First things first the way you pronounce Choronghi IS HERE.
Also, I also inputted jjoronghi because it’s fun & it sounds cute/annoying.

NOTE: It is a a program so it does sound sorta robotic/etc so please use your imagination to fill that GAP up.

MUST READ/REFERENCE FOR PEOPLE  THAT KNOW Japanese and ARE  learning korean. It’s most definitely applicable the other way around. If you don’t look at this you really are trying to learn Korean the hard way. BTW I tried googling for mandarin and found little things here and there but nothing like this. perhaps no one bothered to write down the patterns or maybe there just isn’t that much to really point out.

other links about hanja

5 thoughts on “MUST READ

  1. Hoshikuzu

    Well, it’s true that a lot of the anime today sucks. But the problem is that people don’t know Japanese and a lot of the older shows aren’t subbed by fansub groups. So, all of the good shows that should be subbed don’t get subbed and all of the crappy ones get overflowed with subs.


  2. Gabriel Pérez

    Dear キラキラ・星!

    I am Gabriel and I run I have read many articles in your blog and I think its great it!

    I want to interview you via email for a series of interviews I want to post in my blog, about how different people learn Japanese. Learning Japanese is a very personal thing, everybody will end up developing their own method. I want to hear about yours and which materials you use, what is your current levels and goals.

    Hopefully the blog post would bring you some new followers.

    If you are interested, please send me an email!

    Best regards,



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