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Kpop stars and learning korean

So I just wanted to mention what Isaw on some japanese documentary on BoA. When it comes down to it, kpop stars don’t have that much time and for that reason people expexct them to be mad illiterate when it comes to japanese and that they can’t write kanji.  for touhoushinki, last time I checked.. saw them on some random show they wrote everything in hiragna and i’m sure they can read japanese to some extent just because….

Also on that same show. one of the members was saying how he practices writing simple kanji on this rubber ball to try to remember. So I know they’re trying, yet they don’t have the time they need nor do they know about the methods that may be more effective. Like one of the members, ex-members micky is from USA right. so he has no problem reading RTK bc he speaks english . but then it also comes down to if he’s really that interested in learning to write since it does involve srs… or even if he doesn’t do srs i’m sure some of those stories will really stick.

The thing with BoA was… she was watching a korean movie or drama with the japanese subtitiles on in the documentary. Like this was a scene where they’re showing her with her spending her free time. She wanted to use it to improve  her japanese in a fun way. So by doing, she can learn to read Kanji. So I thought that was really smart of her since 75% kango of overlap b.t. k and J. So i’m sure she’s somewhat literate or very literate. she’s good at speaking japanese. Ijust liked the scene because she doesn’t have much time but she does take Japanese somewhat seriously in that she does take the effort to become literate.

What fluency means… was watching the sbs kpopstar show and this thought i had in the past came back because of this one scene. in this scene, after getting criticized like crazy for being idiot, michelle goes into the loser room. She says to the guy who was already there mal shi ki jima 말시키지마.

Some people who commented on the video were like omg she’s so bitchy. which I sorta agree with but at the same time I can see why she’s in a horrible mood. But anyways that means in literal translation “don’t make me talk”.

말 = talking

시키지 -> 시티다  means to make someone do

and if you attach 마 with the verb conjugated like that, it means DON’T.

I just thought of how you’d express similar thing in japanese or english. I think in Japanese it would be hanashi kakanaide or hanashi kakeru 話しかけないで 話しかけるな in english it would be like… don’t talk to me. or  I don’t want to talk. or leave me alone. don’t bother me.

SO what ‘im thinking becoming fluent in languages is very very hard in the sense that you have to throw away your thought process if you’re gonna try to accept the thought process that is in the other language. Like in this example…

korean : you tell the person to not make you talk and with that phrase the guy knows that that means he shouldn’t talk to her. ultimately, the only way for him to honor her wishes is to not talk to her. I just find korean interesting is because there’s the literal meaning and the intended/comprehended/mutual understood meaning and they both understand the literal and intended meaning since they’re both fluent in korean

Another example korean sentence with literal and intended meaning:

니 입만 입이냐?

literal meaning: is only your mouth a mouth?

The intended/inferred meaning is- are you gonna share the food?

Of course you could just say are you gonna share the food in korean. They’re both valid ways to express the same idea.

Japanese: hanashi kakeru is two vebs joined together. hanasu = talk. kakeru means a lotf of things . in this case i would be 掛ける. so hanashikakeru would mean  talk to someone… there’s a better explanation/meaning that is on the tip of my tongue or my brain yet it’s just stuck there! i’m saying this cause hanashikakeru is different from hanasu in the sense that for hanashikakeru means you’re talking to someone. ugh. oh wait, maybe “starting up a conversation” is a good way to explain hanashikakeru.  😦 so anyways attach -na and you get “don’t talk to me”

or wait here’s a good way to explain it na = don’t talk. so  you’d use this if you didn’t want to hear the other person talk…. like their voices etc. there’s also shaberu na.

hanashikakeru na = don’t talk to me

english: don’t talk to me, don’t bother me both involve usage of a verb. first one is to talk, to leave alone, to bother.

The interesting part in japanese you can say, leave me alone or don’t bother me or i don’t want to talk or don’t talk. But people wouldn’t use it just because hanashikakeru na is the better choice  of words. it’s more specific. i guess someone would say leave me alone if they wanted to be really bitchy or in a horrible mood.

For korean vs japanese you can tell if you direct translate from one to the other for expressing this idea, you will sound funny because they use different expressions for communicating their lack of desire to engage in conversation/small talk. Sometimes when you do korean and japanese direct translation, it actually works and you get amazed by how similar they are but sometimes they completely different ways to express it.

SO FROM this example and other examples, from what i’ve gathered,i ‘ve come to the conclusion that  i have a set fundamental way of thinking in english and so if i try to speak japanese, even though i’m not directly translating from english persay, i’m still at the core thinking like an american/english-speaking person so i feel trapped/frustrated in japanese with writing lang-8 for example. i don’t know if you can tell from my entries, which are really long, but that is how i feel. What I’m tihnking, I know all the japanese that i need to express myself for the most part in japanese but i’m thinking in a english-speaker way on a fundamental level so i would give up and leave out certain thoughts/ideas that i wanted to express because i couldn’t express as satisfactorily in  japanese as i would in english.  That’s also one of the reasons why it’s important to try to get ajatt into learning environment… so you can sorta “forget” or “disregard’ your original language (just because the diff. languages expresses things in completely different ways). you have to let that go or ignore it for a while/really get immersed with L2, if you’re gonna even attempt to get fluent at the other one because you have to change your fundamental way of thinking… i don’t know if the word is “change” since there are those bipolar bilingual people with the two personalities

I love AJATT for what it is and I use it for what it’s worth (not all of it because it’s a little hardcore)

Oh I used the word speak, but it’s more talking to myself or writing the lang-8 entry. maybe talking to actual japanse speakers will help fix it. it’s just a fundamental thing that’s been engrained for 10 yeasr so it’s sorta hard to completely disregard/not access that while trying to output japanese because i feel it’s senzai ishiki = subconscious (out my control….)

Well I’m aware of these issues in languages and i  try my best to keep AN OPEN MIND and try to not access other the language or the way of thinking that is used in the other language that’s not japanese but i feel like it’s subconscious which is why it needss to be ajatt or akatt.

I suppose enough hard-core/continous immersion  with L2 accompanied by disconnect from l2 for ___ amount of time will get you to the level where you’re not influenced by your subconscious. obviously , don’t separate for so long to the point you forget L1. khatz said he did that for 18 months, and he was fine. since he was fluent in english, it wouldn’t be hard to regain back the english.?

But like I said before, I’m more interested in comprehension then speaking to be honest so it doesn’t bother me too much… esepcially for japanese because the talk/variety shows are too damn interesting and there’s a shitload of them.

New strategy for Japanese

I’m gonna read Japanese out loud. I mean I’ve already done this in the the past just because I felt like it with lots of things.

But this time I just want to read/focus on keigo, shazaibun, hanseibun, owabibun… the exaamples of those as well as news articles. There’s more… basically anything I find stimulating to read (out of the usual/common japanese pattern) or want to emulate. IT obviously it’s gonna be more effective to read aloud then not. by effective, I don’t know what I mean.

By emulating… I really like hearing keigo sometimes but i don’t hear it that much or that thouroughly through talk/variety shows as opposed to drama or even anime (depending on the setting and. all that) . Whenevre I hear or read the shazai bun… there’s certain patterns/words  that only come up in shazai bun or the hanseibun etc etc so whenver I hear it I feel really interested because there’s a chance i can learn  a word and i have no problem understanding it (ex I wouldn’t know if I should conjugate it let’s say suru to shi or shite … that shit is really arbitrary.. that was a really great wordplay btw.) but if i were to write one or say one.. I wouldn’t be able to do it just because I haven’t been exposed to that stuff  a lot nor taught it or tried to learn it.

I say read aloud just because I’ve accomplished a lot with my japanese as far as my reading capabilities are concerned so most likely I won’t have a problem reading it though if i do I can add it to my reading deck (a deck where I read the word and check that I know the meaning. I feel like the word isn’t even read sometime sjust because it’s like for this word the kanji is reading is this… ). Like I should take advatage of all the knowlege I’ve piled up in my head and read the japanese smoothly without rikai-chan and just enjoy the japanese flowing out of my mouth.

I feel like Japanese is worse than english with the irregularities as far as reading just because I feel like there will always be some word with some random reading or i have an idea what the reading will be most likely (like I’ll have anywhere from 2 contenders to 10 possiblities of a reading of some kanji compound words just because some kanji have mad readings or irregular readings….. or I won’ tknow if there is onten or not etc etc but you know what I won’t know for sure till I look it up or hear someone read it on the tv). If you disagree with me, obviously you haven’t read much japanese or need to go read moreeee…. seriously no matter how much I know as far as readings is concerned… I keep adding crap to my “reading deck” . If for some reason I stop adding to it dramatically after I hit a certain number of cards… i’ll let y’all know but I don’t see that happenin any time soooooon.

I’m just doing this cause it’s just fun (at least for now ) and I obviously cannot produce the keigo or the hanseibun or shazai or whatever enzetsu off the top of my head without mad mistakes and unnaturalness oozing. I really really aspire to the people that use keigo so beautifully 🙂 whatever that means. I really don’t know if this’ll enable me to be able to make more correct/refined fancy/keigo japanese since it’s sorta like shadowing and it is inputand sorta active… If anything I’ll at least be able to analyze it and notice the intricacies of that stuff better. Even IF I can’t output that crap myself, I just like hearing that kind of japanese in general. and i don’t know if it’ll get boring t o me but right now I feel REALLY Excited because I just never hear this kind of japanese that often unless something happens and people are apologizing on the japanese tube.  it never came to be I could just look it up and say it/read it myself and really get my input in for that kind of japaense.

I should’ve thought of this sooner. nuff said.

Oh and I also LOVEEEEEEEE hearing the the japanese on JIN…all the stuff say is so long with the keigo or that thing opposite of keigo where you lower yourself  and there’s a huge huge huge lack of gairaigo. ie the ENGIRSH just becaues it’s 1800s ❤ But you know there’es no point in me practicing saying the lines from that drama. it has no use in real life lol. you’d probably get just as many eyerolls as the anime otaku people do in america that love saying kawaiiiiiiiiii with american english accented touch. you jcan’t talk like a prostitute from edo jidai or sakamoto ryouma  just because you want to… people will find it annoying. 😦

Omg I found this site:


Kpop Star SBS > American Idol

Okay so it’s episode 1o of kpopstar SBS and the judges are CRUEL as ever lol. There’s one this judge that rips up the person before casting them lol. I feel like even the critiques within the show could be applied to american idol. they literally explain why american idol is boring. You know how on american idol there’s all these people that can sing really well but then after the show ends all of them disappear. The reason is because talent is not enough…. there’s another factor that comes into play. If we were gonna go into who holds the longer note or the higher note or the lower note then okay… it’s easier to figure out who’s better than who but singing and music isn’t just about reaching notes and all that. When it comes down it, no one wants to listen to those americna idol singer contestants sing becuase they’re boring, they’re not seasoned singers, they don’t have depth e motionally/etc/etc. By this I mean as the weeks go on, we get to know the american idol contestants and you can basically find out what their style is, what all their tricks are because they run out of them.. and it gets very boring. also one of the contributing reasons is because their song choices are limited. But REALLY the sbs kpop star judges are just brilliant. they just nail the nail on the coffin like every single time. They said to this one girl, you bored us with the song for the  beginning and then movd us toward the end (I actually disagreed with them because I was bored with her performance all the way through) and that because she’s not at this “level” where she can keep the audience engaged for the whole 4 minutes and so the only choice/possiblity for her is to throw away the first 1 or 2 miunutes which enables her to move the audience with the last 3rd,4th minute. I thought this was a classic example of the american idol contestants… they don’t understand the concept that good singing isn’t enough. it gets boring, really fast especially if we have see this conestant preform some boring cover song over and over… a nd we go we already saw you drag that note out or look sad/emotion while you sing it even though it’s obvoius you don’t mean it lol. There’s just thing/ the it factor or whatever that seasoned artists/singers like ALI on immortal song HAVE where they are amazing from the first note to the last note. It’s not even a matter of oh she’s good at singing or reaching that note… it’s just  I have to watch this, not once, but again and again, it’s amazing shit… American idol contestants are retarded and think that for some reason that we’re engaged by their “good singing” what they don’t realize is good singing can be VERY BORING especially compard to peple like ali… for singers like ali  This is their field…. they’re very good at it. Not evreyone can become a singer or is meant to be a singer. By singer  I mean, Ali- amazing-level singer, not american idol contestant loser.

Another great point the judges brought up was the “old dog can’t learn new tricks” basically as a singer you can’t just sing the same way every single time or do the same thing to move the audience (cause we won’t move… we’ll just stay at that same spot and stare at you) and you can’t just sing one type of song for the rest of your career… or rather there’s no way you can have a career if that’s all you can do. another one was how they get to know the contestants… at the initial audition they were amazed by some contestant because the girl had a big voice even though she doesn’t seem like she has one. But that novelty factor wears on and they’re no longer amazed by that and then all of the singer’s flaws start to become more and more blatantly obvious.


The stuff wrote I above, I don’t think it does justice to what the judges said in episode 10. If you don’t agree with what I wrote it’s probably because i didn’t explain as eloquently/thouroughly as the judges did with their own words on that episode. so if you really want the lo-down, go watch that episode… english subbed if it’s availabel? their criticisms are so valid and you could tell that they have brain cells… while the judges on american idol look brain dead and clueless about singing and entertainment and logic..tehcnically, the ameircna idol judges do touch on why the contestants after the show don’t make it or how they’re performances are boring or they weren’t as interesting as their inital audition but they go about it in a really vague manner to the point it’s something that ANYONE could say. anyone who doens’t even know shit about singing. that’s what sets the korean judges apart. they say what they want with whatever metaphor or description that covers it in the most  thorough fashion. AND on top of that, they put humor into that… well maybe spontaneously as opposed to forced.

Obviously there is no contradiction with some of the kpop people that apparently were chosen for their looks as opposed to their talent (I read it somewhere about some kpop person that failed the 1st round of audtions but then made it into the group anyway because of their looks)… which is understandable since it’s obvious that good-looking people sell. by all means there are good singers/dancers that happen to be good-looking at the same time in the kpop industry lol. or you know fake it… (ie plastic surgery).

One thing I most definitely do not agree with as far as the kpop star sbs show is concerned is michelle. Usually with the judges, as much as I have opposite reactions to the people… literally, the people I really like, they don’t like and criticize like crazy or people I don’t like, that they’re amazed by yet I ‘m bored by, I still find their criticisms valid. They are professionals, they have experience, they know what they’re talking about when it comes down to music/entertainment. So for michelle, I’ve been bored with her since day 1. she keeps singing beyonce songs (yeah I know judges made her sing them) and let me just say ,I don’t like beyonce anymore becaues she’s been releasing so much noise ever since god knows when and her fake boobs. they were fine, why’d she have to ruin them. same with aubrey o’day. I loved that show making the band 3 lol.

I really do not get it. I really don’t think she’ll sell even if she makes it.

I don’t even know the concept of the show, how many people they’re picking in the end. or is it just one person. kpop STAR. singular word.

I’ve been wathcing this and the snsd dangerous boys show because they’re fun and I just fastfoward anything not worth watching and mine some words/in context for my anki. It’s been helpful with ht eleanring. It’s not as easy as it was for what i did with arashi for japanese…like arashi no shukudai. there were a bunch of arashi shows in the year 2009 that were fun to watch. I really feel like the japanese daily conversation doesn’t have that many words… I read it was 10,000 which is more than every single other language except like english probably but I personally don’t believe it…. I really think that korean has more. . so one of the reasons why japanese shows were easierwere because they sub more (the japanese text) and the text is bigger lol. and there’s kanji to help you separate out words and figure out what’s a verb/adjective/noun/etc/etc and it just helps to know what kanji make up the word to remember the whole word easily. technically, it’s true for korean too but they write everything in hanguel so the only way for me to know what hahnja make it up is if I happen to know the hanja in the word and recognize it or I look it up in my trusty handy-dandy korena/japanaese dictionary. it’s relaly just like pain in the ass. it’s like learning japanese with hiragana though that isn’t politically correct just because korean has many mnay many many more sounds than japanese.

Intonation && Japanese

I don’t know if it’s like a property/trait of people or what but some people don’t obtain the Japanese intonation even though they’ve been exposed to it so long. Is it because they weren’t hardcore enough with the Japanese exposure or used the mother tongue language ie english too much while learning the Japanese or are they too old to get it? (I only say the last one because the whole thing with trying to talk without an accent is harder if you’ve only spoken language x for let’s say the last 40 yrs of your life… just b.c. of your mouth muscle/movements that you’ve been doing and the ones that are requried language y. but then again does intonation even have to do anything with this anyway? I don’t think it does). basically, when you speak without correct intonation it just killls everything… like if you had to read an emotional letter it wouldn’t be emotional at all. it would just kill it.

I really would like to know the reason as to why some people just don’t obtain it…….

Basically for me, at first, for a long time ago I couldn’t really tell the intonation differences, at least not enough to copy it. Like, in the beginning, if you had me listen to kansai vs. hyoujungo I wouldn’t relaly be able to tell the differences in intonation but I would be able to tell that they’re saying stuff differently ie.  hidonai vs. hidokunai . donai vs. douka. Japanese is not as simple as just reading romaji without the stresses in english, you still need the correct intonation.  Speaking like a robot it helpful, but eventually you gots to get to know the intonation.

After a while, I think it was a year or 2 of like hardcore japanese environment – I really noticed  the intonation that people use while they speak and like that’s what sets the gaijin apart from the japanese or the fluent people. though there might be fluent people that speak with wrong intonation (isn’t dave spector considered fluent? or bobby orogan? he knew what shimensoka meant. :D)… which i don’t know how you do cause to get fluent you would’ve listened to mad japanese.  i say hardcore but it wasn’t torutous or anythin. it was completely enjoyable and fun because I discovered the wonder that is Japanese talk variety. one thing they definitely have over the korean talk/variety shows is the sound effects because they don’t get in the way, they’re just right, they’re not overbearing/annoying etc. literally, no matter how low budget the talk/variety show is or how low the ratings may be, the one thing they do have down is the sound effects and all those text over the screen.

Does korean have intonation by the way?  I don’t think they do or if they do, it’s not as important/as strongly used/heavily depended on just because korean has more sounds than Japanese. Cause you know, you watch those kpop people that memorized as much as korean as ppossible to go on those japanese mroning shows and obviously they’re intonation is off since they’re talking like they’re speaking korean. Wait, korean does have intonation for sure because of those weird rural dialects. and SPEAKING of KPOP people, I was proud of IU when she was on that japanese show, trying to speak as much as japanese as possible. she was speaking fairly fast and yes she made mistakes but it wasn’t incomprehensible/gibberish mistakes. there’s literally kpop groups that go on the TV in Japan and one member will literally say the word tanoshiikattadesu or something simplie like that in the most frusstrating way possible. she’s literally struggling to say it with every single syallable in that phrase. ( I never knew pronouncing tanoshii could be that hard but apparently it can be).. It wasn’t a struggle with her memory but her mouth I think lol. i understand it’s hard to pronounce japanese for korean people but sometimes it’s just so bad… I’m just like couldn’t have  practiced saying it (that one phrase…. that’s low standards but still) a little bit more before you came on the japanese tv.

SO I’ve mentioned intonation in preivous posts just because it was definitely one of those really super important realizations in my japanese learning journey.

I just wanted to give one example that struck me as I was watching kuriyama chiaki interviews. I don’t know why, but I like this girl.  I hope she doesn’t disappoint me with her acting skills once I watch something with her in it.

So in some interview she used tondemo nai desu. and even though I’ve never touched a japanese textbook other than tae kim’s guide to grammar if that counts, I’m pretty sure it’s in the textbook that you say this shit if you want to come off humble. what they don’t tell you is that if your intonation is wrong, it sounds like you don’t mean it at all.  I’m sure most japanese people are understanding of foreign pepole for not talking with the right intonation just becaues foreigner person x only started learning japanese ___ months/days/ago or is just visiting etc etc so i’m sure they wouldn’t take it that way. but that is how it comes off.

So anyways when kuriyama chiaki said it, she just said it in such a way that you could tell she really meant it, that she is modest as far as the thing the person complimented her on/or told her is concerned. I don’t remember the exact words. But anyways, just from hearing that, I had favorable impressions, she just seemed very likable. Literally, just from that one phrase.

This reminded me of this vblogger on youtube. her name is sammi or something and I think she said she has N1? is that what the level is. that test those people take to get jobs in japan. Basically, her intonation is just not there… I don’t get why considering she lives there and she doesn’t seem that old and she’s married to a japanese person. Well whatever her reasons, I saw her on a show where the performed enka and they were complimenting her obviously (plus she was actually pretty good and her pronounciation problems aren’t there or aren’t noticeable when she sings.). So here, she pulls the tondemo nai desu CARD obviously b.c. she read it in the textbook (that’s literally how it came off…. omgggggg’s here’s my chance to practice my stiff textbook japanese…. I mean this phrase is perfectly fine and i guess there’s many opportunities to use it cause obviously japanese people praise modesty over bragging. It’s just her japanes is so stiff and has no intonation). and she says in her usual intonation-deaf Japanese “tondemo naidesu” . It just doesn’t have the sincerity that kuriyama chiaki had. just the lack of the correct intonation just gives off a bad vibe, she did not make a good impression on me (I’m a 3rd person, computer screen bystander watcher but). It sounds fake.

I just thought it was interesting how differences in intonation can make such a big difference which made me thought of the japanese word/phrases 雲泥の差

天と地獄の差、 月 と there’s some other phrase where they compare the moon with something if my memory serves me correctly.

OH WAIT UP. they mentioend it on the AKB high school thing:

I too, had a point in my life where I spoke japanese with wrong intonation/ignoring intonation just because I wasn’t used to it that much to the point where I can really hear/notice it. once I noticed it like crazy, I then gained the ability to imitate it and own it so  that japanese people will be amazed at my english pronunciation in contrast to the japanese with intonation . woo hoo. I was also wondering for intonation, if it’s easier for singer’s to notice/get it down?

and in japanese you can either say 抑揚 or intone-shon.

I prefer the former to the latter fOR OBVIOUS reasons.  but like according to japanese tv like 90% of people use intone-shon. lolz.

orz ORZ

Korean Song- Learn from Lyrics… YET AGIAN

So I’m just posting it cause I love this song. I’ve listened to it countlessly in the past. I love it but I never looked up the lyrics. there’s parts where i can’t catch what he’s saying and all that but I didn’t really care to look it up b..c at that time I was very focused on learning japanese. I just naturally feel more interested/invested looking up Japanese crap than korean crap with just the situation i was in and rikai-chan etc etc.

Link to song on YT. maybe the live version is nice too

언니 네 이발관

The lyrics!

**[모두것이]그렇게 사라져 가는데
아무것도 할 수 없었네
잊을 수 없을 것만 같던
순간도 희미해져 갔어

영원히 변하지 않는건
세상 어디에도 없었지
하지만 잊을 수 없는게
어딘가 남아 있을거야

나는 이런 평범한 사람
누군가의 별이 되기엔
아직은 부족하지 그래도 난 가네
나는 나의 길을 가
소나기 피할 수 없어
구름 위를 날아 어디든지 가
외로워도 멈출 수 없는 그런 나의 길

다가올 시간 속의
너는 나를 잊은 채로 살겠지
하지만 잊을 수 없는게
조금은 남아있을 거야
새로운 세상으로 가면
나도 달라질 수 있을까
맘처럼 쉽진 않겠지만
꼭 한번 떠나보고 싶어

나는 이런 평범한 사람
많은 세월 살아왔지만
아직은 부족하지 그래서 난 가네
나는 나의 길을 가
소나기 두렵지 않아
구름 위를 날아 어디든지 가
외로워도 웃음지을 수 있는 곳이면
어디든 가고 싶네
그게 나의 길

k-indie love! ♥
Not much to learn from this song for me actually but I learned /looke dup something : 소나기
맘 = 마음 if you were wondering.


if you just do luke park somewhat I’m sure you can figure this song out for the most part or whole part. I also had that post about super junior song 사라져 this song has that conjugation thing too 🙂

There’s a bunch more korean songs I’ve fallen in love with recently but I don’t know the song title nor the singer since my mp3 player screen is dead. I just know I like those songs a lot so I guess i’ll learn what that song is if i ever come across the song on my computer or my screen gets fixed. I would love to look up the lyrics/singing along that type of stuff.

And I used to end the post with like yt videos but I just use tumblr now?

but anyways i’m just gonna post KARASU’s new song which is… disappointing. I still like it though . basically all the people commenting are like OMG he’s not screaming this time. I too love his screaming but I feel like either way people are gonna say OMG this shit is getting old/tiring OR oh he’s not doing that thing like he did before. I hope they don’t die out. as fans it’s like we want them to evolve, yet grow and change but we also want them to stay the same. but by same we don’t mean watered-down versions of the original songs. by evolving we don’t mean changing in a bad direction. IT’s a hard balance and I hope they don’t screw up 😦 just judging from this song I don’t thin kthey’re going down a slippery slope and in some interview he was saying he has more songs that he wrote in the basement of his house or something while he was trying to get the band up-and going and get more popular and earn $$$ and there’s also songs they perform at lives that aren’t on the albums that people want on the albjms. so i’m sure they won’t burn-out anytime sooon.

I love his voice. he is good at singing.  I have no idea if this drama is good or not. They keep giving their songs to these dramas that air on local television channels? I never heard of them. I sorta wish they would also do a song in akita ben lol or incorporate (like somehow make it sound cool lolz). even if it’s not that, if one day they get big enough to go on some tv show and get interviewed, I hope I get to see them speak akita-ben which is pretty pretty hilarious.  Maybe like sasaki nozomi + karasu interview since they’re both from akita ❤

oh and b.c. of the SNSD on american tv thing I found out about the wonder girls nickelodean  movie and that nick cannon is the president of it now? good for him.

I saw the clip of jyp acting. It’s weird watching him speak english…. it’s like… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s interesting.  I’ve seen him speak english on kpopstar too it’s just fascinating. maybe his persona in general, especially in korean and also in english? so maybe i’ll chck out clips of the movie on youtube cause i’m just curious but i’m sure it’ll be just another cheap nick made for tv movie. I just really like how in the kpopstars sbs thing they ACTUALLY give critique that’s constructive and detailed. they legitimately just explain it very thouroughly why the person sucks balls. I feel like the reason that the contesttsants don’t talk bad  to the judges isn’t just because they’re young, or they’re korean and their culture is blahblahblha, or they want to appeal to the judges with their behavior…. I think it’s really because what the judges say to them is so true and so on point and so constructive… which makes it that much more painful to hear and thus renders person unable to say anything back? no seriously, I wish on americna idol they would explain to the person what was wrong with their singing in a more detailed, thorough explanation so the person feels so humiliated that they get their bubble of obliviousness popped. there seriously were people that were angry because the judges wouldn’t explain to them why their singing was bad. american idol has abdul and randy who are useless as hell. they say either nothing or the same shit over and over or say something about the pitch (um anyone can say that.). It’s just so boring, their words are so empty and they’re just wasting everyone’s time. yeah i know that they have new judges on american idol but i wouldn’t be surprised if their critique is as empty and banal as the previous judges. in this respect, the Korean kpop show is MUCH better. it’s actually stimulating to watch to hear what the people say. I’m not gonna say Simon cowell’s got nothing on JYP or anything since simon says intersting stuff too but if anything ‘i’m sure jyp is more knowledgeable about music and singing as well as critiquing people about that. But in all fairness I do fast-foward the kpop star show if it’s boring, including critiques if it’s like someone I don’t care about.

I also found out that they, the wonder girls, were on the wwendy williams show. I absolutely hate this lady cause she says spoilers of the tv episode of whatever primetime drama, she cuts peoeple off, etc etc.  I just feel bad for all the guests that go on her show.

OH and for some reason I get random peope liking/following me which I think they’re only doing in the hopes that i follow them back or some shit. seriously, the theme of their blog is so… different so i really doubt they actually liked whatever blog entry of mine etc etc. am i being cynical? i dun think so. if anything it’s pretty damn irrelevant to them, no?

And lately, I’ve been thinking about the blandness of tyra’s talk show. just reading applemilk1988 dirt on raspberrysyrup livejournal is so much fun and stimulating because eveyrone’s english is just very rich. then i watch a clip of tyra’s talk show and it just feels so dumbed down and all that. It’s like I thought this show was for americans, not people who are trying to learn english.  there’s a reason people use the word fluent. if you’re fluent in english, you can enjoy english with more rich vocab and seneteces structures and shit like on that LJ I mentioned and shit like tyra banks show is not tolerable. it’s just so boring and unstimulating from the way they speak englsih. it’s like if you only speak english… can you at least speak it more fluently/intersetinginly/fluidly.  Okay, sometimes she has guests that aren’t eduated for whatever reason the topic is ___.

I’m just writing this because I was watching a clip b.c. the topic she had was interesting. I just felt like while I was watching what’s the point? the english used was so boring and it felt like they were just saying things in an unnecessarily long/dragged out fashion etcetc. I just felt like I’m better off reading a book in english that has many words that i don’t know than watch this or read the LJ over (the one I mentioned previously). It just feels like a waste of time. AND this is why I really like watching well-written dramas were i have to consult dictionary/urbandictinoary often lolz or just don’t i guess. I’m literally depending on the american dramas to maintain my fluency in english as far as understanding. Just because, there’s always gonna be new slang and since i now choose to just come in contact with japanese/korean media I have to limit my time (i don’t have any time!) with american/english media to the dramas that are well-written.