saw the 2 specials~~ LIAR GAME

one is about fukunaga vs yokoya and the other is about alice.

so I think the fukunaga vs yokoya is better than the second movie, not sure about the firs movie… as far as content divided by time this special it’s more dense and thus more watchable. the first movie was lame so  maybe this special over that. the thing i dled kept all the commercials and it was all the same commmmmmercials about liar game.
anyways i HIGHly recommend the first season, for the second season i liked one of the games and maybe i would’ve liked the other games more if they were less dragged out?? i dun know it’s just not as well as done as the other games in season  1?? i dk. but anyways i want to check out the manga for other coool games.

if you watch movie 2 before the yokoya vs. fukunaga you know how it ends. though the game was good the performances was the usual with the crazy laughing and smircking etc etc but i love wathcing that part thoughsomething different/new or a diff. spin on that would be good that. there’s a lot of twists in this special of courrrrrse.

the special with ashida mana was aired during commercial breaks? lol. it was 4 mini eps but they were so short. a lot of fast=forwarding bt the eps bc the beginnign of the ep is the same footage. i thought afterwards “hey they already did this with akiyama” and obviously matsuda shouta did a better job acting that out… well ashida mana did a goooood job too.  too short, not deep enough. i’m going to guess this alice character wasn’t in the orgiinal manga and if it was it must’ve been deeper than this.
so ashida mana did most of her acting in this special as opposed to the actual movie.

so i recommend season 1 and fukunaga vs yokoya.  the correct order of watching is fukunaga vs yokoya, alice, second movie. I read somewhere you should watch fukunagavs yokoya before alice…. season 2 is like okay. movie 1 is ehhhhh and movie 2 is bad and tabe-chan ain’t that cute or anything. she has no personality. there’s no character development etc… It was unfortunate bc the first 10 minutes or something seemed promising with akiyama… i was like omg he’s now a ______. ___ – _____- ___ i remembered 4 or 5 characters’ names after the movie ended and that included  akiyama so it was sorta hard to follow the movie lol like who belongs to who and who betrayed whoooooooo. j/k but seriously i don’t get the deal with sakai. but i dont care bc i’m sure it makes sense and the other games were better before.

p.s. there’s other specials it’s called x-files ( love the x-files BTW.. .gotta get the dvds or something.. .seriously what is the point of the fringe.lost/etc. wouldn’t you rather re-watch the xfiles.)  or something x- something but i couldn’t find dl links just some streaing stuff but i don’t like low -quality 😦 not sure if it’s worth watching. perhaps i’ll check it out someday. it’s like back stories on the characers which should’ve been done during the season (and made the show better, make the viewer more invested) not as a tack-on
another song called butterfly that i like. butterfly by k.will. I like the song 🙂 so glad i got his album upon an indirect suggestion via this music blog… they posted their faves or best of 2012 . of course i disagreed bc i listen to a lot of korean indie but anyways those posts can be useful … like i’ll find out about an awesome artist or i didn’t notice x artist released album/single etc.  the other one in my heart is of course by kimura kaela. such a pretttttttty song!!!


also i was reading up on the suzumiya huarhi movie bc that movie is like 2 hours and 40 minutes long or soemting. i was reading the helpfulreviews on yahoo jp that were 2/3 /1 stars. the 4/5 stars are uselessss i’m not a damn otaku i find shit that is boring boring. the moe don’t kill the boring lol. so people were saying it’s ridiculously boring, the animation is amazing, stuff is dragged out etc etc, it feels like kyon is reading the novel out loud, since the duration is what it is the kyon monologue gets really annoying after a while etc . is there any way i can watch  it by fast-forwarding key draggy parts? lol. I either watch the movie  or read the novel. i’m interested in it for the story and i do like the voice actors and of course the animation is amazing but 2 hrs 40 minutes is a no no… someone even said you could take out a whole hour. other people said that there ain’t no point watching unless you’re an obsseessed fan. i’m a casual fan i liked season 1… i guess i’ll end up reading the noveL????? and just the animation/voice-acting goodness from the trailer? lol?? but seirously i reocmmend that for 5cm to just watch the trailer @ 1080p or wahtever that youtube has and be done with it bc there’s nothing…

OH WAIT JAPANESE subs are out for the movie… i’m wavering now lol.

wait up 7/2014 they’re up on this site

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