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First things first the way you pronounce Choronghi IS HERE.
Also, I also inputted jjoronghi because it’s fun & it sounds cute/annoying.

NOTE: It is a a program so it does sound sorta robotic/etc so please use your imagination to fill that GAP up.

MUST READ/REFERENCE FOR THOSE THAT KNOW Japanese and learning korean. It’s most definitely applicable the other way around. If you don’t look at this you really are trying to learn Korean the hard way. BTW I tried googling for mandarin and found little things here and there but nothing like this. perhaps no one bothered to write down the patterns or maybe there just isn’t that much to really point out.



I’ve been studying Japanese since the summer of 2007 but honestly feel like I didn’t go full-throttle till summer of 2008 thanks to AJATT. so I want to say It’s been 2 yrs and a couple months or maybe 3 year as of beginning of 2012 because that IS how much time I’ve put in, etc. You know how some people go omg I took japanese classs for x years and I still suck balls and it’s like uh it’s not even really 3 years of Japanese.


First of all my “love/pull” towards anime is PURE (I stopped watching the animes that came out after the year 2009 but even then maybe then i should’ve stopped after 2006/7). Lol. you know how there are those crazy anime fans that don’t know shit or like shit anime and like call themselves otaku or love anything japan, act weaboo, etc, etc. I don’t want to associate myself with that. That’s why I waited so long to learn Japanese. I always wanted to but then I never did b.c. of that association plus the whole learning another language is hard, like impossible  unless you’re 3 yrs old view point mentality. That is pure BS. So I encourage anyone to learn languages and I do recomend AJATT. I don’t follow it religiously like tediously but some of the stuff just makes sense so I do it!  I have pages to write about this but I’ll just end it here for now.

I will confess that I had a sense of entitlement. I’m sure there were anime fans that have seen way more hours of anime that I did at the time. for some reason I thought that I should be able to understand anime in japanese without english subtitles *magically* because of all the hours i spent watching anime and because watching with english subtitles is so effortless and the fansub translations are oh so wonderful lolz. of course when I actually tried I didn’t understand shit and I couldn’t “hear” the sounds… as in if you asked me to just write down the sounds I heard I wouldn’t be able to because I could barely catch half the “sounds” let alone the meaning.   this was before I started learning japanese too… before I even touched Tae Kim. Even though certain verbs and words are really frequently used I never picked them up from watching like taberu or suru. I’m sure it’s possible but I just didn’t and I guess I didn’t watch enough lol…  So that was really embarrassing but it’s a phase that some people have to go through.  Maybe I understand the psychology of weaboos more than I thought…

https://i1.wp.com/img546.imageshack.us/img546/4189/applez.png Aired in 2011 in January 😀

oh and what got me into learning japanese is applemilk1988 but let’s just say she didn’t last very long as my rival lol.  I understood everything she said in a month (thx tae kim!) and then I  passed her level after a month lol or something like that. It’s just so funny the ridiculous stuff she does to try to make her japanese seem better than it is. you can read all abt it in the link that says apple milk dirt. It was fun to read and lots to be learned from that.  Of course I initially thought wow she’s pretty good/her pronunciation is pretty good… but then I read on the raspberrysyrup that she’s actually not that good and after doing my listening as advised by AJATT I noticed her pronunciation problems (well it’s better than most people with the tihck american/english accent but she stil has an acent when she says certain words). So the reason I started was because I found out that she’s actually not that good (it wasn’t me looking up to her or anything. how can anyone look up to her with her obnoxious personality/attidue) but at the same time it’s like “oh if this white girl can do it (by do it I mean string enough crap together so it looks like she’s mad good to people who don’t know japanese), so can i. in fact i’ll pass her level” so it turned into “ugh this annoying bitch I can totally learn faster/better than her” and I did yay! Rivals are very important and useful sometimes y’all know. but seriously I am really thankful for her because maybe if it wasn’t for her i would’ve never started thus never gotten this far… It was really great to have a kick in the pass or a push. I mean if you have free time, use it WISELY like on learning a language (since this shit is time-consuming but in a fun way if you do it the right way or do it mostly in the right way) or if you don’t have that much free time you could still do it if you go hardcare like khatz on AJATT.  this is why i wished i did aJATT in high school or middle school or some shit so by now I would now x number of languages. j/k but seriously, those were the days of i have shit load of time what the fuck do i do with it? for fuck’s sake do not blow it on stupid games. especially mmorpg…. especially if your english is not even up to par. I really wonder the effect of video games and people’s ability to even speak their own language if they’re that obsessed with it or isolated with it and whatnot… which I think is possible during middle/high school days if your parents are busy.


so technically I should learn korean before japanese because apparently i have some obligation due to my genetics but like wtf. as i have written in lang-8 and posted on tumblr (though they’re just quotes) it makes NO SENSE TO LEARN KOREAN FIRST with having had the assumption that i am also interested in learning japanese as well. Learning korean then japanese is the worst order ever unless you already know chinese characters as in chinese.. . then it doesn’t make a difference which is exactly shana did on hangukdrama (she also knows her english ! lucky her with the singapore thing).  the reason is chinese characters help people associate stuff with the word to help remember word and differentiate from other similar sounding words and help them figure out patters and a signifcant chunk of korean vocabulary is based on the chinese character whether or not the native speakers have any knowlege of hanja.. well it’s not like they have to know hanja they already speak korean and they only know korean so they don’t need hanja to help them remember/learn words like us korean learners just because they already have this established fundmentals of korean. so even though korean has hanja they don’t USE IT. they will occasionally write the word for rice or sun or north in the newspaper but they don’t write fulll words or yojijukugo like things except like once in a  blue moon ( and then they put an expalnation as to what it means which i think is just insulting the people like haha you dun know the hanja so we gotta explain but the truth is i’m sure lots of people can’t read it/do not the meaning to that yojijukugo thing – it all depends on when they went to school in korea)  . so even if i took the hanja approach to learn korean as in expand my vocab it’s just so painful because  they don’t use it and they use this “traditional” chinese character style as opposed to the simpler style that they use in japanese. I tihnk it makes more sense to learn to read the simpler looking japanese and then use that knowledge to help you get used to the more complex/heavy/fat/pudgy traditional chinese character styles that are prevalent in hanja. also in japanese they actually writechinese characters and so people have to read them. in korean it’s once in a blue moon so it’ll damn near possible to remember anything not to mention you’ll forget it very quickly since you never get exposure except when you study it. how dumb.

so lastly i’d like to say i HATE THE STIGMA that hanja is hard and you have to be smart because i’m so used to kanji with japanse with reading and watching tv shows and even writing it by hand. so suck on that. lol.


I used to not follow music at all then I followed music and by music I mean mainstream music and by that i mean crap music in other words soulless music, etc. I’m just gonna skip all that crap and just say now I’m in a good place with music with the korean indie and Japanese indie… of course I like other genres like rock, folk, jazz, and a little pop.  I just like anything where you actually feel something from the song & NOT THE FAKE ASS over-singing “I hope you’re feeling it crap” but actual sincerity etc.  I don’t follow mainstream american music anymore and I hate most of them for their shitty lyrics and how some are them are just pure noise… noise pollution. As for the Japanese MUSIC I usually hate any song where the lyrics are MAD EASY TO UNDERSTAND because it’s so cliche and all that. So most mainstream is HELL NO. between that and the broken english I don’t know what to say. And from my description it’s obvious I hate Korean pop. There are exceptions but seriously lots of times I wonder how the hell do people listen to this crap. by crap i mean some random kpop song that is popular to people. oh and i really don’t appreciate the entertainment companies or whatever not letting the idols sleep… like they’re mad young… it’s a time when they should sleep (on some japanese tv show they visted t-ara.. the annoying girl group with the cat song which the fat ugly white girls always copy and do…. which is like WTF. and they’re like oh we only slept 40 minutes today. all i thought was… to practice your cat dance? j/k obviously it’s another dance/song they’re promoting at that time but still… WTF). it’s obviously counterproductive. there’s a difference between putting in all your efforts/pushing yourself/giving your all/not regretting it later on and shortening someone’s life-span.


5 thoughts on “About ME

  1. Hoshikuzu

    Well, it’s true that a lot of the anime today sucks. But the problem is that people don’t know Japanese and a lot of the older shows aren’t subbed by fansub groups. So, all of the good shows that should be subbed don’t get subbed and all of the crappy ones get overflowed with subs.


  2. Gabriel Pérez

    Dear キラキラ・星!

    I am Gabriel and I run koipun.com. I have read many articles in your blog and I think its great it!

    I want to interview you via email for a series of interviews I want to post in my blog, about how different people learn Japanese. Learning Japanese is a very personal thing, everybody will end up developing their own method. I want to hear about yours and which materials you use, what is your current levels and goals.

    Hopefully the blog post would bring you some new followers.

    If you are interested, please send me an email!

    Best regards,



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