Wow J-drama is awesome & anime is… uh… who cares?


I took the initiative to bold the parts I like because i pretty much only like those parts (サビが最高)cause i’m just not into jpop-ballad type songs usually. but i just like it cause it fits with this drama and i like those parts. It sorta reminds me of 1 liter of tears because this drama actually has substance and all that while 1 liter of tears is just really really obsessed with making the viewers cry. basically jin owns 1 liter of tears for OBVIOUS reasons.


仁= 感動・感激

1リットルの涙= 安直なお涙頂戴


初めて出会った日のこと 覚えてますか
過ぎ行く日の思い出を 忘れずにいて
あなたが見つめた 全てを 感じていたくて
空を見上げた 今はそこで 私を 見守っているの? 教えて…

今 逢いたい あなたに
伝えたい事が たくさんある
ねえ 逢いたい
気づけば 面影 探して 悲しくて
どこにいるの? 抱きしめてよ
私は ここにいるよ ずっと

もう二度と逢えないことを 知っていたなら
繋いだ手を いつまでも 離さずにいた
『ここにいて』と そう素直に 泣いていたなら
今も あなたは 変わらぬまま 私の隣りで 笑っているかな

今 逢いたい あなたに
聞いて欲しいこと いっぱいある
ねえ 逢いたい 逢いたい
涙があふれて 時は いたずらに過ぎた
ねえ 逢いたい 抱きしめてよ
あなたを 想っている ずっと

運命が変えられなくても 伝えたいことがある
『戻りたい…』あの日 あの時に 叶うのなら 何もいらない

今 逢いたい あなたに
知って欲しいこと いっぱいある
ねえ 逢いたい 逢いたい

どうしようもなくて 全て夢と願った
この心は まだ泣いてる
あなたを 想っている ずっと

Anyways it’s just another reason I’m glad that I chose to learn Japanese & to try to get into Jdrama. Yes I’ve been stabbed by crap dramas that sucked x hours out of my life but…. gawd this drama is AMAZING. I honestly absolutely hate/no interest in jidai geki… what’s it called in english.i forgot. But anyways this one.. I just heard a lot of good things abt it & it has good ratings but i was still like I hate JIDAI GEKI. But I was like at lesat watch episode 1 and then drop it without guilt. But this drama is so interesting and it’s pretty edgy i would say lol with the nokaze stuff~~ I like wows. I learned so much from this drama…. like how whores talked in those days (j/k.) and how they had _ or _ etc. ありんす。。可愛い語尾. I’m mad excited for the movie, but i haven’t finished watching the drama yet. also the liar game movie... i feel the show has lost novelty value for obvious reasons but i like that show for its quirks with the neon color clothes… just in general odd quirky style of the participants  on that show lol. I love the new BGM minus that noisy one. just as far as learning value from the jin drama   as far as japanese goes…. there is cause i never set foot anywhere near edo jidai stuff lol. but you know understanding  it isn’t that bad/hard at all for the most part. there’s japanese subs on d-addicts so watching liar game and jin is easier.Oh and I finally get to finish watching MOP sad, no more mop girl 😦 anyways my winter break is dominated by DRAMA and not anime. There’s just nothing that great that came out as far as I can tell. Like I expected a lot from kimi ni todoke & from the first episode alone i don’t want to watch it no more. First of all I don’t like the voice actors… especially the girl. it’s just… .her voice is so fake. speaking of which i noticed how fake mikuru’s voice is recenetly while finishing watching the second season – i think that’s a sign of improvement of my japanese abilities/ listening abilites that i’ve been listened to more japanese since the last time iwatched haruhi which was in september. So I think I think more of the dub version than before as far as mikuru’s voice goes… her voice is fake in japanese too…. but anyways kimi ni todoke reminds me of that other anime yamato something something that isn’t very good either which i gave up after 1 episode. the animation is just shit to me. It’s like it’s not the 80s right now, it’s 2009. It’s just not within ACCEPTABLE boundaries. I just don’t get it… The narration crap has been said so before in some other anime before etc… As of now i’m not watching this show.

As far as the yamato nadeshiko drama… I don’ tknow it sorta reminds me of hana yori dango in a way when i saw the commercail or wahtever on youtube. I have a feeling it’ll be shit or really good.. kamenashi..

bakemonogatari is like… hmm interesting and i can probably finish watching it but like i don’t like the perverted aspect of it… i don’t like the girl’s voice actor… she just sounds OLD. plus is any of that crap worth reading? i don’t get it. EDIT: I dropped after second episode.. .i  just felt like what’s the point of wathcing this? i’m going to guess the rest is going to b elike this. i do not like stupid perv crap

I don’t think i’ll finish watching zan sayonara... because it’s boring. the end. sorries.

I noticed the NEW #1 anime on MAL And I’m not touching that shit lol. I don’t like clannad so no… and ttgl is boring as hell as well…

But seriously, if there’s any anime that came out after 2009 that is as good as JIN or almost as good as JIN… tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JIN is like a million times better than kimi ni todoke which is making me wonder why the hell do people like kimi ni todoke… why it popular?it really sucks as a shojo anime in general and there have been many better/more entertaining shoujo/children anime just from the 90s alone? but seirously… it’s shits.

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