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Improving my english vocabulary!

OH I VE BEEN DYING TO MENTION THIS LITTLE FACTOID. one of my motivations for the original post is the KARDASHIANS. I find them very dumb and i totally agree with kathy griffin with the kardashian voice. at first I didn’t understand why she was saying that but now I totally agree with her. they’re in their 30s but it’s not like they got taht much smarter over th eyears. yeah it is up to the individual what they want to do with their time but anyways i just saw them as the opposite of role model. by that i mean opposite of what i want to be lol. For some reason chelsea handler let them host chelsesa lately. I have no idea why… so they’re very very boring…. pedestrian… banal… base. for example khloe kardashian (I had to google to figure out her name) resorts to profanity and sexual stuff because she’s really boring and dumb…. that’s all she does. she’s extremely empty and boring. that’s what she did on chelsea’s show and of all the guests they could’ve interviewed they interviewed RUSSEL BRAND. In some ways I’m really glad it was him. So of course he’s known for his accent and his huge vocabulary that he clearly uses because that’s how he talks not because he’s trying to show-off or anything.  Of course he uses a word that they don’t understand and of course they admit that they don’t. At that moment I thought I don’t want to be 30 and still not understand russell brand lol… or not have improvement in my vocabulary in a more general sense.  I remember when chelsea was intereviewing him he also dropped some big word and chelsea seemed like she understood him (she didn’t look confused etc etc) while I was like how do you spell that ? I was watching hello korean citizens tv show and one of the guests was a girl who had an issue of the boyfriend forcing her to exercise like 5 hours a day? one of the boyfriend’s excuses to rationalize his behavior was that he likes games as in real life games ie bowling… therefore he likes leveling up and improving etc. In that way I’m not opposed to games because it is a good thing because you’re exercising and the game aspect is motviating. what i fucking hate is the game where you just click clickclick all fucking day and all fucking night and just get fatter and fatter and increasing your risk of diabetes, heart attaack, etc etc .


Okay so I wrote a post with the exact same title about 4 months ago… and surprisingly I’m still watching Mad Men lol I’m on episode 12!! yay!! it’s life… you get busy, side-tracked,etc.  The show always shocks me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what I did not cover in the previous post was the method for learning/retaining the vocabulary that I come across. I was thinking…. no one in their right mind would want to SRS their native language for obvious reasons ie NATURAL srs. I personally have no desire to srs my native language english. A big reason is the fact that i will most likely only see the words that  i learned from the mad men blogs only in my srs. I know what words are common and what words are not. there’s a reason I do not know x word. It’s because it’s never used. Or maybe the better way to word it is that I never venture into whatever media that does use difficult words like that. At this point the words that I find in the mad men blogs are just limited to those blogs. it would be difficult for me to try to learn/memorize the vocab via anki etc etc  that i only come across once or a couple times. so I was thinking doing the srs just doesn’t make sense because i don’t come across those words that frequently. by all means they seem useful or fun but i just don’t see it used that much. I would love to learn the

vocab and be able to incorporate into my vocabulary FOR THE SAKE of improving my ability to describe /say whatever i want to describe rather than try to seem smart or brag. the latter is just not enough motivation for me.  SO I came to the conclusion that if i want to improve my english vocabulary i gotta change my lifestyle as far as reading more books in my daily/weekly whatever life so that i do see the words I looked up etc etc. It’s natural srs… like I said just srsing just makes no sense.  WHAT AFFIRMS THIS is my korean deck. it’s so bad. I see the word, read the definition, forget both, do the next card, have the same thing happen lol. of course certain words are more impressionable or had some specific circumstances surrounding my looking it up so i do get something out of srsing it. but some words just go through me a lot. i know it’s because of my lack of korean immersion/korean reading. but like i said i hate reading korean becuaes of no hanja. i really don’t know if they’ll ever bring back hanja or how long it’ll be till then. but i’m patient like that lol.

So i’m not sure if i mentioend in the previous post but I save the sentences in a nice text file that i addddddd scrupulously. i wonder how long it will grow. they’re split up into 2 different text files ACTUALLY beuase one of them is the text file that holds the sentences i saved directly from firefox via AWESOME add-on tool.

the problem is i only have so much time and i’m so exhausted all the time… it’s gotten to the point i’m just compromising anything and everything. it’s so depressing because I could be so much better at x y z and i just physically cannnnnnot do it. i’m not at the 100%. i used to be せかっち you know with the ajatt and whatnot but now i can’t even do because i’m exhausted and honeslty being sekacchi just really bad for your health lol.

THIS IS BETTER BUT COME ON THIS SHIT IS SMALLLLL, does everybody have 60 inch tvs in korea???  to completely offned whoever i must say it makes more sense that the letters on korean tv is bigger or just as big as the text on japanese tv for the sheer fact that hanja is not kanji so it’s not as recognizable. with kanji there’s this instantaneous meaning transfer while for hanguel you gotta read it but korean people are use to it so they read it rather fast and almost effortlessly but MOST definitely not to the extent of hanja/kanji. kanji is iconic that’s why i think it makes more sense for hanguru to be bigger than the hanja. so that’s why i’m more pissed off at the small text. also,  sometimes i can’t access HQ video or hd quality video but when i’ll tyr to learn korean from it i’m completely fuckedbecuase the text is so goddamn small and it’s either unreadable or really ambigous looking. AND SOMETIMES when they use a font that is bigger than the usualy font but not as big as the japanese tv font they USE THIS SHITTY SHITTASTIC FONT THAT IS BORDERLINE UNREADABLE AND AMBIGUOUS and damn messy WHICH PISSES ME OFF . ㅇㅁㅂ ㅅㅈㅌ차ㅓㅐㄴㅋ etc etc ALL LOOK FUCKIN SAME. it’s goddamn annoying for korean learners and no i dont want to memorize that font like fuckin symbols. it irritates to me no end because that is ugly and IT SUCKS and it has no practicality to be at all.  koreans who are fluent don’t mind because they’re already fluent in korean it doesn’t matter that the font is sloppy and looks ambiguous they know all the words and can reason/inference the possibilities and the intended word INSTANTEONUSLY/EFFORTLESSly. hello THEY DONT’ EVEN know HANJA. why the hell wouldn’t they be good at that.  it’s like they want to piss me off. it’s obvious why it would piss off a okrean learner because it makes looking up words that much more tumultuous and cumbersome.  maybe it’ll even cause me to give up/lose interest.  oh and for japanese tv somtetimes i love the fonts they use and love the decorations they do with the triple borders and shadows and the effects. it’s just classy and perfect. there’s no overdoing it like chinese shows. those can suck it.

I WAS ALSO pondering about people who only speak english that suck balls at english? not balls but not better than me even though i spent literally 4/5 of my time on japanese the 0.5/5 on korean and 0.5/5 in englihs in any given free time for the past few years? You’d think that if the person only consumed english media or only used english they’d naturally be better than me since my time has been split like crazy between 3 or 2 languages. like the other day I was watching HANSEIKEi with ariyoshi, xx unni x leehyori + spica, and chelsea lately on youtube and just switch from one to the other to the other because youku doesn’t load lol. I was thinking how this is so normal for me lol while I’m sure any american would say omgs you’re so smart (don’t worry you don’t have to be smart. I know somebody who is very bilingual but not very smart). of these programs i have to taken screenshots while watching lee hyori because I gotta look up words. most of the time even if i don’t look it up, it doesn’t really affect my overall understanding of the show but you know… i wanna make the most out of my time.

ANd a link to a related pondering i had about the relationship between ability to expression yourself effectively/efficiently to one’s content or skillfully and the amount of talking you do on a daily basis

and if you are not friends me you cannot read it. and no i do accept friend requests anyone.

and my suspicions are correct… you don’t need to do a big study to think of this possibility becuase you can’t make SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING.


I was just thinking how oyu could be in a bubble and not improve your english grammar/vocabulary naturally from encountering it in your daily if let’s say you limit yourself to dumb media (some is okay no? entertainment is entertainment) or don’t challenge yourself or play games all day etc etc.


i have a friend and she’s sorta lazy with talking??????????? she keeps using the word thing. sometimes the usage is just plain lazy and just unnatural. instead of describing whatever she’ll give up in the middle and say “thing” or say the adjective+thing (which sounds weird). I’m just like hmm… so you’re telling me that  even though i’ve been “ignoring” ( that’s what it feels like plus my japanese is damn good) english for the past 3 years or so but your english is around my level?  I just thought of how you  could be so lazy that even though you’re solely focusing on one language you don’t really improve.. I was seriously sorat nervous that my english be all f’ed up when it comes out since i’ve been just japanes/ekorean all the time…. and that since she’s all english that she would talk a lot better than me and talk circles around me /bigger vocabulary than me. I’ll admit my command of english is not as strong as before (Like I’ll forget words or it’ll take me anywhere from 5 seconds to 50 seconds to remember a word or phrase whatever. Like when I write my entry, it happens and what i do is, i try to remember it or use jisho — sometimes  when i see the jisho entry i’m like NO GODDAMNIT there’s a better word than that but i can’t remember the word lol.. I have a feeling that I’m not using colorful expressions/phrases that i would potentially use if i didn’t know japanese?? lol). in fact i’m not even sure how strong my command of english was before I started learning japanse. i’m starting to believe that it was never that good anyway lol.  I’m very introvert. I don’t talk. So it makes that i don’t really express myself well. BUT what i’m thinking is that since i  only knew english

I didn’t read that many books in high school and middle school. maybe a fair amount? after a certain point i was like i hate x authors. it was just annoying because a lot of authors are not compatible with me.  of course it’s like that for everyone. I would attempt to read something with lots of awards and of course it’s completely unreadable to me. I’d hate it when authors describe stuff. it was just really BORING and i did not connect with it whatsoever. there was no resonation. What you’re supposed to do is find the author/books that are compatible with you and whatnot. but I was just lazy and did not do that. so now i’m torn between reading english/japanese literature. i only have so much time etc etc.

So lately i’ve been thinking by trying to be conscious of or rather eliminate the usage of the following words may be the perfect catalyst for improving the expanse of my vocabulary in expression.

I thought of



THING (yeah my friend is a bad influence lol)


you know
know what i’m sayin’

but I keep forgetting lol.

P.S.i notice that the “billingual” kpop idols ie tiffany from snsd tend to use the word “like” and “actually” “so” a lot. i know it’s because their korean is better and they’re really busy and tired and they use korean on a daily basis and their english stopped growing at whatever age.  but seriously the girl used actually every 5 seconds in this one interview lol… she was young though. it’s so interesting how the person does not notice. but then again those are popular words that can be abused by any english speaker who’s not very bright or maybe it’s just very conversational/lazy/popular english words. I personally hate it when people ABUSE THE WORD “basically”. I just think you know what saying basically ONCE is oka… any more is just treating the audience LIKE AN IDIOT! lol.


sbs kpopstar && learning korean.

so i find this show useful for learning korean… at lesat before they get to the live performances (no korean subs lol). so what I really like is as I said is the judges. the fact they use the brains to convey their advice/thoughts to the contestants. you can tell they are experts/knowledgable about their field which is music with the words/concepts/ that come out of their mouth. sometimes it’s just so specific and/or something i would never point out/notice etc etc. OR I was iffy about their performance but I couldn’t figure out why and the judge just explains exactly what was wrong. it’s just really insightful stuff they say… like they’re working for their paycheck which is to give comments/critiques that is of value to the contest and is comprehensible to the viewer toooooo.. and if also possible, also interesting.yes, they are doing their job of being a judge which means you gotta be articulate…

MEANwhile on american idol they put anyone as a judge and the ones that know a thing or two about music are more concerned with being nice to the singers who can’t sing when they reject them than being specific and constructive. it’s like they’re forced to be limited with what they can say or they’re being super lazy… it’s all very generic/boring /stuff anyone in the audience can say. ie that was the wrong choice or this song doesn’t really show off your range/skills/etc etc. it’s like aynone can say that!!

so what I’m saying is I mine my korean words/grammar from what the judges say… preferably after interesting performnaces or performances that i loved for obvious reasons …. or everyone laughed after the judge said a comment or whatever other reaction that makes me curious. i’ve always mined other words from this show and by the first sesaon ended I can confidently say my comprehension has improved a lot lol. a little looking up goes a long way. it feels like a little bc i don’t look up everything i don’t know. well as of now i have 128 cards tagged kpopstar but sometimes I forget to tag and i didn’t watch the eps from this season but I did see the performances (I was sad that they didn’t upload the judges comments bc I’m as invested or more invested in that depending on if the person sucks/did only okay etc) so i want to check out the comments for the auditions i loved.  them vietnamese fans will upload it somewhere with vietnamese subs 🙂

so what i’m saying is i cannot do this with american idol if let’s say i was fluent in korean and was learning english bc the judges don’t say anything worth understanding lol. they don’t even try to convey their thoughts/constructive criticism. they’re too lazy to use the english language to its fullest potential. they’re too lazy to use their music knowledge/vocabulary or they’ve forgotten it or don’t know shit. i cannot tell which it is but it’s just complete bs. they don’t deserve their pay…. they don’t even do their job … not even the bare minimum. i love how on kpop star even if the performances is amazing the judges give specific explanations/reasons as to why it was so amazing and what really touched them/impressed them. meanwhile on american idol the judges just yell out some random phrase and then the crowd boos/cheers …. rinse and repeat. it’s like wtf… they’re not doing their job.

John park && ailee

I don’t think it’s that we got hand me downs or rejects from American idol . I’m talking about john park ( love his song fallin’) here unless that other korean guy that got on american idol also debuted in korea. First of all the song choices on that show is as limited as noses on korean tv (I hope that’s a good analogy. Seriously for the love of god let’s stop plastic surgerying ourselves bc at the end of he day y’all all look the same) . But in all seriousness I heard that their choices are very limited. Like 50 songs for all the contestants and then for each contestant they can choose bt 3? I read something like that somewhere. also they have  a time limit on their performance right like 1 minute 30 seconds or 2 minutes or some shit. like how can you move anyone if you can’t sing the whole song. So by all means we are not getting rejects or handled owns from America . Just listen to the top 40 who the hell wants to be associated with that shit

thank the lord ailee did not go on american idol and that john park tried out in korea.  if she won, if he had won, they would be rotting in america like all the other american idol winners….like  mainstream singers in general. the songs are so so damn bland. same goes for the melody and lyrics and everything else that goes into a song. it’s so wasteful. I mean ailee’s kpop stuff though is boring to me but I’m sure it would be worse in america because she would ALSO be sexed up and like vulgar lyrically etc etc to the max… I can’t picture her doing that but who knows lol. Like I’m relaly glad ailee got on immotral song… I really got to know her true potentital/talent on that show. her song heaven bores me so…  john park did a good job on immortal song as well.

I was also thinking about oversinging yet again lol.

When I was listen to kindie I think I don’t really hear anyone belt stuff/reach some high note or hold some note etc etc stuff that impresses american idol viewers/mainstream music listeners…. So I was thinking if somebody who don’t know anything about kindie just asked me about and listened to it… they could say to me “oh this is boring” but besides if it’s a reall ystuck-up/ignorant-closeminded american person (THAT WHITE BOY IN THE KIDS REACT TO KPOP) they may even go as far to say that “they’re not good that singing since they don’t ~~~ like mariah carey or christina aguilera or demi lovato ( she sucks balls at singing by the way.. it’s sad when people think yelling/screaming is singing) whatever other singer that’s in the mainstream”

this is one of the reasons why i find charice so boring. she can open her mouth really big and close her eyes and hit that note and hold it for however long whatever whatever… it doesn’t change the fact it’s boring. It’s great that she sings that well and has such a powerful voice blahblah at her age but it doesn’t change the fact that i don’t find her interesting/entertaining…/ i’m not that fond of her voice (this is personal preference). I loved her when she sang telephone on glee with rachel.. i’ll give her credit where it’s due but i can see why she won’t at least for now succeed with becoming an artist.

But I was also thinking that conversely k-indie singing is HARDER than kpop in some ways because….
Emotion or feel is something that can’t be taught or faked ie taeyeon from snsd singing please vs jang jane’s rendition. (I do like taeyeon’s devil’s cry song. though that video of her lip-syncing that and fans cheering and going crazy was a little much). I mean there are some impressive notes in Kpop songs which is fine and dandy and some songs have nice even genuine emotion in them. I’m just sayin “in some ways”.

wonder girls debuting in Japan

saw the japanese v of nobody MV & Yeeun’s japanese was the best out of everyone. I felt the least accent/unusualness when she was singing. I had a feeling she would be the best. some of the other girl’s japanese was realllllly really noticeable with the accent or whatever you called it. For that chinese girl rieum or lieum or something I thought she would be really good or something since her english is good and she speaks korean/chinese/english but her japanese was noticeably weird. I still love her voice though. It sounds boyish / unique/ chill /down to earth

I sorta had high expectations with everyone just because they learned/speak English and Chinese. I thought maybe they’ll pick up intonation and whatnot fast since they know english and chinese and korean. But they’re also debuting in america this year right? the debut album?They should really focus on one of them? Well Japan is well the money’s at for kpop stars. wg definitely deserve a slice of that lol.  I just don’t like the insincere vibe some of the kpop stars have like they debuted in japan and a year or two passed and they still use a translator or a kpop star debuted for 5 years and still has a mad thick ass accent/intonation problems/can’t say much. butI know THEY ARE super BUSY to the point of sacrificing sleep and they don’t know the most effective study method or whatever but it doesn’t change the fact that’s how it comes off. well $$$

also saw this:

I Wanna,Take It,Nobody @ JYP Nation In Japan

yeah they are definitely better than the kpop stars who only know korean… with like intonation and whatnot. it’s a definite advantage like for example japanese people use mad english but it’s katakanized.   I don’t know how long they’ve been studying but they’re pretty goood imagine if they actually had time and went to japan full throttle instead of this japan /usa thing.. or are they just releasing the single/album in usa and not really staying in america that long/much. I just know they did for the jonas brothers tour thing.

top 3 && top 2 for KPOP STAR!

u-go-girl  – e. hai
i loved how they arranged it! love my jjazz. i’m sure the original is noise-tastic since it IS kpop and it’s ihaeri.

park jimin – you raise me up = yawn. i hate this song. i prefer to get inspired by other songs.  The commenting part with the judges was interesting… if this was american idol it would be frikin boring.

BAEK AEUN. -some big bang song that i do not know. it was okay. . ㅑI’d rather listen to this song then you raise me up though.

out of these i don’t know who i like 2nd. I know i like ihai best but i don’t know who like 2nd just because their song choices have been really lackluster for me as of late.

judges comments typed up here!


pasted here in case the site goes down since it proably will one day

박지민 이하이 백아연(왼쪽부터) <화면캡처=SBS ‘일요일이 좋다-K팝스타’>
박지민과 이하이가 ‘K팝스타’ 최후의 2인이 됐다. 톱3까지 진출했던 백아연은 아쉽게 탈락했다.

22일 오후 인천 송도 컨벤시아에서는 SBS ‘일요일이 좋다-서바이벌 오디션 K팝 스타'(이하 ‘K팝 스타’) 톱3의 톱2 진입 위한 생방송 대결이 펼쳐졌다.

첫 번째로 무대에 오른 이하이는 이효리의 ‘유고걸’를 특유의 소울 감성으로 편곡해 새로운 느낌을 만들어 냈다. 중저음의 매력이 물씬 느껴진 이하이 만의 ‘유고걸’을 선보였다.

[클릭하시면 원본크기 이미지를 보실 수 있습니다.]
<화면캡처=SBS ‘일요일이 좋다-K팝스타’>

이하이의 무대를 지켜 본 양현석은 “놀랐다. 생방송 들어오면서 이하이의 오묘한 눈빛을 보고 싶었던 한 사람으로서 꽉 막혔던 감정을 뚫어 준 무대였다. 자신감이 충만한 무대였다. 개인적으로 무척 기쁘다”라며 99점의 높은 점수를 부여했다.

보아는 “하이양 축하한다. 드디어 돌아왔다. 이렇게 자신 있는 표정, 노래하는 데 막힘이 없었다. 표현하고 싶은 대로 표현하고 무대를 즐겼다. 모든 것을 떨쳐내고 뭔가를 넘어선 느낌이었다. 너무 잘 봤다”라며 99점을 줬다.

마지막으로 박진영은 “저는 감정에 휩쓸려 가는 모습을 중간 중간 보고 싶었다”라고 아쉬운 점을 지적했다. 이어 “이번엔 노래 시작부터 끝까지 안전한 범위 안에 있었다. 너무 계획적으로 한 것이 아닌가. 비록 너무 휩쓸려서 음정이 틀리고 박자가 틀릴지언정 감성에 이끌리는 모습을 보고 싶다”라며 92점을 불렀다.

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<화면캡처=SBS ‘일요일이 좋다-K팝스타’>

두 번째로 무대에 오른 박지민은 ‘유 레이즈 미 업’으로 감동 무대를 선사했다. 박지민은 진심을 담은 노래 속에 감정에 쓸려 눈물을 흘리기도 했다. 눈물 때문에 잠시 흔들리기도 했지만 특유의 폭발적인 고음과 성량으로 무대를 압도하며 끝까지 노래를 마쳤다.

보아는 “저는 16살에 일본에 혼자서 가수 활동을 했다. 가장 듣기 싫은 말이 ‘보아니까’였다. 그 말이 힘도 됐지만 부담도 됐다. 지민양도 그랬을 것이고, 지민양 자신이라는 것이 싫어질 때도 있을 것이다. 이 경연의 우승을 떠나 앞으로 나이는 어리지만 더 단단해져야 지민양이라 할 수 있는 것이 있을 것이다. 그런 모습을 더 많이 봤으면 좋겠다. 눈물 때문에 음정이 조금 흔들려서 점수는 조금 짜게 줬다”라며 99점을 부여했다.

박진영은 “시청자들은 더 잘 할 수 있을텐데라고 생각할 수도 있지만, 지민양의 나이를 생각해 보라. 16살 나이에 이렇게까지 부를 수 있는 것은 굉장한 것”이라며 “다만 감정 표현이 잘 안되고 막힌 부분도 있는 것 같다. 너무 어리기 때문인 것 같다”라며 92점을 눌렀다.

양현석은 “훨씬 외모가 못생기고 키가 작아도 사랑할 수 있을 것. 제작자로서 박지민씨의 재능을 사랑한다. 사실 오늘 감정 컨트롤은 잘 안 됐다. 예전에 불러 봤던 노래기에 100점이 나올 것이라고 기대를 했다. 감정만 평소대로 조절했어도 100점이 나왔을 텐데, 너무 잘하려고 하다가. 너무 자신 있는 것이 오히려 해가 될 때가 있다”라며 97을 줬다.

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<화면캡처=SBS ‘일요일이 좋다-K팝스타’>

세 번째로 무대에 오른 백아연은 2AM의 ‘잘못 했어’를 선곡 해 안정적인 무대를 펼쳤다. 백아연은 청량한 목소리와 특유의 안정적인 가창력으로 애절한 감성을 살린 노래를 선보였다.

박진영은 “마지막이 다가와서이지 너무 안정적인 선곡과 무대를 펼친 것 같다. 이제는 좀 더 스스로 빠져드는 무대를 보여줬으면 좋겠다”라며 92점을 줬다.

보아 “빅뱅 ‘하루하루’때나 마찬가지로 너무 안정적인 편곡과 노래였다. 항상 새로운 것을 할 필요는 없지만, 뭔가를 꽂아줄 한 방이 없다. 너무 안전했고 그런 점이 아쉬웠다”라며 95점을 부여했다.

양현석은 “오늘 세 분의 무대를 봤을 때 이하이는 8주 동안 갇혀있던 괴물이 튀어나오는 느낌이었다. 박지민은 너무 잘 하려다 감정 컨트롤을 못하긴 했지만 진정성이 느껴졌다. 백아연 같은 경우 작전 실패다. 소녀시대 ‘런 데빌 런’과 김범수의 ‘보고싶다’는 가장 좋았던 무대였다. 하필 톱3에서 ‘잘못했어’는 선곡이 잘못 됐다. 너무 아쉽다. 노래를 잘하고 못하고를 떠나 작전이 3명 중 가장 잘 못된 것 같다”라며 90점을 눌렀다.

결국 파이널 무대를 앞두고 아쉽게 탈락한 백아연은 “발라드만 부를 줄 알았는데 춤추게 해 주신 보아 언니, 저를 프로듀싱 해보고 싶다고 해주신 박진영 심사위원님 감사하다”라고 말했다. 백아연은 이날 결과 발표 뒤 눈물을 글썽이면서도 끝까지 의연한 모습을 잃지 않아 더욱 눈길을 끌었다.

‘K팝스타’ 생방송은 심사위원 점수 60%, 실시간 문자 투표 30%, 온라인 사전 투표 10%로 탈락자를 결정하고 있다.

한편 이날 방송에서는 ‘K팝스타’ 톱3와 톱 가수들의 콜라보레이션 무대도 꾸며졌다. 박지민은 빅뱅의 지드래곤과 탑, 이하이는 미쓰에이, 백아연은 소녀시대의 태연 티파니 태연과 합동 무대를 선보였다.

[나도 부자가 될 수 있을까? 긴급 추천 스마트정보!]
[관련 키워드] 이하이|백아연|K팝스타|박지민

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Got excited at the part of the special stage when ihai was dancing with miss a… like the part they all got on the floooooooooor lol. I liked the song… it’s catchy but i’m pretty sure the original is mad mad noisY? i hate that aspect of kpop. i saw the faces of some of the members up-close and i think they didn’t do plastic surgery lol.

the performance with the snsd performance was snsd FT beak ayeun. i was so surprised that there was some power behind taeyeon’s voice since her voice is soooooo weak. the part where tiffany or jessica or whatever her name is is rapping… is like donbiki with the audience (in other words i don’t feel like the audience connected with her at that part of the performance but it’s korea so what do you expect.)

BIG BANG and PARK JIMIN.. I don’t get what talent big bang has??? (the rappers on the immortal song for the most paart have a voice that is somewhat soothing or powerful or something… that commands attention. the big bang people just sound annoying. It’s like… i know rap always get criticized as people just talking and their “”raping”” was essentially talking so they’re inherently proving that very point…. but like i said there are good rappers like the ones on immortal song and other places. and no lil wayne sucks balls.) even if you rap don’t you have to rap with the right tone otherwise it sounds annoying?  I DO LIKE the green/blue haired guy’s DEEP VOICE it’s just… thta rap was a mess… it was talking? Ive heard him rap on some recorded track so i  know he can sound bettter. oh yeah is only so catchy for so long. OMG PARK JIMIN HAD IT THE EASIEST I JUST REALIZED…. i’m sure this special performance ate into the time for practicing their song for judging. she didn’t have to learn a dance (well as complicated as ihaia’s ), she didn’t have to sing  in english( oh yeah is practically korean… it’s pretty common lol. ) and she just sings oh yeah over and over. BUT WAIT MAYBE bak aeyeon barely did anything either since like it was snsd ft. bak aeyeon… so i guess it wasn’t that bad. so ihai had it the worst as far as learning shit yet her performance that gets judged was also the best.

BAEK AEYEON went home but i guess it’s okay since i don’t blame people for getting bored with her ballads and i guess those people more tolerant of the song you raise me up.. than i ever will be.

TOP 2————-


top 2 . last episode!
i like the song ihai sang but i heard this song a BILLION TIMES ON THE OLDIES STATION.

the group performances were cuuute/intersting to some extent unlike american idol… (they paste on their plastic smiles whilst singing some crappy song that’s been overplayd on radio for a billion years straight) sorta nice to see them back agian. kim nayoon is as awkward as ever. lol.

and who the hell was that verteran singer? is she gonna be featured on immortal song soon or something? is she half black?? (she don’t look that old though)  (her english was good as far as i can tell) I don’t have a gooooood impression of her. all i get is kY = kuuki yomenai. AND OMG e. michelle wowed me again. the judges always said to her oh we know you can sing but we don’t feel emotion. What Igot from e. michelle is I don’t think she sings that well… average at best (it never sounded powerful or genuine or anything) and i don’t feel emotion. but this time I got emotion and singing prowess 🙂

NM i saw the comment
Insooni JR

switcherooo thing was interestin”””’
i’m glad they changed the arrangement and stuff because if it’s the SAME and only the VOICE is different, it is REALLY REALLY BORING. but either way, for both songs i just prefered the original person who sang (not adele… nor duffy.. i mean ihai/jimin)

i hate that adele song for obvious reasons.

JYP is good at performing….. like the legwork. but he always makes those faces but that’s just his thing. it’s fine in korea i guess…

I liked kim nayoon’s voice in that song with the group of people including JYP. I could understand her korean fine 🙂

speaking of which,,,, for “Ra. D – Couple Song (cover) Megan Lee & Eejeong Jang “- which features another american-korean girl… I couldn’t undersatnd her. … at parts. if the guy isn’t singing “with” her… w’re in trouble..i’m like is she singing in english? i can’t catch it. sounds very mumbly…. like she forgot the lyrics or osmething but she didn’t.

FOR THE WINNER . I like ihai better . but anyways I’m not sure how much winning means… cause in american idol it obviousl doesn’t matter if you win or not. right now they’re all amateurs growing and whatnot… like if you watch immortal song it’s like completely different.


Okay so I love SISTAR’s new song just because it’s not as noisy/engrish as their previous songs. As much I loved hyorin in immortal song I could not become a fan of sistar because I couldn’t like any of the songs. but now i hvae one!

So I first watched the music video then i watched the live performance and with that i finally found out what hyorin was singing over and over again. she’s saying i’m falling down. but instead of emphasizing the fa part she emphasizes the ll part. I think there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just we usually emphasize the fa part in talking and singing. It’s interesting how she emphasizes the ll part.. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or because she doesn’t speak english but either way i like it. she’s singing so she can emphasize whatever part and all plus I do like how she sings it like that except when i didn’t have the lyrics I could not tell what she was singing.  I couldn’t even tell if it was english or korean though. lol.

HYUNA AND SDN48’s serina! 芹那

hyuna reminds me of serina from sdn48 with her voice/way she talks. maybe it’s not that similar but for some reason it remindss me of serina. maybe it’s because the way hyuna talks reminds me of the way japanese girls talk (not all japanese girls talk like that… but you know what i mean right)

here’s a yt search for serina if you don’t know her.

but obviously the way serina talks is really extreme… it’s like equivalent to a 6 year old even though she’s like 26.  I wish she would talk with her natural voice.

you can hear her natural voice at the beginning of this video

OR MAYBE it’s only because hyuna’s voice is cutesy??

OMG THIS VIDEO TOTALLY PROVES that my intuition is correct. there’s definitely something with hyuna


her voice is the least grating (everyone but hyuna sound so grating since they’re speaking Japanese with their korena voice and although hyuna is talking with her korena voice her.. her voice is different so.. it’s like an exception) out of all the members in Japanese… despite her accent. her cutesy talking matches Japanese? I wonder if that means her actual voice is deeper than the one she actually uses? since that’s what serina is doing.

If anyone else feels the way i do and would like to contribute and provide me some clarity please do.

OH AND I didn’t know what 4 minute is till recently just because i don’t care about kpop. but anyways they were being interviewed on arirang tv so they just interviewed in korean and they subbed it in english. I noticed this one girl’s voice was interesting and i was like oh it reminds me of something.. who is that? and then i realized it was serina. Then i found out that member is hyuna.  I only saw their arirang interview because I saw ailee’s arirang interview which i only saw because she went on immortal song and then i found out she’s fluent in english since she’s from new jersey.

吉高由里子 장재인 another link

THE OTHER inter-country stars between Korean and japan that are reminiscent of each other is yoshitaka yuriko and jang jane. I SWEAR if jane jane spoke japanese she would sound like yy and IF yoshitaka yuriko spoke korean she’d like JJ. woww both of them have such interesting initials.  i wonder what yoshitaka yuriko’s singing voice is like? They look sorta similar toooooooo

ONE LAST THIGN IS this korean reality tv show person who looks like tanaka..the annoying/ugly/creepy one in アンガールズ

btw this korean tv show is boring so i don’t recommend it but anyways this discovery is just wow…

click for my short lang-8 entry in japanese regarding this discovery

copy-psating my tumble entry

탑밴드2] 데이브레이크 범퍼카..120623

omg I’m so impressed with dcaybreak. i swear i never paid attention to them in the past but i’ve really taken note of them… with their most recent album release and performances of the tracks on the 3rd album on youtube…


this is such a great performance… I love the part where it gets all slow  and drawn-out @2:58 like he’s trying to talk slow …. (isn’t it like usually  bands/singers get louder or faster or whatever during the climax or the change in tempo or whatever in the middle of the song yet they did the exact opposite yet it was climatic in every sense of that word ) . and the piano is awesome 🙂

the lead singer looks so adorable with his movements when he’s singing the drawn-out and slow part. this stuff is infectious !

the lead singer reminds me of another singer. im gonna say that is karasu’s lead singer for some reason. this band and karasu’s style is really different. but for some reason reminds me of the lead singer of karasu.. i mean i’ve yet to hear a karasu song a uppity/happy as this daybreak song and so the respective bands have different styles but i still go omg he reminds me of ___.. some of the parts when he changes the way he sings reminds me of the lead singer of karasu ESPECIALLY THE part where they slow down.

here’s a link to a karasu song if you’re curious

just in general i love the lead siger of karasu’s 鴉 voice…. b/c there’s lots of people in japaense music industry who cannot sing or sing off-key on purpose…(for reals) though i try my best to find people worthy of my time/ears and of course karasu is one of those artists. and his voice is very unique and i love it.. it has a nice feel to it like the vulnerable feel when that characteristic is required in the song.  even with the screaming i lvoe it or rather becuase he’s screaming the parts i really feel it.

sbs kpop star…. american idol ranting

Top 6.
ihai = sway ❤ is such a lovely song but I like the PCD version better actually lol. melody in pcd goes crazy at during parts of that song

e. michelle is boring. i feel no emotion…. her hairstyle this time is more flattering though.

the california guy... sang that song i love you baby blahblah lyric song which i only like becasue the original singer has a deeeep voice.  since his voice is not deep… rather it was screechy.. so noo.

bek a-yeun. saving all my love… boring 😦 I’ve heard this song way too many times. damn the oldies station!

OMG there’s a glee version. usually I don’t give a shit about the glee versions of the songs but QUINN  is singing half of it? well i only saw a 3 second clip but I love hearing her voice. i hate rachel’s voice…. it’s just so annoying after a while. glee version over this but of oourse!

blonde guy (no more acne blonde guy  so blonde guy = guy who can’t rap or sing) – yay. guy who can’t rap or sing for the win! very fun performance. you can tell he really practiced and shit… just a lot of performance with lots of people moving around.  just goes to show just because you can “tehcnically sing” doesn’t mean you’ll be half as interesting/entertaining as this kid (I’m obviously pointing at the American idol contestants) at least he understsands the concept of entertainment/performance. american idol contestants think karaoke = performance/moving/entertainment (worst misunderstanding ever). VERY FUN PERFORMANCE 🙂 JYP even gave him a 93 even though he said “the highest i’ll ever give you is 89 since you’re not good at singing/rapping” . Gotta watch his performance AGAIN!

bak jimineh. i found it to be okay. since she did that wizard of oz song last weekkkkkk obviously anything is inferior…. though i didn’t agree with their extreme compliments last weekkk… way too extreme.

my favorite performance this weeeeeeek was the guy who cannot sing or rap lol. it was a really fun/entertaining performance.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH MICHELLE IS STILL ON THE SHOW! 😦 this is so wasteful…… first the acne guy, then kim nayoon (she’s more intersting than michelle obviously just because she’s american lol),…..

they got rid of the american guy from california who speaks koreannnnnnn well (they never used english to communicate with him….). he always bores me with his song choices.

>> Of course they don’t do the American idol bullshit ie do cruel shit to the contestants ie sing for your life on this show and the judges might use the save on you RIGHT AFTER they find out they got eliminated… / wasting an hour or 30 minutes or however long just to tell us the idenity of that ONE PERSON who goes home. that shit takes 5 seconds MAX lol. but for some reason they don’t give the contestants enough time to sing the WHOLE SONG nor the judges enough time to say their FULL COMMENT/CRITICISM (their not using their brains anyway as far as i can tell from the content of their comments for the recap that i caught during the ep but… you know if they did)… but they have to time run MAD videos abt oh this is you’re journe thrououghtou american idol blahblha.they just spend their time horribly. it could be a fun hour but they make it as bland and boring and stretched and nonsensical as possible. not  to mention,  it’s the same shit every year. OH AND The korean HOST does such a better job than ryan seacrest. the korean host just talks endlessly and like feels in the gap so shit doesn’t feel awkward. he does a good job. cheers.


I caught a glimpse / glimpses of an american idol elimination episode. i was watching 3 or 4 things at a time of course so even then i’m sure i didn’t miss much. my comments are the following

who is jim? is twitter that pouplar now a days? what is up with j-lo. she’s 40 right? so why is she in mv’s like that. alot of body make up involved too probably? lighting can only do so much.  it just looks pathetic… like madonna. but anyways shit that pissed me off.

the girl who didn’t get voted off. she just gives off this horrible personality. maybe it was that hair accessory she had on or the fact that she was touching her hair frequently or maybe it was the fact thta i saw the recap of her performance ( horrible song by the way.. i’m not sure if even ali can save that song. I HATE THAT SONG)… but anyways she most definitely will not win.

well jimmy does do a better job than the judges at critiquing and whatnot…. j-lo/rendy/steven tyler.. they do such a horrible job as judges. they don’t give criticism nor anything constructive or descriptive wHICH does not help the contestants grow or stop being stuck up/stupid/brainless (ie that girl with a horrible personality that didn’t get voted off). there’s always room for improvement. american idol is so boring. i dont need to watch people karaoke. being a singer isn’t that easy especially if you want to become one of the good singers. modesty is required. Like I loved the scene in kpop star when somebody got eliminated and he said to the judges “oh i’m really thankful you told me what i needed to hear and not what i wantd to hear”. in the long run… you need to hear what you need to hear if you want to grow.

speak of which, there was this guy who is not very proficient in English even though he only speaks english? (he just seems like he doesn’t give a shit… in other words.. he’ll never succeed) so maybe he’s really dumb…. Ryan said to him oh are you afraid of becoming complacent since the judges always compliment you. he goes no.. i just want to be myself. i’m not gonna go around high-fiving people during my performance. All i’m thinking is… if you don’t know what complacent means you have really big problems.  this is complete bullshit. i had no idea why no one was like you don’t what complacent means?

I  ALSO HATED HOLLY… the girl who was the worst 3 or something. ryan asked her something and she was like throwing her hands up and whatnot and not really hvae much to say or anything interesting to say. I’m like this is tv can you please try a little harder than that half-hearted/half-baked shit.  personality is part of american idol… she doesn’t give a shit either? I just didn’t feel like she was acting in a way where she’s likable to the viewers.

so from the cap it seemed like teh song choices were crappy. also ,the guy who goted voted off probably looks like a past american idol contestant ( since there is only a billion seasons)… isn’t there a couple of them with that hair-type.

the other shit that pissed me off was when ryan sent this girl to the bottom of 3 and then he says right before the break okay guys so we’ll like announce the results after the break… actually he says instead of “after break” he says “after holly goes back the the couches since you’re not in the top bottom 2” or some shit like that. and i’m like FIRST OF ALL why are you wasting our time… don’t bring the bitch to the center of the stage in the first place.

the people they had perform on the show sucked balls. at first i was like oh boy band . one of them is sorta good looking… some of them are like not so i’m wondering why they’re in the bad. horrible performance…. especially when i’m used quality crap like immortal song. NM none of them are good looking compraed to the fictional band in the korean drama shut up flower boy band (don’t worry this english translation doesn’t do any justice… it sounds cool in korean)

the good part is the stage is bigger and fancier. bad part is the stage is not versatile (that’s the impression i’m getting… unless it can be versatile and they’re just not utilizing it)… to have like different sets/moods and whatnot. hell even the stage on immortal song isn’t that big or awesome but like they do shit so everyone’s performance is unique… really set the mood… really take someone to another world for 4 minutes… something that an amreican idol contestant will never do)

I have no idea why the ratings are high (they must be going down though). this shit is boring. americans need to learn a second language (and consume media is L2) already and jump ship off boring shit like this.


OH WAIT I found this.

Back onstage, host Ryan Seacrest asks Phillips if he worries about complacency in his performance.

“No, I’m just being myself, dude,” the finalist responds. “I’m not trying to walk around stage and touch people’s hands and stuff. That’s just not me. I’m just having fun, man. I’m not trying to be somebody else. I’m just trying to play music.”

Ouch — that seemingly dismisses Iovine’s entire critique in a very flippant manner. But the singer would like everyone to know that he didn’t mean for his response to sound that way. Phillips posted a response on his official Facebook page the next morning (April 6), saying that he misunderstood Iovine’s comments and meant no disrespect.

“Thank you to everyone who supports me and voted this week! I appreciate it very much,” he writes. “I heard that some people took my comment the wrong way but i thought jimmy said if i dont move around i would get passed and all i was meaning that im not the artist who runs around stage touching peoples hands and sings to them, thats just not me so im sorry to who ever my have taken it the wrong way bc i wouldnt even be here without you guys voting haha thank you again!”

>> so in other words he is as dumb as i think he is or even more.  he most definitely does not understand what complacent means. actually his actions … i mean his words… just proves how complacent with himself even though he probably bores the crap out of any seasoned viewer (who’ve listened to a lot music/gone to lots of concerts etc). the fact that he even misunderstood jim like that just proves how complacent he is. next time ryan… don’t use big words with this guy. hell complacent isn’t even that difficult.

he most definitely should not win… we can’t have an idiot as our  american idol not that anyone cares. hell.. are the other contestants even decent? it’s more like who’ll put me to sleep faster with their soulless loud singing of songs i never want to hear ever again.

I mean even if for one second I would forgive him for misunderstanding JIMMY’s COMMENT by  LITERALLY moving around…. and pretend he knows what complacent means… so that would mean he thinks that moving around the stage/interacting with fans = becoming not being complacent and moving forward and becoming a better performer etc etc. no… that’s not all it’s limited to…. it also extends to the effort he would have to put in in tweeking the song, understanding the song, making the song his own, etc etc. so whether he was saying that because he understood what complacency meant and drew this asinine elementary decision or because he didn’t know what complacency meant and just said whatever shit that’s probably relevant to the word complacency… he still looks like an idiot.

I could criticize this episode more and more if i had seen more of it. but anyways the most interesting part was jimmy’s insight because unlike the judges he actually has his head screwed in and actually has brain cells and actually uses them since he’s getting paid to say shit. while jennifer lopez and randy and that rocker get paid for saying nothing…… you don’t even have to speak english that well to say what they say… it’s literally limited to 4 phrases.. so PATHETIC. the results show makes you not want to watch the original show in the first place since they show the meat of the performance and the people’s comments and criticism whether it’s read off by ryan seacrest or some other method. this show is so pathetic .