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sbs kpopstar && learning korean.


so i find this show useful for learning korean… at lesat before they get to the live performances (no korean subs lol). so what I really like is as I said is the judges. the fact they use the brains to convey their advice/thoughts to the contestants. you can tell they are experts/knowledgable about their field which is music with the words/concepts/ that come out of their mouth. sometimes it’s just so specific and/or something i would never point out/notice etc etc. OR I was iffy about their performance but I couldn’t figure out why and the judge just explains exactly what was wrong. it’s just really insightful stuff they say… like they’re working for their paycheck which is to give comments/critiques that is of value to the contest and is comprehensible to the viewer toooooo.. and if also possible, also interesting.yes, they are doing their job of being a judge which means you gotta be articulate…

MEANwhile on american idol they put anyone as a judge and the ones that know a thing or two about music are more concerned with being nice to the singers who can’t sing when they reject them than being specific and constructive. it’s like they’re forced to be limited with what they can say or they’re being super lazy… it’s all very generic/boring /stuff anyone in the audience can say. ie that was the wrong choice or this song doesn’t really show off your range/skills/etc etc. it’s like aynone can say that!!

so what I’m saying is I mine my korean words/grammar from what the judges say… preferably after interesting performnaces or performances that i loved for obvious reasons …. or everyone laughed after the judge said a comment or whatever other reaction that makes me curious. i’ve always mined other words from this show and by the first sesaon ended I can confidently say my comprehension has improved a lot lol. a little looking up goes a long way. it feels like a little bc i don’t look up everything i don’t know. well as of now i have 128 cards tagged kpopstar but sometimes I forget to tag and i didn’t watch the eps from this season but I did see the performances (I was sad that they didn’t upload the judges comments bc I’m as invested or more invested in that depending on if the person sucks/did only okay etc) so i want to check out the comments for the auditions i loved.  them vietnamese fans will upload it somewhere with vietnamese subs 🙂

so what i’m saying is i cannot do this with american idol if let’s say i was fluent in korean and was learning english bc the judges don’t say anything worth understanding lol. they don’t even try to convey their thoughts/constructive criticism. they’re too lazy to use the english language to its fullest potential. they’re too lazy to use their music knowledge/vocabulary or they’ve forgotten it or don’t know shit. i cannot tell which it is but it’s just complete bs. they don’t deserve their pay…. they don’t even do their job … not even the bare minimum. i love how on kpop star even if the performances is amazing the judges give specific explanations/reasons as to why it was so amazing and what really touched them/impressed them. meanwhile on american idol the judges just yell out some random phrase and then the crowd boos/cheers …. rinse and repeat. it’s like wtf… they’re not doing their job.

TOP 5 && Top 4. KPOP STAR

I know that the show is over and that _ won but still curioussssss to hear the judge’s comments/what went down etc etc.

TOP 5 episode:
omg lol I never thouhgt I would say this but I felt emotion from e. michelle’s singing! …i can’t believe hell froze over. it was something i thought that would never happen.

u just by soulciety seems lik e agood a song from the little clip they showed and e-michelle’s rendition. I ‘ll check out the original…

PARK JIMIN- I dont like this song no more. I’ve heard hyorin sang it on immortal song and that was enough for me to get sick of the song. i think it’s a song that literally takes one listen to get sick of. It’s just that same thing over and over… the sabiiiiiii

park aeyeon – run devil run! saw snsd on the show teaching her the song and some white guy kalle engstorm?. ooooh.
oh he wrote the song. does it matter anyway … i would jjust guess he wrot elyrics to the demo which kesha sang. ke$ha? is that how you write it?

I don’t like it… it’s run devil run light. I thought she was going to totally change up the style of the song but it wasn’t so it becomes run devil run light.  😦

E. SUK HOON . GUY who ca’nt rap or sing. as always his stage is alwasy more intersting than others… since his focus is ENTERTAINMENT… I LOVED the pose he did at the end with the king hatttt. I’m curious as to how much of the stage performance was thought up by him / those professionals etc because that is a big reason why his part is fun to watch. it’s sorta funny to watch him receive criticism with the hat on.

ihai- I LOVE that keyshia cole songggg. the i-i-i–i-i-i-i-i- part was
not as good as keyshia cole’s version (stillenjoyableeee) but then again maybe keyshia cole’s thing in that gets knnowing after a while.

e. michelle finally left .. I’ve been wishing her to leave all these weeks and she finally proved herself and actually made people feel emotion so I was actually was saddened by her departure..  I thought i would cheer when she leaves just because she’s boring me all these weeks.
TOP 4===========
This korean person typed up the judges comments from the ep 🙂

– BORING.  wow the comments were interesitng… something about cancer????? kouganzai … wut? so confused. it’s so interesting that he just mentions it and people don’t really go into it too much.  or did they mention it on the show before, is that why?

more explanation here:

park jimin. – love on top by beyonce .was this song a single? i don’t follow mainstream music so for the most part i have no idea. lol.   I thought beyonce went down the shitstream/jump the shark… so i think this song is a couple years old? but if it was I would know it? is it a cover? she’s so shitty like songs like girls runthe world. not only are the lyrics to that song are terrible, it’s super repetitive. talk about adding insult to injury I like this song so that’s why i’m realllllly surprised it’s by Beyonce…

IHAI/ e. hai (since i call lee michelle e. michelle) – song about time flowing by. rapping was eh to me.

e. suk hun. lee suk hoon. – it’s so different with him because his appeal is not his talent and he always writes a part of his song while this time it was from scratch. but i’m sure jyp helped him lots as far as i can tell from the video bits.

I feel so bad for them, they have to prepare this andddddddddddd do their performance.  they’re putting this in so people can vote ++ they don’t have enough people to fill in the time.

LOVED the performance with ihai and park jimin.

they do the same thing on american idol but instead of the name special stage we call it boring filler soulless singing shit. they get the contestants to sing some bland song that has been overplayed on the radio for like the pas t10 years at least and i’m like please please please stop singing these crappy songssssssss. does it cost that much money to get more song rights? It could actually be fun and entertaining but they don’t give a shit about it being entertaining… just that the song or the arrangement is enough to fill up _ minutes. the contestants just put on a fake smile with probably the thoughts along of the lines of damnnit i hate this song, why do i have to sing it…. and they have no energy nor the ability to hype the audience up.

ANYWAYS the person who went home had to go home. it’s like the episode dayana (so sad that penn and other really talented people went home before she did) on celebrity apprentice went home. IT JUST MAKES SENSE. if they didn’t go home it would be another CHRIS DAUGHTRY MESS. They might as well have eliminated 2 people. j/k.

sbs kpop star…. american idol ranting

Top 6.
ihai = sway ❤ is such a lovely song but I like the PCD version better actually lol. melody in pcd goes crazy at during parts of that song

e. michelle is boring. i feel no emotion…. her hairstyle this time is more flattering though.

the california guy... sang that song i love you baby blahblah lyric song which i only like becasue the original singer has a deeeep voice.  since his voice is not deep… rather it was screechy.. so noo.

bek a-yeun. saving all my love… boring 😦 I’ve heard this song way too many times. damn the oldies station!

OMG there’s a glee version. usually I don’t give a shit about the glee versions of the songs but QUINN  is singing half of it? well i only saw a 3 second clip but I love hearing her voice. i hate rachel’s voice…. it’s just so annoying after a while. glee version over this but of oourse!

blonde guy (no more acne blonde guy  so blonde guy = guy who can’t rap or sing) – yay. guy who can’t rap or sing for the win! very fun performance. you can tell he really practiced and shit… just a lot of performance with lots of people moving around.  just goes to show just because you can “tehcnically sing” doesn’t mean you’ll be half as interesting/entertaining as this kid (I’m obviously pointing at the American idol contestants) at least he understsands the concept of entertainment/performance. american idol contestants think karaoke = performance/moving/entertainment (worst misunderstanding ever). VERY FUN PERFORMANCE 🙂 JYP even gave him a 93 even though he said “the highest i’ll ever give you is 89 since you’re not good at singing/rapping” . Gotta watch his performance AGAIN!

bak jimineh. i found it to be okay. since she did that wizard of oz song last weekkkkkk obviously anything is inferior…. though i didn’t agree with their extreme compliments last weekkk… way too extreme.

my favorite performance this weeeeeeek was the guy who cannot sing or rap lol. it was a really fun/entertaining performance.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH MICHELLE IS STILL ON THE SHOW! 😦 this is so wasteful…… first the acne guy, then kim nayoon (she’s more intersting than michelle obviously just because she’s american lol),…..

they got rid of the american guy from california who speaks koreannnnnnn well (they never used english to communicate with him….). he always bores me with his song choices.

>> Of course they don’t do the American idol bullshit ie do cruel shit to the contestants ie sing for your life on this show and the judges might use the save on you RIGHT AFTER they find out they got eliminated… / wasting an hour or 30 minutes or however long just to tell us the idenity of that ONE PERSON who goes home. that shit takes 5 seconds MAX lol. but for some reason they don’t give the contestants enough time to sing the WHOLE SONG nor the judges enough time to say their FULL COMMENT/CRITICISM (their not using their brains anyway as far as i can tell from the content of their comments for the recap that i caught during the ep but… you know if they did)… but they have to time run MAD videos abt oh this is you’re journe thrououghtou american idol blahblha.they just spend their time horribly. it could be a fun hour but they make it as bland and boring and stretched and nonsensical as possible. not  to mention,  it’s the same shit every year. OH AND The korean HOST does such a better job than ryan seacrest. the korean host just talks endlessly and like feels in the gap so shit doesn’t feel awkward. he does a good job. cheers.


I caught a glimpse / glimpses of an american idol elimination episode. i was watching 3 or 4 things at a time of course so even then i’m sure i didn’t miss much. my comments are the following

who is jim? is twitter that pouplar now a days? what is up with j-lo. she’s 40 right? so why is she in mv’s like that. alot of body make up involved too probably? lighting can only do so much.  it just looks pathetic… like madonna. but anyways shit that pissed me off.

the girl who didn’t get voted off. she just gives off this horrible personality. maybe it was that hair accessory she had on or the fact that she was touching her hair frequently or maybe it was the fact thta i saw the recap of her performance ( horrible song by the way.. i’m not sure if even ali can save that song. I HATE THAT SONG)… but anyways she most definitely will not win.

well jimmy does do a better job than the judges at critiquing and whatnot…. j-lo/rendy/steven tyler.. they do such a horrible job as judges. they don’t give criticism nor anything constructive or descriptive wHICH does not help the contestants grow or stop being stuck up/stupid/brainless (ie that girl with a horrible personality that didn’t get voted off). there’s always room for improvement. american idol is so boring. i dont need to watch people karaoke. being a singer isn’t that easy especially if you want to become one of the good singers. modesty is required. Like I loved the scene in kpop star when somebody got eliminated and he said to the judges “oh i’m really thankful you told me what i needed to hear and not what i wantd to hear”. in the long run… you need to hear what you need to hear if you want to grow.

speak of which, there was this guy who is not very proficient in English even though he only speaks english? (he just seems like he doesn’t give a shit… in other words.. he’ll never succeed) so maybe he’s really dumb…. Ryan said to him oh are you afraid of becoming complacent since the judges always compliment you. he goes no.. i just want to be myself. i’m not gonna go around high-fiving people during my performance. All i’m thinking is… if you don’t know what complacent means you have really big problems.  this is complete bullshit. i had no idea why no one was like you don’t what complacent means?

I  ALSO HATED HOLLY… the girl who was the worst 3 or something. ryan asked her something and she was like throwing her hands up and whatnot and not really hvae much to say or anything interesting to say. I’m like this is tv can you please try a little harder than that half-hearted/half-baked shit.  personality is part of american idol… she doesn’t give a shit either? I just didn’t feel like she was acting in a way where she’s likable to the viewers.

so from the cap it seemed like teh song choices were crappy. also ,the guy who goted voted off probably looks like a past american idol contestant ( since there is only a billion seasons)… isn’t there a couple of them with that hair-type.

the other shit that pissed me off was when ryan sent this girl to the bottom of 3 and then he says right before the break okay guys so we’ll like announce the results after the break… actually he says instead of “after break” he says “after holly goes back the the couches since you’re not in the top bottom 2” or some shit like that. and i’m like FIRST OF ALL why are you wasting our time… don’t bring the bitch to the center of the stage in the first place.

the people they had perform on the show sucked balls. at first i was like oh boy band . one of them is sorta good looking… some of them are like not so i’m wondering why they’re in the bad. horrible performance…. especially when i’m used quality crap like immortal song. NM none of them are good looking compraed to the fictional band in the korean drama shut up flower boy band (don’t worry this english translation doesn’t do any justice… it sounds cool in korean)

the good part is the stage is bigger and fancier. bad part is the stage is not versatile (that’s the impression i’m getting… unless it can be versatile and they’re just not utilizing it)… to have like different sets/moods and whatnot. hell even the stage on immortal song isn’t that big or awesome but like they do shit so everyone’s performance is unique… really set the mood… really take someone to another world for 4 minutes… something that an amreican idol contestant will never do)

I have no idea why the ratings are high (they must be going down though). this shit is boring. americans need to learn a second language (and consume media is L2) already and jump ship off boring shit like this.


OH WAIT I found this.

Back onstage, host Ryan Seacrest asks Phillips if he worries about complacency in his performance.

“No, I’m just being myself, dude,” the finalist responds. “I’m not trying to walk around stage and touch people’s hands and stuff. That’s just not me. I’m just having fun, man. I’m not trying to be somebody else. I’m just trying to play music.”

Ouch — that seemingly dismisses Iovine’s entire critique in a very flippant manner. But the singer would like everyone to know that he didn’t mean for his response to sound that way. Phillips posted a response on his official Facebook page the next morning (April 6), saying that he misunderstood Iovine’s comments and meant no disrespect.

“Thank you to everyone who supports me and voted this week! I appreciate it very much,” he writes. “I heard that some people took my comment the wrong way but i thought jimmy said if i dont move around i would get passed and all i was meaning that im not the artist who runs around stage touching peoples hands and sings to them, thats just not me so im sorry to who ever my have taken it the wrong way bc i wouldnt even be here without you guys voting haha thank you again!”

>> so in other words he is as dumb as i think he is or even more.  he most definitely does not understand what complacent means. actually his actions … i mean his words… just proves how complacent with himself even though he probably bores the crap out of any seasoned viewer (who’ve listened to a lot music/gone to lots of concerts etc). the fact that he even misunderstood jim like that just proves how complacent he is. next time ryan… don’t use big words with this guy. hell complacent isn’t even that difficult.

he most definitely should not win… we can’t have an idiot as our  american idol not that anyone cares. hell.. are the other contestants even decent? it’s more like who’ll put me to sleep faster with their soulless loud singing of songs i never want to hear ever again.

I mean even if for one second I would forgive him for misunderstanding JIMMY’s COMMENT by  LITERALLY moving around…. and pretend he knows what complacent means… so that would mean he thinks that moving around the stage/interacting with fans = becoming not being complacent and moving forward and becoming a better performer etc etc. no… that’s not all it’s limited to…. it also extends to the effort he would have to put in in tweeking the song, understanding the song, making the song his own, etc etc. so whether he was saying that because he understood what complacency meant and drew this asinine elementary decision or because he didn’t know what complacency meant and just said whatever shit that’s probably relevant to the word complacency… he still looks like an idiot.

I could criticize this episode more and more if i had seen more of it. but anyways the most interesting part was jimmy’s insight because unlike the judges he actually has his head screwed in and actually has brain cells and actually uses them since he’s getting paid to say shit. while jennifer lopez and randy and that rocker get paid for saying nothing…… you don’t even have to speak english that well to say what they say… it’s literally limited to 4 phrases.. so PATHETIC. the results show makes you not want to watch the original show in the first place since they show the meat of the performance and the people’s comments and criticism whether it’s read off by ryan seacrest or some other method. this show is so pathetic .


top 8 was bad-ish. i only liked the blonde guy with the bad acne. the songs in english are like… of course i’m going to compare to the originals… it’s not like I love the original songs that much anyway since they got overplayed like crazy. and yes michelle is boring again.she sings a beyonce song… no surprise thereee. all she sings is beyonce songs. i really hate all the beyonce songs she sang tooo.

the guy who is not good at rapping or singing…  was iffy but like he was more interesting than michelle, fun is good. the other guy who sang in English etc etc. the judges were harsh on him though or maybe he deserved it.  It’s just there’s nothing that really drew me in like from last week“IN THE RAIN” which was sang by the guy who got voted off this weeeeek. nothing was at the “in the rain” performance level this week :(. I’m sad because i-michelle is really boring compared to him.

ihai sang that song that i absolute hate … rihanna and her stupid repetitive never ending shallow songs.

bek ah-yeun’s was cute and good.

top 7 – I liked Ihai because she is ihai! writing it like ihai reminds me of 位牌 遺灰 which both have to do with dead people.

bek ah yeun. Sang that catchy song “can’t fight the moonlight.” it was iffy. she shouldn’t do slutty dance moves…. since she’s so younggggggggggg… well the other dancers who were doing the same dance moves as her looked provacative at times.
bad acne guy for the win! yun hung sang … at least he’s being consistent… well at least for me.
– ooh i REALLY like the guy who can’t sing or rap. It was so much fun which is what a top 7 American idol performance will never be….I love how he wrote korean rap lyrics to the song. it totally saved the song for me.  hmm I ‘ve very glad he didn’t get voted off on the top 10 episode.

I liked the song the california american-korean guy sang… there’s something wrong with the way he sings which is just bothersome everytime.

bak ji min – fly over the rainbow… smart choice. i doubt she likes the movie that much. i personally donttt. first 100 evers! JYP is really really emotive. I like seeing his face when he’s really happy. I sorta didn’t like the wailing part but whatevs .each to his/her own.

I think it was this episode or the one before but jyp’s look was WAY TOO MUCH…. jyp in the VTR.

So far I liked the top 9 episode best? out of the eps from the top10.

I was like OMG GET RID OF E>MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH she’s bored me with every single performance. I’m so sad the bad acne guy went home 😦  instead of her.

Kpop star top 10 && top 9 episodes.

WOW What happened.
So I saw 2 eps of kpop star, Top 10 && top 9. It’s like the first episode of immortal song season 2 vs… the episode with ali .top 10 episode as faras performances go is like 5/10 and like top 9 is like at least 7.5. it’s such a huge difference!!!

So watching the top 10 episode.. I was like wow the level is low. Like low as or lower than american idol especially with that one guy who doesn’t even sing or rap??/ he’s an artist or some shit? As always the judges have brains unlike the judges on american idol. so nonetheless it is enjoyable to watch just because I like listening to their korean lolz..  i skip certain perfromances just bc i don’t see the point of watching it.  BUT BECAUSE it’s live they don’t sub anything but VTR’s so…. it’s a good thing i’ve come and watched all this time with the judges critiques subbed in korean. So like I don’t have training wheels no more 😦 well for the most part I get what they say and hopefully they’ll never air immortal song LIVE lol for this very same reason.

BUt seriously from the top 10 episode to the top 9 episdoe… the “artist guy” who is not good at singing or rapping became amazing lol. like seriously? everyone else stepped their game up like crazy. I loved “inside the rain” by that guy who’s really poor and is serving in… something. as well as a bunch of  other ones in the top 9 eps BUT it does not include michelle or the other girl that sang the whitney girl song, cheerleader girl.

The ones I liked were at 35,52,68,75 minute … so that’s 4 performances. that’s pretty good!! compared to the top 10 episode especially. Now I totally see why it’s so hard to choose… even though someone may hvae a shitty performance, the judges see the potential for growth and if they live up to that potential or go beyond that then… the judges made the right choice but if the person doesn’tr grow or doesn’t grow enough…. then it was a miss. The judges kept saying inthe top 10 oh it’sthe first time, you get nervous then your throat is blocke dup and blahblah but it really was true because the guy who sang “in the rain” or inside rain… however you translate it was COMPLETELY different in the top9. I felt something when I watched him perform compared to top 10 which was boring.

In the top 10 episode, I liked literally liked half a performance or something? It was only one person or two and then the person who got voted off… just shouldnt have. as far as I see it, out of all the girls either michelle or the cheerleader girl is the worst so i don’t mind if they’re off the show. michelle bores me and cheerleader girl has a nice voice sometimes but she doesn’t have emotinal depth and she is so awkward and stiff all the time. i mean if she overcomes it and gets better.. i’m fine with it.

But seriousyl, the lvel was so low in episode 10 and the judges were really nice and actually really liked certain performances though iwas bored by it… I was thinking omg don’t tell me this show is going to become like akb48. akb48 in the sense…. the people are at a really low level and we watch them grow as time passes. but the bad part about akb48 is they don’t really grow much… like they’ll never reach the level of the kpop groups that practice like 24 hours a day lol… I’m not saying that being as good as a kpopstar should be their goal or that it’s a good thing  or a bad thing but i’m pretty sure they’ll never reach it.  I don’t like akb48 for their singing/dancing abilities ( i like them from their shows like bimyo~~ <3). though i must say… from that commercial that minegishi was on, that the dancing for flying get is hard and looks really good if you’re good at dancing like minegishi. the commercial is the one where minegishi’s face is pasted on all the akb members faces in the MV. I feel like watching your idols grow and you support them and cheer them on which helps them grow…. that is a good concept all in all it’s just… akb48 as  far as singing/dancing it’s not as good as other groups and… i just don’t like how in japan mediocrity is tolerated or wanted or alluring…. whatever the word or vibe I’m getting.  I thought mediocricy was a word but apparently it’s not according to firefox spelll checker!

OH AND I love my immortal song as always! do try watching especially if you hate american idol lol…. with their boring, soulless, shallow singing. not to the mention the songs that are overused/sang to death that no one ever wants to hear again.

Kpop Star SBS > American Idol

Okay so it’s episode 1o of kpopstar SBS and the judges are CRUEL as ever lol. There’s one this judge that rips up the person before casting them lol. I feel like even the critiques within the show could be applied to american idol. they literally explain why american idol is boring. You know how on american idol there’s all these people that can sing really well but then after the show ends all of them disappear. The reason is because talent is not enough…. there’s another factor that comes into play. If we were gonna go into who holds the longer note or the higher note or the lower note then okay… it’s easier to figure out who’s better than who but singing and music isn’t just about reaching notes and all that. When it comes down it, no one wants to listen to those americna idol singer contestants sing becuase they’re boring, they’re not seasoned singers, they don’t have depth e motionally/etc/etc. By this I mean as the weeks go on, we get to know the american idol contestants and you can basically find out what their style is, what all their tricks are because they run out of them.. and it gets very boring. also one of the contributing reasons is because their song choices are limited. But REALLY the sbs kpop star judges are just brilliant. they just nail the nail on the coffin like every single time. They said to this one girl, you bored us with the song for the  beginning and then movd us toward the end (I actually disagreed with them because I was bored with her performance all the way through) and that because she’s not at this “level” where she can keep the audience engaged for the whole 4 minutes and so the only choice/possiblity for her is to throw away the first 1 or 2 miunutes which enables her to move the audience with the last 3rd,4th minute. I thought this was a classic example of the american idol contestants… they don’t understand the concept that good singing isn’t enough. it gets boring, really fast especially if we have see this conestant preform some boring cover song over and over… a nd we go we already saw you drag that note out or look sad/emotion while you sing it even though it’s obvoius you don’t mean it lol. There’s just thing/ the it factor or whatever that seasoned artists/singers like ALI on immortal song HAVE where they are amazing from the first note to the last note. It’s not even a matter of oh she’s good at singing or reaching that note… it’s just  I have to watch this, not once, but again and again, it’s amazing shit… American idol contestants are retarded and think that for some reason that we’re engaged by their “good singing” what they don’t realize is good singing can be VERY BORING especially compard to peple like ali… for singers like ali  This is their field…. they’re very good at it. Not evreyone can become a singer or is meant to be a singer. By singer  I mean, Ali- amazing-level singer, not american idol contestant loser.

Another great point the judges brought up was the “old dog can’t learn new tricks” basically as a singer you can’t just sing the same way every single time or do the same thing to move the audience (cause we won’t move… we’ll just stay at that same spot and stare at you) and you can’t just sing one type of song for the rest of your career… or rather there’s no way you can have a career if that’s all you can do. another one was how they get to know the contestants… at the initial audition they were amazed by some contestant because the girl had a big voice even though she doesn’t seem like she has one. But that novelty factor wears on and they’re no longer amazed by that and then all of the singer’s flaws start to become more and more blatantly obvious.


The stuff wrote I above, I don’t think it does justice to what the judges said in episode 10. If you don’t agree with what I wrote it’s probably because i didn’t explain as eloquently/thouroughly as the judges did with their own words on that episode. so if you really want the lo-down, go watch that episode… english subbed if it’s availabel? their criticisms are so valid and you could tell that they have brain cells… while the judges on american idol look brain dead and clueless about singing and entertainment and logic..tehcnically, the ameircna idol judges do touch on why the contestants after the show don’t make it or how they’re performances are boring or they weren’t as interesting as their inital audition but they go about it in a really vague manner to the point it’s something that ANYONE could say. anyone who doens’t even know shit about singing. that’s what sets the korean judges apart. they say what they want with whatever metaphor or description that covers it in the most  thorough fashion. AND on top of that, they put humor into that… well maybe spontaneously as opposed to forced.

Obviously there is no contradiction with some of the kpop people that apparently were chosen for their looks as opposed to their talent (I read it somewhere about some kpop person that failed the 1st round of audtions but then made it into the group anyway because of their looks)… which is understandable since it’s obvious that good-looking people sell. by all means there are good singers/dancers that happen to be good-looking at the same time in the kpop industry lol. or you know fake it… (ie plastic surgery).

One thing I most definitely do not agree with as far as the kpop star sbs show is concerned is michelle. Usually with the judges, as much as I have opposite reactions to the people… literally, the people I really like, they don’t like and criticize like crazy or people I don’t like, that they’re amazed by yet I ‘m bored by, I still find their criticisms valid. They are professionals, they have experience, they know what they’re talking about when it comes down to music/entertainment. So for michelle, I’ve been bored with her since day 1. she keeps singing beyonce songs (yeah I know judges made her sing them) and let me just say ,I don’t like beyonce anymore becaues she’s been releasing so much noise ever since god knows when and her fake boobs. they were fine, why’d she have to ruin them. same with aubrey o’day. I loved that show making the band 3 lol.

I really do not get it. I really don’t think she’ll sell even if she makes it.

I don’t even know the concept of the show, how many people they’re picking in the end. or is it just one person. kpop STAR. singular word.

I’ve been wathcing this and the snsd dangerous boys show because they’re fun and I just fastfoward anything not worth watching and mine some words/in context for my anki. It’s been helpful with ht eleanring. It’s not as easy as it was for what i did with arashi for japanese…like arashi no shukudai. there were a bunch of arashi shows in the year 2009 that were fun to watch. I really feel like the japanese daily conversation doesn’t have that many words… I read it was 10,000 which is more than every single other language except like english probably but I personally don’t believe it…. I really think that korean has more. . so one of the reasons why japanese shows were easierwere because they sub more (the japanese text) and the text is bigger lol. and there’s kanji to help you separate out words and figure out what’s a verb/adjective/noun/etc/etc and it just helps to know what kanji make up the word to remember the whole word easily. technically, it’s true for korean too but they write everything in hanguel so the only way for me to know what hahnja make it up is if I happen to know the hanja in the word and recognize it or I look it up in my trusty handy-dandy korena/japanaese dictionary. it’s relaly just like pain in the ass. it’s like learning japanese with hiragana though that isn’t politically correct just because korean has many mnay many many more sounds than japanese.