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Korean rap song 和訳
분실물 – eluphant

titled translated to lost property in the tumblr.

so I really like this song from the flow and the sound for the most part. later on, i wanted to find out the lyrics so i googled and there was no wayaku and reading the english trnaslation is just tiring lol as far as trying to learn the korean… it just makes more sense to learn korean -> japnaese with the grammar and whatnot. the  rap is just flows so much i had a hard time following certain parts… i’d have to rewind and stuff. I don’t really have a goal of being able to rap this song or anything like that lol. i just wanted to understand. so i went through the song and looked at google translate for parts that made me go ? ハ? AND i did some lingoes searches if i had a strong conviction it’s gonna show up in lingoes. sometimes i don’t even bother looking into lingo because it’s not there lol. then whatever was still left I asked on chiebukuro. this is the compilation of all the unknown vocab stuff.I put + marks next to words i didn’t know or parts that made me go wtf lol. i can relate to the song of course 🙂

whenever there’s a kpop song that comes out that i like and i want to find out the lyrics i do my 和訳 search.

무사히 잘 걸어왔어 내 20대야
이제 잠깐 어디 앉아 숨 돌릴+ 때야


여태 아들로 남자로 학생으로
누구다운+ 삶을 살려고 +아둥거린다
철따구니+ 없던 처음 마음이

훨씬 아름다워 보인 것도
내 결과물이 대체 얼마짜릴까?
바코드에 찍힌 걸
두 눈으로 확인하고 겁 났으니까…
우린 이렇게 겁먹은 다음
좋아하는 일 실컷 따져보고+


다른 일부터 배워
계속 딴 짓만 죽어라 해 1부터 100
그렇게 빠져버리는 거란다 지 +무덤에
그래 이제 난 거꾸로 걷는 남자야
다시 지난 날의 아름다움을 찾아가
섬세한 영혼 나의 분실물
나도 알아 이 모든 방황이 끝임을

분실 2
분실 [紛失]

다시 시계를 돌리면 찾을 수 있을까?
눈 뜨면 꿈을 깰수 있을까?
나에게 좀 말해줘 거꾸로 걷는 법
이 밤, +말벗도 없지만
I don’t know. 왜 +비벼끈 담배처럼
향기는 남을까…

엄마, 내가 +해보일꺼니까

좀만 더 믿고 기다려줘봐요…
짙어진 밤 버릇처럼 +끙끙댄 전화통화 후

라이터를 찾는 손. 또 담배를 “후…”
이젠 뭐 숨겨놨던 맘 들킨 듯 울거나 +

+꺼놨던 나의 대화창을 켜
turn on the chatting tabs…

*「대화창을 켜」:この部分は意味が不明です。(スペースによって意味が変わります。)
대화 창:対話の窓ことだと思います。
대 화창:大きく麗らかな様子。
외롭지 않은 척 하는 거짓말도
너와 난 알아서 점점점 공허한 웃음뿐
꿈은 이뤄내는걸까?
아니면 소중히지켜내는 걸까?
검색창+ 안에다 물어봐봤자 불친절한+ 안내장+



어릴 땐 이뤄내려 했던게
이제는 버릴까 고집부릴+까로 채점돼+
섬세한 영혼이 분실물
거꾸로 돌아서 켰지 다시 불씨를+
다시 시계를 돌리면 찾을 수 있을까?
눈 뜨면 꿈을 깰수 있을까?
나에게 좀 말해줘 거꾸로 걷는 법
이 밤, 말벗도 없지만
I don’t know. 왜 비벼끈 담배처럼
향기는 남을까…

청춘을 비워냈던 술잔과
영원할 것 같던 그녀와의 풋사랑+
두 손에 꽉 쥐었던 첫 음반과
우린 잘 될거라며 울었던 달밤
Uh, 꿈은 이뤄내는 걸까?
아니면 소중히 지켜내는 걸까?
지난 날의 멋졌던 그사람을 찾아

+노을지는 길로 거꾸로 걷는 남자

I dled all their albums and singles and eveyrthing after i heard 1 song. i don’t remember what the song was but it was a wise decision lol.  so anyways this is what i call rap! i HATE mainstream american rap…  for obvious reasons. If your korean hearing isn’t complete crap you’ll notice he pronounces some of the words not exactly as they are sounded . I Really like it. It makes it fun and interesting to listen to and you can tell he put effort into his delivery down to every little thing. speaking of pronouncing things differently, I heard gdragons rap for a japanese version of a korean I like. He kept his delivery in the korean vresion with saying things a little weird/affected. The funny thing is if you do that in japanese it renders the rap incomprehensible lol. It was wtf who the hell is supposed to understand.

su-su- && danshari~

So instead of writing a longass comprehensible blog entry about sentence-mining, immersion, anki-card format etc I’m gonna write about 2 words I came across recently. I’ve seen those blog posts and they always point out really obvious duh crap (probably to fill out the numbers reminds me of top 5 anime threads which are just full of awful anime lol)… it’s so dumb i’m like if you need that crap pointed out to you, you’re probably too dumb to learn a language (which is sorta not true because you don’t have to be smart to be billingual etc).  those kind of blog entries usually require a lot of skimming to read for me lol. it’s a lot of bs and it’s just boring to read. usually people who write about taht kind of stuff usually suck at the language. lol. why do you want to listen to people like that.

so imma write about スースーする AND 断捨離.

so I believe I first came across this on slayers next in the later episodes (seeing as it is one of the later episodes of course it was from an amazing scene with good writing and good voice-acting and everything). I didn’t look up what it means and I didn’t add it to anki because it seemed pretty clear what it means from the context of the way it was used and the context of the whole situation. there’s still room for misunderstanding i suppose since it’s just one instance i came across it so my understanding of this word is broad at this point. as much as my japanese improves in vocabulary, understanding, intuition there’s still that small  chance i get the meaning wrong.. for the most part i’m right and i know i’m right.

Recently I came across it watching god tongue’s 2nd pasta ingredient draft kaigi (ゴッドタン 20100519 「パスタの具材ドラフト會議」具材ドラフト會議第2彈 バナナマン 上原美優 ). I was half-expecting it to be boring because it sounds boring since it involves food but it was actually really interesting (it was sorta creepy since one of the talent on that episode committed suicide a few years ago? )and i wanted to see the first instance of this kikaku. I’ll explain what the ep is about so you know why it was so interesting. it’s a draft so it involves picking ingredientswith competition. none of the geinin+tv talent/binbou idol were informed about the kikaku they were just asked for 3 foods they like on the survey. when they got to the shooting of the episode they find out that they’re doing the draft kikaku again and the theme this time it’s PASTA. Last time they did it the theme was curry. of course some of the food just does not match lol…. or you’d think they don’t.

so at the tv studio each team or person writes out the food ingredient they want in their pasta to make the most delicious pasta. however if 2 teams write the same ingredient, nobody gets it. there’s strategy of the psychological nature. obviously everyone wants to the ra-yu etc etc.
so gekidan hitori’s team aka god tongue JAPAN went for the seafood and gekidan hitori was like I think the frisks (mints,tic tacs)’s cooling effect will make the dish goes with the seafood theme and really give it that special something lol. I was thinking hmm interesting theory
after they pick out the 3 ingredients to incorporate in the pasta,  a professional chef  made the pasta for each team. the seafood pasta was crabs, takoyaki (squid/ or octopus), and mints. so the chef did his thing with the crabs and takoyaki (he took off the outer layer so it’s more seafoody). for the mints i was thinking what is he gonna do. is there any way to salvage it? he takes out dough for the pasta noodles and he says i’m gonna put the mints in here. so he crushes them and incorporated them into the noodle by folding them into the flat dough and then later on putting it through that rolling machine and cutting it up into noodles.  evreyone’s comments while eating it was su-su- suru and the timing of the cooling effect is sorta delayed and gekidan hitori was saying that delay is about the same as the delay from eating an actual tic-tac mint.  uehara miu says at one point it tastes like a frisk at the end lol… so it sounds like it doesn’t match? gekidan hitori seems to lke the cooling effect so i guess the only way to find out if it’s realy good is to make it myself lol.

so anyways having exposure to this word in these 2 completely different scenarios really boosted my understanding of the word. both situations are very memorable and interesting.
another word that i came across in 2 totally different instances is danshari. i think it’s a really cool word 🙂
it was so strange! at the time, I just learned the word danshari from sakai masato off waratteittomo (he dansaries too much and has no hobbies. i cannot relate whatsoever!! AND his birthday is the same as kanno miho. they’re meant to be!), then i started watching my shabekuri episode from the middle because that’s where i left off with that man-whore comedian muramoto of WOMAN something. aND the tv show that he doesn’t want to go on again ever is called dansharian (a play on words off danshari). I totally recommend that shabkuri episode. it aired 2014 in february probably. it was recent. it was some interesting talk as in creepy lol 引く話で満載. it made me want to check out the m1 GRANPURI for this year. it was some interesting manzai though muramoto is heard to undersatnd/catch but i’m sure somebody transcribed it lol. otherwise, i have to ask somebody to~~

danshari a concept i want to incorporate more into my life for sure. The first time I heard it I was thinking why haven’t I heard of it before it’s sorta useful and then 5 mnutes later i hear it again lol. of course everybody on shabekuri undersatnds what danshari means so it must be a in the daily conversation scope as far as the vocab. usefulness/level is concerned.

something i’ve noticed from watching slayers.  i got used to watching without any crap covering the screen for watching anime lol.. as in i prefer that 🙂
the video is 4 by 3 and i load the korean subs verticaly so it does not cover the screen whatsoever. i write down whatever i don’t understand or i want to re-listen beucase i think i didn’t hear it fully etc etc with the korean subs so i can go back it easily and not have to rewatch the whole episode to deal with the parts i had trouble with.  so it just bothered me a lot when i was watching with the japanese subs since i can’t make them vertical because that sub format sucks lol. for slayers evolution it’s 16:9 so the subs have to cover the screen.  for slayers revolution however there’s japanese subs so what i did was i watchd it raw and wrote down lines i have issues with in japanese while it’s playing and then i had no problem finding the lines i wrote down in the japanese .ass file for the most part.  i didn’t want to watch slayers revolution with subs because they can  be spoilerly (spoilerly as in i know what the person says before they say it which could become a source of boredom) even if i try to not read it or even if i delay it (since the lines are not split enough..though if you delay it enough it obviously won’t be)

but then for hanzawa and legal high i don’t really feel like watching it without japanese subs becaues there’s yougo and normal japanese people have trouble understanding that and some people in dramas just are not good at pronuncing japanese lol.  i’ll off-set the subs so it doesn’t show up before the talking (which leads to the spoiler boring thing)… and try my best to not read it unless i need to. my desire to watchg anime without crap covering the screen hasn’t transcended into my drama watching habits as of yet.