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Japanese 101

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I’ve been going at Japanese a long time but I still come across things that make me go it seems so simple or short why don’t I get it still. so I collected those words, phrases, sentences so I can share them.

1) 運、これ実力なり

So this is a very short statement that a character said in a manga. I thought I have a fairly substantial intuition for Japanese so I’ve racking my brain thinking I can figure out what this shit means. Then I realized I can’t. I’ve come across 時は金なり and the nari here serves a role of emphasis and it’s based off the verb naru. I get that. But in this case the nouns that are involved don’t gel together lol so I got confused and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it so I went to chiebukuro as always. I got some fantastic answers in Japanese to explain this Japanese. Needlessly to say, though I understand what everyone wrote I can’t seem to remember their explanations lol.  I looked this up months ago and I remember nodding my head in agreement but as of right now I don’t recall any of the info.








2) キリキリ シクシク
ズキズキ ジンジン ムカムカ

So these are ALL GION that are used to describe different types of pain people may experience in their stomach. I’ve always that thought people who are fluent or good at speaking Japanese incorporate a lot of gion in their speech. I came across this collection of gion when I was watching Japanese TV and I thought wow it would be such a bitch if you had to translate this crap to English. I think at the time I wasn’t familiar with all these gion and only really got a few of them. But now I get all of them because I’ve come across all these gion used in various contexts. I think out of all the gion here the only one that I am not 100% sure of is シクシク. I specifically remember that you can cry シクシク like シクシクnaku and I learned this from yoshida on atustus yukai na nakamatachi which is a fantastic talk show. he used this to describe his baby crying softly for him lol. of course the シクシク here is used for a different context so it has a different meaning but I would guess that it would be mean that it would be a pain that is not intense based off my knowledge of that meaning of シクシク. I looked it up and I was right but it also says that the pain is persistent.


omg this is face filler stuff right?? I don’t know how people go outside looking like this.


holy crap.

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I’m not the type of person to share stuff like sharing haul photos of Japanese books ( it’s only meaningful if you actually read the books you hauled) or my handwritten Japanese writing but I thought this was interesting to share since I’ve been going at Japanese for so long.

holy crap I still have this notebook where I use to work on remember the kanji. I’m not the type of person to keep everything like those frightening hoarders on TV. A good rule of thumb is to throw shit away if you haven’t used it or worn it etc in over a year. If anything I would love to be a danshari expert like SAKAI MASATO. He loves throwing crap away.

SO I’m surprised by the fact that i was able to fill up a whole page in such a neat manner. Writing so that the letters fit between the lines is a big deal to me because I’m lazy and I hate writing stuff by hand. It’s evidenced by the messier picture. Of course there are worse pages but 3 pics are enough for this blog post. Coincidentally I also found little entries I wrote in Japanese which is cool (entries where i just wrote something in japanese without looking up how to write x word on the computer because that’s pointless… might as well type it on the computer then) because I’m like oh I was able to do this then. I would think this notebook is from 2008 or 2009 maybe 2010. For  remember the kanji reviews I usually wrote it anywhere and everywhere and then threw the paper away. nowadays I do kakitori reviews on anki because I eventually had to convert the cards over since I can read Japanese and it’s nonsensical for me to stick with the original format of key word + whatever.

So anyways if you just look at this notebook I look like I”m super hardcore and dedicated to Japanese learning right? at least to some random person who doesn’t know Japanese. It looks intimidating lol. If you look closely you’ll notice I’m not just copying the chinese character OVER AND OVER AND OVER OVER AND OVER AGAIN which is a strategy that is very much emphasized and used in Korea probably even now for learning hanja ( those poor kids). It’s great that the emphasize working hard but stupid learning methods are stupid and wasting people’s time and energy that could be put to better use. I was doing remember the kanji where you remember the story and write the kanji. Of course I didn’t fill up the whole page in one day though it would be easily done if all you did is copy the same character over and over again which is just stupid since it’s not effective.

I think I started remember the kanji in 2008 or 2007 and I used anki and it’s 2016 and I”m still using anki and i converted most of it to kakitori and i average 10 cards a day? But the thing is writing by hand isn’t that important nowadays for any language, not just japanese, so I try to not put excessive time into my heisig deck so I don’t go out of my way to add more cards unles I come across some word that i really want to know how to write by hand. Sometimes I want to learn to write a certain word just because I want to not necessarily because it’s useful or common. I still haven’t broken down and drilled the japanese surname/first name anki deck. I don’t care!!! I’ll literally read a japanese novel and for x character they’ll put the furigana on the name the first instance and then the next time i read the book and get to the next instance of that person’s name i don’t know what that person’s name is though I recognize the kanji or the meanig of the kanji and i keep reading and if they do not repeat furigana again  i finish the book not knowing their name. if they repeat the furigana then i might remember it at that point or remember it for a little while and then forget it again. I don’t think it’s too bad because even if i don’t know the reading, I do recognize the kanji and or the meaning of it. I just don’t see the point of me putting effort into name readings. words are more important to me. most of the japanese names I can read are probably names I learned from talk/variety shows because they have so many people on the shows.

rather than writing, I think my time is put to better use reading or listening! I am just apersonthat hates writing stuff by hand whether it’s english or korean or japanese. I just hate writing… the physical movements with my hand are just so demanding for me. But I still want to know how to write Japanese so I’m glad I stuck with it!

MANZAI 2013! as in asin women rush hour !!!

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,mm111gura  redtheater

smtm4  Uhairsytleel

muramoto is on the LEFT SIDE!!!

So I am a fan of muramoto GESU and all. television with muramoto is interesting. anyways I never went around to watch his actual win that propelled him to success. he’s popular and unpopular. but anyways it did NOT disappoint and it’s definitely a manzai style/strategy i’ve never thought of or seen before them.  I think I’ve seen 2 other manzai compeittions finales and i always like 1 or 2 or maybe 3 groups and the rest are either eh, iffy, not funny, stupid, etc. I know japanese learners are allllllllways like omgs manzai iso hard understand blahblahblahb but let’s get one thing straight. the most important thing is that you enjoy watching it and that you actually find it thus you actually want to understand/catch what they’re saying. some of them are really hard to understand for me while others are so easy to understand and i understand 100% (NONSTYLE FOR EXAMPLE) there’s varios factors like bad pronunciation/enunciation (these peopl are SUPER NERVOUS  or they just suck at pronunciation/enuncitation. it’s true… they do people put like that on tv in japan) the setting if people laugh or clap at the worst timing and your number of hours spent listening/hearing japaense.  but anyways i don’t think you have to undrestand 99% of the manzai to tell if that humor works for you or not. like i had no motivation to look up or re-listen to some of the manzai that i only undrestood 60% because i can’t catch what they’re saying because from what i did understand and what i can infer from everything else like facial expressions,  body language … their humor just was not funny. like CHIDORI was SHIT to me. as much as i LOVE DAIGO and i squeeeled like crazy when i found out that he and matayoshi are TIGHT their manzai is shit. it’s jus tnot funny. i don’t understand and i don’t care to understand. i would rather use that time to watch manzai i do like.

anyways HERE IS THE TRANSCRIPTION OF THEIR WINNING MANZAis (they performed twice)  thanks to the wonderful blogging japanese peeps. there’s also partial transcrption of other conbi acts but like i said most aren’t interesting.


if you don’t find their manzai funny then… go find other manzai you find funny.


su-su- && danshari~

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So instead of writing a longass comprehensible blog entry about sentence-mining, immersion, anki-card format etc I’m gonna write about 2 words I came across recently. I’ve seen those blog posts and they always point out really obvious duh crap (probably to fill out the numbers reminds me of top 5 anime threads which are just full of awful anime lol)… it’s so dumb i’m like if you need that crap pointed out to you, you’re probably too dumb to learn a language (which is sorta not true because you don’t have to be smart to be billingual etc).  those kind of blog entries usually require a lot of skimming to read for me lol. it’s a lot of bs and it’s just boring to read. usually people who write about taht kind of stuff usually suck at the language. lol. why do you want to listen to people like that.

so imma write about スースーする AND 断捨離.

so I believe I first came across this on slayers next in the later episodes (seeing as it is one of the later episodes of course it was from an amazing scene with good writing and good voice-acting and everything). I didn’t look up what it means and I didn’t add it to anki because it seemed pretty clear what it means from the context of the way it was used and the context of the whole situation. there’s still room for misunderstanding i suppose since it’s just one instance i came across it so my understanding of this word is broad at this point. as much as my japanese improves in vocabulary, understanding, intuition there’s still that small  chance i get the meaning wrong.. for the most part i’m right and i know i’m right.

Recently I came across it watching god tongue’s 2nd pasta ingredient draft kaigi (ゴッドタン 20100519 「パスタの具材ドラフト會議」具材ドラフト會議第2彈 バナナマン 上原美優 ). I was half-expecting it to be boring because it sounds boring since it involves food but it was actually really interesting (it was sorta creepy since one of the talent on that episode committed suicide a few years ago? )and i wanted to see the first instance of this kikaku. I’ll explain what the ep is about so you know why it was so interesting. it’s a draft so it involves picking ingredientswith competition. none of the geinin+tv talent/binbou idol were informed about the kikaku they were just asked for 3 foods they like on the survey. when they got to the shooting of the episode they find out that they’re doing the draft kikaku again and the theme this time it’s PASTA. Last time they did it the theme was curry. of course some of the food just does not match lol…. or you’d think they don’t.

so at the tv studio each team or person writes out the food ingredient they want in their pasta to make the most delicious pasta. however if 2 teams write the same ingredient, nobody gets it. there’s strategy of the psychological nature. obviously everyone wants to the ra-yu etc etc.
so gekidan hitori’s team aka god tongue JAPAN went for the seafood and gekidan hitori was like I think the frisks (mints,tic tacs)’s cooling effect will make the dish goes with the seafood theme and really give it that special something lol. I was thinking hmm interesting theory

after they pick out the 3 ingredients to incorporate in the pasta,  a professional chef  made the pasta for each team. the seafood pasta was crabs, takoyaki (squid/ or octopus), and mints. so the chef did his thing with the crabs and takoyaki (he took off the outer layer so it’s more seafoody). for the mints i was thinking what is he gonna do. is there any way to salvage it? he takes out dough for the pasta noodles and he says i’m gonna put the mints in here. so he crushes them and incorporated them into the noodle by folding them into the flat dough and then later on putting it through that rolling machine and cutting it up into noodles.  evreyone’s comments while eating it was su-su- suru and the timing of the cooling effect is sorta delayed and gekidan hitori was saying that delay is about the same as the delay from eating an actual tic-tac mint.  uehara miu says at one point it tastes like a frisk at the end lol… so it sounds like it doesn’t match? gekidan hitori seems to lke the cooling effect so i guess the only way to find out if it’s realy good is to make it myself lol.

so anyways having exposure to this word in these 2 completely different scenarios really boosted my understanding of the word. both situations are very memorable and interesting.

another word that i came across in 2 totally different instances is danshari. i think it’s a really cool word 🙂
it was so strange! at the time, I just learned the word danshari from sakai masato off waratteittomo (he dansaries too much and has no hobbies. i cannot relate whatsoever!! AND his birthday is the same as kanno miho. they’re meant to be!), then i started watching my shabekuri episode from the middle because that’s where i left off with that man-whore comedian muramoto of WOMAN something. aND the tv show that he doesn’t want to go on again ever is called dansharian (a play on words off danshari). I totally recommend that shabkuri episode. it aired 2014 in february probably. it was recent. it was some interesting talk as in creepy lol 引く話で満載. it made me want to check out the m1 GRANPURI for this year. it was some interesting manzai though muramoto is heard to undersatnd/catch but i’m sure somebody transcribed it lol. otherwise, i have to ask somebody to~~

danshari a concept i want to incorporate more into my life for sure. The first time I heard it I was thinking why haven’t I heard of it before it’s sorta useful and then 5 mnutes later i hear it again lol. of course everybody on shabekuri undersatnds what danshari means so it must be a in the daily conversation scope as far as the vocab. usefulness/level is concerned.

something i’ve noticed from watching slayers.  i got used to watching without any crap covering the screen for watching anime lol.. as in i prefer that 🙂
the video is 4 by 3 and i load the korean subs verticaly so it does not cover the screen whatsoever. i write down whatever i don’t understand or i want to re-listen beucase i think i didn’t hear it fully etc etc with the korean subs so i can go back it easily and not have to rewatch the whole episode to deal with the parts i had trouble with.  so it just bothered me a lot when i was watching with the japanese subs since i can’t make them vertical because that sub format sucks lol. for slayers evolution it’s 16:9 so the subs have to cover the screen.  for slayers revolution however there’s japanese subs so what i did was i watchd it raw and wrote down lines i have issues with in japanese while it’s playing and then i had no problem finding the lines i wrote down in the japanese .ass file for the most part.  i didn’t want to watch slayers revolution with subs because they can  be spoilerly (spoilerly as in i know what the person says before they say it which could become a source of boredom) even if i try to not read it or even if i delay it (since the lines are not split enough..though if you delay it enough it obviously won’t be)

but then for hanzawa and legal high i don’t really feel like watching it without japanese subs becaues there’s yougo and normal japanese people have trouble understanding that and some people in dramas just are not good at pronuncing japanese lol.  i’ll off-set the subs so it doesn’t show up before the talking (which leads to the spoiler boring thing)… and try my best to not read it unless i need to. my desire to watchg anime without crap covering the screen hasn’t transcended into my drama watching habits as of yet.

hilarious shit.

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5:40 &&  30:40  . most bizarre way of spekaing japanese i’ve ever seen.

I remember seeing this in 2009. it was SOOOOOOOO FUNNY. it was on youtube so obviously it’s there anymore.

she’s not on japaense tv nowadays. one of the requirements of being on tv is that the viewers understand you and no one undersatnds her lol… japnaese people suck at english plus she talks mad fast…

a person who actually speaks japanese and english reallly well

there’s also sekine mari but shelly’s probably better since she’s american/japanese.

心をして 心して  心押して japanese phrase!

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so I’m not sure how common this japanese phrase is because I learned it recently it seems so simple so i’m like why the hell did i find out about it now? maybe i did hear it before but i just didn’t take note of it/聞き流し。。。? i’m prety active about looking up/pursuing japanese so i don’t think so ???   recently i heard kokoro shite or kokoro wo shite but when i heard it i was picturing 心押して for some reason. I totally inferred the meaning from the situation and just the words making up the phrase and what it sounds like… i just wasn’t sure what the phrase was.. whether it was kokoro shite or kokoro oshite or if i just misheard it…


now that i think about it’s sorta hard to differentiate  心をして 心して  心押して just saying all these out loud myself… because the ro in kokoro and the wo they just blend so… it’s hard to tell if it’s just a ro that’s a little longer ( but barely noticeable) or ro and then wo or kokoro than o in the oshite. btw there’s no phrase 心押して that was my imagination lol before i looked it up.  thank god for google to clarify this..


initially i looked up kokoro oshite or kokoro wo oshite in google with quotes because that’s what i thought the phrase was but i didn’tg et nothing. i didn’t think to look up kokor oshite or kokoro wo shite because  it just didn’t occur to me because of what i said before how you really can’t differentiate the different combinations because of the ro in kokoro. so i just asked on chiebukuro what are they saying at this minute: second. I just find this phrase to be useful… like why not! and it’s very simple and easy to remember and meaning makes complete sense. it’s just very automatic. it just took me a little longer to find out the actual phrase. a little different from this but one time i heard bakagiri and thought バカ斬り lolz because that was the intonation/cut-off point they used. i wrote about it on lang-8 that it was actually ba/kagiri.

oh and i heard  KOKORO SHITE on kire onna juku.  because the aite gets more and more difficult for the girls


another thing iran across while watching fns 27 hour special – the part with the yurusenai hanahsi. it’s actually pretty interesting. i don’t watch the 24-27 whatever hour special because it’s live so it tends to be draggy/can’t catch what people say/ too much gaya/etc etc… it’s just awkward. but um… this segment was good

anyways watanabe naomi-chan told a funny story and at one point she says


BUT I thought she said そくどに寄せて because she was saying she was in a car (there’s just certain words you associate/expect together). when i hear sokudo i think of 速度.. i was like thinking that makes no sense UNLESS there’s another meaning to yoesete that i don’t know of yet… because that happens since words have MANY MEANINGS. so i look it up and it clearly has no other meanings besides the ones i already know. so it’s not sokudo because it makes no sense. then i typed sokudou and i was like omgs. what i could’ve also done is type in SOKUDO in sanseido and then it’ll show me sokudo and sokudou because i’ll choose the option that says STARTS WITH… i’m sure if i rewound and listened carefully i would’ve heard the elongation of the do … but anyways this is my thinking process. i’m sure i would’ve saved myself some time if i looked into the possibility of dou since that is one of those sounds that tends to be the elongated -u version.  i mean in general i think for the onyomi sounds there tends to be more of the elongated sounds rather than the non-elongated sounds. that’s just from my experience and thoughts but if i’m wrong, feel free to correct me.


so she said 側道に寄せて. I never heard anyone say sokudou (I’ve never seen it written either or at least i don’t  recall that instance. i’ve seen 脇道 わきみち i believe which means something different) or maybe i did somewhere but i didn’t take note. it’s the same thing as i said before i’m usually very cognizant of japanese people saying words i do not know or cannot catch and i try my best to find out if i really care/am invested in the content/media that i’m watching. obvoiusly if you’re watching a shitty j-drama… who cares… learning a few words from it isn’t going to make the drama suck any less. know what i’m sayin”??
p.s. if you say sokudo 10 x really fast you’ll say sokudo in korean! sorta like if you say 요구 really fast 10x in korean you’ll starting saying 욕! yay! lol. maybe it works with yakusoku too. in japanese they pronounce yakusoku like yak-soku rather yaku-soku though they do pronounce it the latter way sometimes like in a song or something .


so this example below is not the first time that this has happened. maybe it also happened a handful of times in the past. i think it’s better than googling in some ways because for googling you’d have to search, add a syllabel , search etc ec. this one is more automatic like that.


So I was watching the show and somebody said something i didn’t understand so i was like just typing what i heard (not thinking about where stuff breaks or if it makes sense or anything) to look it up on firefox or whatever and it just so happens i didn’t mishear anything so it did end up suggesting the phrase that i heard with the kanji and in its entirety (this is how you spell entirety for reals??  entire + ty… hmm makes sense? the pronunciation throws me off lol) . so i was spared the bitch work of googling and typing variations (which happens if you are unsure what you’re hearing with your ears since this shit is not my native language). this phrase itself is sorta hard to catch no? if it was  わざわい から 転じて OR SOMETING it’s easier to catch but since it goes, word, verb,  word it makes it harderto figure out.

So let’s say somebody says some fancy japanese phrase  like this and you have a hard time catching it but for some reason you’re able to catchthe first few syllables or something or you catch the first few syllables and then for the 4th syllable you’re split between 2 different sounds since you’re not sure what you’re hearing. well google ime might solve that mystery for you!  like i said, it’s faster than google but sometimes google works better when google ime doesn’t work.

p.s.  i looked up kantaku the english word and i didn’t know it loll. so itmakes think i shouldn’t learn it? lol or at least learn the enlgish version first or learn both the english/japanese version. which makes me wonder how you say immolation in japnaese 焼身 aw figures. i coulda gussed that lol.  actually no i would’ve gotten to shoushi but not shoushin but it makes that it’s shoushin and not shoushi because it’s not JUST A DEATH BY FIRE it’s SELF-IMMOLATION YO!

anyways so the phrase was from SEKAI NO HAT EMADE ITTE Q from 2007! lol. it was a fun episode and it was educational and becky worked her ass off! I would recommend the ep! I never really like sekai no hate made because i saw this ep about matsuri man with miyagawa daisuke which was boring and not funny. i was just like why is this shit popular? so anyways it makes me want to check out more eps of this show. it was nice seeing osero on the show!



I just had to add this
[ 大辞

1 気だて。気性。かたぎ。「母方から流れる芸術家の―」

2 中国で、万物を構成する物質である気によって形成される物の性質。特に宋(そう)学では、人間がそれぞれ別にもつ身体的、精神的な性質をいう。

3 心理学で、個人の性格の基礎にある、遺伝的、体質的に規定されたものと考えられている感情的傾向。体液の相対的な割合の違いによって多血質・胆汁質・黒胆汁質・粘液質の分類や、回帰性・分裂性・粘着性という気質分類がある。

so I recently added this to my deck. i’ve had some questions and whatnot concerning these 2 words for a whileeeeeeee .  i finally looked it up. it’s been floating in my head but i never went out of my way to look up the difference.

of these words i learned kishitsu FIRST. i believe i didn’t look it up in the dictinoary. i learned the meaning from the way it was used in various contexts as well as the individual kanji that make it up. i knew seishitsu so i could tell kishitsu is similar to that. so i was okay with that word. then one day mayuyu was saying something and she used the word KEISHITSU instead of kishitsu or seishitsu. which made me go ??? what’s the diff.  i was thinking why didn’t you say seishitsu or kishitsu. she was talking about being an otaku or something. that’s her thing. now that i look at the definition i still go what’s the diff lol. it’s really subtle i guess. i don’t really want to think about it. i guess i’ll switch my seishitsu/keishitsu/kishitsu ‘s around for variety. the meanings are sorta similar lol.  unless you really wanna be specific about what you mean or what you’re talking about… i would just switch it up lol.  j/k i really really get seishitsu and kishitsu. keishitsu is still sorta shaky with me. hopefully i’ll hear somebody else use keishitsu to help me further differentiate the other 2 from this…. i don’t waste my time reading example sentences of words i know i’ll never hear… so i let the word do its thing and be heard by me in whatever media i decide to subject myself to. it’s not subject, i really do ENJOY japanese media. by japanes emedia i obviously am talking the 1% or the 10% or whatever that really really has its hold on my ツボ… NOT JUST the pedestrian crap some overly enthusiastic japanese learner or average japnaese person will gobble up. maybe it’s just my personal preferenceeeeeeeeeee.


1 もって生まれた気質。ひととなり。たち。「温厚な―」

2 その事物に本来そなわっている特徴。「燃えやすい―」「すぐに解決がつくという―の問題ではない」

OF THE 3 words i person feel  that seishitsu is the easiest to understand without looking up the definition and just inferring from the kanji. i might’ve looked up this in the dictinoary or maybe i didn’t.

pondering about my japanese pronounciation again.

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so i mentioned the prnounciation as in the sounds and the intonation but there’s the tongue-rollin’!


i think i might have mentioned this before … i cannot roll my r’s . the r’s that the spanish-speaking people roll, the japanese people that fight and argue. koreans can’t roll their r’s right? i mean i’m sure there’s some who can but it’s not really necessary in korean… they don’t have that much r sounds compared to japanese. the r sound is so damn ubuiqtious in japanesse lol. not even the r vs l. i’m talking about r-sounds in succession and me tripping and fumbling everytime lol.


I was thinking I have a hard time with rareru every time i read it lol. stuff like saserareru… the passive and the form that makes you do shit… they’re just hard? I think  the reason is because i can’t roll my r’s … or at least those 2 problems simultaneously exist for me . rarete is fine and okay to pronounce but rareru is hard lol. the reru is hard? it’s f’ed up every time. i sorta feel like my mouth is being lazy? or just not trying hard enough? or getting stuck like the car engine not starting and making that annoying song over and over? lol… you know how if you speak japanese and then you speak english you notice that you move your mouth a lot less with japanese so it makes me you irritated to speak english cause it requires more energy because the lazy in me/you is just so lazy. also my tongue is short… so maybe that’s a cause too but i ain’t getting no plastic surgery…

I have a feeling rolling my r’s will help with the reru part of the rareru that always f’s me up. i can say it if i say it slow but i read japanese fast so that’s not gonna work lol…  should i learn spanish while i’m at it? lol. i did learn it in high school of course and i got an A but i can’t speak worth shit and my listening comprehension is abysmal … or maybe just doing a regular ra-gyou pronounciation practice  will be enough. katsuzetsu renshuu or whatever they call it. google is my friend 🙂


Rolling your r’s in jpaanese isn’t necessary depending on who you are. like i was watching kireonna juku (god tongue! awesome kickass show…) the dvd stuff since i found the one that came out this year HILARIOUS… the one where the girl does her kire test by going to her dressing room. hilarious shit.  i was noticing how there’s a lot kora and ora that you stick on at the end or beginning or whereever and of course the girl rolls her tongue.  i notice japanese peope  can roll their r’s very well.  They roll r’s when they’re angry and arguing ro whatever. so if you plan to never get angry in japanese i guess you don’t have to roll your r’s. if you really think you’re going to get your menaceness across without rolling your r’s YOU ARE MISTAKEN. rolling your r’s  are a must and a given when it comes to expressing  your pissiness and hatred/hostility towards the person.


if you know of other instances that you roll your r’s besides expressing your anger/arguing, please let me know… it’ll give me more motivation to fix my japanese … at least the rareru. i know you can roll your r’s for fun too… there’s mad opportunities since japanese is just ladden with r-sounds.,. so besides that.


一辺倒。。。。 lolz. eh i don’t blame him? i ran across this word a couple times and im’ sure if i didn’ tput it into anki i wouldn’t know either. it’s a useful word for criticizing people you know justin bieber… etc etc talentless losers. in case any believers come up in here go watch dada la by ladies code and then tell me he has talent……..

ブラマヨとゆかいな仲間たち hanasankai!

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https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img221/7500/hanasannkai.png<- hanasankai

I wish the vid quality was higher so you can see the look on kosugi and that other geinin’s face… everyone’s just laughing hystericaly because yoshida just said an absolutely brilliant metaphor.

i SAW the hanasankai ( I love dejare… puns) part 2 because I noticed I saw part 1 and part 3 only. there was a moment where yoshida says something and i didn’t understand what he said.

I knew all the words and all the meanings of the words and i’m familiar with them i just didn’t connect the dots lol. moments like this i’m like sigh i’m not fluent. it does suck not being fluent lol since everyone knows how awesome being fluent is but I am proud of what i’ve reached thus far.

Anyways I’ll write down this example.
So the whole episode revolved around BUSAIKU GEININ VS IKEMEN GEININ. if you don’t know what busaiku and ikemen mean, you need to get in contact with real japanese more… A LOT MORE. surely they must talk about these words in textbooks too?? busu is a pretty popular word lol. speaking of which IT’S SO funny and so real? so fake? whenever  ariyoshi’s gets soeone on shinro soudan to deprecate themselves like the most recent onne was noro kayo ( love the girl). she was like i’m ugly, im’ fat, my personality is horrible lol. The look on everyone’s face the moment she said it was just PRICESLESS. this is why japaanese tv is so kickass….

So back to the ep, they had 4 ugly geinin and 4 good -lookin’ geinin
of course both sides are bitchin with the nuh-uh JUST because we’re ugly/good-loooking blah blahblah. I like the touron themed eps, they’re awesome. So at one point the goood-looking geinin complains and then yoshida says to him ぶつかって替わろうか  or he might have said おもいっきりぶつかって替わろうか. At that moment I was like I don’t undersatnd what he’s saying. But rather than I don’t undersatnd it’s more like I can’t infer the meaning.  There’s A) knowing the words B) knowing how it’s used c) undersatnd how it’s being used d) infer a meaning if it’s being used strangely or whatever whatever.

this is what went down:
yoshida is busaiku if he had to be categorized as ikemen or busaiku.

At first I was like “butsukatte as in yoshida’s gonna hit the good-looking geinin ( since butsukaru means you bump into someone), knock him up and then take his place??” But then I was like that doesn’t make sense since that wouldn’t change the fact that yoshida’s “ugly” if he’s still ugly obviously he’s not taking his spot.  ( he has really bad skin :(google image 吉田 ブラマヨ and you’re in for a shock but you shoudl already know about him he’s one of the most interesting and twisted and negative, and snarky geinin ever! not ever but he’s definitely one of the ones on top. ) .  Then 10 seconds passed by with the video rolling, then i rewound it and i saw the part before, the scene, the part after… and then it clicked what he meant.  Think about it yourself. What do you think he meant? I’m pretty sure what I came up with is correct.


What yoshida meant was for him……………..






and the good-looking geinin to run at each other and knock each other out with the result of them switching bodies. I was thinking like wow that makes complete sense, that’s exactly what he means. It took me longer than a japanese person to understsand/infer what he meant because I’m not fluent but I’m at this level where I can undersatnd and infer but just not as fast or effortlessly. Getting to this step is all fine and good and definitely commendable. I just have to keep sharpening my japanese so I get faster and better at it.  I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to connect the dots here if I didn’t know about that movie that came out in the 80s. maybe this is a cultural thing or a pop culture thing too rather than a fluent thing? somebody tell me which way it is. so in an episode of london hearts with kiseki no ichimi, torii miyuki was talking about her boobs or making some joke about boobs and she mentioned this movie about some boy and girl switching bodies that came out in the 80s. They just gave the title of the movie which is tenkousei and she referenced it but I had to google to find out what the movie’s about etc. I think I saw the trailer on youtube. But basically the way they switch bodies is they fall down a long a long flight of stairs.. i think it’s like stairs made out of stone outside.. maybe it’s at a temple?  The girl and boy hold on to each other as they roll down the stairs.

So I thought this was a great example of how you can know all the words and everything but still may not be able to infer what the person means… that’s why i presonally find fluency or at least native-like level to be very difficult… not difficult as in impossible, difficult as in it’ll take a long time, but by that I don’t mean slaving over textbooks or copying passages from abook, but rather just spending a lot of time with the language and the culture and the pop culture (if it matters to you like the media you enjoy )

oh and i learned this word  from  the show rather effortlessly. so that’s one of the reasons I love immersion. The show is just awesome and I love the hanasankai because geinin are so gooooood at talking. asmuch i like my actors and idols or whatever when it comes down to it, the geinin are the BEST at story-telling, and improv and all that… they’re supposed to be the best at that. Sometimes some of the really untalented idols (the ones that are just “cute” ) really suck at speaking japanese lol… as far as speaking interestingily like geinin.


Besides the context, besides seeing it used, i also saw his body language, he used his hands to show even leveling (he was moving both hands up and down showing that they’re about even… I think it was shinagawa who said it ) . I’m not sure if it’s gion or not and I’m not gonna waste time looking that up but what’s important is i know the meaning and it was just a pleasure watching the show.

oh yeah as of late i notice I really am getting more comfortable  and familar with

temorau and sasetemorau

kiteitadaku kosasete itadaku

goshoukai shimasu

okoshi ni natte orimasu

before I was like yeah i know the meaning the nuance but I was thinking if i had to speak japanese i wouldn’t know if i should do just te-morau or sasete-morau (you know how the MC would say it with temorau and the guest would always say sasete morau stuff like that.. before I couldn’t remember if the mc talks like that or guest talks like that i just knew both had morau lol which doesn’t help with my production lolz.), stick the o or go, don’t stick the o or go. stuff like that. but now it’s pretty clear 🙂 So the key is one do your resesarch and find out … google around about it in japanese and two to keep immersing. I remember when I didn’t get the difference to the point of me being able to produce japanese with those forms I thought I wouldn’t never get it… I’m glad I got it now 🙂


this is so funny.. their laughter is not exaggerated or anything. it’s just that funny 🙂 I hate in how in korean tlak/variety they clap really loud (do they clap into the mike or does the mike go in to pick up the sound or do they just clap loud… it’s just so damn loud) laugh really loud,  ridiculously goofy f(x), have wacky sound effects, show that unfunnny thing 5 x times over and over again…. even if it’s that funny all that stuff I mentioned kills it. and if it’s not funny or not that funny (usualy it’s this) it just pisses me off.  the clapping thing’s really annoying like i noticed kpop stars doing that on japanese shows i’m like… ugh stpo it this is japanese tv and that wans’t that funny lol.

Korean studies

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I don’t have free time and even if i did i would dedicate it to japanese tv most likely but anyways the little korean tsudies i’ve been doing lately…. consist of youtube as in

https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img547/8177/55630864.png– looking up lyrics of songs/performances (this it pretty rare lol but whatever i do look up i usually add to anki) I just don’t really care to look up song lyrics lol. I really could just listen to the song a hundred or a coupl ehundred times, same for the performances, and i will not look up anything. It really just not that a big deal. That’s why i get realllllllllllly irritated when i hear those american kids always sayin’ oh yeah but it’s not in english so i don’t know what he’s saying and  i can’t sing a long. *sob*  *sob*. all i’m thinking is “bitch the crap that you listen to is probably better off not being understood.” secondly”, that’s the dumbest excuse ever. I just really listen for the emotion and everything and i really just don’t really care to look up the lyrics because i’m doing other shit and there’s so many other aspects to a song besides the lyrics. obviously there have been some songs where i look up the lyrics and i just gain a lot more insight about the song or it totally betrayed my thoughts about the song. I was totally sure the song was about x y z in a x y z way or whatever and the lyrics just do not match my preconceived notion.

– asking people on chiebukuro what people said on a korean tv show that’s on youtube. ie strong heart (with celebs i care about! the part gain was very interestin… hmmm). I love the parts of the show that involves interesting talk/story-telling. everything else is shit to me lol and i think the ratio of understanding/not understanding/not able to catch what the person said and being able to look it up / i did look it up in my dic and it was correctly heard but it’s just one of those things that’s not in the dictionary  so i gotta either google about it in korean or japanes or ask on chiebukuro .-  is pretty good. as in even if i didn’t look it up i would have no problem getting the gist. i would just miss out on the detail or that specific part of the story. BUT LIKE I SAID BEFORE i think this level is nothing especially for fluency. i’m not aiming for fluency in korean… just greater undersatnding to be able to understand/follow/gain ability to be able to look up something if they say something that only a fluent person would know (which i’m not)…  fluency is just mad time-consuming and hard-core and all that so i’m just being realistic especially with my other aspirations that take up my time. .  So basically i like asking people and really figure out/learn the parts i couldn’ catch. i know if i just keep watching it i’ll never figure it out and i’ll always be at 70% or whatever… actually the talk on the talk/variety on korean is sometimes really daily conversation so it’s not that bad PLUS the kanji crap helps me out a lot since i just lookat the word and convert it to chinese characters in my head lol. there was a time when i couldn’t do that but now i’m able to so i have gotten used to the korean readings somewhat. the kanji crap just makes it so much easier to remember/understand/recogniez/make connections etc etc/ it doesn’tmake learning/remembering korean EFFORTLESS necessarily but it makes it so much EASIER and make it seem more manageable but there’s still those all those adjectives and verbs and onomatopeia and other crap that have no kanji behind it.. hanja just gives me more motivation…. makes it seem less hopeless of a cause lol. wouldn’t you feel discouraged if you kept trying to remember korean but kept forgetting it. that’s why knowing kanji just gives you so much motivation. also ther’s way too many vowels to the point sometimes i feel like people are mispronouncing it and that’s why i misheard it or it’s just impossible to remember. i remember the ㅇㅎㄴㄴㅇㅈㄷㅊㅍ but i don’t remember if it’s ㅓㅑㅏㅐㅑㅓ and then the word might 3 syllables and then there might be even bacchim. it becomes so ridiculous to remember it.


+++ but anyways the korean? or japanese-korean? or zainichi peeeps? whoever that’s answering my questions on chiebukuro are very nice bevause they’r fluent in korean so they have no problem transcribing the lines i want. they usually also explain the meaning for me so it saves me googling with quotes and shit. it’s very nice and helpful :). another reason i don’t see the point of learnig korean from english.


– I don’t know why but i was watching some japanes tv shows and all of a sudden i was like hey was t-ara on strong heart or gain on strong heart … and then all these people kept popping over one after the other. t-ara because they were in japan and i wanted to see if they talk about japan on strong heart ( I get curious what expereices those kpop stars had / what they thought/ etc etc). they didn’t in the clips i saw but they told a very interesting story about sleeeeeping. for gain, hers was interesting. it’s about her solo album’s title track pv and the whole sexy thing. so if you’re a gain fan and learnig korean … definitely watch and learn.  and then i have this folder in firefox called watch korea tv shows. i also hvae one for japaneseones. i add stuff to it but i don’t know when i should watch it.  i just have so much crap i want to watch.

https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img713/9260/londons.pngoh oh and i just remembered for secret garden, i think i started watching it in summer of 2011? i’m like still not done with it lol. i think i’m on ep 11 or 14 or something. eh i should just watch the last ep (but at the same time i have other crap i want to watcH). that’s how korean dramas should be watched, 1st epl, something in the middle, last ep or maybe last 2 eps lol. korean dramas are so damn draggy to me… like every fuckin scene is just like no cut down the dialgoue but 20 lines. if i were abel to edit a script or edit an episode of the korean darma i’m telling you the duration would be like at least cut in half. it would that much more watchable imo.  but anyways just because this drama has all its episode scripts up doesn’t mean i’m gonna forcemyself to watch all the eps to learn korean because i’m just not as motivated for korean as i am for japanese and i think it makes more sensefor me to watch the talk/variet eps featuring famous people i care about on youtube  then torturing myself with koreandramas. they’re just so goddamn unwatchable. sometimes you just hvae to decide what’s best for you. some korean dramas may have all the scripts up and talk/variety just only has the text on the screen so you may have to ask somebody what’d they say or look up every combination of sound you think it is OR just give up and keep watching. so obviously dramas are more good for learning in that sense but if you hat ekorean dramas it makes no sense. lol. luckily i have japnaese so i can ask these korean-fluent people that use chiebukuro for help. i don’t think you would get as much help on yahoo.answers because i’m pretty sure there’s more korean-japanese fluent people than korean-english people?

+ I deifnitely feel improvement in my korean gradually i suppose. i remember watching talk/variety korean in 2011 around the time of secret garden and i would have to either look up all the text on the screen or ignore it because i do not know what the word means or i would know if they wrote it in kanji. now from the talk/variety i saw the other day i knew practically all the words on the screen… let’s say 90% ? i’m able to recognize the reading of the kanji so i’m able to do hanguel -> kanji in my head for the meaning with also the help of context also there’s some korean-korean words (no kanji behind the word) that i’ve learned that i’ve seen again and again so it’s been reinforced. that enables time to understand those words every time they’re used… maybe to a greater extent even or if they’re used for another meaning, i’ll be able to remember it because of the prior connection i’ve made before.  Like I noticed with japanese, once you get all the common/daily conversation words/pharases etc etc it makes it possible to more easily remember/learn/recognize stuff that isn’t as common – that isn’t as commonly used in daily conversatoin etc etc. I dont think i’m nearly there with korean as far as knowing all the crap in common daily conversation to the point i’m more easily able to learn less common stuff… i’ll get there gradually and slowly which is fine with me. i don’t gots time. I remember reading somewhere that jay park was like oh sometimes i don’t understand difficult korean.. and that’s true. that’s one of te biggest differences between fluent / not fluent. if you live in korea for 5 years straight probably there’s nothing somebody will say that you can’t catch or don’t know or don’t understand. but if you only are there 1 or 2 years obviously you know all the COMMON AND useful words and you may not very every frikin noun under the sun, or would it be adjective in korean’s case.  before I didn’t notice his intonation. i thought he had perfect intonation i notice his english intonation here and there when he speaks korean. but i am still very jealous of his korean skills because he’se better than me at speaking.  I wish korea would be more understanding and smart about hanja so that’s it’s easier for people to learn korean. i feel bad for anyone who had to learn korean after moving to korean without taking advantage of hanja. that’s a lot time that could’ve saved.

thirdly, i don’t read korean lol ie go outta my way to read the internet or whatever. i have so much japanese crap to read in my que. also, i hate how they don’t use kanji. and thirdly, my internet browsing in korean consists of just googling 성형전 and 성형후 lol so it involves pictures and sometimes i do read the text around the picture but you know i don’t have to.  this intrigues me a lot though lol because it’s so differrent! i’m like wtf happened.

so it’s just whatever korean media + anki.

anki says i have 1462 cards for korean  and the oldest one was created 2012 january 22. that osunds wrong to me the old est card.. maybe the anki 2 upgrade/othe rupgrades f’e dit up? i don’ tknow. but yeah i’m just going about it in a chill way and i don’t really stress about adding cards or anything. ithink immersion is more important anyway with learning/remembering.


i’ll post some of the stuff i got from strong heart and chiebukuro. if you wanna be like heys i’m better than you i feel better or  be like omg i’ve bee nstudyin gkorean for 3 years and i’m nowhere near your level lol and get motivation (but seriously why the hell would you be behind me. if you’ve doing it for 3 years or more  ) .

my card format for korena is word in front and definition/usage in the back.

I’m just gonna post the back of the card to save time and you can guess what word i was trying to learn.

정말 모든 게 막, 사물(事物:物事のこと)들이 다 막 꽃이 피어나는 것처럼 보이고


2 割れ目;裂け目;ひび。
[명사·하다형 타동사]審議;詳しく調べ検討してその可否を討議すること。
【예】예산안을 심의하다.  【訳】 予算案を審議する
여간 어려운 게 아니다は「とても難しい」って意味です。
미세한 차이라 여간 어려운 게 아닌데.
뭘 봐? 눈 깔어(깔아)
음란하게, 외설적(猥褻的)이게, 그렇게 사람들이 자꾸 받아들인다면 되게 안 좋은 인식으로 되게 남을 거 같은, 같은 거예요.
 みだらなこと。いやらしいこと。また、そのさま。「―な話」「―な記事」2 法律で、いたずらに人の性欲を刺激し、正常な羞恥心(しゅうちしん)を害して、善良な性的道徳観念に反すること。「公然 …
her pitch off in the performances 😦 but at least it’ll sound awesome on the track!
I do not have a goal of reading books in korean
1) lack of hanja/kanji
2) this isn’t a valid reason . it’s a partial reason. i heard somewhere that _ book was popular to __- types of books are popular in korea. they’re basically namida/choudai / i suffered my ass off / i worked my ass off. i just am not drawn to any media where the main focus is that. the book they mentioned that was a best sellersseemed boring to me. it reminded me of those god awful korean dramas with the godawful acting and the never ending crying and awful camera work and awful acting (this is my opinion ! ). i don’t understand why anyone would want to read a book about that.  I absolutely hate it when people say oh DON’T BE CLOSE-MINDED. YO USHOULD TRY IT. or YOU HAVE TO FINISH TO JUDGE IT OR REVIEW it. people who say irresponsible things like this are idiots.  there’s probably a higher chance of me liking a book that i am initially interested in just from the title or cover or whatever. they do put effort in the tittle and cover for a reason to attract readers . if i went after every unappealing book i would stop reading altogether. it’s like that with any media. then the people who say you have to finish it OBVIOUSLY  have no lives because ain’t nobody got time for that. people say that need to get a life… get a job, make your own money, stop sucking on your parents’ money fund.
3) korean people reall y like japanese novels. so i already feel more korean just because i’ve read many japanese novels. lol. but seriousloy they do like reading them.. why bother reading them in korean when i can read them in japanese with all the kanji glory that i can swim in .


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https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img221/2637/shippuironleaguer250147.jpg LINKS

I gotta read up on anything iron leaguer related that comes up on google lol. one of the things on the amazon review that caught my eye was somebody said I HAVE TO show this anime to my child. I totally agree!!  good message and fun to watch.
I feel that fans of this show are crazy fans even if they haven’t seen the show in years. The joy the japanese fans felt when the show finally got released to DVD 10 years after airing.
NO SPOILERS in this post…. 🙂 I want people to enjoy the anime…. so i won’t include the action scene screenshots but even if I put ones of those up you can’t tell what the f is going on probably because you’re supposed to see it animated.
This is definitely a special anime. It’s so goood you can tell in 1993 or 4 or whenever that they’re never going to make something this good again or rather i wish they would! In other words, a true classic! I am calling this a classic because of the QUALITY not because it’s old or the first anime to do x. I wish people would stop calling boring old animes as classic because it’s old. I wish people would stop saying oh it’s the nostalgia or whatever to dismiss 90s/80s anime (it basically depends on the anime). For me i remember I loved watching a bunch of anime as a child and remember they were fun. But then i watched some of those again years later after I forget all the details and then after re-watching i went what ? that’s it? i realized at that point it’s ONLY really fun for children but not for me now.  It’s not a bad thing necessarily. Some pass that test, some don’t. it’s pretty obvious whether it does or not. LET ME TELL you that this anime shines now and then. I would guess that when I was a child I wasn’t drawn to this anime… you know robots + sports screams shounen anime. I probably watched on a whim and then realized the show is actually REALLY good. I feel like there’s no such thing as I hate x genre in anime. I think it means you haven’t a seen a good anime in that genre. That’s another reason why I think it’s special. I hate shonen anime and this one is if you try to categorize it from the nature of the show but it’s so gooooooood. Whenever say ugh this anime went all shonen on me I mean that in the worst way possible lol… ie the end of kurenai. despite that there are “shonen” anime that I do like.
I feel like this anime could only be done via anime and that too adds to the specialness of the anime. If it was 26 eps, it wouldn’t be as good, if it was live action that would be really difficult lol… For nodame cantabile I was thinking how the animation is not that anime and so it’s not as expressive as iron leaguer when it comes to facial expression or any type of expression.. they kept the instrument playing animation to a minimum? for obvious reasons. I was thinking what’s the point of making this into an anime?? I thought the drama was better… I REALLY loved the facial expressions and other stuff they did for expression in iron leaguer so it made me think of this.
https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img689/557/shippuironleaguer27eyel.png EYELASHES!! lol. so cutee.
I love the message of the show. I love how it doesn’t come off forced or cheesy as it has in other anime shows especially the kids shows (wedding peach…) . i love how even though it’s a kids show it can definitely enjoyed by adults. few children’s shows can also be enjoyed by adults and this is one of them. There’s also mystery and surprises. There’s parts that I LOVE… those scenes where x finds about y’s secret or x learns the truth about y. While i was watching i was so curious as to how the character would react and what they would say and now that i’ve seen it, i want to see it again lol.
https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img577/8979/shippuironleaguer300082.jpg lol random thought while I was watching. I was thinking “hey since ryuuken is the karate leaguer he’s like asian so does he have the smallest eyes?” but his eyes looked big in this scene so eh to that silly theory.
I further confirmed the specialness of the anime when I read the interviews by the producers on the official site and how they had all this inspiration from real baseball players and more and were having fun and working hard to make it (like the animators). Also one of them said that this show is for children but they also want people of other ages to watch… he went on to say that overly making it from a child’s pov isn’t a children’s anime. rather, anime that can be enjoyed by adults and old people and children are true children anime. They had no CG back then 😦 but  i wonder if the show would look like shit if they used CG…After i finished watching it i really wanted to read interviews. there’s interviews on the official website but I want more. I was thinking if they had interviews or something in anime magazines in the 90s… like i want to read those tooooo. also I felt like reading other fans thoughts… well the japanese fans.
there’s no romance but there’s bromance. in fact you could watch it from a a dirty yaoi fangirl pov lol. there are scenes or lines that could be interpreted like that. I definitely watched from that point of view from time to time lol. i also watched from a serious pov too. Magnum x windy forever ❤ ! lol. IRON LEAUGER is so much more moe than the anime nowadays that try so hard… AND FAIL. It reminds me of some of the realllly trashy american singers that think they’re “sexy” or they think they have to be trashy or almost naked (naked as possible) to be sexy.. they don’t seem to understand that that’s not necessary. I’ve seen time it and time again on immotral song or even in k-pop that it’s possible to be classy and sexy at the same time. it’s so oversexualized in america.
https://i2.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img705/396/shippuironleaguer090317.jpg (I think this footage was only in the episode preview… and not in the ep. weirddd. )
So cute and funny~
there’s comedy too. it’s smidge of comedy but when they put it in here and there with the animation or situation or a line that put a smile on my face or made me chuckle. it’s so well done because of the characters/character designs and the whole set-up. there isn’t a lot of comedy, BUT none of the comedy fails. the point of the show isn’t comedy anyway but the comedy in it is 5/5 lol. The just completes the show~
https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img96/9143/shippuironleaguer180045.jpg OMG BROMANCE!!MOE~~ lol. キャア~~~ぁぁぁ
so in that way there’s cuteness and moe ( I moed out sometimes lol). the animes now a days try way too hard to the point where the show is boring as hell unless you’re a creepy otaku or they have NO class or it’s so obvious they’re trying so hard. I really want those otakus to watch this anime. for this show that kind of stuff is effortless and those little moments of moe and cuteness is to die for. I LOVED it when magnum winked lol. nowadays the moe is getting really creepy or boring or way too maniac or plain tasteless or too… much ie borderline softcore porno/hentai/whatever you call it. i feel like the moe here occurred naturally or it came off naturally as a result of all the hard-work they put into show rather than like using moe to cover their asses which is a noticeable trend in anime right now which i’m saying even though i don’t watch “new” anime because i can tell it’s shit from the pictures (the huge 1400 x 1400 or maybe it’s double that pic people make of anime airing in spring/summer/etc). I like the word bromance more than yaoi and i don’t know what yaoi really means anyways (how far do they go lol). they’re robots anyhooooo. so i feel like the bromance is all innocent and fun and if you want to think all twisted and whatnot draw weird fanart go ahead~
I love the animation. the character designs kick ass. For example, the inning on magnum’s back is so CUTE lol. I gotta pause and stare at everyone’s designs lol. one time they zoomed into their shoes/feet. they were all so unique and cute lolz. no seriously i need to inundate this post with the ADORABLE CHARACTER DEISGNS. some of them are BADASS of course but I can still see the cuteness in the badass designs tooooooooo. that’s another reason why this show is so awesome. It has so much going on for it.
The human character designs are good. i was reading in the interview somebody drew the humans asked the producer or somebody is this alright. whaddya think? so i could tell they were being
particular with it. if you think ruri is ugly or whatever then i guess you can since she’s a normal girl. they show a movie star in one ep and that movie star was really pretty. so i think it’s fine ruri isn’t as pretty as the movi star. i dont’ tihnk ruri ugly though personally.  I think the girl designs that are overly moed up are ugly actually if anything… .not to mention not a smidge of originality. it reminds me of south koreaplastic surgery epidemic. NOSE, EYES, JAW-LINE, FAT-DISTRIBUTION. wtf
The action/animation was intense and exciting and they definitely planned it out well. The beginning of the series was sorta normal but as things progressed the animation got more intense.  I really mean it as intense and exciting. that’s the only way I can describe it. don’t worry it’s not a mediocre sports/shonen (no seriously what is up with the crap people proclaim as epic being the boring shit in the world?) anime. the games are exciting, you’ll be saying they fucked omg they’re fucked! e other episode lol. that’s what makes it interesting. plus the episodes where the game should be most exciting really is exciting… you don’t have to worry about quality when it comes to that. It was awesome. I had a blast watching those episodes because there’s moments where I’m like omg what’s gonna happen/omg i can’t believe this happened/omg how’s it gonna end/omg i can’t believe it’s ending like this/ lol. it’s a lot of omg’s like e couple minutes??? I found it fun and enjoyable to watch… and that’s what makes someone want to recommend a certain anime to another person because you want to pass on your enjoyment and hope or think that they’ll enjoy it as well.
I love the facial expressions they did with the robots. it’s so expressive. When I was reading the interview, they had separate people for separate things like a person was in charge of facial expression, another for posing etc etc. so I totally LOVED that when I watched. It’s so well done and i could tell they put effort into minuscule stuff like that even before i read the interview. there’s stuff I notice or feel or whatever while watch and reading the interview just affirms that or explains what I was feeling and love how it goes both ways like that. i really really feel what the creators put in to this … their sweats, tears, soul, love for sports, etc,etc. going back to what i was saying i loved what they did with their eyes. I thought it was interesting how their mouths are pink inside like humans lol. Not to mention SUPER CUTE!!!  one aspect of the show that seems sorta contradicting is what makes it so good and special and unique. that is how the robots are metal so they shouldn’t be humanly but actually they’re more human than the humans lol.
OH ANd I also
https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img197/290/shippuironleaguer210136.jpg<— this was from one really fun and exciting episode of course!
LOVE THE thick lines in90s 80s etc works well for like… I know they can do that nowadays too but when i picture 2000 + anime i picture thin lines for the most part (which looks cheap and sterile dpeending on blahblahblah)… But I love the thicklines add to the menaceness? /intensity/impact
I loved inconsistencies like this… lol
In fact they mentioned this in the interview on the official website how they had trouble with this lol. I think they were arguing and getting frustrated or something lol. I think it’s cute and it’s anime so it’s all GOOD. it adds to the enjoyment  imo.. spot the quirks!
ALSO I loved learning Japanese from this.  I WILL SHARE MY FINDINGS IN A LINK BELOW. JUST BECAUSE IT’s  a KIDS ANIME doesn’t mean there isn’t japanese to learn from it.  trust me, there’s definitely plenty of words or grammar to learn from this.  Anime is so fun for learning Japanese because they talk weird… “anime-like”. at a point where i can learn a lot from anime b.c. ther’es a 90 something percent chance I know the word/idiom being used or am able to infer or hear the syllables and look it up. the problem is i’m not doing all that by watching it once. there’s so much going on with the visuals (my brain is busy processing this lol) and i guess my familiaritiy with japanese is not strong enough for that. imagine how strong /fast/efficienct my japanese would be with the comprehhesnion and inferring and all that if i only knew japanese and knew no english or korean etc etc. its really true… if you have one knife it’s going to be DAMN sharp. You know how in english you’re watching a show and you watch the stuff moving on the screen and there’s talking and music or whatever entering my ear and the comprehension is automatic and I don’t have to rewind/re-watch ( I just have to pay attention or not even depending on the show). there’s no delay. for this anime i have to listen another or couple times b.c. i can figure it out or i do know it i don’t processthat  fast. of course there’s lines i can’t catch so i asked on chiebukruo wtf they say in teineigo of course. I actually waited a year or two to watch this…. i knew the torrent of the dvd was out but I didn’t want to watch if my japanese abilities aren’t high enough to really fully enjoy it seeing as there aren’t any japanese subtitles. now i don’t know how much of a difference that made but i was using the korean subs -> google translated to japanese to help me watch it and i notice if the korean person doesn’t understand what they said there’s a chance i can’t figure out wtf they said lol. sometimes I can figure it out even though the korean person couldn’t. so that’s why i gotta chiebukuro~ oh the woes of not being fluent/native speaker. MAYBE this is my lack of watching anime. I watched a lot of anime it’s I watched most of that before I started learning japanese lol. But seriously 2006 was so goood with code geass, haruhi, welcome to the nhk, toki wo kakeru shoujo, school rumble 2… you could also throw in death note (boring and bland though) and nana… and people on them forums wonder why people say omg new anime sucks.2006 was definitely special and sayonara zetsubou sensei (damn this is brilliant) is actually 2007….
I don’t feel like the best way to understand anime 100% is to watch anime and learn from anime. i think there’s better native media for learning common/useful japanese + common idioms + intonation etc etc. once you get the foundation down for normal japanese then you can notice the strangeness and funness of anime japanese (anime japanese> textbook japanese. lolz… it’s more REAL, PERIOD) and…. If there’s japanese subs then it’s totally different but… I feel like for ME I would define it as understanding ~ 100% ( + excluding some really hard to catch lines for even native speakers) of anime with ease as fluency. when i was watching this i had to pay extra attention then usual. talk/variety is so easy and effortless to follow.
unless you understand anime 100% I wouldn’t say rude/stuck-up stuff like my japanese is as good as a Japanese kindergartener because they obviously understand the anime way more than you since they only speak japanese and they’ve been exposed to it non-stop for the past however many more years or hours whatever than YOU including anime. I HATE IT when people say this about Korean… it’s like no you can barely understand korean dubbed anime so why the hell you saying this. please compare yourself to a more realistic model. ajatt…
BUT ANYWAYS it was a awesome learning japanese from something I love and IS AT MY LEVEL though there ar esome lines i can’t catch…but that was covered w by random japanese peeeps over@ chiebukuro lol.

I wonder if there’s a main character? Is it Magnum Ace? I mean everything is connected to him. If he’s not, then there’s no main character. Anyways I loved all the characters. They’re ALL likable and have their cute character designs. I loved the way top joy talked with the nes and the intonation. not sure if english speakers can tell that his intonation is a little off because i remember when i was wtaching lovely complex with zero japanese studying i couldn’t really hear a significant difference from the way these characters talked vs characters in any other anime. but if i were to watch it now i would be like oh it’s so kansai-ben lol. I loved the baddies too. they’re so awesome too. Anyways I loved SEAGULL… the voice acting, the way they drew him, the angle, the pose, etc, and his story or whatever scene with him had me glued me to the screen.

PLUS THEY utilized the side characters really well.

I loved all the voice acting. eone fitted the character. MAGNUM’s voice is PERFECTTTTTTTT. I liked all the voice actor’s voices… like i gotta look up what other anime they’re in. I loved the recycling of the Voice actors too lol. like the voice actor of someone on silver castle ends up voicing the baddie’s ___ voice. it’s interesting. actually out of the gold brothers i liked gold mask the best because of his voice… but i like all of ’em so much! sometimes i wanted to know the voice actor of some really minor person in the episode but then when i chcked out the credits they credit main and minor but they don’t include e single character that was in the episode. so i asked on chiebukuro who did mihaeru’s voice because i loved her voice and they were like…well one person replied that it was this voice actor who plays another characteron iron leaguer… so maybe that’s why they don’t credit a character because they recycle the voice actors and we’re supposed to know which one did that minor character (sometimes the va is reall ygood at changing their voices to play different characters so it’s sorta hard. do they still do this practice now a days ? lol.
and of course i LOVEd THE BGM. when i saw them use the bgm in the first ep I was scared they might overuse it but they didn’t overuse it at all imo… and i watched eps in a row etc etc… you know how some tv dramas have something special going on for it especially the bgm like hanazakari no kimtiachi e or JIN or this… you can tell they’re putting their all into it the shows.

So I didn’t watch the previews till after i saw the episode because I want to be as surprised as much as possible. But after certain episodes I was thinking even if i watched the preview i couldn’t have predicted this lol. there’s some good surprises

The opening is awesome. it totally matches the show. It’s definitely good enough to be used throughout the whole run. as you watch the show you realize how amazing the opening song is. I was wondering for the part where they sing IRON LEAGUER with japanese pronounciation of aian riiiiiiiii gaaaaaaaaaa….it sounds like they’re saying eiennnnn leaguer. it doe snot sound like aiannnnnn riiiiiiii gaaaaaaaaaa like it should. in the show they say iron leaguer a lot and they aian riii gaaa. maybe they’re doing that on purpose cause you know eien means forever,eternal. I never reallllllly got why he’s saying it like eiennnnnn riiiiii gaaa.
the ending song is really goood, i love the message. i love hearing the seiyuu’s of characters sing the song. here it is ruri’s seiyuu.
the second ending song is silly lol. the lyrics are simple and fitting. i was gonna watch it once then i realized that they’re changing the lyrics up for the song. it’s so funny hearing magnum ace sing such a silly song.
they changed the animation for the op and let me say that the second opening is rather intense. in fact i couldn’t even tell wtf was going on at some parts because of the credits so i definitely gotta go check out the creditles version. yes they dserve their credit but we can’t see the animator’s work… thank god for creditles opening.
If I HAD to bring up the weakness it would be this certain arc … one reason is because after it was right after a couple REALLY REALLY interesting/INTENSE/EXCITING eps (it literally makes me go omg who knew sports anime could get this good……. ) . the eps were sorta filler-type but then they technically aren’t… and the way that arc ended was kickass AMAZING so that’s why i wrote if i HAD To bring up a ~~ but I still liked that arc as a whole. in this arc there’s eps that are better than others. another thing is towards the end, you’ve seen all the tricks they pull and whatever so it’s not as fresh as in the beginning… but you know the last game was exciting so.. no complaints. I never felt like the games were ever stretched out… perfect ratio of action/dialogue/announcer”s dialogue/talking to self time/robots communicating to each other via telepathy or technology or whatever.. stuff became more big and intense as it went on… i guess that’s the shonen factor but i LOVED IT. like i said before i hate shonen anime b.c. i instinctively hate shonen anime because i ain’t a shonen. but if it’s a really well-done shonen like this I’m all for it, i feel it.
but you know something i wished happened was there was more character development in the last 10-15 episodes as in OTHER characters but then i’m not sure if that would’ve taken away from the character they were developing during those episodes. But you know what i also wish they developed the character they were developing during those eps more like his _____s (I’m not gonna fill that in, those who watched know what comes before the s, hint PLURAL). they gave us something but i wish it was more. that’s selfish request that will never come true lolz.
a fine 52-episode anime that is WELL-DONE.!!! it makes me lament the animes now-a-days that are 13-eps and are suckfest from beginning to end or it could’ve been better if it was longer or try to “move” the audience even though they didn’t develop the characters etc etc. but i loved zetsubou sensei and i think 13 eps was fine for that since the second season was not as interesting and the third season was unwatchable. it all depends on the show and how well done it is etc etc etc.
so it’s completely subbed for chinese and korean (thank god for these lol). it’s done up to ep 7 was of now for english. This anime has HEART… HEART-WARMING. that’s one of the things most people who like 90s and 80s anime complain about new anime… that’s why people say they don’t make anime like they used to before (well it can’t be helped? 😦 ) in japanese people keep saying this anime is ATSUI and nekketsu but translating that sounds weird.. they mean hot and hot-bloood respectively. so i think in english you gotta phrase it as intense/passionate/has heart ?? i don’t know.
SO I added a lot of stuff to my deck from this anime because I really liked the sentence or learned a new word or new grammar etc etc. here’s one grammar thing

十郎太: 切り捨ててくれるわ

I thought okay why is he sayin gkureru. oBVIOUSLY it makes more sense to say MORAU or AGERU but i knew that the anime scripwriter didn’t f’up and there must be some nuance to kureru and there was!

– 自分が相手にものを与える。また、相手に対してある行為をしたり、加えたりする。相手を与え手より低い者として卑しめる気持ちを込めた言い方で


I also remember hearing 切りさばいてくれるわ or was it わい from JIN. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but now i know~ not that i’ll ever use kureru like this lol.

oh and the ova is not good. i don’t know it has holes… i don’t understand the point of it.are ovas that are released after the tv series always bad…??

I was so sad when i finished watching the series. the ending is good and satisfying but i’m sad that’ it’s over. no i donn’t want to it to go on endlessly like naruto. that would make the show turn into 1/10… I sorta confirmed this with the OVA. The only thing positive about the ova I can say is they came up with some interesting robots with the designs (creative stuff… ) and animation of course. I think that’s how one feels after being absorbed and watching something really fun and significant. plus i can’t un-watch this. I gotta wait many years before rewatching lol…. i already know the story and surprises etc but like I said I LOVED some of those scenes. I don’t understand what’s the point of OVAs. i was thinking of the word masturbation with OVAs… because the only people who are going to watch it are FANS not people who you are trying to hoook on the show like with anime tv series. so the people making it know you want to see it or buy it and they know that you loved the series. so they probably can tell what you loved about the series and try to include it in the OVA but it’s not the same thing because that stuff was happening in the series while it was going on (in that atmosphere that was built from past eps and whatnot), while now in the OVA it’s happening after the series “concluded” so… it’s like… novelty effect is worn off and it’s NOT the same thing. as much as i love the characters and the world the anime is set in, I enjoyd it in the ANIME series and i’ll re-live it by re-watching the episodes instead of some weird OVA that’s trying to recreate that??? I want to enjoy the real deal 100% iron leaguer world, not some half-bajed iron leaguer world. but the thing is if the series is really good, usually a good story is told and the ends are tied. so if you gotta something afterwards, you gotta create some friction, and problems or introduce something new etc. otherwise it’s a filler episode of the series ?? so basically the OVA has the potential to destroy what the tv series has done because of what an ova is… something that concluded beautifully gets unconcluded with whatever new thing they come up with. but anyways i loved the series and i dont’ want to talk shit about the iron leaguer ovas. i’m saying, i loved the SERIES but i didn’t like the ovas. I was thinking after i watched the series or the OVAs of stuff I want to know more about with characters and whatnot… so I was thinking maybe the OVA could’ve been better if they told us about the details that fans want to know about the iron leaguers and the story. BUT THEN I READ that there’s some LD (what is that shit?) that was released and how they wrote the robot’s biography or something on it for all 7 main robots. I was like I want to know what they wrote. so i don’t know if i’ll find it after googling. i think it’s rare and you can only get it from yahoo auction IF IT’s even up.


while i was watching the series i was reading a book titled gotai fumanzoku 五体不満足 ( I like his writing style). There was a part in the book where the author was saing he was the manager of the football team and that he did statistics to help the team strategize. he talked about how eone on the football team was focused on football and they actually won the championsihp or whatever. eone worked so hard and they never thought they would win or at least no one really believes till it actually happens. he mentions how it was such a joyful moment when you work really hard towards something and you actually GET IT. he described a memeber on the football team who is stoic and never relaly shows his emotions. he said when they won, of course in the moment eone is in disbelief, that guy broke down crying and got down on knees. I thought it was a beautiful event/moment… I don’t know if i would’ve relaly been able to udersatnd and really feel what the author is trying to convey, at least to THIS EXTENT if i wasn’t watching the series. To be honest I’m apathetic to sports like playing it, watching it, etc… i guess that’s one of the things about anime that i really like. it can take something i don’t give a shit about and then make me gain interest in it, or find value in that subject or make it interesting when i thought that would be impossible.

plus there was furigana for the whole booooook! it’s cuz they want kids to read it for obvious reasons cause them kids are so judgemental and mean lolz. omg why do i do this to myself. this was like my 61st book and my first book with furigana. obviously it makes more sense to read furigana books since kanji readings tend to be erratic when it comes to japanese or it’s not but then yo ucan’t tell if there’s onten or not or there’s mad readings and you know all of them but you don’ know which one it is etc tec.

also found this:





I mined sentences like i said i did because I really liked the sentences or there was something to be learnt from it whether it be grammar or vocabulary. So I noticed my anki deck had over 600 cards off iron leaguer lol ( so yo know an average anime ep usually has anywhere from 300 to 400 maybe even to 500 lines for an episode so i don’t tink that’s bad – as far as the n+1 thing is concerned with iron leaguer and me since the show is 52 eps and that is number of cards i have from 52 eps though truth be told sometimes I forgot to tag it as iron leaguer or i tagged other stuff as iron leaguer but if you list stuff CHRONOLOGICALLY you could get all the iron leaguer lines that i inputted into my my deck. it might be 700 for a ll i know.). it’s a lot. and for lines where icouldn’t catch what they were saying i asked on chiebukuro


I loved getting sentences from the show. the thing with stuff you really like it’s easier to remember stuff word for word (not all the time necessarily but.. something about stuff you like is way more significant and easier to remember, harder to forget obviously) which is REALLY useful for production as well as boosting comprehension. It was a pleasure~ minus the frustrating times when i couldn’t catch what they were saying. i was like come again, again , again, shit out of luck and then asked on chiebukuro

CHIEBKURO STUFF + stuff I transcribed myself IS BELOW

台本 セリフ 台詞 全台詞 全台詞 バトルアスリーテス 大運動会 名言 名台詞 名セリフ   LINES 

Updated it May 2013 for additional lines added to episode 52 i believe.



my anki decks


so anki only lets you either export ething or go by the deck but the way idid it with iron leaguer was i did it with a ironleaguer tag and i put the cards into my different decks bc i have diff types of decks. I will make a post on that in the future, either near or far lol.

but the thing with this format is if you open it it will replace your WHOLE set-up (all your decks) with this. so i think if you want to avoid that you should a) sign out of your profile so there’s no weird internet syncing that will obliterate any chances of you keeping your decks b) maybe put anki on a usb c ) open. but anyways this file has all my cards in my decks including iron leaguer. I don’t see any option to EXPORT a selection of cards or anything so that’s why i’m putting it like this in case anyone wants IT!