LOL hoko-tate

so i’ve seen this show a few times. there have been some interesting set-ups but for the most part the battles are kinda meh… I generally don’t have motiviation to watch anymore eps but then I recently i found out about these 2 battles that are just HILARIOUS.  I was laughing along with the tv talent people~ it just goes to show you… you never know what potential something has. it must be the most memorable use of ご馳走様さまでした I’ve heard… kinda like when people お世話になっています to their favorite av stars when they first meet them lol.

you have to sign into youtue to watch and here’s the title in case you gotta google to watch it

ぽこたて 絶対にイカない男 VS 絶対にイカせる男

and the girls version is


The narrat

Lol of course this isn’t hokotate. It is pokotate but seriously they copied everything from hokotate with the music and everything

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