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女のこと苦手芸人 was actually pretty good on AME TALK. I felt sad with them. Girls can be so cruel lol and sometimes they mean it, and sometimes they don’t they’re just being girls lol. I was thinking wow this “girl thing” total holds true in america as well. so interesting the girl thing just permeates cultures and countries.

I was sorta worried about this ep? From the title I wasn’t sure what it meant exactly as in what the ep will exactly tackle. I read someone’s thoughts on the ep on the internet.. it was a really brief thing a long time ago. the person wrote that the ep wasn’t what they expected and he/she was disappointed. But for me the ep was surprisingly really interesting and funny. It’s not because that person made me lower my expectations… ame talk just… depends on the topic and the geinin that are present with its quality.

jAPANESE I learned was abunch but one of them was


lol I love the way ken kobayashi said this. i can tell the meaning from the kanji that makes up the word kettaku and i’m sure i’ve seen it somewhere in writing but just seeing it used in spoken language just makes it that much more memorable and it really furthered my understanding. also there’s the thing with remembering stuff from hearing it vs. seeing it/reading it especially when it is said by a fluent japanese speaker in a rather heated moment lol. the japanese people just really got that rhytm/intonation down since they’re fluent in japanese lol.  the more you get used to japanese the more i realize the beauty of japanese with the rhyt m and the intonation… like that show with nogizaka 46 where they read koten is just like music to my  ears…. now i don’t know if the girls are making mistakes while they read it or if the staff caught all that and fixed it or not but let’s just say it sounds good.  i really don’t think i sound as good as they do.. lke my intonation is good and i found my japanese voice but you know japanese is not my mother tongue. i feel like when you read japnaese out loud with koten or komonjo or whatever, if you’re not fluent in japanese it doesn’t sound as good even if you’re intonation is good. at least that’s how i feel about it. it’s just so different listening to them reading it vs. me hearing my voice trying to what they read. btw the girls probably have furigana… anyone and everyone needs furigana to read koten lol excdept for thse that love reading koten then they already know… ?


I was getting curious about the hanja thing with korea. I read about it a lot in japanese on the internet and in a book about the disadvantages and etc etc.

Now i’m curious about the korean stance and i’m curious how aware they are of the advantages of hanja vs only hanguel. I was watching

and it just pissed me off a lot lol. i was like so what are they gonna do when they show chinese children reading/writing chinese characters… start screaming at the top of their lungs??  they’re all geniuses then? it’s so dumb.
The part where they weere asking the other children about the hanja was so dumb. it’s like of course they don’t know it, you don’t know teach hanja to children anymore. WHAT THE HELL ELSE DO YOU EXPECT! they wre being so dramatic with the damn womenin the BGM?sound effect?  going omgs when it’s just logic.  they’re just omg learning hanja is so hard and impsosible and we’re SO DAMN LUCKY THAT WE DON’T HAVE TO LEARN IT. WIPPI DO.  i’m just like no it’s not that hard, get the f over it. are you saying japanese/chinese people are a billion times smarter than you because they can read/write the chinese characters? I really HATE HATE HATE the stigma they’re promulgating on the show.

I understand this show did’nt really go into depth and it didn’t go into hanguel vs hanja or hanguel-mixed with hanaja vs. only hanguel etc etc but I feel like… they could’ve at least mentioned the advantages of hanja or something. everyone’s always like well with hanguel it’s easy to read and write and it saves time and it’s easy to type blahblah but hanja has advantages too. Maybe I’ll write a post on the advantages of hanja that i thought up or read abbout online from the japanese peeps or zainichi or whoever that hell wrote it.  actually i don’t want to, it’s a waste of time there are definitely books already published on this topic that explains it througohly and evreything but it’s in japanese lol. I wonder if they translated any of those to korean…. or do they only post books about hanguel > hanja lol. j/k  I’ve also collected writings people wrote about hanguel vs. hanja and the advantages of hanja that go more into depth PAST THE SUPERFICIAL S**** everyone already knows… so definitely check those links out  in my post titled korean is harder than japanese blahblahblah lol. I really think it is at least for people who are english speakers. and read about it you’re learning korean or interested in learning korean or just for some reason want to read about that. it’s very interesting. some of the people that i collected the info from are very good at writing and explaining stuff plus it’s free since they’re from the internet!  It’s definitely some deep insight you gotta check out.


I think the part where he’s writing is impressive, reading it really isn’t. It sorta is impressive though since they don’t really use it in korean so it’s sorta hard to remember vs in japan where it’s like everywhere ad actually used. my impression from the show is he has a photographic memor y+ he has mad interest in it.. and he sees it as fun pictures than oh shits.  for some of the hanja they flashed on the show I thought they just looked so scary and they’re demotivating since some of them look so complicated lol. there’s traditional chinese characters for you.  I was thinking going to a hanja  juku… hanja gakuwon? what do you call it is a waste of time. I was thinking why don’t you just learn japanese lol. it’s way more efficient than learning to read hanaja which is never f’in used in korea except in the textbooks used to learn them to pass some stupid test in korea so that everyone thinks you’re really smart (I’m just thinking then everyone in china and japan are geniuses then? like wtf) or newspapers from decades ago. but who wants to read newspapers? not me… my love of kanji sure as hell will not overcome that!


I started watching another clip from a korean tv show about these kids that love “studying” hanja. honestly in korean they don’t use hanja so the only time you’d see it is when you were to study it like in your TEXTBOOK unlike japanese where it’s like anywhere and everywhere. I’m just like how the f do they have motivation for that. and are they gonna just forget it anyway? lol.   they didn’t explicitly say they learned 3500 hanja but the mom or the expert was like yeah learning 3500 hanja helps expand their memory/memory power. so i’m gonna guess that’s how many learned they said 1kyuu which is 1ggp in korena. lol romajing korean is difficult to say the least. it really is prnounced like ggp .GGP .it’s no typo

documentary?? abaout the ishii method for learning kanji

this was interestin!


a japanese thing that i noticed.
so on the london hearts show. they were doing a relay and of course ATSUHI’s team is at a disadvantage since atushi is known as the MOMO SHIN or MOMO KAMI (I forgot which reading they use). his running is SO FUNNNNY. it didn’t change from the last time as far as i could tell.  if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely watch it. a screencap doesn’t do it an ounce of justice . you gotta see him run in motion.  I was dying from laughter and this was my second time witnessing his running form ! let’s just say he moves upward instead of forward when he runs.


so they ere doing a relay and atushi was strategizing and he was like you guys are chokin and we’re sanzai. at first i was like senzai? wtf that mean. then i was like oh sanzai but i dont know what that means lol. so i looked it up and it’s basically the opposite of chokin.

散財 貯金

use rikai-sama!

at first i was like wtf i don’t get what he’s saying. and then i watched the relay raace and then they talked about the chokin/sanzai thing again since they lost. and then i became more and more sure that he meant it this way. so atushi and this other  guy are sanzai because they’re mad slow and the other guys are chokin because they’re mad fast. so they wanted the fast guys to get ahead of the other team’s runner as much as possible and like maintain that big lead… but what happened was there was no lead lol. and atushi vs. anyone….. atushi loses lol. seriously his running is so inefficient.


I love japanese usage like this… where they use tatoe. that’s definitely important for fluency. you gotta pick up on these tatoe’s within a split second or whatever unlike me taking way more than a second with my rewinding and thinking and looking up. i think part after the race completely made it clear the way he was using the 2 words.



About korean I saw the beatles code recently. the ep with t-ara. I don’t know how I found out about the ep but I like listening to gossip and rumors and scandals lol. So basically I watched the second half of the 40 somethig minute ep. the first half is just so boring and the part with the parallell shit is just tiring and most of it is こじつけ. one or 2 things from the paralell argument makes me go “ooh” or whatever. So if you’re like me and want to hear the meat of the show go watch the second half! Understanding it wasn’t that bad and i was able to look up words to add to my anki deck.

here’s some of the words I added to my deck!

訛伝;誤って伝えること, またまちがった言い伝え

【예】단순한 풍문에 지나지 않는다.  【訳】 単なるうわさにすぎない


I was so surprised I was able to enjoy watching the second half of the show because for me this show is notorious for being unwatchable. it just seems to always want to fulfill all the crap i hate about korean talk/variety that i mentioned in a previous post. and the first half did embody a lot of stuff I hate about korean talk/variety like making a big deal out of really minute shit that in japanese tv would just be edited out or just wouldn’t have been carried out or even thought of in the first place because it’s so damn boring and pointless.


Thinking about what I wrote before… in other words 閃き!

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So I was thinking oh you don’t need to speak japanese to use chiebukuro since registering isn’t that hard and there’s rikai-chan and you just copy paste the same question over and over. but then i was thinking wouldn’t it be better or faster or something to ask korean people since there are sites like that for korean people. i ran across those kind of sites when i would be looking up meanings of korean words in the google with the japnese explanation.  so i just googled someting again some word + 뜻 or 意味 and i found the site it’s nate.com or ask.nate.com for my intents and purposes. registering was sort of a bitch i don’t know why but they just have to make it difficult for no reason. on firefox, it doesn’t show me the the thing the register is complaining to me about so i have to satrt over on chrome to see the message then i have to login and put in some number code. i’m like wtf, why we gotta do all this shit. i of course made up a fake cell phon number.why would i give that away. luckily, e-mail number code confirmation was enough. but anyways i finally got through and i asked questions that didn’t get answered on chiebukuro with the uhh i can’t what they say, tell me what they said and man choosing the categories is a bitch, it’s just faster on chiebukuro. so chiebukuro > nate.ask. registering is a bitch, asking is a bitch, everything is better on chiebukuro but there’s more korean people on nate … i think i might have to re-ask my question on nate.ask. im’ not sure if it’ll get answered. the category i chose isn’t perfect. i chose korean but it doesn’t really match the category people are asking questions like what do these chinese characters mean or whatever. i just want korean ears lol.

EDIT: nobody answered! f these korean sites lol. i recommend chiebukuro for korean ears! lol. why the hell is  ajapnese site more helpful than a korean site for a question for korean ears. like isaid you don’t need to be able to read japanese just copy paste 聞き取れません。なんと言ったか教えて下さい and paste the url and the time code lol. actually you sorta need japanese to choose the right category but if you put korean in your quesiton then it should probably already choose the category for you!

ブラマヨとゆかいな仲間たち hanasankai!

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https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img221/7500/hanasannkai.png<- hanasankai

I wish the vid quality was higher so you can see the look on kosugi and that other geinin’s face… everyone’s just laughing hystericaly because yoshida just said an absolutely brilliant metaphor.

i SAW the hanasankai ( I love dejare… puns) part 2 because I noticed I saw part 1 and part 3 only. there was a moment where yoshida says something and i didn’t understand what he said.

I knew all the words and all the meanings of the words and i’m familiar with them i just didn’t connect the dots lol. moments like this i’m like sigh i’m not fluent. it does suck not being fluent lol since everyone knows how awesome being fluent is but I am proud of what i’ve reached thus far.

Anyways I’ll write down this example.
So the whole episode revolved around BUSAIKU GEININ VS IKEMEN GEININ. if you don’t know what busaiku and ikemen mean, you need to get in contact with real japanese more… A LOT MORE. surely they must talk about these words in textbooks too?? busu is a pretty popular word lol. speaking of which IT’S SO funny and so real? so fake? whenever  ariyoshi’s gets soeone on shinro soudan to deprecate themselves like the most recent onne was noro kayo ( love the girl). she was like i’m ugly, im’ fat, my personality is horrible lol. The look on everyone’s face the moment she said it was just PRICESLESS. this is why japaanese tv is so kickass….

So back to the ep, they had 4 ugly geinin and 4 good -lookin’ geinin
of course both sides are bitchin with the nuh-uh JUST because we’re ugly/good-loooking blah blahblah. I like the touron themed eps, they’re awesome. So at one point the goood-looking geinin complains and then yoshida says to him ぶつかって替わろうか  or he might have said おもいっきりぶつかって替わろうか. At that moment I was like I don’t undersatnd what he’s saying. But rather than I don’t undersatnd it’s more like I can’t infer the meaning.  There’s A) knowing the words B) knowing how it’s used c) undersatnd how it’s being used d) infer a meaning if it’s being used strangely or whatever whatever.

this is what went down:
yoshida is busaiku if he had to be categorized as ikemen or busaiku.

At first I was like “butsukatte as in yoshida’s gonna hit the good-looking geinin ( since butsukaru means you bump into someone), knock him up and then take his place??” But then I was like that doesn’t make sense since that wouldn’t change the fact that yoshida’s “ugly” if he’s still ugly obviously he’s not taking his spot.  ( he has really bad skin :(google image 吉田 ブラマヨ and you’re in for a shock but you shoudl already know about him he’s one of the most interesting and twisted and negative, and snarky geinin ever! not ever but he’s definitely one of the ones on top. ) .  Then 10 seconds passed by with the video rolling, then i rewound it and i saw the part before, the scene, the part after… and then it clicked what he meant.  Think about it yourself. What do you think he meant? I’m pretty sure what I came up with is correct.


What yoshida meant was for him……………..






and the good-looking geinin to run at each other and knock each other out with the result of them switching bodies. I was thinking like wow that makes complete sense, that’s exactly what he means. It took me longer than a japanese person to understsand/infer what he meant because I’m not fluent but I’m at this level where I can undersatnd and infer but just not as fast or effortlessly. Getting to this step is all fine and good and definitely commendable. I just have to keep sharpening my japanese so I get faster and better at it.  I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to connect the dots here if I didn’t know about that movie that came out in the 80s. maybe this is a cultural thing or a pop culture thing too rather than a fluent thing? somebody tell me which way it is. so in an episode of london hearts with kiseki no ichimi, torii miyuki was talking about her boobs or making some joke about boobs and she mentioned this movie about some boy and girl switching bodies that came out in the 80s. They just gave the title of the movie which is tenkousei and she referenced it but I had to google to find out what the movie’s about etc. I think I saw the trailer on youtube. But basically the way they switch bodies is they fall down a long a long flight of stairs.. i think it’s like stairs made out of stone outside.. maybe it’s at a temple?  The girl and boy hold on to each other as they roll down the stairs.

So I thought this was a great example of how you can know all the words and everything but still may not be able to infer what the person means… that’s why i presonally find fluency or at least native-like level to be very difficult… not difficult as in impossible, difficult as in it’ll take a long time, but by that I don’t mean slaving over textbooks or copying passages from abook, but rather just spending a lot of time with the language and the culture and the pop culture (if it matters to you like the media you enjoy )

oh and i learned this word  from  the show rather effortlessly. so that’s one of the reasons I love immersion. The show is just awesome and I love the hanasankai because geinin are so gooooood at talking. asmuch i like my actors and idols or whatever when it comes down to it, the geinin are the BEST at story-telling, and improv and all that… they’re supposed to be the best at that. Sometimes some of the really untalented idols (the ones that are just “cute” ) really suck at speaking japanese lol… as far as speaking interestingily like geinin.


Besides the context, besides seeing it used, i also saw his body language, he used his hands to show even leveling (he was moving both hands up and down showing that they’re about even… I think it was shinagawa who said it ) . I’m not sure if it’s gion or not and I’m not gonna waste time looking that up but what’s important is i know the meaning and it was just a pleasure watching the show.

oh yeah as of late i notice I really am getting more comfortable  and familar with

temorau and sasetemorau

kiteitadaku kosasete itadaku

goshoukai shimasu

okoshi ni natte orimasu

before I was like yeah i know the meaning the nuance but I was thinking if i had to speak japanese i wouldn’t know if i should do just te-morau or sasete-morau (you know how the MC would say it with temorau and the guest would always say sasete morau stuff like that.. before I couldn’t remember if the mc talks like that or guest talks like that i just knew both had morau lol which doesn’t help with my production lolz.), stick the o or go, don’t stick the o or go. stuff like that. but now it’s pretty clear 🙂 So the key is one do your resesarch and find out … google around about it in japanese and two to keep immersing. I remember when I didn’t get the difference to the point of me being able to produce japanese with those forms I thought I wouldn’t never get it… I’m glad I got it now 🙂


this is so funny.. their laughter is not exaggerated or anything. it’s just that funny 🙂 I hate in how in korean tlak/variety they clap really loud (do they clap into the mike or does the mike go in to pick up the sound or do they just clap loud… it’s just so damn loud) laugh really loud,  ridiculously goofy f(x), have wacky sound effects, show that unfunnny thing 5 x times over and over again…. even if it’s that funny all that stuff I mentioned kills it. and if it’s not funny or not that funny (usualy it’s this) it just pisses me off.  the clapping thing’s really annoying like i noticed kpop stars doing that on japanese shows i’m like… ugh stpo it this is japanese tv and that wans’t that funny lol.

asking people on chiebukuro about the korean in them videos

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this video features 2 ex- video game addicts… it’s in korean and everyone’s korean lol.

I just find this topic interesting? of interest for me? sorta like with the hikkikomori thing. to some extenti just don’t undersatnd especially with my language learning interest. like i go OMG WTF  you do that? you could use that teim to reach converstaional level in x-language or watch x tv shows…. that’s my way of thinking. so because I just cannot comprehend it  i just want to find out more about it. I really feel like this show goes into details and the depth of the situation because the 2 ex-game addicts are  talking for 47 minutes. it’s just a lot OF MEAT. none of the videos in english really go into depth… it’s just very shallow….. obviously it can only go deep if you have 2 ex- game addicts talking talking.

I don’t know if there’s a good medium for asking people to transcribe what people said in korean for korean-learners for english but for ajapense it’s pretty good… like there’s chiebukuro.

Like I said in my previous post. i’ll watch an interesting program in korean on youtube or bayflie korean or something and then write down time codes? of the line the i couldn’t catch so i can ask people on chiebukuro hey what’d they say. I don’t do this for every word because it becomes laborious and it depends on how much i give a crap too lol. and actually my korean is pretty good as in the ratio of I don’t know/ I do know is really good for learning via this. I don’t want to overestimate or anything but let’s say like 80% undersatnd/ 20% don’t undersatnd. It’s something like that so it’s definitely like a limbo like if i just keep watching without looking up words or also reading korean articles or korean books then i most likely will be stuck at this level forever. I reached this level from looking up words in the FIRST place. but at this point it’s like even if i don’t look it up i’m probably not missing out that much? the key word is PROBABLY.  But anways from looking up the words… after I look it up I put it in anki and i see it and may or may not remember the definiton. I don’t put in the sentence because I feel like that’s cheating. so i just put in the unconjjugated verb/adjetive etc. but anki is just not effective because it’s used for EXTENDING your memory NOT forming your memory. definitely waching korean shows is more helpful than doing anki reviews. nonetheless some of the cards are extending my memory and some of them are brute-shove into my brain (not really since i just do my reviews lightly)… sometimes I can’t predict which ones will go into the latter… because when i look it up in that moment as i watch the show light bulbs go off and i go OOOH that makes so much sense or whatever but then a week later in my anki review I’ll be like wtf is this shit lol. so context and immersion is deinitely the best.  I guess I wouldn’t be doing anki at all if iall  did was watch korea nshows but unfortunately or fortunately i watch mad japanese shit lol.

I think I wrote about this before but i went from (this is not thourough)

start learning japanese → suck at learning japanese → found ajatt → ignored ajatt → found ajatt again → learned from song lyrics found awesome japanese stuf i love like music and also tv shows from youtube  → did rtk → read japanese books/watch japanese tv etc etc → got pretty damn good with japanese (I don’t speak it fluently though of course but my intonation is GOOD) → started korean (I felt like I don’t learn much from japanese tv talk /variety. I still do to this way it’s just i learn less than i used to before)

now the reason for this hooplah is so that learning the kango words in korean will be HELL OF A LOT EASIER.  I also discovered immortal song from youtube and I just thought wow what  agreat show and amazing performances.  I remember the first time I watchd it, it was a struggle like as far as understanding everything (the talking part of the show, not the singing part) the lines that the MC ALWAYS SAYS in every episode rather fast or wahtever just went over my head (now i have no problem following tha tsince i’ve heard it so many times and looked itup the first time. but then since he says it eveyr peisode i was like i should’ve just not looked it up lol). I didn’t recognize the kango words that i already know in japanese because yo know the readings are sorta different. so anyways from looking up words from this show and reading stuff in korean I picked up on the kango readings for korean… for most? of the top 2000 hanja kango reading to the point of recognition (It was just a gradual chill process… I don’t really care about korean like I do with japanese so it’s very slow and relaxed and just chill). I don’t speak korean lol.

and also along the way I looked up and learned some daily convresational korean.. as in words and adjectives that are used in daily convresational korean. why do i know it’s actually useful and used because I heard it from a korean person on a korean tv show talking about their lives and i looked it up.  so after I find the meaning i realize why this word is USEFUL in the sense that it’s used in daily life so i will most likely see or hear it again to describe something that happened when somebody talks about whatever. It’s absolutely TRUE! I’ll look up a word and then it gets used and I go omgs i know what that means and the kanji and all that because I looked it up before and i heard it being used again. that’s what’s happening as i watch the video i’m watching now as well as other videos. that’s the awesomeness of common, daily conversation language in korean or japanese orenglish or whatever.  It makes you feel like it’s so effortless because even if you don’t get it (remember it, internalize it)  the first time, you most likely will the second time. I remember looking up so much crap /not looking up crap for the snsd show dangerous boys . you don’t undersatnd i didn’ tknow all the useful daily conversaitonal common korean at that time but i learned that korean from that show. it’s like that chicken and the egg argument. you can either try to drill as much korean from books or some anki deck and then hope that you’ll understand some native korean tv show fluently (NEVER IN A BILLION YEARS) OR you watch the korean show look up the crap you don’t undersatnd and keep watching and they will most likely use the words that you looked up time and time again.  the drilling people i do not understated.

so anyways I found this video so interesting how the guys are just talking talking.  I hate how in american talk shows they don’t let the guests talk… the host always has to say shit and the crap they say is crap that everyone has on their minds (it does not need to be said, everyone is ALREADY aware.) or they say something to emphasize something that again we ALREADY are aware of… i guess they treat the audience like idiots (those are americans for you lol) and or they love hearing their own voices (the talk show hosts). another factor is … maybe korean people are juts more articulate than the average joe american lol… so the guests can hold up their end of their conversation and articulate their thoughts and memories so well to the point that the talk show host or whoever has to interrupt and ask questions very minimally in comparison to american talk shows.

and you know if I didn’t know korean i wouldn’t know about the existence of this video and be able to gain their insights especially the part about the “withdrawal”?? very very shocking and very enjoyable ( as in entertaining and enlightening.. i feel like i’m gaining something from watching it) video and i wanted to share and sorta to also document my  level/progress and also possibly have other korean learners go omg why you so much better than me (give them motivation, rivalry thoughts) or maybe there are korean learners who are better than me and have no absolutely no vocab to learn from this video at all or was able to catch everything that was said in the video ( I think it’s possible for korean learners to reach that level, they ain’t talking about rocket science)… good for them.  🙂

I will post the chiebukuro crap once people answer!

omg I  was missing out some crucial details about the withdrawal syndrome!!! that’s why i like chiebukuoring 🙂

복음 福音 수련  修鍊
at first I thought they were saying 복급 (which doesn’t make sense from context) so i was like wtf.

+++ SHOOT so uh.. some of these  might go with the video below instead of the video above .

8:57 _정상적인 생활

10:37 – 할머니께서는 그 자리에서 쓰러지셔서 대성통곡을 하시며

15:20 어둠의 영(霊)에 눌린 겁니다.

15:30 – 그 분(憤の意味)을 삭히고, 던지고…

16:00~16:10 – 정말로 그 울분을 견디느라 베개를 치고 그랬던 기억이 생생합니다. 그렇게 생활하던 저를 학교에서는 주의깊게 바라보셨던 선생님이 계셨던 것 같습니다.

16:33 저쪽 ____ ←저쪽 건너편에 있는 환자의 숨소리 때문에

17:00 – 그 앞에 의자에 앉아서, 한걸음도 벗어날 수가 없는거예요
17:08 – 네, 전원 버튼에 손이 가는데…
18:30 – 그거 외에는 굳이 다른 탈출구도 보이지 않았구요…

18:53 갈려고 등을 딱 돌리려는 찰나에

19:47 서점에 가서 만화책이란 만화책, 판타지 소설, 무협지를 이따만큼 준비해 가지고 가방에 바리바리 싸들고


19:53 가방에 바리바리 싸들고

21:30 그 때 당시에는 신앙이 없었어요
22:06 혹시 하느님을 알기 싶은 마음이 있으면

22:25 저의 생활에 전혀 영향을 끼칠 수 없었거든요

22:48 밀교와 불교와 여러 수행법을 섞은 소승불교에 속한 그런

25:24 고통에 온 방안을 뒹굴면서

25:30 집에서 비명이란 비명은 지르며 그렇게 굴러다니다가

++ 비명は悲鳴です。
~이란 ~ ‥ ~という~ (ありったけの~に近い意味?)

25:49 두번째 부수적으로 근육이 많이 뭉친것같으니까

more details in this video 😀

very scary stuff. ….

8:55 – 그렇게 기를 쓰고 매일 같이 눈이 아주…

9:03 – 그렇게 새벽을 날마다 깨우면서 정말로 그 속에서 위안을 얻었고…

10:20 – 산에서 자살을 하시고 말으셨습니다. 열심히 게임 속에 파묻혀 있던 5학년 어린이날 아침에…

파-묻다  うずめる;埋める。

10:25 누군가 ___
10:49 너무나 __습니다

현관문을 두드리고 온 사람을 통해…..

너무나 억정이 무너지는 믿기지않는 사실속에 울분을 토해 내셨습니다.

++ 억장이 무너지다【訳】(くやしさ·悲しさのために)胸がつまる。

26:10 정말로 조용하게 되어도 실낱같은 비상등 그 초록색 불빛 하나에도 머리가 너무나 깨질듯이 아파서 계속해서 간호사를 부르고

+ 非常灯

2.《관용구》 (命や希望などが)ともすれば切れそうだ。
【예】실낱 같은 목숨   【訳】ともすれば消えそうな命;はかない命。

26:45~55 – 그렇게 헤매다가 또 일어납니다. 그러면 정말로 내가 이 게임하다 죽겠다 싶은 생각이 듭니다. 침대에 앉아서 잠시 생각을 하지만 그래도 그래도 다시 컴퓨터 앞으로 가서 또 게임을 했습니다.

27:40 – 뼈만 앙상하게 남았는데도 그렇게 계속 게임밖에…

【예】앙상하게 놓여 있는 세간살이  【訳】みすぼらしく置かれている所帯道具。
2.{형용사·여 불규칙활용} やつれている;げっそりしている;やせ衰えている。
【예】앓고 난 그의 모습이 무척이나 앙상했다.  【訳】 病み上がりの彼の姿がとてもやつれていた。
3.{형용사·여 불규칙활용} (木の葉が落ちて枝ばかりの木が)ものさびしい;寒々としている。
【예】앙상한 나뭇가지   【訳】寒々とした木の枝。

I love how in english, japanese, and korean there are multiple meanings to a word but the meanings are sorta similar … like you could use one meaning to remember the other meanings…. this stuff is especially heavy in korean so do take advantage of LITERAL meaning in korean to remember the intended or inferred meaning as much as possible.

Recommended SNL skit for laughs!

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TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss-F_tsY724

from 3:57

from 31:09  for this one with english subsssss  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rNbZO2q0EE

from 0:00 for this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m10-P0xNx_Y

If all three videos gets removed it’s from the SNL episode with 4 minute aired april 27th on 2013!!!

it’s so funny and it illustrates the difficulty of korean for korean learners. the sounds of the words/syllables and the order of the syllables are so arbitrary lol. I never thought of how big of a difference mixing up syllables could be with korean…cause you know with mandarin the tones are really important and if you screw them up the meaning totally changes.


6/23 update. omg they do this to me!!!! i’ll watch a korean tv show and somebody wil lsay something and i’ll look it up and i won’t find it in the dictinoary or i don’t even bother looking in the dictinoary because i know i won’t find it. (sometimes you can just tell) … and one of the reasons (notice i say one of the reasons, there’s many other reasons) is EVEN they THEMSELVES find the damn syllables damn damn arbitrary… ie here.

i asked on chiebkuro what’d they say b.c. i couldn’t catch it/ what i looked up didn’t hit nothing. I got this reply

워낙에 좀 끄적이는 걸 좋아해요 です。

maybe it’s a dialect thing or they just got sick of using the actual word and decided to change vowels to make it more fun to say. i really don’t know. there’s also 나두 i have no idea when this trend started  but i don’t like it. i’m 100% sure this trend was not in korea in the 90s… let me know if i’m wrong.  it just sounds dumb and uneducated… like a child? maybe it sounds cutesy or something? i just don’t like stuff that sounds uneducated.

another example was somebody just completely changed one of the vowels in the word because they have their korean intution so they can change the sound and still mean the same thing with an additional that’s added by the new overall sound of the word ( gokan/ goro whatevs. i undersatnd that but I DON’T HAVE A KOREAN INTUITION UP TO FLUENT STANDARDS so i’m just f’ed if i try to look it up. so thank ou chiebukuro

완전 섬찍해서 죽는 줄 알았어요


または 완전 섬뜩해서 죽는 줄 알았어요 完全にぞっとして死ぬかと思いました

now i don’t know if sum CCHING has an actual eentry in the dictinoary but it’s not in the entry for lingoes while the other thing is so that’s enough for me to be irriated lol. lingoes k-j dic is just… standard. if it’s not thtere it’s probably new or slang or they’re making up shit or changing vowels on me to f’ me over. lol i know that’s not the reason but it really f’s up people who are not fluent in korena or trying to learn korean . i know the actual reason is not to deter such people but nonetheless that is the result that has resulted.

A  BIG PART OF FLUENCY is developing intution for the language so no matter how many words, phrases, dialect words/phrases,  grammar, etc etc you memorize if you don’t develop your korean intution ie going k-k + korean all the time you’ll never be fluent. you really have to go BALLS TO WALLS for korean if you want t oget korean especially for your korean language intuition development.  like i said before, for myself i don’t have the goal because i know idon’t want it and i know how much of my time and effort etc it’ll take and how i don’t have such time and desire and motivation etc.  korean is f’ed up like with people changing up vowels, changing a sound… if you are fluent in korean changes like this should be no big deal and you should be able to notice it and figure out what’s going on or what was the original and all that word in less than a split second.  and this is why i hate people who are obssessed with textbooks and anki card numbers and memorization… it’s just like you’re never gonna get fluent. even if you have a vocabulary twice the size of an average korean, you’ll still be f’ed… korean grammar and the gokan/goro is a big big deal and if you can’t navigate through that you’re f’ed.  don’t underestimate korean 🙂


I watched it 2 times because it’s so funny! jay park ❤  did a great job acting too 🙂

I was able to infer a lot of it because the words they’re playing are chinese character based and they’re all related to sex so it’s not that hard to infer lol. learned some new words too lol  I already know the words in japanese, i’m just learning the korean readings of the kanji. since i  know the kanji readings in korean and japanese though my familiar with the korean words aren’t as familiar as with japanese words. I love smart skits like this with wordplay and whatnot. i just wish the skit was longer!!!

I asked questions on chiebukuro so imma paste it once i get a response!


6:37 괭장히 ___
굉장히 진취적(進取的)이고 저돌적(猪突的)이네요.

7:13 __한시간
오붓한 시간을 보낼 수 있습니다.

1.{형용사·여 불규칙활용} 無駄がなく必要なものばかり
【예】가족끼리의 오붓한 모임   【訳】家族水入らずの集まり。

33:15 ___가아니죠
아니죠, 삽입식(挿入式) 교육 아니죠. 주입식(注入式) 교육.

33:25 ___친구몇명
불알친구 몇명이서

「불알」は睾丸のことです。韓国では男性の場合、幼馴染みを「 불알친구」と言います。

+ and from the last one i googled for more information/backstory i found


it’s so useful and like FREE! lol. so this’ll be useful for me since i don’t consume much korean media compared to japanese media so besides not coming across these words (which i guess one should know since it is like slang which is very useful and REAL) from lack of exposure, i also will not be able to figure it out or have to goolge with quotes to find out or just have it completely go over my head (I won’t even notice) when i do come across it. so this’ll be awesome. i’m sure there’s a similar one for korean-english for korean-learners who are learning it from english that exists. happy learnin’!  for japanese they probably have the opposite lol but i don’t need that for japanese because i get so much immersion, fun fun immersion so i already know all of it or 95% of it and if it’s really new slang or super slang and i don’t know it, then most likely most japanese people won’t with the exception of the super hip avant garde people in harajuku or whereever people make up new lingo to talk to their friends.  i remember this japanese tv showwas teaching the newsest lingo from somewhere in japan and people were taking stabs at what the phrase meant.  some of the phrasesare just abbreviations of the first letter. tkg -= tamago kake gohan which is just an example of the abbreviation but it’s not any of the lingo mentioned in the show that i saw. Sometimes the lingo isn’t really new necessairly, it’s just used among certain demographics? certain groups of people so unless you’re one of those people yo won’t use it or hear it. but all in all, it’s fun stuff and i love finding out about it. i’m not gonna go out of my way to be as hip as possible every day and trying to incorporate it into my writing or speech (in other words hitorigoto) but yo know if there’s a clip on youtube from a morning show teaching this stuff i will most gladly watch…. it’s interesting!

I love HUMOR! OH AND I if i google stuf with quotes from the chieubkur oquestion then i can find the whole transcription, no? or just do that from the start lol. but then you have to catchall the syllables to find something substantial.

couldn’t find an exact transcription ( I personally don’t really need it, i just needed help at those various points that i asked on chiebkuuro )  whatever but here’s something.

SNL 코리아 26일 방송에서는 걸그룹 포미닛 멤버들이 출연한 가우데 “순결한 재범씨”라는 코너에서 재범과 포미닛 허가윤이 소개팅을 했답니다.

이날 “순결한 재범씨” 코너에서 한국말에 서툰 순진한 재범은 허가윤과 소개팅 중 핸드폰을 떨어뜨리는데 .. 이에 재범은 어떻해 구입한지 한 달 밖에 안됐는데 “정액”이 깨졌다고..

재범의 말에 허가윤은 “액정”이라고 .. 이어 재범은 허가윤에 전공이 뭐냐고 묻자 허가윤은 음악을 좋아해서 음악전공하고 있다고 말했고 이에 재범은 자신도 음악 좋아한다고 ..

어린시절 악기를 배웠다는 재범은 허가윤이 어떤 악기를 배웠냐고 묻자 “섹스폰”을 배웠다고.. 이에 허가윤은 다소 당황하는데 ..

이어 재범은 “어린시절 어머니가 섹스폰을 배우라고 했다 그렇게 싫다고 했는데 계속 섹스폰 하라고 했다. 처음 배울때는 힘들지만 배우고 나면 소리가 참 아름답다”고 말했답니다.

이에 허가윤은 “아 … 색서폰이요? 색서폰”이라고.. 이러한 허가윤에 말에 재범은 “죄송하다”고 말하며 “미국에서는 쎅쓰폰이라고 하는데 그렇게 발음하면 한국친구들이 재수없다”고 한다고 ..

이어 재범은 “우리는 둘다 음악을 좋아하네요. 우리는 성감대가 있는거 같아요”라고 .. 공감대를 ..또한 재범은 자신의 말실수에 “미국에서는 안그랬는데 한국에서는 너무 삽이식 교육이라”라고.. 주입식을 ..

이어 가윤이 “소현이랑 친한가 봐요”라고 묻자 재범은 “소현이랑 부랄친구 몇명이서 강원도 가서 콘돔을 빌렸거든요. 한 10명 들어가는 콤돔을 빌렸다. 콘돔이 넓고 좋았다.”라고 콘도를..

재범의 이러한 말실수에 허가윤은 급히 자리를 뜨고 .. 이에 재범은 “아 .. 콘돔 안가요”라고 .. 허가윤이 자리를 떠나자 재범은 “아 .. 뭐야 ~ 여자랑도 깨지고 정액(액정)도 깨지고 싼지(구입한지) 얼마 안됐는데”라고 마지막까지 열연을 해 큰 웃음을 자아냈답니다.

FROM http://www.coowool.com/bbs/tv-enter/2808011

ANd the tiel of the skit is super cute! 순결 [純潔]한  재범 씨

I also loved Jay Park in any of those SONG skits on the korean SNL. they’re so funy and there’s always korean to learn from that shit lol. how the f am i supposed to already know those words lol when i ‘m exlucsively donig crap in japanese and english. .

Korean studies

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I don’t have free time and even if i did i would dedicate it to japanese tv most likely but anyways the little korean tsudies i’ve been doing lately…. consist of youtube as in

https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img547/8177/55630864.png– looking up lyrics of songs/performances (this it pretty rare lol but whatever i do look up i usually add to anki) I just don’t really care to look up song lyrics lol. I really could just listen to the song a hundred or a coupl ehundred times, same for the performances, and i will not look up anything. It really just not that a big deal. That’s why i get realllllllllllly irritated when i hear those american kids always sayin’ oh yeah but it’s not in english so i don’t know what he’s saying and  i can’t sing a long. *sob*  *sob*. all i’m thinking is “bitch the crap that you listen to is probably better off not being understood.” secondly”, that’s the dumbest excuse ever. I just really listen for the emotion and everything and i really just don’t really care to look up the lyrics because i’m doing other shit and there’s so many other aspects to a song besides the lyrics. obviously there have been some songs where i look up the lyrics and i just gain a lot more insight about the song or it totally betrayed my thoughts about the song. I was totally sure the song was about x y z in a x y z way or whatever and the lyrics just do not match my preconceived notion.

– asking people on chiebukuro what people said on a korean tv show that’s on youtube. ie strong heart (with celebs i care about! the part gain was very interestin… hmmm). I love the parts of the show that involves interesting talk/story-telling. everything else is shit to me lol and i think the ratio of understanding/not understanding/not able to catch what the person said and being able to look it up / i did look it up in my dic and it was correctly heard but it’s just one of those things that’s not in the dictionary  so i gotta either google about it in korean or japanes or ask on chiebukuro .-  is pretty good. as in even if i didn’t look it up i would have no problem getting the gist. i would just miss out on the detail or that specific part of the story. BUT LIKE I SAID BEFORE i think this level is nothing especially for fluency. i’m not aiming for fluency in korean… just greater undersatnding to be able to understand/follow/gain ability to be able to look up something if they say something that only a fluent person would know (which i’m not)…  fluency is just mad time-consuming and hard-core and all that so i’m just being realistic especially with my other aspirations that take up my time. .  So basically i like asking people and really figure out/learn the parts i couldn’ catch. i know if i just keep watching it i’ll never figure it out and i’ll always be at 70% or whatever… actually the talk on the talk/variety on korean is sometimes really daily conversation so it’s not that bad PLUS the kanji crap helps me out a lot since i just lookat the word and convert it to chinese characters in my head lol. there was a time when i couldn’t do that but now i’m able to so i have gotten used to the korean readings somewhat. the kanji crap just makes it so much easier to remember/understand/recogniez/make connections etc etc/ it doesn’tmake learning/remembering korean EFFORTLESS necessarily but it makes it so much EASIER and make it seem more manageable but there’s still those all those adjectives and verbs and onomatopeia and other crap that have no kanji behind it.. hanja just gives me more motivation…. makes it seem less hopeless of a cause lol. wouldn’t you feel discouraged if you kept trying to remember korean but kept forgetting it. that’s why knowing kanji just gives you so much motivation. also ther’s way too many vowels to the point sometimes i feel like people are mispronouncing it and that’s why i misheard it or it’s just impossible to remember. i remember the ㅇㅎㄴㄴㅇㅈㄷㅊㅍ but i don’t remember if it’s ㅓㅑㅏㅐㅑㅓ and then the word might 3 syllables and then there might be even bacchim. it becomes so ridiculous to remember it.


+++ but anyways the korean? or japanese-korean? or zainichi peeeps? whoever that’s answering my questions on chiebukuro are very nice bevause they’r fluent in korean so they have no problem transcribing the lines i want. they usually also explain the meaning for me so it saves me googling with quotes and shit. it’s very nice and helpful :). another reason i don’t see the point of learnig korean from english.


– I don’t know why but i was watching some japanes tv shows and all of a sudden i was like hey was t-ara on strong heart or gain on strong heart … and then all these people kept popping over one after the other. t-ara because they were in japan and i wanted to see if they talk about japan on strong heart ( I get curious what expereices those kpop stars had / what they thought/ etc etc). they didn’t in the clips i saw but they told a very interesting story about sleeeeeping. for gain, hers was interesting. it’s about her solo album’s title track pv and the whole sexy thing. so if you’re a gain fan and learnig korean … definitely watch and learn.  and then i have this folder in firefox called watch korea tv shows. i also hvae one for japaneseones. i add stuff to it but i don’t know when i should watch it.  i just have so much crap i want to watch.

https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img713/9260/londons.pngoh oh and i just remembered for secret garden, i think i started watching it in summer of 2011? i’m like still not done with it lol. i think i’m on ep 11 or 14 or something. eh i should just watch the last ep (but at the same time i have other crap i want to watcH). that’s how korean dramas should be watched, 1st epl, something in the middle, last ep or maybe last 2 eps lol. korean dramas are so damn draggy to me… like every fuckin scene is just like no cut down the dialgoue but 20 lines. if i were abel to edit a script or edit an episode of the korean darma i’m telling you the duration would be like at least cut in half. it would that much more watchable imo.  but anyways just because this drama has all its episode scripts up doesn’t mean i’m gonna forcemyself to watch all the eps to learn korean because i’m just not as motivated for korean as i am for japanese and i think it makes more sensefor me to watch the talk/variet eps featuring famous people i care about on youtube  then torturing myself with koreandramas. they’re just so goddamn unwatchable. sometimes you just hvae to decide what’s best for you. some korean dramas may have all the scripts up and talk/variety just only has the text on the screen so you may have to ask somebody what’d they say or look up every combination of sound you think it is OR just give up and keep watching. so obviously dramas are more good for learning in that sense but if you hat ekorean dramas it makes no sense. lol. luckily i have japnaese so i can ask these korean-fluent people that use chiebukuro for help. i don’t think you would get as much help on yahoo.answers because i’m pretty sure there’s more korean-japanese fluent people than korean-english people?

+ I deifnitely feel improvement in my korean gradually i suppose. i remember watching talk/variety korean in 2011 around the time of secret garden and i would have to either look up all the text on the screen or ignore it because i do not know what the word means or i would know if they wrote it in kanji. now from the talk/variety i saw the other day i knew practically all the words on the screen… let’s say 90% ? i’m able to recognize the reading of the kanji so i’m able to do hanguel -> kanji in my head for the meaning with also the help of context also there’s some korean-korean words (no kanji behind the word) that i’ve learned that i’ve seen again and again so it’s been reinforced. that enables time to understand those words every time they’re used… maybe to a greater extent even or if they’re used for another meaning, i’ll be able to remember it because of the prior connection i’ve made before.  Like I noticed with japanese, once you get all the common/daily conversation words/pharases etc etc it makes it possible to more easily remember/learn/recognize stuff that isn’t as common – that isn’t as commonly used in daily conversatoin etc etc. I dont think i’m nearly there with korean as far as knowing all the crap in common daily conversation to the point i’m more easily able to learn less common stuff… i’ll get there gradually and slowly which is fine with me. i don’t gots time. I remember reading somewhere that jay park was like oh sometimes i don’t understand difficult korean.. and that’s true. that’s one of te biggest differences between fluent / not fluent. if you live in korea for 5 years straight probably there’s nothing somebody will say that you can’t catch or don’t know or don’t understand. but if you only are there 1 or 2 years obviously you know all the COMMON AND useful words and you may not very every frikin noun under the sun, or would it be adjective in korean’s case.  before I didn’t notice his intonation. i thought he had perfect intonation i notice his english intonation here and there when he speaks korean. but i am still very jealous of his korean skills because he’se better than me at speaking.  I wish korea would be more understanding and smart about hanja so that’s it’s easier for people to learn korean. i feel bad for anyone who had to learn korean after moving to korean without taking advantage of hanja. that’s a lot time that could’ve saved.

thirdly, i don’t read korean lol ie go outta my way to read the internet or whatever. i have so much japanese crap to read in my que. also, i hate how they don’t use kanji. and thirdly, my internet browsing in korean consists of just googling 성형전 and 성형후 lol so it involves pictures and sometimes i do read the text around the picture but you know i don’t have to.  this intrigues me a lot though lol because it’s so differrent! i’m like wtf happened.

so it’s just whatever korean media + anki.

anki says i have 1462 cards for korean  and the oldest one was created 2012 january 22. that osunds wrong to me the old est card.. maybe the anki 2 upgrade/othe rupgrades f’e dit up? i don’ tknow. but yeah i’m just going about it in a chill way and i don’t really stress about adding cards or anything. ithink immersion is more important anyway with learning/remembering.


i’ll post some of the stuff i got from strong heart and chiebukuro. if you wanna be like heys i’m better than you i feel better or  be like omg i’ve bee nstudyin gkorean for 3 years and i’m nowhere near your level lol and get motivation (but seriously why the hell would you be behind me. if you’ve doing it for 3 years or more  ) .

my card format for korena is word in front and definition/usage in the back.

I’m just gonna post the back of the card to save time and you can guess what word i was trying to learn.

정말 모든 게 막, 사물(事物:物事のこと)들이 다 막 꽃이 피어나는 것처럼 보이고


2 割れ目;裂け目;ひび。
[명사·하다형 타동사]審議;詳しく調べ検討してその可否を討議すること。
【예】예산안을 심의하다.  【訳】 予算案を審議する
여간 어려운 게 아니다は「とても難しい」って意味です。
미세한 차이라 여간 어려운 게 아닌데.
뭘 봐? 눈 깔어(깔아)
음란하게, 외설적(猥褻的)이게, 그렇게 사람들이 자꾸 받아들인다면 되게 안 좋은 인식으로 되게 남을 거 같은, 같은 거예요.
 みだらなこと。いやらしいこと。また、そのさま。「―な話」「―な記事」2 法律で、いたずらに人の性欲を刺激し、正常な羞恥心(しゅうちしん)を害して、善良な性的道徳観念に反すること。「公然 …
her pitch off in the performances 😦 but at least it’ll sound awesome on the track!
I do not have a goal of reading books in korean
1) lack of hanja/kanji
2) this isn’t a valid reason . it’s a partial reason. i heard somewhere that _ book was popular to __- types of books are popular in korea. they’re basically namida/choudai / i suffered my ass off / i worked my ass off. i just am not drawn to any media where the main focus is that. the book they mentioned that was a best sellersseemed boring to me. it reminded me of those god awful korean dramas with the godawful acting and the never ending crying and awful camera work and awful acting (this is my opinion ! ). i don’t understand why anyone would want to read a book about that.  I absolutely hate it when people say oh DON’T BE CLOSE-MINDED. YO USHOULD TRY IT. or YOU HAVE TO FINISH TO JUDGE IT OR REVIEW it. people who say irresponsible things like this are idiots.  there’s probably a higher chance of me liking a book that i am initially interested in just from the title or cover or whatever. they do put effort in the tittle and cover for a reason to attract readers . if i went after every unappealing book i would stop reading altogether. it’s like that with any media. then the people who say you have to finish it OBVIOUSLY  have no lives because ain’t nobody got time for that. people say that need to get a life… get a job, make your own money, stop sucking on your parents’ money fund.
3) korean people reall y like japanese novels. so i already feel more korean just because i’ve read many japanese novels. lol. but seriousloy they do like reading them.. why bother reading them in korean when i can read them in japanese with all the kanji glory that i can swim in .