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GONZO – done with my ghetto japanese subs from clubbox lol…. the korean subs for this drama is pretty good so the google translated japanese was prettttttty helpfull… I recommend the ghetto japanese subs if you love watching stuff with japanese subs.  after watching i looked up/figured out what was said for parts i couldn’t catch from dramanote and chiebukuro. i will post on this lattttttter as well ason my anki deck usage with the talk/variety.)

So I finished watching Gonzo. I read hamsapsukebe’s entries on it bc. i was curious what he would say. I think his praise for gonzo that he wrote on the last entry for ep 8, 9, 10 were a little too much. I agree with some of the praising but maybe not to the extent he was expressing it. there’s some interesting arguing in the comments but i must say personally i thought maou was awful VERY VERY MELODRAMATIC ie crying scenes that never end lol. (I love how in american dramas when the person starts crying they change the scene or go to commercial b.c. they know it’s awkward/uncomfortable to watch/it doesn’t add to anything) AND AND one awful ending. the ending was so dumb it was a big  f you to the viewers. at least that’s how i took it.

so about GONZO one thing I want to mention is the zooooooooooming.

what I mean is ZOOM THE F IN. so this problem exists in j-dramas  in general i suppppose and i noticed this problem in gonzo. it wasn’t every scene but for some or few of the scenes or maybe in this ONE PATRICULAR SCENE all I was thinking please zoooooooom in. I downloaded high resolution like 1280x 1024 or something but I can’t see shit b.c. they zoom out for the entire scene. Zoom out as in you can see all the characters in the scene and the furniture and the ceiling and i’m like why the f do we need to see all that for the whole scene. I felt bad for the actors b.c. they were acting but we can’t see their faces. PLUS if you put everyone in the scene the whole time,,,, it gets awkward. plus we don’t need to see evreyone. I notice in american dramas they do a lot of shoulder to head frame for talking b.t.  the 2 characters which cuts out awkwardness of other actors being in the frame … plus we can see the actors act with their facial expressions very well. It’s SUCH A WASTE zooming out the whole scene. I have no idea who’s in charge of that… the director? producer? it’s so awfull.

Another thing is the bloooood. the color looked fake so that bothered meeeeee.

Uchino was very good at acting as always… can’t see this drama succeeding without him.

in the finale… there were nice surprises. It didn’t progress in a straight line, there were lots of turning and backwards crap lol.  I like that… putting effort into the last ep!  so we know who did it and all by the last ep or the ep before but the last ep was still entertaining to watch. There was closure and it connected all the previous eps.

I was thinking while I was watching bones about actors PAUSING while talking. so in jdramas they do that only in certain scenes/situations and it’s like unnatural… like too much pausing/way toooooo long. like it feels like they are pausing to stretch the drama so they can fill in the 42 minute slot lol. I noticed in the bones episode sweets was pausing /hesitating as he talked but it was completely natural/good acting. so pausing is definitely fine it’s just never done well in j-dramas. well i’m sure they did do it naturally sometimes but the bad examples stand out a lot lol.

what is that thing on the left!!!  i don’t get it.

WHY ARE YOU LEARNING JAPANESE? think this question is dumb for several reasons…

before I go into that I’m just gonna paste something I looked up and put in my deck recently.


so guess what i looked up. It’s not the vocab, that’s for sureeee So I used yahoo dic and
set it to *に一致する bc that is the fastest way to search for it.

so I looked up mo to see if the meaning changes if you use it this way as opposed to te + mo and it doesn’t lol. I get the nuance of ru mo vs te mo … it just sounds rumo compard to temo lol.





I was like there’s no way kono kata means kono hito…

for the main topic…. One reason is the UNKNOWN. So my attitude towards [any] language is what would i do for fun in that language if i was born in that country and only knew that language/culture my whole life… in other words I wouldn’t settle for x just b/c it’s really popular. I’d still search for the most entertaining/enlightening etc b/c eventually you’re be bored after you force yourself to watch shit just b/c it’s popular etc etc.  ie if you only watched movies that won awards or tv shows that won awards chances are you will fall asleep during the movie (seriously… what’s wrong with them when i hear __ is nominated for the award thre’s a 90% chance it was nominated b.c. it was really long and boring OR 10% it was actually good. but in the end we all know it’s 100% rigged 🙂  )  or not laugh at the comedy show that won best comedy however many times.  sometimes the show deserves the award but usually it’s a lot of mediocre crap. Of course there’s differences in taste too that just b.c. x % of pop likes it doesn’t mean you’ll like it. OR MAYBE think the othre way, let’s say you were born in japan and only know japanese and then you started learning english via aeatt… how long would it take you to find/discover stuff that you like to do/watch/read/etc in english or whatever lanaguage right now. i would imagine it would take a while unless you only like popular/mainstream stuff. or you would fear you would never find out about the stuff you really like because it’s not really mainstream. also there’s a culture barrier so you might not find it funny or interesting even though you would if you were fluent in english and the culture….

So for Japanese/any language, for some of the stuff you can’t even tell if you like it or not till you understand Japanese/grasp japanese  OR there’s something you slightly like but end up loving once your japanese improves jjust b.c. of the comprehension. so you won’t know what you’re learning japanese for till you start learning japanese lol.  what i think is you’re learning japaense so you can do  something in japanese that is enjoyable b.c. that’s basically what you’re going to do with the language. ex. i don’t find japanese news interesting, i dont’ find news interesting period. thus, i do not watch news in english or japanese. sure some people might be like hey i want to be like khatz with the fluency so news is definitely one of the things i should check off so imma listen to japanese news 24/7 for x number of weeks/months. that sounds awful to me so i don’t do it. i used to do it sorta ( not 24/7 )  but now a days i do not bother with it… b/c/ even if i can undersatnd it 100% just from listening, it’s not like i’m going to keep listening to it. So a lot of the stuff I like in Japanese now-a-days I did not know about before I started learning Japanese. And even if I tried to explain to the me then I’m not sure I would be able to explain why i like it and what’s so interesting about it.   I’m not saying only study from books till you feel fluent till you dive into native media. that’s ridiculous. dive in whenever you want.    so I tihnk that question is dumb b.c. some stuff you can’t even tell whether you like it or not till you learn japanese and get used to japanese/culture etc. hell, some stuff/people I didn’tt even know existed that now if i go one week without seeing it, that’s one week with less laughs than if i had seen it.
ALSO before you learn japanese there might be some areas of japanese culture that you were probably sure you wouldnt’ touch witha 50 foot pole from your stereotyping/misconceptions/lack of understanding of japanese/culture/.  for me one is j-dramas and music to an extent. so I knew before I watched j-dramas that they were going to be cheesy/cringy/embarrassing/not as well made as american dramas with the budget/acting . so i only watched j-dramas for learning purposes at first since there’s a blog with the lines out and or there’ sjapanese sub up on d-addicts. it sure as hell makes more sense to do that then spending 20 dollars on some book with a cd with boring dialogues. And the first few j-dramas I watched did exactly what I expected with the melodramaness/cheapenss compared to american dramas etc etc. So what I did was try to not cringe during the said melodramatic scenes. what i should’ve done is fast-forwarded those scenes lol. BUT BUT BUT later on,  I found some really enjoyable j-dramas and even some really amazing ones as i wrote in my reviews. so I realized that j-drama does have something to offer me. I just have to search for it/ask for recommendations and avoid the crap. and YES there are Japanese actors/actresses who are amazing at acting, there are dramas where there’s crying but it isn’t melodramatic/etc etc… my preconceived notions have been disproven  in the few really good dramas i’ve seen. but some of the mediocre/average ones just… exude what i dont’ like about j-dramas.  speaking of j-dramas, i never thought i would ever EVER go near JIDAI GEKI. HISTORYICAL dramas. dun dundun . as of now i am like 99% sure i will never get into a historical korean drama b.c. i can’t korean dramas and i hate the beautification in the historic dramas… and it is just boring lol.  and melodramatic.  BUT JIN totally changed that.  I recommend it. i was totally weary of it b.c. i was like ugh… i see people in  kimonos or whatevs so it looks boring. the first ep was sorta boring but after  a couple eps i realized this drama is actually quite amazing and so-well done and very very enjoyable to watch.  it’s edgey! like madmen~~??


music   to an extent just b/c/ i didn’t know much japanese music aside from music for the anime op/ed. there are some really good ones. japan has the #2 music market and it’s well-deserved!!! they have some amazing music. for the people that bitch omg japanaese music sucks.  I can’t find anything i like. chances are you’re not looking hard enough or not smart enough ORRRRRRR you are looking for something really specific that you can’t even find in english/etc.  I grew my love towards enka. of course at first i was like that shit is weird i dont’ think i’ll ever get into it. then i heard tsugaru kaiykyou and that is not true anymore…. Right now i have a shit load of emusic to listen to (and it’s stuff I ACTUALLY LIKE, not “oh i’ll compromise and listen to this singer= even though i don’t like them b.c.  they got number one on the oricon charts”) so for the people who bitch about the lack of good music, search harder…….. i have no idea why you’re complaining about japanese music. there’s youtube,, etc etc. there’s no  reason to bitch about this!

BOOKS – okay so this is like for people more down the line but then again some books aren’t that hard to read and it’s not lke you have to undersatnd all the words on the page to undersatnd the story. but basically, you can’t tell what japaense books you like till you read them. even if you’re not that good at japanese… I feel like you can still tell if the writer’s writing style just isn’t working for you. I have read books by authors that make reading japanese so laboring, i’ve also read books by japanese authors who make the language sound so beautiful and easy to read. TREAT IT LIKE YOUR Native LANg’uage. there are some writing styles in english that i cannot stand or undersatnd (lol…. charles dickens anyone? huckleberry finn anyone?????)  or too hard (vocabulary of some authors are so ginormous) . it’s the same thing in english so don’t force yourself to reead a book by whoever if it’s not enjoyable/to your taste. you need to spend your time finding the author/writing style you love and devouring the stories written by those authors.

Here’s an example to illustrate my point

so if i’m  reading  a japanese book by an author that I do not like, we’re just not compatible… it feels really tiring and laborous and boring reading all the byousha 描写 description crap that’s between the dialogue. if my compatibility with the author is even WORSE the dialogue will even feel torturous to read. one time i was reading dialogue by this author i wasn’t compatible with and all the dialogue felt so loooong. it wasn’t that the sentences in the dialogue were long, it just felt like everyone was talking in the most inefficient way possible. lol. or the dialogue feels fake or really shallow (trivial, pointless, etc etc). I’m not bitching about reading japanese that is super difficult. though japanese ficition isn’t that hard.  I’m just reacting/treating this like i’m reading a book in general, like i’m reading a book in english. so usually what i do is, i just read the dialogue parts b.c. like I said I don’t find the byousha part interesting and it’s not going to enter my brain since it’s not enjoyable to read/i don’t find it particularly well written or conveyed etc etc. but I feel like you should just stop find another book then force yourself to read crap. but sometmes, i can read books if i skip enough lol. oh and example of this IS  空中ブランコ by  奥田 英朗. I was actually looking forward to it b.c. i saw peeople on chiebukuro asking ilike this author, recommend me authors and he was brought up.  this one just was not working at alllllll…. the byousha and the dialogue. reading the summary on the whatevresite about the case in one of the chapters sounded interesting but actually reading it was just no… it was so bad that even though i did read the dialogue only, that didn’t work. i really really just cannot stand it…  reading it is just ughhhhhhhhhhhh. the people who liked this on amazon, said it was funny and easy to read.  i did find negative reviews that said  this crap is boring wtf is this shit with the 5 stars on amazon. so THAT’S also another thing you can do withbooks is to read revies of books you didn’t enjoy and find someone’s really good explananation of the suckage fest that you just experienced. that’s one way to stop yourself from forcing yourself to read the book. p.s. the anime just looks awful… like trying too hard to be bizarre/not funny. If i don’t like the book I probably will not like the anime. I LOVED zetsubou sensei SEASON 1 though. I also thought if i was raised in japan and i only spoke japanese and i read this book b.c. it was really popularor praised or won awards or whateveri w i  would still react the same way . the only difference is i would be able to explain my frustration and dissatisfaction towards the book in japanese better b.c. my japanese would be better if i only know japanese lol.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if i read a book by an author that i’m compatible with it makes me think “wow I never knew reading /reading japnaese could be so enjoyable or be this interesting or this rewarding or that japanese could sound like this or sound this beautiful  etc etc” . Of course, I like/enjoy reading every word including the byousha.

these 2 types of reading experiences are COMPLETELY different. I really encourage people to not fall into the trap of well i’m gonna stick with this author/book since my japanese abilites are too shitty to gauge whether this book’s writing style is compatible with me. you don’t have to understand 100% or 90% or whatever to tell if reading the book is tortorous or not lol. i mean it’s another story if you just finished tae kim’s grammar guide and you want to start reading novels lol.  here, maybe the difficulty thing will come into play. or maybe you could read books for jidou that are so well written that even adults can enjoy it (they do exist).  TREAT IT LIKE ENGLISH OR WHATEVER language that is your native language.

speaking of books… something I read somethingvery recently that was SO SO SO ENJOYABLE. so it’s the first story in the book by otsuichi called ushinahareta mono (how do you read the ha ? it it wa?) but wow that story started off ehhh … this crazy bitch then i got so curious as to what will happen next. and to top it off i don’t think it was difficult to read (otsuichi’s writing /vocab is usually not difficult) so i really recommmmmmmend it. don’t google the story, read it !!  I recommend reading this book OVER watching the toki wo kakeru shoujo live-action movie. you’ll know why after you read the book. While I was reading the book I just thought about hollywood … how they look down on the audience a LOT. like they think the CG is going to make the scene exciting/movie not sucky/ make us ignore the plot-holes/lack of plot/crappy writing etc. this one story in this book gave me more excitement then the crappy action scenes in hollywood movies AND AND it didn’t take me 2+ nor 3+ hours (seriously, i don’t mind if it’s long if you were actually accomplishing something) to read the story. news flash!! actions scenes aren’t exiciting/adrenaline-pushing etc if the plot/characters suck. why the hell would i care about the action scene. and if you make a character at the end of the movie cry even though you failed to develop the character/let the audience know something about the character, we can’t care! (zero dark thirty- wow this movie SUCKS. shitty writing. really boring. PLUS i don’t believe 9/11 was done by osama bin laden. i believe in the conspiracy theories b.c. that shit is based on real facts. the truth is you look more crazy believing the cover-story the government churned out…. if you just look at the math/science/facts… i) … so i was surprised they made this movie in the first place b.c. it’s so obvious it’s not even true. and the fact that all these americans paid to see the piece of crap…… just proves americans are dumb once again. people are all like focused on the pro-torture crap when the bigger issue is whether this shit actually happened in the first place or what/who was behind 9/11…   I half feel like the government is like trying to gauge how many americnas are still asleep… as in unaware of the fact that 9/11 was set-up as the evidence/math/experts point out ……

ANYWAYS speaking of toki wo kakeru wo shoujo the live action movie. japanese MOVIES. I have yet to see a good japanese movie (movie with actors/actresses). they are always shitty or mediocre. the japanes people on the internet lament about the shittiness of japanese movies compared to hollywood movies.  So I’ve seen the anime movie, it’s good … although albeit slow in the beginning (or maybe it’s necessary for developmenet, i don’t kno) . the live-action film sorta exudes characteristics of sucky japanese movies.  so basically the sucky ones i’ve seen always are boring and slow… then at the end they do something but the emotional impact/etc/etc is super diluted bc they waste the time in the beginning of the movie… when they could be using that time to actually develop characters/give us more info/background instead of just boring us to death with accomplishing nothing.  they always just do really boring shit that accomplishes nothing when something could be done to make the movie more fun to watch and make the climax or whatever better. so toki wo kakeru shoujo live-action exudes that basically. the climax or twist or whatever isn’t even exciting… partly b.c. of the twist itself as well as everything that happened or didn’t happen up to that point. there’s parts where i want to know more but they don’t really let me know more about it. Japanese movies just feel SOOOS SOOO wasteful b.c. they show scenes where there’s like nothing happppppening.  BUT BUT BUT I am not giving up on finding a good japanese movie. I’m going to check out the must watch stuff from HAMSAPSUKEBE BLOG. I still have hope. I don’t want to write off japanese movies as crap just b.c. all the movies i’ve seen thus far aren’t very good.  I haven’t seen that many anyway. OH and I don’t like hollywood movies of course.. especially the ones out now-a-days. first of all, none of the previews makes me want to watch it, they nominate average actors/actresses for best actors/actresses which makes me want to watch that movie even more, and i don’t want to watch boring indie movies (I just associate boring with indie movies. but i’m sure there’s good ones out there) , super hero movies except spiderman are  AWful (writing/action/– to me the action is terrible b.c. the story /characters are terrible. etc). seriously, avengers was just awful from every point of view… very  boring.

So even if your reason for Japanese is shitty from someone’s pov… there’s like a 100% chance you’ll find more reasons which will justify your learning. it’s inevitable since more japanese stuff will be accessible as you learn japanese (ie you found out about the existence of rakugo , ikebana, kannou shousetsu lol etc etc. ). basically the question is paradoxical you can’t really known till you actually do it like for a while. that’s why i recommend keepping it a secret lol. unles kepeing it a escret is impossssssbiel for whatever circumstances you are in.

sbs kpopstar && learning korean.

so i find this show useful for learning korean… at lesat before they get to the live performances (no korean subs lol). so what I really like is as I said is the judges. the fact they use the brains to convey their advice/thoughts to the contestants. you can tell they are experts/knowledgable about their field which is music with the words/concepts/ that come out of their mouth. sometimes it’s just so specific and/or something i would never point out/notice etc etc. OR I was iffy about their performance but I couldn’t figure out why and the judge just explains exactly what was wrong. it’s just really insightful stuff they say… like they’re working for their paycheck which is to give comments/critiques that is of value to the contest and is comprehensible to the viewer toooooo.. and if also possible, also interesting.yes, they are doing their job of being a judge which means you gotta be articulate…

MEANwhile on american idol they put anyone as a judge and the ones that know a thing or two about music are more concerned with being nice to the singers who can’t sing when they reject them than being specific and constructive. it’s like they’re forced to be limited with what they can say or they’re being super lazy… it’s all very generic/boring /stuff anyone in the audience can say. ie that was the wrong choice or this song doesn’t really show off your range/skills/etc etc. it’s like aynone can say that!!

so what I’m saying is I mine my korean words/grammar from what the judges say… preferably after interesting performnaces or performances that i loved for obvious reasons …. or everyone laughed after the judge said a comment or whatever other reaction that makes me curious. i’ve always mined other words from this show and by the first sesaon ended I can confidently say my comprehension has improved a lot lol. a little looking up goes a long way. it feels like a little bc i don’t look up everything i don’t know. well as of now i have 128 cards tagged kpopstar but sometimes I forget to tag and i didn’t watch the eps from this season but I did see the performances (I was sad that they didn’t upload the judges comments bc I’m as invested or more invested in that depending on if the person sucks/did only okay etc) so i want to check out the comments for the auditions i loved.  them vietnamese fans will upload it somewhere with vietnamese subs 🙂

so what i’m saying is i cannot do this with american idol if let’s say i was fluent in korean and was learning english bc the judges don’t say anything worth understanding lol. they don’t even try to convey their thoughts/constructive criticism. they’re too lazy to use the english language to its fullest potential. they’re too lazy to use their music knowledge/vocabulary or they’ve forgotten it or don’t know shit. i cannot tell which it is but it’s just complete bs. they don’t deserve their pay…. they don’t even do their job … not even the bare minimum. i love how on kpop star even if the performances is amazing the judges give specific explanations/reasons as to why it was so amazing and what really touched them/impressed them. meanwhile on american idol the judges just yell out some random phrase and then the crowd boos/cheers …. rinse and repeat. it’s like wtf… they’re not doing their job.

saw the 2 specials~~ LIAR GAME

one is about fukunaga vs yokoya and the other is about alice.

so I think the fukunaga vs yokoya is better than the second movie, not sure about the firs movie… as far as content divided by time this special it’s more dense and thus more watchable. the first movie was lame so  maybe this special over that. the thing i dled kept all the commercials and it was all the same commmmmmercials about liar game.
anyways i HIGHly recommend the first season, for the second season i liked one of the games and maybe i would’ve liked the other games more if they were less dragged out?? i dun know it’s just not as well as done as the other games in season  1?? i dk. but anyways i want to check out the manga for other coool games.

if you watch movie 2 before the yokoya vs. fukunaga you know how it ends. though the game was good the performances was the usual with the crazy laughing and smircking etc etc but i love wathcing that part thoughsomething different/new or a diff. spin on that would be good that. there’s a lot of twists in this special of courrrrrse.

the special with ashida mana was aired during commercial breaks? lol. it was 4 mini eps but they were so short. a lot of fast=forwarding bt the eps bc the beginnign of the ep is the same footage. i thought afterwards “hey they already did this with akiyama” and obviously matsuda shouta did a better job acting that out… well ashida mana did a goooood job too.  too short, not deep enough. i’m going to guess this alice character wasn’t in the orgiinal manga and if it was it must’ve been deeper than this.
so ashida mana did most of her acting in this special as opposed to the actual movie.

so i recommend season 1 and fukunaga vs yokoya.  the correct order of watching is fukunaga vs yokoya, alice, second movie. I read somewhere you should watch fukunagavs yokoya before alice…. season 2 is like okay. movie 1 is ehhhhh and movie 2 is bad and tabe-chan ain’t that cute or anything. she has no personality. there’s no character development etc… It was unfortunate bc the first 10 minutes or something seemed promising with akiyama… i was like omg he’s now a ______. ___ – _____- ___ i remembered 4 or 5 characters’ names after the movie ended and that included  akiyama so it was sorta hard to follow the movie lol like who belongs to who and who betrayed whoooooooo. j/k but seriously i don’t get the deal with sakai. but i dont care bc i’m sure it makes sense and the other games were better before.

p.s. there’s other specials it’s called x-files ( love the x-files BTW.. .gotta get the dvds or something.. .seriously what is the point of the fringe.lost/etc. wouldn’t you rather re-watch the xfiles.)  or something x- something but i couldn’t find dl links just some streaing stuff but i don’t like low -quality 😦 not sure if it’s worth watching. perhaps i’ll check it out someday. it’s like back stories on the characers which should’ve been done during the season (and made the show better, make the viewer more invested) not as a tack-on
another song called butterfly that i like. butterfly by k.will. I like the song 🙂 so glad i got his album upon an indirect suggestion via this music blog… they posted their faves or best of 2012 . of course i disagreed bc i listen to a lot of korean indie but anyways those posts can be useful … like i’ll find out about an awesome artist or i didn’t notice x artist released album/single etc.  the other one in my heart is of course by kimura kaela. such a pretttttttty song!!!


also i was reading up on the suzumiya huarhi movie bc that movie is like 2 hours and 40 minutes long or soemting. i was reading the helpfulreviews on yahoo jp that were 2/3 /1 stars. the 4/5 stars are uselessss i’m not a damn otaku i find shit that is boring boring. the moe don’t kill the boring lol. so people were saying it’s ridiculously boring, the animation is amazing, stuff is dragged out etc etc, it feels like kyon is reading the novel out loud, since the duration is what it is the kyon monologue gets really annoying after a while etc . is there any way i can watch  it by fast-forwarding key draggy parts? lol. I either watch the movie  or read the novel. i’m interested in it for the story and i do like the voice actors and of course the animation is amazing but 2 hrs 40 minutes is a no no… someone even said you could take out a whole hour. other people said that there ain’t no point watching unless you’re an obsseessed fan. i’m a casual fan i liked season 1… i guess i’ll end up reading the noveL????? and just the animation/voice-acting goodness from the trailer? lol?? but seirously i reocmmend that for 5cm to just watch the trailer @ 1080p or wahtever that youtube has and be done with it bc there’s nothing…

OH WAIT JAPANESE subs are out for the movie… i’m wavering now lol.

wait up 7/2014 they’re up on this site

jAPANESE 101 after… 3/4 years of learning japanese.

so I googled そのとあの後外 yes typo and all and i got results 🙂 love google for that.

to leran the difference. you’d think i’d have this down by now but i dont lol. I do not know the difference lol…. i feel like i’ve made mitsakes in my lang-8 with that.

sono vs ano

so after i noticed that i can’t really tell which should be used i became aware of it… so while i was reading my japanese books I was like i see more sono than ano. and after reading the explanations that makes sense. before i read the explanations i was just going to go with sono just bc there is a higher chance of it being correct lol unless i know for sure i’m talking about something reallllllly far back in the past. I think the mistakes in my lang-8 was probably using ano when i should’ve used sono more than the other way around….

I also have to read about the differences between de and ni . Sometimes when I write my japanese on lang-8 or whateve I go is this de or ni and i always choose the wrong one lol.

is this japanese 101 or even english 101 for the first issue i put up. at least i’m reading about it/clarifying it now… better now thAn NEVER.

copy paste with my underlining!



例: あの時に「雨が降るかもしれない」とわかっていたのに、友達に傘をもたせなかった。


例: もし、私が事故にあったら、その時には持病があるので、主治医の○○病院の△先生にも連絡が入るように救急隊員に伝えてください。







まず、その人に会った。は 話しては知っているけど、聞き手は知らない人について話す文章だそうです。

そして、あの人に会った。は 話しても聞き手も知っている人について話す文章だそうですが・・・・。











1メートルしか離れていなくても、話者・聞き手のどちら から も 離れたところにいる人は「あの人」で、



①聞き手が知らない(と話し手が思っている)人・・・ 「山田さんって、私の古い友だちなんだ。その人は美人でね・・」




と言いたくなりますが、これ等の場合の格助詞 「に」 は、「場所」 と言うより 「動作の帰着点」 や 「動作の対象」 を示している(つまり用法が異なる)と考えられます。









……… and in my latest lang-8 entry….. i mixed up ga and wa thus i googled! lol. just in certain cases i’m unsure which it should be or i make it ga when it should be wa.

英文法の延長で考えると こんがります。#4さん、#5さんの仰るように ここでの「は」は主題の「は」であり、英文法で言うところの「主語」とはズレがあります。ここでの動作主語は 省略されています。

「が」は強調を表し、「は」も 主語的にも目的語的にもなります。

「は」を使うと、主題を立てて、述語に注意を導きますが、「が」を用いると、「が」のついた名詞が むしろ述語語的になり、他の要素が主題に近くなりますね。




例1:「むかしむかし、あるところに おじいさんと おばあさん いました。
おじいさん 山へ 芝刈りに、おばあさん 川へ 洗濯に . . . 」








<>三上 章氏らの著作を参考のこと。

例2:1) A Bに Cを 紹介した。
2) Bに A Cを 紹介した。
3) C A Bに 紹介した。

これらはすべて「Aが Bに Cを 紹介した」ということを言っているのですが、

例3:「スイカ 全部 食べた」


例4:「象 長い」

「象=長い」ということではありません! ここでは、「~が」の部分が「長い」と


先の「象は . . . 」の場合とは違って、「が」で示されるものと述語とは「主述関係」に


例1:「あ! 柿赤い!」 例2:「柿赤い」

あります。これを例2のように「は」を使うと、「柿というものは 赤いものだ。」


1) 動詞述語文

「子供泣いている。」→ 「子供が泣いているのが見える・聞こえる」という場合は、

2) 形容詞述語文

「あの人が!」、「この本の面白さを是非知ってもらいたい !」等)のニュアンスを

3) 名詞述語文












  1. 話題として一つのことを設定する。「主題」の提示。
  2. 対比の「は」
  3. 限定の「は」
  4. 「再審」



  1. 「が」は直上の名詞と下にくる名詞とをくっつけて、ひとかたまりの観念にします。
  2. 現象文を作る。(現象を表す。)
    例:花が咲いていた。 「が」の上のものやことは新しく気づいた対象であり、発見であり、新知識の対象だと扱う。







「韓国語においては、初出の体言を「が」で指示する範囲が日本語よりも広いので、日本語では「は」で指示する場合にも 가 / 이 が用いられることが多い」(「日韓対照言語学入門」油谷幸利著(白帝社)P.116から)

(maybe that’s why lang-8 entry mess-up with wa vs ga is usually i use ga when i should use wa… i’ve inferred the difficulties of learning japanese if one was fluent in korean bc you’d just end up direct translating and not learn the japanese way since the little things don’t really prevent people from understanding you. )



후지산은 일본에서 제일 높고 제일 아름다운 산입니다.

예술은 길고, 인생은 짧다.




×차이가 모릅니다. 「差異がわからない。」
○차이를 모릅니다.

×김치가 좋아해요.
○김치를 좋아해요.











so as you can see there’s a lot shit regarding ga vs wa.and so i hope after reading all this and trying to keep it in my mind and being conscious of it while i do stuff in japanese i’ll learn to use wa/ga correctlyy.


lol I just thought about this screenshot from a japanese 101 point of view. i still remember how tae kim explained the japanese.

like the importance of KATTA raaa AS OPPOSED TO KATEBA etc etc

the te -form conjugation  (that shit is a pieece of cake)

and the usage of ageru…. and like the difference b.t. morau/kureru. it’s really obvious in this sentence.

the ga-  particle. yeah it’s definitely wrong if you said wa. Yeah  I do have wa vs ga down like almost 100% when it comes to hearing it-getting the nuance etc etc/passive side with my Japanese intuition and whatnot but sometimes i get it wrong on lang-8 when it comes to output. it must be the a tip for learners who know english/korean and learning japanese, they use LESS ga in japanese so….. if you’re really obsessed with perfect output you gotta really pay attention to that crap and/or read explanations. another example of why korean is not equal to japanese.

anyways this is why native material is so awesome. there’s awesome examples sentenes like this lol. no seriously, just dive in as soon as you get some basic/fundamental stuff down…

most boring episde of kinsuma ever?????????

so i can’t list all the eps of kinsumma i’ve seeeeeen but here’s a couple: tanoshingo’s akb48’s, the ex-av star now actress who was predicted to die 3years later by the fortune teller and died 3 years later, and the gotou maki episdoe.

so out of this i found eitherht e akb48 peiosde or the tanoshingo episode the most interesting., the thing with tanoshingo is he tells the same stories over and over on different shows so i knew a lot of what he said/was reenacted alrealdy 😦 but the part about the bullying i had no idea about so i was surprised bc of his “character” for TV. but for akb48 i heard a lot of stuff i didn’t know about. the kinsuma episode is worth watching for akb fans while that dodcumentrary is really boring so maybe that’s for hard-care fans? i’m curious abtout the new one. the one that includes sashihara’s transfe rto hkt48 as well as that girl who did it with ISSA.  so I recently watched gotou maki’s episode which was one of the most boring kinsuma eps i’ve ever seen out of the ones i recalled up there. kinsuma is good because we get to learn about  person and their hardships in their debut days. it’s sad and moving and interesting and all that stuff. sure gotou maki’s thing is sad with her mother father and brother but i saw no point with the episode. i would get the same thing out from reading wikipedia. the same emotions and whatnot. it was bc gotou maki’s interview or whateve rwas just… nothing. emptiness. all i was thinking as she was talking was wow she looks so pretty after plastic surgery but i personally prefer the natural lloooooook instead of the huge eyes. like in the akb episode, everyone’s comments during the intereviews was interesting and people were sometimes crying while they were talking or whatever but it was bc of what they were saying during the interview that made it interesting. but gotou maki just doesn’t say anything….. deep or inteeresting or anything. she’s like sniffling and crying and being in silence. i understand it’s sad that she went through that and whatever but it was just so boring… when i saw the episode with tanoshingo and akb48, i got something out of it but with her ep i got nothing.  if anyting, it just seems overdramatic since she doesn’t really articulate/speak very well about how she felt and how she is now and whtaever whatever. i’m just not impressed with her/interested in her as a person. I was googlingn her plastic surgery as i watching cause it was  boring and i just felikt like she was being fake.  bc the episode could’ve been interesting if she was being more real……….

yes what happened to her is sad but you know what i was thinking the thing with her mom is so DUMB. it’s like if your mom is on the window with a weird gaze on her face, you dont’ answer your phone, you IGNORE IT, throw it on the floor, turn the ringing off… you don’t PICK UP say hello. i’m busy right now i’ll cal lyou back. hear a thud of a body hitting the ground and go   OMG she committed suiciide/it was an accident. i hated the reenactment a lot bc it just shows how dumb she is (she suspected her mom was going to commit suicide before the phone rang… she said something/acted worried) and then ansers the phone.
that’s one of the reaons i was like I don’t like THIS GIRL this episode sucks etc etc.

I don’t remember what she said in the interiew after that reenanctment ended but it wasn’t anything that she should’ve said like” i’m asuch a dumb bitch, i shouldn’t have don’e that. i regret that “: bc if she did, i wouldn’t be as pissed.

actually, now that i think about it maybe she made up some of the detials or exaggerated her story and that’s why i only got anger and frustration from the episode instead of being moved like from the other eps..
I reocmmend reading the comments by
the other peple are sheeeeeeeps.

even if she asnswerd the phone, why you gotta look away from yo mom who is about to fall out the damn window. whether it was a suicide or an accident, her mom didn’t have to die right then.
– hm yeah people are listing contradictions and whatnot from the episode and reality.

i’ve seen interviews where after watching it change smy mind about that preson like oh there’s more to that perosn or against my predictions they’re acutally __ or they endured hardships in the beginning of their career or with something that i had no idea about etc etc. that’s why i like that kind of stuff, you learn about people… well in this case famous people and how they worked hard etc. so what i’m saying if you’re going to try to watch kinsuma, don’t decide on the show by the gotou maki ep lol.

that’s why i recommend reading the wiki if you care about this girl? it’s  alot faster and same emotional impact. but i personally don’t like/care about haro puro hello pro people? i like akb better… one is that i like akimoto yasushi’s song composition and lyrics better. there’s something special and catchy about the songs he makes ( I don’t like manatsu no summer sounds good WHATSOEVER THOUGH). though i’m not going to say it’s a classic or it’s in my top whatever or anything lol. i just like them.

Japanese Listening Comprehension.

so i’ve always had doubts even from the beginner/intermediate stage that there will never come a day where i will be able to catch japanese as well as i can catch english in x y z situations ie japanese movies. like when i read khatz say stuff like I understood 100% of drama and movies and whatnot i was like bs. that’s complete bs. 90- something is one thing but 100% … come on I gotta call that bullshit. if it’s the case that you have japanese subtitles and you catched all of it, that makes sense, i can do that too.
IN FACT i read this ajatt entry in Japanesee… or rather skimmed it but what he said was i like watching my japanese movies/drama with japanese subs got a probelm with that? or he said i have to watch my ~~~~ got a problem with that? so that means either he agrees that it’s impossible to catch 100% OR he just agrees it’s easier to watch and understand with subs which i think anyone will agree with unless they read at a pace of a snail which i think only happens if you avoid reading your whole damn life. or you are dyslexic but nobody diagnosed you (talk about missing out on life) like that poor glee character. ANYWAYS I just googled about it bc I really really FEEL THAT WAY. AND I ALSO asked a question on chiebukuro which has 3 answers thus far.
from my googling there seem to be legit reasons as to why people have trouble catching stuff. and people also gave some hliarious 自己完結方法 AFTER ALL whether you understood all that they said only matters to you… maybe I”ll take some of their words and apply them to my life lol. so by all means i’m not just going to blindly say oh japanese sucks i can’t catch it no matter how long i listen to it blahblah. i’m just bringing up the theories that people mentioned on the japanese interwebs and i’ll link evrything as much as i can. in fact one of the theories even applies to english media. it’s especially true for MOVIES. JAPANESE MOVIES.

>> update from my last post… pikaru no teiri …. what they did since i last watched it very interesting. so i was watching the shiratori thing and they seem to keep getting all these hot actors and have to hold back their laughter in the conto. i like the actors facial expression of…. being in love? being infatuated? lol. I was thinking how ayabe and yoshimura’s acting is good. i know ayabe is in some drama and so i don’t know if his acting in that drama is over-acting or whatever but i thought in general they’re acting is good. the reason i ‘m saying that is because i saw a clip of sasha gray acting in entourage (this show sucks btw) on youtube and she was doing this arguing scene and i just thought it sounded so fake like she’s acting. acting is pretty hard i thought after watching that, even talking like in a normal daily conversation for acting is actually very arduous. I’ve always held the notion that acting is difficult but seeing clips like these make me ponder on that YET AGAIN. 改めて

so here are my gripes with japanese listening comprehension. so i don’t know why but i have the hardest time at times at understanding dramas, movies, and commercials but i have no problem with talk/variety shows ( of course there are times i re-listen and re-wind but still don’t get what they say or i have to listen again to catch what they say but it’s not frequent especially compared to the former) . BTW somebody did mention in one of the articles that they cannot undersatnd commercials with like children talking really fast or in a high-pitched voice etc etc. i really seriously have the hardest time understand japanese commercials. it’s not that i care to watch it and i don’t really watch japaense commercials frequently just bc i watch streaming on the internet but i just notice that i really cannot undersatnd it but at the same time i don’t wnat to care about understanding commercials (it’s a waste of my time to rewind to try to understand the commercial). i can’t buy the said product first of alls.

so in numbers talk/variety 90% to 100%

drama without subs 50% to 70% lol. Now if it’s a really shitty cliche poorly written drama, obviously it’s going t obe 90% lol.

drama with JAPANESE subs 95%-100%

hmm I wonder if dramas have just as much issues as movies with the sound quality issue or is it the same

Like you can say well those tlak/variety shows ar epractically subbed. while that is true and i do rely on it sometimes it’s not all the time and sometimes i’m okay without it. like i was watching atsuatsu black mayonnaise show and i closed my eyes and just listened to what the guy was saying and i followed everything he said and understood it/caught it for like 2 minutes or maybe more. but basically even though i can’t really predict what he’s saying i stlil had no trouble understanding him. so that’s my only example against that lol. but yeah i do appreciate the text. i do think it enhances it unless it really big and blocks stuff like the people and their clothes? I love how they do the font style and colors and borders and whatnot. it is japanese with the kanji and everything. so i’m okay with it.

also there’s manzai and konto. for that it just might be me and japanese people have no problem. that’s whole another thing too but i do enjoy it or at least what i can catch of it. sometmes people write transcript on their blog b.c. they loved it so much. i’ve seen somme funny manzai and konto. i really love konto personally. there’s a lot of japanese media so venture into so i haven’t seen manzai in a long time. but by all means there are people with horrible enunciation 滑舌悪い who work as actors, comedians etc so by all means if you come across that, blame them not yourself but obviously if it’s that you don’t understand bc of your lack of immersion/listening hours then it’s YOU. but just wanted to write this post so that people don’t have unrealistic expectations (100% all the time etc etc) or feel really down on themselves over this….. Sometimes if i find an interesting manzai or conto and i missed out on a joke b.c. i can’t undersatnd it no matter how many i listen to it usually the people chiebukuro clear it up for me with their super japanese ears and awesome inferencing skills

here’s my chiebukuro question

so I posted the text/links on tumblr
there are all the japanese text on this subject that i enjoyed reaidng. there’s also articles about why old japnasese movies (‘m guesing from the 50’s) are so hard to understand and so if you don’t care about that, don’t read the articles about that. k.
some of them i only took parts of the text on the page that especially found funny or true so if you want to not miss out and have a burning desire to read all of it then go to the source link and read it.

So one of the points that people brought up was “acting style”. they were saying there’s some new trend of making the acting more “realistic” so the actors end up talking reallysoftly or mumble. yeah that’s realistic but if the viewers can’t understood what the hell the’re saying how the hell are we supposed to understand the movie. of course people brought up the point well if they talk/enunciate too clearly then it would be too fake or it would even be like the performance from yoshimoto gekijou (lol…) they were saying it’s the worst when they mumble and talk fast. and also there’s sometimes where the perosn is screaming inthe movie and they still can’ t understood what they’re saying lol. AND i found this article in english about mumbly actors and they mentioned some bbc movie/drama thing and i chcekd out the trialer and indeed that it MUMBLE. MUMBO JUMBO.

on top of this, they were saying how ghibli movies are horrible bc there’s always somebody in a ghibli movie whodoesn’t speak clealry and that’s bc this person is not really a voice actor. ghibli is obsesed with realism and whatnot but then people were like them voice actors are understandable while these ” movie actors” are not as clear.

also there was something after recording… how japanese movies don’t do it while americans movies do it. the after-recording thing. yeah i’ve seen american actors after-recording on entertainment show before in the past and they were like actually we do after recording for __ scenes. i don’t remember exactly. so the reason for japanese movie people not doing it is budget.

there was this long article about how american movies take the sound aspect more seriously how they have a position in the movie crew for someone to perfect the sound while there isn’t one for japanese movies? I just didn’t feeli like reaidng hta tarticle.
they also brought up the point that japanese actors are just not trained. they were saying most american actors (holly wood is famous and all) have been to college and majored in theater or acting or whatever so they know how to enunciate clearly. so apparently that’s not as common in japan unless the person does butai (stage acting). I mean japanese people complain about how japanese actors suck at acting all the time anyway (they do have good actors though) . they were also mentioning how the young actors juts aren’t trained with speaking properly and clearly something about them not moving their mouths enough lol. somebody mentioned that there’s a lot of actors in the industry right now who just do not have the fundamentals of speaking in an understandable way down lol.

they were like even if i bring up the volume the damn backround music is so loud the neighbors will attack me or there is an explosion sound in between the quiet talking lol (war movies lol)

peoplewere also even pointing out trends in story-telling that they’re relying too much on lines to convey the scene/feeling/etc.

so HERE ARE THEIR SOLUTIONS or rather giving up!!! lol.

one person said I DON’T go to movie theaters, i wait for the dvd and watch with the subs.

some poeple they understood what they were saying fine in the theaters but then when it got converted to dvd, the quality turned to shit and then they couldn’t understand what they were saying lol… there’s this case too.

one person even said the dvd for a movie only came with english subs so they turned that on to figure out what they saying in japanese lol. it is helpful… as in better than nothing. and for them it’s also english learning/practice.

another person’s suggestion is… actor a says something in a really quiet mumbly way that nobody can understand.
actor b says speaks clearly after actor a. and from actor b i try to guess or infer what actor a said lol.

another person was like oh i just try to get infer from the atmosphere of the movie or as long as i enjoy the atmosphere of the movie.

some people are like i give up. as long as i get the gist. i don’t give a shit about every detail.


I wish blue ray disks could allow us to set the sound the way we want like 80% bgm, se 75% like games and make it change the volume based on the actor who is speaking. LOL. but no really, i want that option too.

I know my listening skills is definitely NOT up to par with japanese natives who have listened to japanese for 10+ 20 + x+ years from birth and only know japanese but I’m not gonna get down on myself bc of actors with shitty enunciation. to some extent i can tell whether it’s bc of my lack of whatever with japanese and whether it’s the actor’s fault or the staff’s fault for not making the actor speak more clearly. so by all means i’m not just gonna automatically come to the conclusion that i couldn’t catch what this person said bc this person has crappy enunciation. there’s other reasons toooooooooooooooo lik eme etc etc.

so the reasons are

1) the actors themselves. either them or the directors telling them to talk not clearly/softly/quietly by telling them to talk naturally. also none of the people on the movie staff/crew won’t care about the movie-goers enough to realize hey it’s impossible to catch what that persons says if i didn’t have the script right in front of me so maybe they should speak more clearly and loudly blahblah.

2) the actors themselves being really shitty as speaking japanese as in proper enunciation techniques et c etc. i mean i think it’s pretty obvious they have a lot of shitty/untrained actors and actresses in japan. but there are also some really talented ones… some so talented i feel so bad for them when their talents are wasted on shitty/half-baked films or whenthey have to star with no talent actor/actreses/

2) there’s no after-recording. they don’t really put much care into the sound aspect of the movie… i think this is a big reason why it ‘s so hard to undersatnd.

3) the director or whoever does the sound effect or bgm cares more about the bgm and sound effect than the actual lines so either the bgm or sound effect will make it hard to undersand the lines or the bgm or the sound effect will be SO DAMN loud you can’t even raise the volume for the actors who talk mad quietly for no damn good reason without killing your eardrums.


so I woludn’t put 90% to 100% comprehension of japanese movies without subs as a realistic goal for fluency i would say that with JAPANESE SUBTITLES is realistic just because they just don’t give a shit abaout it…. with the sound aspect and they do have a lot of shitty actors. sorry it’s true. I relaly love the talented ones but they have a lot of shitty ones lol.


so i revised one of my check-off list for japanese fluency FROM

understanding japanesemovies 100% raw without any subs to understan japanese movies 100% with japanese subs! or ghetto japanese subs from korean subs lol. this is realistic and ican do this actually because i READ FAST. and provided there aren’t words i don’t know or they reference i crap i don’t know, i should be at 100% since there is also context and actual people talking. damn you KHATZ why you spread  lies like that. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND A JAPANAESE MOVIE 100% NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU WATCH IT . if for some miracle all the crap i mentioned above does that occur then YES it is possible to catch 100% but that is rextremely unlikely. he even said it himself on his blog that he loves watching japanese crap wit hjapanese subs which means HE HATES watching japanese crap without japanese subs. now that logic may seem forced but not to me. bs is bs.

P.S. i googled kikitori niku and kikitoridurai  with helter skelter and i got hits! yay I’m so happy i’m not alone. apparently there are japanese subs on the japanese dvd but people dont’ share that on the internets. WHY. so i had to watch it with ghetto korean subs because the korean person who made it sucks at japanese more than i do. omgs. but the movie sucks it doesn’t matter? some lines i was really curious what they were saying because the scenes were so sexual lol.  but no matter how many times i rewound it, i couldn’t understand wtf the people were saying. the movie’s awful it’s like wachinga japanese av and i’ve never even seen a japanese av. it’s very dirty. you’ll feel dirty. either look away or fast forward. it’s so ugh… i just don’t want to be associated with the movie. i liked mizuhara kiko’s short short shor tass monologue at the end. that was the only part that was good and made sense. everything else is shittttttttttttttttttt. everyone hates the director who’s real job is photographer because she makes shitty movies like this. go watch if you want to watch a sawajiri erika P0RNO or the closest thing to it.