GONZO – done

https://i0.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img69/6610/gonzo081280x720xvid1742.jpg(watched with my ghetto japanese subs from clubbox lol…. the korean subs for this drama is pretty good so the google translated japanese was prettttttty helpfull… I recommend the ghetto japanese subs if you love watching stuff with japanese subs.  after watching i looked up/figured out what was said for parts i couldn’t catch from dramanote and chiebukuro. i will post on this lattttttter as well ason my anki deck usage with the talk/variety.)

So I finished watching Gonzo. I read hamsapsukebe’s entries on it bc. i was curious what he would say. I think his praise for gonzo that he wrote on the last entry for ep 8, 9, 10 were a little too much. I agree with some of the praising but maybe not to the extent he was expressing it. there’s some interesting arguing in the comments but i must say personally i thought maou was awful VERY VERY MELODRAMATIC ie crying scenes that never end lol. (I love how in american dramas when the person starts crying they change the scene or go to commercial b.c. they know it’s awkward/uncomfortable to watch/it doesn’t add to anything) AND AND one awful ending. the ending was so dumb it was a big  f you to the viewers. at least that’s how i took it.

so about GONZO one thing I want to mention is the zooooooooooming.

what I mean is ZOOM THE F IN. so this problem exists in j-dramas  in general i suppppose and i noticed this problem in gonzo. it wasn’t every scene but for some or few of the scenes or maybe in this ONE PATRICULAR SCENE all I was thinking please zoooooooom in. I downloaded high resolution like 1280x 1024 or something but I can’t see shit b.c. they zoom out for the entire scene. Zoom out as in you can see all the characters in the scene and the furniture and the ceiling and i’m like why the f do we need to see all that for the whole scene. I felt bad for the actors b.c. they were acting but we can’t see their faces. PLUS if you put everyone in the scene the whole time,,,, it gets awkward. plus we don’t need to see evreyone. I notice in american dramas they do a lot of shoulder to head frame for talking b.t.  the 2 characters which cuts out awkwardness of other actors being in the frame … plus we can see the actors act with their facial expressions very well. It’s SUCH A WASTE zooming out the whole scene. I have no idea who’s in charge of that… the director? producer? it’s so awfull.

Another thing is the bloooood. the color looked fake so that bothered meeeeee.

Uchino was very good at acting as always… can’t see this drama succeeding without him.

in the finale… there were nice surprises. It didn’t progress in a straight line, there were lots of turning and backwards crap lol.  I like that… putting effort into the last ep!  so we know who did it and all by the last ep or the ep before but the last ep was still entertaining to watch. There was closure and it connected all the previous eps.

I was thinking while I was watching bones about actors PAUSING while talking. so in jdramas they do that only in certain scenes/situations and it’s like unnatural… like too much pausing/way toooooo long. like it feels like they are pausing to stretch the drama so they can fill in the 42 minute slot lol. I noticed in the bones episode sweets was pausing /hesitating as he talked but it was completely natural/good acting. so pausing is definitely fine it’s just never done well in j-dramas. well i’m sure they did do it naturally sometimes but the bad examples stand out a lot lol.


what is that thing on the left!!!  i don’t get it.

8 thoughts on “GONZO – done

  1. steeve

    i think us series don’t show a lot of crying scene because their accent don’t have the acting ability to touch the heart of the audiances. The crying scene in kdrama and jdrama are great because the actors are very good. Crying scene is considered like the most difficult part of acting.


    1. choronghi Post author

      no you misunderstood what i said or whta i meant. american shows do show crying scenes. and japanese dramas are known for shitty acting and korean drama is known for melodramatic acting (they show somebody bawling for 15 minutes lol… I don’t feel shit) and american dramas are known for good acting. of course there are good japanese actors and bad american actors… there’s everything like exceptions. BUT in general that’s what it is.

      just b.c. you don’t watch american dramas thus haven’t seen good acting in american dramas doesn’t mean that they can’t act.


      1. choronghi Post author

        it depends on the show with the acitng obviously. but i stand by what i said about maou.. i don’t know if that’s what you’re referring to? and i have never seen a korean drama that isn’t melodramatic.


  2. steeve

    Yes i watch and watched a lot of us series alla my life… i am a young french director and scripwiter in france and france love us series a lot.

    And i disagree totally with you and i think you are the first person i meet to think that the actor in us series are better than korean and japonese actor in drama. Japanese are shitty actor…. i don’t think so…. they can do comedic acting and comedic acting with the same high quality…

    a exemple is juri ueno who a great actress in dramatic acting and with comedic acting like nodame cantabile. I think you have already watch dramas like byakuyakou, tayou no uta, sekai no sushin, long vacation, koukou kyoushi, beach boys, icchi ritoru no namida, ice world and and many others then i don’t understand why you said shitty…. because it’s a not you’re native language like english?

    You said korean are melodramatic…. it’s the first time i heard someone said that is capable of show great emotions who touch the heart of the spectator is melodramatic acting…. no it’s great acting. A lot of actors and actress of asian dramas are also actor in asian cinema whereas the actor in us series don’t succeed a lot in cinema; the press in france talk of lack of charisma and acting range. The proof the actress who won all the price of best actres in us series is claire danes who stop movies to make homeland.

    Even the children in korean dramas and japanese actor are better actor than a lot of actor in us series; watch 14 sai no haha, moon who ambraces the sun, gumiho revenge, whang jini, byakuyakou for exemple.


    1. choronghi Post author

      um we have differences in opinion with good acting i guess. what i find melodramatic, you find to be good at acting. it’s fine i guess. i don’t particularly enjoy watching overdramatic/melodramatic acting but if you like it, that’s fine. like b..c i thought 14 sia no haha was awful with the melordamaticness (I mentioned it in my review post). and i can’t undersatnd your english really well. sorry i don’t know french 😦


    2. choronghi Post author

      and as far as shitty acting in japanese drama and films goes… japanese people themeselves complain about that in general (I made a post about that and linked stuff that’s relaly interesting if you can read japanese). like i said before, there are exceptions like there are exceptional actors and actresses but there’s a bunch of shitty ones in there too. i like ueno juri too but that doesn’t change the fact that i also see awful acting by other actors/actresses that plague japanese dramas/movies. I understand japanese really welllll so it’s not like i can’t tell if the acting is good or bad. I’ve only watched thousands of hours of japanes tv (enjoyable tv)


    3. choronghi Post author

      p.s. i’m korean and i really hate the melodramatic acting inkorean dramas. i know there are people who like that b.c. there are people addicted to them but i am not one of them.



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