TOP 5 && Top 4. KPOP STAR

I know that the show is over and that _ won but still curioussssss to hear the judge’s comments/what went down etc etc.

TOP 5 episode:
omg lol I never thouhgt I would say this but I felt emotion from e. michelle’s singing! …i can’t believe hell froze over. it was something i thought that would never happen.

u just by soulciety seems lik e agood a song from the little clip they showed and e-michelle’s rendition. I ‘ll check out the original…

PARK JIMIN- I dont like this song no more. I’ve heard hyorin sang it on immortal song and that was enough for me to get sick of the song. i think it’s a song that literally takes one listen to get sick of. It’s just that same thing over and over… the sabiiiiiii

park aeyeon – run devil run! saw snsd on the show teaching her the song and some white guy kalle engstorm?. ooooh.
oh he wrote the song. does it matter anyway … i would jjust guess he wrot elyrics to the demo which kesha sang. ke$ha? is that how you write it?

I don’t like it… it’s run devil run light. I thought she was going to totally change up the style of the song but it wasn’t so it becomes run devil run light.  😦

E. SUK HOON . GUY who ca’nt rap or sing. as always his stage is alwasy more intersting than others… since his focus is ENTERTAINMENT… I LOVED the pose he did at the end with the king hatttt. I’m curious as to how much of the stage performance was thought up by him / those professionals etc because that is a big reason why his part is fun to watch. it’s sorta funny to watch him receive criticism with the hat on.

ihai- I LOVE that keyshia cole songggg. the i-i-i–i-i-i-i-i- part was
not as good as keyshia cole’s version (stillenjoyableeee) but then again maybe keyshia cole’s thing in that gets knnowing after a while.

e. michelle finally left .. I’ve been wishing her to leave all these weeks and she finally proved herself and actually made people feel emotion so I was actually was saddened by her departure..  I thought i would cheer when she leaves just because she’s boring me all these weeks.
TOP 4===========
This korean person typed up the judges comments from the ep 🙂

– BORING.  wow the comments were interesitng… something about cancer????? kouganzai … wut? so confused. it’s so interesting that he just mentions it and people don’t really go into it too much.  or did they mention it on the show before, is that why?

more explanation here:

park jimin. – love on top by beyonce .was this song a single? i don’t follow mainstream music so for the most part i have no idea. lol.   I thought beyonce went down the shitstream/jump the shark… so i think this song is a couple years old? but if it was I would know it? is it a cover? she’s so shitty like songs like girls runthe world. not only are the lyrics to that song are terrible, it’s super repetitive. talk about adding insult to injury I like this song so that’s why i’m realllllly surprised it’s by Beyonce…

IHAI/ e. hai (since i call lee michelle e. michelle) – song about time flowing by. rapping was eh to me.

e. suk hun. lee suk hoon. – it’s so different with him because his appeal is not his talent and he always writes a part of his song while this time it was from scratch. but i’m sure jyp helped him lots as far as i can tell from the video bits.

I feel so bad for them, they have to prepare this andddddddddddd do their performance.  they’re putting this in so people can vote ++ they don’t have enough people to fill in the time.

LOVED the performance with ihai and park jimin.

they do the same thing on american idol but instead of the name special stage we call it boring filler soulless singing shit. they get the contestants to sing some bland song that has been overplayed on the radio for like the pas t10 years at least and i’m like please please please stop singing these crappy songssssssss. does it cost that much money to get more song rights? It could actually be fun and entertaining but they don’t give a shit about it being entertaining… just that the song or the arrangement is enough to fill up _ minutes. the contestants just put on a fake smile with probably the thoughts along of the lines of damnnit i hate this song, why do i have to sing it…. and they have no energy nor the ability to hype the audience up.

ANYWAYS the person who went home had to go home. it’s like the episode dayana (so sad that penn and other really talented people went home before she did) on celebrity apprentice went home. IT JUST MAKES SENSE. if they didn’t go home it would be another CHRIS DAUGHTRY MESS. They might as well have eliminated 2 people. j/k.

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