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Iphone application recommendation!  (it is free) for insomnia/napping/sleeping

It has nothing to do with Japanese though technically you could say it does indirectly. Pretty much anything relates to anything indirectly. If I were to go hardcore with this post and change it to recommendations it would be long.

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So I recommend an application called SleepEasily. (it is ALSO ON ANDROID) I’ve tried pretty much allllllllllll the sleeping applications whether it’s the ones that make “noise” “music” “hypnosis” “binaural beats” etc (plesae tell me if there’s anything I haven’t heard of. I must say the iphone canNOT mimic the fan sound. you need a real fan. some of the “calming” sounds was noise to me that made it harder to fall asleep. the 7days application sounds so promising and amazing but it was noise to me that i did’nt want to listne to lol. I gave up after 3 days and it didn’t help me sleep or fall asleep whatsoever but I felt more rested despite sleeping little so I tihnk it was completely placebo effect lol. as much as i wanted to believe that it’ll work me and my life will change drastically in a positive direction after 7 days…… it did not.

ゴッドタン 20101013 「ザ·大聲クイズ5」ハライチ パンクブ ブ (704x396 2

so after wading through all the crap this is the application that works for me you could say. there is limitations to it like it doesn’t work EVERY TIME but the success rate is high enough that I want to recommend it. I’ve tried other hypnosis ones and some of them I gave them too much of a chance. sometimes you can tell from the way the person’s talkng or their “techniques” that this hypnosis is not going to work on you. I listened to one where the person kept doing this ECHO effect and it wast lame and was counterproductive to me. I listened to another one where the person explains more about hypnosis and what all that jazz that I don’t want to listen to OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Even listening to it once is tedious. Some of the other hypnosis don’t let you fast-forward or don’t allow you to use certain options that are absolutely necessary (there was one that would not let you turn off the WAKE UP alarm at the end of the hypnosis so I didn’t even bother trying that application). they all want you to buy the full version.

this application has a full version and i use the FREE version. the upside is you can ad the volume and the fastforward the crap in the beginning. the downside to the free version is that at the end of the hypnosis the lady says if you like this get the full version blahblbha advertisement bs at a voice that’s much louder and less soothing than the last 30 minutes or so. So if by some chance I didn’t fall asleep by that time or I’m at a state where I’m about to fall asleep she’ll wake me up. So far “the being woken up when i was about fall asleep by that advertisement ” occured once. So usually she’ll knock me out before that I don’t get bothered by that. It definitely depends on the individual so I recommend trying this application if you need help “learning” how to relax and clear your head and fall asleep. one of my biggest problems is clearing my head and getting myself to stop thinking about all these little thing that are inconsequential at this very moment of me trying to fall asleep…. Also sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep and i lie there and it seems so wasteful and boring. Sometimes I can tell that I feel extra alert and I can tell it’ll be harder to to fall asleep than usualy. at those times sometimes this application helps, other times it doesn’t.

ゴッドタン 20101013 「ザ·大聲クイズ5」ハライチ パンクブ ブ (704x396 2 (picutres have nothing to do with the post but if you can read japanese then they should give you some chuckles despite not knowing the context other than it’s from GOD TONGUE)

my BIGGEST problem with sleeping is the early morning awakenings and I relaly don’t think I have depression. This application helps like I said most of the time. before I really had no idea what to do because i feel like shit and i feel exhausted but I cannot asleep / i don’t feel sleepy. of course this application doesn’t make you sleepy but only helps get relaxed which may lead to sleepinesss which seems impossible sometimes because I feel so awake. there were many times before I found this applicatoin where I tried to fall back asleep and wasted 2 hours in this “not asleep” state (this state is hard to explain but basically it’s not SLEEPING so i don’t get REST ) where I “wake up” / “wake up to a realization ” of feeling like shit and really exhausted. my eyes were especially totaled. they feel fine now but we’ll see.

so I use for 3 things which is napping, falling sleep (if I feel like I need it), and falling back asleep (it lessens the time to fall back aslseep)

if you google segmented sleep or early morning whatever sleep crap they’ll be like oh after 20 minutes or if you really feel awake then go read a book or do whatever activity in lighting that is dim blahblahblah but I prefer using this app over that for sure. throw out another suggestion. I do not plan on buying the full version. I don’t like spending money.

AND BTW I know that in the hypnosis she says some strange, silly things but you know give it a chance and don’t perserverate on that. have an open, unjudgemental mind and see if it works if you have my problem. if it doesn’t, try out other hypnosis people. and other btw I love the sounds effects towards end where I’m about to fall asleep. that sound is really soothing and I’m trained to fall asleep with that sound. something about it is so soothing and by listening to this over and over I’ve conditioned myself to react to that sound like that.