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I was thinking it’s better to “finish learning a language” before moving onto another one?  Obviously it’s way less efficient to study 3 languages at the same time as opposed one at a time. but anyways the reason I moved on to korean is because for japanese what I liked most was watching the talk/variety shows/treading japanese books. so after a while I didn’t have much to learn fromtalkvariety shows. there’s always a couple lines i can’t catch but i’m sure if there were subs I would read it and go oh  no wonder why… that person has crappy pronunciation (katsuzetsu thing) probably half the time. i still watch talk/variety shows cause I love ’em (ariyoshi-sannn) and I do learn stuff but there’s lots of instances and episodes where I learn absolutely nthing as far as new japanese words. I sitll learn stuff sometimes like I’ll see a word/kanji reading that i didn’t encounter before but it’s just that instance dropped really low to the point i’m just like uggggh I’m not learning much japanese watching this as far as learning new words. so I obviously hvae to read books ther’es only much active vocab used in conversation. By all means I read books that are well-written as much as possible as opposed to shittily written and there are …

Anyways the  aspects of japanese that i feel I can improve are:

keigo – No problem undersatnding it. it was pretty easy to learn the undersatnding part with dramas (haken no hinkaku/jin) / talk variety shows even…… but actually using it is really different especially in that business environemnt. But sometimes I use keigo for fun like the o-~~ wo —rareru is pretty fun to say right?



kikitori – it has improved drastically but despite what i still lack in kikitori but then it’s like if i have the subs if i have the text then i’m fine most likely … so I don’t knowwwww.

Out of these  I can only work on katsuzetsu cause it seems fun! I added a link. I guess kikitori technically since i am sitll watching japanese crap/listen to japanese music. I read the article on keigo and I was just like ugh i don’t want to think. because you think while you read it to understand it let alone remember it. So it didn’t really work out. something about sonkeigo vs. kenjogo 謙譲語 .. it takes me 10seconds to rmember the pronunciation of that second one because I have think of 譲渡=じょうと and then decide whether it’s jou or to. that in itself was mad tiring lol.

and proabbaly more but I feel like i should still move onto korean anyway cause it’s not like i don’t know how to write kanji or i’m illiterate …it’s not stuff that’s part of the fundamental parts of learning japanese. I feel like my time is better put to use putting myself in the korean exposure environment as opposed to watching japanese talk/variety where i can read/understand like 99% of it. plus i hate how they use so much english sometimes. furendori-?

Secret Garden UPDATE

Yes it’s been months and I’ve finally seen episode 6. and yes this is where the fun begins. Episode 6 is the episode I watched with the least fast-forwarding in fact I watched like the whole thing? Wait Iskipped a scene or two with people that i don’t care about…. you know those old people… over 40 or 50 lol.

Well the acting is good. If the acting was crap the drama would be ruined… it wouldn’t be funny at all. I’m sure or at least it seems like both actors really put in a lot of effort. even if you don’t understand korean I’m sure you can tell what they’re doing with their voices and obviously even if you don’t understand you can tell with their facial expressions that the acting is top-notch.  I didn’t see the last part of episode 5  so i have no idea happened. I’mm gonna go back and watch the episode 5 and then keep watching while it’s still fresh and fun. and then if it gets boring then I gues si’ll through the lines of episode 6 especialy in particular and find out what was said… what i didn’t catch etc etc.

There were also bloopers at the end of ep 6 which were fun to watch except i couldn’t catch some of the stuff being said like the talking in the background.

Recently I estimated the number of words i learned over the sumer for korean  since ihvae paper cards so i have estimate otherwise it’s a waste of tim.e it’s like almost 600 so I want to do monoligual once i hit 2000. this is because i personally feel that korean has more words/vocab etc that is used in daily conversation… it must be at least twice the amount for japanese  (khatz said monoligual when you hit 1000 cards which i’ll just take in as 1000 cards for japanese = 2000 cards at lesat for korean). Somebody tell me if i’m just deranged and confused but i seriously do believe that japanse is easier because the daily conversation just really involves a lot of vague language and all that stuff... while in korean they don’t. they describe they want to say in all the details and facets and nuance.

I think I’ll give tofuguben’s shadowing method a try. just the shadowing part not every single step cause i don’t personally believe in it. It seems fun and like I said I skip any scene with old people lol… you know anyone i don’t care about and so I would only shadow scenes of interest either before looking up words or after because you don’t need to read kanji with erratic readings with korean.  🙂 I think it’ll help remember the words the conjugation/ sentence structure etc etc. I think more so with korean than japanese. practice saying korean is more important because the verbn conjugations is realy logical and easy to learn if you teach your mouth/tongue.. notice i wrote say and not speak. because it’s hard to speak korean with the verb conjugation crap and my tongue always just goes opposite of what  i want to say you know like ㅗ instead of ㅜ for some reason so it’s just best just read what is correct.

and reading in korean on the comp like websites doesnt really work for me becase i just start reading japanese crap or do youtube in japanese or english lol which all starts with me looking up something that i want to know. someboody give me an interestin’ korean site?


and for fun I remembered the nihongo kentei shiken. ting.

I remember reading a wikipedia article on it and iwas surprised that some guy from kat-tun and thsese other japanese people have the highest level on that. it’s like really hard.

Link to 2 questions Igot right. (it this sheer luck? cause after that i kept getting crap wrong lol) I set it at 1 = hardest level, and keigo because i have no idea what’s correct for keigo sometimes. this is why i wouldn’t say i’m fluent in japanese or anything because I’m useless at talking to customers correctly if i was hired and working in ajapan. how do you know keigo? do people just learn from experience from what they hear/what they get said to them when they go to a store/movie theater and so forth. do they memorize it? I don’t get it. I just answered based on feeling so iknew like 2 of the choices are definitely wrong and all that stufff. I rememberd yet again that I still suck balls at japanese cause I don’t know keigo. I keep thinking i’m gonna read the articles online about the keigo but i keep forgetttttttting.

Link to the test click on the left side box

WAIT WAIT WAIT. I made a mistake.  The hard test that I was shocked that random talent people passed was the kanji test.  It’s called 日本漢字能力検定

nihon kanji nou ryoku kentei.

I was so surprised that those talent on tv actually got it. even level 2 is like really hard but anyways this is the level 1 thing which is like 6000 kanji and basically they’re like we’ll just test you on rare crap that no one will ever see or we used to use but no longer anymore. and obviously all the kanji readings you’ll be tested on…. will have no pattern… they’re just like pure memorization right? it is1-kyuu.

程度 常用漢字を含めて、約6000字の漢字の音・訓を理解し、文章の中で適切に使えるようにする。
領域―読むことと書くこと 常用漢字の音・訓を含めて、約6000字の漢字を読み、その大体が書ける。

  • 熟字訓当て字、対義語、類義語、同音・同訓異字などを理解すること
  • 典拠のある四字熟語を理解すること
  • 国字を書くこと(怺える、毟る など)
  • 地名・国名等の漢字表記(当て字の一種)を読むこと
  • 常用漢字体と旧字体との関連を知ること

領域―故事・諺 故事成語・諺を正しく理解する。

ただし、上記の出題範囲のうち、平成14年度第3回からは、「地名・国名等の漢字表記(当て字の一種)を読むこと」と「常用漢字体と旧字体との関連 を知ること」に関する問題が出題されなくなった。一方、動植物名その他の熟字訓・当て字の読みを問う問題は依然として出題されている。


But seriously even if you read a lot of books i doubt you’ll encounter all that stuff… I would feel like most of te people who passed this probably just studied cause how else are you supposed to see these rare kanji. or are therebooks that are written for really smart people that i have yet to come across yet that has lots of weird kanji. i looked at example problems for 1kyuu and i knew the reading for like 1 or 2 kanji out of the 30. the rest i’ve nver seen ever lol.  I just personally see no point memorizing stuff just to get the 1kyuu or 2 kyuu and then just forget it…. it just seems like such a waste of time.  if it’s like you read lots of books and you’re at leevel of _kyuu and then you ge t it it’s fine. you’re just proving what you know. But seriously can you really encounter all the kanji in the 1kyuu just from reading ??? do you have to read mad jidai geki crap? meiji era crap? heian jidai crap? lol. seriously where the hell do you encounter that crap?

I tried taking the kanji test a wee-bit just to see where I stand with my self-educated japanese knowledge formed over the the past 4.5 years. It’s really more like 2.5 though cause for the first 2 years I wasn’t using effective methods… maybe it’s more like 3. just going by ACTUAL time with Japanese by seconds /minutes.

2級 高校卒業・大学・一般程度(1945字、他に人名用漢字)
so out of the readings . the first section I knew 18/30 for 100% sure. well for a couple I typed out what Iwould guess and then it was correct so I included those… it’s like I knew the onyomi read for both kanji but i’ve never seen that word so i wouldn’t know if the word was that conventional with the kanji it’s made out of.

3級 中学校卒業程度(1608字)
3kyuu-am i smarter than mdiddle schooler lol. so this is what middle schoolers, I’m going to guess 9th graders know… which is when middle schoolers graduate middle school.
28/30 for the first section! yays.

OMGS I realy need graduate from da japanese high school. lolz. I wonder how long it’ll take lolz.  I graduated middle school with flying hours in my 5 years j/kj/k which is more like 3 yeras or 2 years even to be honest.
18/30 is passing? or maybe it’s not. I’m too lazy to lookup.

I only took the first section of the mock test they have on the site. FYI seriously I defiitely know how to read more than 1945 kanji… I don’t know how many exactly it’s definitely 2000 something. AT LEAST.. I don’t think I hit 3000. It really depends on what they ask and sometimes I know the reading for onyami for both the kanji but for some reason when you put them together neither or those matter anymore or there’s some weird onten or whatevers.  to be honest sometimes you don’t know really need to know how to read it, you just need to know the meaning which you can tell form the 2 kanji.

But anyways I would never take either of those tests just because it’s a waste of my time.  and i don’t see myself going to japan or wokring gthere and i already my mention whole thing with keigo. you can’t work in japanese if you’re not gonna learn keigo. before isaid memorize but it’s more like learn because you have the analyze the wohle situation with who you’re tlaking to and if you’re inferior them or ont and all that crap lol or whether you’re tlaking about the person that you’re supposed to put above or a thing that’s associated with the person who’s superior to you cause apparently you don’t have to use keigo or some verb conjugation that makes it less direct for the thing associated with the person but there’s also the o/go thing but i’m sure they’re two different things you know the sonkeigo vs. KENJOUGo or somethin. what i just mentioned was one of the explanations to one of the answers of the quiz i took on that site.

New Strategy for Korean

Like I said before i’m doing the paper vs. electronic for my SRS tha tI’m setting up the SRS schedule myself… i mean sometimes I hate anki cause it asks me even though I know it so well or like I forgot it because it asked me so late… technically it’s my fault that I pressed 3 instead of 2 or watever but the point is I don’t understand anki or well anki doesn’ tunderstand me or how i feel or anything so maybe this is better lol? well maybe i’ll switch to computer for korena but no.. I don’t want to I don’t want to stare at the computer.

Anyways new strategy is read korean on the internet. I read japanese on the internet for fun a lot.. it’s fun and i’m better at that than reading korean.. .well actually i can read both just i come across words i don’t know more frequently in korean so that’s the killjoy.joykill component of korean for me…

.it sure as hell more productive than tumblr or facebook lol. if only lingo would stop being a bitch. no seriously, i set it up so it tellsme the definition when i press shift and right click or left clik or somethin but it doesn’t work like 70% of the time and it crashes when i try too. pice of shit lol. but anyawys what I’m going about reading is anything that interests. as of now it’s limited to immortal song. cause I now LOVE that show. It’s my saturday/sunday thing.. whenever the hell people upload it on youtube. LUKCILY i found some NIC NICE sites with korean indie so I hope I catch up like for fuck’s sakes i didn’t know about deb’s second album or jaurim’s new album… they might be old by now 😦  I’ve justt been ugggh.

Anyways I was reading this and it was good for the first 2 paragraphs and then I finally came across a word I had to loooook up.

and there’s some new scandal about ali and rape and her father and some shit — -video clip on youtub eand article on that same blog.. I have no idea what the fuck is going on so i have read and figure it out. but it happened december 12th so it’s not too… old lol.

SHOUJO JIDAI the boys japanese version comments. on hey hey hey. SNSD

the lyrics are um.. interesting. they put in a lot of english and anyways it’s like a boa song… she has lots of weird english in her song too right? why can’t the members that speak english say yo these lyrics don’t make no sense in english either or it’s lame … put in more damn japanese damnit  etcetc.And hamada is right… it’s mad hard to understand the rap the part (it’s like impossible to catch without the words underneath with the english) where she says 集結咲き乱れ is like wtf?

but I don’t think they’re pronunciation is that bad… I don’t feel like their pronounciation off in any fundamental way you know how korean people have really thick accents… the intonation thing.


it eneded with laughs as always otousan- owachatta :D.  I literally stopped watching the ep before the finale. the finale is 2 eps though. so 😦 so many months just to finish. but on the other hand as far a s i know akb ariyoshi kyouwakoku is not overrrrrrrrrr so i’m mad behind in eps like months of eps lol. but I skip boring eps but you know that episode with the benri goods and murder mystery was prettyy good and funny etc. so I look forward to it as well.

生歌- The good, the bad, the UGLY in OTHERWORDS AKB48 lol minus a few elite members

holy shits the gg wwriters hate me or something. the episode afterthe pefume think with blair and chuck… louis buys her perfume as  a gift so she’ll forgive him for acting like all the other characters. I’m just like WTF is wrong wit hall these people. common sense. and then the crap that went down by the e time ep 10 rolled around was just so stupid lol. It’ slike okay… so blair is a whore basically? I don’t know that’s how i interpret it the fact that you know the writers jst have to drag the chuck blair crap like crazy with any means possible. i mean it’s not classy to get pregnant before getting married for obvious  reasons but then they make it even more retarded it’s like okays.

new milestone for japanese for me which is that today I started writing the kanji as fast as possible for RTK anki reviews because it’s such  a pain in the ass writing it out. I know it, it’s just I’m so lazy and I just hate writing in general with holding the pen and moving my hands all coordinated and shit ugh. I have this with english alphabet too. I just hate writing. the actual physical process.. speakin of which boa’s new song milestone is intriguing and i notice that her voice is mad nasally in japanese… not sayin it as an insult… just sayin what i heard… or what I perceived hearing

So if any of the youtube videos get removed after I post this, use your imagination or somethin. 🙂


AMAZING! I love this song because it’s just so energetic. The PV is interesting and the song is mad sexual. If you don’t get it then you’re really really innocent! I think it’s very explicit lol.

but yasu-SAMA is so good at singing live!!! I went through all the clips and every single song just sounds like what he sounds like on the albums. his MC is mad cute too lol. I don’t want to know how old he is… lol but really I’m a huge fan especially after watching this.  The reason I came across this live is because he’s almost done releasing 5 singles. I don’t know but he’s releaseing a single a month and he’s up to the 4th one now? but I like most of them singles. I tried j’anne de arc but it’s just boring to me, lyrically and everything… if anyone knows a janne arc song as good as ABC’s song tell me!

Good is like tokyo joshi ryuu or tokyo girls style. So they’re idol group but they actually sing live + they sing well + they’re really young…. while AKB48… as much as I like them as people like on variety shows…. just cannot except for a fewmembers. I am not a hardcore akb48 so I do not about that in detail.

i’M JUST sad they’re not selling much and not that successful even though they’re so much better than akb48 as far as singing/dancing (akb dancing is pretty simple no? I like flying get dance sequence tho! )

The bad is obviously the recent ummm… arashi thing and itano tomomi and akb48.

I’m not linking since youtube will remoe it most likely even if the clip is up now.

Itano tomomi’s voice is just strained all the way through and i’m sure she doesn’t hit 10% of the notes lol . I like her voice. as in her talking voice but she’s just not good at singing. I don’t even think she’s singing properly… like she doesn’t even have the basics in place. But the sad part is like her performance of fui ni is actually an improvement from the past as bad as it is. I saw some old hey hey ey ep with boa and people were performing covers of boa’s songs in front of boa. 1 group was minegishi, takahashi and itano. Itano sounded so horrible compared to the other people. she’s just like not meant to sing.

AKB48- there were video clips posted and it’s pretty bad especially compraed to the performances above. It’s just like it seems there’s no excuse for them to not sing live since there’s so many of ’em. at first I was WTF at AKB48. Then I became fanny and I understood what akimoto sensei  meant by idols that you cheer on to grow but the fact of the matter of the matter is they didn’t grow that much nor do they have much incentive since all they have to do is open up hand-shaking events to make $$. so i’m like starting to not like them. I mean i can’t since some of the members have nice interesting personalities that they show on that akb variety show.


some  of the subgroups can sing like eno3b and diva. diva is especially full of talented members who can sing and dance.

mini-rant on gossip girl.

yes this show is stupid. there’s not much more that needs to be said and i should’ve dropped it 1 or 2 sesaons ago but I just watch it for funsies and it’s not like i watch the whole episode… especially the second half fseason 4 is sooooo dumb. So you know I usually watch an ep in 10 or 15 minutes just skipping sscenes with anyone i don’t care abt which is a lot of people…. including rufus, serena’s mom, nate, rufus + dan scenes,  louis + blair scenes, etc etc.  or if there’s conversations i don’t care about. it really doesn’t make a difference and if i really feel like caring i’ll watch the summary thing in the beginning. stuff I like is vanessa’s voice and charlie’s voice. by vanessa I mean vanessa from austin powers lol. oh rights her name is diana? oh who cares. But I like their voices lol. last season obviously I skipped all of charlie’s scenes cause they’re retarded. but seriously why does vanessa only wear solid dresses that show her cleavage... give her more outfit options!!! lol.  seriously i’m on ep 9 I’m pretty sure that is all she wears lol. please let that change!!!

So we know the show is stupid but this scene this …episode that isn’t recent anymore. episode 8 or 9 or something. The obviously STUPID part is the part where they did the kiss the masked person~ and even though the person should realize who the masked person is since… like the person has been dating that masked person for god knows how many years she doesn’t realize till after they finish kissing…. or the more retarded from last season was that the masked person doesn’t even realize that the person who kissed him isn’t serena…. even though this person has kissed serena god knows how many times. I hated the show for that in season 4 cause it’s dumb yet the repeat it again but you know all the show does is repeat……. stuff cause there can only be so many shocking events that can occur.

The other UTTERLY STUPID PART which may not be as obvious to other people is…. when Blair said to chuck oh you realized from my perfume. I’m just like this stupid bitch you must not give a f**** about your child. so basically perfume is toxic.. it doesn’t matter how expensive it is… in fact… it’s probably more likely to be toxic if it’s expensive. it’s toxic and full of synthetic crap that causes cancer and… in this case birth defects. so I thought she was a really stupid bitch in that scene lol. even if you’re not pregnant you really shouldn’t wear perfume unless you really want your breast cancer or if you wanna fuck up your endocrine system, or want everyone in the room with common sense to hate on you for polluting the air… causing indoor pollution/promoting cancer  etc etc. and the designer perfumes they sell for cheap on the streets probably has urine in it lol… according to some news clip on youtube.  it’s for pH adjustment!

I mean if gossip girl writers were smart enough to the point where they put this in realizing what they did and then she gave birth to a birth-defected child due to perfume like I’m gung-ho but i know they’re too dense for that. BTW I don’t know if I like blair’s little hats lol. are they stylish?

Anyways if you wear perfume and you just found out from my entry that perfume is toxic please do more research on the web… well try to find something reliable… since it is the internet. but like seirously for your sake a well as your family and all the people that has the fortune/misfortune to past by you in the street or sit next t oyou on the bus.  you know make the realization now as opposed to years later…. and throw that crap away!

anyways this crap is not even restricted to perfumes it also goes on to air fresheners… candles… those ar esome annoying toxic shit that people need to stop using…. it also goes onto even make-up, lotions, etc etc. which the safety the infromation can be found on cosmetic database website!

OMG blair wears mad make-up… probably toxic crap in there too unless she’s buying the right brands whcih i doubt she is lol…. expensive doesn’t mean it’s safe  or anything.  that poor poor baby. thank god this is fiction.

BUT seirously for FUCK’s SAKESthere is no such thing as IT SMELLS CLEAN> if you say that you’re an idiot especially the idiot that says that and then doesn’t open a window or a door and just keep breathing it in (the swiffer chemical floor cleaning thing…ugh)… brain-washed by commercials and poisoning yourself with air -fresheners… ex. spraying the crap out of febreeze after you take a dump. talk about stupid. maybe you should watch what you eat.

oh and there’s also all this thing about toxic cleaning products … look into baking soda and vinegar y’all… ! I’mma try using them to remove this pungent bo/dead-skin odor that just lingers and lingers in my sister’s room on account of all she does it play coputer games in her room/bed and like doesn’t open the window and like yeah. but seriously even if i leave the window open the smell don’t go away. so i hope baking soda and vinegar work as well as people say they do! she also doesn’t like to shower… apparently it’s a waste of time. and and there’s a thing about the fabric softener and the smell and neurotixic and al lthat stuff.

So please use it, sprea dword of it and mots importantly throw away the CRAP in your house that is toxic.

hmmm so always or at least what I used to do…. song  I like a lot! I really like this girl. I saw her perform on the korean show something something sketchbook where they get to poeple to sing originals and covers. and I really like her and her voice. she reminds me of yuriko. yoshitaka yuriko. the way they both talk. and the way jang jane talks also transcends into her singing voice too… it’s like a cutesy- type talking but it’s not like annoying as hell like burriko. or is this burriko? lol. But anyways enjoys!