New strategy for Japanese

I’m gonna read Japanese out loud. I mean I’ve already done this in the the past just because I felt like it with lots of things.

But this time I just want to read/focus on keigo, shazaibun, hanseibun, owabibun… the exaamples of those as well as news articles. There’s more… basically anything I find stimulating to read (out of the usual/common japanese pattern) or want to emulate. IT obviously it’s gonna be more effective to read aloud then not. by effective, I don’t know what I mean.

By emulating… I really like hearing keigo sometimes but i don’t hear it that much or that thouroughly through talk/variety shows as opposed to drama or even anime (depending on the setting and. all that) . Whenevre I hear or read the shazai bun… there’s certain patterns/words  that only come up in shazai bun or the hanseibun etc etc so whenver I hear it I feel really interested because there’s a chance i can learn  a word and i have no problem understanding it (ex I wouldn’t know if I should conjugate it let’s say suru to shi or shite … that shit is really arbitrary.. that was a really great wordplay btw.) but if i were to write one or say one.. I wouldn’t be able to do it just because I haven’t been exposed to that stuff  a lot nor taught it or tried to learn it.

I say read aloud just because I’ve accomplished a lot with my japanese as far as my reading capabilities are concerned so most likely I won’t have a problem reading it though if i do I can add it to my reading deck (a deck where I read the word and check that I know the meaning. I feel like the word isn’t even read sometime sjust because it’s like for this word the kanji is reading is this… ). Like I should take advatage of all the knowlege I’ve piled up in my head and read the japanese smoothly without rikai-chan and just enjoy the japanese flowing out of my mouth.

I feel like Japanese is worse than english with the irregularities as far as reading just because I feel like there will always be some word with some random reading or i have an idea what the reading will be most likely (like I’ll have anywhere from 2 contenders to 10 possiblities of a reading of some kanji compound words just because some kanji have mad readings or irregular readings….. or I won’ tknow if there is onten or not etc etc but you know what I won’t know for sure till I look it up or hear someone read it on the tv). If you disagree with me, obviously you haven’t read much japanese or need to go read moreeee…. seriously no matter how much I know as far as readings is concerned… I keep adding crap to my “reading deck” . If for some reason I stop adding to it dramatically after I hit a certain number of cards… i’ll let y’all know but I don’t see that happenin any time soooooon.

I’m just doing this cause it’s just fun (at least for now ) and I obviously cannot produce the keigo or the hanseibun or shazai or whatever enzetsu off the top of my head without mad mistakes and unnaturalness oozing. I really really aspire to the people that use keigo so beautifully 🙂 whatever that means. I really don’t know if this’ll enable me to be able to make more correct/refined fancy/keigo japanese since it’s sorta like shadowing and it is inputand sorta active… If anything I’ll at least be able to analyze it and notice the intricacies of that stuff better. Even IF I can’t output that crap myself, I just like hearing that kind of japanese in general. and i don’t know if it’ll get boring t o me but right now I feel REALLY Excited because I just never hear this kind of japanese that often unless something happens and people are apologizing on the japanese tube.  it never came to be I could just look it up and say it/read it myself and really get my input in for that kind of japaense.

I should’ve thought of this sooner. nuff said.

Oh and I also LOVEEEEEEEE hearing the the japanese on JIN…all the stuff say is so long with the keigo or that thing opposite of keigo where you lower yourself  and there’s a huge huge huge lack of gairaigo. ie the ENGIRSH just becaues it’s 1800s ❤ But you know there’es no point in me practicing saying the lines from that drama. it has no use in real life lol. you’d probably get just as many eyerolls as the anime otaku people do in america that love saying kawaiiiiiiiiii with american english accented touch. you jcan’t talk like a prostitute from edo jidai or sakamoto ryouma  just because you want to… people will find it annoying. 😦

Omg I found this site:


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