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omg マジで!


Sashihara won the akb election! I was sorta worried she would go down because of the scandal. I wanted her to win but I never thought she would win. I picture mayuyu and ooshima for the crazy fans  (WOTAS ヲタ is it ota? lol ) that buy 1000s of CDs to vote. it comes down it it’s the number of votes!  p.s. there’s lots of 1 yen akb cd already on the amazon used CDs.


I look forward to hearing everyone’s speeches on the youtube (when HD comes up). So far I saw sashi’s and I saw maeda atsuko there a little bit I was thinking if maeda was still there, could sashihara have beat her?  I don’t know about that but I do know sashihara is way more interesting/better than maeda when it comes to talk/variety.  I like a bunch of members from akb48 from their personality and whatnot from their tv shows. I think my favorite  out of all of them is sashihara  since she ha sthe talk/variety thing with the negativity and she had her own show and whatnot. besides my bias towards saashiahra i also wanted her to win so she can actually be in the pv! lol. she always talks about being in the pv for 2 seconds at max even though she ranked high or whatever.  So hopefully since she’s the center, she’ll be in the PV the most for once!  I think sashiahra winning is akb-like. it just feels akb~~ like the doryoku wa kanarazu mukuwareru ( the scandal shit was from 6 years ago? anyways?)  and the akb members are the second cutest girl in the class ( sashihara is deifnitely behind the 2nd prettiest girl though) so they’re more friendly/approachable/, the fans supporting the akb girls to grow/become better singers/dancers/variety talent/etc/etc, and the fact that akb48 has grown so much from the day where the theater in akihabara was empty to this huge election…. all in all she’s a fit winner.  as much as i like mayuyu, something about sashihara is winning is so surprising, so surreal, almost moving,,, just because at one point nobody expected her to win. it was comical for people to be like oh what if sasshi becomes number 1 like a year or two ago.  now it’s for reals!

I think  for the last election that maeda participated in she was like i just do not want to lose to sashihara.. 指原だけには負けたくない


haven’t follow akb48 this whole year. I last saw their show akb kyouwakoku in 2011 in november? I like that show and i want to keep watching it but I didn’t have time and I have other shows to catch up on too. I think geinin > akb48 . but that show is interesting and i recommend it . i like the editing and the kiaku how they put the shit together. it’s just funny and fun and I like ariyoshi! I ‘ll finish watching it some day! promise! I saw an episode of bimyo a week ago, it was fun! I lvoe how they sub it in japanese more than other conto shows like red theater ( they just dont’ sub lol) .  I hvae to finish watching that show. t


Japanese related thing

While I was wathing a talk/variety show nonchan said

覆われてる感じ =のんちゃん

oh this was TAIMOU GA NOBINOBI GEININ? is that what they called it? or was it ke ga nobinobi

There were no japanese subs of any kind. I was thinking like I hear the extra o there really clearly and easily. because it’s oOwarete ru kanji. you just extend the o so it’s 2 o’s. i remember in the beginning i had a lot of trouble with it with both hearing and producing myself. I was wondering how do they talk fast with these long /short vowels.. isn’t it too difficult? doesn’t the long vowel become a short vowel? etc etc. I no longer have those kind of doubts or worries. It’s all very clear.


Then I thought of ご覧のスポンサの提供でお送りします
I always wondered if the okuri in okuri shimasu  was o okuri shimasu. I always hear it but I never see it.  I always assumed it was goran no sponsa no teikyou de okurishimasu instead of o okuri shimasu. I did consider the possibility of them sticking o nthe o on the okuri but I was like eh i can’t tell just from listening lol. But now I know after googling and ‘im gonna listen for extended vowel because they don’t say o-okuri shimasu they oooooooooo kurishimasu lol.  In case anyone else was wondering. I always follow along and say it with the commercial lady lol because they say it everyone f’in time!

i finally remembered ご迷惑をおかけした / ご迷惑をおかけしてしまった

because i’ve heard it so many times now lol.  I know what it means and everything and the nuances but i was always like if i had to produce this i wouldn’t be able to . the go and the o + suru throws me off like is it wrong if i say go meiwaku wo o kaketa and i might forget the o or the go. i also find it strange to say go -meiwaku just because of go is called/described in english. like why the hell would you want to “beautify” that word. but anyways i’ll read about the explanationlater.

Bt minegishi, Komori jun, nakashima kazuko? I like her a lot and im just not sure Abt her first name, and possibly yaguchi in the future. I’ve heard a shit load of go meiwaku wo o kake shite blah blah blah.
also お騒がせ させてしまって threw me off too because it’s o and the sase conjugation twice in a row. i was like wtf so i just aded to my anki deck with the mcd format.




this one i’ve had it down for some time. the thing with these kind of phrases or whatever is that it’s a set phrase so you should remember it syllable per syllable. i don’t really make my self memorize so i just let the instances i come across it to help it solidify it in my head to the point where i know i can produce the phrase perfectly (every single syllable).

ooh i found some interesting sites when i googled 心からお祈り申し上げます with quotes. like there’s a site that has a list of set expressions like thesse. i love these kind of expressions. it just sounds so pleasant compared to tameguchi or just plain teineigo.  gotta check those out to read those out aloud. of course not i’m gonna memorize ’em lol. lol this site is hilarious! http://www.kazumura.co.jp/catalog/kanyo.htm and this is why reading japanese is hard lol (doesn’t mean my japanese sucks, i just don’t read/write many japanese letters). i can make guesses and they or may not be right, the onten i guess on might be right or not…. letter japanese is just whole another world of japanese…. lol.

AND OMGS I gotta watch the PV/any live performances/ any new interviews with MISS SHIINA RINGO!. I love her new song. it’s so like her…..

sashihara :( akb48 hkt48

EDIT: a fera picture came out. lol what’s the word in english.? that fancy word for giving head …. i only see it in japanese. it’s like feraara or something lol. i’m sure it’s fake. for god’s sake they have av’s with av actresses that look like tarento people.  i’m sure a sashihara-ni prono already came out or it will come out lol. i won’t watch but just sayin.. it’s a common thing apparently.

So yesterday a kiss picture finally came out. I was reading somewhere where somebody asked is what happened true blahblahalah. they’re like oh it probably is. if it was false she would definitely deny it (they’re saying she’s not denying because if she does and then more pictures and textx or whatever comes out.. it’s gonna make her look even worse). since her apology is so vague and just oh some parts are true and some parts are not and i’m sorry my actions lead to this situation where it can lead to misunderstanding…

At first I didn’t really mind that she posssibly daetd a guy and is possibly not a virgin (at one point akimoto-sensei was like oh sashihara and some other girl will definitely see that through and i agreeed with him b.c. it seemed like it. this news is so shocking ) BECAUSE i’m not a guy and it doesn’t really make a difference for me. it is a rule in akbso it looks really bad.. it’s like you’re sacrificing love during your teeengae/20s while you’re in akb48.  i read the artiacle, i read the texts… the texts sound like sashihara and the picturse look real and i’m just like….

what pisses me off is the fact that she’s lying… like I came across this


and in the first video.. if it doesn’t get removed you can so tell she’s lying. her face totally says it. she’s not a good liar. she’s  a hetare character for god’s sakes.

ths second video which i’ve seen before which is removed … she says i cant’ date good -looking people and i’m too negative/self-conscious to go out with someone etc etc.

I became fan of sashihara with her unique personality with akb kyouwakoku with the sashihara pride corner as well as her own show sashihara no kuseni and i was glad she got her debut and the way the song matched her … so the reason i’m a fan of her is because of her hetare character so that doesn’t change so i’m still her fan it’s just not as strongly.. this stuff is disheartening. i’m so sure if they have the election next year she won’t go up unless osmething happens from here to now because at the end of the day you need crazy/rich fans to buy thousands of cds to vote you into the top lol. no for reals. i will never vote for an akb48 eelctrion since i dont’ live there and i dont’ want to spend my money that day and it’s only one vote… hmmm.

New Strategy for Korean

Like I said before i’m doing the paper vs. electronic for my SRS tha tI’m setting up the SRS schedule myself… i mean sometimes I hate anki cause it asks me even though I know it so well or like I forgot it because it asked me so late… technically it’s my fault that I pressed 3 instead of 2 or watever but the point is I don’t understand anki or well anki doesn’ tunderstand me or how i feel or anything so maybe this is better lol? well maybe i’ll switch to computer for korena but no.. I don’t want to I don’t want to stare at the computer.

Anyways new strategy is read korean on the internet. I read japanese on the internet for fun a lot.. it’s fun and i’m better at that than reading korean.. .well actually i can read both just i come across words i don’t know more frequently in korean so that’s the killjoy.joykill component of korean for me…

.it sure as hell more productive than tumblr or facebook lol. if only lingo would stop being a bitch. no seriously, i set it up so it tellsme the definition when i press shift and right click or left clik or somethin but it doesn’t work like 70% of the time and it crashes when i try too. pice of shit lol. but anyawys what I’m going about reading is anything that interests. as of now it’s limited to immortal song. cause I now LOVE that show. It’s my saturday/sunday thing.. whenever the hell people upload it on youtube. LUKCILY i found some NIC NICE sites with korean indie so I hope I catch up like for fuck’s sakes i didn’t know about deb’s second album or jaurim’s new album… they might be old by now 😦  I’ve justt been ugggh.

Anyways I was reading this and it was good for the first 2 paragraphs and then I finally came across a word I had to loooook up.


and there’s some new scandal about ali and rape and her father and some shit — -video clip on youtub eand article on that same blog.. I have no idea what the fuck is going on so i have read and figure it out. but it happened december 12th so it’s not too… old lol.

SHOUJO JIDAI the boys japanese version comments. on hey hey hey. SNSD

the lyrics are um.. interesting. they put in a lot of english and anyways it’s like a boa song… she has lots of weird english in her song too right? why can’t the members that speak english say yo these lyrics don’t make no sense in english either or it’s lame … put in more damn japanese damnit  etcetc.And hamada is right… it’s mad hard to understand the rap the part (it’s like impossible to catch without the words underneath with the english) where she says 集結咲き乱れ is like wtf?

but I don’t think they’re pronunciation is that bad… I don’t feel like their pronounciation off in any fundamental way you know how korean people have really thick accents… the intonation thing.


it eneded with laughs as always otousan- owachatta :D.  I literally stopped watching the ep before the finale. the finale is 2 eps though. so 😦 so many months just to finish. but on the other hand as far a s i know akb ariyoshi kyouwakoku is not overrrrrrrrrr so i’m mad behind in eps like months of eps lol. but I skip boring eps but you know that episode with the benri goods and murder mystery was prettyy good and funny etc. so I look forward to it as well.

生歌- The good, the bad, the UGLY in OTHERWORDS AKB48 lol minus a few elite members

holy shits the gg wwriters hate me or something. the episode afterthe pefume think with blair and chuck… louis buys her perfume as  a gift so she’ll forgive him for acting like all the other characters. I’m just like WTF is wrong wit hall these people. common sense. and then the crap that went down by the e time ep 10 rolled around was just so stupid lol. It’ slike okay… so blair is a whore basically? I don’t know that’s how i interpret it the fact that you know the writers jst have to drag the chuck blair crap like crazy with any means possible. i mean it’s not classy to get pregnant before getting married for obvious  reasons but then they make it even more retarded it’s like okays.

new milestone for japanese for me which is that today I started writing the kanji as fast as possible for RTK anki reviews because it’s such  a pain in the ass writing it out. I know it, it’s just I’m so lazy and I just hate writing in general with holding the pen and moving my hands all coordinated and shit ugh. I have this with english alphabet too. I just hate writing. the actual physical process.. speakin of which boa’s new song milestone is intriguing and i notice that her voice is mad nasally in japanese… not sayin it as an insult… just sayin what i heard… or what I perceived hearing

So if any of the youtube videos get removed after I post this, use your imagination or somethin. 🙂


AMAZING! I love this song because it’s just so energetic. The PV is interesting and the song is mad sexual. If you don’t get it then you’re really really innocent! I think it’s very explicit lol.

but yasu-SAMA is so good at singing live!!! I went through all the clips and every single song just sounds like what he sounds like on the albums. his MC is mad cute too lol. I don’t want to know how old he is… lol but really I’m a huge fan especially after watching this.  The reason I came across this live is because he’s almost done releasing 5 singles. I don’t know but he’s releaseing a single a month and he’s up to the 4th one now? but I like most of them singles. I tried j’anne de arc but it’s just boring to me, lyrically and everything… if anyone knows a janne arc song as good as ABC’s song tell me!

Good is like tokyo joshi ryuu or tokyo girls style. So they’re idol group but they actually sing live + they sing well + they’re really young…. while AKB48… as much as I like them as people like on variety shows…. just cannot except for a fewmembers. I am not a hardcore akb48 so I do not about that in detail.

i’M JUST sad they’re not selling much and not that successful even though they’re so much better than akb48 as far as singing/dancing (akb dancing is pretty simple no? I like flying get dance sequence tho! )

The bad is obviously the recent ummm… arashi thing and itano tomomi and akb48.

I’m not linking since youtube will remoe it most likely even if the clip is up now.

Itano tomomi’s voice is just strained all the way through and i’m sure she doesn’t hit 10% of the notes lol . I like her voice. as in her talking voice but she’s just not good at singing. I don’t even think she’s singing properly… like she doesn’t even have the basics in place. But the sad part is like her performance of fui ni is actually an improvement from the past as bad as it is. I saw some old hey hey ey ep with boa and people were performing covers of boa’s songs in front of boa. 1 group was minegishi, takahashi and itano. Itano sounded so horrible compared to the other people. she’s just like not meant to sing.

AKB48- there were video clips posted and it’s pretty bad especially compraed to the performances above. It’s just like it seems there’s no excuse for them to not sing live since there’s so many of ’em. at first I was WTF at AKB48. Then I became fanny and I understood what akimoto sensei  meant by idols that you cheer on to grow but the fact of the matter of the matter is they didn’t grow that much nor do they have much incentive since all they have to do is open up hand-shaking events to make $$. so i’m like starting to not like them. I mean i can’t since some of the members have nice interesting personalities that they show on that akb variety show.


some  of the subgroups can sing like eno3b and diva. diva is especially full of talented members who can sing and dance.

my thoughts on the AKB 総選挙


I think she was the happiest girl out of everyone… she couldn’t even stand up straight 🙂

01位 139892票 前田敦子
02位 122843票 大島優子
03位 74252票 柏木由紀
04位 60539票 篠田麻里子
05位 59118票 渡辺麻友
06位 52920票 小嶋陽菜
07位 52790票 高橋みなみ
08位 50403票 板野友美
09位 45227票 指原莉乃
10位 36929票 松井玲奈
11位 33500票 宮澤佐江
12位 31009票 高城亜樹

13位 27957票 北原里英
14位 27804票 松井珠理奈
15位 26070票 峯岸みなみ
16位 22857票 河西智美
17位 17154票 秋元才加
18位 16574票 佐藤亜美菜
19位 16455票 横山由依
20位 14137票 増田有華
21位 12387票 倉持明日香

22位 11860票 梅田彩佳
23位 11674票 高柳明音
24位 10854票 仲川遥香
25位 *9910票 多田愛佳
26位 *9742票 平嶋夏海
27位 *9271票 宮崎美穂
28位 *8697票 山本彩
29位 *7243票 大家志津香
30位 *6660票 大矢真那
31位 *6288票 仁藤萌乃
32位 *6120票 小森美果
33位 *6117票 秦佐和子
34位 *5438票 佐藤すみれ
35位 *5411票 大場美奈
36位 *5343票 須田亜香里
37位 *5220票 前田亜美
38位 *5020票 松井咲子
39位 *4928票 市川美織
40位 *4694票 藤江れいな
if there’s one word you should learn to any tv related  AKB it should be sousenkyo whether you like it or not.
but anyways, my thoughts on this year. first of all, i would never pay to go watch it live in the movie theater whether i ‘m in korea or china or japan. I just don’t care that much plus their speeches aren’t that you know amazing and all the dead space (40th place is……… 1st place is…………………………….) – so damn gimmicky wasting my time.

NOT TO MENTION when the news show cover the sousenkyo they subittle their speeches so i don’t have to listen to it x numbre of times or really strain my ears to catch what they are saying through the crying.

So I found out about the kami no nananin…. i didn’t know abt it till now (sorry i’m not that obsessed with them). I’m glad that it’s tomochin that got kicked out of it… since she’s so plastic surg. I do like her voice and the ku-ru thing but…… though maybe kojima should’ve instead since idon’t like her lol.

happy for sashihara though i think….. it’s all because of her tv show.. sashiko no kuseni which is fun to watch but it’s like almost like she doesn’t deserve 9th place. if  she improves and everything then lives up to her 9th place good, otherwise she’s gonna get a rude awakening next year UNLESS her show is still fun to watch/on air

I don’t like maeda but I liked her speech because I do hate her so lol. and when they told her to say something to yuuko and yuuko to say something to her it was too much … like melodrama.

I do NOT LIKE matsui jurina. they said that akimoto yasushi says she’s one of the best he’s seen in 10 years  and she’s mad young.. 14 but as of now i don’t like her. like she looked so creepy in the everyday cachuer (how do you spell.. darn you katakana). even creepier looking than sashiahra j/k but still.

Oh and the girl who won the janken thing is not even in the list… some number greater than 40. Even though they gave her the center one time, she had her chance so if she really did have the goods she wuld’ve made it on to ranking. i never really liked that song that much, i like kurumi to dialogue so much better.