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So I saw the firs t2 eps of this drama with the japanese subs! yay.  for the first episode the last 5 minut esor so had no more japaese subss!! but luckily i was able to catch everything anyway. it just took me a minute to catch/figure out 福祉委員会. IT’S SORTA tricky with the iiiiiiiii.


reasonsI wanted to watch it was because it’s based on a manga, hamspasukebe likes it, i remember seeing interesting/shocking screenshots in his post, ch-reviews are good, and there’s japanese subs.

My only resevation with these kinda shwos is that they tend to be boring in that they are banal since school tends to involve trivial/pedestrian topics ie joou no kyoushitsu. they cannot help the pedestrian topics since it IS  a school drama.

My thoughts thus far are…


maybe the drama would’ve been better with another lead actor.. or is the suzuki-sensei  character supposed to be sorta dull. his acting is good it’s just.. something about it is boring. the fantasy stuff is just like eh… it reminds me of gto which is really meh. like i said before certain eps of the anime are interesting but for the most part it’s slow/draggy. i love the smart blonde girl /her arc though.

I didn’t like the goukonscene nor the love interest because those were boring ass scenes. if nothing significant/intresting happens with the love interest i’ll be pissed…. since tehre have been boring scenes with that.

the teacher… foot-ko. lol. i thought her name was haruko at first? i think it’s taruko?  uhhh i think her acting is awfulllllllllllllllllll. it’s very fake/unrealistic. it’s quite frightening actually to see somebody talk/carry them selves like that. i really doubt there are japanese teachers like that.  at first when suzuki sensei said oh wen she over-smiles by a lot blahblah i was like okay that matches her acting. but then she acts like that even after the fact. i wish they hired someone else to play this teacher.

1st episode’s plot was interesting ドン引き (sorta glad i watched the ep lol. it made me think about it.. there’s a bunch of issues like this where you tell the kids dont do tat but then you don’t have a good answer/back-up reasoning prepared with all the details and conditions etc… and after suzuki-sensei went through all the motions i felt enlightened lol). 2nd one was definitely not AS … how can it be. but i do relate the kid and his way of thinking. sorta reminds me of when i read books written by honda takayoshi. i just really relate. i hate people who don’t understand people who think that way.. by not understand i mean those DULL people that talk all day at 100 decibels/accomplish nothing while pissing people off while being completely oblivious to the fact that they’re pissing people off. something about the eps are like slow-paced as in boring to me… like i wish there wre more twists or another plot going on at the same time.  yeah i’m having high expectations …. the ones i have with american tv shows.


my last gripe is lack of main characters. suzuki is bleh at this point. there’s like 30 kids in his class and none of them are really main characters you know with the character development etc etc (you know how in hanazakari no kimitachi he they had a bunch of characters that stand out as the main characters/ major-minor characters etc ) and i most certainly do not remember anyone’s name except ogawa.  I have a feeling most of the kids will just be used for a one ep shitk for whatever episodic topic/experiment. i hate that the most because there’s not enough depth… so i’m hoping it is not what i’m suspecting.

I’ve only seen 2 eps and this turned into a movie so hopefully it gets real good. but the thing is  A LOT OF SHITTY dramas also turn into SPECIALS and movies. WORD WORD WORD.


korean thing

love this word

허송 [虛送]
[명사·하다형 타동사]時を空しく[無意に]過ごすこと。
【예】허송 세월하다. 【訳】 無意に歳月を送る。

I haven’t seen it used so far and i don’t think this word exists in japaense with this exact kanji combination.  i like the kanjis and the meaning. yeah the definition is sorta depressing but anyways i just like it for some reason.

speaking of this topic I was thinking about games. I’m not sure if i mentioned it before but I just find it so wasteful. if you have time to play stupid games like on iphone/ipad/etc etc then you have no excuse to be anything less than bilingual (at least understand 2 languages fluently). I really mean that in a positive/sincere way because there’s so many misconceptions surrounding language-learning… i just find it so so sad and depressing that people aren’t using time …. by time i mean enough time to become fluent or close to fluent or whatever on complete shit. people sometimes argue about tv vs video games but i would say tv > video games. i mean it obviously depends on the show and everything but at lesat in tv you might learn vocab/acting/ or learn something but video games is just… of course it depends on the game too with strategy games andwhatnot but come on… i just feel like the ones you just click frantically or type franticaly are just… insulting intellience-wise. so that’s why generally speaking tv pwns game by a lot as far as getting shit accomplished. but my main gripe is about the DEAD TIME. time that could’ve spent on something. i just don’t feel like you gain anything from games as in knowledge or whtaever… yo ucould be exerciseing ( no seriously it’s so scary reading about your risk of diabetse and whatnot ona minute by minute basis depending on the circumstances of your ass)  with that time etc.

i have a feeling if they did some kind of experiment comparing heavy video-gamers vs. people who get shit done they’ll notice significant disparities in the video-gamers with their vocabulary or ability to expres themselves. i was wondering if being an introvert compromises your ability to express yourself.. since to improve speaking you speak a lot… so in that way since introverts prefer to spend mots of their blahblahing instead of talking about nothing endlessly maybe the extroverts would have an upper hand. BUT THEN i thought of ariyoshi, bakarizumu, and wakabayashi (not sure about him because of his haters pointing out his japanese errors) who are HITO MISHIRI, ONNA NO KO NIGATE, and some other stuff . they are both shy but when they talk on their job ( the talk/variety shows) they say some GOOD SHIT. a lot of SEIRON. they word it PERFECTLY. there’s  no guda guda or dumbed-downedness or anything. they just are good at using their mouths. they’ve both been on GOD TONGUE which is all about talking circles around people and being smart.  and input in an important aspect too. i know 2

https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img853/24/yfcd.pngextroverts that don’t accomplish shit (maybe it’s also an iq thing… )  and have the dumbest conversations that go for eons and eons and i notice how vapid their speech is. they may use idioms but they use the most boring ones in the most boring way possible. it’s like… chuu byou as in no smarter than middle schoolers. i’m wondering how you can spend your whole day doing that. most importantly how can you suck at speaking english that much when all you do is converse all day in english. i was thinking if you just talk all day then you’re not inputting much at alllllll ie reading books etc etc. these 2 people talked to each other all fuckin day so there isn’t much challenge/growth or whatever with the conversing not that conversations have to be that tiring/challenging and whatnot. i personally would’ve gotten bored talking either of them within the first 5 minutes but i say would’ve becuase i’m introverted… most conversations do not continue past 1 minute with me lol. i don’t think im’ as good as explaining my feelings/thoughts and whatnot as much as ariyoshi or bakarizmu. conclusion-wise i’m just saying you need INPUT AND OUTPUT…. if it’s just PURE OUTPUT WHY THE FUCK would you improve as in my example.

honestly most people have a desire to learn a language right? like that language sounds so cool (japanese whateve rwhatevre) or it sounds so hard i’ll feel so proud if i learn it or it’s their heritage/genetically-bound/obligated language or they have mad interest in the media that country pumps out or there’s some famous person from that country that you want to undersatnd on a deeper level or there’s people in your life who use that language etc etc. it’s just really easy to come up with a reason to learn any language and i don’t see why people shouldn’t go for it especially now-a-days with the technology… but instead peopelare just rotting with games. i call taht time sink. dead dead dead time. people can do SO MUCH BETTER. im’ not referring to the dating shit… im’ talking about IMPROVING YOURSELF.


THIS WAS THE SHIT. SO FUNNY. i’m a fan of daikichi now . no i don’t like boring japanese gags. this isn’t just some stupid jaapnese gag. it’s more than that it’s GOD TONGUE


pet peeve of mine…. konglish. ATROCIOUS KOREAN IN OTHER WORDS.

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I’m just like if you cannot express yourself in korean then express yourself in english because the shit that is coming out of your mouth is driving me insane.

lately i haven’t had to hear/be subjected to this but sometimes i just am and it’s just damn annoying.  in that same vein, i can’t seem to remember any good examples… by good examples i mean the shit that pisses me off.


hmmm here goes:
입어 it.  <- wtf is this shit. first of all everyone koreans korean grammar and english grammar are like oil and water you cannot mix them. if you mix them you get shit like this taht pisses off people. there’s worse examples but i cannot  remember them right now. like i said i’m not in that environment anymore thank god.


some sentence in korean with one or a few of words in english when those words definitely exist in korean… like the korean words that are based on the chinese characters or whatever. point is… it exists and fluent people know those words and would use them. you’re not using them because you don’t know them or the english words came to your head first? I honestly don’t know what is the reason for this bullshit. but this shit pisses me offfffff.

I also hate the opposite… when you speak english and then you insert some korean adjective or whatever.

CHOOSE A LANGUAGE. STICK WITH IT. stop being so damn lazy. don’t be like oh but i can’t express this in english blahblah…. then speak in korean not shit korean or shit english. DO NOT DO NOT LET BS LIKE THESE COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.


Of course like I said my korean ain’t fluent so I’m very curious of the korean speaker’s korean abilities (I’m not fluent so i can’t exactly judge the person’s korean to see if they’re fluent or not) …. seeing as this person keeps using english words in their korean-speaking i’m thinking are you trying to overreach yourself?  Like are they doing this because they legit do not know the corresponding word or phrase in korean? as in not fluent. Or are they just being lazy? what is the whole thinking process etc etc? It’s a paradox too right? It’s like oh even if you’re korean sucks you should keep speaking to prevent forgetting or in hopes of improving (my personal philosphy is you should do other stuff on top of the speaking if you really really do want to improve. otherwise i just get the feeling you’re just gonna speak in this shitty way for the rest of your life). The other side is goddamnit your konglish is annoying JUST SPEAK ENGLISH GODMDANIT.   besides annoying for me i just find it so embarrassing to be around/associated/talking to that person. i would never BE that person but i feel embarrassed for that person. what’s the point of speaking of korean if there’s that much english in it.



If there’s any ACTUALLY fluent korean-american speakers with annoying korean friends who speak crappy korean or english-laden korean would like to explain the phenonamenum to me please do.

P.S. I JUST FOUND OUT FROM READING A BOOK that the phrase JUST DESERTS is spelled with ONE R. i always thought it was JUST DESSERTS since the meaning of the phrase and the word dessert corresponds better than deserts… and also the pronunciation of the PLURAL FORM of desert should DESERT with sss right?  (as in different from the just desserts pronunciation. ) am i dumb? does everyone know this? lol… I think I’ve only heard this phrase on tv or something… i’ve never read it.. hence my assumption.


korean vowels piss me off sometimes because sometimes it doesn’t sound like what it’s supposed t sound like GODDAMNIT.

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so i know korean learners bitch like OMG i cannot differentiate the vowels they all sound the same. i don’t understand their feelings to be honest… but this is as close to their feelings as i can get lol. for the people who are like omgs how do i improve my korean listening.. it’s simple LISTEN READ ETC. just don’t write lol…. seriously why the hell do people practice writing hanguel. it’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard of.  dumb as in EXTREMELY UNPRODUCTIVE.   writing kanji abillion times it not productive, and writing hanguel a billion times is less productive. write it once, the end. if you don’t remember what it looks, don’t worry you eventually after reading for 5 more minutes lol! seriously.


i just saw the clip of a show (the contents in this show is so bleh compared to japanese shows… they have more useful info than this on japanes shows with people accomplishing a lot in more!! ) and heard 펴정변화 but it’s obvious from the context that she’s saying 표정변화 . maybe it’s just because ‘im not doing the akatt all the time or the announcer lady is f’ing up or is being lazy. OR IT JUST SOUNDS AMBIGUOUS. i wouldn’t know because i’m not fluent in korean nor do i have the capacity or desire or time to listen to that much korean in one day let alone continuously to the point i have 9.99% confidence that i hEARD this frikin vowel that sounds like OTHER FRIKIN’vowel correctly.
here you be the judge too!


it’s the part where she eats that CAPSACIN FILLED FOOD.


this other time i was listenig to hanaguk’drama’s audio thing and i think she said  용기 or something and it sounded like she said it wrong like some other vowel… ㅕㅓㅜㅏㅓㅑㅓㅕㅜ any one of the other vowels lol with the 용 part and i was like HOLD UP and then re-wound and it sounded like youngi and it sorta didn’t at the same time. 聞こえるような聞こえないような… i was thinking did her tongue f up, did she just say wrong vowel at that moment, or does she sometimes hit that vowel and sometimes does not or am i hearing it wrong or does it sound ambiguous etc etc. i’m just curious of the relationship between foreigners and korean vowels. i was comment ask her about that whole situation but i forgot to i have no idea which audio blog it was or what minute or second it was lol.


In this song where this guy was rapping he kept saying 좋아하는 which sounded like 조박…. not sure if it’s my ears or that’s just what it sounds like… frustrating no? he is rapping so he stresses words weird of course.

this is what jobak means y’lal btw

조박 [糟粕][명사]糟粕。1.[명사] ⇒재강.2.[명사] (学問·書画·音楽などで)古人がすべてをあきらかにしたので全く新鮮味のないことのたとえ。


9:25 ___와애정

it sounded like 경려 to me then, and it sounds like 경려 to me now… is it the lady or is it me????


Korean i cannot stand and will never use and cringe if i ever hear it being used.

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✖ I was gonna write korean slang instead of korean but i don’t know if all of them are slang or how slangy they are or the demographic/gender/sexual orientation/ whatever else that can or cannot use it. i don’t really care to research lol.


some of these i learned from eat your kimchi because they have this awesome series going on with teaching slang. I like it but the only thing that ticks me off is that suzy does more work than the American girl with the guessing part. The Korean girl explains what she thinks it means by giving examples in ENGLISH while the American girl for the most part just uses English to give examples or guesses… I just find that to be lazy and unlikable. I hope she tries harder to use/speak Korean when it’s necessary. Obviously the best way to learn Korean is through KOREAN AND NOT ENGLSH. ANYWAYS, Korean slang is one of those things that is impossible for Korean learners to pick up just from immersion i would think… you just need to hear the meaning or explanation or whatever.  hell they don’t even use kanji so… we’re S.O.L. Afterwards I googlged to see if there’s other ones that seems useful or cool but i’m just come to the conclusion i really hate some of the slanggggggggggggg. even if i read the word, the definition, example sentence, etc doesn’t stick. of course that’s to be expected since real life encounters ie tv show or whatever is going to make it memorable. It’s not guaranteed either but it’s definitely more memorable then just some sentence, example, meaning shtick. So i’m not gonna google and learn about slang by searching Korean slang in japanese. imma deal with it as i encounter it. slang or not, they’re both unknown vocabulary so.,.. i’m sure some japanese person wrote about it on the interwebs.

– this word pisses me off lol. the first time i heard it  i could not tell if it meant something GOOD or something BAD. i could tell it was something extreme as in extremely awful or extremely awesome. if a korean person were to use it in front of me and that was  the first time I heard it i’m pretty sure i would’ve leaned towards the bad meaning and think they’re talking shit about me or someone lol. that’s one of the reasons i dont ‘like this word… that first encounter/impression. i just have no desire to use this word and i hope this word fades and people stop using it.  seriously what in the f is 짱이야. it sounds so dumb.  The word itself doesn’t sound pleasant. I would just use whatever words in hanja that means the same thing even if it’s a yojijukugo than this word. I hate this word!

박  – first time i heard it,i couldn’t infer the meaning. once i found out the meaning and i familarized myself with the word i noticed that it’s used a lot. i had an inkling the word came from 爆発 폭발 but that’s not possible because the KOREAN PRONOUNCIATION OF BAKU is pok. I thought of like 大爆発的人気… but like i said that’s not the reading. i have no desire to use it whatsoever. i don’t have as much irritation towards this word as the first one.  Same as the above, use whatever word based on the Chinese characters that means the same thing instead.

I made the font sizes different like tha ton purpose. if you know why i did it, yo know you know! but if you don’t then you need to learn to your kanji or hanja or whatever. but i have no proof that it is based on that character but i would think so…. as i mentioned before. but i don’t care if it is or not. im’ not wasting my time researching that crpa. i have OTHER STUFF TO RESERACH AND LISTEN OR HEAR OR EXPERIENCE ETC.
간지 – this one is especially wtf and ew.. kanji to ganji. it reminds me of 雁字搦め! but anyways umm kanji does not mean stylish or good. it just means feeling. if the japanese people wanted to say good we’d say いい感じ which is numerously used and abused by RO-RA. the way they use it is 간지가나다 which does not work in japanese but it doesnt ‘ matter becaues this is korean and it’s just korean slang that came from japanese.  i don’t like this slang. it’s just dumb to me since i know japanese but even if i didn’t i would find it dumb finding out that kanji means kanji.  of course i don’t want to use it. it’s just as awful as the english abuse in japanese ie FURENDORI, KEA, OBURA-TO, YU-MOA, DA-KU, just look at ANY ANY JAPANESE KPOP SONG for the massacre of the english language. (ie the new snsd song. their pronounciation is still eh… you could tell a diff between sooyoung vs everyone else with the level. but you know half the song is in english in other words really gibberish. so it’s not that noticeable maybe?????? from this song the person next best soundingfrom japanese prnounciation point of view is sunnnnnnny ( p.s. sunny’s japanese aegyo sounds mad fluent lol) , then yoona lolz. tiffany is out because she sings/speaks so much english. seohyun sounds choppy? it sounds like the thing in piano where you put on an accent on all the notes. it’s just not good.   yuri is screwed because she has to say zettai -it sounds like the typical korean person pronounciation. taeyeon sounds like she’s singing phonetically like she can’t read hiragana/kanji for her life?? as in she don’t understand japanese… at lesat that’s what is sounds like…. she has trouble sounding emotional in general so i guess once tehre’s more challenges like japnaese, having to sound powerful, at the same timemamkes it even worse i guess. half the members i can’t even tell if their japanese has really improved or anything because some members get screwed with the lines that has certain sounds that korean people usually pronounce in a certain way which serves as a dead giveaway. screwed isn’t the term i should use but that’s just what it is. ). in general, in japanese SOMETIMES they literally use difficult english that i don’t even know lol… it’s not even the katakana thing, i literally just do not know the meaning/person /thing they are referring to in english.

OMG POP QUIZ wtf is yuri ssinging @ 1:35


ぜったいはなぜなの 宝石のような目

































実態は謎なの 宝石のような目で

don’t worry it’s not because your japanese sucks… it’s a korean prson singing in japanese of cours eyou can’t catch it. I love yuri though. don’t worry.


– i fuckin depise this word. so the first time i heard of it was on hangukdrama and she was explaining what it means and how she encountered it in some drama or whatver. i hate the sound of this word I HATE THE way people pronounce this word (every frikin’ variation. Of course that ONE VARIATION irritates more than the others. Of course it’s not difficult to surmise which one that is seeing as I’ve used the word dumb a lot so far), i hate the meaning of this word, i hate the way it’s used, i wish all the videos and blog entries that explain people when and how to use this phrase would all get deleted!! i just hate this


word. it’s so dumb and irritates me. i don’t get the appeal of looking like an idiot, hearing an idiot, looking at an idiot etc. that’s all I associate with this word. i hope it disappears or at least people stop using it and reflect on it and come to the same conclusion i have.

The closest thing I can explain my feelings towards this word through english would be like the word ‘durrr” you know that sound or pose or  whatever people make when they impersonate mentally retarded people. that’s what is reminds me of & that’s part of the reason I hate the word. not because I hate mentally retarded people or when people make fun of thos epeople. that’s the specific, exact, pin-point reason…. is what i’m saying. the korean word is just dumb to me.  i don’t want to listen to lame elemtnary crap no more. i’m over that shit a billion times over. i was over it when  IWAS IN elemntary school and i sure as hell am over it now.

I just find these words LAME L-A-M-E.


one thing that sorta irks meis japanophile/koreanophile behaviro.  i undersatnd liking something or loving it or whateverbut sometimes it just seems so forced or fake or whatever. i suppose the reason i’m so open and vocal about korean stuff that irritates and irks me is because i’m Korean. I don’t treat korea as something special like the best place in the world or best language in the world or anything. because of english, japanese, korean, i don’t look at any of those languages as special or get a mystified feeling from them. i don’t treat them special at all. Honestly I don’t know how i would feel about the slang if let’s say i lived in korea for the past 10 years or so…. maybe i would be using them or feel neutral about it just because i would only know korean?  i just feel hostile about the slang as of now. i’d rather be feeling hostile about it then only know korean and not notice how annoying some things are in korean. that’s the drawback/benefit of knowing multiple languages. if i only knew korean some stuff in korean that ibitch about on my blog would have never been bitched about because i would only know korean, i wouldn’t have anything to compare it to. it’s not like korea is completely isolated  with the internet and the year but knowing languages and watching some foreign media with subs is completely different.

I hope these words/phrases fade so people can actually employ vocab i mean korean is enough of a mess as it is with the lack of kanji knowledge. I just don’t like popular phrases/words promoting idiocy and banality? Like in japanese if you listen to high school girls  all they say is ukeru, majide, ttsutta, yabai. chou etc. It’s really not that hard to sound like a Japanese high school girl so if you’re a girl and you’re learning Japanese and you need an easy goal to reach choose sounding like a japnaese girl (of course find harder goals after you reach this goal). It only takes like 5 minutes to learn all the phrases/words lol. They use those select FEW A LOT!!!  Maybe the intonation will take longer but as far as the vocab it’s not that hard as far as the braindead high school girls are concerned. there’s just such a lack of vocab and meaningful communication. it’s like that with enlgish too i passed by this white girl talking on her phone and all i heard was “LIKE, AND THEN I WAS LIKE, and then she was liek, then like, like like like. Of course the way she said all that was brain-numbing as well. it was just so brain rape. I just don’t really like that culture?? trend? whatever you call it.  that is one of the reasons i don’t like the phrases i mentioned in korean. mostly it’s because they just sound so dumb or annoying or whatever. This reminds me, there was this guy on mtv’s true life who uses the word literally literally a 1000 times a day. every other word is literally. i’m just like wtf?  it was so irritating.

there’s other slang or contemporary korean that i’ve heard or learned about that i’m okay with. not sure if i want to use due to my lack of understanding of the phrase/culture/whatever but it’s not like the ones i mentioned where i do not want to hear it or use it. i know how awkward and WEIRD it can be when people use slang when they don’t really get the culture or the language ie the kid in my high school who wore some shirt with a picture of a tree stump and the phrase “got wood?” to him it’s just an innocent shirt about trees. how is he supposed to know that heshould consult urbandictinoary or google before purchasing that item of clothing. there was only no smartphones in that era btw.  or maybe there was if blueberries count. besides my fear of situations like this,  i just don’t like being misunderstooooooooood by using unfamiliar words ESPECIALLY slanging.  i know some people may actually be exorbitantly aggressive with using slang  or whatever in their target language to feel cool or whatever but those people usually suck at whatever language they learn and do lame shit like upload videos to youtube. OMG THOSE VIDEOS PISS ME OFF. THEYR’E LIKE NIHONGO NO RENYUU WO SURU TAME NI DOUGA WO TSU TSUTSUTSTUSKURITAI TO OMOIMASHITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. It’s like no d00fus, go do something more CONSTRUCTIVE like cleaning your face properly. No one wants to listen to your crappy Japanese, and obviously this is not an effective way to do it. I’m pretty sure they do it to read the comments saying sugoi, nihongo jouzu whatever and so they can reply ieie, mada mada desu or tondemonaidesu. Or to answer stupid comments like how do you learn Japanese? With their ineffective learning methods. There’s ajatt, tae kim, tofugu’s wanikani and that other thing, and google, and really brilliant language forums, no nobody cares about you and your shitty Japanese.  And no I don’t care if you want to become a translator your English sucks as it is how the hell are you going to translate?  I have a very very strong hatred towards the people that go I learn Japanese to learn Japanese or I learn Japanese to translate japanesese because I want to make xyz available especially if they say  bullshit like that and watch shitty anime or play shitty porn games. Those people are the worst and they will suck at Japanese for the rest of his or her. It’s mostly going to be the former  obviously.

p.s. i hate listening to korean dialect.. it sounds so uneducated and it is so than difficult to catch then normal korean because the intonation is all over the place at lesaet that’s what it sounds like. even if i concentrate it’s just a hopeless losing battle lol. That is why I cannot stand that guy that’s this popular mc that speaks with this dialect. I know Korean people have no problem catching/understanding him but I do and it irritates me. It’s like sand slipping between my fingers. It’s juts one of those feelings of frustration. It’s not even like iwant to understand him because he doesn’t really say anything that interesting or significant as much the f(x) special effects want me to be duped into thinking that. DAMN IT why are they so DAMN obnoxious and persistent. It doesn’t change the fact that whatever the person said isn’t that funny or interesting. It just makes Koreans look bad because it looks like we laugh at shit as in unfunny/insignificant shit. I wish I would have better googling skills in Korean to read Korean people bitching about Korean tv but I cannot. But anyways, if you are and you found those blogs that I want to read bitching about what I bitch about then share! I’ll gladly put in the effort to understand the blog by looking up words, chiebukuroing, google translating, etc etc which  is step one step forward in my korena learning journey.
beginners shouldn’t use slang anyway soo… my position is good, no? 😀

and if you know of any Korean slang that is popular and useful (as in not something that’s not likely to disappear. I mean you can’t predict the future but you do have your judgment prowess) that you think I’ll just love and want to hear/use then feel free to educate me. If you have any doubts that I might despise it like the ones I mentioned then don’t’ mention it. I will bite. 噛み付きたいのか、噛みきたくないか!!!
akb kyouwakoku ♥

sorta have a feeling of accomplishment for writing something significantly long. usually it’s short and that sorta bothers me.


It’s almost like this picture is the gif that people use to express their feelings on tumblr. i hate those poeple (tumblr bitches!! ) and i hate those posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the posting of these screenshots are random… i don’t put them in a certain order or after a certain thought or whatever. it’s just random. it just happeened to sorta match what i wrote above it. but anyways i hate those tumblr people. can’t you just use YOUR WORDS and your brain instead of wastingall this time searching, saving, posting, gifs to express your thoughts. talk about regression and inefficient and annoying. i understanding using a gif once in a while that you just happen to have in your reach. but the epople that use 10 or 5 gifs to describe thow they felt at x moment are just like??? i dont’ get those people. can they get a job or feed the homeless? they piss me off.

but in actuality the picture of yahagi does not match what i wrote because i know the exact situation he made this face and i know what he was feeling and everything. whati’m feeling with the sorta feel bad is nothing compared to what he was feeling. so that’s another reason i don’t like the tumblr gifs because they really do not know how the person in the gifs feels or know the actual situation or the sequence of events that led to that OR what their describing is nowhere near the magnitude of the emotion that is in the gif. it just makes me want to scream STOP BEING A DAM NDRAMA QUEEEN … it’s almost like slander where they take stuff out of context for the celebrities..

another one THAT I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN’T MENTION WAS FIGHITN. SORRY that was a typo. i meant PAITING.  I will nevre say this. i do not even want to mention it in my post just for the sheer fact that now i’m associated with this god-awful english butchering korean word that just won’t dieeeeeeeeeeeee. I was sorta surprised when tiffany and jessica from snsd were using the word pie-ting rather proactively. by that  imean the times they used this word as opposed to something else. i just figured since they’re so american that they would feel some sort of rejection reaciton/feelings towards it since it’s so lame. what are the alternatives anyway?? i wouldn’t know because they use this word a lot.
oh wait up. assa? him-ne? what’s wrong a plain PLAIN  HIM-NE. is that too much to ask??? i agree him-ne is pretty old and you don’t hear it much and so there must be something else u can use besides him-ne.
I hate this word for so many reasons. it makes no sense. it’s gramatically wrong. it makes koreans look bad. it looks like we can’t pronounce the letter f. i believe we can, we just don’t because it’s not in our alphabet hence the word kuh-pi for coffee and pur-ra-whore for flower etc. Like the other ones I just find it LAME.

I think this is one of the first words in korean that made me say WHY THE FUCK DO YOU USE IT.


so I encountered this in the 4minute song. I don’t like the song.  I like the heart to herat better since it’s more melodious. I looked it up to find out what it means and if you can use it on males as well. I don’t have any feelings of hatred towards this phrase like the other ones i’ve mentioned. i just find it weird. I don’t really get it. like your water? that’s asll it is to me. i definitely don’t want to use it as of now. I just don’t get. I might after hearing it being used by other people in other situations. but as of now i just feel completely estranged from this phrase with its meaning of course. the phrase is totally understandable by anyone who took korean 101.