chiteijinI decided to write this post because I saw 2 dramas recently. by saw i mean around 1 ep or less. one was on vicki and the other was on dramafever and i’m not including photo of the drama because as most people are aware all koreans look the same when it comes to kdramas. just go to dramafever and try to differentiate actors and actresses. even if you cn differentDHFDSKFHDiate them they all look so similar… it’s due to plastic surgery or korea’s obessesion with certain features. i just annoyed seeing some of these actresses with the big eyebrows that are drawn in or their delivery which are all the fuckin same. for the guys i hate tlondonnnhe SAME DAMN HAIRSTYLES. thhe dramas where they cast the “plain looking girl character” with the short hair all look like the same actress to me…. the actress/actor look the same even with roles where the maincharacter doesn’t necessarily have to be drop dead gorgeous . i hate the lack of diversity. nayways if you want to see what the 2 dramas that i talk about looks like with the actresses and anything just open drama fever.com all of them look the same anyway.

so the 2 dramas are nodame cantabile && LIAR GAME. nodame cantabile is named tomorrow’s cantabile in the korean verison. it i korean-drama-washed to the max. first of all let’s talk about one of the strengths of the jdramas. they are shorter in number of epiodes, duration. it’s especially like that with LIAR GAME because that drama is 35 minutes long!!!! nodame is probably 45 minutes. korean dramas clock in around 50-55 minutes because they don’t air commecials in korea. if thing didn’t change from the 90s they air like 3 minute of commercial let’s say at 8 or before 8 and then they air the full korean drama without any commercial interruptions. also they tend to be at least 20 eps as far as i know. i don’t know how many eps korean nodame or korean liar game is beause that 1 ep is enough to just to steer me away

ALSO kdramas seem to be obsessed with remaking japanese dramas like hollywood remaking movies … sounds like they’re running out of ideas. they even remake GOD AWFUL jdramas…. they were awful in japanese so the korean drama is probably just more annoying. by the way i was slightily interested in that remake of JIN because i love jin but the korean vesion was just shit… i saw random clips and that was eonugh. and i think there was a guy in that show with a MODERN hair style. that REALLY PISSES ME OFF. they give the pretty guy the pretty girl hairstyle in a peirod drama and it’s one of those things i cannot stand. the version i saw was the legitimate korean version. there was this scandal because onechannel/company made the jin drama with permission, the other without and of course they deny copying the drama despite all the remarkable similarities and the 2 dramas were airing in the same season too… it’s so RIDICULOUS. are you china or something? i hope the jin people sued their asses off and got their money.

LIAR GAME – before i watched i did a little research and found out how they added a reality tv component which reminds me of hunger games which activates my gag reflex lol. i love reality tv depending on the show because there’s bad ones and good ones. with regards to liar game i’m wondering why anyone woudl dothat. talk about blandifying liar game. ther’s no stakes. the show is fun or exhilarating to watch because you see people fall into the depths of despair. in the korean ersion there’s no stakes… it’s just oh i didn’t win the money. there’s no reaso to get upet or worked up. it’s public and everything is laid out on the table. i watched the first 20 minutes and it was okay and i was relaxing while watching it for fun. however after a while i just had to fastforward. ihated the part where they made the girl talk to the camera and tell her sob story. it reminded me of….. crappy korean dramas and just undoes everything that is liar game. the korean writers are so lazy. they pretty much copied scenes from the jdrama except they stretch them out more due to the duration of the show. i saw ihe jdrama a long time ago that they’re literally just translating chunks of dialogue and doesn’t do much innovation. all the interesting plot advancement or twists are straight from the japanese version. it makes me say what’s the point??????? of making a korean version. you’re just translating the script into korean and adding superfluous crap, and make up a korean opening song that is the inferior watered-down version of the japanese opening song because… they hate listenin to japanese?????/ wut?? the korean version is so damn tedious. also the background music in japanese liar game KICKS ASSS

The korean drama has no distinct atosphere going on with the cinmeotgraphy, camera work etc. it’s a typical korean drama. the japanese one was very distinct in its atmosphere and it was unique to the drama and i loved it to bits. in the korean drama, kanzaki nao and akiyama (forgot his first name) are turned into korean drama character blobs. they turned them into the typical characters you see in kdramas (akiyama turned into a typical “cool guy” in a korean drama which is WRONG. akiyama isn’t a typical “cool guy” in a jdrama…. because for one thing MATSUDA SHOUTA CAN ACT while many “good looking actors” in japan cannot act not that all good looking japanese actors can’t act but japanese pople tend to put people in the spotlight due to their good looks despite how little talent they have ). of course they interact with each other like typical korean characters in korean dramas in those typical scenes . of course they deliver lines in a certain way that is seen very frequently in korean dramas. and OF COURSE they say these lines that always IRK me when i hear them used in kdramas. i wish they would ban some of these pharses like they were curse words or something. i hate those phrases, they use them all the time, and the delivery is always the same and i can’t stand hearin git. but phrases i mean those typical phrases the main girl and main guy say to each oter when they insult each other or argue or are irritated with each other. most importantly those phrases are NOT LIAR GAME. they do not belong in liar game. they gutted liar game and took out all the flavor and soul and turned into a bland korean drama.

they took all the excitement out of liar game and made me question why bother? what is the point of this drama? the problem with remakes are that they always make me question what is the POINT of making this? why don’t i just rewatch the original? how is it possible that they put in so little effort and little copy-pate certain scenes or lines yet it’s so much worse? ‘

i watched parts of episode 2 and the little parts of eps with “x” and wow how can you f up the eps with the “x arc”. they sure know how to turn the most exciting plot into bland shit.


i made it through the first 10 minute sor so? this drama was even MORE copy paste and laziness compared to liar game and and… it screamed POINTLESS. i haven’t seen this drama in a long time but i can tell the converstations and scenes were direct copyt paste from the j-drama so how do you expect people to not compare.

anyways i hate the lack of diversity in korean actors. why is these no diversity? why does chiaki look so… sterile? lol . watching the show feels so unnatural sometimes because i don’t know anyone in real life who looks like the korean actor for chiaki. he looks too sterile… no facial hair no pores … just perfect skin… i know dramas feature good looking actors and actresses and i like that. i like good-looking people in dramas too but in this instance something is offf. anyways he gives me the creeps and his acting is lacking. in general, korean dramas are off-setting and feel almost scary to watch because no one in the drama look like real poeple that you see in real life even with the side characters. i undersatnd that people want to see good looking people and dramas are fake and whatnot but the disparity between real people and peple in dramas is off-putting especially in korean dramas.

i promised no picture of the dramas themselves but you can only undersatnd what i’m saying by seeing his face
Tomorrow Cantabile11

the girl casted as nodame like th eguy creeps me out because her skin is too perfect etc and yes all korean dramas are like that i know ….

ANYWAYS while i was watching it i thought korean chiaki is creepy with his face and chiaki’ rival…. gave off vibes of gayness! i interepeted the scene where he was saying mean shit to chiaki about germany or something as flirting. he was dressed so gay and his hairstyle was gay and his way of talking wasn’t entirely straight. in short he was oozing gay and so i thought wow this korean drama is breaking walls down with gay cahracters lol. j/k ( WAS NO ONE ELSE THINKING WHAT I WAS THINKING… if you want to chck it out thi scene is from ep 1 when chiaki is outside somewjere) but seriously iwas expecting a gay sex scene between them later on in the episode becausae of that awful show “ohw to get away with murder” (sreiously nearly eveyr episode had a gay sex scene and so many characters are sleeping around and it’s so ridiculous… it’s a show with no good characters. annelise is so eh though the actress is very talented )

the korean actors are just copying the japanese actors… i hated the korean guy’s acting… everything came off as over-acting in a bad (not saying tamaki hiroshi i ssuper talented and perfect… i will say that his rendition had charm) , annoying way. the girl just pissed me off with her nodame impersonation. i call it impersonation and not acting. like liargame . they just translate all the dialogue to korean and stretch it out and makes me say wtf is the point of this show? why don’t i just watch the japanese version? acting i cringey. it makes me cringe.

i watched the 2 dramas not to talk shit about them but out of sheer curiosity and with the faint glimmer of hope that they innovated and made something interesting to watch that a fan of the original version could enjoy… they don’t innovate. nobody seems to understand the concept of REMAKING a drama. it doesn’t mean copy paste, stretch out shit, add typical-bland-korean-drama BS.. you could say making a movie from a book is re-making the book since the director is not going to COPY PASTE from the book since a movie is a not a book. the movie will bore people to death if all you do is copy paste the book with a shitload narration and pan-scans etc . speaking of which i HIGHLY recommend the movie CONFESIONS and the dramas LIAR GAME AND NODAME CANTABILE (this one isn’t that amazing to be honest. i’m not obsessed with it). happppppppppppy new year.


aLSO i’ll write my litle reivew on hunger games movie because i was dragged to it because i can’t seem to leran how to say no.

it’s shit. it is lame (this YOU CANNOT DENY) with awful analogies that do not need to be mentioned and awful non-tension building tedious scene that somebody had the audacity to write, audacity to act out and audacity to direct and audacity to not edit out of the movie (not onlt that that scene had characters no one gave a shit about so i rather they perished and died in that scene that way that scenes accomplishes something and wastes 9 inutes and 59 seconds of my time as opposed to a full 10 minutse). unles you enjoyed twilight, stay away. plot is bad, characters are bad, most importantly it’s nearly 3 hours and the whole movie can be summed up in less than 10 seconds…. “insult to my intelligence”

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