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ugh stinky people in public

besides being an introvert this is the other huge reason why i hate going out in public. by stinky people i mean perfume and cologne. by excess i mean i can’t walk behind those people without suffocating. here’s an example: I get out of my car in the parking lot to head inside the cvs and i notice there’s a white girl walking in front of me. i’ve learned past mistakes and now just assume the worst so i hold my breath to prevent the assault to my senses. other times I look at the girl and think maybe she doesn’t douse herself with shit and i don’t bother holding my breath in and i get hit with the shit. It’s not like i’m walking that closely behind and I get hit with it.  because of these awful experiences i employ certain strategies…

assess the person that i will get in relatively close proximity due to me having to walk pass or get near or walk behind. the following makes the likelihood higher like person being a girl, a white girl, a person that cares about their appearance such as putting on makeup or doing some hairstyle or some fashionable duds (or what they think is casual chic that i would never ever wear ie leggings and vicose/polyster/nylon shirts)   or the person doesn’t care that much about their appearance. but anyways of course it’s not just white girls but if it a white girl i just assume the worst.

walk slower to avoid the problem but  still hold my breath just in case some of the smell lingres

hold my breath as soon as I get anywhere near these people. holding my breath isn’t that difficult since it will be only 10-15 seconds. usually this strategy woroks really well because i don’t take a breath until it looksl ike hte coast is clear. but obviously if you don’t start holding your breath early enough because you misunderestimate the person or you let your guard down and assume the person won’t stink like shit based on the lack of indicators.  but seriously if it’s a WHITE PERSON i really need to assume.

i noticed that multiple people wear the same or really similar perfume and i just cannot wrap my head around as to how the smell is pleasant ??? i can understand how someone can like th e smell of something floral or citrus-y (i honestly know perfumes are full of toxic chemicals and i don’t wear them). but some of the scents are just like wtf… i don’t understand what positive words people would use to describe them. they just smell like shit. CHEAP SHIT. STALE SHIT ETC

i don’t go out in public that often but i think this problem has became more prevalent in the past years because i don’t remember being so bothered this in the past… nowadays i’m like deathly afraid of encountering white girls in public.  just in general if i have to pass a female person in public and they seem to have makeup on etc then i hold my breath before i pass them because someetimes the smell is just so strong and pungenet and musky and unpleasant… they just make me want to move to the countryside and get some fresh air.  i’m curious if this problem is worse in other countries.. it’s pretty awful here with cheap perfumes available everywhere not t hat expensive ones are any less offensive.

Got a problem with that? you got a problem with that? come-back type of remark



kuirhara rui being hilarious as always… though unintentionally?  he’s gonna be on merengue no kimochi or that ep already aired. lookin’ forward to it!!! i think he’s gonna get big. he’s interesting to me and i like having negative people on tv representing negative peeps not on tv. also i love how the shows try to make him as happy as possible ie letting him meet perfume (do the introduction with perfume, talk to perfume about his favorite song etc etc) but he doesn’t smile no matter what!!! (an almost smile at most and it’s not even almost!!!) I hope to see his beautiful, pure smile one day. Of course this isn’t the only hilarious remark during his encounter/interaction with perfume.

he also said oh i’m glad i met you this year before next year at which time i’ll be gone (来年消える芸人などなど) but i hope he doesn’t show up on the shinro soudan thing. I don’t think he will but then again i liked joy but then i heard ariyoshi’s evaluation of him ad then i understood why he & the other geinin hate joy so much (I was sorta sad and disappointed in myself that i couldn’t figure this out on my own). But as faras i can tell joy is disappeared ? lol. I don’t think he deserves be on that ep but i could be wrong here.  and if he was it would be hilarious.

im so curious if he speaks english… i’ve wrote my hypothesis before anyways he seems to have goooooood music taste. listening to this 2012/08/14 栗原類 ラジオ【恋する夏曲】 & アプリ告知and recommended ben kweller – walk on me  and it sounds like awesome, chill american indie or is it british? he sounds american?  I reall yhate some of the american indie because i just hate the singer’s voice and it just sonds noisy but like any genre there is shitty and the top 10% of that genre that is pure awesome.

oooh they mentioned in the radio show that he’s doing a chakushin thing!!! i want it but i don’t want to spend money lol. he is so negative and i think the negativeness makes him so realistic and humble or at least he appears/seems that way.  please don’t commit suicide~ lol . wihch reminds me i hope the geinin people stop smoking because I don’t want them to die on me. they’re so interesting . htere’s an ame talk episode about the difficulties of quitting smoking  and i plan to watch it! though i have a billion crap on my que.





はるこ from 派遣の品格:  それが何か

WRote about this drama in my jdrama reviews!

i GOOGLED it and it also says 口癖は「**ですがそれが何か?」 I thought she only said それが何か (saw the drama a few years ago) but it definitely makes sense that she uses in other ways toooooooooo.

So Haruko’s catchphrase from haken no hinkaku really stood out to me because it just shows the awesomeness of japanese with its short ( you dont have to make full-almost full sentences like in english & get the point across), vague nature (love that about it how you don’t have to say anything directly, you can pussy foot around almost anything that’s difficult to say in Japanese)  yet it’s effective (even though she’s technically like asking if there’s an issue you know no one’s gonna say anything back from the way she says it and just this phrase itself in general… it just feels cutthroat in my opinion.).




I suppose you could make it into less formal version with だけどそれが何か BUT something about des is more firm and strong… which reminds me of when joshi kousei (high school girls) say ___desukedo to another to sound more firm and strong in asserting whatever point they have as opposed to sounding polite.

So anyways these two phrases are totally useful and very japanese when you need a come-back to say to someone after they question/doubt you or they’re about to ~~~ you etc etc. and if you say it in the right tone (very strong/firm and your personality/aura is not push-over I’m sure they’ll just be like alrighty i won’t question you or if they reallly do have a problem with something  they’ll tell you). or it might piss them off and make them want to kick your ass lol ( this is more for the second phrase sore ga nanika. i don’t think nanika mondai demo would piss anyone off like the way sore ga nanika would). it’s so funny how funny in japanese you don’t have to say profanity or anything specific to piss someone off, it could be wrong keigo or like here you just say ~~~ nanika.  besides what i mentioned there might be other nuances with it depending on blahblahblah  but as long you get the general idea and then come across it in the wild (fun/native material)  then you should be able to grasp ittttttttttttttttttt

ALSO as far as a comeback to this comeback is concerned, i don’t know of any. I think most people would respond with naides.


here’s kurihara’s 5 song picks!

■Ben Kweller「Walk On Me」
意地っ張り シャイな女の子」という歌詞が大好きです。
■ASH「Walking Barefoot」
■Fountains Of Wayne「It Must Be Summer 」

mini-rant on gossip girl.

yes this show is stupid. there’s not much more that needs to be said and i should’ve dropped it 1 or 2 sesaons ago but I just watch it for funsies and it’s not like i watch the whole episode… especially the second half fseason 4 is sooooo dumb. So you know I usually watch an ep in 10 or 15 minutes just skipping sscenes with anyone i don’t care abt which is a lot of people…. including rufus, serena’s mom, nate, rufus + dan scenes,  louis + blair scenes, etc etc.  or if there’s conversations i don’t care about. it really doesn’t make a difference and if i really feel like caring i’ll watch the summary thing in the beginning. stuff I like is vanessa’s voice and charlie’s voice. by vanessa I mean vanessa from austin powers lol. oh rights her name is diana? oh who cares. But I like their voices lol. last season obviously I skipped all of charlie’s scenes cause they’re retarded. but seriously why does vanessa only wear solid dresses that show her cleavage... give her more outfit options!!! lol.  seriously i’m on ep 9 I’m pretty sure that is all she wears lol. please let that change!!!

So we know the show is stupid but this scene this …episode that isn’t recent anymore. episode 8 or 9 or something. The obviously STUPID part is the part where they did the kiss the masked person~ and even though the person should realize who the masked person is since… like the person has been dating that masked person for god knows how many years she doesn’t realize till after they finish kissing…. or the more retarded from last season was that the masked person doesn’t even realize that the person who kissed him isn’t serena…. even though this person has kissed serena god knows how many times. I hated the show for that in season 4 cause it’s dumb yet the repeat it again but you know all the show does is repeat……. stuff cause there can only be so many shocking events that can occur.

The other UTTERLY STUPID PART which may not be as obvious to other people is…. when Blair said to chuck oh you realized from my perfume. I’m just like this stupid bitch you must not give a f**** about your child. so basically perfume is toxic.. it doesn’t matter how expensive it is… in fact… it’s probably more likely to be toxic if it’s expensive. it’s toxic and full of synthetic crap that causes cancer and… in this case birth defects. so I thought she was a really stupid bitch in that scene lol. even if you’re not pregnant you really shouldn’t wear perfume unless you really want your breast cancer or if you wanna fuck up your endocrine system, or want everyone in the room with common sense to hate on you for polluting the air… causing indoor pollution/promoting cancer  etc etc. and the designer perfumes they sell for cheap on the streets probably has urine in it lol… according to some news clip on youtube.  it’s for pH adjustment!

I mean if gossip girl writers were smart enough to the point where they put this in realizing what they did and then she gave birth to a birth-defected child due to perfume like I’m gung-ho but i know they’re too dense for that. BTW I don’t know if I like blair’s little hats lol. are they stylish?

Anyways if you wear perfume and you just found out from my entry that perfume is toxic please do more research on the web… well try to find something reliable… since it is the internet. but like seirously for your sake a well as your family and all the people that has the fortune/misfortune to past by you in the street or sit next t oyou on the bus.  you know make the realization now as opposed to years later…. and throw that crap away!

anyways this crap is not even restricted to perfumes it also goes on to air fresheners… candles… those ar esome annoying toxic shit that people need to stop using…. it also goes onto even make-up, lotions, etc etc. which the safety the infromation can be found on cosmetic database website!

OMG blair wears mad make-up… probably toxic crap in there too unless she’s buying the right brands whcih i doubt she is lol…. expensive doesn’t mean it’s safe  or anything.  that poor poor baby. thank god this is fiction.

BUT seirously for FUCK’s SAKESthere is no such thing as IT SMELLS CLEAN> if you say that you’re an idiot especially the idiot that says that and then doesn’t open a window or a door and just keep breathing it in (the swiffer chemical floor cleaning thing…ugh)… brain-washed by commercials and poisoning yourself with air -fresheners… ex. spraying the crap out of febreeze after you take a dump. talk about stupid. maybe you should watch what you eat.

oh and there’s also all this thing about toxic cleaning products … look into baking soda and vinegar y’all… ! I’mma try using them to remove this pungent bo/dead-skin odor that just lingers and lingers in my sister’s room on account of all she does it play coputer games in her room/bed and like doesn’t open the window and like yeah. but seriously even if i leave the window open the smell don’t go away. so i hope baking soda and vinegar work as well as people say they do! she also doesn’t like to shower… apparently it’s a waste of time. and and there’s a thing about the fabric softener and the smell and neurotixic and al lthat stuff.

So please use it, sprea dword of it and mots importantly throw away the CRAP in your house that is toxic.

hmmm so always or at least what I used to do…. song  I like a lot! I really like this girl. I saw her perform on the korean show something something sketchbook where they get to poeple to sing originals and covers. and I really like her and her voice. she reminds me of yuriko. yoshitaka yuriko. the way they both talk. and the way jang jane talks also transcends into her singing voice too… it’s like a cutesy- type talking but it’s not like annoying as hell like burriko. or is this burriko? lol. But anyways enjoys!