Kpop stars and learning korean

So I just wanted to mention what Isaw on some japanese documentary on BoA. When it comes down to it, kpop stars don’t have that much time and for that reason people expexct them to be mad illiterate when it comes to japanese and that they can’t write kanji.  for touhoushinki, last time I checked.. saw them on some random show they wrote everything in hiragna and i’m sure they can read japanese to some extent just because….

Also on that same show. one of the members was saying how he practices writing simple kanji on this rubber ball to try to remember. So I know they’re trying, yet they don’t have the time they need nor do they know about the methods that may be more effective. Like one of the members, ex-members micky is from USA right. so he has no problem reading RTK bc he speaks english . but then it also comes down to if he’s really that interested in learning to write since it does involve srs… or even if he doesn’t do srs i’m sure some of those stories will really stick.

The thing with BoA was… she was watching a korean movie or drama with the japanese subtitiles on in the documentary. Like this was a scene where they’re showing her with her spending her free time. She wanted to use it to improve  her japanese in a fun way. So by doing, she can learn to read Kanji. So I thought that was really smart of her since 75% kango of overlap b.t. k and J. So i’m sure she’s somewhat literate or very literate. she’s good at speaking japanese. Ijust liked the scene because she doesn’t have much time but she does take Japanese somewhat seriously in that she does take the effort to become literate.

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