Okay so I wrote in a previous entry that mioka = namida no liter or the other way around.

and… it really is. I was curious and youtubed it and just watched parts of it and it was SO SIMILAR… the doctor scenes, the scenery, any scene actually lol. they’re not trying to hide it. it’s more like they’re trying to copy it or maybe any jdrama with this sort of setup will always end up this way with the execution.  涙頂戴ドラマ。 闘病

but lately I noticed a scene that they put in  both dramas as well as in grey’s anatomy. care to guess? it’s episode 10 for mioka and ifeel like it was episode 10 for namida as well…. i didn’t research this but i just remember that it was episode 10? but if is it’s like WHY. they gotta make stuff more and more obvious lol.  EDIT: actually for mioka i never saw the scene, i just saw the previous episode summary and they included that scene so maybe it was episode 9?

I almost didn’t even see the new season of grey’s anatomy because of the whole melodramatic/unrealistic finale that was the GUNMAN finale as well as the PLANE crash finale. that show makes me laugh so much sometimes.

I personally prefer the way the scene was written/executed/handled in the grey’s anatomy episode. I don’t know what episode it is exactly for grey’s but it’s the episodes before she got the prosthetic leg obviously. btw i’v egotta check out the ep with the amputaiton. actually not that i think about it, the situation is rather different in grey’s anatomy.

here’s the scene in grey’s anatomy in gif/text format. lol thx to tumblr

First i’m just gonna rant about mioka. so 1 liter of namida has its fairshare of unrealistic/forced hijinx but mioka is probably worse with that. Granted I only saw random scenes from 3 different episodes. but from what i can tell the guy/LOVE INTEREST is living with her? in her room? unless it’s her brother? but I don’t think so from the way she talks to him and the way he monologues about her. but if he is living with her, that doesn’t make any sense???????? I really like yoshitaka yuriko since she has an interesting personality and she’s good at acting and she’s pretty but this drama is shit lol.  I can definitely say 1 liter of tears music/ost > mioka ost. I like tanihara shousuke over fujiki naoki? because tanihara shousuke is just good at playing those roles and he’s good at acting. BUT all his scenes that I saw from the clips just reminded me of the namida doctor scenes.or maybe  all the doctor scenes with dramas that have this cheesy set-up just have to end up that way. so it can’t be helped? it’s like okay the scene where he says the disease has progressed to the next stage. i would advise that now she stays at the hospital for monitoring or i’m afraid it’s going to get more and more difficult for her to___ etc etc. maybe that’s just how it is. there’s a limit to the variety of dialogue/scenes that can be done in dramas with this setting. i have yet to see a drama that is good that has the premise that these 2 dramas have… as far as I can tell…. OH ALSO there was a movie. the song that goes with the movie is awesome. it’s called ashita ga kuru nara by JUJU. howver, the movie sucks balls. i don’t have to see it to know that it sucks. for one, the female lead cannot act. the title is like the bride/wife/spouse who only has 6 months to live. i wonder if it’s cancer??? whocares. it ain’t real. but it’s actually based on a real story. but i’m sure it’s been mellowed and dramatized to the max for your viewing pleasure but not mine lol.

SO I’M NOT sure if it’s fair for me to compare that scene in mioka vs namida vs ggrey’s anatomy just because the situation is so different. like for grey’s anatomy, arizona’s not going to die (unless the writers want to kill her to make callie commit suicide since so many people around her died lol) while the other girls in these jdramas will die because of their disease (indirectly but nonetheless it is the cause…). so arizona can overcome it or whatever but for namida/mioka… they can’t replace their brain/brain cells.

I just hate how in the scenes, both of them had it so the male love interest or whoever finds her in the situation and it’s a scene for the sake of omg poor thing…. how embarrassing/ disease is progressing so they can’t even go to the bathroom in time. they basically st up the worst possible situation since their hot, good -looking interest discovers the in the situation. i don’t know which execution i hate more… for namida ishe says dont’ come in a very angry/stern way because SHE realy doesn’t want him to come.  she’s just embarrassed and shamed and the guy i think didn’t go in go in to the room but he saw what happened through the door. then aya’s mom came in and helped her out and she was like go away to him obviously. and then for mioka, from what i can tell from that episode summary snippet they show in the beginning of episodes, she says don’t come but he comes anyway or he didn’t but he saw it anyway (PS how do they set up the fake pee so it’s like that… you know it’s a realistic puddle lol. OKAY I’m more curious about the leg erasing in grey’s anatomy as far as SFX is concerned) and then yoshitaka yuriko’s character mioka (weird name btw imo) says to him in a very yoshitaka yuriko-way? “I didn’t make it” or I thought i could make it…. something along those lines. the way she said it was sorta unexpected… she didn’t say it in a way where she sounds really angry or super ashamed like in namida. she just said it in a sad way

but obviously of the three, grey’s anatomy is the execution that is the least cringy to watch and it seems the least unrealistic and least convenient.

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