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chiteijinI decided to write this post because I saw 2 dramas recently. by saw i mean around 1 ep or less. one was on vicki and the other was on dramafever and i’m not including photo of the drama because as most people are aware all koreans look the same when it comes to kdramas. just go to dramafever and try to differentiate actors and actresses. even if you cn differentDHFDSKFHDiate them they all look so similar… it’s due to plastic surgery or korea’s obessesion with certain features. i just annoyed seeing some of these actresses with the big eyebrows that are drawn in or their delivery which are all the fuckin same. for the guys i hate tlondonnnhe SAME DAMN HAIRSTYLES. thhe dramas where they cast the “plain looking girl character” with the short hair all look like the same actress to me…. the actress/actor look the same even with roles where the maincharacter doesn’t necessarily have to be drop dead gorgeous . i hate the lack of diversity. nayways if you want to see what the 2 dramas that i talk about looks like with the actresses and anything just open drama fever.com all of them look the same anyway.

so the 2 dramas are nodame cantabile && LIAR GAME. nodame cantabile is named tomorrow’s cantabile in the korean verison. it i korean-drama-washed to the max. first of all let’s talk about one of the strengths of the jdramas. they are shorter in number of epiodes, duration. it’s especially like that with LIAR GAME because that drama is 35 minutes long!!!! nodame is probably 45 minutes. korean dramas clock in around 50-55 minutes because they don’t air commecials in korea. if thing didn’t change from the 90s they air like 3 minute of commercial let’s say at 8 or before 8 and then they air the full korean drama without any commercial interruptions. also they tend to be at least 20 eps as far as i know. i don’t know how many eps korean nodame or korean liar game is beause that 1 ep is enough to just to steer me away

ALSO kdramas seem to be obsessed with remaking japanese dramas like hollywood remaking movies … sounds like they’re running out of ideas. they even remake GOD AWFUL jdramas…. they were awful in japanese so the korean drama is probably just more annoying. by the way i was slightily interested in that remake of JIN because i love jin but the korean vesion was just shit… i saw random clips and that was eonugh. and i think there was a guy in that show with a MODERN hair style. that REALLY PISSES ME OFF. they give the pretty guy the pretty girl hairstyle in a peirod drama and it’s one of those things i cannot stand. the version i saw was the legitimate korean version. there was this scandal because onechannel/company made the jin drama with permission, the other without and of course they deny copying the drama despite all the remarkable similarities and the 2 dramas were airing in the same season too… it’s so RIDICULOUS. are you china or something? i hope the jin people sued their asses off and got their money.

LIAR GAME – before i watched i did a little research and found out how they added a reality tv component which reminds me of hunger games which activates my gag reflex lol. i love reality tv depending on the show because there’s bad ones and good ones. with regards to liar game i’m wondering why anyone woudl dothat. talk about blandifying liar game. ther’s no stakes. the show is fun or exhilarating to watch because you see people fall into the depths of despair. in the korean ersion there’s no stakes… it’s just oh i didn’t win the money. there’s no reaso to get upet or worked up. it’s public and everything is laid out on the table. i watched the first 20 minutes and it was okay and i was relaxing while watching it for fun. however after a while i just had to fastforward. ihated the part where they made the girl talk to the camera and tell her sob story. it reminded me of….. crappy korean dramas and just undoes everything that is liar game. the korean writers are so lazy. they pretty much copied scenes from the jdrama except they stretch them out more due to the duration of the show. i saw ihe jdrama a long time ago that they’re literally just translating chunks of dialogue and doesn’t do much innovation. all the interesting plot advancement or twists are straight from the japanese version. it makes me say what’s the point??????? of making a korean version. you’re just translating the script into korean and adding superfluous crap, and make up a korean opening song that is the inferior watered-down version of the japanese opening song because… they hate listenin to japanese?????/ wut?? the korean version is so damn tedious. also the background music in japanese liar game KICKS ASSS

The korean drama has no distinct atosphere going on with the cinmeotgraphy, camera work etc. it’s a typical korean drama. the japanese one was very distinct in its atmosphere and it was unique to the drama and i loved it to bits. in the korean drama, kanzaki nao and akiyama (forgot his first name) are turned into korean drama character blobs. they turned them into the typical characters you see in kdramas (akiyama turned into a typical “cool guy” in a korean drama which is WRONG. akiyama isn’t a typical “cool guy” in a jdrama…. because for one thing MATSUDA SHOUTA CAN ACT while many “good looking actors” in japan cannot act not that all good looking japanese actors can’t act but japanese pople tend to put people in the spotlight due to their good looks despite how little talent they have ). of course they interact with each other like typical korean characters in korean dramas in those typical scenes . of course they deliver lines in a certain way that is seen very frequently in korean dramas. and OF COURSE they say these lines that always IRK me when i hear them used in kdramas. i wish they would ban some of these pharses like they were curse words or something. i hate those phrases, they use them all the time, and the delivery is always the same and i can’t stand hearin git. but phrases i mean those typical phrases the main girl and main guy say to each oter when they insult each other or argue or are irritated with each other. most importantly those phrases are NOT LIAR GAME. they do not belong in liar game. they gutted liar game and took out all the flavor and soul and turned into a bland korean drama.

they took all the excitement out of liar game and made me question why bother? what is the point of this drama? the problem with remakes are that they always make me question what is the POINT of making this? why don’t i just rewatch the original? how is it possible that they put in so little effort and little copy-pate certain scenes or lines yet it’s so much worse? ‘

i watched parts of episode 2 and the little parts of eps with “x” and wow how can you f up the eps with the “x arc”. they sure know how to turn the most exciting plot into bland shit.


i made it through the first 10 minute sor so? this drama was even MORE copy paste and laziness compared to liar game and and… it screamed POINTLESS. i haven’t seen this drama in a long time but i can tell the converstations and scenes were direct copyt paste from the j-drama so how do you expect people to not compare.

anyways i hate the lack of diversity in korean actors. why is these no diversity? why does chiaki look so… sterile? lol . watching the show feels so unnatural sometimes because i don’t know anyone in real life who looks like the korean actor for chiaki. he looks too sterile… no facial hair no pores … just perfect skin… i know dramas feature good looking actors and actresses and i like that. i like good-looking people in dramas too but in this instance something is offf. anyways he gives me the creeps and his acting is lacking. in general, korean dramas are off-setting and feel almost scary to watch because no one in the drama look like real poeple that you see in real life even with the side characters. i undersatnd that people want to see good looking people and dramas are fake and whatnot but the disparity between real people and peple in dramas is off-putting especially in korean dramas.

i promised no picture of the dramas themselves but you can only undersatnd what i’m saying by seeing his face
Tomorrow Cantabile11

the girl casted as nodame like th eguy creeps me out because her skin is too perfect etc and yes all korean dramas are like that i know ….

ANYWAYS while i was watching it i thought korean chiaki is creepy with his face and chiaki’ rival…. gave off vibes of gayness! i interepeted the scene where he was saying mean shit to chiaki about germany or something as flirting. he was dressed so gay and his hairstyle was gay and his way of talking wasn’t entirely straight. in short he was oozing gay and so i thought wow this korean drama is breaking walls down with gay cahracters lol. j/k ( WAS NO ONE ELSE THINKING WHAT I WAS THINKING… if you want to chck it out thi scene is from ep 1 when chiaki is outside somewjere) but seriously iwas expecting a gay sex scene between them later on in the episode becausae of that awful show “ohw to get away with murder” (sreiously nearly eveyr episode had a gay sex scene and so many characters are sleeping around and it’s so ridiculous… it’s a show with no good characters. annelise is so eh though the actress is very talented )

the korean actors are just copying the japanese actors… i hated the korean guy’s acting… everything came off as over-acting in a bad (not saying tamaki hiroshi i ssuper talented and perfect… i will say that his rendition had charm) , annoying way. the girl just pissed me off with her nodame impersonation. i call it impersonation and not acting. like liargame . they just translate all the dialogue to korean and stretch it out and makes me say wtf is the point of this show? why don’t i just watch the japanese version? acting i cringey. it makes me cringe.

i watched the 2 dramas not to talk shit about them but out of sheer curiosity and with the faint glimmer of hope that they innovated and made something interesting to watch that a fan of the original version could enjoy… they don’t innovate. nobody seems to understand the concept of REMAKING a drama. it doesn’t mean copy paste, stretch out shit, add typical-bland-korean-drama BS.. you could say making a movie from a book is re-making the book since the director is not going to COPY PASTE from the book since a movie is a not a book. the movie will bore people to death if all you do is copy paste the book with a shitload narration and pan-scans etc . speaking of which i HIGHLY recommend the movie CONFESIONS and the dramas LIAR GAME AND NODAME CANTABILE (this one isn’t that amazing to be honest. i’m not obsessed with it). happppppppppppy new year.


aLSO i’ll write my litle reivew on hunger games movie because i was dragged to it because i can’t seem to leran how to say no.

it’s shit. it is lame (this YOU CANNOT DENY) with awful analogies that do not need to be mentioned and awful non-tension building tedious scene that somebody had the audacity to write, audacity to act out and audacity to direct and audacity to not edit out of the movie (not onlt that that scene had characters no one gave a shit about so i rather they perished and died in that scene that way that scenes accomplishes something and wastes 9 inutes and 59 seconds of my time as opposed to a full 10 minutse). unles you enjoyed twilight, stay away. plot is bad, characters are bad, most importantly it’s nearly 3 hours and the whole movie can be summed up in less than 10 seconds…. “insult to my intelligence”

saw the 2 specials~~ LIAR GAME


one is about fukunaga vs yokoya and the other is about alice.

so I think the fukunaga vs yokoya is better than the second movie, not sure about the firs movie… as far as content divided by time this special it’s more dense and thus more watchable. the first movie was lame so  maybe this special over that. the thing i dled kept all the commercials and it was all the same commmmmmercials about liar game.
anyways i HIGHly recommend the first season, for the second season i liked one of the games and maybe i would’ve liked the other games more if they were less dragged out?? i dun know it’s just not as well as done as the other games in season  1?? i dk. but anyways i want to check out the manga for other coool games.

if you watch movie 2 before the yokoya vs. fukunaga you know how it ends. though the game was good the performances was the usual with the crazy laughing and smircking etc etc but i love wathcing that part thoughsomething different/new or a diff. spin on that would be good that. there’s a lot of twists in this special of courrrrrse.

the special with ashida mana was aired during commercial breaks? lol. it was 4 mini eps but they were so short. a lot of fast=forwarding bt the eps bc the beginnign of the ep is the same footage. i thought afterwards “hey they already did this with akiyama” and obviously matsuda shouta did a better job acting that out… well ashida mana did a goooood job too.  too short, not deep enough. i’m going to guess this alice character wasn’t in the orgiinal manga and if it was it must’ve been deeper than this.
so ashida mana did most of her acting in this special as opposed to the actual movie.

so i recommend season 1 and fukunaga vs yokoya.  the correct order of watching is fukunaga vs yokoya, alice, second movie. I read somewhere you should watch fukunagavs yokoya before alice…. season 2 is like okay. movie 1 is ehhhhh and movie 2 is bad and tabe-chan ain’t that cute or anything. she has no personality. there’s no character development etc… It was unfortunate bc the first 10 minutes or something seemed promising with akiyama… i was like omg he’s now a ______. ___ – _____- ___ i remembered 4 or 5 characters’ names after the movie ended and that included  akiyama so it was sorta hard to follow the movie lol like who belongs to who and who betrayed whoooooooo. j/k but seriously i don’t get the deal with sakai. but i dont care bc i’m sure it makes sense and the other games were better before.

p.s. there’s other specials it’s called x-files ( love the x-files BTW.. .gotta get the dvds or something.. .seriously what is the point of the fringe.lost/etc. wouldn’t you rather re-watch the xfiles.)  or something x- something but i couldn’t find dl links just some streaing stuff but i don’t like low -quality 😦 not sure if it’s worth watching. perhaps i’ll check it out someday. it’s like back stories on the characers which should’ve been done during the season (and made the show better, make the viewer more invested) not as a tack-on
another song called butterfly that i like. butterfly by k.will. I like the song 🙂 so glad i got his album upon an indirect suggestion via this music blog… they posted their faves or best of 2012 . of course i disagreed bc i listen to a lot of korean indie but anyways those posts can be useful … like i’ll find out about an awesome artist or i didn’t notice x artist released album/single etc.  the other one in my heart is of course by kimura kaela. such a pretttttttty song!!!


also i was reading up on the suzumiya huarhi movie bc that movie is like 2 hours and 40 minutes long or soemting. i was reading the helpfulreviews on yahoo jp that were 2/3 /1 stars. the 4/5 stars are uselessss i’m not a damn otaku i find shit that is boring boring. the moe don’t kill the boring lol. so people were saying it’s ridiculously boring, the animation is amazing, stuff is dragged out etc etc, it feels like kyon is reading the novel out loud, since the duration is what it is the kyon monologue gets really annoying after a while etc . is there any way i can watch  it by fast-forwarding key draggy parts? lol. I either watch the movie  or read the novel. i’m interested in it for the story and i do like the voice actors and of course the animation is amazing but 2 hrs 40 minutes is a no no… someone even said you could take out a whole hour. other people said that there ain’t no point watching unless you’re an obsseessed fan. i’m a casual fan i liked season 1… i guess i’ll end up reading the noveL????? and just the animation/voice-acting goodness from the trailer? lol?? but seirously i reocmmend that for 5cm to just watch the trailer @ 1080p or wahtever that youtube has and be done with it bc there’s nothing…

OH WAIT JAPANESE subs are out for the movie… i’m wavering now lol.

wait up 7/2014 they’re up on this site



movie was shitty. I don’t think it matters if you’ve seen the older stuff or not, you can tell it’s shit. One thing I must say is that the part where they show the result of the game and everyone’s always shocked by it or are 100% it’s going to be x but it ends up being y. as a veteran liar game viewer i would be actually surprised if the results were exactly what we expected.  lol. seriously, I wish they took out half the twists and devoted it to character development of some sorttttttttt

I remember seeing the video on youtube about ashida mana or maybe I read it somewhere… ab the role how it’s so different from  other roles. but as i was watching the movie while I was cleaning my room I was tinking she has no lines… and I don’t get tensai kodomo (prodigiy/genius kid) from the few lines she had… well i guess the last part sorta screamed tensai kodomo when that famous actress told ashida mana go make another game for me. So I wonder why they wre interviewing her about the role. it’s not a big deal… she had like 5 lines lol.

the game was really shitty… and i couldn’t follow the part where they talk about why __ is __ or what’s going on bc i do not know the side characters ie i didn’t know which team sakai belonged to so i didn’t get it lol but it doesn’t matter because it’s not worth it.

the game was just shitty. yeah there is strategy but i just can’t care about it and it just seems like a simpler/dumbed down version of the other games or maybe i’m just so used to the games i’m just used to it??? season 1 is worth watching, season 2 is bleh, movie 1 sucks, movie 2 sucks. but movie 1 is bettter than movie 2 ???


PART II because I don’t like having so many pictures load for one post…

I would like love to actually watch more japanese dramas but i barely have enough time to watch all the japanes etlak/variety shows that i want to watch/check out all the korean/japnaese music, watch my american dramas, read the books i want to read  that are in japanese/english and other stuff.
I don’t know when i’ll watch them but eventually right? so b.c. of that i’m just going to post this and the list of dramas i’m looking forward to watch. feel free to leave comennts like don’t watch that drama it’s super boring etc. lol. just no goddamnned spoilers.

oh wait i forgot to mention anime… it’s at the bottom of my priority, oh whatevs. well when i get through everything else. for the past 3 years or whateer it’s been pure shit getting released since they’re in an anime buble so once it pops i hope i’ll have time… you know good timing.

AND if this makes any difference… I watched all these dramas with either japanese subs, raw, or with korean subs translated to japanese via google translae. in other words I did not watch any of them with english subtitles.


JIN – I’ve always thought i would never watch jidaigeki and i thought i would drop this drama after 1 ep of “trying” but i got sucked in! sorta like JIN did into ~. But anyways the first half of the first ep is sorta boring and the later part of the ep with kichi is sorta annoying (he keeps saying ~~~) but I was still sucked in from the overall  feel of the ep + my anticipation of what is to come. I say give this drama at least like 3 eps and if you still don’t like it then there’s something wrong with you! but seroiusly i don’t know how you don’t get sucked into it by then. it is jidaigeki but it is pretty damn edgy sometimes. Sorta like how mad men is really https://i0.wp.com/img545.imageshack.us/img545/2383/jin11fff001003555955.th.jpgedgy even though it’s in the 50s.. especially in comparison to gossip girl trying really damn hard to be edgy in 2011 (but still this show is sorta fun to watch.. with the fast-forwarding of the annoying conversations they also have to do after the after-math lol). BACK TO JIN: I love the the song/BGM. You know a show is VERY GOOD when it has everything going on for it. the costumes/background music/casting/acting/camera work/etc.

I love the sadness/poignancy that comes from this show. very well done.I didn’t realize the actor  who plays saki’s brother is also masumi(?) in nodame cantabile till after I finished watching this show + looked up the actor lol. I

JIN II LINK TO OFFICIAL SITE (You can read the interviews from the cast members)

Let’s just say lots more stuff happens.. JIn goes to new places, meets new people, a bunch of years pass https://i1.wp.com/img69.imageshack.us/img69/1023/jinseason2ep031280x720x.jpgso there’s some changes etc. So anyways it IS interesting. It’s just the first episode was WEAK since it was the dragged out premiere episode as any drama does lol. You can read about it in my previous entry. also the first ep was re-hashy of season 1 or at least it felt like it.

They do give an ending so there IS A POINT TO WATCHING THIS! I heard it’s different from the manga beause of whatever changes they made. I heard the manga’s even better!! I think for the most part people don’t mind the ending. I thought it was well-executed nd I don’t wnat to think about it and see if there’s plot-holes or something. I don’t want to think about that cause it’s just confusing  &&  it requries thinking. but from my impression it’s fine. I have no issues with it. But then somebody on ch-review was like I loved it till the ending… that killed it for me blahblah. they also said it’s too dark and it’s harder to enjoy with the whole family and i agree with that… I don’t like watching that kind of stuff either but yeah it’s there in this sesaon. other harsh criticizers were saying oh jin keeps going on side quests/episodic plots but I thought they were well-done (you know how the aVERAGE dramas hvae the annoying episodic plots that are predictable or just plain cheeesy) like I learned about edo jidai more though i was irritated with one of them.

Like the first season, good poignant sadness NOT typical/forced/embarrassing as hell 1 liter of namida. On the official site which I have to start reading soon to get any other info like new intereviews etc… they have this flash thing and it says FUTATABI KANDOU  which  menas you’ll be moved again. and that is TRUE. But they did have melodama issues sometimes which I mentioned in that other pohst about JIN but even with that it’s still so good. Like if it was out of 10 it would be like 9.5 or something even considering the bit of melodrama at times. The scenes with the historical people are just AMAZING and I watched each of them at least like 5 times.. one cause it’s hard to follow that dialogue and two because it’s SO WELL DONE. I feel like it probably has a lot of re-watch value just from those SCENES which are amazing. It does have the typical j-drama thing going on too whenEVER saki talks to JIN… there’s too much pausing or long pauses but that’s like how all j-dramas are pretty much so… and i’m sure the pauses aren’t as long and frequent in JIN as compared to like hana yori dango… right? probably. But like seriously the pausing makes it harder to follow the conversation.. it really does. I have to make conscious effort to remember what they’re atlking about otherwise i can’t follow their conversation and then i hvae to rewatch that convo. because they pause i end up rewinding to remind myself what they’re talking about in the first place lo. it defeats the purpose of pausing and talking slow…. cause it’s too slow and pause-y i can’t follow what they’re saying lol. i even have the japanese sus on.

after watching it i asearched for clips on youtube of the cast promoting the show one I came across was them talking about the show and uchino-san (sakamoto ryouma) is talking and he IS SO DIFFERENT. he’s not talking like ryouma at all with the tosa-ben etc.. his facial expression is completely different.. I’m like this is so different, it feels so unnatural. It comes to show what an amazing actor he is! I feel sad that his private life is going bad with the divorce but you know i can’t deny his acting skills! It’s NOT JUST him. LikE I said before JIN meets a lot of new people right. but all the actors they casted were all so amazing and memorable. also for the casting they had to cast people who had to speak differnt dialects like I loved it when saigou/saigo spoke because rhytm or whatver you call it … is very RELAXINg lol (I wonder if it’s also like that for poeple who don’t understand japanese… if  so what i’m sayin’ is completely valid lol). So I loved that aspect. From my ears that have listened to a lot of japanese it sounds goood… the dialect he spoke. I’m not sure if the actor actually speaks that dialect or if he just practiced a lot like uchino-san or if that dialect even exists today (it probablydoes right.) but it sounds goood… I don’t hear that annoying accent thing like when hyoujungo/tokyo people try to say naniyanen (kansai-ben phrase). It just sounds annoying and bad wrong. ALSO I really liked the actor for higashi (though i predicted his background or whatever) because he’s good looking lol. But his acing skills are good too.  I’ve seen that actor before only on variety/talk shows only a couple times randomly and i just assumed he’s not good at acting (I know it’s not fair to say that) like didn’t he play some nekketsu (hot blooded) teacher or he would seem like he would which would involve annoying melodramatic chesssy scenes/lines.  I really enjoyed all the new people. I wasn’t sure if kurogawa (is that her name?)… she came on in ep 2 .. if her acting was goood… like did they really talk like that. she was so cut=e so whatevs  (´ε` )(´ε` )

I don’t know which sesaon is better but I loved both. they’re different. I was first apprehensive  because people were like OMG I loved season 1 and season 2 isdisappointing blahblah. I just think they’re so different so I don’t really feel like comparing personally.


so on this talk show the cast was tehre and I forgot who said what but basicaly oosawa-san’s script was  blank for the last scene . so that was his first time reading it and he’s honest to god reaction (while he’s in character as minagata). One take 😀

https://i2.wp.com/img88.imageshack.us/img88/310/jin05mro1280x720ix264aa.jpg this is  alittle boy not  a little girl. it just so looks cute from the back like a dress or something soo…

https://i0.wp.com/img7.imageshack.us/img7/310/jin05mro1280x720ix264aa.jpg this is cg? real? well it looks pretty. There’s lots of pretty scenery scenes to be seen in JIN. YAY I just used that writing technique where you use the same sound over and over… if only jin was sin. what the hell was that crap called? alliteration? why yes it is and it’s the first syllable so it worked!

I think JIN is the BEST J-drama I’ve seen so far (I’m so glad I learned japanese and started watching j-drama otherwise I would have NEVER WATCHED IT or if I did hear about it I would’ve not eve ntried)… to the point of i feel like i have to move hanazkari kimi/watsahitachikyoukasho to gOOD but i really like them too and i get different type of  enjoyment out of both of them. I think I would have to say #1 for me at lesat. It’s just they put so much effort into making it like they said they traveled all over japan to film even just one scene and the acting is amazing. It feels like it’s so meant to be that this drama is amazing as it is like the actress who [plays nokaze lived in france for i  don’t know how long (i forgot). I love how she plays nokaze with the way she talks and everything… I can’t imagine anyone else playing her role. I just enjoyed watching it so much!

AND THE SONG this time is by none other than hiari ken.  love that man and I hope to GOD he is NOT gay it might ruin his songs for me? So anyawys I love it and I heard it a bunch of times after i finished watching it because I MISS THE SHOW and I like the song except for that one part  where it sounds like he didn’t reach the note or something or it’s strained? it’s jus tlike i don’t know why they released it like tha. But anyways the lyrics MATCH UP quite well let’s just say… is that a spoiler? but yeah it reminded me of jin a lot as it should and it’s  a good choice of song again.

I thought the end of episode 4 or 5 or aorund there was just classic. maybe that’s going too far to say. the scene with ryouma saying oman to that jorou (prostitute in edo jidai) and i just thought it wasn’t CHEAP at all. it keeps that sex appeal factor without the cheapness… It’s realistic and makes the scene more memorable and it actually does a purpose other than just sex apppppeal or whateve ryou call that. It was a just great way to show us the urgency and the seriousness of that situation and how close it was etc etc. So I thought it was SOSO SO brilliant and at that moment I was like OMG Jin reached a level that I never thought J-drama could ever reach  ( since i watched lots of american dramas and american dramas have lots of sex in it lol) from the time I watched my first j-drama which was bloody monday (orz OTL) which I found to be average lol. and you know fan-service in anime is SO SO LAME and SOSO UNREALISTIC AND SOSO UNNATARUAL and pathetic. I HATE OTAKU PANDERING! but i can’t be helped since they’re in horrible horrible financial economical conditions. So i feel bad for them and i hope they don’t actually like making shtty otaku pandering anime but they have to … to survive.

Caps from last ep 😀





GONZO – I still didn’t finish watching it. fail. lol. hopefully sooooooon. It’s good it’s just i don’t have time 😦

https://i0.wp.com/img269.imageshack.us/img269/368/img1457284506975723ys.jpgABOVE AVERAGE

can’t decide… it’s b.t. good/average level

Mop Girl – It was so much fun. A pleasure to watch. It has its problems and good parts. It could be more deep and whatnot. It’s actually funny. the team work/chemistry between kitakwa keiko and tanihara shousuke is good. I love tanimura shosuke 😉

I really like how they casted kitakawa keiko and really utilized her cuteness like that episode with hakurankyou or something or the other times when they make her dress up in cute disguises/costumes. If it was ayase haruka i don’ tknow… i don’t like her!! as of now (2011) kitakwa keiko’s sorta fading… with like ishara satomi/kuriyama chiaki rising. Like she wasn’t even mentioned in the london heart’s episode when they choose the number one girl… Like no one chose her… unless one person did?? doubt it.

one thing that i didn’t like that stood out was the the guest actors’ acting ability was LOW which is really bad since the situations those guest actors’ characters are placed are in are sorta hard to act out.. it requires acting skills… so we get some weird overreacting/hyperness BUT at least the main people can act. Kitakwa keiko is fine, eikura nana is NOT.

also some of the episodic plots are weak but i love some of the ways they dress up for the occasion each episode. if you just watch it for fun like you’re supposed to then mmaybe you can overlook some of the weak points like me.

SOME LINKS to transcripts i found online just in case.. this + korean subs->japanese hopefully covers any hard to catch lines.


But seriously… sometimes I follow it fine and then there’s scenes where i cannot catch ANYTHING they say… it’s either i don’t know what the words or it’s how they say it… I would listen to a billion times over and i still have no idea what the faq is being said/talked about and then i find the transcript like the ameblog up there… (japanese people who can catch that stuff since they only speak japanese and understand japanese unless they’re billingual) and the ni go oh.. then i do the soramimi -effect thing and go yeah it does sound like that BUT without it i would still be like wtf they saying. It’s usually i know what they’re saying… I just can’t catch it.

Gyne ギネ 産婦人科の女たち – This was one took me by surprise. It’s one of those dramas i never would’ve watched because it came out fall of 09 when tokyo dogs, liar game, fumo chitai, samurai high school, jin also came out so  i heard NOTHING abt it. But luckily because somebody left the commercial on the avi for some other drama… which led me to watch a commercial for this show (ep 5 or 6 or something). From watching that I was like OMG even if this drama is crappy I have to at least watch that scene or episode. It’s the court room scene of course. but I thought just as drama it was really entertaining especially because I was watching monster and mother at the same time… unlike  those two the camera work and lighting and other fundamental stuff was done well (there are j-dramas that can’t even get these fundamentals right) &&&  It just didn’t have the usual/cliche/crappy j-drama feel or that feel was kept to a minimum. I just felt like the episodic plots/overarching plots weren’t the usual tired, typical plots (ie. samurai high school). It just kept me interested with the plot/arcs…. they were interesting and seemed thought-out and well done, One could argue that this show is more like sanpujinka no bakatachi but I just really liked as  drama entertainment. It made me want to watch the next episode, etc (which is you know logical… that’s why you watch the drama because you like it NOT because a bunch of losers praise it somewhere on the internet). Of course it can be better and the way it ended was like… not really an ending. but seriously WHY DID THEY SAy 神ドラマ to MOTHER…. no it’s not mother it’s MAZAA lol. ugh so silly.


Liar Game II -It’s not as good sesaon 1 because 1. it is 45 minutes? instead of 35 minutes (sesaon 1) Yes it is dragged out. They play the song (I love the song tho ) every episode and they stretch the reactions whenever something shocking happens which happens many times every episode because it is liar game. but the thing is… it’s just not that shocking or interesting. There were a couple tricks that i thought was interesting like the round with the cards and…. probably something else. Like last season  they don’t develop the side characters that much at all or the main characters that much it’s just like… i’m sick of it.  what’s the point? i feel bad for the actors… they have nothing to accomplish at work. If you watch season 2, you can pretty much be really disappointed in the movie. the movie is by the company (not part of the original manga so i guess i should go read the manga) and so the story is not that good. it’s like a mesh of sesaon 1 tricks and season 2 tricks so it’s like i’ve seen that. They even have an X… which was an awesome arc from season 1. I guess watch if you’re a fan just don’t forget to fast-forward?

Oh and poeple on 2ch think that part of the reason of the downfall of liar game was toda erika… and how she is no longerg pure and innocent anymore. lol. something about she went out with v6 member or someone and how her hair is brown… and well obviously people change and grow up and all that so… we can’t make her confine herself to whatever for our crazy fan mentality but…. I agree with them that… she is just different. If her character NAO changed maybe it owuldn’t have been such a big deal. but seriously it’s ust so UNREALISTIC how her chaacter doesn’t change at lalllllll. not even at the end of the movie???? I really wish they did stuff with akiyama and nao.. .then the movie might been actually good…. they sorta did stuff but not really so in the end they didn’t do anything as far as that realm is concerned.


Samurai High School

https://i2.wp.com/img845.imageshack.us/img845/3430/samuraihighschool200912.jpgI wish they chose another actor for the “friend role”. i don’t want to insult his acting skills or whatever, but i just feel like it’s too much of a stretch. the way he talks is like…. pissing me off. He won’t open his mouth that wide or something and that voice that’s supposed to be all meek or whatever… I don’t know. It just pisses me off. I wish they made that character more believable somehow. he’s a big ass white guy for gawds sakes.

It’s fun for a few eps… It’s like a silly/dumb/fun. THEN It gets boring and really just ordinary (the storylines are so ordinary and pointless-seeming). I don’t like the miura actor and i guess he was okay in this drama but i tihnk overdid it a little but who knows how a _ from _ would act in a _ so maybe it is on the ball? but the fact is the ending is shit and so…. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. By the way i got bored by this by ep 3 or 4…  episodic storylines were very weak. so i fastforwarded 5 and 6 like crazy then just skipped to 9 because it became a chore to watch. Then I fast-forwarded episode 9 like even more crazy and then i was like such a shit ending. can’t even make a disucssion out of that ending except it sucks balls. but still at the same time i don’t care about it… 😦

AND this screenshot is NOT spoilery if you know what scene this is from then you know it’s not. it’s just so dumb ugh.

PAPA TO MUSUME NO Nanokakan – It was fun/ny and cute/seemed good at first but after a few eps it gets old. In fact, it gets dumb. In fact the last episode was unbearable and a lot of fast-forwarding was done to finish watching it. It is an interesting premise it’s just it can’t even last (by “last” I mean be intersting) 7 eps.

j-subs here


The third lady (u know what i mean if you watched probably)’s acting was bad. it was like for reals? the director allowed this? It’s mostly the way she said her lines as opposed to the actual lines. The way she said it was so strange…. just not very sincere-sounding.

It’s like you don’t have to watch it. It’s not that good or that… anything. It has cute kids and well sometimes it’s done well but sometimes not…  j-subs to all the eps here

MOTHERThis and kaibutsu-kun drive me insane because they both are BAD dramas in my eyes yet people were praising them like crazy especially mother. they wrote like kami dorama  (kami= god) and i’m like no… It’s extremely slow, boring, melodramatic. I hate hate hate the main actress. I don’t think i’ll be able to watch any other drama with her in it because the way she talks is irritating. she whispers everything and it’s like… whispering does not equal good acting. as much as the guy from densha otoko was annoying, he was fine in watashitachi no kyoukasho but i don’t know about her if she’s going to do this acting forever!

And the little girl in the show is getting all famous and getting on this tv shows… not that i really care. she’s okay.

p.s. I wonder if there was some sorta significance with this scene (the screenshot that i took) with those things  she reached for… i wouldn’t know lol.

I was actually excited to watch this show becaue they kept talking about this show on various japanese info shows and the praise on the online boards and whatnot. they’re like oh they take such a serious theme and blahblahblah but it’s just not well-done so no.

there’s like no japanese to learn from it either. like there’s barely any talking.

Oh and here’s a thing from 2-ch matome that I really really really AGREE WITh.



It’s from ichiban TSUMARANAI dorama thread. sometimes that thread is more helpful than ichiban omoshiroi dorama.

it’s not as 涙頂戴 as 1 litter of teals. but . you know

Kaibutsu-kun – It’s for kids. There’s melodramatic scenes… which always follows oono. i don’t know why. It just gets lame and more and more boring and ugh…  I know everyone is really tryiing hard to make this show and everything with the special make up and wahatnot (like alll the promotoin on the TV) but the script is just… maybe it’s good enough for kids but not for me. actually the dramas that get promoted like crazy with actors coming out on the talk/variety/news shows usually suck the most… i’ve noticed.

I can’t believe the 3 d movie is coming out…

STAND UP! I tried to stick with this drama for too long (so boring and slow). should’ve given up or skipped/fast-forwarded earlier. it’s just ugly… people’s hairstyles/clothes etc lol. but i heard that DAIGO’s acting in the LADY hanzai profiler was really good that he was better than kitakawa keiko and the other main cast lol.


I saw episode 1, parts of ep 2, and a few minutes of the last episode. Um this drama is crappy. It’s very boring, nagasaku (the actress who played the friend? or pseudofriend?) is really really annoying. Her acting is just nothing special just exactly what I expect which makes it so boring. Episode 2 was really boring and i knew what parts they were going to make dramatic or shocking or whatever at those set scenes but like it’s just not and i predicted it while i was wtaching ( it’s not that hard)>. ALSO I watched the preview 3rd episode and I was like wow that 3rd episode is going to be torture to watch b.c. it’s not going to be sad or anyhting… it’s just what it is.

I knew nothing was going to happen till the last episode so I just watched the last episode after fast=-forwading through the second episode. though i must admit even out of that i watched the last 5 minutes or something. I was just like this is lame… absolutely nothing has happened – this show is just depressing. I got sick of this show after the first episode and then the second just confirmed that this show has nothing much to offer. I love tanihara shousuke-san but he seems to be in bad dramas a lot lol j/k. who knows. DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF TO WATCH THIS DRAMA TO LEARN JAPANESE JUST BECAUSE IT HAS THE JAPANESE SUBS UP ON D-ADDICTS, same for KAIBUTSU MOTHER ETC unless you ACTUALLY enjoy watching those dramas. They really are just sucky. you’re better off watching a drama you actually like/enjoy with korean subs that are translated to japanese subs which I discussed in a previous post.

stuff I watched real quick cause I fast-fowarded/only watched parts of last&first ep and it most likely belongs in the BAD.BELOW AVERAGE/average section if i did watch more of it to decide… but it’s not worth my time.

mioka – lol it makes 1 liter of namida look good. BUT it was fun watching the actress on shabekuri 007.

shoukojo seira – boring boring boring.

Anna-san no Omame– at first i was like interesting. then i realized it’s just really annoying. I liked that one joke with the mannueqin… that was really unexpected and I thought it was funny. but everything else is just so annnnnnoying and never ending and never changing. I think  Isaw ep 1 and then 2-4 was painful to watch and tthen i fastforwarded watched the last ep ….

UNFAIR –I stopped at ep 7 or 5 or something. It’s just boring and i know there are plots I just don’t feel like thinking about this show. I suggest watching BONES. It always comes down to Is it as good as Bones? is it even close? is it half as interesting? for these kind of shows… and usually the answer is NO so NO.

RIKON BENGOSHIamami yuuki THING. it’s just not good enough. some over-expression like building shaking etc which could be seen as bad or good.  it’s just not enough to warrant me to finish watching this… something is missing. it’s not enough/ good enough etc. they try to make it interesting with the acting and dialogue/scenes but it’s feels like they’re just trying too hard. I mean i guess i could see why some people enjoy this b.c. they like what i just mentioned BUT i’m not one of them.

BOSS – amami what’s her face always plays the same character over and over. I can see that the writer’s are trying to make it interesting with all these engaging conversations b.t. amano and whoever ex. the episoe with shida mirai… it’s as if the show is pretending to be better than it actually is which is not that good…. BUT it’s just not enough. it’s just not… especially if I start comparing it to BONES. I love kenkobayashi-san on like talk shows and i’m not going to criticize his acting in this drama but like there really is nothing special going on with the cast/characters really either. his acting was fine, i have no complaints…

Dragon Zakura – It’s really really dry/boring. I don’t think it’s that interesting. I ‘m not that obsessed with abe hiroshi. I was like if it is the usual slow/boring/dry drama then at least i’ll watch for whatever tips for learning but even with that mentality i stopped watching afte rep 2 or something. I am not obsessed with YAMAPI but I did enjoy his acting and everything in NOBUTA PRODUCE.

GTO – I couldn’t watch episode 1. sorry i can’t take this old 90s vibe by that I mean slow paced boring etc. the anime is slow-paced boring too BTW -for the anime there are some good eps and funny parts but just too slow sometimes. people go crazy over this one but i won’t lol.

HOTARU NO HIKARI – so this is why i do not like ayase haruka. she is NOT cute. if you want cute go watch MOP GIRL. I feel like FUJI-something nao-something is always in crappy dramas. this show is not funny, boring, slow. not much going on with the story. I think I watched till ep 3 but i just hate ayase haruka in those drama. it’s just really uninteresting.

MR. BRAIN – I saw the ep with nakama yukie cause i read somewhere about her acting. um it’s just this show is not good enough. it comes down to is it as smart as bones and the answer is NOOOO

No pictures added for these because it takes time and work to do that. and more importantly, none of these dramas are THAT visually appealing (how shallow) anyway…

&&& randomly my anime reviews on Elfen Lied
Honey and Clover, Azumanga Daioh, Fruits Basket

Full Metal Panic & Kare Kano


IF you want to suggest some to me go ahead though i don’t know when i’ll get around to watching it


Majo Saiban

tiger dragon

quiz show season 1. season 2= NEVER

the japanese subs!


tetsu no hone.

nihonjin no shiranai nihongo- i heard it was crappy tho so maybe i ‘ll watch a little to see.. do like the actress

tobo bengoshi

Love Shuffle – J- subs!!!


nouryouku with tanimura shosuke & ishihara satomi

CHASE – on ep 1。 lOVE THE song. 退行 菊地成孔 It used to be up on youtube.I love the song so much i ripped from the video file so i could listen to it. jazz at its best to say the least yo.

GONZO – didn’t finish

atami no sousakan- jsubs relesaed.
suzuki sensei jsubs relesaed.

carnation – love the shiina ringo single and the other 2 songs on the single.

soredemo ikiteyuku

shinya shokudou2.…do ihave towatch the prequel plus itlooks reallly boring…so ill try 1ep?

youkai nignen bemu =is this another kaibutsu-kun? surprisd that kamenashi isn’t dragging the ratings down 🙂 lol

kaseifu n omita – it has mad high ratings. it even beat jin 2’s finale ratings by like a lot?….kaseifu got 31.5%  at one moment during the airing of episode 8 . but the average is 29.6% and 29.0% in kantou and kansei, respectively.

jin 26.1%  but the most views at any second was 31.7% so it did beat kaseifu in that aspect but not the overall aspect. this 31.7% was like the part when we get to that new phase in the last episode if you remembers.

erika = that kuriyama chiaki drma? lol not sure. but i love the single.. .both songs!

joou no kyoushitsu SP – did not know they existed lol.

I FEEL LIKE this list was longer? it’s probably somewhere on this computer.

ACtually it is a lot loonger. I started using evernote instead of notepad. I don’t have to worry about losing stuff and it’s a good way to organizae plus I can access it anywhere. I can also search multiple “notepad” files . the only downside is it’s not as simple as notepad so let’s say I was scrolling the secret garden script while re-watching ep for certain scenes that dre wme on.. it goes crazy and moves it all the way up and then i have to rescroll down… which is a bitch and unnecessary. so in this aspect, notepad kicks evernote’s ass…. if it had one.