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an old entry i didn’t post till now~


another spotting of incorrect japanese from japanese tv.
ご安心してください . It was in a very emotional letter somebody wrote to someone.

I heard it and I was like hmmm… because it’s usually o/go NOUN THING kudasai.
it’s either YOU FOREGO  the o/go and do te-kudasai or you do the o/go + te-kudasai
(omg somebody on the link put the same equation that i mentioned just now )

and so I was totally right!

Japanes tv is a great source for learning japanes. sometimes there is incorrect japanese like this… just gotta follow your japnaese 勘 KAN and look up what seems suspicious lol. on the other hand, for all you know it might be 100% correct but just feels strange because your japanese isn’t good enough.


As of now I’m watching legal high and hanzawa naoki (with them japanese subs) and i’m having fun watching them. i like legal high more than hanzawa and i could predict that even before watching either shows just because… it’s more of a comedy/fun show than hanzawa. i was reading hamsapsukebe’s thoughts on hanzawa about how he hated the overacting and everything. I personally don’t mind it YET… i agree it’s a little over especially the sexual/power harassment committing onee-guy with the tax department. what i really hate about OVER-ACTING is the crying, yelling, pausing, really “fake” acting i see in j-dramas so i don’t really mind the “overacting” in hanzawa. i think it just adds to fun of watching it lol. though the overacting that stood out to me was ueto aya lol.  it feels like she’s doing an exaggerated impression of japanese housewives or something lol. i’m on episode 3 and i don’t believe that she’s married to hanzawa. i don’t know if it’s her acting, the scenes they’ve had, the lines they wrote but i just don’t “believe” it. it just doesn’t feel like it. I will see if this issue will be resolved by the end of the show~ my own personal dilemma. So I love the main actor for both dramas. I didn’t know they were the same. sakai masato has A REALLY UNIQUE voice (I almost thought onee at first but i’m used to it now and i love listening to it…!! f abe hiroshi lol. i don’t get people why people like him so much. he talks numbly something sometimes and i can’t understand it which pisses me off. i like people who talk more clearly lol)  and when i found out he is with kanno miho i was just happy for them. they seem like such a cute couple. I surprised to see a johnny in the hanzawa drama. i sorta thought from his enunciation of words that realistically that character would’ve never landed the job in the bank. it’s just not very good especially in a work place… in society as a functioning adult. i’m not sure if that’s part of the acting or just the way he talks. i remember seeing him in heiwa shouwa jikuu kuukan batoru in 2008/9… what a long time ago. fun show<3


legal high episode 1 thoughts: very few but nonetheless thoughts

I sorta wish they casted someone besides aragaki yui. she fits the role and everything and there’s obviously worse actresses who cannot act out of a paper bag yet they’re being pushed and pushed by agencies. her acting is lacking and it’s noticeable in certain scenes. if they casted who is amazing at acting the scenes would be so much better. casting is hard since you have to get somebody who fits, who can act, and has chemistry with the other actor.   i distinctly remember one line in the first episode where i thought her delivery was weak. that’s really strange in my opinion considering how many takes dramas and movies do. it was the line she says right before she was leaving komikado’s house when he was threatening her with charging her a large sum of money lol. one problem is it doesn’t come out as smoothly as it should ( sounds like she’s saying a line in a drama… and her tongue is not moving as well as it should) and the other thing is  the emotional aspect. it could sound stronger in her anger or annoyance.
I thought it was so funny when komikado was talking with gaijin ccent/intonation since he’s learning mandarin. there’s a bunch of scenes in this drama where komikado talks mad fast when he insults mayuzumi… it’s so fast i’m better off just listening to him than reading the japanese subs lol.

for slayers. i’m done. i’ll post up my stuff for try, revolution, evolution-r later in the slayers next post (I don’t want to write about try, evo, and revo unless i completely empty out my thoughts which will be long and i don’t want to use my time like that lol… i’ll just paste my partial thoughts on MAL). try and revolution have subs on kitsunekko. some of the stuff i got aren’t in the subs such as scenes where there’s overlapping talking and the subs chose to only cover the louder people or for no apparent reason. if you watch revo, evo with a light mind-set to try to watch it for fun or enjoy it for what it is maybe you can. there’s definitely parts that old fans may find offensive or just irritated… ie ignore character’s character or personality or abilities etc.  i found it interesting to read a japanese person’s blog about their thoughts about each episode for evolution while watching it (sometimes it got spoilerly so i waited till i finished episodes to read when i noticed that)…. they have some really interesting analysis and thoughts connecting evolution to the slayers world or the past seasons and what’s going on slayers evolution and sorta trying to explain some scenes how they seem more “thought-out” than they seem or maybe the person just analyzes and watches critically to the point that despite the fact the show or episode or the scene was carelessly put-together the person can think of reasons or possible excuses as to why it makes sense. i honestly wouldn’t know if the people who made the episodes were thinking deeply about everything or just were careless and us slayers fans just trying to make sense of it till it makes sense lol. most of the english bloggers are pretty useless they don’t seem to understand slayers much lol…. it’s just very shallow with  understanding the events in the episodes. they just take it face-value or even less because they really don’t understand/ see what’s going on especially episode 13. to be honest my thoughts on episode 13 while i was watching it were the same as the english bloggers like yawn, same shit again but now that iread the japanese blogs i have a completely different understanding of that episode. at times like this i’m glad i read japanese~ i’m so surprised nobody bitches about the BGM in slayers revo and evo. at most the english community is just like oh they’re recycling. what i and the japanese bloggers are thinking is the BGM DOES NOT MATCH, THE BGM IS SPECIFIC TO THIS SCENE,E THAT BGM IS frikin’ special/holy and can only be used with this season or that episode tec etc and to use it for this frivolous scene in revo or evo is damn insulting… i wished they made all new bgm or at least do 90/10 of new bgm to old bgm, not the other way around. i really want to read the light novels!!! i read that the novels are split into 2 parts, part 1 and part 2 and the anime only covered part 1 and part 2 is really dark and there’s no zel or amelia. i would love to see more slayers anime~ with story from that. now it’s like 5 years from slayers evo or revo and it’s a miracle that they made revo and evo in the first place. i just want to know what else happens and i know that the anime and the novels are pretty different. revo was so iffy and upon checking original slayers characters of course pokota  and ozel and the jaconda are exclusive to the anime. zuuma is in the original novels but they changed him so he was probably cooler in the novel… in the anime he was just… shallow? i just didn’t get much from him with this character or his motivations, everything pretty much. pokoa is so annoying. he’s the epitome of the anime character i never want to see ever especially in slayers. i do not like annoying kid character in anime that are hard-headed, self-centered, and say the same thing over and over, has only one purpose in life despite whatever happens or whatever is revealed. it’s just too contrived and forced imo. i honestly don’t believe children are like that (as in that stupid and simple-minded) i felt really pissed for zel whenver pokota just keep going on and on and nobody bitch-slapped him . pokota just does not match slayers with the looks and the personality.



Korean i cannot stand and will never use and cringe if i ever hear it being used.

✖ I was gonna write korean slang instead of korean but i don’t know if all of them are slang or how slangy they are or the demographic/gender/sexual orientation/ whatever else that can or cannot use it. i don’t really care to research lol.


some of these i learned from eat your kimchi because they have this awesome series going on with teaching slang. I like it but the only thing that ticks me off is that suzy does more work than the American girl with the guessing part. The Korean girl explains what she thinks it means by giving examples in ENGLISH while the American girl for the most part just uses English to give examples or guesses… I just find that to be lazy and unlikable. I hope she tries harder to use/speak Korean when it’s necessary. Obviously the best way to learn Korean is through KOREAN AND NOT ENGLSH. ANYWAYS, Korean slang is one of those things that is impossible for Korean learners to pick up just from immersion i would think… you just need to hear the meaning or explanation or whatever.  hell they don’t even use kanji so… we’re S.O.L. Afterwards I googlged to see if there’s other ones that seems useful or cool but i’m just come to the conclusion i really hate some of the slanggggggggggggg. even if i read the word, the definition, example sentence, etc doesn’t stick. of course that’s to be expected since real life encounters ie tv show or whatever is going to make it memorable. It’s not guaranteed either but it’s definitely more memorable then just some sentence, example, meaning shtick. So i’m not gonna google and learn about slang by searching Korean slang in japanese. imma deal with it as i encounter it. slang or not, they’re both unknown vocabulary so.,.. i’m sure some japanese person wrote about it on the interwebs.

– this word pisses me off lol. the first time i heard it  i could not tell if it meant something GOOD or something BAD. i could tell it was something extreme as in extremely awful or extremely awesome. if a korean person were to use it in front of me and that was  the first time I heard it i’m pretty sure i would’ve leaned towards the bad meaning and think they’re talking shit about me or someone lol. that’s one of the reasons i dont ‘like this word… that first encounter/impression. i just have no desire to use this word and i hope this word fades and people stop using it.  seriously what in the f is 짱이야. it sounds so dumb.  The word itself doesn’t sound pleasant. I would just use whatever words in hanja that means the same thing even if it’s a yojijukugo than this word. I hate this word!

박  – first time i heard it,i couldn’t infer the meaning. once i found out the meaning and i familarized myself with the word i noticed that it’s used a lot. i had an inkling the word came from 爆発 폭발 but that’s not possible because the KOREAN PRONOUNCIATION OF BAKU is pok. I thought of like 大爆発的人気… but like i said that’s not the reading. i have no desire to use it whatsoever. i don’t have as much irritation towards this word as the first one.  Same as the above, use whatever word based on the Chinese characters that means the same thing instead.

I made the font sizes different like tha ton purpose. if you know why i did it, yo know you know! but if you don’t then you need to learn to your kanji or hanja or whatever. but i have no proof that it is based on that character but i would think so…. as i mentioned before. but i don’t care if it is or not. im’ not wasting my time researching that crpa. i have OTHER STUFF TO RESERACH AND LISTEN OR HEAR OR EXPERIENCE ETC.
간지 – this one is especially wtf and ew.. kanji to ganji. it reminds me of 雁字搦め! but anyways umm kanji does not mean stylish or good. it just means feeling. if the japanese people wanted to say good we’d say いい感じ which is numerously used and abused by RO-RA. the way they use it is 간지가나다 which does not work in japanese but it doesnt ‘ matter becaues this is korean and it’s just korean slang that came from japanese.  i don’t like this slang. it’s just dumb to me since i know japanese but even if i didn’t i would find it dumb finding out that kanji means kanji.  of course i don’t want to use it. it’s just as awful as the english abuse in japanese ie FURENDORI, KEA, OBURA-TO, YU-MOA, DA-KU, just look at ANY ANY JAPANESE KPOP SONG for the massacre of the english language. (ie the new snsd song. their pronounciation is still eh… you could tell a diff between sooyoung vs everyone else with the level. but you know half the song is in english in other words really gibberish. so it’s not that noticeable maybe?????? from this song the person next best soundingfrom japanese prnounciation point of view is sunnnnnnny ( p.s. sunny’s japanese aegyo sounds mad fluent lol) , then yoona lolz. tiffany is out because she sings/speaks so much english. seohyun sounds choppy? it sounds like the thing in piano where you put on an accent on all the notes. it’s just not good.   yuri is screwed because she has to say zettai -it sounds like the typical korean person pronounciation. taeyeon sounds like she’s singing phonetically like she can’t read hiragana/kanji for her life?? as in she don’t understand japanese… at lesat that’s what is sounds like…. she has trouble sounding emotional in general so i guess once tehre’s more challenges like japnaese, having to sound powerful, at the same timemamkes it even worse i guess. half the members i can’t even tell if their japanese has really improved or anything because some members get screwed with the lines that has certain sounds that korean people usually pronounce in a certain way which serves as a dead giveaway. screwed isn’t the term i should use but that’s just what it is. ). in general, in japanese SOMETIMES they literally use difficult english that i don’t even know lol… it’s not even the katakana thing, i literally just do not know the meaning/person /thing they are referring to in english.

OMG POP QUIZ wtf is yuri ssinging @ 1:35


ぜったいはなぜなの 宝石のような目

































実態は謎なの 宝石のような目で

don’t worry it’s not because your japanese sucks… it’s a korean prson singing in japanese of cours eyou can’t catch it. I love yuri though. don’t worry.


– i fuckin depise this word. so the first time i heard of it was on hangukdrama and she was explaining what it means and how she encountered it in some drama or whatver. i hate the sound of this word I HATE THE way people pronounce this word (every frikin’ variation. Of course that ONE VARIATION irritates more than the others. Of course it’s not difficult to surmise which one that is seeing as I’ve used the word dumb a lot so far), i hate the meaning of this word, i hate the way it’s used, i wish all the videos and blog entries that explain people when and how to use this phrase would all get deleted!! i just hate this


word. it’s so dumb and irritates me. i don’t get the appeal of looking like an idiot, hearing an idiot, looking at an idiot etc. that’s all I associate with this word. i hope it disappears or at least people stop using it and reflect on it and come to the same conclusion i have.

The closest thing I can explain my feelings towards this word through english would be like the word ‘durrr” you know that sound or pose or  whatever people make when they impersonate mentally retarded people. that’s what is reminds me of & that’s part of the reason I hate the word. not because I hate mentally retarded people or when people make fun of thos epeople. that’s the specific, exact, pin-point reason…. is what i’m saying. the korean word is just dumb to me.  i don’t want to listen to lame elemtnary crap no more. i’m over that shit a billion times over. i was over it when  IWAS IN elemntary school and i sure as hell am over it now.

I just find these words LAME L-A-M-E.


one thing that sorta irks meis japanophile/koreanophile behaviro.  i undersatnd liking something or loving it or whateverbut sometimes it just seems so forced or fake or whatever. i suppose the reason i’m so open and vocal about korean stuff that irritates and irks me is because i’m Korean. I don’t treat korea as something special like the best place in the world or best language in the world or anything. because of english, japanese, korean, i don’t look at any of those languages as special or get a mystified feeling from them. i don’t treat them special at all. Honestly I don’t know how i would feel about the slang if let’s say i lived in korea for the past 10 years or so…. maybe i would be using them or feel neutral about it just because i would only know korean?  i just feel hostile about the slang as of now. i’d rather be feeling hostile about it then only know korean and not notice how annoying some things are in korean. that’s the drawback/benefit of knowing multiple languages. if i only knew korean some stuff in korean that ibitch about on my blog would have never been bitched about because i would only know korean, i wouldn’t have anything to compare it to. it’s not like korea is completely isolated  with the internet and the year but knowing languages and watching some foreign media with subs is completely different.

I hope these words/phrases fade so people can actually employ vocab i mean korean is enough of a mess as it is with the lack of kanji knowledge. I just don’t like popular phrases/words promoting idiocy and banality? Like in japanese if you listen to high school girls  all they say is ukeru, majide, ttsutta, yabai. chou etc. It’s really not that hard to sound like a Japanese high school girl so if you’re a girl and you’re learning Japanese and you need an easy goal to reach choose sounding like a japnaese girl (of course find harder goals after you reach this goal). It only takes like 5 minutes to learn all the phrases/words lol. They use those select FEW A LOT!!!  Maybe the intonation will take longer but as far as the vocab it’s not that hard as far as the braindead high school girls are concerned. there’s just such a lack of vocab and meaningful communication. it’s like that with enlgish too i passed by this white girl talking on her phone and all i heard was “LIKE, AND THEN I WAS LIKE, and then she was liek, then like, like like like. Of course the way she said all that was brain-numbing as well. it was just so brain rape. I just don’t really like that culture?? trend? whatever you call it.  that is one of the reasons i don’t like the phrases i mentioned in korean. mostly it’s because they just sound so dumb or annoying or whatever. This reminds me, there was this guy on mtv’s true life who uses the word literally literally a 1000 times a day. every other word is literally. i’m just like wtf?  it was so irritating.

there’s other slang or contemporary korean that i’ve heard or learned about that i’m okay with. not sure if i want to use due to my lack of understanding of the phrase/culture/whatever but it’s not like the ones i mentioned where i do not want to hear it or use it. i know how awkward and WEIRD it can be when people use slang when they don’t really get the culture or the language ie the kid in my high school who wore some shirt with a picture of a tree stump and the phrase “got wood?” to him it’s just an innocent shirt about trees. how is he supposed to know that heshould consult urbandictinoary or google before purchasing that item of clothing. there was only no smartphones in that era btw.  or maybe there was if blueberries count. besides my fear of situations like this,  i just don’t like being misunderstooooooooood by using unfamiliar words ESPECIALLY slanging.  i know some people may actually be exorbitantly aggressive with using slang  or whatever in their target language to feel cool or whatever but those people usually suck at whatever language they learn and do lame shit like upload videos to youtube. OMG THOSE VIDEOS PISS ME OFF. THEYR’E LIKE NIHONGO NO RENYUU WO SURU TAME NI DOUGA WO TSU TSUTSUTSTUSKURITAI TO OMOIMASHITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. It’s like no d00fus, go do something more CONSTRUCTIVE like cleaning your face properly. No one wants to listen to your crappy Japanese, and obviously this is not an effective way to do it. I’m pretty sure they do it to read the comments saying sugoi, nihongo jouzu whatever and so they can reply ieie, mada mada desu or tondemonaidesu. Or to answer stupid comments like how do you learn Japanese? With their ineffective learning methods. There’s ajatt, tae kim, tofugu’s wanikani and that other thing, and google, and really brilliant language forums, no nobody cares about you and your shitty Japanese.  And no I don’t care if you want to become a translator your English sucks as it is how the hell are you going to translate?  I have a very very strong hatred towards the people that go I learn Japanese to learn Japanese or I learn Japanese to translate japanesese because I want to make xyz available especially if they say  bullshit like that and watch shitty anime or play shitty porn games. Those people are the worst and they will suck at Japanese for the rest of his or her. It’s mostly going to be the former  obviously.

p.s. i hate listening to korean dialect.. it sounds so uneducated and it is so than difficult to catch then normal korean because the intonation is all over the place at lesaet that’s what it sounds like. even if i concentrate it’s just a hopeless losing battle lol. That is why I cannot stand that guy that’s this popular mc that speaks with this dialect. I know Korean people have no problem catching/understanding him but I do and it irritates me. It’s like sand slipping between my fingers. It’s juts one of those feelings of frustration. It’s not even like iwant to understand him because he doesn’t really say anything that interesting or significant as much the f(x) special effects want me to be duped into thinking that. DAMN IT why are they so DAMN obnoxious and persistent. It doesn’t change the fact that whatever the person said isn’t that funny or interesting. It just makes Koreans look bad because it looks like we laugh at shit as in unfunny/insignificant shit. I wish I would have better googling skills in Korean to read Korean people bitching about Korean tv but I cannot. But anyways, if you are and you found those blogs that I want to read bitching about what I bitch about then share! I’ll gladly put in the effort to understand the blog by looking up words, chiebukuroing, google translating, etc etc which  is step one step forward in my korena learning journey.
beginners shouldn’t use slang anyway soo… my position is good, no? 😀

and if you know of any Korean slang that is popular and useful (as in not something that’s not likely to disappear. I mean you can’t predict the future but you do have your judgment prowess) that you think I’ll just love and want to hear/use then feel free to educate me. If you have any doubts that I might despise it like the ones I mentioned then don’t’ mention it. I will bite. 噛み付きたいのか、噛みきたくないか!!!
akb kyouwakoku ♥

sorta have a feeling of accomplishment for writing something significantly long. usually it’s short and that sorta bothers me.


It’s almost like this picture is the gif that people use to express their feelings on tumblr. i hate those poeple (tumblr bitches!! ) and i hate those posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the posting of these screenshots are random… i don’t put them in a certain order or after a certain thought or whatever. it’s just random. it just happeened to sorta match what i wrote above it. but anyways i hate those tumblr people. can’t you just use YOUR WORDS and your brain instead of wastingall this time searching, saving, posting, gifs to express your thoughts. talk about regression and inefficient and annoying. i understanding using a gif once in a while that you just happen to have in your reach. but the epople that use 10 or 5 gifs to describe thow they felt at x moment are just like??? i dont’ get those people. can they get a job or feed the homeless? they piss me off.

but in actuality the picture of yahagi does not match what i wrote because i know the exact situation he made this face and i know what he was feeling and everything. whati’m feeling with the sorta feel bad is nothing compared to what he was feeling. so that’s another reason i don’t like the tumblr gifs because they really do not know how the person in the gifs feels or know the actual situation or the sequence of events that led to that OR what their describing is nowhere near the magnitude of the emotion that is in the gif. it just makes me want to scream STOP BEING A DAM NDRAMA QUEEEN … it’s almost like slander where they take stuff out of context for the celebrities..

another one THAT I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN’T MENTION WAS FIGHITN. SORRY that was a typo. i meant PAITING.  I will nevre say this. i do not even want to mention it in my post just for the sheer fact that now i’m associated with this god-awful english butchering korean word that just won’t dieeeeeeeeeeeee. I was sorta surprised when tiffany and jessica from snsd were using the word pie-ting rather proactively. by that  imean the times they used this word as opposed to something else. i just figured since they’re so american that they would feel some sort of rejection reaciton/feelings towards it since it’s so lame. what are the alternatives anyway?? i wouldn’t know because they use this word a lot.
oh wait up. assa? him-ne? what’s wrong a plain PLAIN  HIM-NE. is that too much to ask??? i agree him-ne is pretty old and you don’t hear it much and so there must be something else u can use besides him-ne.
I hate this word for so many reasons. it makes no sense. it’s gramatically wrong. it makes koreans look bad. it looks like we can’t pronounce the letter f. i believe we can, we just don’t because it’s not in our alphabet hence the word kuh-pi for coffee and pur-ra-whore for flower etc. Like the other ones I just find it LAME.

I think this is one of the first words in korean that made me say WHY THE FUCK DO YOU USE IT.


so I encountered this in the 4minute song. I don’t like the song.  I like the heart to herat better since it’s more melodious. I looked it up to find out what it means and if you can use it on males as well. I don’t have any feelings of hatred towards this phrase like the other ones i’ve mentioned. i just find it weird. I don’t really get it. like your water? that’s asll it is to me. i definitely don’t want to use it as of now. I just don’t get. I might after hearing it being used by other people in other situations. but as of now i just feel completely estranged from this phrase with its meaning of course. the phrase is totally understandable by anyone who took korean 101.

sashihara :( akb48 hkt48

EDIT: a fera picture came out. lol what’s the word in english.? that fancy word for giving head …. i only see it in japanese. it’s like feraara or something lol. i’m sure it’s fake. for god’s sake they have av’s with av actresses that look like tarento people.  i’m sure a sashihara-ni prono already came out or it will come out lol. i won’t watch but just sayin.. it’s a common thing apparently.

So yesterday a kiss picture finally came out. I was reading somewhere where somebody asked is what happened true blahblahalah. they’re like oh it probably is. if it was false she would definitely deny it (they’re saying she’s not denying because if she does and then more pictures and textx or whatever comes out.. it’s gonna make her look even worse). since her apology is so vague and just oh some parts are true and some parts are not and i’m sorry my actions lead to this situation where it can lead to misunderstanding…

At first I didn’t really mind that she posssibly daetd a guy and is possibly not a virgin (at one point akimoto-sensei was like oh sashihara and some other girl will definitely see that through and i agreeed with him b.c. it seemed like it. this news is so shocking ) BECAUSE i’m not a guy and it doesn’t really make a difference for me. it is a rule in akbso it looks really bad.. it’s like you’re sacrificing love during your teeengae/20s while you’re in akb48.  i read the artiacle, i read the texts… the texts sound like sashihara and the picturse look real and i’m just like….

what pisses me off is the fact that she’s lying… like I came across this


and in the first video.. if it doesn’t get removed you can so tell she’s lying. her face totally says it. she’s not a good liar. she’s  a hetare character for god’s sakes.

ths second video which i’ve seen before which is removed … she says i cant’ date good -looking people and i’m too negative/self-conscious to go out with someone etc etc.

I became fan of sashihara with her unique personality with akb kyouwakoku with the sashihara pride corner as well as her own show sashihara no kuseni and i was glad she got her debut and the way the song matched her … so the reason i’m a fan of her is because of her hetare character so that doesn’t change so i’m still her fan it’s just not as strongly.. this stuff is disheartening. i’m so sure if they have the election next year she won’t go up unless osmething happens from here to now because at the end of the day you need crazy/rich fans to buy thousands of cds to vote you into the top lol. no for reals. i will never vote for an akb48 eelctrion since i dont’ live there and i dont’ want to spend my money that day and it’s only one vote… hmmm.

sbs kpop star…. american idol ranting

Top 6.
ihai = sway ❤ is such a lovely song but I like the PCD version better actually lol. melody in pcd goes crazy at during parts of that song

e. michelle is boring. i feel no emotion…. her hairstyle this time is more flattering though.

the california guy... sang that song i love you baby blahblah lyric song which i only like becasue the original singer has a deeeep voice.  since his voice is not deep… rather it was screechy.. so noo.

bek a-yeun. saving all my love… boring 😦 I’ve heard this song way too many times. damn the oldies station!

OMG there’s a glee version. usually I don’t give a shit about the glee versions of the songs but QUINN  is singing half of it? well i only saw a 3 second clip but I love hearing her voice. i hate rachel’s voice…. it’s just so annoying after a while. glee version over this but of oourse!

blonde guy (no more acne blonde guy  so blonde guy = guy who can’t rap or sing) – yay. guy who can’t rap or sing for the win! very fun performance. you can tell he really practiced and shit… just a lot of performance with lots of people moving around.  just goes to show just because you can “tehcnically sing” doesn’t mean you’ll be half as interesting/entertaining as this kid (I’m obviously pointing at the American idol contestants) at least he understsands the concept of entertainment/performance. american idol contestants think karaoke = performance/moving/entertainment (worst misunderstanding ever). VERY FUN PERFORMANCE 🙂 JYP even gave him a 93 even though he said “the highest i’ll ever give you is 89 since you’re not good at singing/rapping” . Gotta watch his performance AGAIN!

bak jimineh. i found it to be okay. since she did that wizard of oz song last weekkkkkk obviously anything is inferior…. though i didn’t agree with their extreme compliments last weekkk… way too extreme.

my favorite performance this weeeeeeek was the guy who cannot sing or rap lol. it was a really fun/entertaining performance.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH MICHELLE IS STILL ON THE SHOW! 😦 this is so wasteful…… first the acne guy, then kim nayoon (she’s more intersting than michelle obviously just because she’s american lol),…..

they got rid of the american guy from california who speaks koreannnnnnn well (they never used english to communicate with him….). he always bores me with his song choices.

>> Of course they don’t do the American idol bullshit ie do cruel shit to the contestants ie sing for your life on this show and the judges might use the save on you RIGHT AFTER they find out they got eliminated… / wasting an hour or 30 minutes or however long just to tell us the idenity of that ONE PERSON who goes home. that shit takes 5 seconds MAX lol. but for some reason they don’t give the contestants enough time to sing the WHOLE SONG nor the judges enough time to say their FULL COMMENT/CRITICISM (their not using their brains anyway as far as i can tell from the content of their comments for the recap that i caught during the ep but… you know if they did)… but they have to time run MAD videos abt oh this is you’re journe thrououghtou american idol blahblha.they just spend their time horribly. it could be a fun hour but they make it as bland and boring and stretched and nonsensical as possible. not  to mention,  it’s the same shit every year. OH AND The korean HOST does such a better job than ryan seacrest. the korean host just talks endlessly and like feels in the gap so shit doesn’t feel awkward. he does a good job. cheers.


I caught a glimpse / glimpses of an american idol elimination episode. i was watching 3 or 4 things at a time of course so even then i’m sure i didn’t miss much. my comments are the following

who is jim? is twitter that pouplar now a days? what is up with j-lo. she’s 40 right? so why is she in mv’s like that. alot of body make up involved too probably? lighting can only do so much.  it just looks pathetic… like madonna. but anyways shit that pissed me off.

the girl who didn’t get voted off. she just gives off this horrible personality. maybe it was that hair accessory she had on or the fact that she was touching her hair frequently or maybe it was the fact thta i saw the recap of her performance ( horrible song by the way.. i’m not sure if even ali can save that song. I HATE THAT SONG)… but anyways she most definitely will not win.

well jimmy does do a better job than the judges at critiquing and whatnot…. j-lo/rendy/steven tyler.. they do such a horrible job as judges. they don’t give criticism nor anything constructive or descriptive wHICH does not help the contestants grow or stop being stuck up/stupid/brainless (ie that girl with a horrible personality that didn’t get voted off). there’s always room for improvement. american idol is so boring. i dont need to watch people karaoke. being a singer isn’t that easy especially if you want to become one of the good singers. modesty is required. Like I loved the scene in kpop star when somebody got eliminated and he said to the judges “oh i’m really thankful you told me what i needed to hear and not what i wantd to hear”. in the long run… you need to hear what you need to hear if you want to grow.

speak of which, there was this guy who is not very proficient in English even though he only speaks english? (he just seems like he doesn’t give a shit… in other words.. he’ll never succeed) so maybe he’s really dumb…. Ryan said to him oh are you afraid of becoming complacent since the judges always compliment you. he goes no.. i just want to be myself. i’m not gonna go around high-fiving people during my performance. All i’m thinking is… if you don’t know what complacent means you have really big problems.  this is complete bullshit. i had no idea why no one was like you don’t what complacent means?

I  ALSO HATED HOLLY… the girl who was the worst 3 or something. ryan asked her something and she was like throwing her hands up and whatnot and not really hvae much to say or anything interesting to say. I’m like this is tv can you please try a little harder than that half-hearted/half-baked shit.  personality is part of american idol… she doesn’t give a shit either? I just didn’t feel like she was acting in a way where she’s likable to the viewers.

so from the cap it seemed like teh song choices were crappy. also ,the guy who goted voted off probably looks like a past american idol contestant ( since there is only a billion seasons)… isn’t there a couple of them with that hair-type.

the other shit that pissed me off was when ryan sent this girl to the bottom of 3 and then he says right before the break okay guys so we’ll like announce the results after the break… actually he says instead of “after break” he says “after holly goes back the the couches since you’re not in the top bottom 2” or some shit like that. and i’m like FIRST OF ALL why are you wasting our time… don’t bring the bitch to the center of the stage in the first place.

the people they had perform on the show sucked balls. at first i was like oh boy band . one of them is sorta good looking… some of them are like not so i’m wondering why they’re in the bad. horrible performance…. especially when i’m used quality crap like immortal song. NM none of them are good looking compraed to the fictional band in the korean drama shut up flower boy band (don’t worry this english translation doesn’t do any justice… it sounds cool in korean)

the good part is the stage is bigger and fancier. bad part is the stage is not versatile (that’s the impression i’m getting… unless it can be versatile and they’re just not utilizing it)… to have like different sets/moods and whatnot. hell even the stage on immortal song isn’t that big or awesome but like they do shit so everyone’s performance is unique… really set the mood… really take someone to another world for 4 minutes… something that an amreican idol contestant will never do)

I have no idea why the ratings are high (they must be going down though). this shit is boring. americans need to learn a second language (and consume media is L2) already and jump ship off boring shit like this.


OH WAIT I found this.

Back onstage, host Ryan Seacrest asks Phillips if he worries about complacency in his performance.

“No, I’m just being myself, dude,” the finalist responds. “I’m not trying to walk around stage and touch people’s hands and stuff. That’s just not me. I’m just having fun, man. I’m not trying to be somebody else. I’m just trying to play music.”

Ouch — that seemingly dismisses Iovine’s entire critique in a very flippant manner. But the singer would like everyone to know that he didn’t mean for his response to sound that way. Phillips posted a response on his official Facebook page the next morning (April 6), saying that he misunderstood Iovine’s comments and meant no disrespect.

“Thank you to everyone who supports me and voted this week! I appreciate it very much,” he writes. “I heard that some people took my comment the wrong way but i thought jimmy said if i dont move around i would get passed and all i was meaning that im not the artist who runs around stage touching peoples hands and sings to them, thats just not me so im sorry to who ever my have taken it the wrong way bc i wouldnt even be here without you guys voting haha thank you again!”

>> so in other words he is as dumb as i think he is or even more.  he most definitely does not understand what complacent means. actually his actions … i mean his words… just proves how complacent with himself even though he probably bores the crap out of any seasoned viewer (who’ve listened to a lot music/gone to lots of concerts etc). the fact that he even misunderstood jim like that just proves how complacent he is. next time ryan… don’t use big words with this guy. hell complacent isn’t even that difficult.

he most definitely should not win… we can’t have an idiot as our  american idol not that anyone cares. hell.. are the other contestants even decent? it’s more like who’ll put me to sleep faster with their soulless loud singing of songs i never want to hear ever again.

I mean even if for one second I would forgive him for misunderstanding JIMMY’s COMMENT by  LITERALLY moving around…. and pretend he knows what complacent means… so that would mean he thinks that moving around the stage/interacting with fans = becoming not being complacent and moving forward and becoming a better performer etc etc. no… that’s not all it’s limited to…. it also extends to the effort he would have to put in in tweeking the song, understanding the song, making the song his own, etc etc. so whether he was saying that because he understood what complacency meant and drew this asinine elementary decision or because he didn’t know what complacency meant and just said whatever shit that’s probably relevant to the word complacency… he still looks like an idiot.

I could criticize this episode more and more if i had seen more of it. but anyways the most interesting part was jimmy’s insight because unlike the judges he actually has his head screwed in and actually has brain cells and actually uses them since he’s getting paid to say shit. while jennifer lopez and randy and that rocker get paid for saying nothing…… you don’t even have to speak english that well to say what they say… it’s literally limited to 4 phrases.. so PATHETIC. the results show makes you not want to watch the original show in the first place since they show the meat of the performance and the people’s comments and criticism whether it’s read off by ryan seacrest or some other method. this show is so pathetic .

mini-rant on gossip girl.

yes this show is stupid. there’s not much more that needs to be said and i should’ve dropped it 1 or 2 sesaons ago but I just watch it for funsies and it’s not like i watch the whole episode… especially the second half fseason 4 is sooooo dumb. So you know I usually watch an ep in 10 or 15 minutes just skipping sscenes with anyone i don’t care abt which is a lot of people…. including rufus, serena’s mom, nate, rufus + dan scenes,  louis + blair scenes, etc etc.  or if there’s conversations i don’t care about. it really doesn’t make a difference and if i really feel like caring i’ll watch the summary thing in the beginning. stuff I like is vanessa’s voice and charlie’s voice. by vanessa I mean vanessa from austin powers lol. oh rights her name is diana? oh who cares. But I like their voices lol. last season obviously I skipped all of charlie’s scenes cause they’re retarded. but seriously why does vanessa only wear solid dresses that show her cleavage... give her more outfit options!!! lol.  seriously i’m on ep 9 I’m pretty sure that is all she wears lol. please let that change!!!

So we know the show is stupid but this scene this …episode that isn’t recent anymore. episode 8 or 9 or something. The obviously STUPID part is the part where they did the kiss the masked person~ and even though the person should realize who the masked person is since… like the person has been dating that masked person for god knows how many years she doesn’t realize till after they finish kissing…. or the more retarded from last season was that the masked person doesn’t even realize that the person who kissed him isn’t serena…. even though this person has kissed serena god knows how many times. I hated the show for that in season 4 cause it’s dumb yet the repeat it again but you know all the show does is repeat……. stuff cause there can only be so many shocking events that can occur.

The other UTTERLY STUPID PART which may not be as obvious to other people is…. when Blair said to chuck oh you realized from my perfume. I’m just like this stupid bitch you must not give a f**** about your child. so basically perfume is toxic.. it doesn’t matter how expensive it is… in fact… it’s probably more likely to be toxic if it’s expensive. it’s toxic and full of synthetic crap that causes cancer and… in this case birth defects. so I thought she was a really stupid bitch in that scene lol. even if you’re not pregnant you really shouldn’t wear perfume unless you really want your breast cancer or if you wanna fuck up your endocrine system, or want everyone in the room with common sense to hate on you for polluting the air… causing indoor pollution/promoting cancer  etc etc. and the designer perfumes they sell for cheap on the streets probably has urine in it lol… according to some news clip on youtube.  it’s for pH adjustment!

I mean if gossip girl writers were smart enough to the point where they put this in realizing what they did and then she gave birth to a birth-defected child due to perfume like I’m gung-ho but i know they’re too dense for that. BTW I don’t know if I like blair’s little hats lol. are they stylish?

Anyways if you wear perfume and you just found out from my entry that perfume is toxic please do more research on the web… well try to find something reliable… since it is the internet. but like seirously for your sake a well as your family and all the people that has the fortune/misfortune to past by you in the street or sit next t oyou on the bus.  you know make the realization now as opposed to years later…. and throw that crap away!

anyways this crap is not even restricted to perfumes it also goes on to air fresheners… candles… those ar esome annoying toxic shit that people need to stop using…. it also goes onto even make-up, lotions, etc etc. which the safety the infromation can be found on cosmetic database website!

OMG blair wears mad make-up… probably toxic crap in there too unless she’s buying the right brands whcih i doubt she is lol…. expensive doesn’t mean it’s safe  or anything.  that poor poor baby. thank god this is fiction.

BUT seirously for FUCK’s SAKESthere is no such thing as IT SMELLS CLEAN> if you say that you’re an idiot especially the idiot that says that and then doesn’t open a window or a door and just keep breathing it in (the swiffer chemical floor cleaning thing…ugh)… brain-washed by commercials and poisoning yourself with air -fresheners… ex. spraying the crap out of febreeze after you take a dump. talk about stupid. maybe you should watch what you eat.

oh and there’s also all this thing about toxic cleaning products … look into baking soda and vinegar y’all… ! I’mma try using them to remove this pungent bo/dead-skin odor that just lingers and lingers in my sister’s room on account of all she does it play coputer games in her room/bed and like doesn’t open the window and like yeah. but seriously even if i leave the window open the smell don’t go away. so i hope baking soda and vinegar work as well as people say they do! she also doesn’t like to shower… apparently it’s a waste of time. and and there’s a thing about the fabric softener and the smell and neurotixic and al lthat stuff.

So please use it, sprea dword of it and mots importantly throw away the CRAP in your house that is toxic.

hmmm so always or at least what I used to do…. song  I like a lot! I really like this girl. I saw her perform on the korean show something something sketchbook where they get to poeple to sing originals and covers. and I really like her and her voice. she reminds me of yuriko. yoshitaka yuriko. the way they both talk. and the way jang jane talks also transcends into her singing voice too… it’s like a cutesy- type talking but it’s not like annoying as hell like burriko. or is this burriko? lol. But anyways enjoys!

Endless Eight – Haruhi – Observations (Not MindLESS bitching)

swimming suits ae same as the ones from solitary island syndrone.
前々回は15498回目だから、15498×14÷365 = 594.443836 で 「594年分」で正解。
前回は15499回目だから、15499×14÷365 = 594.482192で 同じく「594年分」。
今回は15513回目。15513×14÷365 = 595.019178
Kyon takes leap years into consideration when he calculates the years…
前々回の15498回目は、15498×14÷365.25 = 594.036961 正解。
前回の15498回目は、15499×14÷365.25 = 594.075291 正解。
そして今回の15513回目は、15513×14÷365.25 = 594.61191
the number of pins nagato knocked down goes  123454321.  she probably did it to not stand out but,  普通ありえねぇぇぇwww
lelouch pose
from 15-> 16 it looped 8 times but the number of times they did the summerjob increased 17 times.
explanation is..
-the staff screwed up  and like no one noticed.
12&16 was written by one person and 13-15 was written by someone else.
– nagato got broken 😦
– from 9031th time (ep15) to 9048th time  (ep16)  they did the summer job more than once for each loop.
They seem to correspond with each other ..
The blogger thinks it might be a stretch or whatever
but he/she thinks mikuru’s 0 goes with episode 13 because episode 13’s 15498 goes with the the number in the novel.
when they leave the cafe the direction the characters go changes depending on which loop.
また今回、長門が天体観測で古泉の「I love you」発言をしっかり立ち聞きしてたように見えましたけど、単なる演出かもしれません。
Nagato heard koizumi say i love you at the star-gaziging crap.
There was a thread on 2 channel put up where people said they would committ suicide if endless doesn’t end.
I’m worried that they’re being too hasty.
*ショウサン・ ATE

I got this info from Japanese blogs and I”ll be linking them throughout.  I don’t know about you but all I see for blog entries regarding Haruhi and Endless Eight are like brainless rants and bitching and it’s not interesting to read. They just lloook really dumb since they don’t know all the info in this post that i took from other blogs…. I obviously find the endless eight episodes boring but reading this stuff gave me new perspective and maybe if I read this stuff before watching the said episodes than it would’ve been more interesting. (I’m personally bad at watching stuff analytically and noticing crap… so like reading this stuff makes me go ooohhh )  but come o n you can’t still mindless bitch if you know this info. I’m not obsessed with this show nor do i want to defend it like crazy… I just think it’s interesting to know this. anyways I can’t find a single english blog or thread post etc that actually says anything interesting about endless eight, well if you found one link it~


Blue text is translation.


Ayano Hirano’s Thoughts on Endless Eight – starts around 4 minutes. She goes onto talk about the last endless eight ep


3 Points of view on Endless Eight

1. Boring (self-explanatory)

2.  Try to enjoy it.


Since they’re repeating it there has to be something in the differences, etc. So you try to analyze it


Since they’re trying to make us actually experience it, there should meaning and references/stuff/etc  in the eps so you can get enjoyment from trying to analyze.

3. It’s still boring even if you find something in the analyzation.


In brief,  for sora wo kakeru shoujo or evangelion, if you just watch it it’s interesting, if you look into stuff/analyze it’s even more interesting. However, for Endless Eight if you don’t look into it, it’s boring.


Theory on how the lyrics of the opening has a message that correlates with endless 8. Surprisingly, the lyrics fit really well (I always skip the opening cause 1 it sounds annoying 2 it looks like eroge opening. For the ending I onlylike Mikuru’s part… Haruhi’s part is annoying. It’s pretty funny to read。

Here’s a little bit of it translated:

DAY BY DAY うんざりだよね~ だから~
というフレーズに対し「こっちがうんざりだよ」とわたしはつぶやいていたのです。その時に、ん? と思いました。

At this line of the song “Day by day it’s boring, isn’t it”I mumbled “I’m the one that’s bored”. Then I thought Could it be that and so I kept on listening.

つきあってられないよ 狭い世界で~
んん? 「狭い世界」というのはまさに今のこの状況じゃないのか? 8/17から8/31の。

Hmm? Isn’t the “This narrow world”  the state we’re in now? From 8-17 to 8-31


Could it be… there’s a mesasge in the lyrics!?


ep 13:




and the most dreadful thing for nagato.

this time around, nagato didn’t read a book even once. while the loop was continuing about 600 years, she’s gone through all the books she could get during this range of time that is in 2 weeks.


another thing is… she’s been waiting for a new publication of books for over 600 years…

nagato keeps buying her mask herself because at one of the loop sequences in the beginning she had kyon buy it for her. there’s a theory that because of the loop,she keeps buying itself to treasure that memory.
there isn’t any evidence to support it but i think that’s possible.
Read somewhere  but I didn’t notice it. What I read was that Mikuru’s shoes were put on opposite




swimming suits are the same as the ones from solitary island syndrone.

Ultrman pose… Specium Beam!




Kyon’s Calculations

前々回は15498回目だから、15498×14÷365 = 594.443836 で 「594年分」で正解。

前回は15499回目だから、15499×14÷365 = 594.482192で 同じく「594年分」。

今回は15513回目。15513×14÷365 = 595.019178



Kyon takes leap years into consideration when he calculates the years…


前々回の15498回目は、15498×14÷365.25 = 594.036961 正解。

前回の15498回目は、15499×14÷365.25 = 594.075291 正解。

そして今回の15513回目は、15513×14÷365.25 = 594.61191



Theory on how Kyon could’ve calculated the years mentally in 10 seconds (I guess it was written before that episode was aired with the cellphone)


Meaning of the Bowling Scores



12話ループに気づかず // Not taking ep 12 into account






1投目→『1』 // The following are the bowling scores for the first round or whatever you call it.

ハルヒ『14』点→『14』 Haruhi

キョン『8』点→『8』 Kyon

ユキ『3』点→『3』 Yuki

コイズミ『7』点→『7』 Koizumi

みくる『0』点→『0』 Mikuru

They seem to correspond with each other .. The blogger thinks it might be a stretch or whatever but he/she thinks mikuru’s 0 goes with episode 13 because episode 13’s 15498 goes with the the number in the novel.


AFter they took off the frog costume, nagato was reading a book.
After595 years of looping, there’s a high possibility that  she’s gone through all the books she coudl get her hands on in that scope of 2 weeks. So I think it’s better to not show her read books during the Endless.


回目 means -th/ バイト= summer job.






from 15-> 16 it looped 8 times but the number of times they did the summer job increased 17 times.

explanation is..

-the staff screwed up  and like no one noticed.

12&16 was written by one person and 13-15 was written by someone else.

– nagato got broken 😦

– from 9031th time (ep15) to 9048th time  (ep16)  they did the summer job more than once for each loop.

For Episode 17 Nagato didn’t say the number of times with the jobs because Kyon cut her off..


Regarding ep 16/ past eps.







when they leave the cafe the direction the characters go changes depending on which loop.

ep16 – same Japanese blog.


There was a thread on 2 channel put up where people said they would committ suicide if endless doesn’t end. I’m worried that they’re being too hasty.


I  don’t whereI got this from, don’t have thelink..


The pictures go  goes 12->16. So episode 12, kyon’s voice actor is in front of haruhi so that ep emphasizes kyon… And Hirano Aya/Haruhi is getting further and further from everyone…



2nd episode: 15498th time

3rd episode: 15499th time

4th episode: 3rd episode + 14 more times

so ep 2 and 3 are connected but ep 4 isn’t.

So the summer is during a period of 2 weeks.

So from 3rd episode to 4th, nagato expereienced 196 days while the viewers “spent 7 days (= week)” waiting for the new ep.

196 days is 28 weeks, nagato expereienced the summer 28 more times than us.

so for the 4th time, if you calculate from solitary island, it’s 8 weeks =( 4 weeks 28 days/  )of endless syndrom.

the 8 weeks is just 4 (th time) x 2 weeks (each loop/summer )

As for 196 days, the 196th day of 2009 is july 15th. the next day is when haruhi aired (17th when strictly speaking since it’s on late at night)

He makes other interesting points and he made other posts about the Loop eps but I’m too lazy to translate but if you can read Japanese maybe you’ll feel better about the Endless Eight after you read it.


About the Number 14 (2 weeks)



Kyon does his monologue at 11:46, 14minutes away from 12. 14 minutes away from resetting.

Times when the deja vu feeling was strong

Times when the deja vu feeling was weak

He says how the “14th” time is the peak with the “serious” feeling during the ep like the 15513th time was when it was +14.

Finally, his post on his thoughts about the End of Endless Eight


Talks about the whole thing about how it’s Kyo Ani is doing it and how people would just stop watching if it wasn’t them or if it wasn’t Haruhi.



Sees SEE8hIID upon typing in the calculator. Hiid means temple in mongolian.

『∞の寺院を見ろ』/ Look at Temple ∞  → 出雲國神仏霊場/ Look at izumonokuni shinbutsu reijou




I don’t know… this blogger is so hard to understand… lol. Like the entry about the bowling scores was all right until he started talking about something else besides the bowling scores. Then I was like what the hell is he talking about/ how did it lead to whatever the hell he is talking about . Ugh…  not fun to read after the bowling score stuff. 挫折決定!


Scripts for the eps – he didn’t do like 1 or 2 of the endless eight eps but I dont’ blame him lol.

This blogowner wrote the dialogue up too..


Pictures of the actual places


The 8th LOOP


When I heard 15532, I thought of rearranging it. So I figured out that 1+5+2 & 5+3 equal 8. So there are two 8’s. 88, and if you topple the first one over it turns into ∞8 which is Endless Eight.






Left column is EIGHT

Right column is ENDLESS





About the ending and just why they got out of the loop.

comment on the entry:

>You could say Kyon spontaneously participated in Haruhi’s plan (the summer activities).
My interpretation is the opposite. “Kyon and the other members did an event that has no relation to Haruhi” and so “That made Haruhi come over”. I think that’s the reason for the escape from the loop.





Endless Eight is like the past events like solitude island syndrome, baseball,etc where they have to keep Haruhi happy/enjoying herself. So to keep her from getting bored they keep up with her whims plus whatever the hell she wants. But sooner or later that turns into her getting bored because everything’s going her way.
That’s why, when they go off to do someting minus Haruhi (a new stimulus), haruhi is allured by that and she makes it so she joins in. So that new experience gets rid of her boredom. To put it in other words a girl who got sick of pushing around the guy she likes, re-affirms her love towrads that guy who the guy suddenly leaves her alone. (it says souchi/leave alone play, as in like foreplay).

If they did it only 3 times they couldn’t have done something like this (8th time). it would be off. Because they did it 8 times, they can do it like this. The fewer times they do it, the lighter it has to be. Yep, it would be off.

but at least, from what we got about haruhi’s thoughts from this ep (8th loop), realization has something to do with the sitatuion of the sos brigade live alive & day of sagitarious



even though she has the power to make what she wishes into reality… she only used her powers to loop the last 2 weeks of summer.
homework study group is out of haruhi’s thoughts so that was a new experience for her and that led to the end of the loop.

I couldn’t quite grasp what wasn’t done that haruhi wanted to do  which led to the continuation of the loop.

I think Haruhi doesn’t really think deeply about the summer experience. but doesn’t that mean it’s that much more fresh.
Haruhi was avoiding _- i n middle school.

Like her introduction and going out with those guys and how she always said i don’t have time to date normal people. That’s what she thought. so she probably didn’t have fun to the full extent. that’s exactly why friends, bon odori, fireworks,etc is actually the first time for her.

Haruhi realized that the world was whatever around elementary school with the baseball thing. from what she said until then she was having with her classmates. so probably after that she came to the realization about the world. so for haruhi from elemen to highschool, she didn’t hang out with friends/have fun.

because of that though the bug catching thing is not really high-school-ish, i can accept it.

So, the last 2 weeks of summer for haruhi is a consecutive new experiences/first times. A summer vacation to spend with firneds who didn’t want before. she should’ve enjoyed it fully. so her wanting more is like ?….

but for some reason she isn’t fulfilled and summer loops. if she wishes for something, she can make it happen. but she’s not wishing for anything. she’s not fulfilled. that’s why it loops

So Koizumi’s explanation is wrong.


Kyon saying what he wanted to do made the loop end.
You could say Kyon spontaneously participated in Haruhi’s plan (the summer activities).

Huh? taking it further, you could say it’s the act of whole sos brigade is trying to finish up a goal. that sort of reaction coming from kyon… planted a seed in haruhi which connects to  the later events like the culture festival with the movie that it’s an act of trying to complete something.


After Kyon said let’s do homework, to me Nagato looked surprised. But that could just be from my feelings  as a viewer. no matter how many times i see it, nagato there looks surprised.

The cafe was fittingly heavy and strong. Because it’s the 8th time, it’s this heavy& strong.
If it finished up fast like the novel, it wouldn’t be right to do it like that.

Personally,  I think the 8th loop was done in a fitting way to end the loop.

私ですか? DVD、当然、買いますけど、何か???
Me? Of course I’m buying the dvd. Got a problem with that?
it was because kyon brought up something he wanted to do insstead of just following what haruhi wants to do.
there wasn’t anything like that besides mikuru’s goldfish save.

what’s impotrant is not the homework issue but that it was kyon that brought it up.

It’s like ordering food. Rather than what you want to eat exactly, it’s I want this/_.
That that sort of expression of intention is important.


That they did it for Nagato- for us to experience it.


ep 19



ep 19: ハルヒ、エンドレスエイトのセミ串刺しシーンはどういう演出意図だったのか
What was the intention behind the scene with the Cicada on a stick.

xxyukithemelancholyofhaw.th.png (150×85)


The length of her legs is strange
I think it’s beyond perspect.



Rather than that, the yukata part caught my eye more.

xxyukithemelancholyofha.th.png (150×85)


she’s a monster. lol

xxyukithemelancholyofha.th.png (150×85)


There’s people who thought the cicada on a stick reminded him of the  [whoever wins gets to be] the leader for a day.





Aren’t they conveying thethe shortness of the life-span of a cicada. For people, 2 weeks is nothing but for cicadas those 2 weeks include reaching adulthood and getting old.  Because of Haruhi they get to repeat their lives over and over.



To end the loop would mean to kill the cicadas
the convo  from ep 12 or 13 , if you want  a takoyaki, you can have one and i wonder if cicadas are edible.

It was so deep that I


I feel like supporting it now.



Life span of a Japanese Ciacada is 7 years (2-4 weeks above gruond)
But this time isn’t it just something that reminds one of summer.


The dvd voulme names with endless eight eps.

涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.142857 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.230769 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.285714 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.428571 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.571428 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.714285 ¥6,930
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱5.999999 ¥4,830







They’re Dial (daiyaru) numbers which is when the number is multipled the order of the numbers are kept intact and cycles.



This blog took a bunch of screencaps for all the loop eps.. The comic at the bottom is expressing the some of the viewers’ feelings. It’s from Slam Dunk. “Endless End isn’t ending. I can’t take it anymore.”

For the one for that goesup to the last loop click here

Honestly some of these blogs say interesting stuff but I don’t have the time to translate it all (some of it is hard like I would have to choose the words carefully otherwise it sounds really… “weak/forced” – hard to explain) so if you can read Japanese or if you’re studying Japanese do check out the blogs if you want more insight on endless eight cause I didn’t put everything in the post.Also some of it I summarized or skipped parts in translation. rikai-chan it out 🙂 one of my goals isn’t to becaome a translator… because it’s a pain in the ass and translating will not help improve my english or my japanese.


ep 19: About the comparison between the loop and the poker



random one: mad scary lol at first.


By all means actually watching the endless eight arc is really boring for obvious reasons and the amount of japanese you can learn from the episodes decrease dramatically or maybe not since there’s plenty of repetition lol. but I find reading the anaalyzation fascinating and I realize that the ppl who made the episodes did lots of thought into it…. but the episodes are still boring. but at the same time I’m irritated at the brainless bitching at this so…

I’m sure there’s more japanese blogs or 2-ch posts about other stuff they noticed and if you know them link them to me! lol. Oh and if you click on the stuff that I linked throughout you can also read the comments people left on this respective entries… some people left comments about their observations with the episode.