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So I have been draggging with the reading of books in japanese because. I’ve been indulging in English books. However the other reason is I steered off the path of AJATT which encourages people to skip pages of the book. Yes I should give books a chance but sometimes  you don’t need to read that many pages to figure out you don’t loek it and thus start skipping to the end etc. the past few books have been on the shitty side unfortunately and for some reason I’m being way too nice and actually reading every sentence and page and only start skipping when its too late. Reading should be fun and automatic… Not all books are equal. Btw here’s are some amazing words you can use to describe your reading experience



Well at least I find them useful.

Anyways i I wanted to share a finding. I wrote my thoughts about my book on dokusho and thought shit I wrote shizen to… Shouldn’t it be shizen ni but then I thought maybe I’m doing this cause I heard it somewhere. Lo and behold both exist with different to nuances and I happened to choose the correct one!! I feel proud of myself and it really drives the point home that immersion and AJATT is amazing. It’s amazing the stuff I pick up without even trying. I would never notice or bother to put shizen ni in my deck


heres my kansou.. Btw I have not posted on Lang-8 in ages and I certainly don’t feel like usig it














LOL hoko-tate

so i’ve seen this show a few times. there have been some interesting set-ups but for the most part the battles are kinda meh… I generally don’t have motiviation to watch anymore eps but then I recently i found out about these 2 battles that are just HILARIOUS.  I was laughing along with the tv talent people~ it just goes to show you… you never know what potential something has. it must be the most memorable use of ご馳走様さまでした I’ve heard… kinda like when people お世話になっています to their favorite av stars when they first meet them lol.

you have to sign into youtue to watch and here’s the title in case you gotta google to watch it

ぽこたて 絶対にイカない男 VS 絶対にイカせる男

and the girls version is


The narrat

Lol of course this isn’t hokotate. It is pokotate but seriously they copied everything from hokotate with the music and everything

Learning KOREAN : an example as to why the dictionary is shit

so if you’ve been learning korean long enough you will encounter words in korea media that OBVIOUSLY are not in the damn dictionary. i can just tell it’s not kango  (han -uh in nkorean? the words made up of chinese charcters ) and most likely it’s not a regular word. it’s some sort of slang or made up word and it makes you wonder when did they came up with this word.

CASE IN POINT this snl clip with jun somi from 1:25 . i actually watched produce 101 but some episodes were fast-forwarded so much because ti’s f’in boring.  and i watched sixteen for a few eps and never finished. i may go back to it one of these days.

I figured i could learn some korean from somi’s snl skit so i asked for the translation since the video already has the transcription

낄끼빠빠 is korean version of KY = kuuki yomenai. i think it will most likely reign longer than KY. i don’t thikn anyone says KY anymore… people wll still say kkuuki yomenai.  for the korean version of KY… it just seems practical and convenient so it may have staying power. and to be quite frank i don’t want to learn slang/shortented-ersions of words/phrase only to have them go extinct on me

when i looked up the meaning of gggi-gi-ppapa-appaa- the japanese site was dated for 2015 ~~~ usualyl when i look up “newly made” korean words they’re much older lol…  so this is THE FRESHEST korean slang that i know lol. it’s not even slang… it’s just a convenience thing.

ugh stinky people in public

besides being an introvert this is the other huge reason why i hate going out in public. by stinky people i mean perfume and cologne. by excess i mean i can’t walk behind those people without suffocating. here’s an example: I get out of my car in the parking lot to head inside the cvs and i notice there’s a white girl walking in front of me. i’ve learned past mistakes and now just assume the worst so i hold my breath to prevent the assault to my senses. other times I look at the girl and think maybe she doesn’t douse herself with shit and i don’t bother holding my breath in and i get hit with the shit. It’s not like i’m walking that closely behind and I get hit with it.  because of these awful experiences i employ certain strategies…

assess the person that i will get in relatively close proximity due to me having to walk pass or get near or walk behind. the following makes the likelihood higher like person being a girl, a white girl, a person that cares about their appearance such as putting on makeup or doing some hairstyle or some fashionable duds (or what they think is casual chic that i would never ever wear ie leggings and vicose/polyster/nylon shirts)   or the person doesn’t care that much about their appearance. but anyways of course it’s not just white girls but if it a white girl i just assume the worst.

walk slower to avoid the problem but  still hold my breath just in case some of the smell lingres

hold my breath as soon as I get anywhere near these people. holding my breath isn’t that difficult since it will be only 10-15 seconds. usually this strategy woroks really well because i don’t take a breath until it looksl ike hte coast is clear. but obviously if you don’t start holding your breath early enough because you misunderestimate the person or you let your guard down and assume the person won’t stink like shit based on the lack of indicators.  but seriously if it’s a WHITE PERSON i really need to assume.

i noticed that multiple people wear the same or really similar perfume and i just cannot wrap my head around as to how the smell is pleasant ??? i can understand how someone can like th e smell of something floral or citrus-y (i honestly know perfumes are full of toxic chemicals and i don’t wear them). but some of the scents are just like wtf… i don’t understand what positive words people would use to describe them. they just smell like shit. CHEAP SHIT. STALE SHIT ETC

i don’t go out in public that often but i think this problem has became more prevalent in the past years because i don’t remember being so bothered this in the past… nowadays i’m like deathly afraid of encountering white girls in public.  just in general if i have to pass a female person in public and they seem to have makeup on etc then i hold my breath before i pass them because someetimes the smell is just so strong and pungenet and musky and unpleasant… they just make me want to move to the countryside and get some fresh air.  i’m curious if this problem is worse in other countries.. it’s pretty awful here with cheap perfumes available everywhere not t hat expensive ones are any less offensive.