Kpop Star SBS > American Idol

Okay so it’s episode 1o of kpopstar SBS and the judges are CRUEL as ever lol. There’s one this judge that rips up the person before casting them lol. I feel like even the critiques within the show could be applied to american idol. they literally explain why american idol is boring. You know how on american idol there’s all these people that can sing really well but then after the show ends all of them disappear. The reason is because talent is not enough…. there’s another factor that comes into play. If we were gonna go into who holds the longer note or the higher note or the lower note then okay… it’s easier to figure out who’s better than who but singing and music isn’t just about reaching notes and all that. When it comes down it, no one wants to listen to those americna idol singer contestants sing becuase they’re boring, they’re not seasoned singers, they don’t have depth e motionally/etc/etc. By this I mean as the weeks go on, we get to know the american idol contestants and you can basically find out what their style is, what all their tricks are because they run out of them.. and it gets very boring. also one of the contributing reasons is because their song choices are limited. But REALLY the sbs kpop star judges are just brilliant. they just nail the nail on the coffin like every single time. They said to this one girl, you bored us with the song for the  beginning and then movd us toward the end (I actually disagreed with them because I was bored with her performance all the way through) and that because she’s not at this “level” where she can keep the audience engaged for the whole 4 minutes and so the only choice/possiblity for her is to throw away the first 1 or 2 miunutes which enables her to move the audience with the last 3rd,4th minute. I thought this was a classic example of the american idol contestants… they don’t understand the concept that good singing isn’t enough. it gets boring, really fast especially if we have see this conestant preform some boring cover song over and over… a nd we go we already saw you drag that note out or look sad/emotion while you sing it even though it’s obvoius you don’t mean it lol. There’s just thing/ the it factor or whatever that seasoned artists/singers like ALI on immortal song HAVE where they are amazing from the first note to the last note. It’s not even a matter of oh she’s good at singing or reaching that note… it’s just  I have to watch this, not once, but again and again, it’s amazing shit… American idol contestants are retarded and think that for some reason that we’re engaged by their “good singing” what they don’t realize is good singing can be VERY BORING especially compard to peple like ali… for singers like ali  This is their field…. they’re very good at it. Not evreyone can become a singer or is meant to be a singer. By singer  I mean, Ali- amazing-level singer, not american idol contestant loser.

Another great point the judges brought up was the “old dog can’t learn new tricks” basically as a singer you can’t just sing the same way every single time or do the same thing to move the audience (cause we won’t move… we’ll just stay at that same spot and stare at you) and you can’t just sing one type of song for the rest of your career… or rather there’s no way you can have a career if that’s all you can do. another one was how they get to know the contestants… at the initial audition they were amazed by some contestant because the girl had a big voice even though she doesn’t seem like she has one. But that novelty factor wears on and they’re no longer amazed by that and then all of the singer’s flaws start to become more and more blatantly obvious.


The stuff wrote I above, I don’t think it does justice to what the judges said in episode 10. If you don’t agree with what I wrote it’s probably because i didn’t explain as eloquently/thouroughly as the judges did with their own words on that episode. so if you really want the lo-down, go watch that episode… english subbed if it’s availabel? their criticisms are so valid and you could tell that they have brain cells… while the judges on american idol look brain dead and clueless about singing and entertainment and logic..tehcnically, the ameircna idol judges do touch on why the contestants after the show don’t make it or how they’re performances are boring or they weren’t as interesting as their inital audition but they go about it in a really vague manner to the point it’s something that ANYONE could say. anyone who doens’t even know shit about singing. that’s what sets the korean judges apart. they say what they want with whatever metaphor or description that covers it in the most  thorough fashion. AND on top of that, they put humor into that… well maybe spontaneously as opposed to forced.

Obviously there is no contradiction with some of the kpop people that apparently were chosen for their looks as opposed to their talent (I read it somewhere about some kpop person that failed the 1st round of audtions but then made it into the group anyway because of their looks)… which is understandable since it’s obvious that good-looking people sell. by all means there are good singers/dancers that happen to be good-looking at the same time in the kpop industry lol. or you know fake it… (ie plastic surgery).

One thing I most definitely do not agree with as far as the kpop star sbs show is concerned is michelle. Usually with the judges, as much as I have opposite reactions to the people… literally, the people I really like, they don’t like and criticize like crazy or people I don’t like, that they’re amazed by yet I ‘m bored by, I still find their criticisms valid. They are professionals, they have experience, they know what they’re talking about when it comes down to music/entertainment. So for michelle, I’ve been bored with her since day 1. she keeps singing beyonce songs (yeah I know judges made her sing them) and let me just say ,I don’t like beyonce anymore becaues she’s been releasing so much noise ever since god knows when and her fake boobs. they were fine, why’d she have to ruin them. same with aubrey o’day. I loved that show making the band 3 lol.

I really do not get it. I really don’t think she’ll sell even if she makes it.

I don’t even know the concept of the show, how many people they’re picking in the end. or is it just one person. kpop STAR. singular word.

I’ve been wathcing this and the snsd dangerous boys show because they’re fun and I just fastfoward anything not worth watching and mine some words/in context for my anki. It’s been helpful with ht eleanring. It’s not as easy as it was for what i did with arashi for japanese…like arashi no shukudai. there were a bunch of arashi shows in the year 2009 that were fun to watch. I really feel like the japanese daily conversation doesn’t have that many words… I read it was 10,000 which is more than every single other language except like english probably but I personally don’t believe it…. I really think that korean has more. . so one of the reasons why japanese shows were easierwere because they sub more (the japanese text) and the text is bigger lol. and there’s kanji to help you separate out words and figure out what’s a verb/adjective/noun/etc/etc and it just helps to know what kanji make up the word to remember the whole word easily. technically, it’s true for korean too but they write everything in hanguel so the only way for me to know what hahnja make it up is if I happen to know the hanja in the word and recognize it or I look it up in my trusty handy-dandy korena/japanaese dictionary. it’s relaly just like pain in the ass. it’s like learning japanese with hiragana though that isn’t politically correct just because korean has many mnay many many more sounds than japanese.

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