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top 8 was bad-ish. i only liked the blonde guy with the bad acne. the songs in english are like… of course i’m going to compare to the originals… it’s not like I love the original songs that much anyway since they got overplayed like crazy. and yes michelle is boring again.she sings a beyonce song… no surprise thereee. all she sings is beyonce songs. i really hate all the beyonce songs she sang tooo.

the guy who is not good at rapping or singing…  was iffy but like he was more interesting than michelle, fun is good. the other guy who sang in English etc etc. the judges were harsh on him though or maybe he deserved it.  It’s just there’s nothing that really drew me in like from last week“IN THE RAIN” which was sang by the guy who got voted off this weeeeek. nothing was at the “in the rain” performance level this week :(. I’m sad because i-michelle is really boring compared to him.

ihai sang that song that i absolute hate … rihanna and her stupid repetitive never ending shallow songs.

bek ah-yeun’s was cute and good.

top 7 – I liked Ihai because she is ihai! writing it like ihai reminds me of 位牌 遺灰 which both have to do with dead people.

bek ah yeun. Sang that catchy song “can’t fight the moonlight.” it was iffy. she shouldn’t do slutty dance moves…. since she’s so younggggggggggg… well the other dancers who were doing the same dance moves as her looked provacative at times.
bad acne guy for the win! yun hung sang … at least he’s being consistent… well at least for me.
– ooh i REALLY like the guy who can’t sing or rap. It was so much fun which is what a top 7 American idol performance will never be….I love how he wrote korean rap lyrics to the song. it totally saved the song for me.  hmm I ‘ve very glad he didn’t get voted off on the top 10 episode.

I liked the song the california american-korean guy sang… there’s something wrong with the way he sings which is just bothersome everytime.

bak ji min – fly over the rainbow… smart choice. i doubt she likes the movie that much. i personally donttt. first 100 evers! JYP is really really emotive. I like seeing his face when he’s really happy. I sorta didn’t like the wailing part but whatevs .each to his/her own.

I think it was this episode or the one before but jyp’s look was WAY TOO MUCH…. jyp in the VTR.

So far I liked the top 9 episode best? out of the eps from the top10.

I was like OMG GET RID OF E>MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH she’s bored me with every single performance. I’m so sad the bad acne guy went home 😦  instead of her.

Kpop stars and learning korean

So I just wanted to mention what Isaw on some japanese documentary on BoA. When it comes down to it, kpop stars don’t have that much time and for that reason people expexct them to be mad illiterate when it comes to japanese and that they can’t write kanji.  for touhoushinki, last time I checked.. saw them on some random show they wrote everything in hiragna and i’m sure they can read japanese to some extent just because….

Also on that same show. one of the members was saying how he practices writing simple kanji on this rubber ball to try to remember. So I know they’re trying, yet they don’t have the time they need nor do they know about the methods that may be more effective. Like one of the members, ex-members micky is from USA right. so he has no problem reading RTK bc he speaks english . but then it also comes down to if he’s really that interested in learning to write since it does involve srs… or even if he doesn’t do srs i’m sure some of those stories will really stick.

The thing with BoA was… she was watching a korean movie or drama with the japanese subtitiles on in the documentary. Like this was a scene where they’re showing her with her spending her free time. She wanted to use it to improve  her japanese in a fun way. So by doing, she can learn to read Kanji. So I thought that was really smart of her since 75% kango of overlap b.t. k and J. So i’m sure she’s somewhat literate or very literate. she’s good at speaking japanese. Ijust liked the scene because she doesn’t have much time but she does take Japanese somewhat seriously in that she does take the effort to become literate.

生歌- The good, the bad, the UGLY in OTHERWORDS AKB48 lol minus a few elite members

holy shits the gg wwriters hate me or something. the episode afterthe pefume think with blair and chuck… louis buys her perfume as  a gift so she’ll forgive him for acting like all the other characters. I’m just like WTF is wrong wit hall these people. common sense. and then the crap that went down by the e time ep 10 rolled around was just so stupid lol. It’ slike okay… so blair is a whore basically? I don’t know that’s how i interpret it the fact that you know the writers jst have to drag the chuck blair crap like crazy with any means possible. i mean it’s not classy to get pregnant before getting married for obvious  reasons but then they make it even more retarded it’s like okays.

new milestone for japanese for me which is that today I started writing the kanji as fast as possible for RTK anki reviews because it’s such  a pain in the ass writing it out. I know it, it’s just I’m so lazy and I just hate writing in general with holding the pen and moving my hands all coordinated and shit ugh. I have this with english alphabet too. I just hate writing. the actual physical process.. speakin of which boa’s new song milestone is intriguing and i notice that her voice is mad nasally in japanese… not sayin it as an insult… just sayin what i heard… or what I perceived hearing

So if any of the youtube videos get removed after I post this, use your imagination or somethin. 🙂


AMAZING! I love this song because it’s just so energetic. The PV is interesting and the song is mad sexual. If you don’t get it then you’re really really innocent! I think it’s very explicit lol.

but yasu-SAMA is so good at singing live!!! I went through all the clips and every single song just sounds like what he sounds like on the albums. his MC is mad cute too lol. I don’t want to know how old he is… lol but really I’m a huge fan especially after watching this.  The reason I came across this live is because he’s almost done releasing 5 singles. I don’t know but he’s releaseing a single a month and he’s up to the 4th one now? but I like most of them singles. I tried j’anne de arc but it’s just boring to me, lyrically and everything… if anyone knows a janne arc song as good as ABC’s song tell me!

Good is like tokyo joshi ryuu or tokyo girls style. So they’re idol group but they actually sing live + they sing well + they’re really young…. while AKB48… as much as I like them as people like on variety shows…. just cannot except for a fewmembers. I am not a hardcore akb48 so I do not about that in detail.

i’M JUST sad they’re not selling much and not that successful even though they’re so much better than akb48 as far as singing/dancing (akb dancing is pretty simple no? I like flying get dance sequence tho! )

The bad is obviously the recent ummm… arashi thing and itano tomomi and akb48.

I’m not linking since youtube will remoe it most likely even if the clip is up now.

Itano tomomi’s voice is just strained all the way through and i’m sure she doesn’t hit 10% of the notes lol . I like her voice. as in her talking voice but she’s just not good at singing. I don’t even think she’s singing properly… like she doesn’t even have the basics in place. But the sad part is like her performance of fui ni is actually an improvement from the past as bad as it is. I saw some old hey hey ey ep with boa and people were performing covers of boa’s songs in front of boa. 1 group was minegishi, takahashi and itano. Itano sounded so horrible compared to the other people. she’s just like not meant to sing.

AKB48- there were video clips posted and it’s pretty bad especially compraed to the performances above. It’s just like it seems there’s no excuse for them to not sing live since there’s so many of ’em. at first I was WTF at AKB48. Then I became fanny and I understood what akimoto sensei  meant by idols that you cheer on to grow but the fact of the matter of the matter is they didn’t grow that much nor do they have much incentive since all they have to do is open up hand-shaking events to make $$. so i’m like starting to not like them. I mean i can’t since some of the members have nice interesting personalities that they show on that akb variety show.


some  of the subgroups can sing like eno3b and diva. diva is especially full of talented members who can sing and dance.