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Aw Shit. Never Mind.

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So I just made a post about my progress in Korean and all that I’ve learned… (if you want more concrete info you can check out my anki deck by searching choronghi.. .but Like I said in that post I don’t really use my anki properly for Korean so I know probably 50% of the words in there as in if I were to encounter the word in a Korean show even if the card is in my deck I’ll probably look it up again!! because I have no idea if that card is even in my deck)
But then again I just learned the word “and” in Korean which makes it sound like my Korean comprehension ability is really basic and shoddy.

삼사위원이자 3반 트랙의프로듀서
When I came across this sentence in UPRS season 3 my gut instinct was DO NOT LOOK THIS SHUT UP IN THE DICTIONARY. IT WILL NOT BE THERE ( my gut feeling WAS RIGHT. I hate wasting time looking up shit that is not in the dictionary which is way more prevalent in korean than japanese). FYI all the japanese grammar is IN THE japanese monolingual DICTIONARY While for some korean doesn’t list all the grammar. wtf. So I went to chiebukuro and asked and no one answered and I wanted an answer sooner than later so I enlisted the help of the lang-8ers on lang-8 sure enough they came swiftly to rescue me from the frustrations of not understanding stuff.

here’s the explanation I got from a very helpful lang-8er 🙂
That’s really high level grammer. Even though Korean, It’s difficult to differentiate their nuance. So, Korean SAT(수능) used to set them as questions. I’ll try to expain but I can’t be sure about that you can understand my poor english.


As you know, “~이자” has no diffences in meaning with “랑/하고/과/와”.

“~이자” is actually combined thing with “이” and “자”

“이” is predicative pospostional particle(서술격조사). it can make “~이자” uses after noun.


“자” is conjunction. it can make “~이자” has meaning as “and”.

“~이자” is more like “at the same time” in english rather than just “and”, because “자” has meaning of ‘sth possess some qualification and another qualification’.

So, you can easily find “~이자” after human rather than things.

i) She is my mother and my best friend.
ii) She is my mother at the same time she is my best friend.
– ii) is more often transelated to “그녀는 나의 어머니”이자” 나의 좋은 친구 이기도 하다.” in korean rather than i)


I am highly recommend you use “그리고” rather than “랑/하고/과/와” and “~이자” as a meaning of “and”.

there are some grammatical rules in use them.

For example, “랑” and “하고” is not recommended to use in formal language especially dissertation and contract. because, they are colloquial style.

However, you can use “그리고” in anytime and any situation.

I get these moments in Japanese where I’m like even though I read a 100 books and watched thousands of hours of talk/variety shows I’ll come across something (words usually…) that seems so basic or easy or common sense that I still do not know… but none of them have been this extreme where I didn’t the word for “and” lol. Just thinking about the word “and” in English it just seems so ludicrous that I didn’t know it. I definitely could not infer the meaning from the context. And hopefully with that there are no more words for “and” in Korean that I do not know about… if it’s like archaic shit that hasn’t been used since the 1500s or something that’s fine (I don’t give a shit) but if it’s actually used like in an episode of UPRS I am embarrassed to not know it lol.

actually isn’t the more appropriate word to translate ija cum? If I think of it that way it is kinda advanced. I have yet to ever hear anyone use the word cum in speech. I’ve only read that usage in the books.

I feel progress in my KOREAN comprehension abilities

1. 1000 words I’ve looked up on naver since not sure… (I don’t think it keeps track of any word I’ve ever looked up)

Legal.High.E05.720p.HDTV.x264.AAC-YYeTs[21-07-43 . huihui lollzlzlzlkj

holy moly it turns out that I had looked up a 1000 words on my NAVER Korean to Japanese app on my iphone. This discovery prompted me to write this entry. So I pretty much only use this app when I watch Korean TV via my computer and by Korean TV only specific TV shows that interest me since 90% of Korean TV just bores me to death (but you know what I could say that about American TV due to sheer volume of TV but they American TV have some good dramas). I find that to be astounding because I really do not watch that much Korean TV compared to Japanese TV. the only Korean shows I watch are show me the money and unpretty rapstar and sporadic episodes of talk/variety shows only if a Korean celebrity I care about is on it (lately I’ve been into watching gypo/foreigners – not the beauty suda show though… ) . it must have been over the course of the year… if I had to take a stab at it … in one ep of unpretty rapstar I could look up anywhere from 10 to 30 words just because I usually need to do that with rap lyrics.

ANYWAYS that number is mind-boggling and it just goes to show you every little thing really adds up especially if you use a srs or gold-list method etc.

2) I had recently decided to take a stab at spanish again. here are the reasons why : I learned spanish FROM MIDDLE SCHOOL TO HIGH SCHOOL ( which is about 6 years) and got straight A’s but I suck it and I think I wanna finish what I started, I live in America (so unlike Japanese I’ll actually hear it incidentally going grocery shopping etc… for Japanese if I was super lucky on a given day there will be 2 Japanese people chatting next to me on a NYC train), it’s similar to English (which means it would be that much more motivating and EASY… though I must say they are STILL different languages so it requires serious adjustment to tune my brain to spanish way of thinking)… and I thought due to similarities with English perhaps it would be strategically more smart to go heavy on immersion vs. learning grammar/useful vocab and so in that process I attempted reading a book in spanish. for most spanish learners reading is easier than listening comprehension… I thought it’s similar to English so I should be able to figure it out but damn it’s still hard due to vocab that is uniquely spanish vocab and have no resemblance to the English counterpart and the spanish grammar. I’m not used to spanish grammar so it’s tiring trying to follow what’s going on since my way of thinking is only comfortable in the English, Japanese, or Korea way (I tend to just read it but not actually process IT since it’s written in an alphabet like English. so I guess reading spanish like reading unknown English words though I TRY TO READ IT WITH the CORRECT spanish pronunciation AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE). SO I MENTION THIS because although spanish is SOOOOOOOOO similar to English due to my lack of time spent with spanish it’s pretty damn hard… but I find Japanese so easy and fun to read due to all the time I spent with it. So my shoddy spanish comprehension just shows me just how “good” my Korean/Japanese are.

3) I am adding cards in MCD format and modifying old cards to MCD format. I wasn’t not able to do this before because korena was just not familiar… it truly would be draining and ineffective. So there are cards I am converting to the mcd format so i can FINALLY LEANR THAT WORD. i have so many words that i see it and have no idea what the fuck it means. it doesn’t matter how long it’s been in my deck since I TRULY TRULY half ass my Korean deck because I just don’t give a shit so there will be cards in there from 2 years ago where I’ll take a look and have no f’in clue what it means. so if my retention rate for my Japanese deck is 90% then my Korean deck would be like 40/30/ or 50 % just because I don’t give a shit… I don’t use my Korean deck for srs in the sense that I could never remember the cards but still plow through picking 2’s and 3’s just because I know there’s no point drilling them. The MCD format that I a m currently employing involves BLANKING OUT the Korean part or the Japanese/definition part. for the Korean part I choose the most obvious or easy to remember syllable so anything with a BACCHIM is usually a hell no unless I’M REALLY FEELING THAT BACCHIM to mean what it means.

*** 새치___하다

름 何食わぬ顔をする;そしらぬふりをする。

헤 しまりがない;不経済である。

유___을 떨고

난 // 言行や状態が普通と全く違う[こと; 並外れなこと; 際立っていること; 気難しいこと; …にやかましいこと.

__결같은 내 태도</
**처음부터 끝까지 변함없이

한/ 처음부터 끝까지 변함없이 꼭 같다.한결같은 태도한결같은 마음둘 사이가 10년이

back: 방

회사빨 ___까 이제는
** 좆까(fuck you
조/// 좆까(fuck you)を発音通りに書いた、좆까の遠回しの一つです。

소재가 없으면 꼰____가 되나 봐 그렇지
대///先生になるみたい そうだ


そこに 行い を表す 질 と ~に の 에 がついています。


꼰대질에 썩은 웃음


진 // 迷

Like I said I don’t actually do my deck so I read the MINIMUM amount.

basically I would never ever remember any of these cards if it weren’t for the MCD FORMAT.

4) A Korean book I tried to read/learn from years ago… I’m going to guess 2011 or 2012…. I think I made index cards out of them to do manual srs or just said f’it and scrapped the whole thing



image url

just for the competitive bastards who might be reading my blog here are a couple words off those pages that I do not know. it doesn’t bother me one bit. as far as I know in this point in time those words are useless. I love that I have this attitude towards Korean because sometimes my attitude towards Japanese was too much…. learning to let go is very important. if it’s that important it will show up again. but if you’re trying to become super fluent you gotta realllllllly go after the intensity and the duration to learn a lot in a short period of time. I don’t have that desire with Korean because I already achieved it before lol. that is super demotivating. I strive for efficiency!

산기슭 know it has to do with mountains but don’t know the actual meaning… perhaps mountain range?


용암 actually I think I know this word…. due to my knowledge of the kango reading conversion from Japanese to Korean. it’s mostly like YOUGAN in Japanese.

some of these words may actually be in my srs (probably from adding them from another source besides this book) but I have no idea because I don’t really take my Korea srs like ido with my Japanese

Looking at these underlined pages (in pencil) now I will say that I still do not know all these words but now I actually do know some of the words…. by know I am very familiar with them. HOWEVER unlike Japanese where I had a burning desire and motivation to learn like all the words to get super fluent I had and still have a don’t give a shit attitude towards Korean (I don’t have a desire to get fluent). So my attitude towards the words that I still do not know from these pages is that the words are probably really useless. By useless I mean… I haven’t encountered them recently and they’re being used in this short story so these words are probably not of interest to me. the words I’m interested in learning in Korean are words that I find useful and actually encounter ( to ensure I’ll actually remember/retain the information because other wise it’s a WASTE OF TIME) . I think as language learners we should be as picky as we what want to learn when it comes to learning words. do whatever you need to do make it enjoyable or bearable etc. delete those SRS cards that just suck. another reason I don’t even interest is I have more interest in learning Korean words or grammar or phrases in rap songs because those tend to have the latest slang and offensive terms that I should KNOW! lol. smtm and uprs! I’ve mentioned this before that I hate reading Korean because I’d rather read Japanese or English because Japanese has kanji and English is such a useful language (they just both have more going on in the book industry and I just cannot stand reading Hangeul).

here is the mediafire .rar of the pictures files in case craps out like

this is actually 2 numbers because besides having this awesome attitude… I actually know most of the words that are underlined!!! There’s nothing like looking at something that’s super difficult and tedious now seeming less ridiculous and more appropriate for your learnig level. BUT even though the book is now at my level i won’t bother reading it because I don’t want to read it. As good as it feels knowing I know all these underlined words after 4 years when it comes down to it I have no desire to read this book. Like I read english books but I don’t just read anythig, same with japanese and the same with Korean but I really don’t like reading korean.

Like I’ve said in other blog entries despite what people may think heritage language learners have it tough too I that despite what “advantages’ you think they have it’s very possible that they suck. and I personally don’t believe anyone should be obligated to learn their heritage language… people can learn whatever language they want to. So here are some EXAMPLES I can remember since once you get better at something you forget the struggles and whatnot (though I have not reached this point in Korean, only with Japanese).

Before I started learning Korean which I started after learning Japanese I did not know common, useful, easy words such as
초등 in 초등학생
at that time as far I knew they weren’t common lol.

OMG here comes the clincher. AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of something that i probably understood but I would’ve never been able to produce myself. this is something that every heritage learner probably says….

that infamous line we all have to say at one point” I can’t speak korean”

so if you asked 2012 me pre-korean learning how do you say that… I would’ve said

한국말 못해요. I think that’s fine and dandy and really emphasizes that you really suck at korean but the better grammar construction is 한국말할줄몰라요. forget the damn particles, you’re just speaking and if the person understands you it’s fine.

But in all seriousness if somebody asked me that and I wanted to answer with I don’t speak Korean I would say it in English so it’s a nonissue for me. lol…. but just wanted to give an example.

there’s may be more but I can’t conjure them up since it’s very difficult trying to remember something that you used to be unfamiliar with that you’re now familiar with.

here are some words that I consider REALLY easy that I added back in 2012 January
looking at it actually most of the words are still hard lol…. probably more familiar than they were in 2012

5) I only try to learn real Korean lol. like I said before I have to use a lot of Google and chiebukuro because stuff I look up are NOT in the dictionary. likewise lately for Japanese I’ve been looking up 誤植 in Google, find nothing, ask on chiebukuro ad have Japanese people tell me that must be a typo or somebody made that shit up.. did you mean to type this? seriously it’s gotten to this point lol….

there have been so many times with Korean where I would’ve never figured it out had I not asked on chiebukuro. it’s just one of those things where only native speakers know it and can explain it. but seriously BEFORE I even embarked on my language learnig journey I had an instinctual conviction that korean is going to be harder than Japanese and this is one the ways that KOREAN is so damn cumbersome. for japanese i don’t have to ask on chiebukuro to the extent I do with korean to the extent i do with korean since google just PLAIN works.

5) blame Korean people for not being able to understand.
lol how arrogant?? you may think. it applies to instances where I cannot understand the person for speaking unclearly. for example if a rapper has poor diction I may not be able to understand them…. or maybe their diction is just okay… but as a rapper your goal is to be clear as possible so people understand you since you worked so hard to write those lyrics down. here’s an example for English speakers… do you understand Adriana Grande when she sings… your answer is probably sometimes unless you memorized your lyrics and force yourself to hear for the words. she has poor diction. there’s no fucking way me not understanding her has to do with my English abilities. here’s another example can you understand chingy when he speaks English lol…. j/k but seriously wtf is wrong rappers like him who can’t speak English.

for Korean TV for some reasons 2 of the “top” mcs are hard to understand cause they don’t speak standard Korean. one of them looks like zakiyama and speaks in the intonation of this dialect and it sounds so noisy and unpleasant. I don’t even want to understand what the bastard is saying because it’s that ear-grating ad I know Korean mc’s compare to Japanese ones…. it’s a natural result since the owarai thing is so big in Japan. in an episode of happy together all the foreigners were like I can’t understand that bastard and I had to translate what he saying into my native language for some TV show. I don’t know what’s up with the other mc but he’s damn grating too. STENTORIAN!! Just throwing that in there because like I said in another entry I don’t want to sound like Kim kardashian when I turn 30! but seriously I hate it when people on Korean TV shows get super loud to say the most boring pointless shit. stfu…

6) not relevant to this topic exactly but I wanted to touch on that annoying question how long does it take to get fluent in x or what’s the shortest possible amount of time. So like I said I am not fluent in Korean. There are too many fucking words in korean that I don’t know including probably the majority of the curse words. I was thinkng I started 2012 but I never gave too much of a shit and most of my time is dedicated to japanese

but even then I still improved significantly considering 4 years is a long time. Slowly but surely there was improvement. I’m at a point where I can abuse Mcd and drill 50 words a day and succeed if I really wanted to ( which I totally did did with japanese) . It just would not have been possible in 2012 and once you learn a language you know when is the right time to be drilling any and all unknown words you come across because you know you can remember that because you have this huge repertoire of words you already know and a strong familiarity with the language. But I don’t want to do that because I just don’t care like that. 🙂

So if you want to be fluent in 2 years etc you gotta akatt and engage with the media

That’s about it. Can say much more but I have a life.

acne PART 2

lolslsls sdfdsfsddsf

All right so I can FINALLY say that I have conquered acne. After I submitted the previous entry in 2014 I still got acne but not as often (I was also under a lot of stress and some serious exhaustion at that time lol… ad now i’m a normal HUMAN BEING . i don’t feel like exploding) and I got 2 HUGE ASS simples from using cosrx bha and aha incorrectly… by that using both at the same time. you gotta be careful with acids and work very gradually with them. but besides the inappropriate use I don’t think I’m compatible with cosrx bha/aha on my face… they just cause acne because those huge ass pimples were on places of my face where I NEVER get acne… Paula’s choice has NEVER given me acne… so PLEASE PROCEED with caution and work into it slowly like once a week, 2 times a week, etc. I do not get acne anymore!!! Like I said before probably there’s no point going after post inflammation hyperpigmentation without ridding yourself of acne. and as much as there’s all this buzz around skincare ingredients that are “beneficial” towards acne (vitamin c serum blahblah)… you really need to go after the big guns that are proven to EXTREMELY effective from DECADES of data and research if you want to ACTUALLY rid yourself of acne. sure they’re helpful but there’s no guarantee. So I’m writing a follow-up /conclusion entry about my victory against acne.

So I’ve been 4 months strong COMPLETELY ACNE FREE since I started doing this

I stand by my points from my previous entry:
here are some additions and modifications that have eliminated acne for me.

It has to do with washing my face. Isn’t it irritating when you have acne or acne scars and you do wash your face but people think you don’t or even worse have the audacity to say to you or ask you do you wash your face?!…. but now that I think about it you really aren’t washing your face. by that I mean you’re not washing your face effectively so you face is still dirty and that’s why you get acne. I thought I had revelations when I heard about the awadate foaming net but there’s still more to that to wash your face effectively.

the face bar soap I was using before was too drying but the pH was fine… I don’t use it no more.

here’s a summary of how I wash my face in the morning.
1) Rinse water on ONLY the parts of my face where I get acne
2) After it dries for the most part, apply benzyl peroxide gel (5%) in those areas
3) After 5 minutes (or even less sometimes if I really don’t have time), rinse my face with water then wash my face Paula’s choice clear pore face wash only on parts of my face where I get acne (it’s a gel and so if I don’t use an awadate net I only do the vulnerable areas). Sometimes I forget and only use water but I didn’t get acne 😀
ゴッドタン 20110615 マジギライ16[11-04-17]

4) do my Asian beauty inspired skin-care including sunscreen. i had to post this shit myself because three’s so many beautygurus that apply sunscreen like some expensive ampoule or essence that they just have to use super sparingly. hell if it’s an expensive ampoule essece you should try to apply it evenly not sparsely!

DAMN the the misconceptions about sunscreen drive me insane since i had that shit banged into my hand from the japanese TV shows

5) I will mention a skincare product that is available in the US and is very good for your skin and hence will help with acne unless for some reason one of the ingredients don’t agree with your skin (it’s very clean on CosDNA). That is Cerave PM because it has 4% niacinamide… check out the summary on beautypedia… it’s one of those PROVEN skincare ingredients alongside retinol and LAA vitamin c serum.


I don’t think they’re expensive considering how long they’ll last. Benzoyl peroxide is relatively cheap (you do not need to buy paula’s choice etc… just get the cheapest one! lol… 5% should be plenty) and paula’s cohice cleanser may seem kinda pricey but it lasts a REALLY long time because I only use it on the parts of my face that are acne proe and it’s really slippery so it’s easy to spread. if you really want to use it on your whole face you can use the foamning net and minimize product usage. Plus it’s really well formulated. you don’t have to the worry about the pH or it smelling it like shit etc.

**Benzoyl peroxide is effective but I could never get myself to use it every day simply because it’s so drying and it interferes with my skincare routine since it takes up a layer. BUT I read on reddit that it can be used to this way where you only leave it on for a few minutes. trust me, IT WORKS.


1) oil cleanser (sunscreen is damn tenacious)
2) Korean foaming cleanser
3) skincare routine

uguigiuI do benzyl peroxide EVERYDAY. I don’t even want to risk trying to extend that out to every other day because I like my acne free face. I have the same sentiment towards the Paula’s choice cleanser…. what if I get acne if I take it out… For info on why they’re effective you can go to the website.

Weekly or Twice a week : Paula’s choice 4% foaming BHA on a fresh clean face as first step (so I don’t have to use bha every day which is the case with 2% etc ). This retexturizes my skin (I notice the difference the very next day) and keeps my pores clean like them blackheads.

Benzoyl peroxide and BETA HYDROXY acids are PROVEN ingredients with lots and lots of studies and data. Check out Paula’s choice beautypedia. and seriously what the fuck is up with those beauty gurus on youtube that post an acne routine and it doesn’t have salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide or they use shit products (you’ll literally see their face covered in acne and fresh acne scars in the beginning of a make upvideo or they’ll say they still get acne but it really helps. all i’m thinking is bitch that means your shit routine ain’t working) and swears by them lol …

I want to emphasize part of the reason why this works is because I am VERY vigilant about it by using the benzyl peroxide EVERYDAY. There was an article that was posted where they took super zoomed pictures of a pimple after it exploded and all that and it showed that after 28 days that “hole” started filling up again etc (HOWEVER with the naked eye you cannot see that). I used to be too optimistic or maybe lazy. I would get clear skin for a week so I’d think oh I’m over this “acne phase” finally the I’d get hit with a huge one that’s painful and all that. That cycle would repeat every 2 weeks etc… just because it heals doesn’t mean the spot where that pimple exploded can’t get filled up again. You should take that as a sign to be hypervigilient about that area of your face. For some reason I only had motivation to use benzyl peroxide if I had acne on my face or I had it recently but if I had clear skin for a week I felt like riding it out and testing the waters and see how much longer I could extend it. that is the WRONG way to think about it. You have to super pessimistic and assume some huge pimple is going to erupt on your face the next day, end of the day, etc if you don’t use effective products like benzyl peroxide everyday etc. you have to picture the craters getting refilled with crap and germs…. and your first line of defense is benzoyl peroxide!!!

HERE IS THE MORE DETAILED BREAKDOWN of the actual products if you do want to read that. I hate it when I go to asianbeauty blogs and people go ON AND ON about their skincare routine and there’s no way to follow it.

1) oil cleanser (sunscreen is damn tenacious) – DHC cleansing oil and SOFTYMO cleansing oil – white or regular (both have a citrus smell because one of the oils is of citrus origin… it’s not PARFUM). I’m going to try the SPEEDY cleansing oil from softymo because that one has no smell to it.
2) Korean foaming cleanser – I am in the low ph face cleanser camp! ( asianbeauty reddit) so I use LJH tea tree foaming cleanser OR COSRX cleansing gel using the awadate net so they last much longer than if I didn’t use the net. they both smell like tea tree oil because they contain tea tree oil. it doesn’t bother me, and it’s not strong.

3) asianbeauty inspired skincare routine – i can attribute this to my state of being acne free by encouraging my skin to be healthy. for example if you overexfoliate that can cause your skin to become vulnerable to germs etc and cause you to break out (not sure how much bezoyl peroxide and paula’s cohice fash wash will help you there). so BE CAREFUL.


i BOUGHT DHC whe they had a special deal for new customers because i just wanted to try it. it smells like olive oil because it contains olive oil nd not because they put perfume in it. it’s costly so i wouldn’t buy it again lol.

softymo is affordable even having it sent over from japan via ebay or amazon etc. and if you use rakuten or buy many at the same time, you save even more time.

LJH tea tree fomaing cleanser is expensive but you can get it for like 14 dollars off of HKCplaaza if they’re having a sale.

cosrx is 10 dollars .. just 10 if you can get free shipping from membox or wish trend etc. it’s good stuff.

Here’s my paulas choice referral code for ten dollars off first purchasE

BTW I do not go to sleep early and i just cannot…. so it’s not a necessity to eliminate acne.

as a little epilogue I’M SUPER EXCITED TO TRY OUT

shark sauce and stratia rewind to help with hyperpigmetation. unfortunately i have other products to use up right now 😦