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Wearing Sunscreen Everyday

photo 1if you watch Japanese tv you will hear a lot of SHIGAISEN, hiyakedome especially during the summer (I recently saw this show on youtube and it was pretty interesting minus shit quality audio. whatever, i’ mglad i was able to watch it. since there’s nothing on CLUBBOX YOUKU TUDOU ETC.I’m not as hardcore as those people lol i live in america. i’m afriad of getting judged with parasols etc. I am a firm believer of making vitamin d with skin that’s not on my face, neck or hands 🙂 ). Japanese people are really obsessed with skin damage caused by UV light. There are people that carry around umbrellas or parasols regardless of weather conditions. this trend also exists in korea. I probably took note of this in 2009 or 2010 because that’s when I really got into Japanese TV and started improving drastically from uh? to daily conversation to advanced?  I hear so much about it which compelled me to want to follow their advice and prevent aging because I know those WRINKLE creams do not work and they’re super overpriced. Prevention is more effective than dealing with the problem once it occurs. This applies to almost everything including your skin

Despite hearing all that info about skin damage such as UVA = a is for aging, UVB = b for burning I couldn’t get myself to put on sunscreen everyday on my face. even after hearing that neither glass nor clouds block uv light I still couldn’t. I did consciously try to put sunscreen on during the summer when i knew i was going outside and it was a particularly sunny and hot day. Since I put sunscreen on under those conditions I don’t think I ever met the wait 30 mintuse before going outside rule.

My desire to put sunscreen on a daily basis was deterred by the greasiness and stickinesss of the sunscreen. I hated how it made my face really shiny and made my hair stick to my face. It’s not pleasant and this is america so people will ask “why is your face so shiny. why are you wearing sunscreen when it’s not sunny (this is a really STUPID QUESTION btw. yes the uva/uvb is probably higher on sunny days but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any when it’s cloudy or winter. 90% of aging is due to PHOTOAGING. photoagaing = sun. it’s all about the cumulative, casual exposure) , why are you wearing sunscreen even though it’s winter”. Regardless of people asking me questions or making comments it’s unpractical feeling gross and greasy everyday. by the way, the  recommendation is to wear sunscreen everyday regardless of cloudiness or season (there’s less uv rays during the winter because it’s all about the accumulative damage. Furthermore snow is one of most reflective surfaces for uv light ). btw i’ve never wore sunscreen during winter even when i went skiing but I didn’t get sunburned because I’m not white and i guess i didn’t ski too long?
photo 2

So this past week,\ I thought there’s probably a safe, effective sunscreen that could be used daily on my face and I just have to find it. It is 2014 and if there’s iphones why can’t there be some sunscreens that can be used daily. I did my research online using EWG, reviews, blogs and I narrowed it down to  a couple. after a while I realized that I should go after a sunscreen that has ZINC only (concentration should be significantly high) – I saw some chart that had a bunch of sunscreen active ingredients and it had a circle next each one. the circle was filled in black to the extent it blocked or protected your skin against UVA or UVB light. for some of them the circles were partial or half or it only blocked UVA or only UVB. ONLY zinc had 2 black circles.

This made me reject COOLA which is known for matte sunscreen (I never knew such a thing existed) because it contained zinc and titanium. apparently they had something called plant UV coola sunscreen which only had zinc and high concentration at that. I’m only interested in that sunscreen in their line but it seems discontinued despite winning awards. i hope they bring it  back so i can try it. Or I hope they make something similar to that. all the ones in the line for the physical sunscreen has zinc and titanium at low concentrations. the baby one has a huge concentration of zinc but I Read in reviews it’s hard to get the sunscreen out and hard to rub it in.

upon reading the reviews on amazon I realized some of them just cannot be used on the face let alone daily because they’re too white or too hard to rub in or too greasy etc.  I also read into the FDA requirements on my quest for a good sunscreen because they tightened up the regulation in 2012. there’s requirements of putting the drug facts table on the back or including certain directions. the sunscreen can only say BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30 on the LABEL if it  passed the standards set by the FDA. if the sunscreen didn’t pass broad spectrum standards it can only say SPF 30. broad spectrum means good uva protection. The reason why i ended up doing this was because a bunch of “luxury” sunscreen brands didn’t seem to have that drug facts table anywhere or have the exact text broad spf 30 which let to my conclusion that it’s a moisturizer with sunscreen ingredients but it’s efficacy isn’t proven. that is either because they didn’t submit the data or it failed the requirements set by the FDA. it shows they never submitted to the fda.. I wonder if it’s legal or is it fine because it’s a moisturizer with spf properties as opposed to a sunscreen with moisturizng properties? I was really interested in those luxury ones at first because people were saying how easy it was to apply and how they aren’t shiny or greasy in the least or even matte. also some of them have zinc and titanium and the concentrations are low.  in the end my number one requirement is that it actually works.

my realization of the fda requirements also led to the rejection of DEVITA. though it contains 20% zinc it doesn’t have any of the FDA required labeling (as far as i can tell on images on the internet) so I have no reason to believe it actually works (I also read reviews where people said they got burned using it). I think devita is a moisturizer with sunscreen ingredients as opposed to a sunscreen that happens to be not greasy which is why they don’t care to get the fda approval?  apparently the new formulation sucks and it leaves a white cast and pills easily.

DIY sunscreen;  NO, DO NOT DO THIS. do not do DIY crayon lipstick either. lead, mercury, arsenic etc is BAD for you. Non-toxic doesn’t mean you can eat it! people don’t seem to realize how lenient the regulation of cosmetics is. if you did then you’d make a good guess that the regulation of crayons isn’t going to be the most stringent since most people don’t eat it. most lipsticks are toxic for you anyway so i wonder which is worse ? I find DIY to be comforting and makes people feel smart because they’re saving money and they figured out how to make something effective using stuff in their house or stuff they can easily obtain stores or the internet. some things should not be DIY and sunscreen is one of them.

VITAMIN D deficiency –  I’m not going into detail into this. I will say that I’m concerned with my FACe, NECK, and HANDS. I read about the benefits of vitamin D and the adverse effects from being deficient in it so I’m not going to become a vampire…. i just prefer to make vitamin d using skin that’s not on my face, neck, hands. also you consume vitamin d in your diet but i don’t know if that’s sufficient because there’s so many conflicting articles on the internet. I wonder what percentage of japanese women are vitamin d deficient

JAPANESE SUNSCREENS – I’ve heard about them because they’re so watery or matte or light. My beef is that they have a lot of ingredients (I’m looking for a daily sunscreen so i don’t want so many chemicals on my face everyday). The reason why they blend in so well and light/matte is because they put in silicones and alcohol. the latter is drying.  also i have to research if the claims on the sunscreen are actually validated through some sort of Japanese FDA but that’s a pain in the ass. ALSO I have to figure out the active ingredient and make sure the percentage is sufficiently high. I have those AND  other reasons anyway so i’m not looking into japanese sunscreen

KOREAN SUNSCREENS /   BB CREAMS  – like the Japanese ones they have a shit ton load of ingredients and i have to go reserach how safe and effective they are blahblah. don’t want to deal with that. From what I can tell from watching korean tv shows that investigate the safety of cosmetics they don’t seem all that safe. not sure if they’re safer than american cosmetics or around the same but they’re definitely not safe. – by the way the videos i linked to the text were MAD fun to watch. I highly recommend them if you’re into korean pseudo-documentary type programs that look into health.

reapplying – there’s recommendations to apply every 2 hours but it’s really for chemical sunscreens as far as i can tell since they’re “used up” as opposed to sitting on your skin and reflecting the uv light which is the case with physical sunscreens. obviously if you wipe it off or sweat you reapply.  I also read somewhere that it’s effective to apply the sunscreen and then reapply 20/30 minutes later  but i don’t remember if it was general or it was specifically regarding chemical sunscreens.


So with my criteria of

1) being effective & safe (for effectiveness i used the FDA standard & for safety I used EWG and Cosdna on the ingredientsCosmetics ingredient analysis. ). I am looking for BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30  at least. like I said UVA is aging, UVB is burning.

2) not greasy/oily (especially that my hair does not stick to my face. ) – I prefer it looks like i don’t have sunscreen on my face & it doesn’t cause or exacerbate acne.  I used a chemical sunscreen that was greasy one time and i got huge pimples from it. BE SURE the pimple etc is attributed to the sunscreen not anything else. for example if you apply sunscreen on a dirty face or with dirty hands you can’t blame the sunscreen.

3) does not smell or doesn’t smell strongly or badly. i prefer no smell. FOR SURE no damn synthetic fragrances. I also want to avoid “citrus” scents just because citrus essential oils usually cause photoxocitiy or photosensitivty (it depends on the EO and i have to do my research to really be certain). I like citrus scents but I’d rather avoid ingredients that are counterintuitive to what a sunscreen should be.

4) reasonable price

I found a few that seemed promising.  I ordered stick and lotion/cream sunscreen.

So far i have the cream-like sunscreen from SUNTEGRity and I’m happy with it for meeting all my requirements except the price but you pay for quality right? before I orderd it I couldn’t find a picture of the back of the sunscreen tube so I was a little scared that it might have the FDA approval. from reading the site i was pretty sure it is fda approved since it’s first and foremost function is sunscreen.  I decided to upload the picture of the back for anyone else who has the same doubts as me.

I ordered Suntegrity Unscented Body Sunscreen SPF 30 – 3 oz (Formerly Named Baby Sunscreen)

which is 89 ML (about 3 oz) for 24 dollars + shipping

suntegrity has one specifically  for the face Suntegrity “5 In 1” Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen – Tinted , Broad Spectrum Spf 30   which is $45 and 50 ML

so as you can tell the face one is over 3 times in price.

0.27 ml / dollar vs 0.9  ml/dollar

I don’t want scented sunscreen anyway so it works in my favor. though the scent seems natural since i don’t see any alarming ingredients. As far as the scent is concerned it’s not scented so it smells like zinc faintly which means it smells like rock and dirt which I don’t mind.  i absolutely HATE synthetic scents so I’ll take the clay smell gladly.  additional math is 89 ml /5ml = 17.8 days if i use 5 ml for my face. i read stuff like 3/4 of teasppon or 1/4 of teasoon which is 5 mL * fraction as well as people don’t apply enough sunscreen and so they get half the SPF protection or a third of it etc.  It’s pricey but still much cheaper than antiaging treatments that you go under from years of going outside with out any sunscreen probably?


It seems kind of pricey but it fits my requirements. i ordered other sunscreens and i’ll have to see which is the “least” noticeable on my face when they come. it’s all about being stealthy with my skincare. I was thinking of using suntegrity on my face and another sunscreen on my neck to save money. i’ll have to see the other sunscreen to decide on my strategy.   I never tried phsical sunscreen before suntegrity so at first it was rather opaque and not blending in easily so i was like “oh snap am i gonna look like casper” but it blended in shortly after. For physical sunscreens the best to put it on is to spread it as much as possible (dotting little blobs of sunscreen) before rubbing in. if you put a huge glop on one area and blend that area will turn white and then you have to try to spread it from that area to another area which isn’t as easily done as with a lotion.  This product does require some time to blend in compared to like a face moisturizing lotion otherwise you will look white. what i  mean is you need to a few minutes to rub it in fully compared to a face lotion where it takes 20 seconds. it’s not a significant amount of time but in certain situations those few minutes make or break it like early in the morning or you’re running late etc.  EDIT: I received I another sunscreen and this one takes more effort to rub in and it’s less spreadable. It makes me appreciate suntegrity because it’s much easier to rub in. so my tip is squeeze out a inch or 3/4 of an inch and then dot yourself  with it thourougly than rub it in in circular motions going from center of your face to the edges of yourface and to do it in front of a mirror in a well-lighted room or a lightsource nearby to ensure that it’s rubbed in WELL.  I was reading an article about eyelids and sunscreen that you should put sunscreen on eyelids and how 90% or some high percentage of basal carcinoma are found on the eyelids. Like I mentioned before I’m not white nor that white and I don’t have a history of skin cancer in my family so i’m not too particularily freaked out by that. something about putting usnscreen on my eyelids seems strange and i’m scaed i’ll get the sunscreen in my eye (as natural or safe the sunscreen is… there’s sitll apossiblity it could irritate your eyes. your eyes are sensitive..). I love wearing sunlglasses because my eyes are just tired and sensitive so for the most part i’m wearing them. I’m still pondering on my policy for putting sunscreen on my eyelids.

removing sunscreen – so from watching japanese TV I’ve also heard a lot of 泡立て 洗顔 (google image or youtube it) so eventually i incorporated that into my face washing. this sunscreen is not waterproof as far as i can tell but it still requires some effort to remove it. i use warm/hot water to rinse for a minute and then i make my foam/tiny bubbles to wash my face and remove it (I think that’s just how it is for physical sunscreens).  I use and recommend  EPOCH It’s a great soap with the ingredients it contains and it foams up well! (I mention this because some soaps  are good but they don’t foam up well. this soap is expensive but it’s quality! ) BTW  I don’t buy foaming nets. I buy the poofy shower things (called a loofa?) and cut the knot that’s holding the loofa into a circular shape so it turns into one long mesh and then cut the mesh every 10 inches or so.  (this girl’s DIY recommends tying a knot at the end which I followed. I later realized it’s not necessary. It’s easier to make bubbles if it’s a square as opposed to having a loop at one end. ALSO the knot traps water and will encourage bacterial/mold growth)so let’s say the poofy thing is 2 dollars and i made 8 foaming nets from it. that’s like 25 cents per foaming net.  I’ve bought 1 japanese face net  (the one with the blue/pnink thing) at those asian stores for 4 dollars and i notice no difference between the diy and the store bought one.  I find that the pink/blue poofy things in the white net just get in the way. it’s all for design and I don’t find it helpful at making the foam and I’m sure the pink and blue thing will encourage bacterial and mold growth lol.

Perhaps I will follow up with another post with a review on other sunscreens that I’ve had a chance to try as well as how I’m using them to save my money and all that.


pet peeve of mine…. konglish. ATROCIOUS KOREAN IN OTHER WORDS.

I’m just like if you cannot express yourself in korean then express yourself in english because the shit that is coming out of your mouth is driving me insane.

lately i haven’t had to hear/be subjected to this but sometimes i just am and it’s just damn annoying.  in that same vein, i can’t seem to remember any good examples… by good examples i mean the shit that pisses me off.


hmmm here goes:
입어 it.  <- wtf is this shit. first of all everyone koreans korean grammar and english grammar are like oil and water you cannot mix them. if you mix them you get shit like this taht pisses off people. there’s worse examples but i cannot  remember them right now. like i said i’m not in that environment anymore thank god.


some sentence in korean with one or a few of words in english when those words definitely exist in korean… like the korean words that are based on the chinese characters or whatever. point is… it exists and fluent people know those words and would use them. you’re not using them because you don’t know them or the english words came to your head first? I honestly don’t know what is the reason for this bullshit. but this shit pisses me offfffff.

I also hate the opposite… when you speak english and then you insert some korean adjective or whatever.

CHOOSE A LANGUAGE. STICK WITH IT. stop being so damn lazy. don’t be like oh but i can’t express this in english blahblah…. then speak in korean not shit korean or shit english. DO NOT DO NOT LET BS LIKE THESE COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.


Of course like I said my korean ain’t fluent so I’m very curious of the korean speaker’s korean abilities (I’m not fluent so i can’t exactly judge the person’s korean to see if they’re fluent or not) …. seeing as this person keeps using english words in their korean-speaking i’m thinking are you trying to overreach yourself?  Like are they doing this because they legit do not know the corresponding word or phrase in korean? as in not fluent. Or are they just being lazy? what is the whole thinking process etc etc? It’s a paradox too right? It’s like oh even if you’re korean sucks you should keep speaking to prevent forgetting or in hopes of improving (my personal philosphy is you should do other stuff on top of the speaking if you really really do want to improve. otherwise i just get the feeling you’re just gonna speak in this shitty way for the rest of your life). The other side is goddamnit your konglish is annoying JUST SPEAK ENGLISH GODMDANIT.   besides annoying for me i just find it so embarrassing to be around/associated/talking to that person. i would never BE that person but i feel embarrassed for that person. what’s the point of speaking of korean if there’s that much english in it.



If there’s any ACTUALLY fluent korean-american speakers with annoying korean friends who speak crappy korean or english-laden korean would like to explain the phenonamenum to me please do.

P.S. I JUST FOUND OUT FROM READING A BOOK that the phrase JUST DESERTS is spelled with ONE R. i always thought it was JUST DESSERTS since the meaning of the phrase and the word dessert corresponds better than deserts… and also the pronunciation of the PLURAL FORM of desert should DESERT with sss right?  (as in different from the just desserts pronunciation. ) am i dumb? does everyone know this? lol… I think I’ve only heard this phrase on tv or something… i’ve never read it.. hence my assumption.


喝を入れたくて反省文的なことを書きます。認めます  (したた) 

喝を入れたくて反省文的なことを書きます。認めます  (したた)
I remember browswing the AJATT blog a couple years ago. One thing that stood out to me was that I came across entries he wrote in Japanese as well as entries he wrote in english and then he wrote the japanese trnaslation/equivalent next to random english words/phrases/concepts  or the other way around (I thought it was really cool that he knew all these words in japanese that he knows what to translate/say his free-flowing english it to in japanese… it was really specific english vocab— just random nouns– that i don’t use at all so just that right there was enough but he also knew how to say it or directly translate it to japanese. i found it impressive. don’t know abt you.)
so recently I went on his blog again because he put up a new entry and i wanted to find this entry that he wrote in japanese… in a way or maybe it goes without saying “in a way” that that’s his way of
proving/showing how much japanes he has learned with his method and whatnot. I read it now, and i’m still impressed with his writing. some of it is a little sabui or donbiki さぶい・ドン引き just because that’s what it sounds like to me.

EVEN taking his usage of pre-war kanji or kanji that is never used ie (the OTHER kanji for shimau. i only knew of 仕舞う since i’ve only seen that in the henkan and i’m using GOOGLE IME for god’s sakes) into consideration, I still find it impressive. personally, my japanese output is not that good imo. i’ve had people say to me, you seem so fluent in japanese by some japanese leraner lang-8 and obviously it’s only because they’re not as far as long as i am. i am hardly fluent and i don’t findmyself 100% satisifed with my japanese writing and i don’t feel as comfortable writing in ajpanese as in english and it takes longer to write (taking out henkan… just the time it takes for me think up stuff and how to word it or deciding which thing is the best)

the reason i’m so impressed is… i feel like what he wrote… i’m just assuming here … is unedited/uncorrected, just written by him and as far as i cantell, i don’t see any errors and i won’t even bother to check to see if the kanji usd to write the words that are never written in kanji are correct bc i know it’s correct without checking. he just has no reason to show-off or make his japanese seem better than it is. his japanese is what it is. i was looking at his entry in 2008 and i don’t remember if he started leraning japanese i n2004 or 2005 or 2006, i don’t remember the year and i don’t feel like browsing his site to find out but considering it’s a few yeras… it’s very impressive.

so reading it made me feel like i’ve been too lazy? brainwashed?  it’s a different type of motivation compared to my initial motivation of starting out in japanese which was half irritance/maybe jealousy of i can do that shit better and faster than you (check out the ABOUT ME page if you wanna know). rather than, omg he can write japanese this well, i can totally write just as well as he does or even better (he learned japanese fast so it’s like there’s no point in that either lol. my japaese was mad shitty at the 1.5 yyear mark especially output)…. i just feel disappointed in myself, losing to technology like the other idiots in this generation. im’ not pissed that my japanese writing is crapper than his, i accept it. that makes complete sense. it’s like those people that only come into contact with x language only in class and can’t speak/understand it. i’m just like wHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT.

what i’m saying i could be so much better at writing and understanding than the level i am at now.   but unforutnately this past year has  been a mess as far as efficiency and producation or whatever is concenered because of that damn iphone. BTW I think the way you position arms to use the iphone is not good for your health especially with prolonged periods AND ESPECIALLY the looking down pose.. LOOK UP DUDE LOL.   I know that i could be as good as him, or better or whatever if i was more focused and less distracted by stupid crap. by improving my writinng, i mean inputting like crazy. by inputting lke crazy, i mean enjoy the input …. that’s the only you can input for significant amounts of time.

by  losers in this generation losing to technology i mean people who only do facebook on their phone or computer or whatever or listen to rap or music really loud in their earbud – damaging their hearing to deafness and beyond, pissing eveyrone off, giving people unnecessary stress, subjecting people to noise that does not be subjected, play games on ipad/phone all day (especially people who do not turn the volume off). it’s one thing if you’re pissing away your time and potentital doing nothing with tecnolgo y but if you’re also going to bother other people  around you while you’re doing it, that’s just bs. that’s an exemplary example of failing at life in my opinion. especially people who do not care or are not EVEN AWARE (WTF DUDE. maybe it’s bc i’m asian but that shit really pisses me off). that’s copmlete bullshit. i hate people like that.  it’s another reason why eveyrone has every right to call americans or college students or black people or whoever lazy and that there’s no reason for illiteracy or monolingualism just because lots of poeple have lots of time that is being PISSED AWAY.  I’m not gonna go on to say my speech on how i feel so superior bc i spent my time with japanese/korean immersion and i got better with understanding etc… it’s just no matter how i look at it… time waste is time waste.

I always looked down on those people because they are frankly losers. some of those people are of course college students that i’ve seen/encountered since igo to college which is very expensive by the way.

technoology has gotten in the way of my studying of japanese. not even studying, just doing stuff in japanese because i’m at the advanced level. for example, my reading of japanese books has substantially  decreased compared to the previous years. it has to be attributed to the iphone.  because i just look up stuff/sites and read it on the iphone and bam my hours are gone. maybe half the stuff i read is japanese and half is in english . I just read whatever’s interesting but i just feel like i’m losing to technology.  i just don’t think it’s efficient . like yes, i can copy and paste the sentence i want but it takes all these clicks (jabs? what do you call this) to get to that area where i can paste it so i can acess it on the ocmputer later and sometimes it takes a while for that to load or wahtever. basically, a computer is more efficient for obvious reasons. and also just reading on that thing is just tiring and BAD for your EYES .  it’s just so easy to piss away time with smartphones with all them apps. I’m so glad KHATZ did this thing before smartphones became prevalent for some reason.  honestly, im’ just writing this as another reminder to myself DON’T BECOME LIKE THOSE PEOPLE. DON’T BEA LOSER (as in loser and as in losing).  i remind myself or think about it all the time but i can’t seem to stop this time wasting habit.

what the iphone is benenficial for, for me is the photo option because i can take pictures of stuff i want to look up later to add to my srs. so what i sorta wish is I never got a iphone and just got a really useful camera so i can take pictures of crap i want to look up that’s in japanese.  so what I’m saying I’m PRETTY SURE my japanese time was probaly better without the iphone just because i have mp3 player, my japanese books, the computer. but then again, the computer can distract me as well.  Idon’t know… tsk tsk. i’m just writing this for myself so ican stop pissing away time like them other losers. i don’t wanna be a LOSER!