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How to read Japanese Books


So i pretty much agree with AJATT  on the skip page(s), skip whatever etc etc. What I personally do… is similar to the way manga is read which is sorta weird cause I hate manga ~  what i mean by that is that I read the dialogue ONLY. it really cuts out the tediousness. and if the DIALOGUE ONLY READING METHOD does not work then the book must be really awful or you have really low compatibility with the author.

I only read the WHOLE PAGE as in all the WORDS if the writing really is that good and evokes me to do that. I have done that before many times and it was absolutely enjoyable and  it made me go i love my hobby of reading.. you know how writers are soo good that they make writing enjoyable, effortless and makes japanese seem like such a wonderful language. Even with english, it can go from beautiful in writing to downright awful incomprehensible mainstream gangsta rap. I sometimes do the dialogue reading even with authors I really like because not ALL their books are amazing and not all parts of the books are equal in quality or at leaset i don’t find all the pages equally interesting. sometimes i’m like oh god we’re going to this scene/place/arc and i have a strong inkling that it’s gonna be boring (and ends up being boring). so i just read only the dialogue  and i don’t read byousha (the crap between the dialogue) unless it evokes me because it’s really good and pulls me in or i don’t know what th hell is going on and care to know and want to find out. reading byousha gets so tiring and annoying sometimes (of course if the writer does a good job and doesn’t do go on and on with it or is just really good at writing i will read in its entirety and whatnot).  When the byousha does no resonate with me it feel so tedious reading. It feelsl like the byousha is just there because the author is REQUIRED to right byousha between dialogue and they have to describe that’s happening (technically that’s true). It must take a  lot of talent and time and effort to make byousha reading enjoyable and fun. Just use the AJATT reasoning for justifying this which increases your enjoyment/fun which is that even if you skip this or this chunk if it’s that important it’ll come up again.  Don’t treat japanese books as special… there’s nothing to prove by reading every frikin’ word on the page it just becomes torture if the writing quality is low enough or incompatible enough… and if you think that’s the case then do the dialogue reading or stop reading and finding another book or another author etc.

I sorta wrote “shit” about one of the books I read but people still niced it  to give an

example of what i talked about above… recently i read a book by higashino kei?go ? and i could not read his byousha because his writing is boring and soulless (i don’t feel anything? lol) . it’snot awful because i know there’s worse writers but it doesn’t do anything for me. so i had to just read dialogue otherwise i couldn’t finish it and i did that and it was SO MUCH better… his characters just feel average,boring,1-dimensional drama characters in a crappy japanese drama lol… by that i just didn’t care about the characters. i thought the ending was sad but the characters just didnt’ do much for me either. i guess this is what i should expect from FAMOUS POPULAR AUTHORS from japan j/k…. what I SHOULD HAVE DONE is like skipped like 350 pages lol…. and I definitely should’ve skipped the first 40 pages… it’s just boring.

And doesn’t is feel good when you realize that you read 50 pages or 100 pages I think you should and could still feel that way even if you read only the dialogue to get to that page lol…  not all books are worth reading at least not in their entirety


And a little segue about japanese subs. So I was googling around and this japanese person wrote on his or her blog he or she tried to slayers try but there were no subs s the person had trouble cathcing everything everything so she was like i didn’t enjoy it as much as i should’ve or whatever. Then they went on to say I found the episodes with japanese subs. They are as far as i know japanese subtitles are only available on the KOREAN dvds. what I am saying it is ONLY on the korean dvds, it’s not on the japanese dvds. I have no idea why they do this. it makes no damn sense.  I googled around and people were bitching that a lot of anime are AIRED with subs yet when they’re relased there’s no subs. they mentioned stuff about the format of subtitle file and maybe that’s why and if that’s the csae then convert it by taking the time or change the format so it’s compatible throughout different platforms (not the correct word right?).   somebody on amazon was like i said my letters to the people who relesae dvds saying i’m deaf i like watching my shit subs and they just send me the default template message… thank you for your input again and again. so sda. notice all the 放送字幕 in the corner if you watch fan-subbed anime that subs from the airings on tv… it means THERE’S SUBS that no one bothered extracting or recording that we don’t have lol….. or maybe somebody did.  so I’m glad there’s others who like subs too and are doing something about it though it doesn’t like anything will be done about it.  The point of this whole mumbo-jumbo is that there’s japanese subs SLAYERS TRY! i saw it and i was so excited and so i assumed slayers next would have japanese subs on the korean dvds too but they don’t… it’s on slayers try. WTF. but whatever i’m grateful for whaever i have. it’ll definitely save me time and make for a very enjoyable viewing. i’ll post my slayers crap LATER.

I learned lots of slayers season 1 japanese-wise… there’s a bunch that made me go wow i haven’t heard of these japanese expressions before. it’s really great to learn from anime because you have this amazing/interesting context with rich japanese expressions. even if the expression is awesome if you don’t have contxt you’re not gonna remember it or it’s going be painful trying to remember it… I think rich expressions are getting more and more scarce in usage with japanse media… I feel this way when i watch some japanese tv program that aired 6 years ago or 10 years ago or even with anime…. i don’t know what it is but i always hear an expressions go oh that’s a good expression i don’t hear it that much on japanese tv nowadays or not as much ro wahtever and they use way too much english in japanese nowadays.. it is negatively impacting the richness of the expression.


pondering about my japanese pronounciation again.


so i mentioned the prnounciation as in the sounds and the intonation but there’s the tongue-rollin’!


i think i might have mentioned this before … i cannot roll my r’s . the r’s that the spanish-speaking people roll, the japanese people that fight and argue. koreans can’t roll their r’s right? i mean i’m sure there’s some who can but it’s not really necessary in korean… they don’t have that much r sounds compared to japanese. the r sound is so damn ubuiqtious in japanesse lol. not even the r vs l. i’m talking about r-sounds in succession and me tripping and fumbling everytime lol.


I was thinking I have a hard time with rareru every time i read it lol. stuff like saserareru… the passive and the form that makes you do shit… they’re just hard? I think  the reason is because i can’t roll my r’s … or at least those 2 problems simultaneously exist for me . rarete is fine and okay to pronounce but rareru is hard lol. the reru is hard? it’s f’ed up every time. i sorta feel like my mouth is being lazy? or just not trying hard enough? or getting stuck like the car engine not starting and making that annoying song over and over? lol… you know how if you speak japanese and then you speak english you notice that you move your mouth a lot less with japanese so it makes me you irritated to speak english cause it requires more energy because the lazy in me/you is just so lazy. also my tongue is short… so maybe that’s a cause too but i ain’t getting no plastic surgery…

I have a feeling rolling my r’s will help with the reru part of the rareru that always f’s me up. i can say it if i say it slow but i read japanese fast so that’s not gonna work lol…  should i learn spanish while i’m at it? lol. i did learn it in high school of course and i got an A but i can’t speak worth shit and my listening comprehension is abysmal … or maybe just doing a regular ra-gyou pronounciation practice  will be enough. katsuzetsu renshuu or whatever they call it. google is my friend 🙂


Rolling your r’s in jpaanese isn’t necessary depending on who you are. like i was watching kireonna juku (god tongue! awesome kickass show…) the dvd stuff since i found the one that came out this year HILARIOUS… the one where the girl does her kire test by going to her dressing room. hilarious shit.  i was noticing how there’s a lot kora and ora that you stick on at the end or beginning or whereever and of course the girl rolls her tongue.  i notice japanese peope  can roll their r’s very well.  They roll r’s when they’re angry and arguing ro whatever. so if you plan to never get angry in japanese i guess you don’t have to roll your r’s. if you really think you’re going to get your menaceness across without rolling your r’s YOU ARE MISTAKEN. rolling your r’s  are a must and a given when it comes to expressing  your pissiness and hatred/hostility towards the person.


if you know of other instances that you roll your r’s besides expressing your anger/arguing, please let me know… it’ll give me more motivation to fix my japanese … at least the rareru. i know you can roll your r’s for fun too… there’s mad opportunities since japanese is just ladden with r-sounds.,. so besides that.


一辺倒。。。。 lolz. eh i don’t blame him? i ran across this word a couple times and im’ sure if i didn’ tput it into anki i wouldn’t know either. it’s a useful word for criticizing people you know justin bieber… etc etc talentless losers. in case any believers come up in here go watch dada la by ladies code and then tell me he has talent……..