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episode 7 – suzuki sensei

*I don’t think it’s spoilery. it’s not detailed enough *


i must bitch the girl they casted  for maruyama/ the way they had her to talk (or they way she decided to talk) was just WRONG. I HATE her f’in voice and the way she talks (I would surmise that you don’t need to undersatnd japanese to be irritated at this girl but you can let me know ).  i never knew somebody could piss me off with a “hai” but this girl did it (and they showed the scene twice which is double puke).  plus she talks way too slow which made the words GET OVER IT BITch echo in my head over and over) what a feat!

and she’s a hypocrite too. her words don’t match her actions. she says “let’s do this fast so we can go home”. she moves relaly fucking slow (clean REALLY slowly, walk really slowly) and she stands still for minutes (that’s what it felt like) instead of moving and whatnot.  and why does it take 10 seconds to respond to suzuki- sensei only to respond with a hai that is super ear-grating and irritating.. I also think that voice she used isn’t even her real voice. it sounds so annoying. there’s no way. by fake i mean she’s making that voice which a lot of japanse women do. their voices make want to LOL in their face but i try my best to not do that. it’s so ridiculous and they sound so ridiculous and it’s just so dumb on so many levels.


something about this show is boring and dry to me. i don’t know what it is. it is interesting/well-done for what it is with the logistics and deep thinking. i hate taruko-sensei. she’s annoying. she needs to f’ off. she serves no role i wish they would stop giving her lines. i hate her voice and her haircut . it’s 2013 for f’s sakes!  i still think the girlfriend is useless… any scene with her is just boring and just feels pointless. She has yet to prove her worth.


* korean parks look cooooooooooooool

I never thought this show could get more awkward than the 1st episode. but it does!  I don’t know what’s more awkward.. this or the kanye west interview on that late night talk show post-feud.


the kawabe girl… she was really annoying too with this episode and last episode. i mean i understand her frustrations but listening to her scream is really annoying and really childish ( and i hate this about j-drama…) which makes me  more shocked of her past and present etc.  I remember at least one instance in this drama where somebody’s actions just was not logical and just added to melodramatics. so in general people in this show yell/scream/bawl (i thought people stopped crying like this after elementary school at least in public due to self-restraint) too much  i think it’s unrealistic and it’s really annoying. a particular instance of the unrealisticness was when this girl was all upset and she started crying and she was in complete despair. I would think if i was in that situation i would leave the classroom whether it’s walking out or running out not crumbling down on my knees and then putting face down on/towards the floor (that shit’s dirty) and sobbing/bawling (bawling as in making STRANGE sounds bawling) in front of 30/40 classmates. it’s already bad enough that people are staring. i wouldn’t just leave myself in that circumstance regardless of my despair gauge. the other thing is i don’t understand by the girl couldn’t control herself and break down at a later time ro wahtever.


I thought for episode 4 or was it 5. it would’ve been so much better if they didn’t have the MEGANE kid  do the evil HA HAHA LAUGH. it’s not an anime and the scene doesn’t require that at all. and whenever you do that it really kills the scene and undoes the hard-work the actor did up to the point . I don’t understand why they cannot get it right.  I also thought if he didn’t talk in “that” voice the whole time it would’ve made it more realistic and better but he talked with that the voice THE WHOLE time. that just made the scene contrived.

***  so recently I watched the 4th kiss tolerance (lol it sounds weird) contest?

KISS ENDURANCE. kiss resistance.???
all these phrases are vague and sound like it could be the other way with the goal of the contest.
on god tongue and they had someone who did the eveil haha ha laugh… but his acting was AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG. it was totally believable and funny all at the same time. while for the suzuki-sensei thing it’s unintentionally ufnny  and just… feels fake/forced. japan does have good acting just not in the most traditional places you’d expect it like in dramas and movies lol. the acting in the kiss tolerance contest is better than most dramas. narimatsu is definitely better than the megane kid with the evil laughh. it’s pretty difficult to pull it off…. but narimatsu did it. i totally applaud him for that. mgeane kid stop making me cringe.

all my complaints about the acting or decisions made with the acting might be due to director 演出家  (is there one in dramas? ) or producer or whatever more than the child actor…. i wouldn’t know whose fault it is. but that person needs to engage with more people because this shit is not real.

*** also i noticed one of the kids look like yamada ryousuke. i don’t remember yamada’s acting chops or how much his acting has grown since i last saw him in a drama but i wonder if yamada is better than the kid who looks like him lol. i was thinking if yamada looks too old to be in this drama full of middle schoolers and yeah he is..

p.s. after the first fantasy scene it got old reallly fast. it just felt so slow-paced and boring. i’m just like ugggggggh. thank god there was none this episode 🙂 spare me that shit but then they showed the same shit 2 or 3 times which i hate.

* some of the episodic plots were SO PEDESTRIAN so it felt so slow-paced, tedisou, and boring. i appreciate the part where suzuki-sensei talks to the kid or the teachers or whatever about his opinion and the logic and blahblah but it doesn’t change the fact that the pedestrianness is BORING. AT THIS POINT this is average school drama despite its achievements because of the pedestrianness… i recommend NOBUTA, MY BOSS MY HERO, WATASHI TACHI NO KYOKASHO, hanazakar no kimitachi e as far as school dramas go before this BY A BILLION MILES! k….

maybe god tongue is also another reason i find the fantasy scenes so boring. od tongue does it so much better and it’s so funny and the bgm/sounds effects are perfect (something I will probably never say about korean shows).

I watched this scene 10 times because it was so funnnnnny


the japanese subs are good. it’s really easy to watch/understand.

BTW about the manga. i did not read it but i did flip through it. i tihnk flipping through is enough to judge it just because of my experience anime/manga over the years and just my age that i’m older than before lol….. let me just say it made me not want to read it. the manga is pedestrian just like the drama because the drama is based on the manga. the worst part is the drawing in the manga. it’s DAMN SHITTY! lol. the level is so low. I’m so surprised they published. not to mention it’s frikin 2012 or 2013 or whatever year it was when it was published. i thought the level was supposed to go up or at least be consistent,,,, not go down like crazy.  if the drawing really isn’t working for you… you should’ve teamed with kenji or whoever to draw it and you come up with the characters and story line like they did with WELCOME TO THE NHK. sometimes it’s better to have one person focus on the story and the ovreall picture while somebody focuses just on drawing and really making the most out of everything.  all in all it’s unreadable in my book. i think the drawing in liar game is probably better lol… i don’t know like the drawing of liar game either. but i don’t remember having the adjectives shitty floating in my head when i saw it like i did with suzuk-sen!  I just wrote this because PEOPLE ALWAYS GO OH THE MANGA/GENSAKU etc is always better but USUALLY the adapation SUCKS because the ORIGINAL sucks.  i  hate that trend of people blaming the adaptation for the shittiness that already existed in its previous form.

Love Shuffle Review

Like I did for gonzo i’m just gonna write an entry rather than add tothe reviews or create a new post with a bunch of reviews ( i have to watch a shitload of drama before i can do that lol)


my thoughts after ep 1:

love shuffle. episode 1 thoughts: it seems average. none of the characters seem that interesting. but people say this show is really good and somebody told me it was better than jin. jin has its flaws but it was so enjoyable and well-done in SO MANY ASPECTS. obviously love shuffle won’t beat jin in the costume or background music department… though i do like the english songs as bgm

so i heard good stuff about this as in better tha JIN good as in top drama from 2009 but i don’t think so at all lol. from 2009 I believe I saw

arifureta kiseki, atashinchi no danshi, uta no onii-san, boss, mr. brain, buzzer beat – these are all like less than 1 ep or just clips. i can tell they’re just average/below average as in not worth watching DESPITE the lead actor and how i much like him or her.

samurai high schol

liar game 2


gyne gine?

mei chan no shitsuji

besides love shuffle

… so 2009 was awful lol from what i’ve seen so i can see why people would want to rave about love shuffle because there’s so much shit but comeo on!!  there’s a couple on my to watch list from 2009 so those might be the good ones. I guess love shuffle is better than some of the shit i saw but it’s still not special. for me from what i’ve seen it’s like #1 jin #2 gine #3 liar game 2 (yeah it’s not good compared to season 1 especially  since season 1 is 35min and season 2 is 44 min but i feel like i had more fun watching this than love shuffle though i definitely didn’t enjoy it as much as season 1 ) #4 love shuffle

So the cast is goooooooood. I like everyone and i especially am a fan of matsuda shouta and tanihara shousuke and yoshitaka yuriko. I feel like it’s one of those dramas with a really good cast but weak story/characters. example of why the characters are weak… there’s at least 2 characters that you don’t care about lol which is exemplified in the last episode. the unrealisticness of the show just killed it ie last episode (lame-o)… yeah that’s the premise… is there anyway a show with this premise be actually good???????

story is just weak……… and i could really feel it in the last episode with how they wrapped stuff around. it’s just very luke-warm. I’m not feeling it. i’m just not into it.  some of the tie-ups were just turn-offs (turn-off is a good way to translate the negative thoughts on the drama from japanese peple with the samui, itai and all that ) ie matsuda shouta’s, tamaki ‘s was weak, the mei was weak, so was daigo’s. i would say probably tanihara and the jukujo? lol is she too young to be jukujo had the best story lines/acting (the acting can only be so good if the storyline is lame…) compared to the other storylines…  there’s good parts and bad parts so i don’t want to make it sound like the show’s complete crap (there’s good lines and some cheesy/iffy lines/scenes)…. any drama does but… i just have these complaints about it and i’m so surprised people are reocmmending this drama.  I’d recommend jin and gyne before this and they have j-subs too and they’re timed 🙂 to be honest before i heard the good stuff about this drama i was turned off by the concept love shuffle. I didn’t read any synopsis but it’s pretty obvious what that means and i imagined that a show that premise is gonna be very boring unless it’s extremely well-executed with twists and shit as in american-drama level. to some extent love shuffle did fulfill my expectations of  being boring. it did take me 5 months to finis hwatching it. what happened was i was watching iron leaguer and love shuffle and i was doing the “watch iron leaguer, watch love shuffle” thing but then iron leaguer GOT SO GOOD and love shuffle was just not drawing me in so i ended up just watching iron leaguer then i just forgot about love shuffle and then i finally finished watching it this week in parts as in watched 15 minutes of ep 9, watched the rest of ep 9 etc. not really because the show is awfual or unwatchable or anything i just don’t have much time lol and i just don’t have a burning desire to finish watching the episode. .

it has comedy in it and sad parts in it and romance parts in it. i think the worst part was probably the romance???????which is really bad since the show is called love shuffle. it wasn’t the romance was awful … i just wouldn’t call it good. it didn’t draw me in. it connects back to the cahracters that they’re weak and there’s 2 throw-away characters. i never cared about mei EVERRRRRRRRRRr. I could never get myself to care. i just find that character that boring and there’s not enough depth. not sure if it’s the actress or the character since i’ve only seen the actress in this drama. i’ve heard that karina dos the same acting in every drama/movie lol. that’s how she’s criticized for her acting the comedy was weak to me… the jo and the panda was just whatev but they kept repeating it… so i was like wtf?  sad parts are like … they could be better. like i said with the romance it all connects back to the story and the characters… if they delved deeper or had more something or a twist or anything. there’s just nothing special about this drama. it’s just another unfortunate drama where the cast is amazing but the meat is so lacking. I’m so surprised people put this on top of JIN> jin is ON A COMPLETELY different level for me. If I were to rank love shuffle in my rankings with the must-see/masterpiece good/average etc I would put it at average?  because my enojyment was eh.


since a lot of people seemed to have enjoyed it and even like it better than jin i guess it wouldn’t hut for you to try watching it but in case you’re like me… i advise that you gauge the quality of the show with 1 ep or 2 eps because it will grow on you a slightly more after ep 1/2…. so you can tell if you’re one of those people whose hearts resonate with this show or not with just a few eps. I personally would’ve just watched stopped watching it after ep 1 because it didn’t impress me at all but since people were saying good stuff i thought maybe it’s one of those dramas that get really good or build or get amazing all of a sudden or has some twists later down the line but it doesn’t do ANY OF THAT. let me just say that. you might think oh they did have a twist with that character or whatever and to that “I say no that’s not a twist… a twist has to be something a little more severe/interesting.”

i totally agree with the negative reviews on ch-review, accessup, amazon…. it’s so unfortunate because the cast is good but then there’s throw-away characters and the script is just like ugh… japanese people used the word 寒い さぶい 鳥肌



basically i do not recommend this show and i don’t know why people recommend this or regard it so highly or love it more than JIN… by all means if you want to try one ep is plenty to decide.

plus side is there’s japanese subs that are untimed  + dramanote + other japanese blogs tat transcribed stuff but there’s timed subs for the korean ones that you can translate to japanese.  like isaid before if you don’t like the drama, there’s no point!


Okay so I wrote in a previous entry that mioka = namida no liter or the other way around.

and… it really is. I was curious and youtubed it and just watched parts of it and it was SO SIMILAR… the doctor scenes, the scenery, any scene actually lol. they’re not trying to hide it. it’s more like they’re trying to copy it or maybe any jdrama with this sort of setup will always end up this way with the execution.  涙頂戴ドラマ。 闘病

but lately I noticed a scene that they put in  both dramas as well as in grey’s anatomy. care to guess? it’s episode 10 for mioka and ifeel like it was episode 10 for namida as well…. i didn’t research this but i just remember that it was episode 10? but if is it’s like WHY. they gotta make stuff more and more obvious lol.  EDIT: actually for mioka i never saw the scene, i just saw the previous episode summary and they included that scene so maybe it was episode 9?

I almost didn’t even see the new season of grey’s anatomy because of the whole melodramatic/unrealistic finale that was the GUNMAN finale as well as the PLANE crash finale. that show makes me laugh so much sometimes.

I personally prefer the way the scene was written/executed/handled in the grey’s anatomy episode. I don’t know what episode it is exactly for grey’s but it’s the episodes before she got the prosthetic leg obviously. btw i’v egotta check out the ep with the amputaiton. actually not that i think about it, the situation is rather different in grey’s anatomy.

here’s the scene in grey’s anatomy in gif/text format. lol thx to tumblr



First i’m just gonna rant about mioka. so 1 liter of namida has its fairshare of unrealistic/forced hijinx but mioka is probably worse with that. Granted I only saw random scenes from 3 different episodes. but from what i can tell the guy/LOVE INTEREST is living with her? in her room? unless it’s her brother? but I don’t think so from the way she talks to him and the way he monologues about her. but if he is living with her, that doesn’t make any sense???????? I really like yoshitaka yuriko since she has an interesting personality and she’s good at acting and she’s pretty but this drama is shit lol.  I can definitely say 1 liter of tears music/ost > mioka ost. I like tanihara shousuke over fujiki naoki? because tanihara shousuke is just good at playing those roles and he’s good at acting. BUT all his scenes that I saw from the clips just reminded me of the namida doctor scenes.or maybe  all the doctor scenes with dramas that have this cheesy set-up just have to end up that way. so it can’t be helped? it’s like okay the scene where he says the disease has progressed to the next stage. i would advise that now she stays at the hospital for monitoring or i’m afraid it’s going to get more and more difficult for her to___ etc etc. maybe that’s just how it is. there’s a limit to the variety of dialogue/scenes that can be done in dramas with this setting. i have yet to see a drama that is good that has the premise that these 2 dramas have… as far as I can tell…. OH ALSO there was a movie. the song that goes with the movie is awesome. it’s called ashita ga kuru nara by JUJU. howver, the movie sucks balls. i don’t have to see it to know that it sucks. for one, the female lead cannot act. the title is like the bride/wife/spouse who only has 6 months to live. i wonder if it’s cancer??? whocares. it ain’t real. but it’s actually based on a real story. but i’m sure it’s been mellowed and dramatized to the max for your viewing pleasure but not mine lol.

SO I’M NOT sure if it’s fair for me to compare that scene in mioka vs namida vs ggrey’s anatomy just because the situation is so different. like for grey’s anatomy, arizona’s not going to die (unless the writers want to kill her to make callie commit suicide since so many people around her died lol) while the other girls in these jdramas will die because of their disease (indirectly but nonetheless it is the cause…). so arizona can overcome it or whatever but for namida/mioka… they can’t replace their brain/brain cells.

I just hate how in the scenes, both of them had it so the male love interest or whoever finds her in the situation and it’s a scene for the sake of omg poor thing…. how embarrassing/ disease is progressing so they can’t even go to the bathroom in time. they basically st up the worst possible situation since their hot, good -looking interest discovers the in the situation. i don’t know which execution i hate more… for namida ishe says dont’ come in a very angry/stern way because SHE realy doesn’t want him to come.  she’s just embarrassed and shamed and the guy i think didn’t go in go in to the room but he saw what happened through the door. then aya’s mom came in and helped her out and she was like go away to him obviously. and then for mioka, from what i can tell from that episode summary snippet they show in the beginning of episodes, she says don’t come but he comes anyway or he didn’t but he saw it anyway (PS how do they set up the fake pee so it’s like that… you know it’s a realistic puddle lol. OKAY I’m more curious about the leg erasing in grey’s anatomy as far as SFX is concerned) and then yoshitaka yuriko’s character mioka (weird name btw imo) says to him in a very yoshitaka yuriko-way? “I didn’t make it” or I thought i could make it…. something along those lines. the way she said it was sorta unexpected… she didn’t say it in a way where she sounds really angry or super ashamed like in namida. she just said it in a sad way

but obviously of the three, grey’s anatomy is the execution that is the least cringy to watch and it seems the least unrealistic and least convenient.

Wow J-drama is awesome & anime is… uh… who cares?


I took the initiative to bold the parts I like because i pretty much only like those parts (サビが最高)cause i’m just not into jpop-ballad type songs usually. but i just like it cause it fits with this drama and i like those parts. It sorta reminds me of 1 liter of tears because this drama actually has substance and all that while 1 liter of tears is just really really obsessed with making the viewers cry. basically jin owns 1 liter of tears for OBVIOUS reasons.


仁= 感動・感激

1リットルの涙= 安直なお涙頂戴


初めて出会った日のこと 覚えてますか
過ぎ行く日の思い出を 忘れずにいて
あなたが見つめた 全てを 感じていたくて
空を見上げた 今はそこで 私を 見守っているの? 教えて…

今 逢いたい あなたに
伝えたい事が たくさんある
ねえ 逢いたい
気づけば 面影 探して 悲しくて
どこにいるの? 抱きしめてよ
私は ここにいるよ ずっと

もう二度と逢えないことを 知っていたなら
繋いだ手を いつまでも 離さずにいた
『ここにいて』と そう素直に 泣いていたなら
今も あなたは 変わらぬまま 私の隣りで 笑っているかな

今 逢いたい あなたに
聞いて欲しいこと いっぱいある
ねえ 逢いたい 逢いたい
涙があふれて 時は いたずらに過ぎた
ねえ 逢いたい 抱きしめてよ
あなたを 想っている ずっと

運命が変えられなくても 伝えたいことがある
『戻りたい…』あの日 あの時に 叶うのなら 何もいらない

今 逢いたい あなたに
知って欲しいこと いっぱいある
ねえ 逢いたい 逢いたい

どうしようもなくて 全て夢と願った
この心は まだ泣いてる
あなたを 想っている ずっと

Anyways it’s just another reason I’m glad that I chose to learn Japanese & to try to get into Jdrama. Yes I’ve been stabbed by crap dramas that sucked x hours out of my life but…. gawd this drama is AMAZING. I honestly absolutely hate/no interest in jidai geki… what’s it called in english.i forgot. But anyways this one.. I just heard a lot of good things abt it & it has good ratings but i was still like I hate JIDAI GEKI. But I was like at lesat watch episode 1 and then drop it without guilt. But this drama is so interesting and it’s pretty edgy i would say lol with the nokaze stuff~~ I like wows. I learned so much from this drama…. like how whores talked in those days (j/k.) and how they had _ or _ etc. ありんす。。可愛い語尾. I’m mad excited for the movie, but i haven’t finished watching the drama yet. also the liar game movie... i feel the show has lost novelty value for obvious reasons but i like that show for its quirks with the neon color clothes… just in general odd quirky style of the participants  on that show lol. I love the new BGM minus that noisy one. just as far as learning value from the jin drama   as far as japanese goes…. there is cause i never set foot anywhere near edo jidai stuff lol. but you know understanding  it isn’t that bad/hard at all for the most part. there’s japanese subs on d-addicts so watching liar game and jin is easier.Oh and I finally get to finish watching MOP GIRL.so sad, no more mop girl 😦

https://i2.wp.com/img300.imageshack.us/img300/5594/24632133.jpgSo anyways my winter break is dominated by DRAMA and not anime. There’s just nothing that great that came out as far as I can tell. Like I expected a lot from kimi ni todoke & from the first episode alone i don’t want to watch it no more. First of all I don’t like the voice actors… especially the girl. it’s just… .her voice is so fake. speaking of which i noticed how fake mikuru’s voice is recenetly while finishing watching the second season – i think that’s a sign of improvement of my japanese abilities/ listening abilites that i’ve been listened to more japanese since the last time iwatched haruhi which was in september. So I think I think more of the dub version than before as far as mikuru’s voice goes… her voice is fake in japanese too…. but anyways kimi ni todoke reminds me of that other anime yamato something something that isn’t very good either which i gave up after 1 episode. the animation is just shit to me. It’s like it’s not the 80s right now, it’s 2009. It’s just not within ACCEPTABLE boundaries. I just don’t get it… The narration crap has been said so before in some other anime before etc… As of now i’m not watching this show.

As far as the yamato nadeshiko drama… I don’ tknow it sorta reminds me of hana yori dango in a way when i saw the commercail or wahtever on youtube. I have a feeling it’ll be shit or really good.. kamenashi..

bakemonogatari is like… hmm interesting and i can probably finish watching it but like i don’t like the perverted aspect of it… i don’t like the girl’s voice actor… she just sounds OLD. plus is any of that crap worth reading? i don’t get it. EDIT: I dropped after second episode.. .i  just felt like what’s the point of wathcing this? i’m going to guess the rest is going to b elike this. i do not like stupid perv crap

I don’t think i’ll finish watching zan sayonara... because it’s boring. the end. sorries.

I noticed the NEW #1 anime on MAL And I’m not touching that shit lol. I don’t like clannad so no… and ttgl is boring as hell as well…

But seriously, if there’s any anime that came out after 2009 that is as good as JIN or almost as good as JIN… tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JIN is like a million times better than kimi ni todoke which is making me wonder why the hell do people like kimi ni todoke… why it popular?it really sucks as a shojo anime in general and there have been many better/more entertaining shoujo/children anime just from the 90s alone? but seirously… it’s shits.

Screencap post


Took screen caps  of anything that looked pretty or interesting

ggzansayonarazetsubouse.jpg (320×181)

Says: morning frog, welcome back/home. asagaere | okaeri.

Pink = cute         / In the second one, that bowl of rice is cute 🙂

Both scary and creepy

I like the old lady’s bun lol. Just the whole silouette

So cute. I think the encore ova is better than the other OVA so if you’re like i only wanna watch one of ova series, I’d say ENCORE. Only downside is they got chunky like the first few seconds of the first OVA ep was like… shock.

ralenichigomashimaroencf.png (320×180)