) her personality (she was on some show where she tried to speak in japanese as much as possible and of course she made mistakes but… it’s the fact that doesn’t bother her.. hell she didn’t mind it when some random person in the crowd during her performance called her a pig. — because she was fat at the time. ) … I just think her personality is really geared toward language-learning…. compared to if her personality isn’t what it is. So I don’t think if she’ll become the next big thing in kpop since KARA in Japan or if she’ll just fade out or not. Japanes people really like cute stufffff so who knows.


This reminds me of t-ara. I was thinking like why did they choose these lyrics of all lyrics because it makes their japanese sound horrible. there’s some native ameircan song where they say the words koi koi koi  and . kitekitekite  even sooyon has trouble saying the words shutsuen suru koto ga dekite with the correct intonation (that I noticed) but like other than that her pronunciation is pretty good and definitely a lot easier to understand than the other girls. But anyways the koi koi and especially the kite kite sounds really bad lol.

I found this which I totally agree with:


which means they shouldn’t rush them into debuting in japan……. intonation is sorta importanttttttttt