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女のこと苦手芸人 was actually pretty good on AME TALK. I felt sad with them. Girls can be so cruel lol and sometimes they mean it, and sometimes they don’t they’re just being girls lol. I was thinking wow this “girl thing” total holds true in america as well. so interesting the girl thing just permeates cultures and countries.

I was sorta worried about this ep? From the title I wasn’t sure what it meant exactly as in what the ep will exactly tackle. I read someone’s thoughts on the ep on the internet.. it was a really brief thing a long time ago. the person wrote that the ep wasn’t what they expected and he/she was disappointed. But for me the ep was surprisingly really interesting and funny. It’s not because that person made me lower my expectations… ame talk just… depends on the topic and the geinin that are present with its quality.

jAPANESE I learned was abunch but one of them was


lol I love the way ken kobayashi said this. i can tell the meaning from the kanji that makes up the word kettaku and i’m sure i’ve seen it somewhere in writing but just seeing it used in spoken language just makes it that much more memorable and it really furthered my understanding. also there’s the thing with remembering stuff from hearing it vs. seeing it/reading it especially when it is said by a fluent japanese speaker in a rather heated moment lol. the japanese people just really got that rhytm/intonation down since they’re fluent in japanese lol.  the more you get used to japanese the more i realize the beauty of japanese with the rhyt m and the intonation… like that show with nogizaka 46 where they read koten is just like music to my  ears…. now i don’t know if the girls are making mistakes while they read it or if the staff caught all that and fixed it or not but let’s just say it sounds good.  i really don’t think i sound as good as they do.. lke my intonation is good and i found my japanese voice but you know japanese is not my mother tongue. i feel like when you read japnaese out loud with koten or komonjo or whatever, if you’re not fluent in japanese it doesn’t sound as good even if you’re intonation is good. at least that’s how i feel about it. it’s just so different listening to them reading it vs. me hearing my voice trying to what they read. btw the girls probably have furigana… anyone and everyone needs furigana to read koten lol excdept for thse that love reading koten then they already know… ?


I was getting curious about the hanja thing with korea. I read about it a lot in japanese on the internet and in a book about the disadvantages and etc etc.

Now i’m curious about the korean stance and i’m curious how aware they are of the advantages of hanja vs only hanguel. I was watching

and it just pissed me off a lot lol. i was like so what are they gonna do when they show chinese children reading/writing chinese characters… start screaming at the top of their lungs??  they’re all geniuses then? it’s so dumb.
The part where they weere asking the other children about the hanja was so dumb. it’s like of course they don’t know it, you don’t know teach hanja to children anymore. WHAT THE HELL ELSE DO YOU EXPECT! they wre being so dramatic with the damn womenin the BGM?sound effect?  going omgs when it’s just logic.  they’re just omg learning hanja is so hard and impsosible and we’re SO DAMN LUCKY THAT WE DON’T HAVE TO LEARN IT. WIPPI DO.  i’m just like no it’s not that hard, get the f over it. are you saying japanese/chinese people are a billion times smarter than you because they can read/write the chinese characters? I really HATE HATE HATE the stigma they’re promulgating on the show.

I understand this show did’nt really go into depth and it didn’t go into hanguel vs hanja or hanguel-mixed with hanaja vs. only hanguel etc etc but I feel like… they could’ve at least mentioned the advantages of hanja or something. everyone’s always like well with hanguel it’s easy to read and write and it saves time and it’s easy to type blahblah but hanja has advantages too. Maybe I’ll write a post on the advantages of hanja that i thought up or read abbout online from the japanese peeps or zainichi or whoever that hell wrote it.  actually i don’t want to, it’s a waste of time there are definitely books already published on this topic that explains it througohly and evreything but it’s in japanese lol. I wonder if they translated any of those to korean…. or do they only post books about hanguel > hanja lol. j/k  I’ve also collected writings people wrote about hanguel vs. hanja and the advantages of hanja that go more into depth PAST THE SUPERFICIAL S**** everyone already knows… so definitely check those links out  in my post titled korean is harder than japanese blahblahblah lol. I really think it is at least for people who are english speakers. and read about it you’re learning korean or interested in learning korean or just for some reason want to read about that. it’s very interesting. some of the people that i collected the info from are very good at writing and explaining stuff plus it’s free since they’re from the internet!  It’s definitely some deep insight you gotta check out.


I think the part where he’s writing is impressive, reading it really isn’t. It sorta is impressive though since they don’t really use it in korean so it’s sorta hard to remember vs in japan where it’s like everywhere ad actually used. my impression from the show is he has a photographic memor y+ he has mad interest in it.. and he sees it as fun pictures than oh shits.  for some of the hanja they flashed on the show I thought they just looked so scary and they’re demotivating since some of them look so complicated lol. there’s traditional chinese characters for you.  I was thinking going to a hanja  juku… hanja gakuwon? what do you call it is a waste of time. I was thinking why don’t you just learn japanese lol. it’s way more efficient than learning to read hanaja which is never f’in used in korea except in the textbooks used to learn them to pass some stupid test in korea so that everyone thinks you’re really smart (I’m just thinking then everyone in china and japan are geniuses then? like wtf) or newspapers from decades ago. but who wants to read newspapers? not me… my love of kanji sure as hell will not overcome that!


I started watching another clip from a korean tv show about these kids that love “studying” hanja. honestly in korean they don’t use hanja so the only time you’d see it is when you were to study it like in your TEXTBOOK unlike japanese where it’s like anywhere and everywhere. I’m just like how the f do they have motivation for that. and are they gonna just forget it anyway? lol.   they didn’t explicitly say they learned 3500 hanja but the mom or the expert was like yeah learning 3500 hanja helps expand their memory/memory power. so i’m gonna guess that’s how many learned they said 1kyuu which is 1ggp in korena. lol romajing korean is difficult to say the least. it really is prnounced like ggp .GGP .it’s no typo

documentary?? abaout the ishii method for learning kanji

this was interestin!


a japanese thing that i noticed.
so on the london hearts show. they were doing a relay and of course ATSUHI’s team is at a disadvantage since atushi is known as the MOMO SHIN or MOMO KAMI (I forgot which reading they use). his running is SO FUNNNNY. it didn’t change from the last time as far as i could tell.  if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely watch it. a screencap doesn’t do it an ounce of justice . you gotta see him run in motion.  I was dying from laughter and this was my second time witnessing his running form ! let’s just say he moves upward instead of forward when he runs.


so they ere doing a relay and atushi was strategizing and he was like you guys are chokin and we’re sanzai. at first i was like senzai? wtf that mean. then i was like oh sanzai but i dont know what that means lol. so i looked it up and it’s basically the opposite of chokin.

散財 貯金

use rikai-sama!

at first i was like wtf i don’t get what he’s saying. and then i watched the relay raace and then they talked about the chokin/sanzai thing again since they lost. and then i became more and more sure that he meant it this way. so atushi and this other  guy are sanzai because they’re mad slow and the other guys are chokin because they’re mad fast. so they wanted the fast guys to get ahead of the other team’s runner as much as possible and like maintain that big lead… but what happened was there was no lead lol. and atushi vs. anyone….. atushi loses lol. seriously his running is so inefficient.


I love japanese usage like this… where they use tatoe. that’s definitely important for fluency. you gotta pick up on these tatoe’s within a split second or whatever unlike me taking way more than a second with my rewinding and thinking and looking up. i think part after the race completely made it clear the way he was using the 2 words.



About korean I saw the beatles code recently. the ep with t-ara. I don’t know how I found out about the ep but I like listening to gossip and rumors and scandals lol. So basically I watched the second half of the 40 somethig minute ep. the first half is just so boring and the part with the parallell shit is just tiring and most of it is こじつけ. one or 2 things from the paralell argument makes me go “ooh” or whatever. So if you’re like me and want to hear the meat of the show go watch the second half! Understanding it wasn’t that bad and i was able to look up words to add to my anki deck.

here’s some of the words I added to my deck!

訛伝;誤って伝えること, またまちがった言い伝え

【예】단순한 풍문에 지나지 않는다.  【訳】 単なるうわさにすぎない


I was so surprised I was able to enjoy watching the second half of the show because for me this show is notorious for being unwatchable. it just seems to always want to fulfill all the crap i hate about korean talk/variety that i mentioned in a previous post. and the first half did embody a lot of stuff I hate about korean talk/variety like making a big deal out of really minute shit that in japanese tv would just be edited out or just wouldn’t have been carried out or even thought of in the first place because it’s so damn boring and pointless.

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  1. arnaldosfjunior said, on May 23, 2013 at 8:00 am

    Could you upload your korean deck?

    • choronghi said, on May 23, 2013 at 10:08 pm

      why ? it doesn’t seem useful lol. it’s korean -> japanese for defintion and a few are korean defintion. I don’t add that much… more like I add sporadically. how’s your korean deck?

      I’ll post it later.

    • arnaldosfjunior said, on May 25, 2013 at 1:20 pm

      I don’t have any korean deck yet. Mine is only japanese. I just find interesting you studying both languages. It did pass through my head to study it, but I don’t find the korean pop culture to be as funny as the land of the rising sun language can be.

      As for japanese I use 漢字検定問題集 (I don’t know why but 書き取り keeps me studying more than anything) and クイズ番組 like qさま、ネプリーグ… I don’t want to get frustrated when people makes pop culture references and I can’t have a grasp of what they’re talking about, so I what a lot of those quiz programs.

      Front is like what this actress name and back the answer. Or 名○○コナン and I try to wright in a paper the right kanji 探偵.

      What program you used to cut the letters from the images on your deck ? Good idea. By the way, the idea of turning the korean subtitles to japanese is wonderful. Do you have a pack of those with you? Not that I’m that lazy but if you already have a lot of them converted it would be less time consuming.

      Would you mind doing a list of the korean programs worth watching.

      Keep working on this deck, please. It’s beautiful with those images and it also has an intelligent organization.

      • choronghi said, on May 25, 2013 at 1:45 pm

        oh really I don’t go out of my way to learn about japanese culture.i’ll look it up if i really want to get the joke or whtaever like read a wiki or google or worse case scenario, ask on chiebukuro. but I won’t make a card for it. But from the example you gave me it seems like you’re trying to remember facts about famous people??? like questions from the quiz? I don’t tihnk it’s worth your time. That’s what super fans of that actress or whoever would know effortlessly not everyone in japan. It’s not that serious for me. I’m prettty good with japanese pop culture though from the sheer amount of japanese talk/variety i have watched. I personally don’t like quiz shows that much.. because I like the interesting talk/variety. I just love geinin in general. but you know I love feeling smarter than those dumb idiols/tv talent on the quiz shows lol.

        I think you’re over-complimenting my deck lol. oh and by pictures do yo mean my korean deck or my jaanese deck or both?The ones tagged immortal in my korean deck is from immortal song. The screenshots are from the korean native media that I was watching… whatever tv show or clip of it on youtube or baykoreans.net?. Like I said before I use chiebukruo to have someone write down lines I cannot catch/look up/do not understand. I don’t know how helpful this deck would be to you just because I was the one that watched the show and that scene and i know what’s up. But even despite that when i do my reviews i’m really lazy i don’t even read the half the crap on my card so i’ll see the word, guess or remember or not remember the definition, look at the back for the answer and like 7 times out of 10 i will not read the original sentence i got it from lol… even though that’s what made me want to look it up in the first place. BUT I refuse put the picture on the front because I feel like i’m cheating with the context. but in japanese I put the pictures in the front because i’m so comfortable with the japanese language so i can’t cheat… i’m already so used to japanese so..  I’m not sure how helpful my deck is to you since it IS my deck from media that I saw so.. you could try using it but you know… but if it doesn’t work out definitely go start your own deck. like i knew a 1000 or at least a couple thousand korean words before I started this deck like i was using index cards and then switched to anki ( i didn’t convert the paper cards to the electronic, i just stopped doing paper and did the anki on the computer) so the words aren’t that common as far as most frequent 1000 words of korean is concerned… it’s common as in context of daily conversational korean.

        I already did a post about korean shows that I found watchable lol. There’s more but I just posted what I remembered and i’ve found more since then… In that same post i also hated on korean shows! lol. korean talk variety shows is the title of the post. I just realized that korean documentaries are sorta neutral when it comes to the crap that annoys me wit korean shows but the topic has to be interesting for me to watch… Right now I’m in the middle of this korean documentary (I don’t think it’s documentary documentary but sorta) about kanji in japan


        and where’s your korean at anyway?
        if you’re doing the japanese to korean you should definitely check out
        for taking full advantage of kanji knowledge.

        and the free gramar guide by luke park online. I personally do not recommen drilling/memorizing conjugation or rules or whateve.r Just get a basic grasp and solidify and clarify with korean media.

        other useful stuff might be here?

      • choronghi said, on May 25, 2013 at 1:54 pm

        By the way, the idea of turning the korean subtitles to japanese is wonderful. Do you have a pack of those with you? Not that I’m that lazy but if you already have a lot of them converted it would be less time consuming.

        so you’re watching a japanese drama or anime???? and you have a hard time catching what they’re saying? that’s why i use it lol. the korean subs exist for japanese dramas/animes and some talk/variety (depends on how well-known it is in korean). my computer is messy and i don’t know if you like what i like… for j-dramas there’s a bunch of good ones out with j-subs too

        Just in general I don’t know what your goal is for korean and japanese but if it’s fluency you gotta find something you really like. like for me i’m not aiming for fluency in korean just because of time and the fact that my interest in japan is stronger than my interest in korea. but there definitely is something that korean offers that japan can’t provide and vice versa.

      • arnaldosfjunior said, on May 25, 2013 at 4:28 pm

        If you could upload your japanese deck it would be great too.

      • arnaldosfjunior said, on May 25, 2013 at 4:36 pm

        Difficult to get advise from your blog since there’s things from 2009 and on. If you could redo thing out how would you approach korean from only knowing japanese. Which you used the most. Maybe you can tell the articles in here worth using as guidance.

      • arnaldosfjunior said, on May 26, 2013 at 1:11 am


        All expired. Do you have any of those scripts yet?

      • choronghi said, on May 26, 2013 at 1:49 am

        check out the koohii forum link that i posted. it has links to sites with the drama script as well as information on how to google for them.

        but most importantly you should choose/find a drama that you like.

  2. choronghi said, on May 25, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    I recommend what i posted earlier
    if you’re doing the japanese to korean you should definitely check out
    for taking full advantage of kanji knowledge.

    and the free gramar guide by luke park online. I personally do not recommen drilling/memorizing conjugation or rules or whateve.r Just get a basic grasp and solidify and clarify with korean media.

    and i didn’t start korean from scratch… if you read my about my/lang-8 entry in japanese that i linked in one of my entries i tihnk it’s the one titled korean is harder than japanese blahblah lol you can get a clearer picture.. you’ll realize I technically am already re-doing korean lol. and i am following my bigplan of learning japanese then learn korean so there’s nothing to re-do as far as my master plan is concerned except i’m following my plan. i’m doing what i do with japnaese in korean with the exception of reading books in korean and certain card formats in anki. I’m more lax with learning korean.

    this was the blog entry i was talking

    other useful stuff might be here?

    that’s about it. the rest is do whatever the hell you’re doing with japanese in korean (language learning is language learning). the links i put up here is just what you can do to make the most out of the japanese vocab you know. also for grammar if you want to learn korean grammar in japanese you can, just google around. I like his guide though it’s pretty solid and i love the conjugation explanations and it’s not all-inclusive but nonetheless fundamental.


    the same word of caution i said before it’s my deck, stuff i saw so i don’t know how useful it is to you.

    • arnaldosfjunior said, on May 26, 2013 at 10:54 pm

      Where’s your list of questions in 知恵袋?

      • choronghi said, on May 27, 2013 at 12:48 am

        eh u can try to find it i don’t want to put up a link. for the post about the ex-video game addicts i copy pasted answers from chiebukuro

    • arnaldosfjunior said, on May 27, 2013 at 6:23 am

      There’s korean subs for both Ressurection(24 ep) and Full House(16 ep) in daddicts by the way.
      It would be very useful to find those 드라마사진만화. Don’t you have any of them? I downloaded korean drama city hunter and the script. How accurate it is, word by word ? 95%?

      • choronghi said, on May 27, 2013 at 4:33 pm

        no i don’t have one. i don’t want one lol. hangukdrama.com <- the girl who runs this blog owns a couple of those. i know the drama full house and never heard of resurrection but i don't want t olearn korean from those 2 dramas anyway… i hate korean dramas lol. if you like it, thne go for it.

        i only did the learn from the script thing for secret garden and that was like 98%. just see for yourself. i personally have like zero interest in korean dramas.

      • arnaldosfjunior said, on May 28, 2013 at 5:11 am

        What program you used to cut the letters from the images on your deck ?

      • choronghi said, on May 28, 2013 at 3:41 pm

        ms paint.

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