Kpop star top 10 && top 9 episodes.

WOW What happened.
So I saw 2 eps of kpop star, Top 10 && top 9. It’s like the first episode of immortal song season 2 vs… the episode with ali .top 10 episode as faras performances go is like 5/10 and like top 9 is like at least 7.5. it’s such a huge difference!!!

So watching the top 10 episode.. I was like wow the level is low. Like low as or lower than american idol especially with that one guy who doesn’t even sing or rap??/ he’s an artist or some shit? As always the judges have brains unlike the judges on american idol. so nonetheless it is enjoyable to watch just because I like listening to their korean lolz..  i skip certain perfromances just bc i don’t see the point of watching it.  BUT BECAUSE it’s live they don’t sub anything but VTR’s so…. it’s a good thing i’ve come and watched all this time with the judges critiques subbed in korean. So like I don’t have training wheels no more 😦 well for the most part I get what they say and hopefully they’ll never air immortal song LIVE lol for this very same reason.

BUt seriously from the top 10 episode to the top 9 episdoe… the “artist guy” who is not good at singing or rapping became amazing lol. like seriously? everyone else stepped their game up like crazy. I loved “inside the rain” by that guy who’s really poor and is serving in… something. as well as a bunch of  other ones in the top 9 eps BUT it does not include michelle or the other girl that sang the whitney girl song, cheerleader girl.

The ones I liked were at 35,52,68,75 minute … so that’s 4 performances. that’s pretty good!! compared to the top 10 episode especially. Now I totally see why it’s so hard to choose… even though someone may hvae a shitty performance, the judges see the potential for growth and if they live up to that potential or go beyond that then… the judges made the right choice but if the person doesn’tr grow or doesn’t grow enough…. then it was a miss. The judges kept saying inthe top 10 oh it’sthe first time, you get nervous then your throat is blocke dup and blahblah but it really was true because the guy who sang “in the rain” or inside rain… however you translate it was COMPLETELY different in the top9. I felt something when I watched him perform compared to top 10 which was boring.

In the top 10 episode, I liked literally liked half a performance or something? It was only one person or two and then the person who got voted off… just shouldnt have. as far as I see it, out of all the girls either michelle or the cheerleader girl is the worst so i don’t mind if they’re off the show. michelle bores me and cheerleader girl has a nice voice sometimes but she doesn’t have emotinal depth and she is so awkward and stiff all the time. i mean if she overcomes it and gets better.. i’m fine with it.

But seriousyl, the lvel was so low in episode 10 and the judges were really nice and actually really liked certain performances though iwas bored by it… I was thinking omg don’t tell me this show is going to become like akb48. akb48 in the sense…. the people are at a really low level and we watch them grow as time passes. but the bad part about akb48 is they don’t really grow much… like they’ll never reach the level of the kpop groups that practice like 24 hours a day lol… I’m not saying that being as good as a kpopstar should be their goal or that it’s a good thing  or a bad thing but i’m pretty sure they’ll never reach it.  I don’t like akb48 for their singing/dancing abilities ( i like them from their shows like bimyo~~ <3). though i must say… from that commercial that minegishi was on, that the dancing for flying get is hard and looks really good if you’re good at dancing like minegishi. the commercial is the one where minegishi’s face is pasted on all the akb members faces in the MV. I feel like watching your idols grow and you support them and cheer them on which helps them grow…. that is a good concept all in all it’s just… akb48 as  far as singing/dancing it’s not as good as other groups and… i just don’t like how in japan mediocrity is tolerated or wanted or alluring…. whatever the word or vibe I’m getting.  I thought mediocricy was a word but apparently it’s not according to firefox spelll checker!

OH AND I love my immortal song as always! do try watching especially if you hate american idol lol…. with their boring, soulless, shallow singing. not to the mention the songs that are overused/sang to death that no one ever wants to hear again.

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