movie was shitty. I don’t think it matters if you’ve seen the older stuff or not, you can tell it’s shit. One thing I must say is that the part where they show the result of the game and everyone’s always shocked by it or are 100% it’s going to be x but it ends up being y. as a veteran liar game viewer i would be actually surprised if the results were exactly what we expected.  lol. seriously, I wish they took out half the twists and devoted it to character development of some sorttttttttt

I remember seeing the video on youtube about ashida mana or maybe I read it somewhere… ab the role how it’s so different from  other roles. but as i was watching the movie while I was cleaning my room I was tinking she has no lines… and I don’t get tensai kodomo (prodigiy/genius kid) from the few lines she had… well i guess the last part sorta screamed tensai kodomo when that famous actress told ashida mana go make another game for me. So I wonder why they wre interviewing her about the role. it’s not a big deal… she had like 5 lines lol.

the game was really shitty… and i couldn’t follow the part where they talk about why __ is __ or what’s going on bc i do not know the side characters ie i didn’t know which team sakai belonged to so i didn’t get it lol but it doesn’t matter because it’s not worth it.

the game was just shitty. yeah there is strategy but i just can’t care about it and it just seems like a simpler/dumbed down version of the other games or maybe i’m just so used to the games i’m just used to it??? season 1 is worth watching, season 2 is bleh, movie 1 sucks, movie 2 sucks. but movie 1 is bettter than movie 2 ???

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