PART II because I don’t like having so many pictures load for one post… I would like love to actually watch more japanese dramas but i barely have enough time to watch all the japanes etlak/variety shows that i want to watch/check out all the korean/japnaese music, watch my american dramas, read the books i […]

Wow J-drama is awesome & anime is… uh… who cares?

仁の主題歌: I took the initiative to bold the parts I like because i pretty much only like those parts (サビが最高)cause i’m just not into jpop-ballad type songs usually. but i just like it cause it fits with this drama and i like those parts. It sorta reminds me of 1 liter of tears because this […]

J-drama “Reviews”~

Gonna share my opinion on some J-dramas to get recommendations, get stuff off my chest, etc. Sorry about my poor writing skills but well i don’t like to read books so I can’t help it ? But I do diligently follow the CC on my tv as i watch my american darma lol… that’s why […]

Listen to Japanese Efficiently. AJATT

As far as drama/anime/anything with soft subtitles. 1) Sub2SRS http://forum.koohii.com/viewtopic.php?id=2643 2) Join the mp3 files with: http://www.snapfiles.com/get/mp3albummaker.html 3) truncate silence Usually with this the end-product is at least half the length. It depends on the show obviously and how much you filter.  in the time it takes to listen to the whole episode once you […]

Pitch Accent

I forgot to mention that I donated to dogen’s patreon page for 1 month in May to learn about pitch accent! It’s definitely worth more than $10 but I am frugal. For a person who has never bought a textbook for Japanese (tae kim is more than enough to get people started),  this is the […]

Screencap post

http://img43.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=ggzansayonarazetsubouse.jpg Took screen caps  of anything that looked pretty or interesting Says: morning frog, welcome back/home. asagaere | okaeri. Pink = cute         / In the second one, that bowl of rice is cute 🙂 Both scary and creepy I like the old lady’s bun lol. Just the whole silouette So cute. […]